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Look, it's a pretty funky shirt, just take it off already

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“Dad. That is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen.” A young, high voice rang out, cutting through the din of the room.

Sasuke, six years old and usually quiet, sat on his adoptive father’s lap, chubby finger pointing straight ahead so there could be absolutely no doubt who he was referring to. His older brother Itachi, age nine, sat on a chair beside them and stifled the laugh brewing in his throat with one hand while the other went to quickly cover Sasuke’s mouth, earning him a lick to the palm and leaving Kakashi with two disgusted, bickering children, absolutely fucking mortified.

Kakashi Hatake, 32 years old, eyes wide in horror, whispered firmly at his children to ‘for the Love of God please stop’ before following the line of sight drawn out by Sasuke’s unwavering finger.

Itachi’s teacher, his fucking teacher, had just entered the room, small blonde child in hand who had somehow not heard Sasuke and was prattling on to his dad. Kakashi couldn’t take his eyes off him, he’d never seen him like this. Sure he’d seen teacher-mode Iruka, hair up, plain, ill-fitting attire covering every inch of skin, or he’d caught him on the tail end of dealing with two small children when sasuke came over for a sleepover for 15 hours, which entailed baggy sweats, messy ponytail and a ratty tshirt, but never this- He’d always found the man painfully attractive, and that was in less than optimal circumstances but like this? His eyes raked over him now.

Tall, but shorter than Kakashi himself, more muscular than his teacher attire usually suggested with tan skin and a pale scar across his nose, currently standing out more due to the rising blush creeping up his cheekbones. Not to mention the shoulder length, honey brown hair that was in a half-up bun.

He was also, truly, wearing the most hideous shirt Kakashi had ever seen. It was offensive, it was so. Much. A black silk shirt with slightly billowing sleeves and ??? Jewel toned perfume bottles printed all over it? The top three buttons undone, giving Kakashi a peek of smooth, tan chest- not that he was looking! And to top it off the shirt was only half tucked into black jeans and goddamn if somehow the man didn’t look divine. How. How could anyone look good in that shirt? He should think the man looked ridiculous. And yet-

“Sasuke!” the blonde, Naruto shouted, pulling his dad along so he could take up the seat right next to Kakashi. Which he did, unfortunately, setting Naruto in his lap as he did so, not meeting Kakashi’s eyes as he nodded a hello to him and the boys.

“Good evening Mr.Hatake, Itachi, Sasuke.” Had his voice always been so smooth? Kakashi wondered in a mild internal panic, and why the hell did he smell like the forest? They lived in the middle of a big city. Who the hell just walked around smelling like a sexy tree- a tree. Just a tree. Fuck.

“Mhm.” Kakashi responded eloquently, glancing briefly to the side as their sons talked.

“Umino. Iruka Umino.” Itachi supplied in the world’s most useless whisper with a smirk that let Kakashi know he also knew it was the world's most ineffective whisper.

“Yes thank you, Itachi, I know your teacher's name.” Kakashi whispered back, ignoring the snort of laughter from Iruka himself.


“Iruka is fine. I’m not a teacher right now, we’re both here as parents, and we’ve crossed paths for that a few times by now.” Not that you ever really talk to me, you handsome prick Iruka bit the thought down, luckily, before it could cross his lips.

“Iruka,” Fuck the name tasted good on Kakashi’s tongue. Shit. “Call me Kakashi then, please. I... apologize for Sasuke’s bluntness,” he smirked as he turned his head slightly to the other man, “but that shirt is truly horrid.”

Iruka choked, “I beg your pardon-!?”

“You can beg all you like, it’s hideous.”

“I- you- wh-“

“You, however, look quite good in it.” Kakashi murmured before turning his attention to the front where Sasuke and Naruto’s teacher was beginning the parent-teacher meetings. Iruka fell silent instantly, vibrant blush staining his cheeks.

Iruka didn’t know what to make of Kakashi Hatake.

