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One Direction One Shot Collection (Volume II)

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Niall had the best boyfriend on the planet. Who knew Louis was a partner of multiple successful recording labels? Well now Niall did. And Louis' lifestyle soon became Niall's.

Sort of.

They spent nearly every day together. Niall would wake up a little early to cook Louis a breakfast that apparently "he never thought he'd eat again after he moved out of his parents home". Sometimes Louis would work from home, sometimes he'd take Niall with him.

Then around eight Niall would disappear. He told Louis he worked the graveyard shift at a private security company. Louis offered to take him to work nearly every night, but Niall insisted they didn't take kindly to strangers and hopped on the bus every time.

Around four, Niall would trudge back to Louis' place, tired and used and reeking of sex. He made sure to shower in the downstairs bathroom, as not to wake his sleeping lover, before cuddling up to him and falling asleep. And in the morning they'd start the whole thing over. Niall had grown accustomed to only four or so hours of sleep so he could get up and make breakfast. Louis insisted he sleep in sometimes, but Niall just smiled and pecked his cheek with a kiss as he flipped the bacon.

Louis knew something was up. He's not dumb, and not nearly as blinded by love as Niall assumed. Whatever Niall's job was, Louis wasn't a fan. He begged him to quit, but each time Niall would refuse to just be a trophy boy for Louis and stomp out of the house.


Niall slipped his shoes on and grabbed his jacket. He backtracked into the kitchen where Louis was making tea and said, "I'm off. See you in the morning," pecked his cheek, and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. Its Saturday and Niall would need the nutrition.

Louis grabbed his waist as he back away and pulled him back in. Niall giggled and nuzzled into Louis' cheek. Louis rubbed slowly up and down his spine and purred, "Stay with me. Call in sick."

Niall shook his head, "You know I can't. They're super strict."

Louis tucked his head down and mouthed at Niall's neck, making the boy groan quietly and push his head to the side for Louis' ease. "But I'll be lonely and I need you."

Niall's fingers tighten in Louis loose tee that he always wore to bed. The blond almost couldn't comprehend that he was about to turn down, undoubtably, mind-blowing sex with his boyfriend for mediocre sex with strangers. But hey, his boss was brutal, and Niall hadn't quite figured out how to leave the business yet.

Reluctantly he pulled away, delivering one last sweet kiss to his temple, "Don't tempt me." Niall waved goodnight to Louis with his banana and walked out the door.


Louis knew it was wrong. Spying on Niall made him some creepy, stalker boyfriend, but he was fed up with the way things were. He hated falling asleep every night without his boy next to him. And waking up to find him smiling, but so tired and cold, like his job was sucking life from him each night.

Louis' plan was to follow Niall to work, talk to his boss (possibly give some monetary incentive), and convince him to change Niall's shift. But the seedy brick building on the bad side of town wasn't what Louis was expecting. He watched Niall get off the bus and walk through the dimly lit doorway.

Louis parked across the street and waited for Niall to come back out, dressed in uniform, for whatever job he was on that night. But he never came back out. Louis huffed in annoyance and got out of his car to walk over to the building. He got a couple weird looks from people passing by, and gave them weird looks in return.

When he got inside the place was more residential than business. He walked up to the manger's desk and slapped his hands down just hard enough to get his attention.


Louis cringed slightly at the dirty tone the man took, but shook it off and said, "Is Niall in?"

The man looked confused for a moment, "I don't know any Niall's. What are you physically looking for?"

"What's he look like?"


Louis couldn't keep the scowl off his face. Talking to this guy was making want to shower for hours, "He's blond. Blue eyes. Irish. Bright, perfect smile," Louis started to smile despite himself, "These cheeks that flush constantly. Long eyelashes. This laugh that just runs over you."


Louis shook his head and laughed, "Sorry. Anyway, he works here and I'm looking for him."

"That sounds like James to me. He's actually with a client right now, but as soon as he's finished I can pencil you in."

Niall must've left out a back door he didn't see and now he working. "Well until then I'd actually like to talk to whoever's in charge."

The man's face fell a little from his smile and took a more serious note, "I am in charge."

