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A Prophecy And Reunion (Prologue)

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Eyes blue as the sky they looked up to the sky. Ever since the fateful day one year ago when he fell out of the heavens and crashed onto Paradise Island she hasn’t stopped looking into the sky.

It was thunderous. It was heard across all the island; they thought Zeus had smitten someone. Any Amazon who could race to where they saw trees collapsed, hoping to quell the angry God. What they found wasn't Zeus, but a man. He wore the strangest outfit to them, such bright colors of red, blue, and yellow. He was big too, such a queer outfit could entrap a massive body like his. The Amazons waited for him to arise. When he didn't, it took many of them to carry the man back to the island's healer. Such actions committed at that moment, bringing a man to where Aphrodite's daughters' frolic across the green lands, where they bath together, where they farm, were they live. They received fifty spankings. There has been other men to wash up on the Island, but none like him. It didn’t go over well, if one was to expect otherwise.

“When I didn't see you with Mala or Kisa, I knew you'd be here,” Queen Hippolyta said walking up to her daughter, Princess Diana.

“It’s become my favorite spot. Do you need anything, mother?” she said after she turned to her mother, white satin dress flowing in the wind.

“The Oracle has summoned us,” she said.

Diana didn’t show didn’t show the discomfort she felt on the inside. Instead, she smiles, walks over and places a hand on her mother’s shoulder.

“You're driving,” Diana said.

Her mother rolled her eyes at such a comment. Diana can leap a great distance in a single bound, soar across Uranus, but she'll never drive. Almost always, it's her mom who'll drive her too. The pair got into their newly rebuilt wind-powered Cadillac, from the 1970s and drove off. The scenery was breathtaking. Paradise Island in the springtime; Amazons were plucking bright-colored leaves from the trees. Children were feeding deer, tigers, and other creatures who came out of the forest. Maidens were frolicking or sitting under the shade reading a book, some on their phone. As they passed by, many waved to them. Respecting the road laws, both hands on the wheel for the Queen. Diana waved for both of them. The little girl chased after the car for a little until they went back to feeding the animals. That’s how their drive went, Diana enjoyed it. The unbridled love between Amazons is Aphrodite’s gift. Now, Diana’s smile left her face, as they came into the driveway of the Oracle’s building, behind the manor.

The Oracle of Paradise Island’s home, her small two-storied temple is behind Hippolyta's Manor. This way, she can't be disturbed when delivering a divination or can any unwanted guess enter. Many won't dare to trespass, not because of the guards stationed on the ends. It is Diana that wards them away. She can hear a tree's tearing from the ground on the other side of the side, stop gigantic tidal waves from drowning the island. She's swifter than Mercury, stronger than Hercules, she’s the epitome Amazon.

The Oracle has a grandiose sense of style. Bright colored curtains are hanging-low going down the hall, matching the bright walls. Several busts of different Goddesses of ancient times are at the far-ends of the room. Along with many artifacts washed ashore. Pieces of boats, cars, the sword of a long-dead king, possibly anything invented in the last three-thousand years is here. They arrived, the scent of cannabis wafts in the air, it can only mean she's preparing a divination. Few can enter this room, only those decreed by the Goddess, Aphrodite can or when they're summoned by the Oracle. The entrance had two guards flanked on either side, paddles strapped to their waist.

“O' Queen and Princess,” said a guard bowing to them. “They have arrived. Let the Oracle know she can begin the divination.”

Another guard enter the room. Moments later, she came out, a cloud of thick smoke followed her. Eyes red, a slight smile had formed on her face.

“She said it'll be awhile. Hehe, I'm hungry…”

For her to use that much cannabis, what fate will the Oracle tell us? The Princess thought. As with the Oracles divinations, they're gauged by the amount of cannabis she uses. A little, it's a rain shower. A lot, it is a storm, a little perhaps light rain. Asking for the Princess and Queen, they don't know what’ll be said. They must wait for the divination to finish.

Hours ate away, and the Mother and Daughter were already through many novels and had read an entire selection of comic books dating from the years 1970-1999. Of all the books she read, she put two among her favorites. It is a small list of now twelve books. While the others needed two to three more drafts to make it better. Diana asked about the books her mother read, she enjoyed all of them. Now Diana rolled her eyes.

“I've told you a thousand times before; when you're my age, being critical of a story doesn't do much. Enjoy the book for what it is, dear daughter,” she said.

“Oh yes, while letting subpar quality be eventually put into the Library? Do you not care for what future Amazonians will think?”

