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Nothing to Regret

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“Okay looks like that’s everything.” Girlfriend said as she looked at all of the boxes that were laid about the apartment building. Boyfriend sighed in relief as he set down the final box. “Finally, we can relax.” sighed in happiness, only for that happiness to be interrupted by Pico. “Dumbass, you do realize we have to unpack, right?” Pico asked rhetorically. Boyfriend grumbled, but Girlfriend only giggled.

“It’s okay honey. We can all unpack together, that way the job will be much easier” Girlfriend reassured, which made Boyfriend light up all over again. “ALRIGHT LET'S GET TO WORK” Boyfriend yelled out, running for the biggest box to carry most likely to impress Girlfriend. Simp.


Everything was finally unpacked, and the apartment looked pretty decent. It was a miracle they were able to find a decent apartment considering the fact they were all a little tight on money, so they got a little help from Girlfriend since she came from a rich family. But it was fine, University was already expensive as hell, so sharing an apartment might help them save a little.

“Okay, so we start school in like a week so that should give us enough time to get settled in.” Girlfriend said. “Hopefully I can find a job in that time period” Boyfriend said, making Pico laugh. “It would be a miracle if you did get a job, considering how fucking stupid you are, i’m amazed you got accepted into college” Pico joked. “Hey, I’m not THAT stupid” Boyfriend tried to defend himself, but he only ended up making the orange haired asshole laugh.

“Well we’ve been busy alll day making the place look nice, so we might as well get something to eat. Maybe something simple like spaghetti.” Girlfriend proposed for dinner, which made Boyfriend particularly excited. “Oh oh yeah, sounds good.” Boyfriend said. “We better enjoy it, cause for the next few months, we’re gonna be living off of nesquick and instant ramen” Pico joked.

“Okay, you boys wait here while I go get dinner ready for all of this.”Girlfriend said,making Boyfriend smile.

The two patiently waited, Pico watched South Park, while Boyfriend played on his phone, tapping his foot on the ground every five seconds. That was when something popped into Pico’s head. “Hey, blue balls” Pico tried to get the cyan boys attention, which worked. “What?” Boyfriend asked. “You got a crush on Shorty over there” the ginger asked, making Boyfriend blush almost instantly.

“WHAT? NO. I mean, I think she’s amazing and pretty and kind and smart and hot as hell and she’s also cute-”

“Oh yeah you got a crush on her don’t you?”

Boyfriend tried to prove him wrong, but he couldn’t. “Okay, maybe I do like her a little bit. But look at her, she’s a goddess, why would she like someone like me?” Boyfriend finally admitted. “Because you’re awesome and cool and funny and cute and hot as hell” Pico said, trying to both mock and encourage Boyfriend, which kinda worked. “You think I’m hot?” Boyfriend asked, smirking.

“No dumbass, I was making fun of you” Pico said looking away, trying to lie his way out of this mess. “Whatever you say, Halloween colors” Boyfriend said, going back onto his phone, and making Pico grumble.

“Hey guys, the food is ready.” Girlfriend called out to the two. “AH SWEET” Boyfriend yelled out, immediately jumping off of the couch in excitement, while Pico got up more peacefully.


Pico was in his room, looking at the ceiling. He could barely sleep, for two reasons.

One, he was going to University soon.

Two, he was living in an apartment with the two people he was in love with.

He didn’t know how it happened. They were both idiots. One was some auburn haired rich girl who couldn’t care less about her life being threatened but is scared of lightning and thunder. The other was some cyan haired, vocaloid reject who could break windows and destroy eardrums just by talking.

So why? Why did he have to be in love with those two? It didn’t make it any better that Boyfriend was probably interested in Gf and not him. Why can’t he just have a functioning brain?

Pico sighed before laying on his side, looking over to the blue haired man, sprawled out on his bed, emitting soft snores you’d think he’d snore way louder. Then Pico looked over at Girlfriend, whose sleeping space looked a lot more organized and she was wearing a sleeping mask.

Oh this just makes it even better. While the apartment was nice, there was only one bedroom, so they all had to share. Luckily the bedroom was big enough for three beds. Pico sighed before facing the wall and pulling the blanket over his body. He shut his eyes and tried to force himself to go to sleep.

He’d get over his feelings eventually, right?