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Bumble and Bee

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Pete was standing in front of a shop window staring longingly at the mannequin dressed up in ripped jeans and a flowy white shirt with flowers printed on it.

“ You like the outfit?” Ae asked, he didn’t really care for fashion and in his opinion Pete looked good in anything, but he thought Pete would look very good in the outfit the mannequin was wearing. To his surprise Pete looked at Ae like he was scared and shook his head.

“ No, no… I - I…” 

“ Calm down, baby. You can like it if you want, but if you don’t it’s fine too.” 

Pete looked like he was contemplating Ae’s words very hard before he whispered

“ Um… I like the outfit. I- I was just wondering would it look okay on me. I mean ripped jeans… um… they are not very proper.” 

“ I’d love to see your long legs in those, even if I might get a bit jealous, because you would draw everyone's eyes in those.”

“ I don’t want anyone's attention!” Pete exclaimed and looked absolutely terrified.

“ I know, baby, I know. I didn’t mean to…” Ae rushed to console Pete, but didn’t really know what to say. Ae often regretted he didn’t study psychology instead of engineering. If he’d known he would find Pete one day, he would’ve studied hard from the first day of school and made sure he was well educated enough to take better care of Pete. 

“ I’m sorry, Ai Ae. I know you didn’t mean anything bad. It… It’s just that P’Trump…” Ae inhaled sharply at the mention of Pete’s ex-boyfriend, but didn’t say anything. “ He… he was very strict about my clothing. He wanted me to always dress properly. Not… not like… a slut.” 

Ae knew that the relationship Pete had with Trump affected his boyfriend a lot, but it pained him greatly every time he came face to face with the proof of the emotional abuse his beloved Pete had gone through. Ae had noticed that Pete often seeked his approval for the things he did or said, but he didn’t know how to deal with it. He didn’t want to enforce the bad habits and unhealthy thinking, but he also cherished the way Pete trusted Ae to take care of him and leaned on him. 

“ Pete, baby, you can wear anything you want. You don’t need my approval or anyone else’s.”


And that’s how Ae ended up sitting outside the changing rooms watching Pete run a fashion show with seemingly all the clothing he had ever dreamed of. Ae was pretty sure he had some important stuff to do, but Pete’s smile when he was enjoying himself made him forget everything else in his life.

“ Does Ae like this one?” Pete asked blushing cutely when he modeled yet another shirt. 

“ Baby, I like all the same ones as you do.”

“ That’s not helping me to choose.” Pete pouted.

“ What can I say? I prefer you naked.” Ae answered and laughed out loud at the horrified yet pleased look on Pete’s blushing face. 




Pete looked so tempting. His soft bangs were flopping over his eyes and his lips were already slightly swollen from kissing. He was blushing and tried to cover himself with a blanket, but Ae snached the blanket from Pete’s grasp.

“ Let me see you, baby. You look so beautiful like this.” Ae whispered coarsely. He had been admiring his boyfriend modeling for him all day and couldn’t wait to get his hands on Pete's naked skin.

“ Don’t tease me, Ae.” Pete whined. He was torn between an actual embarrassment and overwhelming arousal.

“ But I love the way it makes you blush.” Ae chuckled.

“ Well I know better ways to make me blush than teasing me.” Pete responded with a pout that couldn’t quite hide the mischievous little smile tugging his pretty lips. Ae treasured moments like this, when he could get a glimpse of the braver, more carefree Pete. 

Ae kissed his way up Pete’s tall, lean body and silently thanked every deity he knew that Trump hadn’t been able to pressure Pete into having sex. He didn’t even want to think what kind of trauma that would’ve left in Pete. 

“ I love it when you’re naughty.” He whispered hotly right into the delicate shell of Pete’s ear, making him moan softly. For a second Ae was sure Pete was going to protest but he just smiled softly.

“ I love you, Ae.” Pete sighed and relaxed under Ae’s wandering hands. 



