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To Turn Off the Light

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“I don’t do hugs.” Santiago scowled, bearing his teeth at Chevre and her open arms. Not long after he had been saved from his abusive father and officially adopted by Nan, she met Chevre and the two developed a close bond—so close, in fact, that they started dating. Santiago denied his jealousy—it’s just that Nan was the only person who ever truly understood him, and Chevre would never comprehend the depths of what the two of them had been through, even if Nan decided to tell her about the hotel someday.

Santiago was decidedly restrained in his disdain for Chevre. He was no longer Henry’s puppet and he escaped with Nan and Kim from the hotel—yes, now he had true freedom—but he was constantly on edge and he made it explicitly clear to Chevre he was not your average child. Even so, nothing he did in his attempts to scare her off fazed her. Was she naive? Then again, he once thought the same thing about Nan.

“I’m sorry. I certainly don’t mean to pressure you.” Chevre said. “There’s a lot I don’t know or understand, and I won’t pretend that I do. But I hope someday, you’ll decide that I’m worthy of your trust.”

Time will tell if Chevre is willing to embrace the dark. At least he’s more optimistic this time.