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Round 1 -- VS Wyrmer

Morning sunlight slants down from the gap between the poorly closed curtains and lands on the face of the girl lying in bed.  With a groan she scrunches deeper into her pillow, by all appearances going back to sleep. The peace of the room is shattered when she sits up with a start and throws back the covers. Her iridescent blue eyes are bright, betraying no drowsiness. "Time for another day!" the girl announces to no one in particular. She reaches over the side of her own bed to where another small circular bed is placed. The sleeping Pokémon within grumbles as it's tickled awake. "And today is a very special day, Wyrmer," continues the Pokémon's Trainer. "Do you know why?" Wyrmer blinks up at her with a blank stare. "It's my birthday, silly!  Today I’m twelve years old!"

From beyond the closed bedroom door, a muffled voice calls. "Opal? Are you up yet?"

Opal grins broadly. "We can't keep everybody waiting!" She hops out of bed and crouches down, allowing Wyrmer to wriggle up her arm to its favorite perch: draped over her shoulders. “All ready to go?  Better hang on!”  The poor Pokémon makes a show of looping itself securely about her neck before she’s off, bustling around the room while going through a verbal checklist.  “Wyrmer’s Poké Ball…Running Shoes…my hat…my bag…and that should do it!  Hey!”  A nibble from her Pokémon distracts her.  “Oh, right, better brush my hair.”  A few quick strokes are all Opal can muster before tossing the hairbrush carelessly onto her rumpled quilt and striking a pose in front of the room’s mirror.  “Well, Wyrmer, how do we look?”  A baseball cap is pulled over boisterous, shoulder-length brown hair.  The girl’s close-fitting athletic kit, in various shades of blue, proudly displays a Poké Ball icon in the center of her chest, and a white pair of worn yet well-treaded running shoes completes the look.  Wyrmer squeaks its approval, earning an affectionate scratch on the head.  “Knew I could count on you.”  Her preparations complete, Opal throws open the bedroom door with an unapologetic bang.

“Hi-yah!  Good morning!”  Opal jumps the last few stairs with a crash, alerting the three people on the ground level of the small house to her presence.  "There you are, young lady!" booms the noticeably larger of the two men. "We can't very well have our special birthday breakfast without the birthday girl, but I was about to get started on lunch!"

"It's a miracle you're even up before I am, Uncle Jeremiah!" Opal retorts while flapping her hand dismissively.  “But it’s still good to see you!”  She takes up the other half of the couch where he’s seated by vaulting over the back. 

“Would have been even better if you weren’t such a sleepyhead and could have tuned in to this battle!” the burly man remarks in a hushed voice with a gesture at the radio on the coffee table.  “This is the end of it now!”

"It’s an earth-shattering collision of Hydro Pump and Dragon Pulse!” comes the announcer’s voice.  “WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT?! Only one Pokémon is left standing at the end of this incredible bout between the two higher-ranked members of Ilona’s Elite Four, and it’s…!”

“Elite Four, elite bore,” Opal yawns.  “Call me again for the Champion’s match.  Besides, I’ll have having battles of my own like that someday.  Speaking of which…” she peers around the room.  "Was Veronica able to make it last night?"

"I'm afraid not, my dear," Jeremiah apologizes with a sigh. "But"--his eyes light up--"she did ask me to make sure you got this." He produces a small package from the floor beside his feet and sets it on his lap to read the tag. "To my favorite cousin, Opal. One day I hope you'll come show me how you've put this to good use!"

Opal rolls her eyes. "I'm Veronica's only cousin!" Still, she reaches enthusiastically for the present, until a flash of motion interrupts her.  Wyrmer launches itself in front of Opal, blocking her way to the present.  “Hey, what are you doing?”  The little Ground-type wriggles fiercely and mimes eating.

Opal and her parents collapse in comic exasperation while Jeremiah chuckles heartily. "That's one smart Pokémon you've got there!"

“You know acting all angry like that only makes you look even cuter, Wyrmer!” Opal gripes good-naturedly.  “But that sounds like a plan to me!  Let’s eat!”

