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»What's wrong with Chris?« Stiles asked his father while watching both his father's mates curled up on the other nest of blankets in the living room of the packhouse.

Stiles is finally good with having close family around. His dad comes with Chris and Jordan in tow and it's okay. The two men had gone upstairs, fetched the blankets from their rooms, and built their own nest. They had curled up together, Chris's hands-on Jordan's slightly distended stomach, his face buried against the younger man's pulse point.

Noah shrugged. Chris had shown a certain amount of apathy for the last couple of days. He hadn't gone on his morning runs and also let himself go in other ways. He didn't groom himself like he usually did and his eating habits had changed.

»I'm not sure,« Noah admitted and looked at the softly cooing cub in his lap. He gently rubbed Riley's stomach in slow circles before he looked at his own son.

»You know … It's like with you all over again. You only settled down when someone rubbed your tummy in slow circles. It was best if I did it for you,« Noah said, his gaze going soft and into the distance with remembrance.


Stiles blushed and smiled gently. He held his daughter close. Little Rowan was the first of the cubs to shift into human form and she was gently nursing at a very human Stiles chest. »Children are special,« Stiles said and eyed Chris for a moment. He breathed in deeply, concentrating on filtering out the familiar scents of his mates and the children. He shoved away his father's smell and it took him another moment to filter out Jordan and his shifting scent pile. A smile grew on his face and he softly called for his Alpha.

Peter wandered in from the kitchen with Remy in his arms. He held the cub close and scratched behind his ears, making the cub relax against him.

»What is it? Anything wrong, Stiles?« He questioned and eyed his mate and the two cubs in the room critically.

»We are fine … but you should take a look at Chris … I do think something is wrong or very, very right with him,« Stiles admitted and nodded towards his father's older mate.

His father tilted his head in question and tried to smell what Stiles had smelled. He still was training his senses to he felt a little overwhelmed and looked towards Peter who wandered towards the two curled up adult wolves.

Peter scented them both gently. He dropped Remy beside Jordan with a soft smile and a short look for confirmation if this was okay to Stiles. Stiles remained relaxed. Since his cubs were all in his sight, he was okay with his cub in Jordan's arms.

Peter gently pulled Chris up and scented him again. His hand settled against Chris's abdomen and he whispered some questions into Chris's ear. He was talking so low no one in the room could hear him. Even Jordan who was right beside them so to speak didn't manage to listen in.

Chris answered slowly and almost reluctantly. His cheeks blushed and he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but here and do anything else but have this talk.

Peter just patted Chris's back and helped him settle back down with Jordan and Remy before he came over to Stiles and Noah. He sat down on the low coffee table and settled down on it.

He watched his mate nursing their daughter. It was a lovely sight and his mind wandered for a moment. Peter really wanted to change places with his own daughter but they had guests.

»So, darling … I think you're going to be a big brother not just once but twice over … at least,« Peter said.

Noah stopped rubbing Riley's tummy and looked towards Chris. »You mean, I managed to knock him up?«, he breathed out, his eyes widened.

Peter nodded and smiled. »Yes, Noah … you're going to be a dad all over again,« he told him gently.

Stiles's smile was so brilliant. »This is awesome,« he said. »I'm finally really going to be a big brother and we get the big family we always wanted.«

Noah smiled and reached for Stiles. He gently pulled him against his side. »I know … I'm sorry your mom and I couldn't give you a sibling. She really wanted to … but,« Noah stopped talking and his scent changed.

Stiles gently nuzzled his father. »I know, dad. It's okay. I'm just glad we both get to experience this … and you've got your grandchildren too. They will go to school together, grow up together. They'll never be lonely,« he said.

Noah nodded silently before he rose and handed Riley over to Peter. He settled down with his mates and gently embraced both of them. »We're going to be dads,« Noah whispered. His hands settled on both Jordan's and Chris's stomachs. He gently rubbed them and smiled so broad.

»You're not angry?«, Chris softly asked.

Noah shook his head. »Never. Children are a blessing, no matter how exhausting raising them can be. It's so rewarding and I regret that I couldn't be more hands-on with Stiles when he was little. I will do better this time around,« he said.

»You'll have to … we'll have at least two little ones to take care of,« Jordan mumbled and nuzzled Chris. »I'm glad I don't have to go through this alone,« he admitted.

Chris nodded. »I don't think we're ever going to be alone in this. Look at our Alpha and his mates. They'll be with us all the way.«

The three men turned. Jordan gently rubbed Remy's back and held him close while he did and they saw Derek had settled onto the sofa with Stiles and Peter. Derek was burping Rowan, while Peter eyed Stiles's chest with Riley curled on his lap.