“I'll be alive to tell them what I think. I am over a three-thousands-years-old.”

Diana narrowed her eyes, leaned forward and said: “If a book doesn't challenge you, where is the fun in reading that? It's like having a leaping contest against a lion and the big cat only hops. That is why we must be selective about what books we put into the library.”

The red-eyed guard went back into the room. She came back out, eyes-redder than last time, eyes barely open. The stench of cannabis is stronger than it was earlier. Diana grew concerned, but she held her peace.

“She said come in, and a funny word. I forgot it… I'm hungry.”

“Take her home, and make sure she gets some food,” Hippolyta said.

The guard carried their friend away.

They walked into the dark room, where the only light shines on the Oracle.

Tendrils of smoke rose to the ventilation shafts, went into her nose. The stench is strong, but she isn't phased, or at least didn't show it. Walking, chains rattled somewhere behind the draped lavender satin, done to alert if anyone had entered during the divination. The taste of cannabis is in her mouth, it took over her taste buds. And bedded itself into her hair. She looked to her mother, who remained composed. She went back to the light.

They stopped. Her eyes are a dark red, but she didn't complain. One of her duties has been seeing the Oracle, knowing what danger is to come in tomorrow, another week from now, perhaps an hour. When she was a girl, coming here had been the least of her favorite things. Back then, this place scared her; it was creepy, the things the Oracle kept was weird, and she always felt everything was being told directly to her. She no longer fear this place, but she dislike the attention she's given.

“Please don't talk to me,” she said too low for her mother to hear.

“Welcome, Diana and Hippolyta.”

Why is the Oracle the only one who refers to her first? No Queen or Princess, always their names only. The weight of how she says them is, they're heavy with burden.

“I summoned you here, not because of a divination.”

“What?” she said.

“Yes. The Gods have spoken to me. Mars, formerly known as Ares, has gone into hiding. They cannot find him. Our Goddess believes he seeks to upset the balance of the Gods, to take Zeus's abandoned throne.”

“Why would he do such a thing, why does this involve us?”

“I do not know…” The Oracle slumped. Twitches and spasms. The chains holding her rattle, she shook the entire room. She continued to spasm until her body slumps. Diana remains calm. A divination has come upon her. She's seen her go into a trance the worst part happens when she's coming back to her senses.

The Oracle head snaps backwards, immediately, she shot forward at them, making an unbecoming expression. The veins in her neck protruded. Eyes were film white and mad. Bared her teeth like a wild beast ready to pounce, spittle flew across the room and saliva ran down her mouth. Yes, this is the part she hates the most. The Oracle collapse. A few heavy breathing passed before she finally came to.

“I… I…”

“Do not rush, take your time,” the Queen said.

“I didn't… know the divination was coming…” The Oracle spoke slow, her breathing getting back on cadence. “A man shall fall out the sky. His hair golden like the sun, eyes green like grass. We will hold a great tourney where she will claim victory, where she must journey into the Man's World on a mission of great importance.”

“Plenty of men have fallen onto our island. Plenty of Amazons left with them. What makes this man special?” Hippolyta asked.

“If I can put in a man's world context: He will fall out of the sky after which, hell is to follow. My Queen, our home will never be the same.”

For the first time in the two hundred years of her reign, she stiffened. Diana couldn’t believe it, her mother is like a rock with her emotions, you’ll never know how she truly feels until she speaks.

The Oracle shook her head, then glanced up at Diana. The Princess wanted to turn away, to hide from the attention. She can't, not in front of her mother. If she did, it'll be a series of lectures, disguised to hide her worry over what she did. She often wondered if her mother knows, that Oracle was talking to her most of the time. She probably knows, but didn't press the issue, unless Diana made it one.

The Oracle didn't say no more. They left.


Night has come, the time of Nyx. Amazons across Paradise Island were preparing to sleep. Putting up charms to ward off Epiales or thanking Aphrodite for the day. Diana is looking to the horizon, from the balcony. Part of her wonders about the man who appeared one year ago. The other part wonders about the man who'll come soon. It's troublesome she gave no aforementioned time. It was just: he will fall out of the sky. A tourney will happen, a victor shall come forth. She will journey to the man's world. Events to happen in a specific order. This man could arrive in the morning. It could happen at this very moment. While she sleeps. And does he bring with him? How could she stop it? Diana ambulated, right outside the manor. I wonder if it’ll be Clark? Would he remember me? It’s been a year after all. I shouldn’t be thinking about Clark, though it brings me some comfort. Mother didn’t say a word, nothing, not even on the drive back. That worries me. It’ll be hard to pry it out of her

While lost in her thoughts, a curly blond came up to Diana. She is average height for an Amazonian, more curvy than most. She is Mala, one of Diana's childhood friends and closest rival.

