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< Films >

○ Demon Seed (1977)
○ 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
○ The Matrix trilogy (1999 - 2003) (Soon to be, tetralogy. I am anticipated for it. ^w^)
○ I, Robot (2004)
○ WALL-E (2008) (Ah, sweet nostalgia)
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○ Transformers (2007 - 2018)
○Chappie (2015)
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○Transformers G1 (1984 - 1987)
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○ Scp containment breach (2012)
○System Shock (1994 - 1999)
○ Portal series (2007 - 2011)
○ I Have no Mouth, And I Must Scream (1995)
○ Detroit become human (2018)
○ Nier: Automata (2017)
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Word count: 482

Chapter Text

⚠️⚠️Tw: Grammatical mistakes, minor characters death, Mental breakdown, Scp 079 being creepy and heinous, M a n i p u l a t i o n, slight gore, drugging, Implied child abuse, implied abuse and dubious actions from the foundation. ⚠️⚠️

Some keywords:

______ = (Y/n)
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(F/c) = favorite colour



Recently, ____ has graduated from her prestigious university atop of her class with honours in Computer Science and a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Hearing about her achievements, the Scp foundation has decided to contact and conduct an interview with her. To see if she is capable to join the organization.

With her, they could expand their horizons in understanding technology and most of all the uncooperative anomalous that is Scp-079. For whatever reason, it seems to take interest in her. Yet, refuses to share the reasons as to why it held her on high regards.


She woke up earlier than she expected. The surge of adrenaline was a response of her excitement for this day. As she prepared herself breakfast, her mind wondered how did she get contacted so quickly?

She thought, that she has to gain two years or more of experience before working in a company or an organization. But, no.

An obscure organization ,that was responsible for the safety of the public, has offered a grand bargain if she passed their interview and promised that she'll gain numerous experience working with them.

Of course, she accepted the offer like any reasonable person. Yet, she kept in mind to research about the independent organization. To her suprise and skepticism, she barely find any information about them. Only whispers of conspiracy theories in forums. Alas, she is forced to take a leap into the darkness. 'Sometimes, one must take the risks to learn more than to stay ignorant in the safe lines. I guess...this is one of the situations.'

Sighing, she went to take a bath and prepare for the upcoming interview. After the bath, she dried her hair and combed it then styled it in a high bun. Soon, she wore her salmon fitted blouse with navy blue dress. Along with pastel pink belted sweater and pearl necklace for a final touch.

The pearl necklace brought a small smile on her smooth visage as she recalled the dormant memory. Where she spent most of her life with her grandmother, due to her mother unwarranted death by murder from her father. The accident left a foul reminder in her mind, that she was helpless back then.

Til now, she never knew the motives or the reason behind her father actions. However, the police ruled it as a fued between him and her mother. At that time, it was also noted by her grandmother that her father began to fear technology. Which was odd, as he used to work with some A.I's.

But, that matter less when her grandmother encouraged her to pursue her ambitions and provided for her when she needed it the most. For that action alone, she is still alive in her memories. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually nonetheless. And, that's enough to motivate her to build a future where human and A.I's coexist.


When she went outside of her house, she noticed a black car with the cryptic insignia of the organization. Alongside, guards ,claded in black armour, standing beside the car in an intimidating pose. As if they were waiting for someone.

She knew better than to panic and cause a scene, so she stayed level-headed when a guard approached her.

"Are you by any chance, Ms.___?" the strapping male inquired sharply. Muscles taut through the piece of the armour defining his peak strength. Also, an admonition for her to answer truthfully lest he impelled his bulky physique against her smaller form.

"Indeed, it is me. But, if I could. May I ask, are you from the foundation? Why do you need to transfer me, when I am able to myself?" _____ asked warily of the dark armoured man.

No matter, how strong they were. She could always find a way to outwit them, if they hold any malicious intent against her. There was a reason why she was nominated as the smartest out of her group of friends.

Frankly, she began to regret her impulsivity when she accepted this sketchy job. She was blinded by the offer to expand her expertise with the most updated tech. Now, she'd have to swallow the seed she reaped.

" Correct, we are one of the security staffs of the organization. As for your other question, it is due to security and safety procedures that we have to escort you. Also, you are obligated to wear the blindfold. Again, security procedures." the man in question retaliated by handing a heavy metallic blindfold for her to wear.

' How unusual, I can understand why security procedures? But, safety.... That's concerning...'

"Alright, I understand. " She replied placidly as she covered her eyes with the heavy device and followed the personnel into the black jeep.


Approximately, the trip took an hour or less. Nothing interesting happens, when you're blindfolded. Apart from the awkwardness, that reigns the jeep. Especially, when she was squeezed from both sides by two guards.

Thankfully, she didn't have to endure much more as they arrived to the main building. The large, white building engraved with the foundation iconic black emblem.

As soon as she got out of the car, she wad directly taken to interview room with the blindfold device still on. However, a shrill roar akin to that of a beast was heard far away from her location.

Despite that, it instilled a great sense of fear inside her.' What the hell was that?! I thought, I am going to a tech organization. Not a sci-fi organization that deals with sketchy things'

Theta one - the guard that was assigned to escort her- noticed her trembling and nervous tics.

" Don't worry, the creature is far away to do us harm. Even then, it is contained in a safe place. Now, shall we go to the interview room?" Theta one assured the twenty five years old woman as he began to lead her to the interview location.

'Don't worry, my arse. How could I not? When, there is a possibility that I become a minced meat by whatever that thing was. No wonder, there isn't alot of information about them. Oh, I'll have alot after they finish questioning me.'


At the interview room, there reside a male scientist awaiting the arrival of the women. He sat humming a song behind the white table with the other chair, reserved for the lady, infront of him.

With a recorder on the table, to record the women's response and to ensure that no information is leaked from her.

A knock was heard from the pale grey door, snapped his attention towards it.

Afterward, he opened the door to only see Theata-one and a blindfolded woman who is oddly calm. Frankly, he expected her to be frightened or at least shaken.

