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players only. backdated. takes place after this middle of the night interlude.

"Everyone else still asleep?" Chris asks, padding barefoot into the kitchen, having showered and thrown on a tank and board shorts. He comes up behind Matt and presses a kiss to the back of his neck, hands resting on his hips, breathing him in.

The press of those lips gives Matt a delightful little shiver of erotic delight, he smiles as Chris nuzzles at his skin. "Yeah, I think so, but then it is obscenely early," he points out, it's barely light outside but Chris had been woken by his whacked out body clock and Matt hadn't stayed asleep much longer after. "Toast is in, eggs ready to go," he indicates the bowl of freshly whisked eggs beaten to a pale yellow liquid.

Chris grins. "Know what else is ready to go?" he teases, pressing even closer, cock already half-hard at Matt's proximity.

"Again?" Matt is more surprised than he is amused, they'd had sex before bed, during the night and once already this morning. He turns his head, nipping at Chris's stumbled jaw line. "What's gotten you so especially horny huh?"

"You," Chris answers, groaning softly at the scrape of teeth. "I can't get enough of you."

Deciding to go with the flow, Matt arches his back, pressing his butt against Chris's still thickening hard on. "But why so horny now?" he asks, already pushing his own shorts down, contact broken for just long enough to nudge the fabric out of the way.

"Because it's been a couple of weeks," Chris says, hissing in a soft breath as he glances down to find Matt's hole exposed, his cock swelling fully at the sight. "And I fantasized about having you every which way the whole time I was gone." Reaching around Matt for the cooking oil.

"Every which way? So like this, bent over a kitchen counter? Or pinned to the bed like last night?" There's little, Matt thinks, that is more arousing than having your lover be so eager, so needy.

Chris nods, slicking his fingers with oil, two pressed to Matt's hole, rubbing firmly. "Over the counter, pinned to the bed, in front of a mirror, in the shower... against a wall..." Pushing the first then both inside him.

"Just taking what you want?" Matt's voice is a little strained when he replies. He's caught up in the moment, reveling in how Chris is manhandling him, how his lover is so greedy for more sex, more of him. "Jesus, Chris..." Matt groans, hands flat to the counter as he arches into that touch.

Chris nods. "Taking what I want," he says, curling those fingers to rub over that bundle of nerves. "Taking your ass, fucking you so hard, holding nothing back until I come balls-fucking-deep inside you..." He grins, adding a third finger to mix.

"Then do it, take me, fuck me hard..." Matt demands, so turned on he can't keep still, writhing and twisting under Chris's clever fingers. "Take what you want..."

And Chris does. He pulls his fingers free, slicks his cock with more oil and lines up, spreading Matt's cheeks with his thumbs so he can push inside, watch his hole open up around his cock. "That's it..." he growls softly. "Fuck. One of these times we're going to do this with a mirror so you can see me going inside you, see how hot it is when you take me like this..."

"Film it..." Matt barely gets the words out, "We should film us, fucking..." The very notion of making their own home porn blowing Matt's mind, arousing him further still so it is he who starts to move first, fucking himself on Chris.

"We should," Chris nods. "For our eyes only," he promises. "So fucking eager..." he groans, meeting every movement Matt makes, his thrusts starting to pick up speed, the strength behind them building fast.

The kitchen fills with the sound of two bodies meeting in a frenzy of lust, Matt's groans punctuate Chris's grunts, hands slipping on the countertop Matt struggles to find purchase to keep pushing back.

"I've got you," Chris says, wrapping one arm around Matt's upper body as he keeps fucking him, holding him tight and in place for each and every thrust.

Before Matt can warn his lover, his body shudders, ass spasming around Chris's cock as it spears him over and over and he cries out, his cock expelling cum up the cabinet beneath him.

Chris keeps thrusting, determined to hold out until Matt's done, every last spurt having spattered the wood before he comes too, teeth gritted against shouting, emptying himself, hot and thick, inside his lover.

With Chris still holding him, that strong arm wrapped around his front, Matt goes limp, his legs giving out. He's overwhelmed, not just from the sex, but the intensity of everything they've shared since Chris came home. The hunger Chris seems to have for him, the intimacy of their connection.

Breathing heavily, Chris wraps his other arm around Matt as well, hugging him close, lips pressed to the nape of his neck. "You're incredible," he whispers, smiling, cock still pulsing inside him.

"I'm undone," Matt manages to mumble. "Utterly undone."

Chris grins at that. "Do you want to go back to bed or just sit down while I make breakfast?"

"Bed," Matt does not miss the smug tone to Chris's voice, the warmth that only a smile can put there, later he'll tease his lover about it, but right now all he wants is to lie down and just let his mind drift.

"Go lie down. I'll clean up and bring you food," Chris says, easing out and turning Matt in his arms for a real kiss.

