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Amity Blight is Doomed (and also a virgin this time)

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Supposedly, it was an innocent outing to the library, just a meeting between two girlfriends on their nostalgia trip through the places they used to go when they were fourteen.


Luz had only just recently returned to the Boiling Isles, actually. She and Amity communicated mainly through letters while Luz finished up her high school years, which somehow managed to keep their relationship alive? To be honest, the specifics didn’t question her, so she wouldn’t question the specifics.


But Luz, while being away, had also grown accustomed to the… happenings between people their age. In fact, she’d grown to quite desire them. However, she wasn’t entirely sure how to bring up the conversation. Their relationship, though thriving, was still brittle in nature. To be fair, they had spent four years only communicating through papers that came in once a month, it would be weirder if they were perfectly fine and dandy around each other now. 


Still, each conversation held the undertones of awkwardness and tension unresolved. Amity seemed more stressed recently — overthrowing a dictator and then establishing a democratic government that she also had to run all on her own for the first four years of its existence would do that to you. She had all the time for Luz that she could take off, which was surprisingly more than Luz originally thought she’d have. The reparation of their lost bond had kick started ever since Luz held Amity in her arms again. (Noting bitterly, of course, that Amity was now taller than her.)


But with every day that passed, Luz still felt that want pulsing throughout her body, the need to push their relationship further and into the unknown for both of them. They weren’t getting anywhere by cuddling and soft kisses — Luz wanted heat and passion. No longer were they fourteen and innocent. 


So, when Amity invited her to hang out in the old secret hideout at the library on her only day off of the month, Luz had jumped at the opportunity. And she desperately, desperately hoped that she’d be able to get the message through to Amity today. 


“It’s been such a long time since I’ve been down here,” Luz remarked as she entered the library, trailing behind Amity. “Is the book to open that hideout still the same? I can’t quite remember the title but I know it was corny.”


Amity scoffed. “Yes. And I’ll have you know that book is magnificent, thank you very much.” She turned around with a lazy grin plastered on her face. Luz’s heart probably stopped. “D’ya wanna have fun today or are you just gonna tease me?”


Oh, I want to have fun, you don’t even know, Luz thought, thankfully keeping that particular one internal. “What do you know? Maybe my idea of fun is teasing you.”


“To think that the anti-bullying activist would be so enamored with bullying me,” came Amity’s reply, frown taking over the smile from earlier. “I don’t even recognize you anymore!”


“It’s funny when I do it because of that one time you actually called me a bully. Which, now that I think about it, I believe was right here,” Luz said, stomping one foot on the ground in front of the romance section for emphasis. 


Smirking, that beautiful little upturn of her lips, Amity pulled the book from its place on the shelf — The Lone Witch and the Secret Room, it was called — and they watched as the door collapsed inward before going to the side.


“How did you even find this place, anyways?” Luz asked as she hopped onto a bean bag chair with familiarity. All the Azura book clubs they’d had here… time really did fly.


“You’re telling me you don’t look for secret entrances in every library in your human world?” Amity shot back, letting the door close behind her before she pulled out the chair from under her desk and reclined onto it.


Luz put on an exaggerated thinking face. “Actually, no, I can’t say that I do.”


“Then your world is even weirder than I thought.” Amity stretched, holding her arms above her head and flexing those god damn muscles… yeah, Luz would not be able to survive today. She was already running on a full tank and Amity was just pouring in more gas.


But then Luz noticed something she’d never noticed before: Amity’s ears were twitching. Like, actually pricking upward and going down. And by God was she interested in that.


Absentmindedly, she reached forward and laid her hand on one. “Twitchy-witchy,” she said with a smile, rubbing it back and forth.


“Uh, Luz? What are you doing?” Amity stammered, suddenly sounding very strained. When Luz looked over to see what was wrong, she certainly was not expecting Amity’s eyes to be screwed shut and for her teeth to be hooking on her bottom lip, but it was the Boiling Isles so what could she do.


She chuckled. “I didn’t know your ears moved on their own. That is so cute! They’re, like, little cat ears!” She quickened her pace, adding in a little scratch for good measure.


“Nghf… I… I don’t think you want to do that,” Amity responded, shifting her legs around uncomfortably. “They’re sensi-sensitive!” She leaned into Luz’s hand more, seemingly not of her own accord, gasping.


Luz stilled her movements. “Wait. Like, in a bedroom type of way?” Yeah, suddenly she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to proceed.


Amity let out some sort of strangled whine. “Yes,” she breathed, finally being able to catch up with her lungs. Protectively, she pushed Luz’s hand away. “Sorry. That might have made you uncomfortable. I guess you don’t know a whole lot about witch anatomy.”


“No, no! I was- I was into it?” Luz said quickly, then was taken aback by her own words. “Um, what’s that about witch anatomy?”


