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Can you feel the beat?

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Finally Spike had that chick, or to be more correct that American, bite-able, petite ice queen, with him on the floor again. Telling from her earlier behavior at the bar she never had kicked an Adam or Eve ever before.

He promised himself to be careful with her. Which was currently a hard task seeing her leather-skirt cladded ass wiggling right in front of him.

Not to tell about her red, glittering sheet-top that left all her back, beside some tiny horizontal strings, bare to him.

He had been horny since he had treated himself with the first line of pep, not to mention those that had followed since he had got here nor the Molly’s that he had jacked after.

Right now his eyes were fixed on that sexy girl’s slender, but wholly trained ass and her almost bare, feminine muscled backside. Admiring how those muscles played under her skin with every move she made.

Bugger, I’m going to explode! He gripped himself to rub his hard, steering cock though the rough demine of his jeans promising silently to himself that he was soon getting relief for him and his straining hard member.

So, the first step was to stop leering at her behind and instead getting himself into the game. He caught Buffy from behind lowering his hand to her hips to draw her closer while swaying in the rhythm she had chosen.

Immediately she turned her head around, stopping shortly, before firing at him “Annoying much?!”

Spike decided to just smile at her and whispering in her ear, loud enough to get the better of the bass “Not really. I’ve brought you drinks, tough also merry that you’ve aimed for doing the same. So we’ll let that slip. But… you promised me a dance on this floor. And I’m going to call on that promise of yours right now.”

Buffy half-turned in his leisurely embrace to look at him with bright, dilated, black pupils that were barely being framed by a hazel-green retina “U huh.”

She was indeed bite-able.

He drew her closer in his arms, whispering in ear “And here I am.”

He felt how she let down her guards and let herself being pulled closer into his embrace. Exactly as close to him as possible with clothes.

Spike bit his lip to suppress the moan that was about to escape from his mouth. Though Buffy seemed to have other ideas. In time with the beat she rubbed herself against his front. Even more, she turned back, wiggling her sweet, little ass against his groin.

Hell, how he wanted her! Right now and here! Ripping her skimpy clothes off to ravish her right here and now on the dancefloor.

Instead he let his hands travel over her body. Cupping her rather small but so tempting and firm breast with one hand. Noticing that she bore fucking stiff nipples. He let his thumb run over the little, pebbled knob while his other hand wandered to her lower regions. Playing with the waistband of her skirt before secretly shoving his fingers around and underneath it.
All while Buffy grinded against his body. And even more, grinding against his painfully hard, erected cock. Said one, mind you, had been neglected all night long.
With skilled fingers he shoved her panties, if you could call that little lacy thong that at all, aside, to explore her hopefully wet folds.
And holy hell, she was wet. Same as he was ready. He pulled her closer to himself to grind his hard, jeans-clad erection into her skirt-covered butt crack.
Skimming with his fingers amongst her juicy lips to eventually brushing her sweet nub of a clit with his thumb while pumping his ring finger into her sweet pussy.
It was unnervingly unsatisfying. The angle wasn’t right and he wanted more… More of her. More of her sweet juices. Not only coating his fingers but his dick.
Buffy moaned, her head leaning against his shoulder before she turned in an instant. Forcing him to release his hands from her firm breast and juicy quim.
She looked with dark longing eyes at him before whispering in his ear “I want you!”
Hell, I want you too!” Spike rasped, almost bereft of his voice, before lifting her sweet bum up to carry her though the pulsing throng over to the next wall.
Buffy’s hands were all over him. Creeping below his duster to scratch his T-shirt clad shoulders while he desperately fought with the belt, button and zipper of his jeans.
Buffy bit his lip before sucking it into her mouth. “Ugh Buffy!” It was marvelous. He followed right on track. Letting his tongue plundering her mouth. Causing them both to moan.
God, he had to hurry. Finally he ripped his straining hard cock free, not caring about the little zipper-teeth causing probably some minor hurting wound on his sensitive flesh.

Spike hurriedly shoved Buffy’s skirt up and her string-thong aside. Pumping his fingers again into her juicy quim only to ask “Ready Kitten?”
Buffy looked kind of surprised at him but then nodded and gave him the truest smile he had ever seen.

“Hell yeah!” Spike exclaimed. Holding her folds apart with one hand while maneuvering his throbbing dick to her entrance with the other one. Both kind of clumsily. Thanks to that chicks sportive constitution to having her legs already winded around his hips while supporting herself against the stone wall.
However! He took the time to brush his straining member through her wet folds two or three times before directing it at her sappy entrance to eventually starting to push into her.
Buffy moaned loudly while Spike was clinging his teeth. Holy hell, beside of her wetness and willingness she was tight as fuck. And so hot.
He slowly pushed further into her. Feeling the thigh muscular ring that once had been covered by her hymen. He groaned loud by the sensation. Eager to fully sheath himself into her.
Spike looked at Buffy with burning, longing eyes and she reflected his gaze. Giving a yearning nod. “Geez yes!”

