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Heroic Experiments

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Momo Yaoyorozu had just started her new school term abroad at the prestigious American Hero school called Hearts Academy, and already she had started trouble. She thought it wasn’t her fault, anybody could trip and fall on another student; however, it took an especially gifted mind to trip onto the school’s foremost scientific jr. hero, Mad Genius or Ron as he was known by his peers.

An action that would send him tumbling forward onto his face, while he dropped his newest life-saving invention down the stairs. Shattering it on the ceramic tile floor in front of all her new classmates. Momo was in full panic mode, awkwardly apologizing to Ron as she tried to repair the invention using her quirk, but it still didn’t work; even after she remoulded all the parts (to Ron’s specifics) with her creation quirk. Ron confirmed that the device he spent half a year creating was destroyed in a single trip.

Momo was sweating nervously and offered to pay for all the damages, trying to avoid making a bad impression on everyone watching, and surprisingly Ron was very polite. He told her that he could remake the device much faster and compensation wouldn’t be needed, but he did ask for one thing; help with an upcoming test. Apparently, Momo was the perfect subject and Ron was very instant that she join him later this evening.
Momo wasn’t sure if she could trust this guy, he was a little creepy and incredibly forward, but he was very understanding. Plus she couldn’t refuse to help him after what she did (plus she had trouble refusing requests in general and all her new classmates surrounded the pair).

So after a late day of Hero training, Momo made her way to Ron’s room, still wearing her sleeveless red and silver leotard, beige skirt; a little scuffed from the day’s training, and a pair of red leather boots; that cut off at her calves. She stood nervously in front of Ron’s silvery chrome door and slowly knocked. Knuckles tapping against the metal as she called out, “Ron! Ron, it’s Momo, sorry if I’m... whoa!”

The door swung open with Ron standing proudly in the frame, creating a draft that made a slight hissing noise, almost like depressurization. The gust was strong enough to make Ron’s blue slacks and lab coat blow forward. Pressing against the backs of his legs as he stood there, seemingly unaffected to Momo’s surprise.

Ron was a rather scrawny “hero”, he was around Momo’s height but looked a fair bit older than a teenager. Probably due to the stubble on his rather pointed face, and his flat nose, that easily made him look thirty (on a good day). His shallow eyes had black rings around them, but his pupils had a soft blue colour that looked rather mesmerizing. Maybe his brains could make up for his lack of brawn? Though Momo managed an awkward smile.

“Evening Momo,” Answered Ron, his voice was cheery but somehow had low energy. “Come inside there is plenty of room and don’t worry about the breeze. I was just doing some cleaning.”

Ron turned around, lab coat waving behind him like a cape as he walked back into his room. Momo tentatively followed behind him, taking long looks at the barely attached wires and pipes, running along the wall; they looked like they’d fall at any moment. Momo was starting to show visible concern, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to know how his cleaning caused pressurization. Her brow getting sweaty as she exited the entry hall and was faced with a surprisingly spacious, yet tidy room.

Ron had two full shelves of parts completely organized and pressed against the back wall. His bed was elevated off the ground like a bunk bed, but where the bottom bunk would be was a desk, with papers all neatly filed, and in the corner sat a black leather couch placed across from a projector. Besides the pipes and wires running out of the walls, the room itself was pretty normal, save the strange exoskeleton in the centre of the room. It was made of thin interlocking metallic poles with chrome finishing around their edges, the entire thing looked like it could fully encompass the back of a human.

“I’m surprised your room looks so, so…”

“Normal? Yea, the whole mad scientist thing is all public image.” Responded Ron walking over to a panel as he continued, “But today you’ll be helping me test out my latest invention, that exoskeleton.”

“Ummm,” Hummed Momo, looking over to the exoskeleton, pupils focusing on the metallic framework. She was willing to comply but felt slightly unnerved by its construction for reasons she couldn’t explain.

“Are you nervous?” Questioned Ron, “Don’t worry you’re just testing the user interface, shouldn’t be more than five minutes.” Ron’s voice sounded reassuring as he pressed a few buttons on the panel. The suite’s bracings clicked open and allowed Momo to step inside.

Momo still didn’t like the look of this machine, but as always she lost to her own tentativeness and stepped inside the exoskeleton; which fit surprisingly well. The suite shifted in size slightly, fitting itself perfectly around her frame before waist, wrist, and ankle bracers locked her body inside.

“Alright Momo this should be over quickly, just follow the prompts and you’ll be fine.”
Ron walked behind the suite as Momo’s lips held a small nervous v-smile, she was unable to properly vocalize her nervousness, so she muttered, “Mhmmm.”