“Hear, hear!”  The black-bearded Jeremiah gets to his feet.  “But, seeing as it’s mealtime”— he deftly flicks a dial on the radio—"enough of that action.  Let’s have us a little music.”

Opal beams with joy as her mother, her father, her uncle, and her partner Pokémon all gather around the kitchen table in the center of the main room to wish her a happy birthday, and then they tuck in.  Over the noise of happy chatter, the radio station can barely be heard, but the famous song that it plays nevertheless contributes to the day’s aura of anticipation and promise:

“It’s time to move on: leave the old behind;
Gonna see new things on this journey of mine
And as long as I’ve got friends like you,
There won’t be any limit to what we can do!
So come on, let’s hit the road,
And our friendship will lighten the load.
If we always do our very best,
We will always pass the test
And we will never choose any other way
Becoming stronger as one, every night and day,

Of course, the youngest of the group cleans her plate in a matter of moments, earning her some nonplussed blinks from the three adults. "Another year has come and gone, but her appetite remains the same," her mother sighs ruefully. At the same time Wyrmer looks up from its empty bowl with a burp. "You, too!" Opal's mother scolds. "But at least you don't eat as much!"

"Alright! Now it's your turn!" The birthday girl grabs her package with a look of glee. Undoing the ribbon and lifting off the top, she sees a pristine, unused Ultra Ball nestled inside. Her jaw drops, and she lets out a squeal that knocks everybody else in the house over. "IS THIS FOR ME?!"

"Yes, yes, it's for you, I promise!" cries Jeremiah. "Picked out by Veronica herself."

"Wow! I'd never be able to get my hands on one of these by myself! Best birthday ever!" Opal dances around the table like a whirlwind, then halts suddenly as a thought strikes her. "And she said she wants me to put it to good use, didn't she?!" The dancing resumes even more frenetically than before. "Come on, Wyrmer! It's time for a run! And this time, I won’t merely be Opal Springwell, Treasure Hunter…I’ll be Ace Trainer Opal, Pokémon Master!  Just think about it: so many incredible species of Pokémon live out there on the plains, and one lucky guy is about to be…our new friend!” Hastily recalling her beloved but slow-moving partner to his Poké Ball, she practically flies out the front door of her house.  “Even half an hour ago I couldn’t have believed something so exciting would happen to me.  Yahoooo!”

Her father throws open a window to yell after her. "Hey! Don't you be running on Route 49 today! A news report said the wild Pokémon down that way were acting you hear me, Opal Jade?!" Not sure if his daughter hears him, he shakes his head and retreats back inside.

Still sitting at the table, Jeremiah is looking uncharacteristically somber. "She's still on about that 'treasure hunter' business, is she?  Having that Ground-type of hers dig up items out in the wild that she can sell for money?"  Unable to meet the eyes of his brother and sister-in-law, he gazes intently down at his interlocked fingers while mumbling half to himself, “Not quite sure how to say this...maybe it wasn’t the best idea…" He quickly looks back up, putting force behind his words and his stare.  "I'm sorry if that Ultra Ball causes more problems for you two. I knew it could mean another mouth to feed...but..."

Opal's father waves his hand. "We know you mean no harm. And you and your daughter have been very good to us already. Times are better now.  More Trainers every day pass through here headed for the mountains, which means there’ll always be more work even after that one big construction project gets finished.  Quembar Town is on the rise, just you wait and see."

His wife takes up the conversation while polishing the scintillating chunk of crystal that serves as a centerpiece.  “We don’t need the money, but we’re not about to discourage Opal’s hobby either.  Rubbing coins out of rocks is never a bad knack to have, and it may serve her better than ever if she decides...well, if she decides to go on a journey of her own now that she’s twelve.”

Jeremiah nods, humbled and satisfied by their graciousness.  “You know, it seems there’s a part of us Springwells that’s always on the move.”  A bit of the usual mirth returns to his face, and he claps his brother heavily on the back.  “That said, I never quite understood what possessed you to up and leave our city to move all the way out here!” 

