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Sir, it’s currently 06.55, the temperature is a cool 69 degrees and Agent Coulson requests your presence in the recreational room on the Avenger's floor.

“Unnnng, smh-ffffh guh” is the sound that emits from the lump buried under a mound of blankets.

A soft whooshing noise fills the room, the mechanical blinds give a soft whir as they open to let in the pre-dawn light.

Tony’s sleep-rumpled head appears from the pile of blankets.

“Did you just sigh at me J?” he questions whilst blearily blinking at the barely visible New York skyline.

“And what did daddy say about seeing the light of day before noon?!”

As the sun has yet to rise I do believe that that statement is not yet accurate…Sir.

“Are you SASSING me?! At ass-o’clock in the morning?!”

I wouldn’t dream of it Sir. All of the Avengers have gathered in the rec room, Agent Coulson has asked me to inform you that if you do not make an appearance within the next five minutes he will be sending Agent Romanov to retrieve you, and Agent Romanov has permission to use any means necessary.

The latter half of Jarvis’ sentence is proved redundant as Tony springs out of bed as soon as the Widow’s name is mentioned.

After pulling on a sweatshirt that had been lying on the floor he slowly ambles his way down the corridor and into the lift.

“Hit it J.”

Twenty seconds later the doors open on Avenger’s floor to reveal the rest of the team standing at various points around the room, glaring at the man standing at the floor-length windows, his profile silhouetted against the rapidly brightening sky beyond.

“Woah, what’s going on guys? It’s like walking into a brick wall of tension here. And where’s the coffee? Steve? Steve, where’s the coffee? I need some coffee. Now. I need coffee now.”

During Tony’s little tirade the entire team has turned to stare at him, all except Clint whose glare hasn’t moved from the figure.

Four faces stare at Tony with various looks of incredulousness and disbelief.

Tony, fortunately, doesn’t seem to notice. He’s half way to the kitchen, ‘cause what kind of human being can function at this God-forsaken hour without caffeine, when someone finally speaks.

“Tony!” screeches Steve. That makes Tony pause. Did Captain America really just screech at him?! Honestly, his voice totally went up an entire octave there.

“Um…what?” is his genius reply, ‘cause really, he’s one of the smartest people on this planet, heck on any planet, but c’mon! Coffee!

Steve’s gaze slants back over to the figure and then back to Tony before slanting back to the figure and finally sliding on over back to Tony.

Tony’s eyebrows rise.

His eyes follow the path of Steve’s.

“Иисус,” mutters Natasha, “are you really that dense Stark?”

At this point Tony is really beginning to question the sanity of his fellow teammates, aren’t these people responsible for the fate and safety of mankind?

Tony looks at each of them in turn, he meets everyone’s gaze except for Clint’s, who’s still staring at the man standing at the window.

After sweeping the room he finally allows his eyes to settle on the man.

Seven seconds later his eyes widen dramatically, if the room hadn’t been rife with tension it would have been comical.

“AGENT! What are- who are- when did- WHAT?! Aren’t you dead? As in D-E-A-D dead?!”

“No Stark, I’m very much alive. I need your help. All of your help.” Agent Phillip J. Coulson replied, standing very much alive in the middle of Avenger’s Tower.

“Fuck you” is the immediate response from Clint.

Coulson pinches his nose, takes a deep breath.

“I realize that I have a lot of explaining to do but I need you all to trust me right now when I say that my reappearing here is the absolute least of our worries.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure Agent” is Natasha’s icy reply.

A shiver runs down Tony’s spine, that woman could make the biggest, toughest, most testosterone-filled man in the entire world crumple and whimper like a little girl with just one sentence.

“What could you possibly need our help with Agent Coulson? What could be so damned important that you can easily disregard your apparent return from the dead?” questions Bruce, his breathing even and slow, an obvious attempt to remain calm lest the Big Guy make an unscheduled appearance.

Coulson’s gaze lands directly on Steve, unwavering, he speaks three words.

“The Winter Soldier.”