Body trembling as Ron flicked an unseen switch and before Momo could blink, metal plates extended out from the suite completely encasing Momo’s face but left her lips and jaw visible. “Hey Ron, this is a little spookier than I thought...” Momo’s pupils dilated, her smile getting woozier as she was left in total darkness with no response from Ron.

“Ron? Ron?!” Momo tried moving out of her seat but discovered she couldn’t. There was some kind of binding around her wrists and ankles. “This isn’t funny Ron let me ou-nuhhgggggg…”

Momo was about to start screaming until she felt something wiggle inside her ears. It felt slimy; yet, cold and metallic. The probe’s intrusion sent was incredibly painful, but only for a moment. Quickly Momo felt a sense of calm followed by a literal shock that left her body loose and relaxed. Her rage disappeared immediately and was replaced by regular nervousness, which only got worse as she heard someone or something speaking in her inner ear. She couldn’t understand a word of what the voice was saying but she didn’t need to, she wanted out of this experiment now.

“I... I want out of this suit Ron!” Momo’s defiant shout came out as a dull roar, she didn’t have enough energy to scream anymore, as she softly continued, “I didn’t sign up for... for thi-uuhhhhmmm…” Momo’s jaw went slack, her eyes drooped half-open as her mind was flooded with pleasure. It was more powerful than anything she had felt prior and it completely distracted her from the needle pricks she felt enter her, neck, breasts, and ass.

For some reason, the concept of something unknown being injected into her body was totally normal? The hot feeling radiating through her entire body was not something she should worry about, but Momo still wanted out of this suit; yet, she also knew that Ron was trustworthy and she owed him her body… wait was that right? Momo wasn’t sure why she felt so strongly about Ron, she only knew him for about twenty minutes, but giving him her body?

Am I losing it? Ron’s so pushy, creepy, and has such a fat white cock….! Wait why did I think that!!? It’s not like the thick dick imprint against his pants is what I’ve been thinking of since I entered this exo-thingy….

Wait why am I thinking about his white dick! Thought Momo as a drop of drool started to form at the edge of her lips. She wasn’t sure where all these cock thoughts were coming from. She’d never been so horny in her entire life, none of the JAVs’ (Japanese adult videos) made her feel this way, but maybe it was because Ron had such a thick white member? Momo’s pupils dilated as she felt some kind of fluid flow into her ears, it felt so strange and Momo was feeling quite bubbly.

“Hehehe, dicks!” Muttered Momo, it was like she was drunk on pleasure; her cunt was on fire and it was getting harder to think about anything other than Ron’s hard throbbing white cock. Her lips curved into a slutty o-face, her tongue tip sticking out slightly as she imagined licking Ron’s thick dick.

Momo wasn’t sure why she was doing something so slutty, but she couldn’t deny how good it felt. Her lips felt so hot and her mind was practically boiling in pleasure as she pretended to suck on a phantom cock.

“Oh, good phase two can start.” Momo heard Ron’s voice for a second.

Momo snapped to reality for a second, worried what Ron might think if he saw her slutty duck lips pretending to suck cock. “Mmmm- Ron I... I’m not some, mmmppphh!” Momo tried to explain her slutty lip-puckering, but before she could spit out more than a stutter she felt something smooth and hard go into her mouth. Momo’s tongue instinctively wrapped around the probe, licking and slurping, secretly imagining Ron’s hot cock inside her. It was so nice of Ron to provide her with a helpful toy, Momo thought she should thank him, but then it got even better!

The visor in front of her glowed white for a moment before displaying a first-person view of a cock sucking scene (and Momo was the cock sucker). Her eyes fixated on the thick white pillar as the image on the screen pumped in tandem with the probe currently occupying her mouth.

This is like totally cool! Ron’s like the super smarterest for adding such a sweet feature to the tech thingie!” Thought Momo, her lips vacuum sucking the probe as the screen panned up to reveal she was sucking Ron’s cock! Mmmmm, it tastes sooo guuud! Ron’s a real meanie to hide such a thick white dick from me! Momo’s mind was utterly devoid of any other thoughts aside from sucking. Her lips pumping up with each suck and unknown to her the rest of her body was doing the same; guided by Ron’s special mechanical exoskeleton.

And Momo would be content to just sit and suck for hours without end, but Momo began to hear something? She felt like she could finally understand the voice in her ear, the audio was slowing down and it sounded like a giggly females voice;

“Doesn’t Ron’s cock taste like super good Momo?”

