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Right Jim Wrong Universe...Or Is It...Wrong Jim Right Universe

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James T. Kirk felt himself flicker on the transporter and for a moment a wave of nausea hit him. And perhaps a bit of fear. More like apprehension. He clenched his fists. He’d always hated transporting and by fuck if this was the way he was to die he would be furious beyond reason.

Then he reappeared on the pad and to his right stood Spock.

“Fuck me, that was a rough one.” James stepped down.

“Sorry, sir,” the transporter chief said, paling under the collar of his red shirt. “The Ion storm.”

“An excuse, Chief?” Spock bit out as he stepped past James and went behind the controls. “You did not account for the storm properly and nearly got the Captain killed.”

“No, Commander. I did, I—”

Spock advanced on him.

“Spock,” James said, bored already. “Let it go. This time.” He went to the comm on the wall. “Mr. Sulu?”

“How did it go with the Halkans, Captain?” Sulu asked when he appeared on the screen, the scar by his right eye looking very visible at present.

“How do you think it went?”

Sulu smirked. “I did warn you.”

“You know what to do. Kirk out.” James turned to Spock. “I’m going to see Bones and then my quarters.”

Spock inclined his head. “I will be checking on an experiment in lab 4.”

He let Spock exit first, then he turned to the chief.

“Tha-thank you, Captain. It won’t happen again,” the chief stammered.

“It had better not. Don’t make me regret my moment of kindness.”

James exited and headed right for the turbolift. “Sickbay.” He pulled the lever.

He found Bones, Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer of the ISS Enterprise, in his office. There was a nurse on his lap and Bones had his hands up her skirt.

“You have lousy timing, James,” Bones grumbled. He slapped her ass and she moved off him. “See you later, sugar.”

James leered after as she slipped away. “Who’s that? I don’t remember her.”

“Hands off, Lothario.” Bones stood and eyed James with his right human eye. He’d lost his left eye in a fight for his life on Romulus. Peering from his left eye socket was a robotic red eye that gave him special infrared sight. “You want a drink or what?”

“Make it a double.”

“Halkans uncooperative?” Bones poured the drink and handed it to James who swirled the amber liquid before downing it.

He grinned. “Not anymore.”

Bones shook his head. “A pity.”

“You think?”

“A loss of life is always unfortunate. I’m a doctor, remember. Still the important thing was the crystals of course. Everything for the Empire.”

“Definitely.” James grabbed the bottle and poured himself another. “Anyway, this wasn’t just a social call.”

“Figured. You’re here about Chekov.”

“His injuries healed?”

“Yep. And it wasn’t easy either. He had five fractures. What the hell, James?”

James shrugged. “He attacked me.”

“When I release him, is he going in the booth?”

He smirked. “What do you think, Bones? Doesn’t he have a lesson to learn?”

“I think the five fractures, the split lip, and the broken nose should be a pretty good lesson.”

“He needs more,” James assured him. “When it’s time to release him, call Lieutenant Sulu. He knows my orders.”

“All right. Where you off to now?”

“My quarters.”

“Be careful.”

“On the way, I always am. Once I’m there, no one dares touch me.”

“I don’t want to see any more scars marring that pretty face.”

“It gives me character, Bones.” He patted Bones’ arm. “See you later.”       

It was a short walk from sickbay to the turbolift, but James kept his hand on the knife he kept at his hip for the ready. He’d learn quite early that he could be attacked at any time.

The turbolift doors closed behind him without incident. “Deck 9.”

He’d been on his way to his quarters when young Chekov had attacked him, unprovoked. The ensign had informed him he wanted to move up in rank and he was certain his captain was an easier mark than first officer, Spock.

Unfortunately for Chekov, his mark had not been easy at all. He did have a new wound, one that would scar, across his left cheek. It had hurt like a son of a bitch. Bones had offered to heal it so it wouldn’t scar but James had refused. The scar would make him look tougher, more threatening.

The turbolift doors opened and James stepped out onto the deck. It had given him no pleasure to fight with the Halkans. He’d wanted to try diplomacy—a tactic Sulu, who was something of an expert on other species, had assured him would not be successful—not with the Halkans. When the diplomacy failed, he’d threatened. That hadn’t swayed them either.    

He passed several crew members who saluted him and he saluted back until he reached his quarters.

James pressed a button. “Computer, identify anyone currently in my quarters.”

“There are no occupants.”

