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I'm already high enough (you got me, you got me good)

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It’s easy- leaving behind day to day troubles, worries, aches. Give in to the cloud of smoke, let it fill his mind, push everything else to the side. Right now, only the joint in his hand and Sukuna exist, as far as Megumi’s concerned.

They’re inside Sukuna’s domain, on top of the pile of skulls, Sukuna in his throne and Megumi on his own throne - across his boyfriend’s thighs. Even though it’s a huge domain, the air around them is slightly foggy and smells good, like quality herb: woody, earthy, with a hint of lemon. Megumi always liked the scent, the taste of it. Yuuji hates it, but Sukuna never seemed to mind. And right now, much to Megumi’s satisfaction, the former is asleep and the latter is in charge.

“Is this really so fun, treasure?” Sukuna thumbs along Megumi’s outer thigh, face pressed into the crook of his neck. The words tickle his sensitive skin, making him break in goosebumps.

“What is?” Megumi tilts his head to the side for easier access in case Sukuna might want to kiss or nip his neck, “Sitting in your lap?” He takes a drag from his joint and speaks the next words around smoke that curls in the air, “Or getting high?”

“I know you like sitting right here,” Sukuna squeezes his thigh for emphasis, “I meant the smoking. Yuuji doesn’t do it, so I don’t know how it feels. It makes you calm and stupid. Not that I’m complaining, when you’re this cute, all smiles and hardly any bite. I just don’t get it. What’s the appeal?”

Megumi hums, considering. It’s a little hard to think right now, after just breaking into his second joint. It’s good stuff, too. No idea where Gojo gets it, but the man sure knows his shit. Probably got a bunch of shady contacts, that man. Or maybe he just beats the shit out of some poor dealers. Megumi can see that happening, and the mental image is amusing enough to make him laugh out loud.

“Care to share the joke?” Sukuna bites his earlobe, nothing harsh, just a playful grab of attention.

Right. The question. “It just feels good.” He shrugs. “Kinda tingly and a little hungry, but everything tastes and feels so so good. A sensory thing. Plus, hard to be angry or sad or be anything really but relaxed. Chill.”

“Chill.” Sukuna’s brows crease a fraction. “Another one of your so called slang words, if I remember correctly? Or are you cold? Because I can-”

Megumi’s snort cuts him off. “No, ‘Suki. I’m okay. A little warm, even, but it’s fine.” It’s sweet how he worries needlessly. As if Megumi wouldn’t know to demand exactly what he wants or needs, knowing it’d be met the moment he voiced it. How he does his best to be in tune with Megumi’s human limitations.

“Very well, treasure.” He leans back and his face smooths out. “Doesn’t sound like it’s worth the mental incapacitation, but all is well when we’re in here. Safe.”

Safe. Not like they’re in danger out there, with the power between them, and Yuuji to lean back on. But Sukuna has a thing about being in his domain, so they spend most of their very limited time together there. It’s not a problem, aside for when they have sex. Pretty fucking uncomfortable to do it on a pile of bones, even when Megumi’s riding him and Sukuna gets the worst of it.

It’s better when he’s high, sensitive to tongues and fingers and Sukuna’s cock but less so to pain. Oh, wait, that's a good counterpoint. “It’s worth it.” Megumi insists. “Sex feels amazing.”

Sukuna arches an eyebrow in interest.

Megumi smirks. He knew that’d get his attention. Curse bodies work differently. Being made in human form, one could think they’d be wired the same, but as Megumi learned, that isn’t the case. They can’t get high. Don’t derive anything from sex even if they have the parts for it. And so one of the things Sukuna has been enjoying most about having a human body is sex.

And maybe... “You should try it.”


“Yeah. Why not? Yuuji said he’s fine with whatever as long as he doesn’t have to know about it.” That’s their little body sharing arrangement, Yuuji sleeps and Megumi has Sukuna for a few precious hours.

“Like the brat’s disapproval is what’s preventing me from smoking.” Sukuna huffs and squeezes his thigh, in warning this time. “Do not insult me.”

“What’s stopping you, then?”

“Nothing. I’m invincible. Maybe I just don’t want to.”

