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It had taken no time at all for Jordan's pregnancy to come to the point where it was over. One day he had been doing his job and during the night he had woken with the cramps from hell, his powers acting out and his bed aflame.

Only it wasn't burning. The flames did not eat away at anything and the wards didn't react to them.

Jordan moaned in pain and curled around his stomach. The cramps hurt so much. The young deputy was working on instinct.

Instead of calling out to his mates who were sleeping separately from him due to the issues with Jordan's fire, he rolled himself out of bed. He stripped himself nacked and knelt in the middle of the bed.

He hung his head and tried to breath through the pain. He had realized that he was in labour. His fingers clawed the comforter.

Wetness gushed down his legs when the water broke.

Jordan bit his lips and clenched his eyes closed. It didn't hurt per se but he had to breathe through the pain again when the next round of cramping started.

The young Hellhound didn't know when everything had started but he had a feeling it would be over soon. He spread his legs some more and bore down. The widening of his hips felt good and helped the child to come into the world faster.

When it reached the last part of the birthing channel that had formed, the pressure against Jordan's prostate made him moan out loudly and almost with every breath.

He was shaking with the immense pleasure it gave him and even when it mixed with the pain of the baby crowning it didn't stop the orgasm that ripped through Jordan and made him howl with pleasure.

Panting he pulled the baby into his arms, ignoring all the mucus, blood, and gore. He checked his child over and with a smile saw it was a beautiful little girl.

His howl had awoken both his mates. Chris was leaning against the door jamb. Heavily pregnant and his hands wrapped around his own stomach he eyed the youngest in their triad.

»You didn't have to go through this alone,« Chris whispered. He made no move to step closer as he wasn't sure just how the instincts of a Hellhound who had just given birth worked.

Noah wrapped his arm around Chris's shoulders and eyed Jordan and the baby in his arms.

Jordan growled softly and looked at them with glowing eyes. »But I did … not because I didn't trust you, but because it's just the way it is … Hellhounds are born this way … just them and their parent,« he explained.

Both Noah and Chris nodded in acceptance.

»May we come closer?« Noah asked softly.

Jordan considered it and after a moment he nodded. The birth wasn't over and his babygirl was still connected to him since he hadn't taken care of the umbilical cord and the after birth hadn't come out yet.

Noah and Chris helped him to settle him onto his back with the little girl on his chest.

The man all cooed softly and smiled. Their first child had made its way into the world and she looked beautiful with heir dark blonde curls, the tiny cupid bow of her lips, and her baby blue eyes.

This little girl had three men already wrapped around her little finger.