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“Forever and ever.”

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He’d thought of it before. Not because he wanted to but the thoughts drilled themselves into his mind. He would never kill Lily, she was the only thing he cared about. To live without her would just be… his personal hell.

But the thought always found it’s way back into his mind. It became more and more tempting, the idea of ending her suffering. But where would it lead him? What would he do without her? It was a dumb thought. A dumb thought he couldn’t quite shake away.

He could shoot her when she wasn’t looking, or he could choke her in her sleep. There were just too many options it seemed like fate wanted him to kill her.

He watched over the balcony hid hands resting on the cold metal to keep him up right. The sound of clacking heels became more and more apparent, turning around he gave her his signature smile reserved only for her.

Finally the day of their mission had came. They were given a time and idea of what to do and where to go. Instead of listening to the instructions, Karuto decided to go on ahead, without Lily.

Only the sound of the windy day and clicking of his boots could be heard as he walked down the moss stained path. He was sure to meet his end.

Of course he’d go along with Lily he didn’t know what he’d do if she came. She’d watch as blood gush down his whole body, leaving nothing but a disgusting corpse. It’d be better if she didn’t have to witness such a disgusting thing.

Would she grieve over him? Would she cry? Of course he knew the answer these silly questions, he knew her the most after all.

“Time to eat”

It was done. His end had come, being Impaled really was a way to go, well it was quite common when it came to these monsters. Feeling the object be removed from his body all he could do was slump against the wall. Brick it didn’t help his back at all, it was messy and old, forgotten. He made a clicking sound with his tongue.

It’s all out of control. It won’t stop, it hurts. Why did I do this?

They were supposed to travel the world together. So why did he back out? Was he scared of what he’d do to her or was it for himself. He didn’t know anymore.

She knew, she had to. How could she not? Why else would she be there saving him.

Running over to where he laid she put her hand onto his wound. She began yelling incoherent words that Karuto couldn’t quite understand. He couldn’t imagine how disgusting and pitiful he looked to Lily, but deep down he knew Lily would never look down on him, never thought of him as disgusting or a nuisance.

She was perfect.

It was almost like she came out of a dream, the type of dream that you have when you’re little and can’t quite remember what it was about, or what was happening, all you could remember was her.

He wanted to play that dream over and over again.

She helped him, talked to him, made sure he was ok. She made a mistake somewhere along the line.

“I want to stay with you forever Karuto!” Ah… how silly, Kaworu thought as she held him close. It felt like he’d run away any given moment to Lily, or maybe he’d turn into dust. He was vulnerable and fragile, Lily knew that of course she did, even then she treated him no different and continued to hold him close.

Putting himself up he walked away from her flexing and resting his muscles, as Lily picked up her weapon wiping the blood from the sides, she payed no mind to what Karuto was doing before she spoke again.

“Lily really like-“

“Then let’s stay together.” She turned her attention to what Karuto was doing. Oh. He was pointing his pistol at her.

“Shall we, Lily?”

Birds screeched and flew as the sound of bullets could be heard inside the large building.

“If Lily is fine with belonging to only me, then that’s all there is to it.”

It was safer. For her to be reborn. She didn’t allow it, nor did she want it. Her life was taken before her nothing she could do. His words rang hollow into her ears as she felt her last breaths crawling into her.

Tears found their way into her eyes, ugly nasty tears. She knew he’d bring her back, he had to, he loved her she knew that. She knew Karuto the most.

“Lily, I love you.”

It was genuine. It was Karuto, he was the one holding her tight, the one who stole her breath away, the one that caused the final tear. It was him.

“That’s unmistakably a monster.” She knew it. How ugly she was. Even after Karuto went through all that trouble of reviving her, she was utterly disgusting.

Even then he reminded her. How beautiful she was, her porcelain skin, her long silky hair, her childish nature, all of it.

He loved her. And that was all she needed.

Holding her tight as tears rolled down her face he reminded her that they were bound together.

“We’ll be able to be together, forever and ever.”

That’s all she needed to hear.