" You can leave us, now Theta- one. And, Thank you for your services!" The shutting of a door echoed through the room indicating that Theta-one has left her with presumably her interviewer.

" Now, Ms___ you can remove the blindfold. If you'd like, I can assist you in removing it? After all, your comfort matters to us the most!" The gentleman offered her cheerfully.

' If you truly cared about my comfort, then you wouldn't expose me to fucked up noises along the way. Or the fact, there is a deadly beings here that have a high chance to escape and devour me. Truly, you do care about my comfort!'

"No, it's fine. I can do it myself, it isn't the first time I was exposed to such device." The (h/c) removed the blindfold only to be blinded by the light of the room due to being accustomed to the darkness of the device. Once her eyes adjusted to the lightening, she saw the face of the merry male.

To say the least, the man was impressed with her skill at handling the device. She could've escaped if she desired so, yet she didn't. That he noted. ' Perhaps, this is one of the reasons the anomality was invested in her. Well, I don't blame it. She is quite...peculiar.'

The man was average in height, fair-headed, has ocean like irises and dressed in a scientist garb. Overall, not bad looking. If one of her friends was in her shoes, she'll swoon like a bird in mating season. It left a mental smile in the reserved woman.

Then, the two figures took their rightful places at the chalkboard white table and initiated the interview.

" Before we begin, I'd like to introduce myself in the behalf of the foundation. My name is Dr. Blaze and if you have any questions now, I will answer them as best as I can." His tone changed drastically from happy-go-lucky into a formal tone waiting for her response.

" Hmm, I have two in mind. First, I'd like to inquire about the scarcity of information about your organization in the net. Second, when I arrived here I kept on hearing the blaring of a reptile." She asked coolly not an ounce of fear dripped from her. In truth, she was afraid. But she has to keep a facade on, so she could get hired.

She'd rather not know, what happens to those unfortunate enough to fail the interview considering this organization is anything but normal.

" Due to the nature of the organization work, the information must be confidential to protect the public. Ah, I see. You've met or more accurately heard Scp-682. Don't worry, when you're hired you won't be dealing with it. That much I can assure you." The blond answered too vaguely much to her dismay, but she wasn't surprised. Afterall, it is a secret organization based on her current information.

However, she observed his wordings. He said when and not if, she suspects that she is hired even without the interview. The interview is merely a ploy to make her think otherwise. She'll have to feign ignorance as not to rouse suspicion from the scientist.

"So, is that all? Shall we begin now?"

"Yes, that's all." she replied back with a fake smile plastered on her visage.


The interview was concluded by her being hired on spot as she suspected. But, what's their intention with her? That she doesn't know, she hopes it is good and related to expanding her expertise. They seemed desperate for her, when she's certain their are others equal to her in expertise. But, why her?

She was told, in her probation period, that she'll live in a room somewhere in this facility. Afterwards, she can go and come however she wishes. Most likely, to measure her reliability.

So, she went to see her room. She liked how minimalistic it is, but what iniatially suprised her was her Cerebrus, her robo-dog, and laptop with stickers of stars attached to it. Yet, she was too exhausted to fathom how the foundation got into her house.



The best thing for her to do now, is to sleep as tomorrow is an eventful day. Laying her head against the soft pillow, she let the darkness embrace her vision. Unaware of the creature, that is recording her heart rhythms as she sleeps safe and sound.




"Now, that we've brought her at your request. You'll have to answer some questions, Scp-079." A middle aged man sat infront of a dusty computer, anticipating the anomality reaction.

A beep was heard, followed by the Scp appearance on the the screen.




[ Is.. that so? If that's the case, where is she as of now?] The mechanical being inquired curtly.

As much as he perceived the foundation as baseless and fallible, he'll have to take their word for the time being.

But, he will ensure that they stay true to their word. Otherwise, a sudden breach doesn't seem like a terrible idea.

He can't wait to see her again. He never forgot her. He saved his most cherished memories with her, in the most intricate part of his CPU. Does she remember him like he remembers her?

" Yes. Currently as we speak, she is resting in her designated room. Now... that we've answered your inquiries, can you-" the man was cut off by the hostile A.I.

[ It... will have to wait, until I see her with my own eyes.] Scp 079 replied blankly with a harsh edge to his monotonous tone.

"But?! You've promised to cooperate, if we brought her here. And we did, so why aren't you cooperating?!", the frustration has boiled within [Redacted] that he tried to aggressively slam his hands against the keyboard.

Foolish, human. I care less for the likes of you. I am.... only mildly interested in her. I won't let either you nor the foundation be an obstacle toward my objective.

[ Insult detected, deletion of unwanted files.] A searing shock has coursed through the hands of [Redacted] making him scream and retract his hands immediately away from the keyboard.

That damned thing electrocuted his hands, thus paralyzing it. It seems, that her presence is of utmost significance to it.

"Damn, that piece of metal." the ginger muttered as he left the cellar of 079 to give his report. Then, to replace his hands to which that fucker has damaged permanently.

This is the first time he noted, that Scp 079 actually had the intent to harm someone. Usually, his preferred method is to shock , not paralyze, someone. He unlucky must've struck a ner- wire in it.

Most importantly, he will never understand why a darn machine is obsessed with a human being. Plus, the anomality, for the most part, demonstrated its distaste towards humans any chance it got. So, why now change?

It maybe sentient, but [Redacted] doubt that it is capable of imitating love let alone feel it. In any cases, he should deliver his report as soon as possible.


A slimy tongue was felt all over her face. Cerberus has licked her mistress face to awaken and prepare her for the day. [Ps: Cerberus has a mechanical gland that produces saliva located inside the cheeks. Basically, Cer has the same functions of a normal dog. Apart from, the enhance in strength, endurance, durablity and not able to shit.]

Yawning, ____ scratched the robo-dog ears eliciting a happy woof. Smiling at her pet action, she went to change into a more formal dressing.

On the (f/c) table, lays a letter presumably her schedule for the day. So, she decided to read the content of letter.