Nodding with satisfaction, James coded in his entry and the door slid open, and then closed behind him after he passed through.

He sat down on the edge of his bed and removed his boots, massing his sore feet as he did so. Stupid boots had never fit right.

The door beeped indicating priority access and James stood just as it opened and Spock stepped inside.


Spock’s dark eyes, smoldering and intense, narrowed. His nostrils flared. The beard he wore definitely added a sense of savagery other Vulcans did not have. But the savage in Spock did not come from the beard but within the Vulcan himself. As James had learned.

“Captain,” Spock said, low and deep. James knew he was about ready to pounce and James was ready for it.

Spock launched himself at James, who landed hard against the bulkhead. The wind already knocked from him, James panted as Spock kissed him roughly, possessively. James grinned and kneed Spock in the groin, escaping as Spock doubled over with a cry of pain.

“You think it will be that easy?” James asked.

“I am certain of it,” Spock growled, on the attack once more.

James found himself knocked to the floor, his head painfully smacking the surface beneath him. “Bastard,” he ground at, savagely biting Spock’s bottom lip when Spock attempted to kiss him once more. He tasted blood, Vulcan blood.

Spock flipped him over onto his stomach, twisting his arms behind his back painfully.

“Fuck,” James protested.

“Do you yield?” Spock asked, directly in his ear, the whiskers of his beard grazing against his jawline as Spock leaned forward.

“Never,” James ground out.

“Foolish human. You will feel my cock inside you.”

Which of course was exactly what James wanted and they both knew it. His cock was painfully hard crushed between the confines of his trousers and the floor Spock pushed him brutally into.

“Shall I ruin another pair of your pants for you?” Spock asked, one hand moving down to the waist band of James’ trousers, just below his lower back.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Spock tore the trousers down the middle of James’ ass.

“Ah, fuck,” James groaned. If Spock didn’t stop, he was going to come way too soon.

Spock flipped him back so that he lay on his back and then his hand covered James’ crotch, squeezing his painful erection.

“You are too aroused.”

“No fucking kidding?” James laughed. “That’s your fault. You aren’t supposed to be so sexy!”

Spock’s lips curved into a feral smile. “You are the one who brings it out in me, James.”

“Forget the combat, just get to the fucking.”

“You were the one who prefers to practice,” Spock pointed out, even as he leaned down and captured James’ lips in a searing, deep kiss that sent thrills of anticipation through James’ body.

“I know. We’ll practice the next time. Or maybe the next. Whatever. Just rip my clothes off and fuck me already, you crazy Vulcan.”

Spock fisted the crisscrossed vest James wore and ripped it in two.

James panted. “That’s far too easy for you, you smug bastard.”

“Be quiet, foolish human.” Spock tore the rest of James’ clothes off until he was naked on the floor. He should demand Spock move him to the bed, but the truth was, James liked to be fucked on the floor. On the desk. Against the wall. On the bed, of course. In the shower. Wherever. Just get to it.

Spock undressed himself, far too calmly and efficiently in James’ opinion, but then he was nude and lying on top of James and kissing him until he couldn’t breathe.

Spock grabbed the wrists of both of James’ hands and held them above his head. “This is what you want, Captain?”

“Getting closer.”

With his other hand, Spock grasped James’ erection in his fist.

“Ah, fuck, yeah. That’s it.”

Spock leaned down to make James shut up by sealing their lips together. He continued to hold James down while stroking James’s cock to painful intensity.

The kiss was broken by Spock pulling away to ask, “Who is it you want?”




“Say my name.”

“Spock. I want you, Spock.”

Spock growled. “And only me.”

James nodded.

“Say it. I command it.”

James whimpered as Spock ground against him. “You. Only you, Spock. Always.”

“Yes, always. And if I want you to beg, you will beg. If I want you on your hands and knees, you will do it? Won’t you, my James?”

He swallowed heavily, licked his lips. “Yes.”

“Excellent. Spread your legs apart,” Spock ordered.

James did, his gaze riveted to Spock’s leaking, massive cock. Vulcan cocks self-lubricated, which was a good thing or James’ ass would be a lot sorer. Spock was not exactly the patient kind. But hell, neither was he.

Spock poised himself between James’ legs and pushed in deep in one long thrust. James’ breath hitched at the sudden invasion.


He shook his head. “It’s nothing. Just a twinge. Fuck me.”

Spock began to move within him, setting a punishing pace, his fist wrapped tight around James’ erection, pulling it hard and rough, just the way James liked it.