The kiss returned, Matt bends to pull up his own shorts, at least just enough he won't trip over them, as he turns to shuffle back down the hall to the bedroom he throws an observation over his shoulder. "I expected you to carry me..."

"Is that right?" Chris grins, turning from the counter to follow Matt and scoop him up in his arms. "Like this?"

That elicits a snort of laughter from Matt as he wraps his arms around Chris's neck. "Oh my big strong man!" he teases in an overtly camp tone.

Chris grins. "Your BBA," he teases, easily carrying Matt down the hall.

"My BBA," Matt agrees, nibbling along Chris's jaw. "My very gorgeous, my very horny big, bossy Australian."

"Careful," Chris teases, turning a little to get them through the bedroom door. "You don't want to get me started again."

"I don't?" Matt queries, pulling his head back to hold Chris's gaze for a moment.

"I was teasing," Chris clarifies, moving to the end of the bed, his hold on Matt actually tightening, their gazes locked. "But maybe you do. Maybe you want to be reminded every time you sit down or even move of how hard and how often I've fucked you since I've been home."

Matt's breath catches hard in his throat at Chris's words, at the tone his lover uses and now he has an understanding of where this... energy is coming from, what it is - it's Chris's sexual dominance. He's had unknowing tastes of it before, but this, this is very different because it's overt, honest, open. Unable to speak, his throat having closed down, Matt nods, not for a moment breaking eye contact.

Hard again in almost an instant, Chris nods back, setting Matt on the end of the bed. He pulls Matt's shorts free, his own clothes quickly joining the pile, then climbs onto the bed, looming over his lover, fingers already between his thighs, probing at his hole, still slick with lube and semen. "Say it," he orders, his voice low, firm. "Tell me how much you want my cock inside you."

Matt has to swallow several times before he can speak, his mouth dry as his body simply reacts to Chris with a force he never knew possible. "I want it," he states, his voice rough. "I want your cock, I want you to fuck me hard, make me feel it..."

Chris kneels up, back, pushing Matt's legs up, hands grasping the backs, just behind his knees, as he pushes forward, cock popping through the first ring of muscle with ease. Gaze locked on Matt's, he teases them both, rocking his hips, the crown slipping out and back in several times before he thrusts all the way in, hard and deep.

That final punch thrust, so deliberate, so deep, has Matt cursing, his head tipped back as he groans loudly. "Yes! Yes! Like that!" His ass is already tender, but his need, his arousal is so much more pressing, more urgent than any discomfort.

With those words, Chris lets go. He pulls back to the tip and slams in again. And again. Fucking Matt harder, faster, driving in with everything he's got, his lover held in place for each and every thrust.

Chris has never fucked him like this before - it's raw, visceral and bordering on violent. Chris's face is flushed, contorted in a mask of fierce determination, sweat slicks his skin as he pounds into Matt over and over. And Matt wonders that he has never seen anything so erotic, so powerful as his lover right now.

Chris keeps going, making sure Matt will be feeling this for the rest of the day if not the days to come. He drives into his lover, teeth gritted, muscles tensed, slamming into his already battered hole again and again.

Whilst Chris's cock is rock hard as it reams him, Matt's is anything but, having already orgasmed twice already this morning. His cock lays limp in his groin, a constant dribble of sticky clear precum weeps from the tip as his prostate is punched over and over. "Please..." he groans out. "Please..."

"Please what?" Chris demands, hooking Matt's ankles over his shoulders again, his cock sunk deep over and over. His rhythm unfaltering.

"Please..." Matt turns his head, his hands grabbing at the bedding. "Please Chris, please cum."

Chris nods. "I'm going to come and fill you up, add to what I already put in you," he growls, hands slipping down Matt's legs, spreading his cheeks so he can thrust even deeper - once, twice and again - before he comes with a strangled shout, body shuddering hard as he empties himself into Matt.

Releasing the bedding, Matt lifts one hand to cup the side of Chris's face as his lover presses deep, his cock pulsing as he orgasms once more. He drinks in the sight of his man, lost in the throes of his pleasure. "I love you," he whispers. "So much..."

"I love you too," Chris gets out, his breathing heavy, as the aftershocks of his orgasm ripple through him. He smiles. "I never expected this," he confesses, easing Matt's legs down and draping himself over his lover.

"That you could get it up three times in an hour?" Matt grins, both hands stroking along Chris's back, his head lifted from the bed to press a kiss to the corner of his lover's mouth.

Chris laughs. "That you'd be wanting me to fuck you that hard," he clarifies, turning his head just enough to kiss Matt full-on. "And yeah, fuck you three times in an hour." He grins. "I was hoping we'd be compatible, I just never guessed how much."

"Just so long as you're not going to get worried if my cock doesn't join in? I'm past forty now, the spirit may be willing but the body..." Matt's grin making it clear he's not at all concerned.

