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heaven knows I'm miserable now

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Jude's plan was absolutely perfect.

She didn't spend much time on it, however it seemed like everything was realistic and easy to do.

Turns out being senechal gives her a lot of power, thus making an abundance of favours available to her, the biggest of all keeping quiet of her actions and doings.

First thing she said to the seller:

 don't tell a single soul I was here - or else.

She didn't elaborate on the or else part, however she thought it was pretty clear what she meant by that.

While one of the many revels was in full swing, the High King and the rest of the court drinking, dancing and doing all other lavish activities, she was in her chambers, looking over her newly acquired equipment.

Inside a leather bound chest was a vial of special poison, an extremely sharp knife and a gun. Her seller was a half-human who smuggled valuables from the human world and sold them at a laughably high price.

There is no laughably high price for the kingdom's senechal.

In Jude's head, everything was over and there was no going back. She was sick and tired of being mocked, humiliated and used for sick amusement. Thinking of all the things they did to her and her sisters made her numb once again, a sensation that happened extremely often in the last few weeks. 

The face that came to her mind was none other than Cardan's. His chiseled cheekbones, long lashes and full mouth didn't hold her attention this time - no, it was that mocking cruel smirk that always kept her company. However, she still felt a sickening rise of desire in her body, getting wetter by the second.

Jude got an idea, and it maybe wasn't sound, but when she commits, she does 100%.

Wiping the tear stains off her eyes and checking her glorious hairdo, Jude once again carefully hid her secret chest. She opened the heavy door and started walking towards the revel. Towards the High King. Towards the sweetest distraction.

It doesn't matter, because everything will stop being important in a few days.

Cardan won't know what hit him.