"Great. I'd like to talk in your office if that's alright."

"No, I'm sorry, we can't allow customers in the back."

"I'm not a customer. I just want to see Niall."

"I don't care why you came for him, that makes you a customer. If you need to talk you can do it from right there."

Louis rolled his eyes and settled on his forearms on the scratched wood. "Fine. Niall-"


Louis clicked his tongue in frustration, "James," he repeated slowly, "needs a change of shifts. He's had some things come up and needs to work the day shift."

The man looked at him like he was insane, "Sir, we don't have a day shift."

"You only work at night?" Louis said like he couldn't believe it.

"Yes," the man confirmed with furrowed eyebrows. "And anyway, James is quite comfortable with his shift I think. And even if he wasn't, you wouldn't be able to walk in here and change it for him." Louis scowled and opened his mouth to say more, but was cut off by the man's smile. He looked to the side where a board of lights were flashing from red to green and back randomly. "But, James is ready to see you if you'd like."

Louis looked around and then back to the man, "Where is he?"

"Upstairs. Third floor. 308. Elevator is right across from you. Enjoy."

Louis gave the man one more confused look before walking towards the elevator. It look him up to the desired floor and he walked to 308, giving it a curious knock. Niall's voice came through the wood with a soft, "Come in," so Louis opened the door and went inside.

His mouth fell open at the sight. Niall was sitting cross-legged at the top of the bed, body slump, eyes closed, and head hung back in exhaustion. "Niall?" Louis' voice broke on the last letter.

Niall's eyes popped open and his head snapped to Louis. He hastily tried to cover himself and cried out, "What are you doing here?"

"Me? What are you doing here? Naked? On a bed? I came to look for you and talk to your boss about changing your schedule to something more reasonable, and frankly now I see why you have such a hard time with him, he's awful. Why are you naked?" Louis was breathing hard and his hands flailed around.

Niall's hands fisted in the sheets covering his bottom half and he couldn't keep his eyes off his lap. "I didn't what you to find out like this."

"Find out what?"

"I," Niall looked up at him with tears in his eyes, "I'm a whore."

Louis stopped breathing, "What?"

Niall started rambling like he couldn't stop, "I fuck men. Lots of them. Tons of them. And they pay me. They pay me pretty well, too. But I hate the money. Hate the men. Hate this job. But I don't know what to do. I can't just leave and I want to be home with you right now and instead I'm here and I hate it!"

Louis surged forward and climbed on the bed to take Niall in his arms. "Baby, come here." Niall leaned into him and sighed out a stuttering sob into his neck.

"I'm a whore, Louis. Why are you touching me?"

"Because I love you. I don't care what you do," Louis pulled Niall back to look at him, "I mean I do, and you're quitting this tonight," he brought him back in, "but it doesn't mean I don't love you."

Niall pushed against Louis' chest so he could sit up, "You don't get it. Ten minutes before you walked in some middle-aged bloke just fucked me." Niall twisted around so Louis could see his side, "He scratched me because he was so turned on." He turned back, "I'm not good enough for you. I've lied to you. Cheated on you! Don't sit there and tell me you love me."

Louis' face went from soft to hard as Niall talked, turning to stone when Niall showed the scratches. When the younger boy quieted down again Louis pushed Niall back hard so he fell onto the pillows with a soft thud.


"You're mine," Louis whispered, but his voice was so strong that Niall shivered at the power. "Open your legs," Niall obeyed instantly, "I'll show you who you belong to. Who gets to touch you like that," he emphasized the words with pressure on the red lines on Niall's hip. Louis leaned over and licked across the shell of Niall's ear and hummed, "I'll wash away all those other men, love you until the only thing you remember is my name."

Niall moaned into Louis cheek and rubbed his leg along Louis' side. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be sorry for doing what you had to." Louis pecked his nose, "But now you don't have to and you won't. You're not a trophy boy, but you are my prize and you deserve better."

Niall blushed at the compliment and pulled Louis closer on top of him for more kisses. Louis fit his lips with the blonde's, pressing and pushing while he open Niall's mouth with his tongue. Niall sighed softly and grabbed at Louis shirt, suddenly feeling like it was a barrier between them, "Off, off," he whined and pulled Louis' shirt up his torso.