"No worries here," Chris assures him, smiling. He eases out and drops to the bed beside him, Matt pulled into his arms. "I know my... stamina's a little unusual," he says with a soft laugh.

"And your supply of spunk? Is that seemingly endless too?" Matt pushes up and sprawls himself over Chris, the sweat and semen slicked over both their skins.

Again Chris laughs, the sound soft and warm. "Pretty much," he admits, sliding his hands down to Matt's ass, palms cupping his cheeks. "So I can make you as messy as you want," he adds with a grin.

"Huh, you've noticed that?" Matt dips his head to lick a broad stripe across Chris's salty skin. "Do you have any idea how you smell when you're aroused? It's intoxicating... gets me hard, and then when we've fucked..."

"When we've fucked, what?" Chris asks, watching Matt's tongue moving over him.

"I just want to rub myself all over you, I want that smell on our sheets, on my skin," Matt shifts, moving up Chris's body before reaching to push one of Chris's arms up so he can nuzzle into the trimmed hair that grows there.

Chris's breath catches. For all that he's experienced when it comes to kinks and for all that he's aware there are a lot of guys who are into what Matt's doing, this is the first time he's ever had someone do this to him. "You do, do you?" he murmurs, the words less question than statement, his hand sliding up Matt's back to the nape of his neck, lightly urging him on.

That touch, gentle and accepting, gives Matt all the permission he needs to indulge himself. Eyes closed he rubs his cheeks against the damp musky hair, inhaling hard to fill his nose with a scent so personal and intimate.

His cock's softening but it still twitches with arousal as Matt burrows into his armpit, turned on by his lover being into this, something Chris considers kinky as hell.

Opening his mouth, Matt tentatively licks at the fine hair, the skin beneath it, the taste makes him groan and he does it again, and again. So turned on, Matt starts to move against his lover, his hips rocking as if thrusting, his cock, now filling caught between them, the friction of skin to skin heightening the sensation.

Jesus. Chris blows out a breath, canting his hips to meet Matt's movements, the hand on the back of his lover's neck tightening just a fraction, daring to push Matt in there a little more.

Alternating between rubbing his face the moist heat and licking to chase another taste, Matt is unaware of much else beyond this intimacy, a quiet erotic bubble - it's nothing like he's ever experienced before. The pace of his thrusting increases until it's a frenzied, uncoordinated press of body to body and he's groaning, all inhibitions abandoned.

Chris is hard again, aching, his arousal more a product of how aroused Matt is, how wild and uninhibited, than anything else. One hand still on Matt's nape, he slides the other down, letting his fingers dip between his lover's cheeks, teasing over his still wet, freshly fucked hole. "Do it," he urges, breath hot against Matt's skin. "Go on. Come all over me."

And Matt does, he cums and he cums hard, his face contorted as a strangled noise escapes his mouth, the sound muffled by Chris's armpit.

Chris groans as the wet heat spreads between them, his cock throbbing sharply, thrust against Matt's. "That's it," he whispers. "All over me... so dirty..."

As the last aftershocks ripple through his frame Matt goes limp, he moves his head just enough that his cheek rests on Chris's shoulder all the better to catch his breath.

"Hey," Chris says softly, smiling, arms around Matt now, holding him close.

"What have you done to me?" Matt murmurs, his fingers rubbing Chris's skin.

"What do you mean?" Chris asks, although he has a fairly good idea.

"I've never had sex like this before," Matt elaborates, his voice low and soft.

"Are you okay with that?" Chris asks, wondering if Matt's taking it in stride or quietly freaking out.

"I'm not complaining," Smiling against Chris's skin he takes a playful bite. "But it's a huge shift from my celibate monk-like existence to this."

Chris chuckles. "I'll bet, but you know, you're never going back to that," he says. "We might not be fucking like bunnies all the time, especially if we give Luca a little brother or sister, but I'll always find ways to let you know how much I want you."

"What ways?" Matt asks, still smiling, his fingers brushing back and forth in a soothing, rhythmic motion.

"Kissing you every chance I get, waking a few minutes early just so we can make out, telling I love you, I want you," Chris grins. "Date nights. Quickies in the shower. Just holding hands." He exhales softly. "And just the way I look at you," he adds, turning his head a little to smile at Matt. "My parents have been married a long time and my dad's head still turns when my mum walks in the room."

"Sounds perfect," Matt lifts his head to kiss that smile. "And how do I make sure you know you're loved and wanted, Cowboy?"

"Keep calling me Cowboy," Chris says, "whether I get the job or not. Let me be your Joe."

"My Joe? A badass with a terrible taste in shirts?" Matt teases. "You will always be my Joe," he nods. "He is what brought us together."

Chris nods, brushing his lips across Matt's. "I love you," he whispers.

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