“‘All the way?’  We could have done a lot’s a big world.”

Far away, out in the brightness of the day and the breeze, it certainly seems that way to Opal.  “The Ilona Region. Man, I love this place.”  The girl builds a mental image as the buildings of town fall away behind her.  “You’ve got Sinnoh to the north, Kanto to the south, and Johto to the southwest...but none are as great as right here!  And what did that book say…?  ‘At the latest estimate there are 161 species native to Ilona.’  161 kinds of Pokémon found nowhere else in the world.  What could be greater than that?”

Narrowing her eyes against the sunlight, she presses on, energized and confident.

Round 2 -- VS Zebrun

Atop one of the many rolling hills, a small Pokémon pops up out of its burrow and blinks in that same sunlight, nose twitching inquisitively.  A small plume of dust in the distance catches its attention, and it gazes somberly in that direction for several moments before diving back out of sight.

Across the open, sun-washed stretch of grassland, Opal's feet pound the dusty earth in a regular rhythm.  She cuts back and forth, sticking to almost imperceptible and yet well-worn paths that wind over the rolling terrain.  Signs of life are all around her; she can see many different Pokémon winging through the skies or traversing the land just like she is.  In between admiring them and keeping an eye on her footing, Opal keeps stealing glances at the Ultra Ball clutched firmly in her hand.  "Gah, I'm so excited I can hardly focus!" she pants.  "But sort of Pokémon should I use you to catch?  There are so many choices!  What do you think, Wyrmer?"

From within its Poké Ball, the little Ground-type blinks up at its Trainer silently before curling back down into a circle.  Opal huffs at it good-naturedly.  "Yeah, I guess we'll just know when the time comes!"

Opal continues her run, eventually picking up the track beside a smooth, clear brook.  Some time later she flops down in the scant shade offered by a washed-out hillside.  "Phew, that was a good few miles!" Opal grunts with a mighty stretch.  She meanders over to the side of the brook and stoops for a drink and to splash her face, but is distracted by a rattling on her belt.  "Huh?  What is it, Wyrmer?" 

Wyrmer shakes in its Poké Ball again, and Opal taps the release button.  The Pokémon inside pops out energetically and begins squirming toward the crumbly rise, and Opal feigns annoyance.  "Oh, yes, I suppose that would be a marvelous spot for you to play in the mud... actually, you might be on to something after all."  The earth seems rich, streaked with different bands all exposed together.  "This'd be as good a spot as any to rustle up some...treasure!"

Wyrmer needs no further encouragement; it launches itself into the wall of soil and commences tunneling away.

Clods of soil fly out of the hole.  Opal turns with a grimace and shields her face, but her practiced eyes take notice when one particularly large chunk lands at her feet. "Oh?  What have we here?" she muses. Opal snatches up the chunk and returns to the stream to wash it.

After a bit of vigorous scrubbing, the nature of the object becomes clear.  Opal's face lights up.  "Hey!  It's a Fairy Gem!  These are pretty rare; I've only ever seen them in pictures before!" Thoughts run through her head.  In addition to their value as jewels, which is considerable itself, these items called Gems are prized by some Pokémon Trainers as well.  Out loud she grins, “This ought to fetch a decent price!”  Opal trots back over to the earthen bank and cups her hands around the hole left by her Pokémon.  "Keep it up, Wyrmer!"

The echoes of her call reverberate through the earth.  Opal blinks in surprise as the tremors don't die away, but are sustained.  In fact, the shaking only grows more intense and pronounced.  She backs away in alarm, staring up at the rumbling hill.  "Wyrmer?  What's going on?!"

The shaking comes to a crescendo.  Opal screams and flings herself back against the wall of dirt when a sudden shadow swoops over her.  It's followed by many more, all of them accompanied by wild braying cries.  Opal looks up to see the bellies of a herd of Zebrun flying over the edge of the bluff.  They land in front of her at the water's edge before leaping over the brook to continue their headlong dash.  Understanding lights in her eyes.  The quaking of the ground was caused by the myriad charging hooves of the stampede.  Confident that the Pokémon mean her no harm, if indeed they've noticed her at all, Opal relaxes, delighted by her unique viewpoint.

