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Being in control of Ranboo is such a power trip. Being able to slip into his mind and put things there that the other won’t notice or remember makes Dream feel so powerful. Even trapped in a cell like he is, he can still peer into the enderman hybrid’s mind from time to time. He couldn’t always control whether the other would enter his ‘enderwalking’ state, but he could almost always leave orders that the hybrid would follow when he did fall asleep.


Since Tommy had come and gone, Dream had been checking in on Ranboo’s thoughts much more often, hoping to catch a glimpse of his favorite toy. Tommy had been so much fun in exile, and when he was locked in the prison with Dream it was like experiencing it all over again. Dream could see Ranboo’s fears and worries and also the gentle kindness with which he treated Tommy.


And Dream had a sick idea. It wasn’t very often that Dream got the chance to make Tommy think his friends didn’t want him— mostly because they really did— but it was one of his favorite ways to fuck with the boy. To make him feel hated and alone, like no one but Dream would want him. And with Ranboo’s mind at his fingertips, ready and able to do whatever Dream wanted, Dream had the perfect idea for what he should do.


The order was short, simple, and to the point. Dream thought it would be carried out with the same amount of tact as Ranboo usually had when enderwalking— which was to say, none. What he didn’t account for was Ranboo opening up the order to interpretation. What he didn’t account for were Ranboo’s own feelings that he hadn’t realized existed.




Tommy laid in his messy bed in his dirt house in the godforsaken Dream SMP territory. He stared at the ceiling made of dirt and the walls made of dirt and the floor made of dirt and wondered why the hell he lived like this. This wasn’t living. This was barely surviving. And what a great job of surviving he’d done.


Sometimes Tommy’s head still hurt, still ached. There was a line along his forehead and up along his scalp where his head had been cracked open like an egg against obsidian walls. Following the line was a shock of white in his hair. He looked like an old man. Or like fundy. It was not a good look either way, in Tommy’s opinion. Tommy hated the reminder of what had happened to him in prison with Dream.


With a sigh, Tommy rolled over in his bed, pulling his covers higher so he could hide beneath them and avoid looking at his shoddy house. Then he jolted at the sudden loud thumping against his doors. Tommy shot up in bed, staring as the doors bucked under the pressure being applied to them. Tommy could see a figure outside of his house, much taller than a zombie. For a moment, Tommy lamented the fact that he’d chosen to have wooden doors instead of iron ones.


And then the thumping stopped. Tommy held his breath. The handle started to turn. Tommy kicked off his covers, rolling out of bed and scrambling to grab the Axe of Peace, holding it out in front of him and staring in fright as his doors were pushed open. Ducking into his tiny dirt shack was a fucking enderman. Tommy’s breath hitched as he made eye contact with it, immediately tensing up and looking away.


But there was no sudden hissing or screeching. Deciding to take a chance, Tommy looked back at the enderman, pointedly not looking at its eyes. It was wearing… a suit. And it had a white left hand.


“Ranboo?” Tommy said, looking up again. Two bright purple eyes stared down at him, framed by a two-toned face and mussed-up bangs. Ranboo was weirdly ruffled, as though he’d also just gotten out of bed. And, y’know, his eyes were the wrong fucking color. “The hell’s up with you?”


Ranboo opened his mouth to speak, but instead of the usual dumb American voice, a series of quiet hisses and chirps came out of his mouth. Tommy blinked, leaning the Axe of Peace back against his bed.


“Uh, wanna try that again?” Tommy asked, glancing away and back again. Ranboo made a couple more little noises, taking a step closer and hunching down so that he was closer to Tommy’s level. “Also are you taller?” Tommy took a few steps back as Ranboo continued towards him, crowding into his space.


Tommy was backed into his bed which he fell back into. Ranboo began to crawl in after him and that was where Tommy was drawing the line.


“Woah, woah, woah,” Tommy said, holding out a hand and trying to push Ranboo back— and only managing to make the hybrid pause— “You might be acting weird but that ain’t an excuse to start cuddling with me or some shit. You’re married to Tubbo aren’t you? If you had a nightmare or whatever, go see him instead.”