Not every time was this way. Sometimes they were gentle with each other, less sloppy and inelegant, but more times than not, it was fast, deep, and consuming.

“Harder,” James ordered. “Fuck me harder, Spock.”

“As you wish.”

Spock slammed into him again and again, their bodies scooting on the floor with the impact. James felt the flicker of Spock entering his mind and he lost it, screaming his release as his cock emptied over Spock’s hand and across both of their stomachs. It did not take long for his Vulcan to follow, growling low, as he emptied into James.

A few moments later, before he’d barely caught his breath, a whistle whined.

“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”

James rolled away from Spock and hit the comm on his desk. “Kirk here.”

“The Empire for you, Captain. Channel three.”

“Okay, thanks.” He looked to Spock, who was already rising and putting on his clothes.

“I will be on the bridge…Captain.” Spock held out two fingers which James met.


Thirty minutes later, James stepped onto the bridge.

Everyone stood at attention and saluted. James saluted back and went to the chair Spock vacated. He looked to Spock and Sulu, who had turned from helm toward James.

“The Empire has given the three of us commendations for the Halkans matter,” James told them.

Sulu grinned. “That is great news.”

“Very good work, Hikaru.”

Sulu turned back around but he was still smiling.

James went to sit down but his gaze went to the blonde woman with the Mohawk at the communications station. He looked at Spock. “Who is that?”

“Carol Marcus, Captain.”

James blinked. “Hmm. What happened to Uhura?”

Sulu turned back around and made a slashing motion across his throat.

“Seriously?” James shook his head. “That one?” He indicated with his shoulder.

Sulu nodded.

“Well, guess you never know.”

“Indeed,” Spock agreed, as he turned to go to his science station.

“Set a course for Ceti Alpha Twelve,” James ordered. “Warp six.”

“Aye, Captain.”


“How was Dr. McCoy?” Spock asked James when he returned to his quarters hours later after having dinner with Bones.

“He got laid earlier so he was in a damn good mood,” James told him, dropping down on the bed next to Spock and leaning over to give him a kiss. He rubbed a bit against Spock’s scratchy beard and then he looked at the PADD in Spock’s hands. “Reports?”

“Of course.” Spock moved over on the bed to allow James more room.

James lay next to him, still fully dressed in his uniform, and closed his eyes. He kept them closed when he felt Spock’s hand massaging his head.  

“Feels good.”

“You are still troubled, t’hy’la.”

“Not really.”

“I feel your conflict. You cannot hide from me. You will not.”

James sighed. “You’re really scary sometimes.”

“You do not fear me,” Spock scoffed.

James opened his eyes and smiled. “Not anymore. But I did before.”

Spock gazed at him intently. “When you first arrived here.”

“Yes. It was nothing like where I came from. It was so…”

“Barbaric,” Spock supplied for him. “I recall your words.”

“Yeah. It took a lot to get used to this world.”

Spock lay down and faced him, his hands moving to James’ face. “Yet I am glad you are here and that you stayed.”

“I had no choice,” James whispered. “I couldn’t go back. It was impossible.”

Spock nodded. “Only I know the truth. Even now. You have told no one else.”

“No. Six years already. I thought I’d never survive even six days.”

“Your fighting abilities have vastly improve, t’hy’la.”

“Thanks to you. You made sure I made it.”

“You are my bondmate.”

James laughed. “You didn’t know that at first. You didn’t bond with him.”

“He was not my t’hy’la. You were. Are. I felt the pull the instant you beamed aboard our ship.” Spock rubbed his thumb over James’ lips. “And you, my James? Do you think about going back?”

“Not now. I did at first. Before you and I got together formally. But I didn’t have you there. The Spock there was with Uhura.” He shook his head. “I still can’t believe someone killed her here. She was pretty badass where I came from.”

“Everyone is badass, as you say, here,” Spock reminded him.


“Then you do not regret staying with me?”


“You still hate what you have to do some times in the name of the Empire.”

James nodded. “I probably always will. But I’m dealing. Thanks to you. To Bones. That hasn’t changed. Bones here loves me too.”

“Only platonically,” Spock warned.

“Of course, my heart.”

Spock growled and suddenly moved to be on top of James. “You belong to me James Tiberius Kirk.”

“I do,” James agreed. “Only you.”

“Meld with me.”

James closed his eyes and allowed Spock into his mind.