Following night Ae was harshly woken up by Pete's elbow. Ae sat up and saw the pinched look on his sleeping boyfriend’s face.

“ Tor! Tor!” Pete sobbed and trashed around their bed. 

“ Wake up, baby.” Ae gently shook Pete and stroked his face which was wet with tears. Slowly Pete opened his eyes, but the tears kept rolling down his cheeks and his breathing was still ragged. “ You had a nightmare, but everything is alright now.” Ae hummed and hugged Pete close. That only made Pete cry harder.

“ I miss Bee.” He whispered almost to himself. 

“ Who’s Bee?” Ae asked, the all too familiar jealousy immediately running through his body. To his surprise Pete got up from the bed, switched on the bedside lamp and fetched a small cardboard box from his closet. He sniffled lightly as he lifted the lid of the box and picked up a picture frame. It was bright orange and decorated with small wooden bumblebees. In the picture there were two smiling little boys dressed in yellow and black striped t-shirts and blue wings. Both of the boys looked exactly like Pete in his childhood photographs. 

“ Bee was my brother. My twin. His name was Tutor, but mae often called us Bumble and Bee. I guess because I always mumbled and bumbled when I got shy and Tutor was stingy like a bee. And together we were perfect, like a bumblebee.” Pete smiled sadly at the smiling boys in the picture and tried to wipe the tears away from his cheeks, but they just kept coming. 

“ I - I didn’t know you had a twin.”

“ I didn’t mean to hide it, really, Ae. It’s just that… it’s quite hard for me to talk about Tor. I miss him so much.” Pete hiccuped and looked at Ae apologetically.

“ What happened?” Ae asked carefully and stroked Pete's back, letting him know he was there and there was no hurry, Ae would wait and listen. 

“ When our parents divorced, our father took Tutor with him to Germany. They had lived there only a few weeks when Tutor... “ Ae could see Pete was trying to swallow down his distress.

“ Shh, it’s alright, take your time baby.” He whispered and pulled Pete so close he was practically sitting in Ae’s lap.

“ He died in a car accident.” Pete finally whispered. 

“ I’m so sorry to hear that.” Ae mumbled and wrapped his arms tightly around his boyfriend. 

“ I miss him so much, Ae.” Pete sobbed and trembled while burying his face against Ae’s chest. “ We had a big fight the last time we saw each other. I think he was just angry and scared because he had to go with our father and I got to stay with mae. He said if I wasn’t such a wimp he wouldn’t have to be the one going away and saving me again. A- and he was right, if I had been stronger he wouldn’t have to have always stepped up for me and take care of me. The court could have assigned me to go with our father and Tutor would be safe. It… it’s my fault he’s dead.” 

“ No, Pete, baby, that’s not true. It was not your fault. How could it possibly be your fault that he got involved in an accident.”

“ Oh, but it is. Mae could only keep one of us and she chose me, because I was so shy and fragile.”

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Ae finished his shower after his morning run and started to feel a little antsy since Pete was nowhere to be found. Pete had been asleep when Ae went running, but hadn't been in the bed when Ae came back. They were staying the weekend at Pete’s childhood home. Ae found Pete’s mother from the kitchen, but still no Pete. 

“ Mae, where’s Pete?” He asked and took notice of the pleased smile Pete’s mother gave him, when he called her ‘Mae.’

“ Pete went to talk with Tutor. Could you please go and get him back, I don’t want him to skip breakfast.” Pete’s mother smiled softly and Ae could see the hint of sadness in her eyes when he said Tutor’s name. After Pete told Ae about Tutor, it was almost like a dam had been broken and all the memories Pete had were flowing out. Pete told Ae everything about his twin and one time Pete’s mother had told Ae how happys she was that Pete was finally talking about Tutor. Apparently Ae hadn’t been the only one Pete never talked about Tutor.


Ae nodded at Pete’s mother and headed towards the garden. Pete had once shown him the beautiful memorial they had made for Tutor and that’s where he found Pete. 