“Are you afraid of something, ‘Suki?” Megumi goads. It’s fun - to press all those surprisingly delicate buttons. Sukuna knows he’s being played, but either he goes along willingly, or he can’t help himself.

“Fear? I don’t know her.”

If Megumi didn’t know any better he'd think Sukuna was making a joke, but no. He’s completely serious, which makes it all the more hilarious. He bursts into laughter, once again making his boyfriend squint in that adorable way he does when he isn’t sure if he’s the source or the butt of the joke. This time it’s a little bit of both.

The joint has almost gone out so Megumi brings it to his lips and gives a few quick puffs, until the ember glows red again. Then he hands it over, challenging.

Sukuna takes it. Examines it, flipping it over in his fingers, like it’s some cursed object and not a harmless roll of paper with herb inside. It’s a good look on him, holding a joint. Kinda hot, even.

At last he brings it to his lips, which also looks pretty fucking hot. He sucks in smoke, and starts coughing so violently that Megumi has to hop off his lap lest he falls. Megumi wobbles on two skulls, head spinning at the sudden movement, but manages to steady himself.

“Lame.” Megumi teases. No bite, but Sukuna glares through the last of his hacks anyway.

“How could I have possibly known how to do it right? You did this on purpose. You knew I’d fail.”

Megumi rolls his eyes. “Relax, you big baby. Everyone coughs at the start. Gotta get used to it. Here, I’ll help.” He plucks the joint from Sukuna’s fingers and climbs back to his lap, straddling him. Sukuna’s hands immediately come to rest on his sides, like some magnetic force makes sure they’re attached at any available opportunity.

“Just follow my lead.”

“What’re you about to-”

“Just- trust me, will you? You’ll get it.” Megumi promises.

Mouth a thin line, “Fine.”

“Good b-”

Sukuna sticks his sharpened nails into Megumi’s thighs, and even through his sweatpants it hurts enough to cut him off. Narrowed eyes full of warning, Sukuna says, “Don’t push it, kid.”

Megumi laughs it off. Everything is just so goddamn funny right now. Did he really just almost call Sukuna a good boy? This sativa really is top notch, he’ll have to begrudgingly thank Gojo for it later.

But enough thinking about Gojo. He’s a man with a mission. Wrapping one arm around strong shoulders, he draws smoke in, holding it in his mouth, condensed and thick. After passing the joint to his other hand for safekeeping, he brings his now free hand up to gently cup Sukuna’s strong jaw. His thumb sneaks up to his lower lip and nd he pushes it in, wordlessly demanding Sukuna opens up.

Sukuna’s lips part just a fraction. Megumi forces his thumb between teeth, pulling down until his jaw slacks. Sukuna glares, but lets him, so Megumi tries for a bit more. Seeing how far he can take it is a new favorite sport. He thumbs over sharp canines, inching further in, until he meets a hot, wet tongue.

Sukuna’s eyes are so dangerous by this point that Megumi almost draws his thumb back. But he doesn’t. Playing with fire is fun, and besides, he’s almost at his breath’s limit anyway. He leans in, his own lips parting, close enough to feel the heat of Sukuna’s. And lets out the breath he’s been holding, pushing the smoke between them into Sukuna’s mouth, who takes it beautifully with a steady inhale.

Sukuna holds it in as Megumi slowly draws back to watch, probably mimicking what he’s seen him do a million times, then puffs it out, no coughing this time.

“Better.” Megumi nods. “Feel anything?”

“Beside the ghost of your thumb on my tongue? No.”

Megumi chuckles. Ten points to Megumi for getting away with it. “Takes a little while sometimes, or you might just not recognize it.”

“Hmm. Again.”

“You liked that, huh?” Megumi taunts. “My finger in your mouth for once?”

Sukuna slowly shakes his head, giving a chilly, bemused laugh. “Just do your smoke thing.”

Maybe he should have expected some payback, but he doesn’t. Unsuspecting, Megumi inhales smoke, holding it in his mouth. The moment he brings his hand down, Sukuna surges up, one hand leaving his thigh in favor of resting at the base of his throat.

Megumi knows Sukuna won’t do a thing, that it’s all for show, but this hand is still immeasurably powerful, and pressing ever so lightly on his windpipe. God, Sukuna can be sexy when he wants to. He’ll let Megumi push him, only to pull close, so close there’s no escape.