Ranboo tilted his head. For a moment, Tommy thought Ranboo had listened, so he relaxed and let his hand drop. Only seconds after, Ranboo ducked down further to press his face against Tommy’s neck. Tommy froze, the sudden touch jarring, especially given that he still hadn’t had much positive touch since he’d been-


Tommy was brought out of his thoughts by Ranboo moving. The enderman was gently nuzzling his neck and face, a low rumble coming from his chest. Ranboo’s big clawed hands came up to Tommy’s sides, holding him without restraining. Tommy sat there confused and Ranboo continued softly touching him.


Then Tommy’s brain kicked back in and he shoved away from Ranboo. “You- you fucking-” Tommy was struggling to breathe. Was that bad? “Get the fuck out of my house.” Ranboo did not move from where he was perched by Tommy’s bed. Then, with a parting chirp, he stood and walked out, closing the doors behind him.


Tommy sat on his bed for a while, staring at the doors. The places where Ranboo had touched him felt warm. A part of Tommy wanted to start crying. A part of Tommy wanted to go running after Ranboo and either chop his head off or beg for a hug. A part of Tommy wanted to carve out his skin where he’d been touched.


He did none of those things and instead laid back down and tried to go to sleep.




“Hey, Tubbo? Are Ranboo’s eyes ever purple?” Tommy asked his best friend the next day. Tubbo gave in an odd look.


“I mean… yeah? Sometimes?” Tubbo said. “He sleepwalks a lot, and his eyes turn purple when he sleepwalks.”


“He was sleepwalking? ” Tommy asked incredulously.


“Oh, did he visit you last night or something?” Tubbo said, snapping his fingers.


“Or something,” Tommy mumbled back.




That night, Tommy found himself staring at his ceiling again, wallowing in his depressing thoughts. He felt different now. since being revived, it felt like his entire brain had been rewired or some shit. Honestly, he wouldn’t put it past Dream to try something like that. Or maybe it was just Tommy who was messed up and broken.


The sound of a door creaking open. Tommy looked over and found purple-eyed Ranboo slipping in again, more carefully this time. Tommy just closed his eyes and rolled over, hoping that if he ignored the guy, Ranboo would just leave. He could hear quiet footsteps that stopped right by his bed. Ranboo must’ve been looming over him like a creep.


A hand stroked his cheek and Tommy had to fight the instinctive flinch in response. He tried to keep his breathing steady, pretend he was asleep, and hope Ranboo would get bored. His covers were lifted and Tommy felt the bed dip. Then, a warm body was pressed against his back. Tommy couldn’t help the hitch in his breath when Ranboo’s arms wrapped around his middle.


Ranboo was so warm, curled against Tommy’s back. Little puffs of air hit the back of Tommy’s neck and the arms holding him gently stroked his sides. Tommy wanted to kick Ranboo away from him. Tommy wanted to turn around and cling to Ranboo. Tommy laid stiff as a board, doing absolutely nothing as Ranboo spooned him.


Eventually, Tommy relaxed. And then he grew drowsy. And then he fell asleep, safe within Ranboo’s arms. He didn’t dream that night, nor was he plagued by the usual nightmares. When he woke up the next morning, his bed was cold and Ranboo wasn’t there. Quietly, in those morning hours, Tommy let a few tears and muffled sobs escape him.




Ranboo didn’t show up every night. After those first two days, he would appear sporadically over the course of the next few weeks, and one of two things would happen. If Tommy was visibly awake, Ranboo would attempt to give him hugs but leave at the first sign of ire. If Tommy was asleep or faking it— something he often did nowadays— Ranboo would climb into bed beside him and cuddle him, often until he did fall asleep if he was faking it.


Those nights were some of the best Tommy had in ages. He didn’t have nightmares around Ranboo for some reason. He just felt safe around the other. Being held so softly, so carefully, made Tommy feel fragile and vulnerable. He felt seen, cracked open, like Ranboo was peering into the hole in his head.