“Thinking about him?” She asked. Teasingly, spreading her lips into a grin.

“I am thinking of the Oracle's divination,” she told her friend a partial truth. Quickly Mala's face turned somber. The Oracle's words are not taken lightly, she's always right.

“So, a man will come.”

Diana nod, walking back into the manor. They both took a stroll to Diana's chambers, on the further end of the hall on the right, a bust of the Queen sits below a painting of Athena. Across the hall is the gymnasiums and in-door swimming pool, that she frequents every morning—which is why she moved down here. On the other end is Hippolyta's room, where another bust is under a painting of Artemis. This is all on the second floor. Where Diana and the Queen takes up most of the space. The first floor is where they conduct their royal duties and such. Lately, the Queen has been thinking of pushing out the offices to open up the first floor for recreational activities.

“Troublesome, is it not?” she said walking besides Mala.

“I try not to think about it. But, you, it's like every word is some burden to put upon yourself.”

“I protect our home.”

“Yes, because you're the first to act, always,” Mala said.

Diana lowers her head a bit to think. What her friend says is true, the Princess has an unnatural sense of duty, even when she was a girl she protected the island from any danger that came or happened. Her life has been acting before anyone, putting her safety at risk. Doing what others cannot. Hippolyta hate it, at one point forbid Diana from it. She couldn't stop her, and eventually, her mother gave up. There even came a saying among the Amazons about her heroism. 'In rain, sleet, or snow; the Princess will still come to save the day.' It’s been something she’s done since she could remember.

“I can't help it, I was born to do this.”

Mala sighs.

“You're right. Sometimes, I wish you wouldn't though. Let someone else save the day.”

“I'll consider it.”

“Great Hera, how many times have you said this?”

“I lost count after I saved you from that cyclops,” Diana said, joking.

Mala shove her friend and chuckle. They made it to Diana's door; a large dark brown oak wood, carvings of an owl and dove symbols of her Patron Goddesses, Athena and Aphrodite.

“Good night. Please, think about it,” Mala said.

“I will.”

The two hugs, and Diana felt the hug meant something more than friendship. It’s like she’s trying to protect her, like her mother. Oh, Mala. That’s why you’re a wonderful friend. And Mala left. Diana turns to her door.

Diana opens her door, steps inside of her room, and closes it.


Morning, Helios's rays woke up the women of Paradise Island. Diana rose out of her bed. Raven black hair matted her face until she moved it. Diana had on a man's world pajama set, fashioned in the colors blue, red, yellow. She's become quite fond of these colors, even laughed knowing how many man world's countries have adopted it as their man world's flag colors. This got her thinking, what should the colors of Paradise Island's flag be? It should have a star on it, she thinks. Stars are fashionable.

She floated out of bed, put on her slippers. Went over to her kitchen counter, that's about two feet away from her small metallic silver table, which is placed near the window, overlooking the northern lands of home. Pulled out a jar of grounded coffee and brewed her some finest coffee any would love to taste, in her coffee maker. Grown in the northern lands too. The majority of Amazons live in the Northern lands, where they work in small clusters. The western edge of the island, there is a growing city life, she often visits. The southern half is where women from the man's world take refuge until they're given a home. The eastern half is called "Blue-Collar Country" where the bulk factories and hard labor jobs happen. It made sense for her to have a seat here, she can fly through the windowless frame when the situation arises no matter where, and it did. Almost more than that, she watched the sea birds come into range near their shores; the dolphins jump into the air. She took a seat and watched the home she protects awake. It is the best view of it all.

No sign of hell.


Diana had dressed in a man's world outfit, a plain white top, denim jeans and red and blue converse shoes. As she admired herself in the mirror, someone knocked on her door. Not any knock, a special kind. Three knocks on the door and shake the doorknob after. She knew it was Kisa, it's been their knock since they were preteens. The princess glided to the door.

She is short for an Amazon, not curvaceous like Mala, but she's just as toned and fit as Diana. Her friend wears a light-blue tunic dress, made from the cottons of the Eastern fields. As she looks down to her, Kisa cranes her neck up as she looks to Diana and back down, checking out her man's world clothing. The short blond smirked.

“Those types of clothes always look too natural on you, Di.”

The Princess twirled, lifting off the ground. A gust of wind blew into the room, carrying flowers. It then danced around the Princess as she floated down. Kisa looked on, amused. Like always, there is an over-the-top thrown in with what Diana.