After several minutes, the number of Zebrun slows to a trickle.  "I hope Wyrmer wasn't too frightened by all that shaking," Opal thinks to herself. Turning back to the hole it dug she peers inside.  "Are you okay?  You can come out now!"

A muffled squeaking comes back, from not far away.  Opal smiles.  "I'm glad you're okay!  But you missed quite a sight--oh!" Opal is rocked on her feet by a shift in the land.  A small puff of dust settles over her, and from above she hears a lone, panicked bleat.  Opal's thoughts race.  There's still one Zebrun up there!  It doesn't want to jump, but all those other Zebrun must have weakened the hillside!  It might collapse! "Hurry, Wyrmer! Get out of there!"

The little Pokémon doesn't emerge before a wave of pebbles and earth knocks Opal aside. 

Twisting and spitting, the young girl struggles to free herself.  From over her shoulder comes a splashing noise.  Craning her neck, Opal is confronted with the sight of the Zebrun floundering in the brook.  She gasps.  "It's holding on to dry land for now, but the side of the bank is too steep for it to climb out on its own!"  She redoubles her efforts, digging furiously.  "Hang on, Zebrun, I'm coming to help you!"

Finally Opal is able to drag herself out of the mess.  She scrambles over to the desperate Pokémon in the brook, who is clearly growing tired.  "Let's do this together, Zebrun!" She grits her teeth, reaches as far around its middle as she's able, and begins heaving on it.  Zebrun, sensing the opportunity, surges up the bank with a last burst of energy.  Just like that, it's out of the water and sinks down on the bank.  Opal crashes down beside it.

"That was hard work...but I'm glad you're okay!" she smiles cheerfully.  Zebrun looks up at her with dull eyes.  "I'm called Opal!  Nice to meet you, Zebrun!"  The rescued Pokémon turns away and begins to lick at one of its legs.

Not one to give up, Opal carries on the one-sided conversation.  "Hey, what are you doing over there?  I'd like to see!"  She scoots around to Zebrun's other side for a better look, and her eyes widen in horror.  Zebrun's leg is held out at an awkward angle.  It's streaked with some sort of stiff, heavy substance like rapidly drying clay, and a few scratches are evident as well.  "That's awful," Opal breathes.  "This must be why you were at the back of your herd, and you didn't want to jump!  You can't move too well at all with your leg like this, can you?"  The girl straightens up.  "I should have something in my bag that can help you..."  She surveys the area; her bag is nowhere to be seen under what used to be the hillside.  "My bag...and...Wyrmer!  Where did he go?  I have to find him!"

A large pile of earth off to the side shifts with a rattling sound.  Seemingly right on cue, Wyrmer pops up from underneath. "There you are!" his Trainer gasps, squeezing her Pokémon in a hug.  "I'm so happy you're alright!"  Wyrmer crossly wriggles free, and Opal realizes that its little jaws are spread wide, clamped around an unfamiliar object.  "Hey, you must have found that while you were still digging in the hill!  Mind if I take a look?"  Wyrmer spits the object into Opal's outstretched hand.

Opal stares at it in confusion; she's never seen anything like it before.  It looks like the hilt of a broken sword, with only a tiny bit of jagged blade remaining.  The hilt is black, though the grip is patterned with a dark purple design as well.  "What could this be?" she wonders.  Opal holds it up toward the sun for another look. 

As she lowers the object again, Opal stiffens.  "Wyrmer, Zebrun?" she whispers.  "We might be in trouble."  A horde of small, angry-looking Pokémon has appeared; it seems as though they're pouring right out of the ground.  Perched on the bank, on mounds of soil, and even on top of what remains of the hill, they chatter and leer at the Trainer and the two Pokémon, who find themselves surrounded on three sides with their backs to the water.