Ranboo didn’t seem to realize what he did while sleepwalking, and Tommy sure as hell wasn’t about to tell him. How would that conversation even go? “Hey Ranboo, so, you know how you sleepwalk and don’t remember what you do while sleepwalking? Well, for the past few weeks you’ve been coming to my house and cuddling me while I sleep.” Fuckin’ crazy talk.


But again, Ranboo didn’t sleepwalk into Tommy’s bed every night, and there wasn’t really a way to know if or when it would happen, so Tommy didn’t bother trying to predict it. That night, he probably should’ve.




Despite everything, Tommy was still a teenager. He’d been in wars, killed three times by the same man, murdered other people, and committed acts of terrorism. He was also a teenager. and, unfortunately, he still had to deal with all the things that came with being a teenager. Like the voice cracking and the lack of actual facial hair. And, of course, the raging hormones.


So, in the privacy of his own house, Tommy allowed himself a moment of relief. With one hand holding one of his legs up, he used the other to press lubed up fingers inside of his ass. He had to swallow down moans as he pushed three fingers against his prostate. It’d been a while since he’d done this and he was really pent up. With a whine, he spread his fingers inside, shivering at the stretch.


And then his door opened. Tommy’s eyes shot open and he wrenched his hand away from himself, trying to hide beneath his blanket. There, in the doorway, was Ranboo. Purple eyes stared at him, Ranboo’s jaw slightly parted in surprise.


“H-hey, boob boy,” Tommy stammered, breaths still somewhat labored, “What, uh, what’re you doing here?” While Tommy silently cursed himself for not locking the door, Ranboo continued staring. Then he closed his mouth and locked the door behind him.


Tommy blinked at the action and then scrambled backward as Ranboo stalked towards him. “Woah, woah, w-wait-” This time, Ranboo didn’t pause, instead climbing on top of Tommy, pulling his covers away so that Tommy was exposed again. Tommy tried to close his legs and hide what he’d been doing, but Ranboo was quick to push them apart, gazing down at Tommy’s crotch.


Suddenly Tommy was pulled up and forward by his thighs. He was knocked over and before he could try to push himself back up, he felt a wet pressure against his hole. Tommy gasped as Ranboo’s tongue slid inside of him. It was warm and wet and weirdly long, curling and writhing inside of him. Tommy clutched the sheets by his head, squeezing his eyes shut as Ranboo lapped at his backside.


This was something he’d never done before. For all that he talked about women being all over him, the sad truth was that Tommy was a virgin. While he’d imagined wetting his dick in some quality pussy or maybe even letting another guy fuck him, he’d never really thought about this . Tommy gave an embarrassing whine when Ranboo finally pulled away from his spit-soaked rim.


Ranboo set Tommy back down and Tommy tried to regain his breath. He was painfully hard, precum dripping from his member. Ranboo leaned over him, tilting Tommy’s head back and kissing him. Tommy hummed softly, finding himself strangely alright with his situation. As Ranboo continued kissing him, occasionally nipping at his lips, he also began stroking Tommy’s thighs, pushing them apart again.


Ranboo pulled away from the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting their lips for a moment more before breaking. Tommy watched as Ranboo began to fumble with his belt and pants. And then Tommy realized what was happening. Going still, Tommy entertained many possible responses to this. He could lash out, kick and claw at Ranboo and run away. He could hold his own legs open like a whore and beg to be filled up. That latter option was kind of tempting, in all honesty.


Ranboo’s pants dropped and Tommy found himself staring at a dick that was a lot bigger than his own. Ranboo was a tall dude, something like eight or nine feet tall. Tommy had to crane his neck up to look at him sometimes. Given all that, it was perfectly reasonable that Ranboo was a proportional guy. Still, that was a big fucking dick .