Pete sat on a well kept little patch of grass in front of a beautiful little shrine that held Tutor’s picture. The shrine was surrounded by trees and flowers.

“ Pete, baby, you should come inside and have some breakfast, you shouldn’t skip meals.” Ae said gently, when Pete turned to look towards him. 

“ Oh, Ae is back.” Pete smiled brightly like seeing Ae was the only thing he had been waiting for. “ I didn’t want to have breakfast alone, so I thought I could have a little chat with Tutor, when you were out running.” 





Pond and Ae were approaching the group of engineering students from their friendship program university. 

“ Do you already know who’s going to stay with you and Pete?” Pond asked Ae. 

“ We wouldn’t have anyone over if you hadn’t talked Pete into it.” Ae grumbled. Their seniors had asked if some of the juniors could host their friendship program guests and Pond had immediately said Ae could have at least two staying over since Pete’s condo was so big. 

“ Oh c’mon, it’s going to be fun! Pete was really excited to play your wife and host your guests. He said it’s very important for you to make contacts in your chosen field already in university.”

“ He’s right I guess, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy this sort of stuff.” Pete had indeed been very excited, making sure their guests would have a comfortable place to stay during their visit. Ae had said no one was expecting anything from him, but Pete had brushed Ae off with a gentle smile and said:

“ I want Ae’s new friends to have a good time.”

“ How do you know they are going to be my friends?” Ae had asked and Pete had looked at him like Ae was insane.

“ Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Ae?” That had made Ae laugh. Pete always thought Ae was the most wonderful thing in the world and best in anything. Ae couldn’t understand that and knew it was far from the truth, but his boyfriend’s trust and love still made him feel all warm and proud. 


“ Ai’Fighter, you and N’Tutor are going to stay with N’Ae here.” The engineering senior P’Chai said and waved Ae to come closer. When Ae came face to face with the two engineering students he was almost rendered speechless. 

“ Ai’Pete?” He finally uttered in confusion, staring at the young man dressed in a blue work jacket. The man furrowed his brows.

“ You know Pete?” He asked, his voice tight, but before Ae could answer he heard a startled gasp from his side. Ae turned around just to see a pale and stunned looking Pete standing beside him, weakly trying to grasp Ae’s hand.

“ T- Tor?” Pete’s voice was small and strangled. 

“ Tor as in Tutor? But baby… you said…” Ae’s voice trailed off. Tutor staired Pete with conflicted feelings. Suddenly his arms were full of his sobbing twin. 

“ I thought - I thought you were dead. He told us! He told us you… oh my God! He told us you died in a car crash in Berlin!” Pete wailed. 

“ Wha - what did you say?” Tutor felt so confused and Pete couldn’t get another word out, he just cried, so Ae stepped up, like always when Pete couldn’t handle something. 

“ It’s true. Pete and his mother were told by Pete’s father that his twin brother died in a car crash in Berlin four years ago.”

“ Bu - but I never went to Berlin with him. He left me in Bangkok.”

“ You were here all along? Oh my God! We should have tried to find you. You must hate me so much!” Pete cried and Ae could see the first signs of a panic attack coming. He quickly but gently pulled Pete away from Tutor and wrapped his arms around him. 

“ Shh… baby. Calm down. Breath with me. In and out, that’s it, that’s it.” 


Tutor felt like his whole world had tilted into a weird angle. The way this guy, Ae calmly talked Pete down from his panic attack forcefully reminded him of the times he used to do that, how he used to hug Pete and tell him everything would be alright. When had that love for his twin turned into bitterness and hatred?

Suddenly he jumped into action and pulled his brother back into his arms.

“ Shh, Bumble, Bee is here, everything is going to be alright.” He whispered the familiar words he had said so many times before. 


Fighter staired in utter confusion at the unmistakably identical twins. He could only assume this was the brother Tor hated talking about. He never even told his brother’s name or the fact that they apparently were twins. He had only told Fighter that his mother and brother had abandoned him, when his father got Tutor’s custody after his parents devorce and his father had left him in Bangkok, because he didn’t fit in the plans of a new life in Europe. 

