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Fairies crowned by flowers

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„Kashi, look!“ A small, very pink toddler came waddling towards him, bringing Iruka with her whose hand she gripped tightly. In her other hand dangled a few battered-looking dandelions. “Cwose your eyes!” The exited shriek almost deafened him but he complied readily. Sitting, his head was the perfect height for a child to put something on it, something green and almost falling apart.

“Open!” The bright grin on the girl’s face made him smile, too. “Is that a flower crown on my head?” She nodded so hard her head might fall off. “Did you make it?” Another almost beheading. “With Ruka.” The other man’s expression was soft, crouching down as his shirt was getting tugged at. “Sakura collected all the flowers and did the work. I only showed her how to do it. Do you like it?”

When Iruka said he had only shown her how to do it, it meant he had guided her hands into making the crown, effectively making it himself but with extra steps. Well, Kakashi would let it slide.

“I love it. Thank you very much, Sakura. Now, do you think it suits me?” Before she could answer, Ino and Naruto came running over. “Flowers grow on your head!”, a very confused blond shouted. A different, not so confused but intrigued blonde answered with her own shout: “No, a flower crown. Pretty fairy.” Her small hands tried to pet his hair and almost blinded him with stubby fingers. “No Ino, we don’t put our fingers into other people’s faces. And what do we do when we want to touch somebody?” All three toddlers screamed in unison: “Ask!”.

Kakashi had to shake his head to stop his ears from ringing. Iruka was laughing at him, but in such a sneaky way that the kids wouldn’t realise. It was in the way his shoulders shook and his eyes crinkled. Ass. He needed to learn how to side-eye someone sneakily.

“Can I touch?” Ino’s hands were back in his face. He nodded and she started inspecting his hair and the flowers closer. Sakura had left Iruka's sleeve alone and joined her friend. The two of them seemed to have an in-depth discussion about the art of putting flowers in somebody's hair in their half sense half gibberish way. Naruto, having quelled his curiosity, has gone off in search of new playmates.

He threw Iruka a look asking for his help. Sure, he loved sitting around and looking pretty, but children weren't very careful with their hands and he didn't want to have his hair pulled for the rest of outside time. The other man only shrugged and ventured off, asking Shikamaru about funny clouds he had seen today. Double ass.

He also led the children back in with the promise of a picture book fifteen minutes before the end of their outside time. Maybe not so bad after all.

Kakashi however had to wear his crown for the rest of the day. Every time he had tried to take it off, Sakura had looked ready to burst into tears and he really didn't want to that. There was nothing as bad as a crying child, especially when the others joined in. A nightmare, truly. He didn't mind it though: According to an expert it made him look like the prettiest fairy, a sentiment Iruka seemed to share judging from the number of looks he had gotten from the brunet. He would gladly wear flower crowns for the rest of his days if it meant getting Iruka's attention.