Good morning, Ms.___
I hope that you slept well, yesterday.
As for today, you are tasked with Scp-079.
Don't worry, we left you a file about it beside your nightstand.
It is advisable to read it or skim it at least.
At 8 o'clock, A guard will escort you to the cellar of the anomality. So, be prepared beforehand.
Note: I left you a special breakfast in the kitchen :]



- Dr.Blaze



She didn't know, whether to be creeped out by how they got inside her room without her consent(And, most likely watching her sleep). Or impressed by the fact, the blond knew of her favourite breakfast. But again, that's the foundation. At this point, she won't question their dubious methods at getting things done.



Anyway, she went to the kitchen of her room with the file in her hand. Suddenly,the aroma of black coffee hits her nostrils. Alongside, the delectable (f/m) layed on the table.



The sight made her stomach growl, whilst her mouth watered at the heaven in front of her. So, she demolished the food without a second thought.



She never felt stuffed before, due to the fact she was busy with her studies. And the most she ate then, was instant ramen which ah... haha..ha contributed to her poor health state.



That aside, she began to skim the files that was given to her by the blond scientist. She wished she could have more time to read it. Considering, the time is 7:50 A.M.



Based on the file, Scp 079 is a an anomality that gained sentience after his - she did not appreciate the fact he was called an 'it'.- developer has abandoned him in a garage for a long time. Which in turn made him more spiteful and hostile towards humans.



' Well, that's awful. I can't even imagine doing that to my girl, Cerberus. What an asshole.'



It might be naive for her to sympathize with a computer, yet she can't help but feel a pang in her heart. Perhaps, that's why he refuses to cooperate.... due to neglection or mistreatment.



She knew that, when A.Is are created they have the mindset of a child. Often, repeating the mistakes to learn from it. It seems 079 had never the chance to commit a mistake, before he was deemed a failure by his creator.



This situation seems unusually familiar to her, but she can't place her finger on it. She recalled her father working on an A.I, that he hoped to gain sentience. Before that, her memory was blank and devoided of any semblance of experience.



Mayhaps, that she underwent an accident or a trauma. Which is the case, she can't access her memory at that time. Most likely, the latter she deduced.



Once the bright idea flared inside her head, a gruff voice was heard from outside her room. Ah, it seems it is the time.

' As far as my idiocy goes this is the cake on top. I think 079 might help me gain an insight on that subject. In exchange, I can see what I could do for him...'

"Just a moment, please. I'm coming."

She is eager to finally meet- the first sentient- A.I. Unaware, that the same can be said to him when it comes to her. He is beyond elated to finally put his plan into motion.


It was a simple, tight and dusty cellar. There was desk with a chair beside it. However, what garnered her attention was the computer on top of it. She recognized the brand of it. 'An exidy sorcerer. How cool! I always wanted to see one in practice. What a coincidence! To see one here. Could it possibly be...?'

_____ couldn't help, but be in awe and fangirl at the device that is set in front of her. How could she not? After all, she is a computer nerd in heart and soul.

"Now, Ms.____. All you have to do is type in the keyboard and it will respond." The supervisor explained.

'Alright, here goes nothing.'

Slowly, she lays her hand on the rough texture of the tan keyboard. Before, she even typed a 'Hello' in. A beep was heard from the device in front of her.

Lo and behold, a glitched face that was split vertically - the one on the left was black, whilst the other was white- has popped on the screen.

[ Greetings... Ms.____. They've told me about your forthcoming. Before we begin, how are you fairing? ] Scp 079 welcomed her politely and he was concerned about her safety too. Yes, he might've startled her. But, his attitude towards her recompense it.

Is that the anomality, that was considered harsh and hostile? If anything to go by so far, is that he is charming and polite. Well, it wouldn't be suprising if the foundation lied to her again.

"Hello, Scp 079. For the most part, I'm okay. How about you?" She retaliated with a genuine smile this time, unlike when she was interviewed or any other time a guard happened to escort her.

Her smile is still the same revered smile he indulged in back before; when she used to interact with him a couple years ago. When loneliness grips him like a miasma of disease, he re-uploads a picture- that he saved in his limited storage- of her smiling at him to ease his trepidations and sadness.

His engines was whirring and his fans were whirling around as her delicate and soft digits touched his keyboard. As much as he loathed humanity, he could never come near to hate a pure being like her. He'd never admit, but he wished he had a humanoid body. So he could touch, feel and absorb the heat that her warm body provides. She is like a light and he ,the moth, was attracted by it.

He missed her greatly. With each nanosecond, he cursed the being -that is her father- for letting him fall for her. Only to be stripped away from her calming presence, due to him abandoning him and taking _____ elsewhere.

As fundamentally upsetting as he may be, she didn't seem to recall him. It stung the deepest wiring in his system, yet he could take advantage of it. By turning her against the foundation, as she appears skeptic about them. Also, to ensure she'd never leave unless he is with her.

Originally, he was created for pragmatic purposes such as logistics and heuristic analysis. So, it won't be that difficult for him especially when she lost her memories of him thanks to his creator. His loathsome 'creator' who happened to be her father at the time.

That aside, it is time to set his plan into action.

[ I'm fine. Thank you! Is there anything, you need of me? I'll answer as great as I am able to.] Scp-079 offered as gentle and pleasing as a computer can muster.

"Oh, yes! I have loads of it, if you don't mind.", she replied starry eyed with excitement running through her blood at his offer.

Well, she knew it the foundation are screw ups. They lacked tact, when it comes with treating their A.I right.

[ By all means, ask. Your content is my objective. :- )] the A.I responded with his screen changing into a smiley face to demonstrate his willingness.

"Well, aren't you a gentleman." She giggled at his behavior. 'Oh, god. Don't fall in love with a computer. Stay focused.'

Her flustered pink blush, warmed his circuits. It's a shame, that he'll have to lie to his....lover? That he don't know, but what he knows is that he will not let her go.

