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Our Little Secret

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School assignments are usually boring and too much work.  At least, in Langa and Reki’s experience.  They could work for hours just to end up with a passing grade at the most.  Somehow this one assignment feels worse than the ordinary term paper.  They’ve been asked to go out and interview the politician who has donated money to their school.


Really, maybe it would be better to call this assignment a punishment instead.  That’s what they get for fooling around in school.  They’ve managed to keep from getting caught but last week they hadn’t been so lucky.  The headmaster caught them using the school’s stairways as a makeshift skate ramp.


“At least the food is good.”  Reki comments as he stuffs his face with another sandwich.  


“I don’t think the food is for us.”  Langa replies.  “It’s for the staff.”


Reki shrugs.  “We’re here to interview Mr. Shindo.  Don’t we sort of count?”


Langa hums to himself thoughtfully.  “I guess it won’t hurt to take some.”


They’re backstage, waiting for Mr. Shindo to finish his public appearance.  The staff are running around, busy like bees in a hive, as they try to set up the stage properly.  Lights, sound and the works.  It’s a heavy production for what should be a quick meeting.


No one pays any attention to the two teenagers standing by the catering table.  They’re all too busy swarming around Mr. Shindo when he finally shows his face.  Langa feels his nerves bundle in his stomach.  The last thing he wants to do is to have to interview this guy.  Something about him just makes Langa’s heart flutter.


He drifts over to the side of the stage to get a better view of Mr. Shindo when he takes his place at the podium on stage.  He looks vaguely familiar.  It makes sense, of course he would.  He’s practically a celebrity.  Langa has seen his campaign posters and ads online.  


Except, this is different.  There’s something about his mannerisms that rings a bell inside Langa’s head.  The moment that Mr. Shindo speaks is when it clicks for him.  




There’s no way, right?  There’s no way Adam of 'S' is actually a politician by day.  The image is too funny to even comprehend.  What sort of serious politician dresses up in a mask and costume just to skate around in the middle of the night?  This has to be his brother.


No, no…  That’s him, Langa is certain of it.  He’s been close enough to Adam to notice the finer details of his appearance.  Those eyes, those are definitely his.  He’d know that shade of crimson anywhere.


“Dude’s sort of creepy, don’t you think?”  Reki asks as he peeks around Langa’s frame.


“Yeah, I guess.”  Langa answers.  He crosses his arms over his chest.  His heart is speeding uncomfortably. 


He really would rather meet Mr. Shindo alone.  He’s been wanting to talk to Adam privately since the last time they skated together.  Anyway, it’s for the best if Reki doesn’t meet him.  Not when there’s still so much animosity between them.


“Hey, how about I do the interview on my own?”  Langa suggests.


“You sure about that?”  Reki asks.  He already sounds relieved by the idea.


"Yeah."  Langa nods.  "It's no problem."


"Sweet."  Reki beams and makes a beeline for the food once more. 


While Reki is distracted, Langa is approached by a crew member who quickly escorts him to Mr. Shindo's private dressing room.  He's left there, on his own, for a few minutes before he hears voices coming from the hallway.  He holds his breath until the door opens and Mr. Shindo walks in. 


"Oh, my…  I wasn't aware that my guest would be someone so special."  Ainosuke smiles as soon as his eyes land on Langa. 


His assistant trails behind him.  "Mr. Shindo, I…"


Ainosuke holds up a finger to silence him.  "Tadashi, do make sure that Langa and I are given the utmost of privacy.  No press, understand?"


Tadashi nods and slides back out the door into the hallway.  As soon as he is gone, Ainosuke locks the door behind him.  He grins at Langa, then drifts to the side of the room to pour himself a drink. 


"A drink, Little Langa?"  He asks as he pours a shot of brandy into a small glass. 


"I'm too young to drink."  Langa answers. 


"Nonsense,"  Ainosuke purrs.  "You must be thirsty."


Langa watches him pour another drink.  A glass of sparkling water with a wedge of lime.  Ainosuke hands it to him before he sits down in the armchair adjacent to the sofa Langa has been sitting on. 


"Go ahead, don't be shy.  Ask me whatever you like for your little assignment."  Ainosuke smiles as he sips his drink. 


"Umm…"  Langa gulps nervously.  His hands are shaking visibly as he flips open his notebook to read out his questions.  "W-why did you pick our school to donate to?"


"Your school has such bright and talented students.  Such gifts should be rewarded and encouraged, don't you agree?  The saying is true, after all, children are the future."  Ainosuke answers politely. 


"As a part of your campaign, you are advocating for stricter laws surrounding juvenile delinquency.  Do you think your donation will keep more students out of trouble?"  Langa continues. 


