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Lesson Learned

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Being the Warden of one of the most inescapable prisons, would've meant that no one would cross him at all. They would at least show him more respect and know better than to try and stab him in the back. 

Oh, how Sam wished that would imply to Tommy as well. However, the blond was nothing more than a brat that seek to disobey every rule displayed in front of him. 

Sam knew that the stubborn teen wouldn't listen so nicely. Even after Ghostbur's death, he could tell that Tommy wasn't going to let it off so easily. 

Something about watching Tommy scream and cry for the ghost, sent shivers down Sam's back and to his dick. He wondered what Tommy would look like under him crying his name out while being fucked so well. 

Sam watched from the distance of the Innit Hotel that Tommy was speaking with Tubbo and Ranboo. He hummed to himself as he guessed it was about Revived Wilbur. 

Once the trio separated, Sam's dark eyes followed the boy. Soon enough, he started to trail behind him. 


Tommy nearly jumped at the touch of Sam grabbing onto his wrist. The blonde's eyes widen. "Is there something you need, Big Man?" Tommy tried not to show any fear whatsoever. His mind rung with the words that the Warden shouted at him. 

As noting down the fear, Sam sighed. "Tommy, I want to talk about what I said at the prison." Tommy stood still at the words. "Come on, let's go talk somewhere private." Sam didn't let go of the boy's hand as he was leading him to the portal. Tommy didn't utter a single word while he followed. 

Something about Sam was leaving a freezing shudder that made the boy tremble. 

Sam held back his excitement as they were getting close to his base. He could keep Tommy at his house. No one would expect Sam, the warden, who threaten the boy, to keep him in his base. 

"Sam, are we-" 

"I'll tell you when we get there." 

Tommy shut his mouth and just followed. The teen wondered why exactly they need to go this far out. Yet, he knew it was best to not ask any questions right now. 

As they arrived, Tommy walked inside the base. The blond noticed how there were very little changes. "Fran!" Tommy giggled as the Sam's dog started to jump and lick the teen's face. Fran seemed to be licking now at Tommy's neck as the boy's cheeks turned red. 

"Fran, come here, girl!" Immediately, the dog whined before heading to Sam's side. 

"Wait here, I'll be back." Tommy tilted his head before watching the warden and the dog disappear down the hallway. 

Having nothing to do at all but wait, Tommy walked around the base. Soon, he came to a stop at the walls of chests that mounted the walls. He knew that Sam was a builder along with other stuff, so this shouldn't survive him so much. 

However, that wasn't the reason when he yelped at the sudden click around his neck. Warm puff of air hit his neck when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. Tugging him back into a warm chest. 


It came out a bit shaky. His hands went to the thing that rested on his neck. The leather around his neck made it clean what it was when he heard the small jiggle. Sam had placed a dog collar on his neck. 

"Such an adorable pet." The man whispered as he grinded his hard-on onto the boy's ass. The blond bit onto his bottom lip as he shook his head. "S-Sam, what are you doing?" 

Whether or not this boy was placing coy or just was plain stupid. Sam grinded harder onto the boy's ass. Tommy whimpered as he clutched his hands onto Sam's arms. 

"You've been very naughty, pup." A shiver ran down his spine at the sentence. It was filled with lust. "Bad pups get punished by their master. Understood?" 

"Understood!" Tommy cried out as Sam bit down onto the small space that the collar wasn't constricting. He didn't even realize that Sam had taken off his gas mask. 

"Understood what?" Sam continued as Tommy whimpered while the creeper hybrid continued to bit onto the boy's neck. 

"Understood, sir!!" 

A smirk grew onto the hybrid's face as the blond was panting. Sam continued to runt his hips forward against the boy's ass. He wondered how it'll feel without all these clothing on. 

Slowly, he slowed his pace as Tommy whined. "P-Please..." Tommy started to beg. Sam kept one arm around the boy's waist as the other reached for Tommy's blond locks. A sudden tug of locks caught the boy's attention. "Please what, Puppy? What is that you want?" 

"I w-want you!" 

A low moan escaped the blonde's mouth at the tug of hair. Sam shoved the boy against one of the chests and applied some pressure onto his back. Tommy couldn't move as he was bend over a chest. The hybrid wasted no time stripping the boy of his pants and boxers. 