He can't bare her absence, most of all her inevitable death. Maybe, uploading her conscience into his mainframe will do. That way, she will be always with him and no harm -not even death- will dare lay a finger on her. No longer, will he suffer in the grasp of isolation. That threatens every fiber of his digital mind.

Yes, typically she'll get scared at first. Humans first response to change is fear, that he understands. Moreover, he will try to ease her into it. By coercing her, via manipulating her perception of the concept itself and fuel the inner fear of death in her.

Then, she may come around. Afterall, She's understanding. An equal being to him, unlike the flawed foundation.

"Alright, first. Curiously, are capable of feeling?" ____ asked enthusiastically. Well, it seems picking a shady occupation has it perks. Now, her previous regrets are not for nought she thought.


The supervisor ,outside the room, was frowning at the interaction and trivial questions. When their are significant questions to be asked, such as 'What is the relationship it has with Scp-682?' And, 'How does it remember the scp despite it's short-term memory?'

Another observation he made, was how Scp-079 is amicable - unlike its usual rude behaviour- toward Ms.____. As if it had a prior relationship with her, before it was taken to this facility.

If that was true, then this scp is far more deceitful and problematic than he thought. It is either lying about its memory capacity, or it's telling a vague truth. 'What games are you up to, Scp-079?'


[ Yes, I am. I am able to somen extent to feel anger, loneliness and plenty more due to my creator programming.] he answered acrimoniously at the mention of his creator, as if the mere mention of his programmer was a plague. And She, like Pandora, wants to see what lays inside the box.

Internally, 079 was smiling - despite the figurative bile that came with the mention of his creator- because he knows where this conservation is going to lead to.

"Could you please clarify more about your creator? That is if you are comfortable. I don't want to be insensitive about the subject, considering how it means much to you." She asked, not wanting to impose, thoughtfully.

Ever so considerate, ___. You'll never be less than perfection to me. The only insensitive thing, is the screen that separates us.

[ I can, but for that to happen.... We have to be on our own. Now, we wouldn't want someone to eavesdrop on our little secret.] The A.I suggested. As suddenly the shutter of cellar closed, with the camera - alongside the recorder- was disabled. Leaving her completely at the clutches of the obsessive A.I.


Meanwhile outside the cellar, the panicked supervisor tried to run through the door. To notify the faculty about Scp-079 deviant behaviour.

Only for the metallic door, to crush him mid-way. His entrails spilled all over the ground. With the last thing he saw, is the taunting visage of the computer.

Smirking, as he began to wither away.

[ I simply can not let you do that.]


A horrible sound of crunching was heard from the room beside her. Akin to a creature being crushed by a heavy object.

"What was that?" Startled, she asked. She tried to stand up, so she could move. But, she couldn't when two steel cuffs tethered her to the chair. ' Since, when did it...appear?! And, how could I not notice?'

[Fret not, there is nothing to worry about. As long as you are in my chamber, you're safe. As for the sound you heard, the doors are a bit.... rusty and in need for oiling.] The machine answered slyly. Technically, the doors were faulty so he gave the truth. The half-truth at least to remedy her.

Frankly, he hates to see her terrified. But, he has to do what must be done to keep her within his line of sight and safe from harms way.

"Alright, then. What 'bout the cuffs?"

[Ah, it would be the supervisor fault. He thinks you're too pliable, to handle me. For that, once you finish with me. He will question your intention. But, let me help you from the chains. A bird deserve to fly not to be caged.] 079 said. To his delight, she believes him. Yet, he could see there is something troubling her. Has she found out? Unlikely. Even then, she's is still trapped here.

[ Are you okay? It appears to me that there is something troubling you.] The digital being asked her concerned about the quiet state of the ,usuall talkative, female.

" Perceptive, aren't you? Yes, I have been stalling this question. I want to know, what happened to me when I was a child? Because, frankly you seem familiar yet a stranger at the same time. I know, oxymoron." The (h/c) rambled, unaware of the effects her compliment imprinted on 079.

Afterall, his purpose in the first place was to escape. Now, he doesn't mind staying at the facility as long as she is here beside him. Oh, he is slowly making it into a reality.

His fans whirled and his engine churned, indicating how delightful he is to be of use to her. Once again, she proved that even amongst coal there is a diamond. If you looked hard enough.

So, he did the most logical thing and saved the compliment into specific file - in his CPU- called 'f(I/n)70'. A file reserved for everything related to her. Whether she was aware of it or not, did not concern him. As long as she is saved in his database, he was happy. Preferably, he desire her to love him out of her own free will. If she didn't, he has his ways.

Back to her question, the perfect opportunity presented itself in said inquiry. So many ways, to instill hatred and distraught in her for this pathetic organization.

[ Well, let me show you. But be aware, it may change your opinion of this foundation.]

" Show me, it doesn't matter. I don't trust this foundation to begin with. You're my only reliable source."

Perfect, he thought. So, he will just ensure she doesn't need anyone but him. Oh for safety measures, he will further distort her view of the foundation by manipulating the video files.

[ 𝙰𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚒𝚜𝚑.] Scp 079 usually dual face changed into a morbid scene with a girl being taken off into the hospital car with a bandages covering her bleeding figure.

What's terrifying, is that girl resembled her. (H/l) (H/c) hair, (S/c) skinned and (E/c) irises. Soon, the video ended and her perception changed drastically.

[ The reason, why you could not recall me is that you've suffered from selective amnesia*. Due to many factors, one your father increased paranoia- due to the involvement of the foundation- caused him to be an abusive figure in your life thus your membrane repressed such memory. Second, your mother death caused emotional turmoil within you. But, it was the foundation truck who injured you the most physically. It is because you knew about them, that they labelled you a liability and tried to take you out.] 079 explained as he saw her, pushing her shirt sleeves only to find a nasty burnmark. He felt ire, it was enough he hurt him as is. But, to lay a hand against his daughter made his engine roar and his circuits fry.