"Today's youth simply have too much time on their hands.  The schools can combat this by providing more extracurricular activities for them.  My donation will help provide the funds to make that possible."


Langa swallows.  "Are you planning on getting married and starting a family of your own?"


"Is that really a question?"


Langa nods.  "These aren't my questions, they're from my headmaster."


Ainosuke chuckles.  "I've recently become engaged, yes.  My fiance and I have not made our relationship known to the public yet but we are planning to very soon."


Langa feels his heart sink at the news.  "Engaged?"


"May I go off the record, Little Langa?  Such engagements are never formed out of love or romance.  It's simply for mutual gain.  I gain a wife, so I may appear to be a family man and she gains a powerful husband.  I do believe that I've met the One for me; however if I were to pursue him, it would become a disastrous scandal."




Ainosuke chuckles again.  "You."


"Me?"  Langa's throat feels tight.  


Ainosuke nods and downs the remainder of his drink.  "How childish, to have a crush like this."


"I don't know what to say."  Langa admits.  "I think I feel the same way about you."


Ainosuke smirks slightly.  "What a pair we could make."


Ainosuke reaches out to graze his fingers along Langa's jaw.  Langa shudders.  He's never been touched like this before.  It's so bold and exciting.  


"Would you like to sit in my lap, Little Langa?"  Ainosuke invites warmly. 


Langa nods and goes to straddle Ainosuke's hips.  He stares down at Ainosuke for a moment before he carefully leans down to press their lips together.  


He has no experience with this sort of thing.  Hell, he hasn't even watched porn yet.  He didn't have the time to, with moving and his father dying.  He feels like he's missed out on so much that he should have learned by now. 


Ainosuke, however, has had his fair share of experience.  He kisses Langa deeply, passionately and lovingly.  When Langa breaks away to breathe, Ainosuke moves on to trail kisses down Langa's exposed neck. 


Langa doesn't really notice it, but he's grinding himself against Ainosuke's hips.  He's dry humping, excited just from mere kissing. 


Ainosuke slips his thumb into the side of Langa's mouth.  Langa pants, biting down on it as he cums into his jeans.  It's only then that he realizes what he has done.  Shame quickly washes over him.  He's just made a fool of himself, cumming like this from a make out session.


"Finished already?"  Ainosuke teases. 


"I… "  Langa shakes his head to try to clear it.  "I didn't mean to."


"No worries.  You're so young, it's to be expected."


"Does it count?"  Langa asks. 


"Count as what?"


"Losing my virginity."


Ainosuke's smirk grows.  "No, let's say that it doesn't.  I'm sure I can make it much more exciting for you if you want."


"I do want it."  Langa admits.  


"Perhaps some other time, then.  Somewhere romantic where it will be just us and some music."  Ainosuke suggests.  "There's no need to rush.  You should find that friend of yours and head home now."


Langa nods weakly.  "Will I see you at 'S' tonight?"




Langa can't help but feel gross even after a trip to the restroom to clean himself up.  What he really wants is a shower and a change of clothes.  He can't help but worry that Reki will somehow notice that there's something off about him.  He'd be so embarrassed if anyone found out that he humped Adam and came from it.  


Luckily, Reki doesn't seem to notice anything.  Well, perhaps it is slightly unlucky.  Langa realizes too late that he's left behind his notebook in Ainosuke's dressing room.  In all the excitement, the notes on the interview were abandoned.  They're screwed on that grade now.  If only Reki had remembered it then they'd still have it. 


"My mom is going to kill me."  Reki groans as they ride into 'S' later that night.  "Do you remember what he said?"


The only thing Langa remembers is making out.  "Yeah."  He answers.  He can probably recall Ainosuke's answers if he tries hard enough. 


"Little Langa."  Adam's familiar voice purrs.


Langa stops his scooter to a full stop.  "Adam!"  He hides his eagerness poorly. 


Adam smirks again.  "You left your notebook behind so I brought it here to return it to you.  Try to be more careful, Snow.  We don't want any more accidents."


Reki's mouth falls open as he puts two and two together.  He shivers once in disgust.  "You're Mr. Shindo?"


Adam places a finger over his lips.  "Let's keep that our little secret, shall we?"


Langa nods.  "We will."  He promises for the both of them before Reki has a chance to start another beef. 


"Lovely!"  Adam croons as he swishes his cape and skates away. 


Langa flips through his notebook to the interview's page, just to make sure it is still there.  What he finds is Ainosuke's phone number written neatly in the corner at the bottom of the page.  He smiles to himself and rips it off the page so that it too will be kept as their little secret.