He knew from his job as Itachi’s teacher that Kakashi had adopted the kids when Sasuke was a newborn and Itachi was three after their parents had died in an accident, leaving the kids with their godfather Kakashi. He knew that Kakashi worked in security and was in the process of early retirement, but didn’t know any details except that it meant he sent his friends Kurenai and Asuma to most of Iruka’s parent teacher meetings at Itachi’s school because of scheduling issues as he wrapped things up. A fact that annoyed Iruka to no end but he also knew that Kakashi hadn’t missed a single recital, play or event Itachi had had in the past four months Iruka had had him in his class. And to be fair, he supposed missing the conferences wasn’t that bad, since Itachi was older and not present for them himself anyway and Iruka never had any negative feedback to discuss.

As for their kids, Sasuke had quickly joined Naruto and Sakura’s group and they’d become fast friends. The pink haired girl was seated with her parents off to the front tonight but they’d all happily waved when Iruka had entered before stifling laughter at Sasuke’s ...astute observation. The three children were pretty much inseparable, but almost all play dates were at Iruka’s home or the Haruno house, never at Kakashi’s and when on the rare, truly rare occasion the kids got picked up by Kakashi himself the man usually wore mirrored sunglasses that hid most of his face and Iruka barely caught a glimpse of him as he checked in with his kids and took them home.

They didn’t necessarily get along, more likely to trade barbs than recipes, always quick to respond to a tease or taunt with something painfully witty and brief if they spoke at all. But then there were those few moments... exceptions to the rule...

Sometimes Iruka would catch Kakashi looking at him just for a moment, an unreadable expression trained on his person in a way he felt before he saw it. Sometimes Kakashi’s gravelly voice would tease him out of nowhere with a more intimate but still wicked one liner and turn Iruka’s world upside down. One time when he’d picked up Sasuke from a sleepover he’d give Iruka the smallest smirk as he turned to leave and it stuck with the brunette for days on end.

Stupid silver haired, Greek God looking asshole. Stupid impressive job having jet setter who has been away for a month and a half and deprived Iruka of his fucking face at playdates. Stupid good father with a lopsided smirk and that one sharp fucking canine tooth. Stupid stupid man who probably barely registered Iruka’s existence.

So maybe, maybe Iruka didn’t get out as much as he used to. He had a six year old with the energy of ten six year olds, and he hadn’t dated much after Naruto, whom he’d adopted at birth. Sure, it had been years now and he’d had a few dates but none had felt right and beyond the odd one night stand (few and far between when Naruto was having a sleepover with Auntie Anko) Iruka had kind of unofficially given up. It would either happen or it wouldn’t, but being a good dad came first, a good teacher came second and that didn’t leave much room.

So that was it then, he wasn’t interested in Kakashi, he was just pent up. It had been a few months was all. Kakashi wasn’t hitting on him, he was just teasing him like he sometimes did. Being his own, strange brand of friendly. Iruka could be friendly. He could be cool. He could-

“Dad, why are you so red?” Naruto asked in his usual indoor voice (read: Loud and Clear) and Iruka blushed deeper, turning the wriggling child around on his lap to face forward again as he gently reminded him to listen to his teacher up front, (Mizuki that rat-bastard of a teacher at the front was snorting into his hand at the interruption, trying to remain composed). Iruka sent him a glare but froze at the warm chuckle beside him.

“Easily flustered, sensei?” Kakashi murmured, leaning closer to Iruka for a fraction of a moment to do so and Iruka forgot to breathe.

“I- No. No. I’m just a bit warm, that’s all. This one runs hot,” He tickled Naruto lightly and pressed a kiss to the top of his head, absolutely not using the blonde hair to hide his heated face. Naruto fussed at the affection but smiled still, squirming happily. The blonde reached over for Sasuke’s hand and looked up at Iruka.

“Can we go sit with Sakura?”

Iruka nodded and Kakashi joined him with a quick, “Itachi, stay with them?” that proved unneeded as Itachi had automatically reached out to take his brother's hand and lead them to a happy pink haired girl and her amused parents, leaving Kakashi and Iruka alone.

“Hmm, it is warm, isn’t it?” Kakashi remarked as he shrugged off his jacket to reveal a skintight black turtleneck, almost obscenely so, frankly, clinging to every ripping muscle and costing Iruka every ounce of willpower to not stare at. As it was he shrugged and turned his attention back to where Mizuki was going over the details of an upcoming bake sale Iruka made note to participate in, he wasn’t much of a baker, but any idiot could buy a sheet cake and frost it at home after all.

