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Boba Tea, a ferret, and "I love you 3000"

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Regina slowly scans the bright, animated menu board as Lucy pulls on her hand so that they can move closer to the front of the long line. She's not entirely sure what the huge fuss was about, it was just iced tea, after all.

Lucy has been super excited to try the new Chinese tea shop that Mulan opened across the street from Granny’s diner. Her classmates have been raving about a drink with chewy balls of tapioca rice mixed in and because she knew that her grandma Regina loved a good cup of tea, it didn't take very much convincing. "Grandma, look!" She says as she points to one of the cups of tea coming out of the sealing machine. "The machine glues the top on! Isn't that so cool?"

Regina cringes a bit at the name. It's been nearly a year since the last curse was broken and she still has a difficult time getting used to her new title. "Yes, dear. That does seem very… trendy. Do you know what you want to order?"

"Everyone says that the Hong Kong style iced tea is the best one." Lucy replies.

"Lucy, that is a black tea. If I caffeinate you before I send you home, your parents will never let you spend the weekends with us again. How about you just choose one of the fruit smoothies?" Regina asks as she tries to reason with the young girl.

"Awww..." She draws with a pouty lip for emphasis. " I can just tell them it was Grandma Emma's fault. Daddy usually understands."

Before Regina can respond, the woman in question steps up to where they have been waiting in line. "What's my fault now? How am I always in trouble when I haven't even been in the vicinity." Emma asks, raising an eyebrow in Lucy's direction.

Regina chuckles at Emma's playful expression. "Did your shift end early? I thought you were meeting us afterwards."

"I'm technically still on patrol. I was over in the alley by Granny's when I saw you two come in here, so I thought that I'd come by and say hi." Emma says this and almost immediately leans in and places a quick kiss on Regina's cheek.

"What were you doing in that alley way, Grandma? That place is scary!" Lucy asks.

"Oh, Granny called me earlier and told me that she kept hearing noises coming out of her dumpster and that the trash was mysteriously moving around and she needed me to investigate. As it turns out, it was Leroy's missing ferret. So, it was double points for the good sheriff today--solved two mysteries at the same time!" Emma says with a huge grin. "Anyway, are you two getting the Boba Tea? Mulan brought me one this morning, and it's delicious!"

"That's what I want to get, but Grandma Regina says that it has too much caffeine." Lucy says softly knowing that whining too loudly about it would only make things worse.

"Aww Regina, let the kid live a little." Emma says in Lucy's defense.

Regina sighs. "Henry and Jacinda--"

Emma takes her hand and squeezes it. "Henry and Jacinda will be just fine. It's just a bit of tea. She'll be fine, Regina."

Regina threads their fingers together and rolls her eyes dramatically. "Fine. I hate it when you two double-team me like this."

"Yes! Thank you, Grandmas!" Lucy exclaims as she opens her arms widely to wrap them around both Regina and Emma. "I love you, 3000!!!"

Emma snorts at this. "Luce, I don't think your Grandma Regina even understands that reference."

"EXCUSE ME? Who do you think was the one that got Henry his entire collection of Marvel movies, Miss Swan?" Regina asks the blonde. "And how many times do you think I've had to sit through each of his favorite ones?"

"Alright, alright!" Emma says in surrender. "Please don't 'Miss Swan' me right now. Not in front of the kid and all these people. That was a momentary lapse in judgement. I forget that Henry gets his nerd from you."

Regina rolls her eyes at this. "His brains, Em-ma. He gets his brains from me, and I suppose his brawn from his Charming side."

Lucy watches as Emma's smile grows wider and she wonders again why it took her two grandmothers so long to realize that they were each other's happy endings. It is so obvious that they are perfect together.

Emma waits with them until they get their order. Lucy gets the Hong Kong style Boba Tea that she wanted to try and Regina chooses just an iced jasmine tea without anything added to it. As they walk outside the shop, Emma snakes an arm around Regina's waist and pulls her close. When they first started dating, her gestures of affection were usually met with hesitance from Regina. At that time, there was still a huge part of the older brunette that felt she didn't deserve the love. It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of trust, but they eventually found their happy place and Emma couldn't be more grateful. "Are you two headed home now?"

Regina reaches around and puts her hand into Emma's back pocket, something that has now become a habit for her every time they are walking so close to each other. "I think so. We've spent all day out and I'm very tired. What time are you going to Killian's to pick up Hope?"

"Right after my shift." Emma answers. She and Killian had an amicable split and Hope spends as much time with her dad as she does with Emma and Regina. It's not to say, it wasn't difficult and awkward at first, but they have finally figured out a routine that works best for Hope. "Should I pick up dinner? Are you too tired to cook tonight?"

"No, I already have a roast thawing. But thank you for being so sweet." Regina says with a smile.

They walk to the sheriff station together and as Regina is walking away with Lucy, Emma pulls her close and kisses her softly on the lips. "I love you..."

Regina smiles into their kiss as she reaches up and lightly touches Emma face with her fingertips. "I love you, 3000."