Ae’s felt jealousy and anger run through his veins when he looked Pete in someone else’s arms. No one was supposed to hug Pete like that. No one was supposed to calm him down like Ae did. He took a few calming breaths. Ae’s knee jerk reaction to everything to do with Pete was jealousy and possessiveness, but he held back until his rational thoughts could catch up with his emotions. The man holding Pete was unmistakably Tutor, Pete’s beloved twin, not a threat. At least not in the sense most men were in Ae’s mind. 

When Ae could see that Pete was able to breath once again, he pried Tutor off him and whispered:

“ Come along you two. This is better to deal with in private.” Pete immediately clung to Ae, but staired Tutor, like he couldn’t believe Tutor was really there and probably he really couldn’t. “ This is a family matter, I think you should find another place to stay, P’” Ae said to stunned looking Fighter, who was still standing beside them. 

“ I’m coming with you! I’m Tor’s boyfriend!” Fighter shot forward and made an attempt to grab Tutor’s hand, but was brushed off.

“ Hands off, I can walk on my own.” Tutor huffed, but still inched himself so close to Fighter that their shoulders were brushing against each other, when they started to walk towards Pete’s car.

“ Not one word, Ai Pond, not one word.” Ae growled when they walked past Pond, who looked like he was watching a very juicy soap opera. Even if Ae could see the real consern behind Pond's gleaming smirk. 

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Pete and Tutor sat side by side on the sofa in Pete’s condo. Ae and Fighter hovered awkwardly in front of the sofa before they both took a seat beside their boyfriends. The oppressive silence enveloped them. Ae felt anxiety prickling under his skin. He hated feeling so helpless. He wanted to make all Pete’s troubles go away and protect him. He only wanted to see Pete smile. Now there was so little he could do. He could only try to stay calm and support his boyfriend. Pete often said that Ae made him brave, so that was what Ae was going to do, just stay by Pete’s side and make him brave.

“ Um… Pete?” Tutor tried to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat and suddenly Pete lifted his hand in front of his mouth and let out a silent screech. 

“ I have to tell mae! Oh, how am I going to tell her?” Pete burst into tears again and Ae wrapped him in his arms.

“ Shh, Ai Koon-Chai, you don’t have to do it alone.” He said gently and petted Pete’s hair. Tutor snorted at the nickname but tried to give a comforting pat on Pete’s shoulder.

“ Yeah, Pete, you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll come with you. Although I have to admit, I’m feeling very confused. Can you tell me what happened?” He asked.

“ We thought you had traveled to Berlin with our father. He sent mae a message telling her everything was fine and that you were settling down nicely. He… he even told her you liked your new school and that you were already making friends, like - like the brave boy you were.” Pete hiccuped and gave Tutor an adoring, yet teary look. “ A few weeks later he called mae and told her you had - had died in an accident. He even sent her your death certificate and a picture of your grave! How -  how could he do that?” Pete sounded like he was panicking again.

“ That’s just sick.” Fighter said in a low voice and Ae nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“ Were you really in Bangkok for all these years?” Pete asked through his tears and Tutor nodded. “ Why didn’t you come back home then?” There was a surprisingly sharp edge to Pete’s voice.  

Tutor sighed and closed his eyes. The memories were flooding back to the front of his mind. The memories he had so hard tried to put away. The way he had been waiting for his father to come back and take him to Berlin, but he never came. He just called Tutor and told him that he should continue his schooling in Bangkok, living in the small condo his father had dumped him into. When Tutor had asked if he should go back home, his father told him that Pete and their mother had moved to Hong Kong and that mae didn’t want to take the responsibility of Tutor anymore. It was so hard to wrap his head around the idea that all his father had told him was lies. He also felt a tiny bit guilty. How could he have thought that his mae would abandon him. Mae had always been so gentle and loving. 