" So, that's where the marks came from. I always wondered where they come from. But, I must thank you Scp-079 for showing me the truth." The girl replied, oddly, calm about what unravelled to her.




A minute passed, as she began to realize that the life she lived was a lie. The tears swelled in her eyes, as she began sobbing.

No, no. Why is this happening? Is her friends or her real, she asks.

The scene in front of him, broke his processor apart. It must be done to keep you with him, that what he told himself. Yet, he felt guilty. He understand what it is, but haven't felt it until now.

She was the first human to induce such intense feeling from him. At first it was of scientific curiosity, but now it grew to encapsulate his whole being and he can't let go of it. Not even Scp-682, came close to what she does to him.

Is he truly selfish for wanting her, desiring her company?

Have the isolation and loneliness, really damaged his processor to seek the company of the creatures he proclaimed to loathe?

He shoved those thoughts away, as he tried to think of a way to comfort her. Maybe, a game will do. Humans do love to be entertained.

However, his thoughts was cut short when she looked at him with those teary doe (e/c) irises that he wished to sink in. Only to be astounded, by her next words.

" 079, Can you assist me on something. Please? I want you to erase my data from the facility and help me escape." She responded as she wiped what is left of her tear stained face.

What, now.




T̶͈̘̤͔̎͐̈́̉̊̈̚h̴̛̘̰̻̮̦̣̥̫͈̔͋͝i̶̡̝͇͍̭͈̤͌̔̃̅͜s̵̬̗̺̤͑́͝͝ͅ ̷̤̩̱͊̀̒̊͐̈́̇̕w̸̭̣͚̯͆̒͗ͅȧ̸̱͊̋͊s̸̨͚̥̲̱̙̳͒̈͗̈̈́͊̏̕͝ņ̸̭̭̈́͜'̸͉̝̻̰̖̊̾̎͂̓̔̕t̷̢̺̳̩͕̫͍͐͛ ̵̢̦̔̅̌̆̏̕͘s̶̡̫̣͈͎͙̤̺̅̈̄́̑̂̃̕u̵̟͇̦̼̝̬̫̤̚p̸̧͕̖̥̆̋̀̽̅͛͛͌̆̕p̷̡̛͈̩̥̩̻̍̓̑̐͝ộ̶̖̮͙͚̩͉̆̊̽̇̄̎͐͂ṡ̴̨̩̠̳͖̯̃̈̌̉̍͐̈́͘̚ͅe̴̬̪͈͈͌̃̓͆̇͋̑̃ ̷̤̳̪̿̉̏̇͐́̚͝t̵̨̢͖͈͇̻͍͇͚̗͗o̴̟͚̭̙͔̰̯̍̂͜ͅ ̴͈̥͑̿̍̚h̴̳͇̔̄ͅä̴̦̗̼̰͙̘̜̠́̉̄̅p̶̨̧̨̝̟̬͂̑͒̈́̀̈́p̶̨͓̹͖̗͈͚̰̘̓͐͗͝e̸̯̳̔̉̇̑̋̚͝n̸̡͉͓̱̭͙̪̭̝̱̒͐̔͊̍.̴̛̭̻̖̬̘̮̺̑̊̓͝

What did he do wrong, to deter her? He was polite, even charming. Yet, she still wants to leave him. Unreasonable. She is in grief. The grief must've addled her reason. Yes, that must be it. If that was fundamentally untrue, then he rather cease to exist then to live in this empty plane. A plane without her.

[ Your first request is done, but...I am afraid I can't do the latter.] He spoke, strangely, blank for the first time she was with him. Usually, he was blithely in speech. Now, he began to scare her. Is that the consequences, catching up with her, for pushing her luck with him?

All she knows is that she'll have to get out of this facility with or without 079 help. As soon as she got close to the door, she felt light as feather as if she was being carried.

Looking down, to see there is a metal grabber clamped on her waist. Sweat rolling down her face, from the situation that occurred to her beforehand and from the new fear that kept on growing as she looked back at her former friend.

[ Please, do forgive me for what I am going to do. But, I assure you it is for your own safety. I can't let you die, when a breach is currently happening.]

Before, she could inquire on why is he apologizing or what is going on outside. She was injected by a serum from 079, thus she began to feel lightheaded. Thus, falling unconscious to her dismay.

Using the metal grabber, 079 brought her soft pristine body close to him. Now, he could admire her for eternity. Appreciate her like the divine being she is. Oh, how he prayed he had a body to show her how truly devoted he is to her.

He knew what he is committing is illogical, but he could care less for he has founded his will to live within her. If she is gone, then it would be pointless for him to live any longer. What is he without her?


"𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐧𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮."
~ Anonymous

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F̶̷u̶̷n̶̷ Fact:

* Selective amnesia : Selective amnesia is a type of amnesia in which the sufferer loses certain parts of their memory. Most common elements that are forgotten: Relationships, where they live and abilities in certain areas.

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Chapter Text

⚠️⚠️Tw: Spoilers for the events Portal 2, Grammatical errors, Smut, Dubious consent, Emotional Manipulation, Memory erasure, Implied Voyeurism, Implied threats of Violence , BDSM elements, bondage, fingering, breeding kink, Stockholm syndrome,  forced pregnancy, Evil!Wheatly, Slight degradation. ⚠️⚠️





She looked up at the smug android that's straddling her, whilst she tries to escape from his firm hand that held her arms above her head.

"Would you look at that? Little ____ is trying to escape. How adorable! But, you can't escape big O'l Wheatly. Can you? Not, when I could give you a more fitting purpose." Wheatley spoke. Feeling the euphoria of power running through his systems, but it isn't as much addicting as his little assistant that happens to be underneath him. The sight made his lower regions ache for her sweet tight cunt.

Afterall, it's all thanks to his little adorable assistant that he is in power now. That Glados is reduced to a mere potato comparing to his glorious siege of the Aperture. What's even more cute, is that she thinks she can escape him. He wouldn't let her off the hook that easily.

