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In the cold vacuum of space a small cargo ship named The Roswell was fast approaching the atmosphere of planet Earth. In it, a pilot named Xylene carried a device known as the Omnitrix that allowed its yielder to transform itself into 10 different alien species. She sought to entrust the Omnitrix to Max Tennyson, a retired member of the intergalactic police force known as the Pumblers and an old flame of hers.

Normally she wouldn't want to force Max out of retirement, if it wasn't for the fact that Vilgax, a galactic dictator that Max once defeated, ruthlessly sought the power of the Omnitrix so he could continue his conquest.  

-"So far so good." - thought Xylene. However as she was preparing to enter the planet's atmosphere a beam of energy hit the ship's shields making the entire control deck tremble. Xylene fell on her face and as she was trying to get up the ship's artificial inteligence shouted "ALERT! ALERT! This shuttle is under heavy fire.". - "Yeah, you don't say."- said the alien with dry humor and a hint of pain in her voice.


Said the AI. Trying to regain the slightest sense of composure Xylene accepted the call and immediately heard the imposing voice of a tyrant.

-You have something that belongs to me, Uxorite. Surrender it or face the wrath of the Chimerian Hammer.
Xylene smirked.
-Try and catch me! - Defied the alien.

She knew the tyrant valued the cargo inside The Roswell way too much to let it risk be destroyed. She proceeded to activate the ships auto-pilot for evasive manouvers and ran through the deck as she made her way to the cargo bay.

Just as she entered the room she felt a different kind of tremble. The freedom fighter spoted a buzzsaw cut through her ship's hull as if it was butter. As drones invaded The Roswell through every wall imaginable, the AI desperatly fired back in an attempt to evade capture and, unbeknownst to it, managed to hit the control deck of the Chimerian Hammer.

Xylene was also panicking. She ducked out of a energy blast and instinctively defended herself using her natural ability of telekinesis to send her attackers hurdling towards each other. As the bots crumbled she directed her atention towards the escape pods.
Just as she placed the package on the pod she heard the sharp sound and felt the burning pain that came with being pierced by a energy shot. She quickly turned around sending a blade of pure psychic energy hitting the remaining drone. Noticing it had come from the deck, Xylene figured the ship was already taken over. She desperatly sent the escape pod to the planet below and immediately collapsed onto the ground.

Trying to even gather a coherent thought was a herculean task as the blood loss started to get the better of the Uxorite. Xylene silently prayed that whomever managed to get their hands on the Omnitrix would yield it better than Vilgax, before the drones surrounded her and opened fire.