“ I’m afraid our father made me believe that mae didn’t want me back. Actually I thought you two had moved away from Bangkok.”

Pete burst into a fresh batch of tears and threw his arms around his twin.

“ I missed you so much, Bee.” He whispered. “ I’m so sorry you had to go with our father. I know it’s my fault.” 

“ What are you talking about, Pete?”

“ If I had been stronger, mae could have chosen you and sent me with our father. I’m sorry she had to choose me, because I was just a pathetic son.”

“ Pete, listen to me, it’s not your fault, it’s not mae’s fault either. The court made the decision. They probably just draw it or something. It had nothing to do with our personalities or which one of us was supposedly the better son or anything like that.”

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Tutor was having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to the fact that he had gotten his family back. Suddenly there were dinners on the weekend with his mother, phone calls with her and Auntie fussing over him. And then, there was his twin, texting him every day, asking him to hang out and fussing even more than their Auntie. Tutor had seen the hesitation in Pete’s eyes, when he asked if it was okay for him to keep in touch. Of course it was! But it wasn’t easy. Tutor had to learn to know Pete again. In many ways Pete was still the same sweet boy Tutor had grown up with, but in some way he was completely different. Pete had always been shy, but there was something sad in his shyness now. Like it wasn’t only Pete’s natural shyness, but something more deep, more hurt. 

Everytime Tutor thought about Pete he had to think about Ae. Pete’s boyfriend. Rough and hotheaded guy, who had apparently made himself a part of Tutor’s family. Their mother acted like Ae was her beloved son and Pete acted like Ae was his everything. It had taken a while for Tutor to realise how much Pete’s and Ae’s relationship bothered him. He noticed that Pete never made decisions without confirmation from Ae. He didn’t even order his own dinner or meet Tutor without Ae’s permission. Tutor grew more concerned after one night he stayed at Pete’s condo. 

Tutor was awakened by strangled cries and a string of ‘no’s screamed in Pete’s terrified voice. Tutor ran to Pete’s bedroom and slammed the door open. The scene he faced made him see red. Pete was curled in the corner of the bedroom, his hands raised to cover his face. Pete was crying and trembling, while Ae was hunched over him.

“ Oi! What the fuck is going on here?” Tutor shouted and roughly pulled Ae away from Pete. 

“ Shh! Keep your voice down! You’re scaring Pete.” Ae hissed and pushed Tutor aside. He gently wrapped Pete in his arms and started whispering something in his ear. Tutor was confused. He wanted to beat the shit out of Ae for hurting Pete, but at the same time Ae looked so gentle and protective, like he could never hurt his boyfriend. 

“ What is going on here?” Tutor asked again in a demanding tone. 

“ Pete sometimes has nightmares…” It sounded like Ae was going to say something more, but suddenly his voice trailed away. What Tutor didn’t see was the way Pete shook his head and gave Ae a pleading look. Pete didn’t want to tell Tutor about Trump and the problems his past relationship caused him. 

“ That was not a normal nightmare!” Tutor hissed. His hands itched to grab Ae and drag him away from Pete. 

“ They are bad sometimes, but I’m okay, I promise.” Pete sniffled a little and gave Tutor a reassuring smile. 

“ Let’s get you back to bed, Ai Koon-Chai.” Ae gently helped Pete back to bed and lovingly tucked him in. 

“ You should go back to sleep, Tor.” Pete smiled tiredly at Tutor, who was still hovering at the door. Tutor didn’t want to leave Pete alone with Ae, but he knew he couldn’t just throw Ae out of the flat, like he wanted to. 


The next incident happened a few weeks later. Pete had asked Tutor out for lunch and they had just settled down in a nice cafe when Tutor noticed something on Pete’s wrists.

“ Pete! What are these?” Tutor asked sharply and pulled Pete’s shirtsleeve to reveal bruises around his wrists. Pete blushed like mad and started to stammer.