Sukuna's lips brush against Megumi’s jaw when he says, “Stretching my patience paper thin today.” sharp teeth nip his neck, right above the thumb resting on his pulse point.

Megumi gasps, a little bit of smoke escaping before he closes his mouth. He squirms, giving Sukuna a meaningful look. He’s already short on breath from keeping the smoke so long last time, and it’s not getting any easier now.

Mercifully, Sukuna squeezes his throat one last playful time then smoothes the hand down Megumi’s chest, settling on his waist, tugging him closer so their torsos are pressed together. Megumi instinctively rests his hands on those shoulders for balance, mindful of the lit joint in his hand.

Face tilted slightly upward, lips almost touching, Sukuna mumbles, “Open up, princess.”

Miffed but unable to say anything about it, Megumi allows Sukuna’s lips to part his own, fitting against each other so even less smoke escapes this time.

After Sukuna blows the smoke out his nose (hot), he looks up to the infinite not really sky, not really roof of the domain, thoughtful. “My tongue feels tingly. Is this normal?”

Megumi breaks into a wide grin. “Oh, it’s hitting you. Completely normal.”

Sukuna hums, the sound reverberating from his chest to Megumi’s, almost like a purr.

“Another?” Megumi offers, and Sukuna nods enthusiastically. Inhale, hold, exhale into Sukuna’s mouth, lean back.

Sukuna’s eyes already have a pink hue to them. “How’re we doing?”

“We’re okay, I like to think.” Sukuna says slowly. “Steady, right? We’re past the hard times, when I used to kill people and you’d get all mad about it-”

Megumi rolls his eyes and cuts him off. “I meant right now, Sukuna. Wasn’t asking for a relationship status. Do I wanna know how your mind works?”

“Ah,” He has the decency to look slightly, vaguely embarrassed about it, an ability he normally does not possess. It’s an... interesting look on him. “Good. Nice. Still don’t get the appeal. I feel normal.”

“Mhmm.” Megumi considers. Yuuji’s body might not be used to it, but maybe the brain’s chemistry is changed by Sukuna’s presence and he’ll need more than the average rookie. One way to find out. “Here. I think you’re ready to let go of the training wheels, yeah?” Megumi leans back, holding the joint between them, but Sukuna makes no move to take it.

“My hands are busy.” He rubs circles with both thumbs into Megumi’s clothed skin, one over his upper thigh, the other just below his ribcage.

Absolutely ridiculous attention whore. “What? You want me to keep feeding you smoke like a mother duck to her ducklings?”

Megumi expects him to protest, his face to sour, maybe some nail action in retaliation. But what he gets instead is a nod and a pout. An actual pout. Soft and cute, bottom lip sticking out, eyes a silent plea.

Fuck. This weed is not pulling any punches. The fucking king of curses. Pouting at the prospect of Megumi not shotgunning with him anymore. If only someone would believe him.

Upon a closer look, there’s a variety of minute changes. Besides the eyes, there’s also the slight tension he always keeps in his shoulders, gone now. The casual, carefully constructed expressions he always holds, whether it’s cruel or adoring, gone in the favor of something more innocent and honest. Scrap being a tough rookie, Sukuna’s totally feeling it. The idiot just thinks he’s fine.

Megumi inhales smoke again, cups his boyfriend’s now very adorable, chilled out face, and brings their lips together. They stay in a closed mouthed kiss for a second before Megumi copies Sukuna’s earlier move, parting his lips and letting him chase them. Smoke drifts between them, slow and lazy.

Rinse and repeat four or five more times, Megumi isn’t counting, and Sukuna is becoming a mush under him, body lax like putty.

“Feeling good?” Megumi prompts, face inches apart from his boyfriend’s, eyes heavy lidded.

Sukuna hums an affirmative. “Bet I can make it even better,” he mumbles, pressing their lips together sweetly.

It’s an easy, unhurried dance. Tongues sliding hot, hands traveling idly along Megumi’s thigh, waist, back, leaving a warm, buzzing residue wherever they go. Megumi’s free hand roams Sukuna’s chest, slipping under the edges of his kimono, nimble fingers tracing the black shapes he knows by heart, by touch, by muscle memory alone, even with his eyes closed.