Round 3 -- VS Roundhog

Opal, Wyrmer, and Zebrun all glance around nervously at the Pokémon threatening them.  "It's a whole bunch of Roundhog!" Opal exclaims.  "But they're usually pretty shy; they always keep their distance when I'm running!  Why are the Roundhog so angry now?"

Scrutinizing them more closely, Opal realizes that all of them are not, in fact, focused on her.  A few are scrambling busily over the ruined landscape, working to excavate their friends from the remnants of burrows.

"Could actually our fault?" Opal wondered out loud.  "Look, you two!  The Roundhog are trying to help their friends."  A picture appears in the Trainer's mind of a vast, hypothetical network of tunnels spreading under the ground.  "Roundhog like to live in burrows, don't they?  The herd of Zebrun on top of the hill is what triggered the collapse, but Wyrmer’s tunneling might have weakened the hill from the inside before they came along.  The Roundhog can’t be sure about any of that, though.  If the collapse damaged part of their home, and if they think we did it on purpose..." Opal gulps; the Pokémon are still just as hostile as when they first arrived.  "They'd be angry enough to attack us!"

Opal notices Zebrun climbing heavily to its feet.  "No, don't!" she cries.  "You're still hurt and exhausted!"

Zebrun shakes off Opal's restraining hand with a twitch of its shoulder.  It lowers its head at the closest Roundhog and snorts. 

"I'm telling you, Zebrun, stop this now!" Opal pleads.  "The last thing we need to do is provoke them even more--"

It's too late.  The Roundhog who had been taunted leaps into a Rollout attack; Zebrun butts it away with a well-placed Headbutt.  Set in motion by the disturbance, all the other wild Pokémon join the attack.  With a peaceful resolution now a lost cause, Opal doesn't hesitate.  "Gah, whatever.  It's been a while since we've had a scrap, anyway.  Wyrmer, Whimper!"

Several Roundhog stop in their tracks, reluctant to attack such a pitiful opponent.  They then fall back with wails of panic as Wyrmer's Mud-Slap connects.  As they claw at their eyes, trying to see, Zebrun whirls around and deals them all a hefty Double Kick.  "Hey, watch yourself!" Opal warns. She flicks out a commanding finger and Wyrmer uses Tackle on another Roundhog coming up from behind Zebrun. 

The larger Pokémon blinks its gratitude.  Opal can see its fiery spirit within narrowed eyes.  "How are you able to still use your kicking moves with such power, and get around on that leg?" the Trainer asks with concern.  Then she notices a blurring around the edge of Zebrun's body.  "Aha!  You must have used Agility to boost your speed," she says with a snap of her fingers.  "Well then, let's do this!"

Staying side by side, careful not to let the waves of Roundhog come between them, the two Pokémon battle on.  They work well together: Zebrun, by far the larger, becomes the focal point of most of the attacks, while its body creates a sheltered spot from which Wyrmer can launch his attacks. Whimper, Sand-Attack, and Mud-Slap slow down the Roundhog considerably.

Opal isn't sure how much time passes, but finally most of their assailants are left cringing around the edges of the field of battle.  It's just as well: Wyrmer's new ally won't give up the fight, but Opal can tell the Normal-type is still on the verge of collapsing.  One final Roundhog noses its way up through the shattered ground, its eyes glittering angrily just like all the rest.  This one, however, seems to be larger and bulkier than any that came before it.

As Opal watches, it spins up into an attack they haven't seen yet that day.  "It's Flame Wheel!" Opal shouts.  "Wyrmer, you've got to stop it!  Your best Mud-Slap, hurry!" 

Opal clenches her fists in frustration.  Wyrmer is tired, and the weak Ground-type attack isn't stopping Roundhog's Flame Wheel.  There's not enough time for Opal's Pokémon to wriggle away as the wild one bears down.  "Wyrmer, no!!"