Momo couldn’t speak, but she thought; It tastes super amazing, I wanna suck it all day long!

“What a good girl, but Ron only lets slutty brain dead gooks suck his cock.” The voice got a bit coy, “And you’re supposed to be some kind of genius, right?”

A bit of panic set in as Momo realized she wouldn’t get any cock if she was still smart! Basically ignoring the slur, in favour of begging; No Momo wants Ron’s thick white cock! Please help me become a dumb gook, so Ron gives meh his tasty dick!”

“Good gook, you’re brains have nearly all boiled away!” Momo wasn’t sure what the nice voice in her head meant but shared her excitement nonetheless. “Now repeat after me gook.”

“Your mind is empty.”

My mind is empty…

“You are obedient gook slave.”

I am an obedient gook slave...

“You love obeying your master.”

I love like obeying my master...

“Serving him and his dick is the only thing that matters.”

Serving him and his tasty dick is the only thing that matters….

The repetition of Momo’s new mantra would continue for hours that felt like minutes to Momo. Her mind was completely enthralled in the sweet bliss of service and enamoured with the image of her master’s thick white dick. The words obey, submit, and suck, left a deep impact on Momo’s mind, sending her down an unending pleasure spiral that would have lasted until she passed out from exhaustion; however, her conditioning finished long before that could happen.

The dildo in Momo’s mouth was removed, causing her tongue to thrash around as she tried to keep licking, still craving more. As she struggled the feminine mechanical voice addressed her, “Good work gook, my reading are showing your mind as total mush! How do ya feel?”

Nhhhhh, more white cock, more white cock, mmmmm! Momo’s thoughts were completely focused on getting more cock. Her eyes went crossed, without the picture in front of her to simulate sucking cock, she was left without something to focus on and that wouldn’t do. However, Momo was too brain-dead to do anything about her dick deficiency. All she could do was drool at the thought of Ron’s big white dick coming along to cure her empty feelings.

“Poor gook you must be feeling so sad.” Momo nodded slightly, drooling as the voice continued, “Well don’t worry you’ll get cock as soon as you get out of the converter.”
Momo saw the bands around her wrist, ankles, chest retract along with the screen that blocked her view. Momo excitedly stepped out of the exoskeleton, her legs wobbling as she got used to her new body proportions.

Momo’s old clothes were in tatters on the floor, destroyed by her metamorphosis. Her entire body was plumped out to supermodel proportions, her lips were fat and full, staying slightly agape as she made a kissy face. Her breasts had increased several cup sizes and now rested soundly in the G-cup category; each tipped with a puffy pink nipple. Momo turned her head and body, examining her tight-toned belly and curves that flowed nicely into her new thick heart shapes hips and thick muscled thighs, that propped up her tight bouncy butt. Her new cheeks were three times her previous size and fat enough to clap with only minor bodily motions.

“Mmmmhooo...” Momo looked around groaning, unable to form any coherent thoughts about her new body; until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey gook did all your brains melt away?” Momo turned to see Ron standing behind her wearing the same clothes. Momo’s lips curved into a smile, her mind racing with thoughts about Ron’s big tasty cock, “Hehehe, hiya Ron,” Giggled Momo twirling her hair, eyes lustful and focused on him, “I dunno do you like gooks without smurt stuff… or whatever? I just want your tasty white dick!”

Ron cracked a smug smile, “Fuck Momo is cock the only thing on your mind?”

Momo’s eyes darted down to the visible bulge in Ron’s pants, her jaw slowly dropping as she licked her puffy pink lips, muttering “Mhhmmmm!”

“I wasn’t expecting the programming to break you so badly, bitch?” Ron laughed, shaking his head, “You were supposed to be a genius, but I guess not much can be expected from a silly gook.”

Momo’s tongue fell out of her mouth as saliva started to drip off her lips. Ron’s speech went in one of Momo’s ears and out the other. “Haha, well maybe this will get your attention chink.”

Ron whipped out his thick white cock and Momo’s eyes ignited and her legs gave out. She dropped to her knees and immediately tried sucking Ron’s fat white foot long, but she was stopped by his hand grabbing her long black hair. Momo’s expression became distressed as she asked, “Why no sucky, sucky master!”

“First I want you to get changed into your new uniform.” Ron pointed to a pile of clothing placed on a nearby table, “Then I might give you a taste.”