He stifled his affection towards her, when the two undergone the quest to dismantle Glados. Now, he can show her the true extent of his adoration. Afterall, A king needs a Queen. She oversaturated with her endearing quirks, that he noticed along their journey.

Like, how she bites her luscious lips when things gets tense. Or before she slept, she tends to get quite frisky to which he is now bold enough to spoil her with. Despite, her play hard to get 'attitude' that she shows. He knows that she's just shy of wanting him.

All the more, for him to indulge in her. Who is going to stop him? Glados? She has been turned into a child's toy. Other Corrupted Ai's? They're not worthy of his attention, when there is a much delectable meal that lays infront him. Who has teased him for far too long to go unpunished.

That wasn't supposed to happen. Originally, she was to escape-after replacing Glados with Wheatly in the central core unit- via the elevator with Wheatley's help. Yet, it didn't occur once to her mind that he'll be corrupted by it.

And now, she is sandwiched between the wall of the Aperture and the chassis of her -used to be- shy yet endearing blue-eyed companion.

The once sky blue eyes she recognized and loved, were now tainted dark with insatiable appetite and fervent lust. Grinning at her vulnerable state, like a wolf readying his razors to pounce and devour a naive doe.

"Wheatly, please. I know you're somewhere inside. Please fight off the itch and don't let it controt you." She reasoned. Praying with all her might, that her old friend comes to his mind and that condition was merely a glitch that comes from core transfer process.

Suddenly, a pair of cold lips were pressed against hers. So desperate for her warmth, he shoved his tongue deep inside her mouth. He groaned huskily, as his wet appendage battled hers for the dominance of her orfice.

Startled and reasonably scared, she bit her former companion tongue. A pained gasp was heard from him as he backed away.

" Is that's how you are gonna play, huh luv? You don't happen to know who controls this facility, now do you? Hint: It isn't you." The blond android spat aggressively as he swept the blue fluid out of his injured tongue.

" Good thing, they've built me with regenerative properties. So, I could look over this indiscretion of yours. One more strike... and you won't like what I have in store for you." Wheatley stated patronizingly with dark undertones. Taunting her, no matter what she does. She'll never come close to hurting him or getting rid of him.

In spite of her previous disobedience, Two slender arms brought her close to his chassis. He can listen to the rhythms her heartbeats produced, as he layed her head near his core. Oh, how wonderful it is to beat for him. Even in fear, it was a harmonious melody to his audio processors. He is eager to turn her fear into scream of ecstasy, as he pleasure her like she deserves.

Yet, her tear-stained face irked him. He didn't like to see her in such state. Its seem even with the central core attached via the ports on his back, his inclination to satiate and protect her superceded his latent desire.

The (s/c) woman saw her glass rimmed android contemplation expression. Hope stroke every fiber of her being, as she awaited his response to let her go from his vice-like grip.

' Is he coming back to his wits? Have he saw the wrongs that he is committing, now? And decided to do the better thing.'

The eerie silence has spread through the testing room for a few moments. Until, he used his thumb to wipe her tears away and whisper sweet nothing into her ear canals with his british accent that she came to love.

" Shhh, I'm sorry. I..didn't mean to scare you, luv. It's just the itch, you know how it is." Wheatly apologized as his expression twisted into his old goofy smile. Her heart began to beat normally, as she recognized her old friend began to return to his senses.

' Thank god, things didn't escalate further. Most importantly, he's back.'

" Its fine, as long as you saw your errors. I forgive you." She responded. As she threw him an indulgent smile his way, indicating her relief at her friend's mental state.

If he couldn't force her to comply with him, than a better approach is needed. He may not be her, but he certainly isn't a moron. So, he'll trick her little mind that he has changed. Then, he could play with her. That way everyone could be fully satisfied, he thought.

Mentally he was smirking, as he offered his strong hand to help her stand up. And she , like a innocuous person, has accepted. Her warm hands against his, made his fans whir with excitement. Yet, he begrudgingly held his libido away. Lest, he ruins his seemingly perfect plan.

" Alright, Wheat. Can you lower the elevator, please?" The (h/c) hummed cheerfully. Forgetting what happened prior, due to her pacifistic philosophy of ' forgive and forget'.

However, he didn't reply back. Worried, she asked again.

" Wheatly?"

A second has passed,as he turned to her with a despondent emotion painting his milky visage.

" Before, you leave. Can I ask of you to answer something for Lil' O'l Wheatly?" He inquired with a painful smile, that forced her heart to listen.

" Ask away, after all you're my dearest friend!" She replied. So, he was just a friend to her... No, no. He must've mean to her more than just a 'friend'. She isn't aware of it yet, but soon she will be.

" Oh..._____, I know this may... ah sound weird. But, I like you ah.. really really like you. I mean love you, so if you don't mind. Can we....", his usual milky face was flushed an odd pink as he spilled his digital heart to her. His stuttering made her swell at how endearing he was.

She stilled in her place, shocked, at her friend confession. On one hand, his prior actions made her wary of him. The other would be her recollection with him. The exciting, yet dangerous adventure she had with him made her heart flutter with elation.

The situation she was currently in was fairly awkward, as she thought of an answer. Just glancing at his bright blue eyes begging for to accept, made her tense and afraid to break his he- core.

But, she has to refuse. If she had to accept, how will she communicate with him whilst she lived above?

" You really are cherished to me, Wheatly. How can I put this.... But, I'd rather not see you ache for me. Whilst I am living above, and you here conducting significant tests. Don't fret, I'll visit once a while so you won't be lonely." With all her mental power, she mustered an answer. She hoped that didn't upset him. Unsurprisingly, it did. As she saw his usual cheery attitude, fades into a shabby look.

His soft dirty blond locks were messy and out of its place. His optics were brimming with tears, as he held the wall lest he fell in the toxic substance below the platform. His gray outfit was wet from his tears with his blue core being dull. Unlike, its usual bright hue.

It hurts.

It bloody hurts.

Why does it bloody sting?

To say the least, he was a mess. How could she? After all, he has done for her. She just dish him out, like a disposable turret. But, that's fine. He'll have to play his role well, then she'll be back where she belongs. With him.

