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Muppet Magic Kingdoms

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Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom, a beloved destination for children of all ages and family & friends of all kinds, and  place where happiness flourished.

The caretaker of the park was a little fella who lived for fun and adventure. He also had a lot of friends to help him in the park, and a family of his own. A beautiful

wife & triplet kids, one boy and two girls. Unfortunately, not everyone shared his interests. There were those who favoured sadness over joy, destruction over fun, and

darkness over light. If the park could be turned evil, it would be a powerful tool for the powers of darkness. As the malevolent magic speed throughout the kingdom,

it was claimed as a playground for all that is bad. Returning it to its former days of fun and happiness would take a true hero. Luckily, the mouse would not be doing

it alone. A wizard was safe from the curse and a band of heroes can help put and end to the curse, and save the kingdom. This is their story...