“Really, flowers?”

Diana shrugged. “I don't control the winds. What do want?”

“It's story time, the girls are impatient.”

“It's not even time for that yet.”

“I think it's more they just want to see you. I can't blame them.”

Diana shook her head. It is all she could do. She's a celebrity. Not only the Princess, but she has saved the island more times than anyone else. She's become popular among the younger girls, which is all fine by her. Being a role model to impressionable Amazons isn't bad. It keeps her on her toes.

“I'll be there soon,” Diana said about to the close the door. “I'm just not finished getting myself together.”

Kisa smirked. “What else do you need to do? You look perfect,” she said.

“Kisa, I don't wake up perfect. I have a morning routine.”

Diana's friend scoffs and told her to hurry, or else she'll send a rabid group of young girls after her. The princess laughed it off. She closes her door and resumes her morning routine, finishing fine brewed coffee and watching over her home.


Diana waves and she greets her sisters who passes by her. Little girls run up and hug her. The mornings are always like this. Sometimes, she can barely move without a crowd of young Amazonians clamoring at her. It would take her to fly up in the sky to escape them, but she'll zoom down and pluck a few from the crowd and fly them high into the sky. There laughter and smiles is always delightful. That's why she loves it.

The giggles and chatter behind her, means they're following. When Diana turns to them they're barely able to contain their excitement. I can never get enough of this.

“We're coming to story time!” one girl shouted. A freckle-face red-head exclaimed. “What story are we reading today?”

“I'll decide when I get there.”

One girl jumps up waving her arms.

“Can we hear the story of how Hippolyta stopped the two giants from stepping foot onto the island?”

“I told that one last week.”

“I know. It's one of my favorites!”

Diana raises an eyebrow and smirks. This little girl seems to have a peculiar fascination for Diana's mother and her past exploits. She can't blame her, Hippolyta is a legend among the Amazons. She has more myths than another, and when she was crowned Queen, many have said it was like everything lead up to that moment.

“I'll think about it.”

The little girl shouted "yay" and got into line. When Diana turns around, Mala is running towards her. The blond looks excited, far too excited. It got Diana thinking of whatever mischief Mala got planned.

The two friends were face-to-face. Mala could hardly contain herself.

“Mala, what's going on?” Diana asks.

“Someone is here to see you, up in the sky.”

Diana dashes off, leaving Mala smiling and the little girls in awe of her speed.

“I didn't get the chance to tell her where he's located.”

She zips through the traffic of Athenia'street, and gracefully leaps over the cable car that stretches across Hecate Drive to the amphitheater. In no time, the Princess was a blur and gust of wind running the wide-road of the Queen's Stretch, leaving many Amazons confused and startled. She was out of the downtown area, and zooms through the beautiful rural landscape of Paradise Island where agrarian Amazons produce a bulk of produce. She's leaping over herds of cows, goats, sheeps. Amazons watch in amazement of Diana's near unmatched athleticism. Diana almost passes the manor. She did a hard stop, pushing up dirt in her path. She dashes in the house and hurriedly changes into more traditional attire, with he front half of the dress cutting mid-way down from the thigh, a tail in the back as the same length. She's gone out of sight in seconds. It’s as if Diana was hardly in the home. In her haste, she left the guards wondering why she had such a smile on her face.

A crowd is growing at a beach of Paradise Island. The word spread fast, the strange man who caused the uproar one year ago has returned. He floats above them, his red cape flapping the wind. One year ago, his clothes were tattered and torn. Before them, they're in shock how truly majestic he looks, how a man could pull off wearing trunks as he does.The one truly in disbelief is Diana, appearing out of the crowd. She never doubted him, but she forgot how handsome he is; her imagination cannot compare to him. She looks to her mother who is standing there, Hippolyta gestures her daughter on. Diana flies, smiling brightly.

“Hello, Clark,” she says.

“Hello, Diana.”

She takes his hand and flies somewhere more private, where the two talk. The other Amazons disperse shortly after, leaving Queen Hippolyta alone, looking worried.


On the other end of the beach, away from prying eyes. Clark Kent watches the wave knock against rocks while waiting for Diana’s return. She had insisted on getting him something to eat, despite saying otherwise. The food smells divine, it actually got him hungry. Diana floated down with a platter of different cuisines. From a juicy hamburger to perfectly sliced sandwiches, and crisp golden fried chicken. All the food looks better than last. There is stuff on there that looks Greek and original Paradise Island food.

