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All-Star Anime Battle Royal

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The battle royal intensified with only eight members left. After eliminating Death the Kid, Misaka quickly found herself grabbed by Barkhorn who attempted a German suplex onto her. Misaka blocked her with several elbows only to get a flying elbow to the face from Sailor Jupiter.

"Let's get rid of her." said Jupiter.

"Right." replied Barkhorn.

The two picked Misaka up but, the Railgun held onto the ropes avoiding elimination.

"Who do you think will win?" asked Koto.

"We're supposed to stay impartial." answered Mr. Alonsa.

"We can still guess who we think might win." noted Koto.

"In that case, I'd have to go with Braiking Boss." said Mr. Alonsa.

"I'm going with Spike." replied Koto.

"All right then." said Mr. Alonsa.

Back in the ring, Spike had a headlock on Braiking Boss while Kazuma punched away at him. However, Braiking Boss grabbed Spike around the waist and shoved him into the ropes. Braiking Boss quickly caught Kazuma throwing him into the air and hitting him with an uppercut that sent Kazuma crashing to the mat on his head.

"What an impact! Kazuma might have a concussion from that!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

"If he's breathing." replied Koto.

Braiking Boss grabbed Kazuma up but, was suddenly attacked by Saya and Naruto. Braiking Boss preformed a body slam onto Saya then grabbed Naruto by the neck.

"Say goodnight." said Braiking Boss menacingly.

Braiking Boss turned around and attempted to chokeslam Naruto to the outside. However, Naruto grabbed Braiking Boss by the neck and pulled him over the ropes. Saya delivered a dropkick that dropped Braiking Boss to the ground.

Elimination #23: Braiking Boss by Saya

"What an upset! A major favorite to win has been eliminated!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

"There goes your pick to win it." noted Koto.

Naruto rolled back into the ring and Saya noticed him. As she walked over, Naruto suddenly speared her.

"Spear!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Naruto picked Saya up and tossed her over the top.

Elimination #24: Saya Otonashi by Naruto

"There goes Saya after nearly being cut in half." said Koto.

Naruto turned and ran across the ring. He jumped Sailor Jupiter and Barkhorn then knocked their heads together.

"Now for you." stated Naruto.

Naruton turned to eliminate Misaka but, she caught him with an elbow to the gut. Sailor Jupiter grabbed Naruto from behind and delivered a Russian legsweep onto Naruto. Misaka slipped back in between the ropes but, was met with a swinging neckbreaker from Barkhorn.

Meanwhile, Spike and Kazuma were trading punches in the middle of the ring. Kazuma had discarded his metal arm to make the fight even. Kazuma drove his knee into the stomach of Spike and ran off the ropes but, was caught by Spike who preformed a scoop slam onto Kazuma.

Spike picked Kazuma up but, received several chops to his chest from Kazuma. Spike raked the eyes of Kazuma and ran off the ropes attempting a clothesline but, Kazuma ducked and delivered a reverse neckbreaker.

Barkhorn had Misaka against the ropes and was trying her best to put Misaka over the top but, the Railgun hung on. Misaka extended her leg and kicked Barkhorn off. The Karlslander landed on her butt and quickly got back up only to get a forearm to the head from Misaka. Misaka then followed it with a short clothesline.

Sailor Jupiter had Naruto by the back of the head and was slamming his head off the turnbuckle. Naruto managed to block her and drove several elbows into the stomach of Sailor Jupiter. Naruto then reversed Sailor Jupiter into the corner and climbed to the top turnbuckle and began punching her. However, Jupiter punched Naruto in the groin.

"Oh. There are WAY to many crotch shots in this battle royal!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

"It's effective." shrugged Koto.

Sailor Jupiter grabbed Naruto and preformed a Ganymede Bomb but, then fell to the ring.

"Sailor Jupiter hits her finisher but, she needs to capitalize." stated Koto.

Kazuma had Spike on the ropes and was trying to lift him over the top ropes to no effect. Frustrated, let go and went a few feet back to preform a clothesline. However, Spike kicked him in the stomach and tossed him over the top.

"There goes Kazuma via Spike. We are down to five." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Hold it. Kazuma hasn't been eliminated yet." noted Koto.