Amity swayed side to side nervously. “Well, some nerves in our ears cross with clitoral ones? Which, like, now that I’ve studied human anatomy, probably seems strange. But… it’s kind of like how for you guys, pain can be interpreted as pleasure.”


Luz raised a brow. “I’m not sure if that’s exactly it… but okay. No ear touching then? Unless you want that! But only if you’re comfortable with it,” she quickly added, throwing her hands up as if surrendering.


Playing with her fingers, Amity looked up. “What… what if I am?”


The brunette hesitantly began to scratch one of Amity’s ears again. “Then… can I do this?” The reaction was almost immediate. Amity basically melted into her, making these nice little noises.


“Please,” she breathed, “Please don’t stop.” 


If Luz was being honest, she was not at all expecting for this to be how her first time happened with Amity. Sure, she knew if she was going to have it with anybody, it would be her, but she was absolutely thinking more of a human route and not… whatever this was.


But as Amity’s gasps and moans got breathier and louder, only by small fractions each time, she found that she preferred this. Felt more organic. And now she also understood why her teachers used to get ticked off if students put their hands near another student’s ear, so that was a plus.


She could tell by the way they were sitting that Amity’s legs were spreading apart — what with her shuffling forward and Amity basically being on top of her now — but she didn’t know how to take that next step. So she resolved to poke at Amity’s exposed midriff and drag her fingers down, hooking them in the waistband of her sweatpants.


“Is this okay?” Luz whispered, barely audible. Amity nodded feverishly, mouthing something Luz couldn’t make out.


Hesitantly, Luz stuck the pads of her fingers lower, meeting neatly trimmed pubic hair. When she went further she could feel the warmth and surprising amount of dampness around her girlfriend’s core, and she wished that they had done this sooner, because she was downright starving for this.


She used her middle finger to rub firmly along the edges of her labia. Her other hand was still busying itself by running patterns along Amity’s ear. Taking the opportunity to look upward, she saw Amity’s golden eyes, clouded with lust, staring back at her like Luz was the answer to everything she’d ever wanted. Her mouth was hanging open slightly. Luz smirked and once again quickened her pace. It was her who was prompting these reactions from Amity, she remarked on when Amity bucked into her hand ever so faintly.


Then there was a noise outside the hideout, and Luz remembered where she was. It sounded like someone dropping a book, before there was a quiet grumble and footsteps that progressively went further away.


Right. They were in a library, in a place that wasn’t soundproof, nor was it particularly good at keeping sound in anyways. Luz could hear Amity’s disappointed huff as she drew her hands away from her girlfriend’s body. “Sorry,” she said halfheartedly before awkwardly standing up and putting her ear up against the door.


It was Saturday, which meant that the building was mostly vacant, but if she listened closely enough she could just barely make out the sounds of people flipping pages or watching videos on a crystal ball. 


And to her surprise, the idea of other people hearing her and Amity fucking in a library turned her on. Probably to an unhealthy extent.


She turned back to Amity, who was staring off into space. She snapped her fingers to get her attention. “Amity,” she began, feeling a little self-conscious, “There are people out there… are you okay with continuing?”


Amity looked taken aback. “I figured you wouldn’t want to… I thought that’s why you pulled away.” Then she smiled. “This is what I’ve wanted for a long time, Luz.”


Said Luz let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. “Okay, good, because I didn’t know I was capable of being this turned on in my life and I really want to fuck you senseless right now.” Hungrily, she darted towards her again, this time being much less hesitant in her movements. She quickly shoved Amity’s sweatpants down (and by extension, her panties) so they pooled around her ankles before letting herself take in the sight in front of her — Amity, completely exposed and already panting, hair messy and undone, Amity, who had wanted her for so long, Amity, who was hers and only hers.


“Did you know,” Luz said, circling her touch around Amity’s clit, “That every time you’d send me one of those letters, I’d sit in the shower and fuck myself until I couldn’t feel my legs?” Her girlfriend reacted in the way she hoped she would — her breath hitched and she wordlessly pushed herself further into Luz’s hand, desperately searching for relief. Already so worked up, must be so lost, Luz thought with a smirk. “And I would think of my body as yours,” she continued, inching closer and closer to the spot she knew Amity wanted her at, “And I would imagine myself touching you like that.”


The whine that escaped from Amity’s lips was aggressive, complemented by further bucking into Luz’s hand. “Please just take me already. I love you so much, oh my God.”


“Take you? First time?” Luz tried to tease, though it fell flat when Amity actually seemed embarrassed at that. “Hey, it’s mine too, don’t worry.” And to show just how sorry she was, she brought her tongue over and drew it across her lover’s clit, who moaned tersely. 