At some point, Megumi isn’t sure when, they start grinding. A slow, rolling rhythm, in tandem with the push and pull of their kissing. A string of saliva connects their mouths when they break apart and Megumi wipes it off with his arm. Sukuna grins, pleased.

“Mmm,” Megumi backs away, not letting Sukuna chase him this time. Keeps him in place by a hand on his shoulder, not forceful or even firm. It’s a light touch that Sukuna succumbs to, plays along with.

Making eye contact, Megumi rolls his hips, slow and filthy, thighs tightening around Sukuna’s middle and the pressure is divine. He knows it is for Sukuna, too, by the way hunger flushes behind all four of his eyes.

“I wanna try- hh-” Megumi starts but Sukuna won’t even let him finish the sentence, hand sliding down to grab his ass and pull him against his own body, bucking his hips up and sending a shock of pleasure up his spine. Damn it. Who taught him to do that? Oh, right. It was Megumi himself.

“Stop that.” Megumi reaches back to slap the hand away from his ass. “I wanna cross something off my bucket list.”

“Oh?” That piques Sukuna’s interest. If pushing Sukuna’s buttons is Megumi’s favorite pastime, then making Megumi’s dreams come true is Sukuna’s, by his own admission.

The joint has long since gone out, and Megumi, regrettably, needs both hands to light it up again. He retracts from Sukuna, leaning back and bringing it to life expertly, then pocketing his lighter. It’s his last one, can’t afford to lose it. Damn Gojo and his lighter stealing habits.

“Originally it was supposed to be while riding someone-“

“Someone?” Sukuna pouts again. “There is no ‘someone’. Only me.”

Megumi chuckles. Ridiculous, ridiculous man. Curse, whatever. “Relax, big guy. I’m saying in general.”

“Then speak more clearly.”

God, that pout is adorable. Bless Gojo and his magic weed for making this happen. But seriously, enough thinking about him already.

“Fine, fine. While riding you.

That brings a smile to Sukuna’s lips, that self satisfied, cat who caught the canary sort of smile that Megumi kinda likes but also kind of pisses him off. Just like a lot of things about Sukuna.

“But I’m not subjecting my ass to that tonight so-”

“Why not?”

“‘Suki, I swear, if you cut me off one more time I’ll ignore you for a whole week.”

The corners of Sukuna’s lips downturn, but he zips it.

“I’m just gonna smoke while pretending to ride you, and that’s close enough.” He takes a drag, rolling his hips at the same time and it is delicious. The joint is pretty close to being done, but he’s going to milk it if only to make this little fantasy a reality.

Sukuna’s hands, predictably, slide over his body, one hand on thigh and ass duty, the other slipping under his loose nightshirt, smoothing over his stomach. His hands are warm, hot even, and that always feels pretty freaking great, especially in the forever chilly air of his domain.

They start out the same languid pace, grinding achingly, titillatingly slow. Megumi has enough breath now that they’re not kissing, and he takes his time, inhaling smoke and puffing it out in little gasps when he meets Sukuna halfway in an especially delectable way.

“Does this please you, treasure?” Sukuna’s voice is deep, with an edge to it that makes something coil sultry in Megumi’s belly.

“Hnn- Yes, yes it does.”

Taking one last drag, Megumi flicks it away to the pile of skulls behind them to join the rest of the butts resting somewhere there.

Hands free at last, Megumi balances himself and gives them both a more steady, pleasing grind, groaning. Still, not enough. Still, too little. He wants hands on him, in him- God, this pot is making him so horny, he really owes thanks to- Nope. Not thinking about him anymore.

The pace picks up, becoming more urgent, less precise, impatient after teasing each other for what feels like ages. Sukuna is hard under him, cock not particularly restrained in the loosely tied kimono.

It’s hot, so hot, the center of it being deep in his core and right between his legs, spreading out in pulses every time their hips meet, making Megumi burn. “‘Suki,” he half gasps-half whines.

“What is it, treasure?” Sukuna murmurs softly. “What do you need? Tell me and it’s yours.”

“Gonna make me say it, asshole?”