Ranboo’s hand slowly stroked his own member from half mast to full hardness. Tommy stared as lavender-tinged liquid beaded at the head of it. Was Ranboo’s cum fucking purple? Tommy kind of really wanted to find out.


Ranboo’s free hand pushed open one of Tommy’s legs, and without really thinking about it, Tommy held the other. Ranboo gave a rumbling purr and Tommy remembered that oh, right, Ranboo was sleepwalking right now . And then Ranboo began pushing inside of him.


Tommy felt like the air was getting pushed out of his lungs as Ranboo pressed inside, filling him up like he’d never felt before. Ranboo let go of his leg to instead place both of his hands on each side of Tommy’s head. Tommy moved to wrap his legs around Ranboo’s waist, accidentally nudging him a little deeper inside.


“Ahn, f-fuck yeah,” Tommy whispered as Ranboo bottomed out inside of him. Ranboo chirped at him, nuzzling his neck. “Mmh, y’feel so good , Ranboo,” Tommy mumbled, practically drunk on the feeling of being so full . Ranboo purred into Tommy’s ear, rocking against him as he did.


Tommy didn’t want stillness. He didn’t want a moment to adjust to the overwhelming pressure inside of him. He wanted Ranboo to start fucking him, now . He reached up and dragged Ranboo’s face down to his, pressing a sloppy kiss to the other’s lips. Ranboo was purring like an engine nonstop.


“Come on, Ranboob,” Tommy whispered against Ranboo’s lips when they broke apart, “Gimme all you’ve got. I can take it.” Ranboo’s violet eyes darkened with lust and he snapped his hips forward. Tommy cried out as Ranboo started to aggressively thrust into him.


“F-fuck, oh , yeah, there, th-there!” Tommy wrapped his arms around Ranboo’s shoulders, going a little cross-eyed with every thrust. Ranboo kept hammering into him, precision not entirely necessary given how big he was. He hit Tommy’s sweet spot every time, making Tommy see stars.


The experience got ten times better as Ranboo started marking up Tommy’s neck, biting and sucking at the sensitive skin. Tommy had never realized just how sensitive his neck was, but with Ranboo lavishing it with attention, it was clear to both of them how much it was doing for Tommy.


“Ranboo,” Tommy kept saying, “Ranboo, Ranboo, Ran-nngh, oh, more , please~” Tommy’s whines only made Ranboo attempt to fuck him harder, quicker, his hands coming down to wrap around Tommy’s hips so he could tug Tommy down onto each of his thrusts. Eventually, Tommy couldn’t even say Ranboo’s name, just make the unintelligible sounds that were fucked out of him. Ranboo’s dick was making him lose his mind.


Tommy’s climax came over him out of the blue. One second he was happily getting his brains fucked out, and then the next he was curling forward with the force of an orgasm that had come out of nowhere. Cum hit both his and Ranboo’s stomachs, but while Tommy came down from the high, Ranboo wasn’t quite finished.


“Oh, oh, oh fuck! Gh- ah, R-Ranboo, s-stop, it- it’s too muu UUch ~ mmh ,” Tommy whined as Ranboo continued fucking his overstimulated body. Each movement was like an electric shock, painful and delicious at once. Ranboo’s hips stuttered as he got close to finishing, and then with a full-body shudder, Ranboo came inside of Tommy.


Tommy could feel hot ropes of cum spilling inside of him. It was hot, wet, and a little gross, honestly. As Ranboo pulled out of him, Tommy caught sight of purple-ish cum leaking from his hole. Huh. Ranboo did have purple cum. Weird. Tommy flopped back onto his bed, taking huge gulps of air. He let his eyes fall shut, just lying boneless and sweaty.


A chirp. Tommy cracked open a single eye. Ranboo— eyes still purple— was looking down at him. Tommy grunted, weakly patting Ranboo with his hand. Tommy could feel Ranboo stand. a minute later, he felt something cold and wet against his ass.