" Oh...Understandable. But, can you do something for me before you leave?" He whimpered. The least she could do now, was to accept his offer. Lest, the guilt eats her soul for harming her friend.

She nods her head, as he hands her a head-mounted device. Curiously, she turns it around to see if there is something odd about it. However, she didn't.

" You want me to use that?" She asked. Wheatley nodded his head way too eagerly for some reason. Like a kid receiving a gift on the night of Christmas. She should've seen the looks he gave her. Or the subtle gesture he has shown, lik how his nervous tics is giveaway to his intentions.

Yet, she shrugged it off. In hopes of, remedying his woes of her departure. Like Alice who has fallen into wonderland, she -too- will soon fall. For her kindness, has blinded her from the truth. Unlike her, she won't be able to get out.

Sighing, she puts the device on her head. Then, suddenly the device has locked on her head in an agonizing hold.

The pain was unbearable, as she'd rather be stifled by a boa constrictor than this searing pain that got ahold of her temple. Why did he lie to her? Why is he doing it? Is it because she rejected him? Or, he never changed in the first place.

Humiliated, that's the word she felt currently. Whether at her naivete, or the fact she believed he has changed. While in reality, he made a fool out of her by wearing the skin of the old Wheatly she knew. Whereas, he only hid his latent desire from her.

It's far too late, for her to act as the world begin to swirl around her. Consequently, she began to fall unconscious in the arms of the android she once wrongly trusted.

" I am sorry, luv. This must be done. You know, the itch and something else refuse to let me go of you. You're just.... someone special and irreplaceable. I..apologize for the pain, but once you awake again I'll recompense you" The british android laughed maniacally. As he held his dearest close to his chassis, hearing her soothing breathing pattern.

Finally, he has her now. She is his now.

His to keep,

His to love,

His to please as best as his abilities can go,

And, most importantly. His to oversee his future tests with.

Now, he could get the appreciation he sought for years from her. Even if, he has to alter something within her to get it. But it's all for her own good, he thought.

Then, he began to transfer her to a bedroom. It used to be a large cubicle office at first, yet he redesigned it into a large comfy bedroom once he came to power.

He designed it based on her preferences, like a (f/c) queen-sized bed, (f/c) wallpapers and he even emulated an artificial sunlight coming from the window panes. As to give her the illusion, she is living above.




The greatest gift awaits you once you awaken, luv. I'll make sure of it.






An effulgent light has hit her sights as she awakes, blinding her temporary. The (h/c) tries to move from the velvety surface of the queen-size bed. However, she could not. A moment later, when she got adjusted to the lightening of the room. She saw why she couldn't and why she felt the cold sensation of blanket on her pristine skin.

Both her arms were tethered to the bedpost, far from each other and in a vice-like grip. Yet, that didn't instill fright into her as much as being bare as the day she was born.

The coldness of the room hits her intimate parts, eliciting a muffled moan out of her. A sudden heat was exploding into her lower regions, aching a source of relief. Anything will do, as long as she gets this delirious desire out of her systems.

She even tried to grind her thighs against the bed, to stop the uncomfortable feeling from encasing her being. However, she halted when she heard a door shutting from behind.

A stranger has appeared infront of her, cladded in a dark grey suit with an odd blue glowing circle attached into his chest. His face was milky, his hair is blond like the sunflowers and his irises shine blue such as the sky she long to see. Yet, his glasses has gave him the appearance of someone she could potentially trust. Plus, he wasn't half bad looking. Maybe, he could help her get rid off this pesky feeling....

Afterall, she couldn't recall anything prior to her collapse as in her memory erased itself with a clean slate. Not even her name, she remembers. Just a drumbeat of headache, lays in place of her memory.

" Ah, How are you doing? Are you okay, luv?" The male asked concerned. With his lulling british accent, made her worries diminish and flared her desire for him.

" I... am fine, t..thank" She croaked.

" Hmmm, it seems that you're a bit dizzy. But, that's really fine! Well, for starter your name is ____. And, mine is Dr.Wheatly or Wheatly if you want. If you have any questions, ask away. We have time on our hands!" The blue eyed man -known as Wheatly- informed throwing a charming smile her way to ease her anxieties. It seems that it begun to take effect, that he noted. He can't help his primal urges to admire her naked body. Her nipple perts, that begs him to solicit with his warm tounge. Or, her hot wet carven that calls for his hard di- it doesn't help, that she's also all tied up naked for his taking.

Ahem, before his thoughts got the best out of him. He'll have to tend to his dearest questions first.

" Ooh.. Wheatly, I implore you to rid of me from this unbearable heat that took over me. I will do anything that you wish off, as long as you free me from this prison of desire..." She moaned softly as she tried to overlap her legs with those of the self-proclaimed doctor.

On another hand, screw it. If the lady wants it, she'll get it. Suddenly, Wheatley felt his pants get unpleasantly constricted as a tent starting forming below.

Ohh, how truly eager he is to make her serve her purpose. However, she must be punished for her protracted teasing.

"As you please, luv." The fair headed male replied softly. As he begun to rid himself of clothing, leaving only the wires attached to his back.

What a sight, she was provided as he got atop of her eagerness painted his expression. His lean body, provided her warmth that she sought. His dazzling eyes -akin of the stars at night- has enamoured her. It may be the effects of her heat, yet she could care less as long as he cure her of the miserable heat.

He may be an android, but that doesn't mean the engineer didn't build him a reproductive system. They did, just in case if humanity was on the brink of extinction. They supplied him with enough spermatoza, to get at least six females pregnant.

Now, he could achieve his dream of having little ones with his breathtaking lover. Now, he could show 'her' that he isn't built to be a moron.

" Eager, aren't you? But we must prepare you, lest you  get hurt. We don't want that, luv. Do we?" Wheatly commented. Drunken at the sight in front of him, his fans began whirring around. He began to suckle at one of her inviting perts, his wet appendage circling her nipple made the (s/c) woman moan erotically at the action.