Louis chuckled and sat back to strip his top off, soon followed by his jeans and pants. He laid back down over Niall, who'd been watching his every move while he disrobed, naked and smiling.

"What?" Louis asked, smirk playing over his lips.

Niall just shrugged, "You amaze me."

Louis beamed at that and kissed him all over his face while Niall laughed and pulled gently on Louis' hair. "You're amazing," Louis returned. "And special, and brave, and loving, and mine. Mine, mine, mine."

Niall inhaled, breathing in all the love, and pulled Louis in again for a slow, lingering kiss. When he pulled back he said, "Why aren't you inside me?"

Louis barked a laugh and reached for the lube sitting on the bedside table. He left the condom sitting where it was, loving that they decided not to use them recently. That's why Niall was his. No one else got to know what it felt like inside him without the protection. To feel how soft and smooth his walls were against their cock. Only Louis, and he reveled in it.

Louis drizzled lube over two fingers and brought them to Niall's hole, playing small circles over his stretched rim. "You don't need to, I stretched myself an hour ago."

Louis growled at that, knowing that he stretched himself because some other guy was fucking him earlier, opening him wide around their prick. He pushed both fingers in to the hilt, making Niall arch off the bed and moan. He spoke clean and sharp, "Does that feel good?" Niall nodded urgently and pushed down onto his fingers. "Then I do need to do it. I'm not fingering you because I have to. I've got two fingers inside my boyfriend because I want to. Because I love when you make," Louis pressed into his prostate and Niall cried a soft, broken sound, "that noise."

Louis moved his fingers languidly inside Niall until he was shaking and fisting the sheets, begging him to pleasepleaseplease God I love you fuck me. Louis pulled his fingers out, but not before one last sweep across his fleshy bundle of nerves. Niall's throat leased a stunted noise and then a whine when his hole clenched around nothing.

Niall was so sure he was finally going to feel his boyfriend inside him, but instead Louis scooted down the bed until he laid on his stomach, his head between Niall's quivering thighs. Louis let his mouth fall open and placed a wet kiss to the sensitive skin in the inside of Niall's leg, sucking eagerly on the twitching muscles until the patch started to bloom red and then purple. He left the new bruise with a sharp bite and then a quick kitten lick, pulling a sharp gasp from the writhing blond.

"Mine," Louis growled, nuzzling into Niall's leg.

Niall pulled on the sheets and answered, "Yours, only yours."

Satisfied with his marking, Louis sat back up and grabbed the lube. He coated his aching cock in a layer and smeared the rest on the bed. Louis bent Niall's legs over his shoulders and leaned down to kiss him as he pushed inside, folding Niall in half. Niall's long, high pitched moan rang through the room, filling Louis' senses and egging him on.

He rocked into his boyfriend, layering kisses up and down his neck and chest as he went. Soon Louis was pounding into Niall at a punishing pace and it was all Niall could do not to come too quickly. Little breathy ugh's swirled out of Niall's open mouth as Louis nailed his spot again and again.

"Lou," Niall begged, "Lou, baby, please make me come."

Louis wrapped a soft hand around Niall's leaking tip and gave one tight twist before Niall was shooting between their stomachs. Louis kept his pace and rocked Niall through his orgasm before planting his hands on either side of Niall's chest and ramming harder, chasing his own release. Niall reached around and gripped Louis ass in his hands to message the supple flesh there. When Niall ghosted a finger between his cheeks Louis' eyes fell shut and he filled Niall's clenching hole.

Niall kissed his forehead gently once Louis' after shocks subsided and Louis returned the gesture with a smile. He settled on the bed and pulled Niall in to his chest.

Niall broke the comfortable silence, "Saturday is my least favorite day."

Louis rubbed his shoulder and reminded him, "Yeah, but Sunday is your favorite and it's so close."

"Sunday's only my favorite because you're my Sunday."

"And I plan on being your Sunday for a very long time," Louis offered and kissed him temple.

"My favorite kind of love."