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Tommy couldn’t help but stare at Techno’s dick. It was probably rude and very weird, but considering they were about to have sex, he figured his morbid fascination with the thing that was about to be inside of him was justified.


“Why does it look like that?” Tommy blurted out. Techno just sighed.


“I’m a piglin,” Techno grumbled, “It goes to reason that parts of me look like a pig.”


“You’re telling me that pig dick looks like that?” The ‘that’ Tommy referred to was the very strange and curious shape of the end of Techno’s dick. Around the base it looked like a perfectly normal, if fairly large, penis, but towards the end it thinned out and became an odd corkscrew shape.


“Heh, it matches your tail,” Tommy joked. He reached out with his finger so that the curled phallus was sort of wrapped around it. Techno grunted at the touch and leaned forward over Tommy. Tommy obligingly laid back and lifted his legs up. He'd already fingered himself open— Techno’s hands were a little too big and clawed for Tommy to be comfortable with him doing it— and so he was all ready to get his brains fucked out.


Tommy felt the thin tip press against his hole and then inside. He shuddered at the strange feeling of it twisting as Techno pushed in. “Aahn, I-I don’t think it’d feel this good with a nor- nngh, n-normal dick,” Tommy said reaching up to curl against Techno’s chest. He whined as Techno pressed deeper, now faced with an uncomfortably long and thick member being pushed into his guts. Tommy could still sort of feel the corkscrew bit deeper inside. It felt… really good. The irregularity of it bumping up against him was a little addictive.


With a long groan, Techno bottomed out inside of Tommy, causing the boy to echo with his own low moan. The stretch was somewhat painful, but Tommy felt oh so full inside. After a long minute or so of absolute stillness, Tommy started to squirm beneath Techno.


Move ,” he whined. He was rewarded almost instantly by Techno rocking against him. Tommy's breath hitched and he clutched tighter to Techno’s shoulders. Letting his head loll back, Tommy attempted to get enough purchase to push back against Techno. He only sort of succeeded in doing so, giving a frustrated growl as he did, but it was enough of a clue in for Techno to start moving quicker.


With techno actually pulling out and pushing back in, Tommy was reminded that the cock inside of him wasn’t exactly your average penis. The corkscrew tip scraped over his prostate and Tommy had to bite back a scream. He instinctively tightened around Techno which only spurred the piglin into fucking Tommy harder.


As Techno went faster and harder and deeper, Tommy struggled to remain coherent. He felt like his brain was turning to mush and leaking out his ears. He whined as Techno started mouthing at his neck, tusks bruising the skin there. Tommy winced as one of Techno’s tusks scraped against his skin, cutting into the flesh like butter. Despite the pain, Tommy found himself panting and moaning as blood started to smear along his neck and collar.


“Sorry,” Techno wheezed out, pressing a kiss to the cut.


“Mmh, ‘s okay,” Tommy said, “Feels good.” Tommy's words had a clear and instant effect on Techno. The man’s eyes darkened and Tommy felt his hips stutter inside of him. Techno reached back and pushed Tommy's legs up and open until he was nearly folded in half at the waist. Then, Techno began grinding down against Tommy.


“Aaa aAAgh , Tech- TechnooOOoh~! ” Tommy cried out, breathing harshly and whimpering every time Techno moved. After a few torturous moments of Techno just grinding deep into him, Techno returned to his previous breakneck pace, pistoning in and out of Tommy with wild abandon. He was less controlled now, more frantic, and from the furrow in his eyebrows and the snarl on his face, Tommy could tell Techno was right on the edge.


Tommy reached down between his legs to grasp his own neglected member. He only needed a few quick strokes before he was pushed over the edge. With a loud shout of Techno’s name, he came all over his hand and stomach. The moment his orgasm was over, Tommy felt a jolt of pain go up his spine. He felt electrified, in a good but also really painful way. Techno was still chasing his own orgasm and he didn’t seem to mind pushing Tommy into uncomfortable overstimulation to get it.


Techno only lasted a little bit longer than Tommy, but those seconds felt like hours in Tommy's head. When Techno’s hips stuttered and then came to a stop, Tommy sighed, relieved it was over. And then, a moment later, his squirming started anew beneath Techno.


“Wh- what the hell?” Tommy gasped, looking down at where Techno was still inside of him. He was hallucinating, right? “Why— f-fuck, uhn— why is there so much? ” When Tommy came, it was a small amount. a reasonable amount. Techno was positively filling Tommy up.


“W-wait, I’m-” Tommy snorted, “I’m- I’m like a cream puff.” Techno groaned into Tommy's ear which only made him laugh more. “I'm at build-a-bear and you’re stuffing me! I’m- fuck! ” Tommy was cut off when Techno decided to fucking bite him, the asshole.


Please shut up,” Techno grumbled. Tommy huffed.


“What, I can't joke around in the bedroom? Are you done, by the way?” Tommy gave a light kick to Techno’s side. “Because you’re kind of crushing me.” With a rumbly growl, Techno pushed up off Tommy and began pulling out of him. Tommy gasped at the feeling of it and then again as cum practically started to spill out of him.


“Ughh, what the fuck,” Tommy grumbled, bringing a hand down to poke and prod at his own messy hole.


“Again, I’m a piglin,” Techno said, “we come a lot.”


“Fuckin’ weird is what it is,” Tommy said, “I’m not cleaning this up, by the way.”