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True Mates

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No one POV

After what happen to Stiles, every one look so down. Especially, three guys, Derek, Scott and Theo, The three of them have same feeling toward Stiles. No one really expected this bad situation come.

Scott and his guilt, make him crying so bad. He wanted to back at time while he messed up. He thought he shouldn't not let Isaac stay over. He should know that full moon will come soon.

The day has come. Full moon rises up there. Scott feels can't hold him self. Then he run out from hospital. Run and run, until he arrives in preserve. He growls so loud and transform to a real wolf. Scott is the true alpha and this is the first time he lost his control. He become feral. He run as a wolf and howl. Everything that keeps him from runing he tears it apart.

Meanwhile Derek decide to get home after heard Stiles had complete surgery. In home he was crying, lock his room. Peter and Laura tried to knock his door but Derek ignored them. They were just want to help Derek. Until the full moon came. Derek transformed to a big black wolf who got angry at his face. The window was broken because Derek pull him self out from there. Peter, Laura, Cora and Malia became so worried. They decided to follow Derek.]

In the other side, Theo, Stiles's ex, crying in his room. His memories back when he cheated on Stiles. He hope that day was never happen so he will happy now with his ex-boyfriend. Stiles will be okay right now. This accident will never happen. He thought a lot what will happen if he was never cheated on Stiles. The sad become more and more. A day was pass. The night comes with the full moon. He tried to hold on but he can't. Suddenly he transformed to coyote. He lost control. Howl so loud. With angry he run out from house.

Melissa, Scott's mom tried to find his son. She knows that now is full moon. She get so worried then she hears a wolf howling. She is pretty sure that from her son. Without think she left the hospital. She wants to help Scott. Her instinct tells that his son now at the preserve. So she goes there. Take a long time to find his son and finally she did. Even his son become a wolf, she still recognise him.

"Scott, son. Calm down. It's me your mom. I know you can hear me. Please come back to me. " she start to tear. For minutes Scott turns back to human form. He is naked because he teared it apart

"Mom" Scott is crying. Then her mom come closer with the clothes on her hand

"Scott" Now they shared the crying. Take a long time to calm them down

"Scott, lets go home. Please" she beg his son and he just nod. They out from the preserve and head to home

In Derek side, he become feral as well he kills every single animal what pass him. The blood was scattered every where. Peter, Laura, Cora and Malia who chased him, look around and that was mess. Try to catch Derek but he was so fast. The scent went to a cave in front of them. They decided to get in. Finally they found Derek who lyied down, make him self round and howl like the sad one.

"Derek, It's me Peter. Me, Laura, Cora, and malia are here. We want to help you so please come back. I know it's sad but we will help you through this." Peter said while he approached Derek

Still a wolf, Derek still sad. Take a time he become human again. His family come closer and hug him. Today was rough. They all tired. They agreed to back home. But Derek still in tears.

Third condition was never more better. Theo got feral. He is alone in this state. No one care about him. He run to preserve. A loud howl came from his mouth. He just keep run. Not until some one stop him. A boy was standing in front of him while he still transform.

"Theo. Calm down. It's me Liam. I know it's hard but I come here when I heard you howl. I went to your house. I want to stay beside you, but then I saw you out from your house with this" Liam become so worried, he decided to come closer, "Please come back. I will stay with you so please Theo" he beg

Hearing Liam, Theo turned to human. Liam doesn't care that Theo naked. Liam help Theo up and walk out from the preserve. They got in the Liam car and drive to Theo's house

Extra POV

"Mom, mom, wait" that's Stiles voice. He run to his mom. Now his mom stop and turn around. She faced up to his son

"Stiles, what are you doing here, son" his mom asked confusely

"Mom, I miss you so much" Stiles start to cry and then hug her

"Stiles. This is not the time you come here. You have to come back. You have to wake up. Your dad waits for you and same with your friend" said his mom and now free the hug

"No, no, mom, please I wanna be with you. I don't want to back now. My heart is hurting mom. Please I wanna stay" Stiles is crying even more

"Stiles. It's gonna be okay. You're strong. You're my strong son. I know love sometime bring us to happiness but sometimes will bring us sadness. I want you to know that I'll always with you. Plus your dad will be sad if you don't come back. He alone right now. He needs you son. Please come back" then his mom slowly faded

"Mom, mom" Stiles lost his mom


"Stiles, you wake up"

"Doctor I need help. Stiles is waking up. Please hurry"

"Where, where is my son. Oh God, son, you're awake. I'm sorry son. Really sorry"

"Sheriff please step aside. I want to check his condition"

"Stiles. You hear me. I want to check on you."

"Where am I"

"You're in hospital. You got accident. Can you remember anything"

"Yes, I remember"

"Good. So there is no brain damage"

"Why he is here. Out now. Please dad I don't want to see him right now"

"Stiles, I'm sorry. Please I wanna stay. Please. Please"