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All-Star Anime Battle Royal

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters

A the crowd was intense as the show began. Tickets sold out quickly and the area was filled to the rafters with fans who had flocked for miles. The Titantron was merely a screen with metal bars around it. Outside the ring the four referees stood waiting: Ayane Mitsui from Ayane's High Kicks, one of the Judgeman robots from Zoids, Mr. Referee from Metabots and Jimmy from the Hoenn region of Pokemon. At the announce table, the two color commentators for the evening were ready. One was a man in a suit with blonde hair and black sunglasses the other was a demon girl with cat ears.

"The fans are going wild here as they anticipate the battle royal. Hello, I'm Mr. Alonso the World Tournament Announcer from Dragon Ball Z and here is my partner Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho." began Mr. Alonso.

"We are in for a wild ride here. Thanks to the multidimensional transporter we've gathered characters from thirty different series to compete here tonight." said Koto.

"Before we get going, let's send it to our commentator in the back, Kanae Fujishita from Wanna be the Strongest in the World, to tell us how our competitors are doing." said Mr. Alonso.

The video panned to the back where a green-haired woman with glasses was waiting.

"Thank you Mr. Alonso. I've been talking to these competitors and they are ready for tonight." said Kanae.

Kanae turned and saw one of the competitors.

"Oh. Can you give us a few words?" asked Kanae.

A boy with spiky blonde hair and wearing an orange jumpsuit walked next to her.

"Sure I will." answered the boy.

"Give us your thoughts on tonight." requested Kanae.

"I'm Naruto Uzamaki and I will win tonight!" declared Naruto.

"You're confident." noted Kanae.

"Believe it! I'm going to win tonight and then I'm going to be Hokage!" cried Naruto.

"All right then." said Kanae, "Well, I'll send it-"

"Watch out everyone! I'm going to win this!" cried Naruto.

The camera panned back to Mr. Alonso and Koto with surprised expressions on their faces.

"Well...I think it's time for us to get to the action." said Mr. Alonso.

"Let's send it to my friend Juri in the ring." agreed Koto.

The camera panned to the ring where a dark skinned amphibian girl.

"The following a thirty person over the top rope battle royal. Two people will start and every two minutes they will be joined every two minutes by another competitor. There are no pin falls or submissions. The only way to be eliminated it to be thrown over the top ropes and have both feet hit the ground." explained Juri.

At the time keeper's table, a young little girl sat with red hair and pigtails sat. With the explanation by Juri finished, Sana Kurata rang the bell signaling the start of the match.