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When it was time to eat, Stiles settled the cubs in their crib and ambled towards the dining table. He sat down between Peter and Derek who both put things onto his plate.

»Why aren't you choosing your own food?«, Noah addressed his son softly. He looked interested because Stiles was always the one taking care of other people's dietary needs.

Stiles shrugged and blushed. »Peter and Derek know more about what diet I need right now to keep the cubs healthy and my milk flowing, so they choose my food for the foreseeable future,« Stiles answered.

Noah nodded in understanding and turned to look at the Alpha. »Is there anything I need to keep an eye on for both Jordan and Chris to meet their nutrition needs?« he asked.

Peter smiled and started to tell them all what they had to take into account. How they should eat plenty of meat or generally proteins but also eat as many veggies and fruit as they could manage so their diet was balanced and gave the children what they needed and also to keep themselves healthy.

Both Jordan and Chris growled. They had an extreme dislike for veggies at the moment and hadn't taken any onto their plates.

Noah had tried to talk them into eating more than just meats but they had shut him down hard.

Peter opened his mouth to intervene but it's Derek who really does it. His eyes flashed blue and he growled throatily before saying: »Are you really gonna risk the health of your pups? It is imperative to give them the best nutrition you can. I just bet you hounded Viktoria to eat healthy while she was pregnant with Allison. So take your own advice and eat your damn veggies!«

Everyone blinked and looked at Derek stunned. The man was normally even-tempered or at least he didn't show much emotion besides anger and that only when provoked. To hear him be so passionate about something like food is stunning.

Stiles leaned over and gently kissed Derek's cheek before tucking into his meal. He hmmed at the buttery taste of the vegetables and the steak practically melts on his tongue. It was simply awesome.

Jordan and Chris stared at their Alpha's mate for a moment before they obediently took some vegetables and when Derek coughed softly they took some more until Derek gestured at them that it was enough.

They ate mostly in silence. Noah commented on the taste of the food and smiled when Stiles didn't protest him eating a second steak. He was finally allowed red meats again which was awesome.

Peter promised to get him a copy of the notes he had inherited from his grandmother about the nutritional needs of the expecting werewolf. He was fairly sure they translated to Hellhounds too but he further promised to reach out to some of his contacts for further information.

When asked why Peter told them simply that pack was literally everything to him and he wanted them all healthy and hale.