Roundhog stops cold just inches away from Wyrmer.  Its Flame Wheel keeps spinning, but it's held firmly in place by a ring of sound waves.  A low growl reaches Opal's ears and she turns in surprise to see that it's coming from Zebrun.  The Roar attack increases in volume, slowly beginning to push back the Roundhog until its own attack fizzles out and it falls to the ground.

The big Roundhog pushes itself back up and stares at the trio for several moments.  Then it turns around and ambles away, eventually plopping down into a hidden burrow in the distance.  All the other Roundhog follow suit, and there is silence.

Opal drops wearily into a squat.  "Whew," she sighs, "they may have been small but there were a lot of them!"  She picks up Wyrmer in her arms and looks down at him fondly.  “I know battling isn't your favorite thing in the world, but you did really well!" she praises her Pokémon.  Wyrmer draws himself into a circle, mumbling sleepily to himself.  "Hah, yes, you have every right to be tired," Opal chuckles softly.  She detaches his Poké Ball from her belt and returns him.  Then, she turns her attention to Zebrun, who's also sprawled out wearily on the ground.

"I'm afraid I don't have anything to treat you with, after all," Opal apologizes.  She can see Zebrun's leg injury from where she sits; it doesn't look any worse, but the fighting can't have been good for it either.  She shakes her head stubbornly.  "There's no way I'm going to leave you here alone in that condition, not after you were such a big help to me and Wyrmer, but I'm not sure what to do in this situation..." 

A crazy thought strikes her. "Such a big help..."  She addresses the wounded Pokémon directly now.  "Even though you were hurt already, you were willing to fight just to help protect the two of us.  You trusted me to help you out of the water even when we'd never met."  She rubs Zebrun's smooth, short hair affectionately.  "And you really are a magnificent Pokémon, Zebrun!"  Opal realizes she's unconsciously been rolling the empty Ultra Ball around in the palm of her hand.  "I can't get you anywhere by myself the way you are, but it'd be a cinch if you were in a Poké Ball."  She pauses.  "I didn't have any specific plans for what I was going to do with this; I knew I would use it to catch something great, but beyond that I was willing to just wait and see what would come along," she explains.  "And then you came along!  So Zebrun, I've got a question for you."

"Will you let me catch you?  Would you like to be my Pokémon?"


Pronounced "WUR-mur,” from a combination of wyrm and whimper or murmur.  A Ground-type Basic* Pokémon.
Wyrmer has a fairly simple design, primarily based on an earthworm. Its underdeveloped eyes are little more than bulbous slits, while two tiny, vestigial wings not far behind its head are its most noticeable feature. The total body length is about half a meter.  Its body is mostly a monochrome peachy brown, with darker ring segments around the head, on the end of the tail, and where the wings attach.
This species, not commonly seen in most parts of the region, has a reputation for being weak and a crybaby.  Its small list of learned moves includes Tackle, Whimper, Sand Attack, and Mud-Slap early on, but also Thrash and Fissure much later.  It can have Tremor as an Ability.
*I've experienced confusion on this point in the past, so I'll take a moment here to clarify that I use the TCG's conventions for naming evolutions. The trading cards were actually my first introduction to the franchise, and a couple of their mechanics have stuck with me to this day.  A Pokémon that hasn't evolved at all is Basic, one that's evolved once and/or is in the middle is Stage 1, and one that's evolved twice is Stage 2.  Trapinch is Basic, Vibrava is Stage 1, and Flygon is Stage 2.  Baby Pokémon break this convention, so for instance, I would consider both Budew and Roselia to be Basic Pokémon, and Roserade is a Stage 1.

A Normal-type status move with priority of 0 that bypasses accuracy checks to always hit. Whimper lowers the target's Attack and Special Attack by one stage each.

When attacking, the user ignores the effect of any Terrain that may be present.  Pokémon that can have this Ability include Wyrmer’s evolutionary family.

The brother of Opal’s father and the father of Opal’s cousin Veronica.  Jeremiah is a large man with an impressive beard who’s normally quite jolly, but knows how to be serious when the occasion calls for it.