Indeed, Kazuma had held onto the ropes and avoided elimination. He picked himself back up to get into the ring but, Spike noticed. As soon as Kazuma got up, Spike delivered a Super Kick that hit Kazuma in the chin and sent him crashing to the floor.

Elimination #25: Kazuma by Spike

"There goes Kazuma by the Bang Kick of Spike Spiegel!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"Now we're down to five." added Koto.

Spike turned around and only for Naruto to attack with a clothesline. However, Spike caught Naruto and flipped him over the top ropes. Naruto managed to grab onto the ropes and avoid jumped onto the ropes and delivered a dropkick off the top ropes that hit Spike in the back of the head.

Meanwhile, Misaka and Barkhorn were slugging it out exchanging hard punch after punch with each other. Suddenly, Misaka was tackled to the mat by Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter then mounted Misaka and began punching away at her. Barkhorn stood back.

"Supreme Thunder!" cried Sailor Jupiter, jumping to her feet.

Sailor Jupiter took in the cheers of the fans but, Barkhorn saw her chance and delivered a bulldog onto Sailor Jupiter.

"Sailor Jupiter made an uncharacteristic mistake there." stated Mr. Alonsa.

"Well she has to focus on the match not the crowd." shrugged Koto.

"That's why I called it 'uncharacteristic' of her." replied Mr. Alonsa.

"All right then." replied Koto.

Barkhorn began kicking and stomping away at Sailor Jupiter while Misaka rested.

Naruto had continued his beating of Spike and was beating him. Currently, Spike was stomach down on the mat while Naruto had him a headlock.

"That will weaken up Spike but, Naruto needs to get Naruto over the top ropes to eliminate him." noted Koto.

Naruto pulled Spike up hoping to find a way to eliminate him. However, Spike shoved Naruto off dropping the shinobi face first onto the mat. Naruto tried to get up but, received a clothesline from Spike that turned him inside out.

"What an impact! That might be the stiffest hit of the night!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

Barkhorn rolled Sailor Jupiter over to the ropes and tried picking her up. Seeing an opportunity, Misaka struck Barkhorn from behind only to have Barkhorn hit her in the side of the head with an elbow. Barkhorn then tried picking Sailor Jupiter up only to have Sailor Jupiter backdrop her over the top ropes.

Elimination #26: Barkhorn by Sailor Jupiter

"There goes Barkhorn after a good performance." said Mr. Alonsa.

"She has no reason to be disappointed in herself." said Koto.

Misaka attempted a clothesline onto Sailor Jupiter but, the Sailor Senshi dodged and hit Misaka with a forearm to the back of the head. Sailor Jupiter attempted to lift Misaka over the top but, the Railgun turned around forcing Sailor Jupiter to deliver a suplex onto her.

Spike had Naruto in a turnbuckle and was delivered a series of kicks to the shinobi. Spike followed up with a kick to the stomach and DDT onto Naruto.

"Say goodbye." stated Spike.

Spike picked Naruto up to toss him over the top but, Naruto began struggling and broke free.

"Not now old man!" declared Naruto.

Naruto quickly delivered a series of kicks to the right to the right hamstring of Spike.

"Those kicks are sure to tie up the hamstring of Spike." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"That will definitely hinder Spike especially this late in the battle royal." added Koto.

Naruto continued his kicks until Spike grabbed her right leg.

"Gotcha." said Spike smirking.

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Naruto.

Naruto hobbled on one foot trying to free his leg.

"Naruto is stuck. If he can't escape, he's in big trouble." noted Koto.

Spike preformed a Dragon Screw legwhip onto Naruto. After the maneuver, Naruto quickly grabbed his leg.

"That move can easily damage the ACL. Any knee injury could spell the end for Naruto." said Mr. Alonsa.

Spike noticed this and put a kneelock onto Naruto.

"Smart thinking by Spike trying to hyper extend the knee of Naruto." said Mr. Alonsa.

Spike picked Naruto up and began walking to the ropes. Just as Spike was ready to eliminate Naruto, the latter suddenly wrapped his legs around Spike's head and performed a hurricanrana that sent Spike to the outside.

Elimination #27: Spike Spiegal by Naruto

"What an upset! Naruto has eliminated Spike with a hurricanrana over the top!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

"Now both of our picks to win are gone." sighed Koto.