At least he tried to, but Kakashi leaned in again to whisper, “I don’t know about you, but I feel hotter now, actually…” Implications dripping from his tongue like honey.

Iruka shifted in his seat but Kakashi didn’t back away instantly, “Then again, maybe it’s because of you… if it gets any hotter,” His breath brushed against Iruka’s cheek and Iruka’s eyes almost shut in response, “you might have to take off that hideous shirt-”

Iruka smacked him up the back of the head and Kakashi barked out a laugh that was thankfully drowned out by the applause greeting Mizuki after he thanked their PTA president Shizune for organizing the bake sale.

“This is easily the most you’ve ever spoken to me at once and I’m starting to see why you usually don’t.” He hissed at the silver haired devil beside him.

“Oh? Why is that then, do you think?”

“Because you’d get slapped,” Iruka replied with no hesitation.

“Hmm, maybe. I have another theory.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“Do you want to hear it?”

“Do I seem like I want to hear what you have to say?” Iruka huffed, crossing his arms.

“Yes,” Kakashi lowered his voice and Iruka could fucking hear the smirk on his face, “I think you do. I think-”


“Iruka! Kakashi, it’s good to see you at one of these for once!” Sakura’s mother grinned as she approached them, followed by their kids who were all dangling off of or clinging to her husband behind her.

Iruka looked around, surprised he hadn’t noticed the other families dispersing after the initial part of the conference was over and the teachers were beginning the one on one meetings where they were needed. This would mark Iruka’s first one with Naruto where one hadn’t been requested, since Mizuki had changed the seating arrangement to sit Naruto between Sakura and a boy named Shikamaru and across from Sasuke. Suddenly his attention had improved as well as his knack for disrupting class. Iruka had been so proud he’d of course immediately made Naruto his favorite dinner, Ramen, and they’d even stayed up a little late (nine pm) to watch the ninja cartoons Naruto was obsessed with.

An additional reward, both for Naruto and Iruka, was the Haruno’s inviting the kids back to their house for a sleepover after the conference and taking them to a fair the next day, leaving Iruka with almost 24 hours of freetime, more than he’d had in ages. He loved being a dad, but it would be nice to eat in silence and watch a tv show that didn’t ask him questions.

“Mrs.Haruno, thank you again for hosting Sasuke, and taking Itachi to Shisui’s tonight.” Kakashi thanked with a polite nod as his boys climbed off her husband to collect their backpacks and allow their dad to hug them goodnight.

“Just call me Mebuki, Kakashi” She corrected with a laugh, “We’re all friends here. And it’s no problem, we love hosting sleepovers. Kizashi is basically a child anyway, he loves entertaining them.” she gestured to her husband, who was currently in a competition with Naruto for who could pull the ugliest face, “And Shisui lives next door, we’re constantly with his parents anyways. Really.”

“Then thank you, Mebuki. Kizashi. Boys, you know the rules, be good for Sakura’s parents, okay? Three musketeers?”

“Yes, sir. Three musketeers!!” Sasuke and Itachi echoed, pressing into his embrace before following Kizashi to the car with Sakura as Naruto stayed with Mebuki and Iruka after his victory (Crossed eyes, tucked in upper lip and stretched cheeks had been the winning face, Iruka had been impressed).

“Naruto, you behave, too, okay? Here’s your backpack. If you need me I’ll be there-”

“Daaaad, I sleepover all the time, and I’m always good.”

“Ms.Tsunade’s cat would beg to differ.”

“I didn’t mean to dye her fur pink!”

“Uh huh, poor Tonton looks like a pig now.”

“Looked like a pig before” Naruto muttered but clamped his mouth shut under Iruka’s stern gaze.

“Yessss Dad, I’ll be good, can we go now! They’re waiting!” Iruka sighed and wrapped his kid in a big hug, nodding and handing him his backpack.

“Alright, go with Mebuki, have fun kid.”

“Bye!” Mebuki laughed as Naruto hung onto her hand and half dragged her out to the lobby. Iruka watched them go before realizing this left him alone with Kakashi, who seemed to realize the same thing and before the silver-haired man could finish his earlier, dangerous thought Iruka perked up, as if he’d heard his name.