Route 49
Because Ilona is designed to be geographically adjacent to Kanto and Johto, I decided to continue with their numbering scheme for routes. Since the last numbered route in Johto as of HGSS is 48, that makes Route 49 the first route of Ilona. It travels southwest of Quembar Town, running through a short grassy valley between two mountainous bluffs.

Quembar Town
Opal's hometown. It also functions as the player's hometown in a video game of this region, and the starting point of his/her journey. Its name is a simple mashup of "quest" and "embark," since that's exactly what goes on here.

Pronounced ZEEB-run, from zebra and run.  It also incorporates brun, meaning brown. A Normal-type Basic Pokémon.
Zebrun's favorite habitat is an open savannah-type environment, where it can do what it's best known for and what it loves to do most of all: run. It's a mild-tempered Pokémon, but it requires a good amount of care and sometimes doesn't know its own strength. Zebrun is relatively large for a Basic Pokémon, standing about 5 and a half feet tall with a stocky, quadruped body. Its thick, sturdy skeleton provides a cushion when it uses damaging physical attacks. Zebrun has two short, budding horns, along with a thicker black crest of bone like a narrow helmet running from front to back. Its coloration is similar to that of the okapi, mostly browns and light gray, though the sections of stripes and solid color are reversed.
This Pokémon’s movepool is mostly concerned with its habits of running, charging, and kicking.  Its moves include Headbutt, Agility, Double Team, Stomp, Roar, Double Kick, Flame Charge, Rear Kick, Take Down, Skull Bash, Head Charge, Head Smash, and Mega Kick.

Rear Kick
A physical-based Dark-type move with power of 70, accuracy of 100%, and priority of 0.  The user disappears by running "into the target's blind spot" on the first turn, then attacks on the second.  If the user moves before the target on the first turn, when disappearing, the target will flinch.

Route 50
Again continuing with the Kanto-Johto-based numbering scheme, this is the second route of Ilona. It heads northeast out of Quembar Town, in the opposite direction from Route 49. Route 50 travels across an open, gentle plain, out from under the shadows of mountains.

Fairy Gem
This isn't technically anything new, but given that it's remained unobtainable for as long as it has existed, I figured the Fairy Gem is worth a mention here. In the Ilona Region, one can find all the different varieties of Gems, including this one, on an equal basis!

Pronounced "round-hog" just like it's spelled, from round and groundhog.  A Normal-type Basic Pokémon.
Being the token early Normal of the region, Roundhog is pretty simple. It looks like a groundhog, and it's round: not quite Spheal levels of round, but short, stocky, and plump. It has wide, blunt claws good for digging, that are bigger and more noticeable on its front paws. Its small nose is black like its claws. Roundhog is covered in short golden-brown fur, but on its back some of the hair is longer, thicker, and stiffer, close to forming structures more like quills.
Originally I had planned for Roundhog to be part Fire. I ultimately abandoned that idea, but a couple Fire-type attacks were left behind. Its moves include Scratch, Growl, Rollout, Odor Sleuth, Swift, Flame Wheel, Power Spike, Defense Curl, Dig, Slam, Heat Shard, Undermine, Gyro Ball, and Wrecking Ball.

Power Spike
A physical-based Normal-type move with power of 50, accuracy of 90%, and priority of 0. Power Spike has a 70% chance to raise the user's Attack by one stage. (It's a Charge Beam clone on the physical side.)

Heat Shard
A physical-based Fire-type move with power of 20, accuracy of 100%, and priority of 0. Heat Shard strikes 2 to 5 times in a row, with each individual hit having a 10% chance of inflicting a Burn on the target.

A physical-based Ground-type move with indefinite power, accuracy of 100%, and priority of 0. Undermine deals exact damage to the target equal to the target's level.

Wrecking Ball
A physical-based Rock-type move with power of 100, accuracy of 100%, and priority of 0. After doing damage, Wrecking Ball resets the target's Defense and Special Defense stat stage changes to zero if they were greater than zero.