They both groaned again when Spike pushed completely into her. Tearing away from her lips to bit into the tissue of his cheek to prevent himself from coming right here and now. He gasped “So tight, little kitten… so fucking tight.”
“God, that feels so goooood.” Buffy keened. Pleading “Give it to me! Give it hard!!!”
Holy hell, if he wasn’t so experienced he would come undone right now. But though? Spike increased his pace. Spurred on by the little wanton bitch he was pounding his cock into right now and the pumping bass and music that rung distantly in his ears.
“I’ll show you baby. I’m gonna give it to you hard. Fucking your tight, little, wet pussy like no one ever did before. Fuck yeah… squeeze me like that… your tight little cunt…”
Buffy was sweating and made a great picture of how he was shoving her up and down against the wall. Her head thrown back in wanton, long blond hair cascading over her shoulders, her body sweaty and her stiff, pebbled nipples standing out like alarm posts through her tiny shirt.
Spike couldn’t withhold other than greedily bite into one of them with blunt, gentle teeth while Buffy begged “Please, please! Get your hand down!”
Spike dared a short look at her ecstatic face. ‘s was all he needed to comply. Immediately getting one hand between them. Fingering her little, sweet clit while pounding merciless into her.

Suddenly she clenched around his dick, tightening her legs around his waist in a vice-like lock, all in a way he had never experienced before. Bloody hell!
“Oh mi… mi… my… god! YEEESSSS!” she yelled, predominating the droning music.
And he was following her right on track. His balls contracted before his brain even caught up. His cock starting to shoot his load of splendid sperm into that so receiving, little pussy. He was shaking by the sensation. His dick pumping and pumping and his orgasm going on and on. God, if he would die right here and then he wouldn’t complain.

He sacked against Buffy, who had eventually lowered her legs. Causing him to slip out of her so sweet pussy. They both moaned by the loss.

Spike gathered himself enough to help the girl to get a good stand on the floor and brushing her skirt down while she straightened her tiny shirt before taking care of his own, now very spend own member. Shoving it haphazardly back into his pants.

She looked again up into his eyes “That was just wow. So wowey wowey WOW.”

He managed to respond with an eloquent “Dah.”

Forcing his brain to clear out the post orgasm jitters that were still rushing through his body to actually form a complete sentence. “Fame is on you, luv. You did the deed.”


Buffy’s head swirled.

Could it be true that she just had the most satisfying, most mind-blowing orgasm in all womankind? And that with a guy she barely knew and had settled on to disgust in the first place?

Why had Riley never accomplished what that stranger had? And why hadn’t had that stupid Parker guy had not at all nearly came close? Not that the disastrous single night with Parker would count.

And… oh god! She just had had sex with a stranger. Had probably the best sex of her entire life with a bad 80ies reincarnation of a stranger. And it had been fantastic. Breathtaking. Uber-extraordinary.

She barely noticed when Spike put an effort in to straighten her clothes. All she was able to say was “That was just wow. So wowey wowey WOW.”

Spike seemed also taken by their moment. Not really being able to get a sentence out before trying again with “Fame is on you, luv. You did the deed.”

She let herself bath in his words. Feeling still absolutely comfortable in his close embrace when suddenly the music stopped and the room got much brighter than she liked to.

She squinted her eyes against the so much brighter light. Something was definitively going on. And she had no idea what it was. She clinged closer to Spike. Hoping he could explain. Only to see his eyes darting around the area like a deer caught in the headlights.

Without ceremony he shrugged out of her embrace. Kissing the tip of her nose. Exclaiming “Gotta fly, pet. The rozzers gonna blowing up the party!”

The who does what? She looked flabbergasted at the guy she only had been absolutely intimate with seconds ago. Trying to make sense of what he was saying.

“Meet you, ducks!” he winked at her before he disappeared in a swirl of black leather into the crowd.

Buffy stood there. Not comprehending anything at all.

Then the flashlight of a cop shone into her eyes and she got forced down to the floor. Her hands getting cuffed with cable ties.

Oh crap! This is going to be the worst night of my life in the worst country on Earth.

The happy feelings she harbored just moments ago completely vanished. Same as the guy she had shared them with. And she couldn’t do anything against the hot tears that were quelling in her eyes and eventually running down her cheeks.


The End (for now… at least).