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A Night With Nuke

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They are both lying shirtless on their bed.

You have had a good night with them, partying and all the rest.

You are horny.

They are horny.

You have never seen them naked, ATWT being a daytime show and all.

You have often had fantasies about it. What do they pack?

They talk sex for a while, answering questions that you put to them.

Eventually, however, they decide to let you see for yourself.

Their pants come off.

They sit upright, putting their cocks on display. Both fully hard from all of that sex talk.

Noah is big. Really big. At least eight inches, with nice bushy pubic hair behind.

Luke is about six inches, somewhat thicker than Noah. More shaven than Noah, despite his chest hair being more prominent.

They turn over, up on their knees.

Bent over, they show their butts.

You had asked them the pressing question, about who topped and who bottomed.

The answer was now clear.

Luke's hole, whilst tight, stood out more than Noah's. Big and pink, light hair around it.

Noah's hole. What hole? It could barely be seen. No way was it regularly opened.

You are ready for fun.

You suck both of their cocks, you rim both of their holes.

Luke sucks your cock, whilst you continue to suck Noah's.

It's time to go all the way.

A bottle of lube comes in handy. You and Noah take turns to spread lube around Luke's throbbing hole, and you both insert your fingers at the same time.

Noah then works on your hole in the same way. None is needed for his ass. Out of bounds. Apart from Luke's birthdays, he says.

The first act is Noah fucking Luke. This is like watching ATWT at a late hour, where no network standards are in place. You struggle to hold in your liquids, this being something you have envisioned for years.

You join in by sucking off Luke and rimming Noah's forbidden area from behind.

They stop. They gesture you.

Luke stands in front of you. His back is facing you. He bends over. You slowly put your cock in his ass.

Noah begins working his dick into your lubed up ass. Inch by inch, you feel him.

He begins thrusting.

You start pounding into Luke, his well-prepared and fucked anus wrapping around your throbbing cock.

All three of you are moaning in this ecstacy. You are feeling Nuke in multiple ways.

You cum. Noah cums.

Luke's hole is dripping with your cum. Your hole is dripping with Noah's own white liquid.

This was the sexiest ATWT episode ever.