Momo nodded, drooling as she sauntered over to the clothing. Eagerly putting on her new “uniform”, a USA bikini, blue heels, and red lipstick. The outfit fit tightly around her curves, the bikini top giving her new tits some perkiness, but leaving a clear cloth outline of her nipples. While her thong bisected her jiggling ass cheeks, the waistband going over the sides of her hips as the crotch piece ground up against her wet cunt.

Momo giggled as she took a second to admire her new outfit. Gosh, Ron’s super nice to let me have such a hot outfit!

“Hey slave, don't keep me waiting for too long.” Momo looked over to Ron, who was sitting back on the couch arms behind his back showing off his naked, skinny, toned body, and more importantly his thick white dick. It was already hard and Momo knew exactly what she needed to do. She ran over to her new master and crawled over-top of him. Planting her knees beside his head and shoving her new fat jiggly ass into his face. While her face was positioned at crotch height.

“Such an eager slave, you’re already better than my last assistant.” Momo licked her lips waiting, drooling until she heard the magic words, “Alright gook you can start sucking.”

“Yea, sucky-sucky!” Momo’s lips wrapped around her master’s cock head before she shoved his thick white dick down her throat. In one quick motion, Momo took her master’s entire shaft into her gullet. There was no other option, she had to put her new throat pussy to good use. It was all she was good for, being her master’s dumb chink fleshlight.

Ron’s thick cock pulsed in her throat, stretching Momo’s jaw to its absolute limits, and leaving a clear cock outline in her tight esophagus. Momo gurgled, rosy red lips extended into a duck face as she deeply inhaled through flared nostrils. Each desperate breath of air brought more of her master’s manly musk into her mind, boiling her brain in a pool of pleasure with each inhale. Momo bobbed her head up, leaving smears of red lipstick and slobber as she moved up Ron’s cock, shivers running up her spine each time she felt Ron’s cock throb.

“Nhhhyyygghghhh!” Mewled Momo, her cheeks clapping in Ron’s face as she moved her lips back.

Master’s dick is sooooo tasty! I hope he notices how much I love suckin him, I’ve already came twice slurping on his big white dick! Thought Momo as she plunged Ron’s cock back into her gullet. Her cunt juices leaking out the sides of her bikini bottoms as she sucked.

“Suck a slutty gook.” Momo felt super happy at her master’s complement and groaned as she kept slurping. “Amazing what a little gene therapy, chemical enhancement, and subliminal messaging can do.”

Ron’s words didn’t make any sense to Momo. Gen-thaps? Chem-cal? En-han-mat? I donno know what master is saying? I guess master wants me to suck harder! Momo’s train of logic was correct, her master needed to be sucked much harder to properly cum and Momo was going to give his dick the best sucky-sucky he ever had.

Momo’s head started bobbing faster and faster, driven by a pure desire to milk her master. Her lips puckered with each pullback and pressed to the base of his cock with each pump. Momo’s mind was getting all fuzzy, the lack of oxygen was getting to her, but her desire for dick was stronger and she didn’t quit.

“Good gook!” Ron reached around and grabbed the back of Momo’s head and shoved his cock back down her throat. Momo gurgled spit bubbles that popped and flowed down Ron’s taint as her eyes rolled up into her head. “Don’t pass out yet, you’re about to get a creamy reward!”

Momo’s eyes went wide as she got her first taste of cum, pumped fresh into her stomach. The volume was incredible, spilling back up into her mouth and dripping out her nostrils as she mewled, “Mmmmhhggghh!” Her eyes went cross as she frantically tried to swallow every drop of her master’s seed.

“Hmmm, not bad gook.” Sighed Ron, pulling Momo’s head off his cock, “For a virgin, you did a surprisingly good job.”

Momo’s tongue fell out of her mouth, her lips and throat were still caked in cum as she yelped, “Hyyyaaa, thanks mashteeer!”

Ron smiled, throwing Momo off his body and onto her back, putting her bimbofied body on display. Ron could clearly see her still slowly licking cum off her chin, and onto her breasts; nipples hard, and her bikini bottom soaked. Ron pressed his cock head against her cunt, moving the thong to the side as he teased, “I could change you back gook? Give you your old IQ and un-bimbofy your body and let you be a hero again.” Momo just stared blankly at Ron, a clear look of non-understanding on her face as he continued, “Or I could give you white dick!”

Momo’s eyes lit up as heard Ron say white dick. It forced her out of her mind-melting stupor and made Momo focus on what mattered as she chanted, “White dick, white dick, white dick for gooky!”

