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Stiles was just done nursing his cubs when the landline rang. With Rowan held close to his chest he ambled over to the phone and took the call.

»Hale residence, Stiles speaking,« he answered the phone.

»Stiles. It's me … Chris,« was the response. His father's mate had taken to call Stiles on the regular but he rarely visited in person because he knew just how antsy Stiles still was. The young father accepted both his mates and his father near his cubs but everyone else was hit and miss.

Chris and Jordan had been allowed one heavily supervised visit with the children and that was it.

Celeste, Kaïs, Helena, Robbie, and Adam only had seen the children during video calls and not in person yet so everyone took it as a huge win.

»Hey Chris, how can I help you?« Stiles asked and tried to juggle his cub as well as getting back into his clothes while being on the phone. It ended with him tipping over and landing on his butt with an oomph which brought Derek running.

»Stiles?« he asked but Stiles just shook his head and nodded towards Rowan who looked at him with huge glowing yellow eyes and the start of an angry whine in the back of her throat.

Derek nodded and took her away and cuddled the little one close.

»You okay, Stiles? That sounded like you've taken a fall,« Chris said.

»I'm alright … really. Just finished nursing and tried to get back into my clothes while holding Little Ro and the phone,« he admitted with a laugh about his own stupidity.

»Oh … okay … so … I've got a question,« Chris said softly.

Stiles smiled. He thought it was cute just how much the much older and far more seasoned man deferred to him. »Okay … talk to me, Chris. You know I like it straight.«

A snort from the kitchen told him just how much his mates thought he didn't like it straight.

Chris suppressed a snort too but managed to sound sincere when he said: »Well … Jordan is wary about getting a kid. He hasn't handled a baby in like ever and has absolutely no idea what to expect.«

Stiles just hmmed to show he was still listening but otherwise waited for the older man to get out what was on his mind.

»Would you terribly mind if your dad and I borrowed your cubs to show him how to take care of a baby?« Chris finally managed to get out.

Stiles blinked, pulled the phone away from his ear, wiggled his finger in the said ear to check if it was clean and if he had heard right.

»You want to borrow my newborn cubs to show someone who never, like never ever has handled a baby how to handle them? I'm not sure I've heard right. Your Alpha's cubs are not a training tool, Christopher! If you want to show Jordan how to change nappies buy a fucking doll!«

With that Stiles smashed the receiver down and stalked towards his cubs. Without a second thought, he shifted and curled around both boys and growled until Derek brought Rowan over.

Peter and Derek sat down on the couch and watched Stiles guarding his precious cubs while smiling with too many teeth and claws peeking out of their fingertips. While they thought it cute how Stiles took care of and defended his cubs, they also would defend them to the death if anyone tried to take them away from Stiles. Even if it was his own father and his mates.