“ Oh, n-nothing. They are nothing! I mean nothing concerning. I just bruise easily. You have to know how easily it happens, your skin is soft and pale too!” The blush kept deepening on Pete’s cheeks when he was remembering how the bruises were made. Ae and him had made love roughly and passionately the night before. He shuddered with me memory of hot, open mouthed kisses Ae had planted along his spine. He had arched himself against Ae’s hands and whispered:
“ Hold me down, make me take it.” It had driven Ae wild and Pete loved it, when Ae got wild and rough. Of course Pete loved it, when Ae was tender and gentle, but the way Ae sometimes fucked him like there was no tomorrow made him feel sexy and hot all over. 

“ Don’t lie to me, Pete! These are handprints, I can see it. Ae is doing this to you, isn’t it?”

“ No! I mean, yes. But… I mean, not like… not like…” Pete burst into tears and tugged his sleeves down. 

“ Oh Pete, don’t cry, I’m going to help you. Don’t worry, Bumble, Bee is going to help you.” Tutor came around the table and hugged Pete tightly. 

“ Bu- but Ae doesn’t hurt Pete. He loves me.”

“ I know this is hard, but you need to break up with him.”

“ Break up with Ae?” Pete questioned with wide eyes.
“ Never, Pete could never break up with Ae!” He whispered and shook his head.

“ Don’t be afraid, I will come with you. We’ll take P’Fight too, so Ae won't try anything. We will keep you safe. You can come to stay with me for a while, if you don’t want to stay alone in your condo.”

“ Tutor, stop! I’m not going to break up with Ae! He hasn’t done anything, he loves me! Ae would never hurt Pete.”

“ What about these bruises? If Ae dosen’t hurt you, how did you get these, then?”

“ Um… he… I mean we…” Pete just couldn’t tell Tutor the truth so he simply panicked and ran away. 

Tutor decided to give Pete a few hours to calm down, before going to check in on him. So later that day Tutor and Fighter arrived at the building Pete lived in. 

“ You need to help me to speak some sense into Pete. He needs to know he’s not alone, that we can protect him.” Tutor said and Fighter nodded. They had gone through the same thing at least seventeen times during the car ride. 

Tutor knocked at Pete’s door, but nobody came to open it. He knocked again, but still no answer. Tutor fished Pete’s sparekey from his pocket and unlocked the door. The condo was silent, when they stepped inside.

“ Pete, are you home?” Tutor called, but the only answer he got was a small shuffle and a groan. Tutor followed the voice, but halted at the entrance to the living room. The room was a mess, books and picture frames thrown around, furniture overturned and there in the middle of the chaos lay Pete. 

Pete who had clearly been beaten up within inches of his life. 

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“ Pete, oh my God, Pete! I’m going to kill him! I’m going to kill that bastard Ae.” Tutor cried and started to check Pete’s injuries with trembling hands. “ Stay awake, Bumble, everything is going to be okay.” 

“ Calm down, Tor. We need to take him to hospital.” Fighter said and gently brushed his hand over Tutor’s back. 

“ What happened, N’Pete?” Fighter asked, trying to keep Pete awake, since Pete’s eyes looked bleary and unfocused. 

“ N-nothing…” Pete rasped.

“ Oh, pull the other one, nong. This whole place has been trashed down.” 

“ Hey, what is going on here?” Ae’s voice rang through the flat right before he stepped into the living room with someone. Tutor’s fussy and angry brain barely registered the person as Tin, their childhood friend before focusing on Ae. 

“ Oi you fucking bastard, how dare you show your face here?” Tutor screamed. He hastily laid Pete to Fighter’s arms and launched himself at Ae. His fist connected swiftly with Ae’s cheek before he was pushed to the ground by Ae.

“ What the hell Tor?” He barked before taking notice of Pete. “ Pete, Pete? Wha - what happened?” Ae fell to his knees beside Pete. “ P’Fight? What happened to Pete?”

“ We were going to check up on him and found him here.” Fighter said and gave Ae a hard, but unsure look. 