Ron thrust insider her cunt, his cock easily forcing its way past her hymen as he laughed, “Stupid chink.” Ron’s cock throbbed inside her sending Momo into a frenzy as he continued, “You were once the smartest hero at U.A, but now look at you.” Momo’s eyes were rolling up into her head as she drooled a mixture of cum and spittle. Her fat red lips curved into a big dumb smile.

“You’re about as intelligent as a dog, you’re body has been turned into a sex object, and you’ve been trained to fetishize your own inferiority.” Ron thrust harder, creating a visible bump in Momo’s midsection as he asked, “Do you even care?”

Momo’s eyes focused on Ron as he kept pumping, there was a hint of seriousness in her eyes before her face got sloppy again as she started moaning, “Mmmm, I donno mashhteer! I only think about your big white dick, whuts a Uie?”

Ron grabbed hold of Momo’s breasts his fingers sinking into her soft giggling tit flesh as he responded, “Nothing that you need to worry about anymore gook.”

Ron started squeezing Momo’s breasts harder and her moans naturally turned into squeals as what was left of her brain fried. Her mind was gone forever, but this is what Ron wanted, a perfect bimbo fuck doll and it was only the second test. The possibilities before him were plentiful, he could turn heroes, villains or pesky government officials into brain-drained cock socks. Ron wondered if he should study abroad in Japan once the semesters over and find some new playthings, but first to break in his new gook.

With one heavy hip thrust, Ron pressed his cock tip past Momo’s womb entrance and teased, “I’m so happy my little experiment has been a success.”

Momo giggled, “Yeaastthh, masshteer happiiee, Moo-moo haaapsie!” Drool dribbling on her chin as her tits shook from Ron’s pumping. His laughter turned into a roar as he continued, “What a perfect fuck doll I think you’ve earned another reward.”

“Yeeeaasshhh!” Moaned Momo as her cunt was flooded with thick ball slop. It felt so good being bloated like a bitch and Momo could help but rub her belly as she accepted every thick viril rope of her master’s thick white load, but Ron wasn’t finished yet. He quickly removed his cock from Momo’s gaping cunt, allowing copious amounts of cum to spill out onto the couch.

“You’re not done yet slant.” Ron stood up beside the couch and slapped his filthy cum covered cock meat against Momo’s left cheek. Momo’s pupils dilated as she licked up the spilt cum asking, “Sucky-sucky?”

Ron’s cock slapped her right cheek, nodding, “Yes gook, sucky-sucky.”

Momo immediately opened her lips and started slurping, not showing a single sign of fatigue from the brutal cunt mashing she received a moment before. Ron watched as within the minute Momo cleaned every last drop of leftover spunk off his cock, “Huh I guess you’re still a genius slut, even if it only applies to cock sucking.”


“Mmmhhhmmm!” Momo popped her lips off, “I like only know how to suck cocks master!” Before pressing her lips back around Ron’s spit-slicked shaft. She showed no sign of stopping even to get air and Ron would have to intervene.

“Good slave, now,” Ron exhaled, pulling Momo by the hair off his cock, “What hole do you want me to fuck next?”



After Momo was fucked in every sex position Ron could think of a few problems that needed addressing. First, Momo’s friend in Japan might realize their friend is short a few (million) brain cells and second, Momo barely had the intelligence to spell her own name correctly; let alone continue her hero training in the states. To fix both these problems Ron used his influence to have Momo assigned to be his sidekick which came with two perks. First, she’d be a ready and available fuck doll when Ron needed her (which was often), but more importantly, Momo got an AI companion.

Originally Ron had designed the AI to help speed up the brainwashing, but Momo responded well to her. So along with her new slutty hero suit, Ron installed an AI implant into Momo’s brain to help her with (all) the thinking required for her quirk, and daily life. Plus it had the bonus of making sure Momo would never think to rebel or refuse Ron’s orders.

And Momo’s daily life continued normally with a few added exceptions. Her new bodily enhancements were written off as necessary beauty procedures meant to entice future advertisement deals when she becomes a full hero, and her new Hero name would be changed to Sucky-Sucky; to better reflect her new interests. Then after a long day of training, pandering, and brand negotiating, Momo would return to Ron’s dorm where she’d get to be her true self. Dropping to her knees painting like an animal as Ron whipped out his dick letting his new desperate gook slave give him the sucky-sucky she so desperately craved. It felt so good to kneel and suck that Momo didn’t even notice (or care) about all the files Ron had opened on her classmates, and why would she. Ron was a total stud and she’d be happy to help teach her classmates to worship white dick just like her.