But then Luz had a brilliant idea. “What if I demonstrate some of my time in the shower?” she proposed, mostly still trying to tease but also feeling a bit hot at the idea of Amity watching her masturbate.


“You are the embodiment of every fantasy I’ve ever had in my life,” Amity groaned, rubbing her palms on her face, almost exasperatedly, “Please do.” She brought her own hands down her inner thighs as Luz got comfortable on the bean bag chair again.


Luz hummed, making quick work of taking off her pants and exposing that she didn’t have underwear on — Amity was not turned on by this — then chuckled when she saw the way her girlfriend was looking at her. “Frustrated?” she said, bringing one finger to drag up and down her slit.


“A little,” Amity responded, but her eyes followed Luz’s finger like prey. 


“So I’d start with a little something like this,” Luz began, keeping the action consistent, “And when I’d started getting off the ground, I’d do this,” she started to push her finger into her entrance, smiling as Amity bit her lip. “I wish I had a shower head with me. Then you’d get the full experience. Oh well.” She went to the last knuckle, then repeated it again, progressively getting faster.


She really, really wanted Amity to get off from this, so even though she didn’t usually make a lot of noise (she’d learned to keep it in her mouth after an incident with her mother she wanted to forget) she let herself get lost in the pleasure and make little whines and grunts.


It seemed to have the desired effect. Amity was touching herself now — rubbing her ears and letting some of her fingers dance around her own entrance — making cute, faint moans that rumbled in her throat.


“Because, I don’t know if you know this, Blight, but shower heads are really something special,” Luz said in between pants and groans. “We should try it out sometime.”


That sent Amity over the edge very quickly (wow, she was pathetic just getting off by the idea of having another time with Luz) and by extension Luz as well. They sat, catching their breath in the aftermath, the sounds of the library around them. It was then that Luz realized Amity had been a little too loud. She covered her mouth, but it didn’t do enough to stop the sound from escaping.


Bang, bang, bang! Three raps on the bookcase, followed by a “Hello? Who’s in there?”


Neither person moved inside the room. Amity’s golden eyes met Luz’s brown, still slightly hazy, and Luz could see pure panic infiltrating her irises. The human brought a finger up to her lips, but not for a “shush” gesture — no, she licked the fluids that covered it clean off, giving Amity a devilish smile in the process.


“Fuck,” she could hear Amity whisper almost silently, trying to find friction between the chair and her clit. But Luz could assist her with that one. She darted forward, getting on her knees in front of Amity, and used her hands to spread her thighs far apart. Somewhere in the middle Amity’s sweatpants ended up on the floor. She stuck out her tongue and dragged it along Amity’s upper thigh, then bit down, which made her girlfriend gasp in surprise and squirm.


“This chair can’t be comfortable,” Luz said, a particularly scandalous idea crossing her mind. “How about I take you on this desk?” Without waiting for a response she wrapped her arms around Amity and slammed her onto the surface of the wood. 


Amity made a strangled noise before pushing Luz off. “Wait,” she said, pointing to a shelf on the right side of the room, “There’s… something behind those books. Grab it for me?”


Luz obeyed, pushing the books aside to reveal a strap-on hiding behind them. She grinned and turned around. Amity was flushed red. “You have one of these?”


“Yes, now please fuck me until I can’t stand,” Amity growled, spreading her legs further as an invitation. She was already embarrassingly wet from her previous orgasm — and very sensitive — so there was no resistance when Luz slid the strap-on into her, but there were a whole lot of sounds emitting from Amity's body and the tension in her abdomen building up very fast.


“Is anyone in there?” the disembodied voice from earlier called, but they ignored it, lost in each other as Luz pumped in and out of her lover, getting rougher and faster each time. “Hello?”


The slick, wet sounds of their love were loud, but interlocked together, finally reaching that point in their relationship they’d been meaning to cross for ages, they couldn’t care less about the outside world. It was simply just them.


“Don’t—don’t stop!” Amity gasped, wrapping her arms around Luz’s shoulders and pulling her into a sloppy kiss before pulling away, her legs taut with tension on either side of Luz. “Don’t you dare fucking stop!”


Her hips rolled and met every single push into her insides, hitting just the right spot every time. She was pretty sure her dignity ran far ahead as she writhed under Luz’s grip, but she could not care to catch up to it. If it meant she could feel like this, she’d toss it to the wind every morning. 


“¿Te gusta eso?” Luz whispered into her ear, husky and deep. “You enjoying this, you little slut?”


Oh God. Amity was going to die on the spot. How did Luz know about… that?


But her mind drew a blank as she finally hit her peak, Luz stilling inside of her and shoving a hand over her mouth when she made a noise a bit too sexual for her liking. 


“I’m calling the Emperor’s Coven for public indecency if you don’t leave the premises right now!”