“A bit much,” he said.

“You look like the type of man who can eat. I hope you have room for dessert.”

“Ma calls me a bottomless pit.”

“Good. Because you get to try the best Paradise Island offers.”

Diana looks around at each rock.

“Something wrong?” he asks.

“Trying to find a place to sit this platter.”

“Let me help.”

Clark studies the platter and found a boulder about the same width. He stabs four fingers into the rock and places a thumb on top, places a foot on it. He rips it off like it is a sheet of paper. Diana whistles, impressed at what she saw.

“You’re strong.”

“I know,” he said.

He took the platter from Diana and places it down. The Amazon Princess lifts a boulder from the ground, places it on the right of the platter. When she looks up, she sees a big grin on Clark’s face.


“You’re full of surprises, Diana.”

“That makes for the both of us,” she said.

As the two seated on boulders, they chow down on food, watching the waves, stealing glances when the other wasn’t looking, and discussing his last visit. She caught him, staring at her bare legs, pretend not notice by picking up food from the platter. By the time they finished the food, the sunset. Diana looks at Clark again. There’s that glow again. I wonder if he’s aware of it? If he’s not the son of Zeus, perhaps Apollo? That would explain it.

“So, Clark. How’s the last year been for you?”

He looks to Diana, and she felt a little flustered having those blue eyes on her. She forgot how otherworldly they are. She still hasn’t found that shade of blue anywhere. His outfit as well, seeing it not torn to shreds is an actual sight to behold. If on another man, he'd look stupid. Clark makes it work, look natural, the Princess thought. Just like last time, she wonders how his massive body can fit into the outfit, nevertheless she can't complain at the sight of his muscles.

“Same old, same old mostly. Work, friends, work. You?”

“Princess stuff, preparing for a tourney, and being vigilant.”

Clark rose an eyebrow, Diana noticed. She wondered what she said that got him interested. Knowing what she knows, Diana could take a guess, a good one. A smirk forms from cheek to cheek and he looks puzzled now. But, she waited to see what he'll say.

“What are vigilant about? Do you need my help?”

Right on the mark, it would make perfect sense. She too always lends aid where and when she can. Now he looks more puzzled.

“No worries, it's none of your concern.”

“I've helped people all over the world.”

“You've got your hands full. We'll be all right,” she says.

“Nothing Su—I can't handle.”

She once again told Clark that he need not worry about the Amazons, they've been work fine for thousands of years now. Despite her best attempts, he told her the world hadn't burned down, but he still does what he can to keep the embers from going aflame. Her his selfless words, she felt she could smile harder. Men, people like Clark exists. Where great power doesn't corrupt them. He's like a fantasy come to life. Then she thought, how tiring it must be. How Clark would fly off the moment he's needed. Does he have a personal life, a love life, even a respite every now and then. These are questions going through her mind while staring at Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet. How does he juggle it all? If only he could stay on paradise Island, even for a day to rest. She knew he wouldn't. Just like her telling him no.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” she told him. “Actually, I hope you slow down every now and then.”

He nods, and replies.

“It can be crazy at times, but I know to slow down when I need to. You don't yourself about that.”

“Also, I forgot to mention. I searched for Paradise Island last year.”

Diana hope she didn’t look too happy as she felt. She did, judging from his smile.

“You did?”

“Yeah. I told you we’ll see each other again. Did you doubt me?”

“No. I just thought you’d forgot, it’s been a year.”

“Diana, all I could think about was you.”

She didn’t think when she got up. Diana cups Clark’s cheeks. He wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her closer. The two nearly locked lips when a phone rings. Clark took his phone. Answered the call. Diana still wrapped in his arm.

“Hey, Bruce.”

The frown on his face. He unwrap his arm and they got up. The phone hung up. Clark sighs and looks at Diana. She knew it. Their reunion is over before they could end it on their terms. She’s been here before, never on this side. It hurts. She has some apologies to make after this.

“I have to go. Some maniac is riding a motorcycle terrorizing Metropolis. They need me. I’m sorry—.”

The Princess kisses him on the cheek, and she could tell he wanted more than that.

“You didn’t have to say it, I understand.” she said, ruefully.

“I'll be back. Maybe next time, I can try dessert.”

Clark shot off, and she saw a glimpse of a different side of him. How fast he became serious, almost like a different man. Diana picked up the platter and flew back to the manor. The sensation of his warmth tingles around her waist. I never knew I’d enjoy a man’s touch, how much I want more of it, she thought. Diana flew into her window and cut off the light.