Tommy flinched and looked down, seeing Ranboo with a towel, wiping away the cumstains on both of them. Tommy sighed and laid back down. Ranboo finished and moved away for a bit. In the silence, Tommy nearly fell asleep. Then, his bed dipped, and in a familiar motion, Ranboo curled up at his side.


This time, though, Tommy didn’t just lie there stiff as a board. He turned over and pressed his face into Ranboo’s chest, nuzzling him. A quiet rumble started up, and Tommy drifted asleep to the sound of Ranboo’s purrs.




Tommy also woke up to the sound of Ranboo’s purrs. Imagine his surprise when he woke up and Ranboo was still there, still holding him tight. Tommy allowed himself a moment to just rest his head against Ranboo’s chest. and then he decided to look up.


Ranboo’s eyes were wide open, but since the guy didn’t have eyelids, that wasn’t exactly surprising. Given that they were unfocused and staring at nothing in particular, Tommy was pretty sure that Ranboo was asleep. They were also the usual red and green instead of the purple that indicated he was sleepwalking.


Tommy sighed, closing his eyes and tucking his head under Ranboo’s. This was quite the situation he’d found himself in. Any minute now, Ranboo was gonna wake up and find himself naked in bed with Tommy who was also naked. And Tommy thought it would’ve been hard to tell Ranboo about the cuddling thing. This was a whole different ballpark.


Tommy could feel when Ranboo stirred awake. Tommy could feel when Ranboo realized where he was. Tommy could feel Ranboo go stiff. When Ranboo’s purring fizzled out, Tommy hummed against Ranboo’s neck.


“Good morning,” He mumbled. Ranboo didn’t move an inch. What a role reversal.


“What-” Ranboo’s voice cracked as he tried to speak, “What did I do?”


“Nothing bad,” Tommy said, still not looking up, “Though, I guess you didn’t really want to do this.”


“That’s not- I mean- just- did I hurt you?” Ranboo stuttered out. Tommy frowned.


“What, you thought you could fuckin’ do something I wouldn’t want? Thought you’d overpowered the great Tommy Innit?” Tommy let out a huff.


“I’m hearing a no.”


“You didn’t fuckin’- I dunno, rape me or wh-whatever,” Tommy mumbled, “ I’m the one who took advantage of you .” Ranboo didn’t say anything, which prompted Tommy to continue, to try to explain himself.


“You kept on showing up at my house,” Tommy admitted, “and you’d just- you’d touch me all soft and shit, and I didn’t stop you because- because- I don’t know, it was nice? And- and then you’d crawl in bed with me and hold me and I wouldn’t get nightmares and I just-“ Tommy was crying now, quietly sobbing against Ranboo’s chest.


“I wanted to be held again.”


Ranboo’s arms squeezed him. Tommy nuzzled into Ranboo’s neck, sniffling as he did. Ranboo rubbed soothing circles into Tommy’s back.


“I think I’m in love with you,” Ranboo said, so quiet and simple it was as though he’d stated the weather. Tommy choked on his spit, pushing back so he could look at Ranboo.


“You what?” Tommy looked at those bi-colored eyes, blinking away tears.


“I love you, Tommy,” Ranboo murmured. Then, he leaned in and kissed Tommy. It wasn’t the desperate, hungry kisses of last night. It was soft and gentle and sweet. It was like all of Ranboo’s touches. And like all of Ranboo’s touches, it made Tommy melt.


When they finally pulled apart, Tommy whispered, “Love you too, Ranboo.”




So, Dream had gotten something wrong. The order should have been simple. Ranboo had never stretched the boundaries of what he could do before. But Dream hadn’t realized just how Ranboo felt about Tommy, and so what should’ve been a simple and traumatizing event was now a moment of healing, of connection, of growth.


Goddamnit, Dream had just ordered the hybrid to have sex with Tommy. He’d figured Ranboo would just do it and Tommy would fight back and Ranboo would force himself on the other. He didn’t think that Ranboo, half-feral as he was in his enderwalk state, would woo Tommy.


What the fuck. Dream couldn’t even pry open the memories to watch the sex itself.