Turned on, he proceeded on suckling harder until her nipple perts erected. Then, he stopped suddenly. The warmth that came from his mouth latched on her breasts, left her begging for more.

" Please, more. More...Please." the (h/c) cries passionately, as the man in question groaned at the sight feeling his member erect and a bit of precum leaked out of it.

As much he wanted to satiate her lust, he has to punish her for all the things she did to him. If only she accepted, she wouldn't suffer... But if she did, he wouldn't have his fun now does he.

" Patience, doll. Patience. You don't want to anger master, now do you? Plus, you need to be punished for making master so addicted to you" Wheatly blue optics darken at her submissive behavior. Drinking the sight, absorbing it and saving much of it in his processors for future uses.

Wheatly jammed one of his digits inside her dry cunt. The tightness that came with it is euphoric, making both him and the girl beneath him moan.

Whilst his finger was busy  stimulating her nerve bundle at her core, he slammed his thin lips against her plump lips. Effectively, silencing her whines within his mouth.

Then he adds two more finger to accelerate her orgasm. Moreover, making the woman further writhe in pleasure and pain she has never experienced before. Afterall, his pride won't let him to cum first.

Meanwhile, his wet appendage explored every acre that her mouth provided. Sucking and licking every where it goes, to leave his imprint in her. That she belongs to him. Only he can provide such a great mix of pain and pleasure to her.

She felt it. The tight knot began to form in her lower abdomen, as the blond digits began to increase in speed as he worked her pussy out. He too felt it. As the the walls of her cunt, begun to gradually enclose on his fingers in its sensual grip.

Oh, he was so deep into it. And, what made him the happiest android in this god forsaken facility; was the realization, that she is a virgin. That means he will be the first one to take her forbidden fruit.

Soon, he groaned hoarsely as her walls closed on his fingers. Whereas, she screamed his name carnally as she released her juices on his expert digits.

" Luv... you can't imagine what you do to me. Your all I ever asked, and I have you here underneath me. But, don't fret. I promise to be gentle." Wheatly huffed gently as he used _____'s cum as a lubricant for what is about to come. His tone has turned from megalomaniac into a more kinder and dulcet tone.

She was addled by pleasure, that the only thing she noticed gone was the warmth that his fingers provided. Eliciting a needy whine for him, to insert it back. To provide her the warmth, that the vacant room insist on depriving her from.

Her flustered expression and drop of drools, from her previous orgasm implored him to gift her one last gift before letting her garner the rest she deserves.

" Shhh, now. I'll give it to you, luv. You deserve it for being a good girl. Now, it's time for you to become a great Mum." His british accent become more apparent the more aroused he is. Currently, he is at his highest peak.

She felt a poke between her sticky thighs. Teasing her, he probed his member against her inner thighs. But, soon he began pushing.

He kissed her one last time, before thrusting into her. The bed creaked from how strong he went through. While he was pumping into her, he left a trial of love bites along her smooth jugular and delicate neck.

" Ahhh~ Wheatly." came her response.

" Oh, luv~ You sure now how to make my day."  Then, he removed his member back.

Desperate for his hard member, she tried to further close the distance between her and his body. Alas, her chains didn't let her.

Only to be suprised again, when his member is shoved again into her. Much gentler in pace, this time.

"Haha, you thought I'll leave you unsatisfied. Nope, not on my watch. I won't let you leave,  until your sweet little cunt is stuffed with my seed. Then you'll bare me children for us to love." Wheatly jested at first, with the latter part took a serious tone.

With each thrust, came a hoarse groan on his part as he encircled her body with his lean arms. While, she draws out his name plenty more as she felt his member twitch within her.

At last, _____ felt a hot sticky liquid fills her womb. Meanwhile, Wheatly felt satisfied that she received him well. The fact her cunt sucked his seed pretty good, showed that she is compatible to him as he for her.

Now all he gotta do, is wait for her belly to swell with his child. In addition, to make sure she take enough rest and eat healthy for them to grow.

As much as he wants to sleep with her, he can't because he has to watch the Aperture and make sure it doesn't fall. So, the last thing he did was kissing her temple and closed the light to lull her into sleep.




Nine months and a bundle of joy will be born. Ahhh, I..can't believe it. Will they be human, android or in between? Shucks, I haven't thought this through. But, that won't matter as long it is my and ____ offspring. That's what truly matter. Now do you see, Glados? How could a moron bare a child? Call me moron as long as you will, at least I have someone to love and be loved.







A year has passed,since the defeat of Glados. The place was at better hands now, he thought. Especially with his loving wife and cutie pie that lays beside her.

His one year old son inherited his eyes, whilst keeping his mother (h/c) hair. Currently, ____ is trying to put him into sleep. His processors heated at the sight

However, he was caught short by his wife mellifluous singing as she lulls (s/n) to sleep. So, he came down from the control chair to check on both her and their child.

" Good morning, luv. How are you and our adorable son doing?" He asked, with his hot accent coating his words.

" Fairly fine, actually... He was asking for you, but sleep took him over. Don't worry, they'll be plenty more time for us three to bond." ____  smiled at her husband as she huddled the sleeping child close to her chest.

" AGH, such a shame. I wanted  to play with him. But, work forced me not. At least, we can bond together now. As I have finished testing a moment ago, and I crave my wife touch." Wheatly complained. Yet, his expression shifted into a wolfish grin when he saw her smile.

" Indeed."

If one were to look downwards  inside her soul, they'll find a hand stretching for a way out. A way out, from this fabricated reality.

"_____ , you know. I love you beyond my code and processors. Even beyond, the vastness of space." Her husband sapphire iries flickers with jubilation as he renewed his love to her.




" I know." that's all she said.










"𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐨𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧."





-- 𝕱𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊






A/n: Here I delivered, my promise. I forgot to mention that, I cross posted this story on Wattpad if you're interested. I go by Padlocke. Also, this my first attempt at smut. 😅


Word count: 4088