Faux innocent, amusement twinkling in his eyes, “How could I possibly know what you-”

Megumi, tired of his shit, sneaks a hand down between them to cup Sukuna’s cock and squeeze through the fabric. God. Megumi kind of wants that in his mouth, but again, knees and skulls don’t mesh so well.

“Ah, fuck,” The king of curses indeed. Sukuna’s hips buck up into his hand, eyes rolling back. Must really be feeling it.

Megumi massages his cock, tying the rhythm to the movement of his own hips. Normally Sukuna would flip them over by now, take charge and mess him up just the way they both like it. Or, if he’s feeling generous, let Megumi ride him, though the power would still be in the hands guiding his hips up and down.

But now... It’s different. Urgency is there and so is their little game, but they’re both mellow enough that the air, usually filled with danger and the thrill of the chase, is merely playful. Cheek zips between them, toothy smiles and breathless, delighted huffs.

Sukuna is surprisingly agreeable, or maybe not so surprising considering he smoked almost half the joint as a complete beginner. Megumi dips down again to press their lips together, drunk on the way Sukuna lets his guard down around him, surrenders to him, even a little bit.

Megumi sends his fingers feeling blindly over fabric until he finds Sukuna’s balls, and gropes them, squeezing gently.

The reaction is immediate. A choked, gurgled, surprised sound that Megumi revels in, then a deep rumbling growl. The next minute is a blur of movement- Sukuna adjusts them, first creating some space to push Megumi’s pants down and untie his own kimono, freeing their cocks, then pulling Megumi back in by strong arms.

Megumi knows Sukuna is big, he’s felt it, tasted it, admired his cock up close and personal enough times to know. But somehow he’s never seen it side by side with his own cock and something about how it dwarves Megumi’s makes him twitch and pulse hot. He’s not that small. Okay, maybe he is, but Sukuna’s just. Fucking huge for no reason other than to torture his entire being.

Sukuna wraps them both in one big hand and ah. He’s hot and hard against Megumi, and it’s a little dry but that just adds to the achingly good, finally solid friction he’s been dying for.


“I know, I know, shh. I’ll take care of you, don’t you worry, blessing.”

Oh, how those words go straight to his cock, reaching deep inside his gut, a warm, promising glow. Take care of him. Sukuna always does. It just sometimes looks like carnage, devouring him whole, and sometimes... like now, it’s slipping his loose shirt off one shoulder so he can bite and suck a hickey into it while pumping them together slowly.

It’s not dry for long. Megumi knows the exact moment a mouth manifests on that palm. A tongue darts out, licking between their cocks and over Megumi’s, coating them in slick saliva all while stroking leisurely, making sure to do a nice, thorough job of it.

“You taste so good,” Sukuna mumbles into the freshly formed hickey, and fuck if that doesn’t make Megumi’s cock twitch.

“Which mouth?”

Sukuna chuckles low. “Both, blessing.”


One tongue on his shoulder, the other licking his cock, Megumi is about ready to pass out. He has no idea how Sukuna splits his attention between two mouths, but he’s not about to start complaining. Both of them add up into a mass of lust, coursing through his body.

Eventually Sukuna retracts his hand from between them, letting go of his collar, too. The fabric feels raw on his abused skin, a chafing forewarning of the bruises Megumi will carry with him for days to come.

Megumi whines a questioning noise, unsure of what’s happening, why they stopped. Sukuna doesn’t answer verbally, just looks amused as he grabs the hem of his shirt, dragging it up, up up-


Megumi’s jaw slacks, and Sukuna sticks the end of the shirt between his teeth.


Megumi does. Later, he might think, was this really necessary? He could’ve just taken his shirt off, or held it up with his hands. It’s just not the easiest, most effective method to get it out of the way. But before his mind can come up with anything as complicated as that, Sukuna purrs, “Good boy.”

His stomach flips. Fuck off, Megumi tries to protest, but through clenched teeth and fabric it sounds more like “Unff-uff.” Not that he even minds. Protesting, fighting back, it’s more of a habit at this point. They both know the effect these two words have on him.

Sukuna smirks and tugs him forward by the waist. Megumi loses his balance and ends up draped over Sukuna’s torso, half laying on top of him, their cocks sandwiched between them. Sukuna holds him in place, two strong arms wrapped around his back.

“Do your best.”