"Yup. Now we're down to only three competitors." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"Not to mention I own twenty dollars to Juri." whined Koto.

A large sweatdrop appeared on the forehead of Mr. Alonsa who desicded to focus on the match.

Back in the ring, Misaka and Sailor Jupiter were trading punches in the middle of the ring while Naruto recuperated on the apron. Seeing the two girls slugging away at each other, Naruto jumped onto the top rope and jumped off it preforming a double clothesline onto Misaka and Sailor Jupiter.

"Impressive athletic maneuver by Naruto." said Mr. Alonsa.

"But, it might not have been a smart move considering his knee injury." replied Koto.

Naruto shook his knee and noticed Misaka getting back up. He tried picking her up but, Misaka countered with a forearm and followed it chop block to the injured knee of Naruto.

"Dammit!" cried Naruto, grabbing his knee.

Misaka grabbed the leg of Naruto and began dropping her right elbow onto the hurt knee. As she did, Sailor Jupiter got back to her feet.

"Help me get rid of Naruto." said Misaka.

"Okay." agreed Sailor Jupiter.

Misaka laid down pinning Naruto's leg so he couldn't move. Sailor Jupiter walked over and began stomping away for almost a minute.

"Let's get rid of him ." said Sailor Jupiter.

Misaka nodded in agreement and the two picked Naruto up. However, Sailor Jupiter turned and kicked Misaka in the stomach. Sailor Jupiter then preformed a Ganymede Bomb onto Misaka.

"Sorry, but it's everyone for themselves." noted Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter picked Misaka up and tried to eliminate her but, Misaka held onto the ropes. Naruto managed to hobble back to his feet and saw the situation occurring before him. He managed delivered a flying forearm to the back of the head and neck of Sailor Jupiter. Naruto the flipped Sailor Jupiter over the top while Misaka grabbed onto the ropes.

Elimination #28: Sailor Jupiter by Naruto

"What a surprise! It seems Sailor Jupiter thought Misaka was a bigger threat but, turning her back on Naruto has cost her big time!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"With that we're down two." said Koto.

Naruto ran around the ring cheering and climbed a turnbuckle throwing his hands into the air.

"What is Naruto doing?" asked Koto.

"He must think he's won." answered Mr. Alonsa.

Misaka rolled back into the ring and stared at Naruto.

"Hey genius!" cried Misaka.

Naruto jumped off the turnbuckle and came face to face with the Railgun.

"Hey! I eliminated you!" snapped Naruto.

"I didn't touch the floor." noted Misaka.

Naruto and Misaka stared each other down for a minute before Naruto threw a right punch. However Misaka blocked it and threw several punches of her own that managed to stagger Naruto.

After punches, Misaka kicked Naruto in the gut and attempted a DDT but, Naruto blocked it. Naurto delivered several punches to the kidney of Misaka and then shoved her. Misaka landed face first on the mat.

As Misaka got back up, Naruto ran off the ropes and delivered a swinging neckbreaker onto Misaka. Misaka rolled over stopping when she reached the ropes.

"This could be it." said Mr. Alonsa.

Naruto tried picking Misaka up but, she countered with several punches to the stomach of Naruto.

"Misaka won't go down without a fight. My heart is racing." said Koto, on the edge of her seat.

Naruto raked the eyes of Misaka to stop her flurry. He then ran off the opposite ropes and attempted to deliver a clothesline onto Misaka only for her to side step him. As he passed by, Misaka grabbed Naruto by the hair and flung him over the top ropes.

Elimination #29: Naruto by Misaka

"There you have it! Just like that we have our winner: Mikoto Misaka!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"I speak for both of us when I say that we had a great time calling this." said Koto.

In the ring, Misaka was celebrating. Suddenly, a redhead girl appeared out of nowhere in the ring hugging Misaka.

"Congratulations Sissy! I never doubted you!" cried Kuroko Shirai.

Shirai wrapped her arms around Misaka but, it was only when Shirai grabbed the breasts of Misaka that the latter had enough. With one powerful burst of electricity, Misaka dispatched Shirai.

"You freaking pervert!" snapped Misaka.

"Well...I guess there are some people who can be too affectionate." said Mr. Alonsa.

"On behalf of Mr. Alonsa, myself and everyone involved I want to thank you all for following this battle royal. Good night." said Koto.