“Oh, Mizuki? Yes, hi!” He called out cheerfully to his confused friend and son’s teacher across the room, heading over as if they had anything to discuss before Mizuki went into the next individual meeting. Iruka kept up the game, stalling leaving for half an hour and mingling with all the parents he knew, catching up and making playdates. His social calendar might be bleak but Naruto’s was starting to be almost too full.

When he finally approached the lobby he grabbed his coat off the wall and noticed as the sun had set it had begun to rain. Luckily, Iruka had Naruto’s extendable froggy umbrella that Naruto had refused to leave without the moment he’d seen clouds. Iruka had simply forgotten to move it from his pocket to his backpack, but Naruto wouldn’t need it tonight anyway.

If only he could get it to fucking open though. He’d undone the strap, two google eyes on the handle above the button staring at him, taunting as he pressed the release mechanism again and again to no avail. Was it stuck? What on earth had-

“I never got to share my theory.” Kakashi’s voice rumbled behind him as his footsteps marked him approaching. Shit. Iruka kept his focus on the umbrella, shrugging.

“What a pity, however shall I go on?”

“I’ll relieve you, don’t worry.”

“Lucky me,” Iruka muttered, still fiddling with the stuck clasp of the umbrella, not noticing how close Kakashi was getting.

“I think I keep to myself around you because otherwise I might lose control and...forget myself…” Kakashi trailed off in a low voice, a low voice that was suddenly directly behind Iruka who startled, turning quickly to face the demonic man just as the umbrella’s clasp released, shooting forward and open...right between Kakashi’s legs.

The taller man doubled over with a groan and Iruka gasped, dropping the umbrella entirely.

“Ah fuck-! Is this- payback-for the shirt thing-“ Kakashi managed to gasp out with a teasing smile despite the obvious strain in his voice.

“Oh my God. Oh my God, I’m so- No, I- I didn’t do that on purpose, I’m so- wait, forget yourself? What do you mean, forget yourself?” Iruka paused in the middle of reaching out to Kakashi to help support him somehow, how he didn’t know but it was a start.

Kakashi let out a low hiss between his teeth as he remained bent over, one arm reaching out to support his weight on the wall behind Iruka, caging him in a bit.

“I meant, ah, I’m not in the habit of feigning disinterest when there’s interest, so I thought it better to simply say nothing when I was out of the country so often anyway still- maybe I should have stuck with that if this is any indication of your response-” He gave a dry laugh and Iruka knew, he knew Kakashi was teasing him but his words had the ring of truth to them and he would be mortified about how quickly he replied later but in that moment he needed to dissuade any doubt.

“You’re not going to be away so much anymore then? Great- for the kids I mean. It’s great for them uh- It’s not- I mean, there’s uh, interest. Here. Also.” Iruka knew his nose was covered in the blush threatening to spread right under his eyes and from Kakashi’s amused expression he knew the other man saw it also.

“Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

“Are you okay to- to go out tonight after...that...?”

“If I say no, will you kiss it better?” His tone was light but that spark in his dark eyes had Iruka’s mouth running dry.

“I might.” Iruka shrugged, projecting confidence to his how very much he was now thinking of just that. That was too much for Kakashi, who had been expecting a blushing, timid response and was now experiencing a very different ache in that region, choking on air as Iruka’s words hit his ears.

“Iruka,” Kakashi straightened slowly, letting out a heavy breath, “Don’t tease me like that. You might not like how that could end.”

Iruka fought back the smile threatening to take over his features, shrugging instead and lifting the umbrella from the floor, side-stepping Kakashi and heading for the door.

“Actually, I think I’d like it a lot more than you’d expect… you know where I live, I’ll see you in an hour.”

Kakashi cleared his throat again as he watched the brunette leave with a wolfish grin. They had about 24 hours, maybe tomorrow night they could arrange a sleepover at the Hatake house… Kakashi shrugged on his coat and put up his hood as he entered the rain to go to his car. Hmm, a sleepover for Sasuke and Naruto...and one for himself and Iruka. Who said parents couldn’t have fun?