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Day 09 - Release

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Title: Release
Continuity: G1
Warnings: PWP, smut (sticky)
Pairing: Motormaster/Breakdown
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing.
Prompt: Release (prompted by antepathy)
Beta: ultharkitty

Note: Written for Day 09 of the 30 Days of Porn Meme.
This was actually my first attempt at sticky, even before the last prompt… Yay, practicing. *lol*



“Ah!” Breakdown cried out at every thrust of the hard but slow pace. Straddling Motormaster’s lap, he felt the other’s spike thick inside him. Vibrations from both their engines travelled along their intimate connection and drove him almost insane as they intensified the pleasure on sensor nodes inside his valve.

It was maddening, almost unbearable, and Breakdown wanted more, wanted it faster.

But the grip of two strong hands on his hips tightened when he tried to quicken the pace, showing him who was in charge.

Breakdown whimpered; clutching at Motormaster’s shoulders, his finger dug in transformation seams. He earned himself a muffled grunt and through the gestalt bond, there was a surge of approval; which was, however, almost imperceptible under the overlying sensations.

Valve clenching around the throbbing spike, overload came closer oh so slowly. And with every thrust, Breakdown thought his body would give in. He arched, throwing his head back. The ventilation systems of both mechs raged, working frantically, increasing like the noises Breakdown made.

And then, finally, Motormaster guided his hips faster. The grey fingers squeezing the metal hard - harder - and everything else lost its importance to the hot pleasure.

Breakdown shuddered when the waves of bliss shot through him. Searing pleasure jolted up his spine and into every inch of his body until he couldn’t discern his rocking hips from the trembling of his chassis.

He couldn’t hold it off when the charge peaked. Making him tense, and clutch tighter, the burning sensations of overload released him from the sweet, delightful torture.