So this is how it’s going to be, huh? Either Megumi can get himself off rubbing between them, or he’ll resort to begging, because there’s no getting out of that death grip. Knowing Sukuna, he’s probably counting on the latter. Ass. Magic as the pot may have been, it can’t erase his entire personality.

Determined, arms wrapped around Sukuna’s shoulders, Megumi slides against him, rubbing up and down in his lap in little rabbity jumps, trying to get as much delicious friction as he can out of it.

It’s harder than he thought, with Sukuna restricting his movements. Every time he gets close, it’s like Sukuna somehow knows and holds him tight in place until Megumi, whimpering, stops struggling. Whenever it gets a little dry, Sukuna manifests a mouth on his stomach to slick things back up. And the cycle goes on, and on, and on, Megumi becoming increasingly sensitive and frustrated.

“Beautiful,” Sukuna praises after a while, and Megumi knows he must look obscene. Flushed and needy and panting, on the verge of begging for it, a little more, a little faster, a little harsher, the way Sukuna knows he likes it, craves it, needs it.

“P-please,” The word tumbles from his lips like yielding. His shirt, now damp, falls from his mouth. He’s got hair in his eyes, so his forehead must be sweat sticky enough to dampen his locks.

It hurts. The need to cum is overwhelming, all he can think about. How many times did Sukuna stop him by now? He didn’t even try to keep count, but it feels like they’ve been through this at least half a dozen times.

“Please, what, love? You know I’d give you anything. Have to be a little specific.”

Megumi is way past annoyance, shame or any trepidations. He’s done playing, outlasted in their little endurance game once again. “Let me cum, please, ‘Suki,” He whines, “Please, I can’t- like this, it’s too little, please,”

Sukuna lets out an “Ahhh,” like he just connected the dots. “So that’s what you want, my little blessing? Why didn't you say so earlier?”

Megumi can’t even find it in him to glare. Another pathetic “please” slips past his lips, quiet and out of it.

Sukuna smirks, infuriatingly sexy, and finally loosens his grip to wedge a hand between them, wrapping both cocks in his palm and jerking hard, tight, quick. Megumi gasps, hips bucking into it, so oversensitive it verges on pain.

“Come for me, Megumi,”

And it’s the use of his given name that sends him over the edge. Sukuna hardly ever calls him Megumi. It’s like he’s saving it, building up the power behind it until he can punch it back into him and knock out all the air. Megumi cums with a wail, back arched, nails digging into Sukuna’s shoulders, leaving tracks that Sukuna will only heal right before he and Yuuji switch again.

He comes back to earth just in time to watch Sukuna fall over the edge too. He always looks oddly vulnerable when he does, four eyes shut in concentration, the tiniest crease between his brows, lips parted a fraction, nothing but a small groan to indicate his pleasure. He’s breathtaking.

Megumi is looking at him, ready to meet his eyes when they open.


Sukuna hums back, a deep, rumbling thunder.

“Fun, isn't it?”

Sukuna’s lips stretch in a smile, lazy and sated. “You certainly are.” He purrs and manifests a mouth on his stomach, lapping up all the mess and leaving behind slightly shiny abs. For all that it’s weird (where does the cum even go?), it sure is convenient.

Megumi slaps his shoulder, but can’t help his grin. Suck up. "Seriously, 'Suki. Feel good?"

"Felt like…" Sukuna starts, tapping his lip, then raising that same finger triumphantly between them like he just had an epiphany. "That time the damn brat stuck his finger in a power cord, but good. Really good. Laying back and letting you do the work, get all huffy about it... Couldn’t stop thinking how cute you were like that, on display with your shirt up, making all those muffled sounds. Makes me want to gag you more often."

Becoming rambly is a side effect Megumi did not see coming, but will welcome with open arms. Sukuna can be surprisingly serviceable, focused on Megumi’s pleasure rather than his own, so hearing what he likes is like ammo for future use. “Maybe we can make that happen.”

Sukuna tucks him back into his pants gently, then loosely ties his own kimono the best he can with Megumi still in his lap. “Only if you want to, treasure.”

“You want it, so I want it.” Megumi counters.

“That’s not how it works.” Sukuna pouts.

Megumi could really get used to this. He gently claps both hands to Sukuna’s cheeks, smooshing them so his lips pucker. “That’s exactly how it works because I said so.”