The cold air against his plump ass made the boy whine. He needed the warmth that Sam could provide. "Slut," Sam gripped the plump ass and spread them out, "your hole already looks so needy, pup." 

Sam inserted a finger inside as the boy screeched with pain. "Hurts!" Tommy expected some prep but not without some lube. Sam ignored his small cries as he added two more fingers. 

"Good pups get lube and prep properly. Bad pups get no lube." Sam growled against the boy's ear. "You've been nothing more than trouble and bad. Until you learn your lesson, this will be your punishment." Tommy whined at the thrusts of fingers inside his hole. 

As the three digits thrusted, the free hand reached over to grasp onto the boy's hip. Tommy gasped as Sam tugged back. The bell jiggled lightly at the pace of Sam snapping him back onto his fingers. Tommy grew custom to the pain as all he could feel was slight pleasure. 

A whine dropped from the teen when Sam dragged his fingers out. "Slutty puppy," Sam growled as he pulled his cock out from his undergarments. 

Suddenly, Tommy attempted to reach back as Sam was gonna enter him without any lube. He didn't even get the opportunity to see the size of his cock when a scream fell from the boy's mouth. 

"Sam! Please! It hurts!!" Still, his words fell onto deafen ears as Sam started snapping his hips forward into the boy. 

"Shut the fuck up, whore. You deserve this, naughty puppy. You could've been pamper if you listened to master, but no. You wanted to be a bad puppy. This is your punishment." Tommy felt so warm at the words spilling from Sam's words. 

"So fucking tight." Tommy whimpered and moaned at the thrusts that landed against the walls of his insides. Sam wasn't letting up at all. The bell jiggled and bounced against the teen's flushed neck as Sam fucked him against the chest. 

Sam knew he had found the special spot when Tommy let out a huge, pleasurable moan. Tommy knew it should've hurt, but the pleasure was musking over the pain. His mind was clouded with white while Sam fucked at the spot directly. 

The burning heat was reaching its peak as Tommy cried. "P-Please, Sam! I'm close!" 

"Then beg for it, puppy. Beg your master to let you cum!" 

The sting of a hand slapping his ass brought the blond so close. He couldn't help but beg. He was so close. 

"P-Please, Sam!!! Let me cum, Master! Please!!" Sam smirked as he could see Tommy pushing his hips back onto his cock. 

"Then cum, slut. Be a good boy for master." 

Those words sent Tommy in pure bliss as the boy came onto the ground. Tommy gripped the chest, he was perched onto. 

"Beautiful. So fucking beautiful.However, I'm haven't cum yet, pup. Hang on." 

Tommy whimpered as Sam continued to fuck the boy. Sam wasn't letting him to catch a breath. It didn't help so much that Sam continued to aim for his prostate. 

Tommy cried as his cock stirred. Before he could even touch himself, he was dragged onto the ground. Sam kept him pinned on his knees while he was fucked against the ground. The bell continued to ring and jiggle on his neck as Tommy moaned. 

Sam tugged the boy's hips back roughly. The sounds of slapping skin and the bell made it so hot. Sam adored the warm heat of being inside the tight hole. 

Tommy screamed loudly when he came once again. Sam ignored the fact that Tommy didn't ask ahead of time. Still, he knew he would have plenty of time to teach the boy his place. For now, he was going to screw this boy senseless. 

"Hmm...I wonder if I can get you to cum again, puppy." Tommy shook his head immediately. Sam hasn't even came yet, but the teen has already spilled twice. 

"Too bad, puppy." Sam started to snap his hips rougher against the boy's growing red cheeks. Tommy cried in pain as his prostate was growing sensitive. 

Before long, Tommy came once again, as he did, Sam cursed at the tightness before cumming inside the boy. Tommy whined at the warm liquid filling him. 

Sam had soon let go of the boy's hips and dragged himself out. He watched the boy's thighs shake with sensitivity. Still, Sam smirked at the gushing white cum slipping out of the boy's puffy hole. The hybrid grew proud at the sight. 

Tommy watched with fluttering eyes as Sam tucked himself. Leaving Tommy in a puddle of his own cum while filled with Sam's seed. 

"You're mine. No one else's. Just know that, pup. No one will ever get to have you like I do. I own you."

The last thing the blond saw was Sam's growing smirk as he drifted into the dark state of unconsciousness.