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Friday, I am in love

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 Waverly checks herself out in the mirror to make sure she looked sexy but not over the top. She wore a tight-fitting dress with a deep V that highlights one of her best assets. The girls are looking good today. Clients usually prefer sophistication, so the black dress is paired with a tailored white blazer. She glances at the dossier again to make sure she follows all the special requests: hair down, no perfume, and no lipstick. Seems easy enough. The reputable agency she works for attracts the rich and famous. People are vetted, and they have plenty of money to spend. Tonight’s client is Nicole Haught, which can’t possibly be her real name, and supposedly only 28. Nicole must have a husband? Wife? What fantasy will Waverly be acting out tonight, a secret liaison, forbidden love, rekindled high school sweetheart? Whatever it is, Waverly just wants to get in and out and leave a satisfied customer which she will never have to see again. Fridays are the only day she worked for the agency.  


         Nicole works relentlessly at her desk. She has been staring at her computer all day, and it’s starting to pickle her brain. Pinching her brow ridge, trying to relieve some of the tension. She looks at the clock on the sterile wall and realizes she better leave a bit earlier and get ready for her date tonight. Nicole shakes her head, no not a date, arrangement. Shea walks by and knocks on her door. “I am leaving for the weekend, Haught. You need to get out more. You are practically married to the job.” Nicole forces a strained smile at Shae. She would be an ideal partner to Nicole, both from a well-to-do family, similar interests and intellect. If only Nicole has any game, she would have asked her out by now. She slams shut her laptop, waited the needed 10 minutes, so statistically it is unlikely she will end up in the same elevator as Shae. She wipes her nervous sweat away on her thigh as she gets up and leaves. Nicole’s black range rover sits in an almost empty parking lot. Even though she is leaving earlier than her usual time, she still manages to be one of the last to leave. 


             Waverly leaves her keys with the Valet at Dream Downtown, the agreed-upon hotel near Chelsea. She walks into the Bodega Negra and looks for a woman sitting by herself. Waverly prefers to be late so that she can saunter in, swaying her hips, drawing everyone’s attention to her so that the client knows that they are paying for a top-notch experience. Her eyes landed on a woman dictating a drink to her server in the most condescending manner. Gawd, please don’t let it be her or else this will be a long night. She was about to walk up to her when a tattooed man takes the empty barstool next to her. Waverly dodged a bullet, but she is still not off the hook. Looking around, her eyes fall on gorgeous red hair tied in a tight french braid. She is wearing a white oxford, grey slacks and brown shoes. Nicole catches Waverly staring, so much for being the seductress. She gets up from the table and folds her napkin, and places it on her chair. Extending a hand towards Waverly, and introduces herself. “Nicole Haught, I recognize you from your profile.” Nicole picked her because she has kindness in her eyes. She is unlikely going to judge her for what she is about to ask. 


       Waverly sits down, and the server appeared in record time. He might have just been following her the whole way in. Waverly has that effect on men. 


       “Would you like a drink?” 


       “I will have what she is having.” Wavery points at Nicole’s bubbly. 


       “If you want bubbly, maybe we should order a bottle then. It’s more economical.” The server arches an eyebrow at Nicole’s odd comment. Waverly smiles, thinking to herself how cute Nicole is for being so forthcoming. Money certainly can’t be an issue to a woman wearing thousand-dollar Italian loafers. Waverly nods in agreement and squeezes Nicole on her forearm to reassure her of her choice. That gesture relaxes Nicole. She has been wound up tight for so long she didn’t even realize she was holding her breath. The cutest dimple makes an appearance, and Waverly can feel herself blush. She is getting turned on by her client. This seldom happens. 


       “Waverly Gibson, nice to meet you.” She looks at Nicole, trying to fish eye contact out of her, but Nicole is stiff as a board again. Waverly arches an eyebrow at her, and Nicole buries her attention at the menu instead. 


        “Would you like to share some food? I am hungry. My assistant ordered me the wrong salad, and it tasted like cardboard.” Nicole is nervous, she knew how beautiful Wavelry is from her profile, but she didn’t expect her to be this stunning. A knot formed at her throat, unable to settle it down. She needs to eat some food to choke it down. “Do you have any dietary restrictions? Or see anything you like?” Waverly smirks and looks down at the menu. When the waiter returns with the bottle, both women ordered their meals. Nicole nervously plays with the bottom of her champagne flute. She has researched some topics to discuss but hasn’t mustered up the courage to be the first to speak.

Waverly can see how nervous Nicole is. This must be the first time she is paying for something like this. Waverly doesn’t understand why she needs to hire someone. She is clearly attractive, so she must have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even a husband? She always tried not to ask, but Nicole has piqued her interest. She looked at her finger, no ring, no tan line. At least she is not married. 


          “I have an offer for you.” Nicole squeaked out. 


          “I know, Nicole, you have already pre-paid for the night.” 


          “Yes, but there is more.”