“Okay, okay,” It comes out slightly distorted, his lip movement limited by Megumi’s hands. “You call the shots, babe.”

“Damn right I do.” Megumi smooshes his cheeks even more. They’re soft and malleable, not as bony as the chiseled look makes them seem. Megumi massages them up and down, in circles, and it makes Sukuna’s face look ridiculous, goofy even, which is a bizarre contrast to his usual self. Megumi finds himself giggling, giddy like a child at both the various faces and the fact Sukuna’s letting him do this in the first place.

“Having fun?” Sukuna garbles, sending Megumi into a fit of laughter.

“You gotta- you gotta try this, ‘Suki. It’s so funny, I promise. Do me.”

“I already did,” Sukuna points out and Megumi rolls his eyes.

“Just- squish my face. You’ll get it.”

It’s hard to decipher his smooshed expressions but Megumi is pretty sure Sukuna is skeptical when his hands reach up to grab Megumi’s face. And squish he does, gentle and careful.

All four eyes light up immediately. Megumi can feel him trying to smile against his hands.

“Eh? Good, right?” Megumi’s speech is now garbled, too, sounding utterly silly. He can only imagine how it looks.

Sukuna nods twice, quickly, taking Megumi’s hands with him. His shoulders shake, then- a sound Megumi never ever, not in a million years expected to hear from Sukuna. A giggle. Megumi’s grip loosens, surprised, allowing Sukuna to giggle more freely. It’s cute. It’s adorable. It’s positively precious. Megumi takes a bazillion mental snapshots before leaning in to press their lips together, charmed all over again.

If this is what smoking brings out of him, Megumi just might coerce him more often. It’s so rare for Sukuna to be this loose and unguarded. A nice, welcomed change of pace, even if Megumi really likes their usual cat and mouse. Or maybe they’re more like lion and deer, since neither of them is particularly small, both powerful in their own way. It is kind of fun to imagine Sukuna as a cat, though, one with four eyes, maybe eight legs if going by his ancient form, like a caterpillar-

Megumi starts laughing uncontrollably into Sukuna’s mouth, so hard that he has to straighten back up, throwing his head back.

“What? What is it?”

“You’re- you’re a cat caterpillar-” he manages to get out before falling to another fit of laughter.

“Cats are mighty warriors,” Sukuna hums sagely. “And caterpillars smoke pot, going by the famous legend that Yuuji always watches on the T.V. I can see it.”

Oh, this is gold.

“What does that make you? A dog caterpillar?” Sukuna keeps on musing. “Or perhaps a bird, or a snake, or- A caterpillar caterpillar, going by the amount and frequency of smoking.”

Someone should film this and make a fortune selling the video to every jujutsu sorcerer out there. If only Megumi brought his phone.

“What would that make us, though? An interspecies relationship? That's- Wait. That’s actually accurate, I suppose.” His hands fall to Megumi’s thighs. “We’re a cat and a caterpillar. Unlikely, unexpected, unprecedented, a novelty, reinvention of the wheel- which I was around to witness, by the way. Exciting times.”

“Sure, ‘Suki. Whatever you say.” As long as you keep talking. Spacing out to the sound of that baritone is about the best thing Megumi can imagine right now. He tucks his head under Sukuna’s chin and relaxes against his chest, the vibrations of his voice right against his temple.

Sukuna keeps on rambling about this and that, the past, wars he participated in, legendary battles, interesting people and curses both. Megumi zones in and out of it, just enough to ask the occasional question to spur him on. At some point, without even noticing, his eyes, heavy, slip shut. His brain fills with fog, gradually slowing down until he can’t follow the words anymore.

It’s not heaven, because neither of them will ever set foot in there, but it’s warm and glowy and tingly, and smells good, and there’s now hands on his back, drawing random shapes, and how long have those been there?

“Wake me up before you switch?” Megumi mumbles into his neck. Sukuna has been known to just lay him in his bed without saying goodbye, just because he didn’t want to disturb his sleep. “I mean it this time.”

“Of course, blessing.” Comes Sukuna’s voice, soft and adoring.

And with that promise, Megumi lets himself drift off, lulled to sleep by a blanket of safety and comfort.