“ How could you do this and pretend you don’t know what happened?” Tutor screamed.

“ Ai Tor, calm down. Let’s get Pete to hospital and then we can clear things out.” Tin said from the door. “ Come on, Ai Ae, let P’Fighter help you and get Pete to my car.” 

“ No! Hands off my brother! You will never lay your hand on him again!” 

“ What the hell, Tutor? You think that Thai Program idiot has done this?” 

“ That’s obvious! He’s been abusing Pete for who knows how long!”

“ As disgusting as it is, I know for sure that this asshole worships the ground your brother walks on. We will talk about this after we get Pete to hospital.” Tin said and Ae and Fighter gently pulled Pete up from the ground. Pete groaned in pain and opened his eyes for a second.

“ Pete, darling, everything is going to be okay. We will take you to hospital.” Ae said. Pete shook his head, but said nothing. 



The atmosphere in the hospital room where they were waiting for the doctor to come in and take care of Pete was beyond tense. Tutor was glaring daggers at Ae, who was holding Pete’s hand. Fighter was doing his best to keep Tutor from strangling Ae. The silence was broken by Pete’s weak voice.

“ No… not the hospital, please. You fix me up, Ae. Li - like last time.” Ae’s face paled and fire was lit to his eyes.

“ It was Trump again, wasn’t it? I’m fucking gonna kill him.” Ae snarled. He was trying to keep his anger under control for Pete’s sake, but it was hard. He had thought Trump was already trouble of the past. 

“ Don’t tell mae, she’ll worry.” Pete pleaded feebly. 

“ We have to tell the police.”

“ No, please no.”

“ Pete, I won’t let you do this again. He will just come back and hurt you again and again! And I can’t protect you. I couldn’t protect you the last time, I couldn’t protect you this time. Please, Ai Koon-Chai, let me protect you this way at least.” Ae begged and Tutor could see the tears in his eyes. He felt confused, once again. 

“ Who did this to my brother?” He asked slowly. 

“ A petty criminal called Trump. He has blackmailed Pete before. And more I believe.” The answer came from Tin, but he was cut off by Ae.

“ Trump was Pete’s ex-boyfriend, who turned out to be a petty criminal, yes.” Ae’s voice was tight with emotion others couldn’t quite catch.

“ I’m so s-sorry.” Pete whispered through the silent tears, which were rolling down his swollen and scraped cheeks. 

“ Shh, baby, you just rest. This is not your fault.” Ae soothed and took a gentle yet firm hold of Pete’s hand. 

“ Please, don’t let go.” Pete whispered.

“ Never, my darling, never.” Ae answered. And he didn’t let go. Not even when the doctor came in to treat Pete and others left the room. Ae was keeping himself together on the outside, since he had to be strong for Pete, but on the inside he was spiralling. How could this have happened? He had failed to protect his precious Pete once again. 

Chapter Text

Pete kept crying silently and Ae kept holding him. Tutor was glaring at them, Fighter looked a little lost, like he didn’t know why he was even present and Tin was eyeing everyone icily. 

“ Boys, I need to know what is going on.” The twins' mother asked them. She let her calm and serious stare move from one boy to another. The first one to open his mouth was Tutor.

“ The relationship between Ae and Pete is not healthy. That’s what is going on here.” He said vehemently. 

“ Shut up, Tor! You know nothing about our relationship.” Pete retorted through his sniffling. 

“ He controls everything you do and say! That’s just sick!” 

“ No he does not! Ae does nothing but take care of me!” 

“ Tutor, are you trying to tell me that Ae is the one who assaulted Pete?” Twins' mother looked horrified and confused.

“ Well, no… apparently it was someone else. But it doesn’t change the fact that Ae is abusing my brother!” 

“ Someone else? Who, Pete, who did this to you?” 

Pete burst into a fresh set of tears and whispered: 

“ Do you remember P’Trump?”

“ The boy you dated before you met Ae?” Pete’s mother looked like she could already guess where Pete’s story was going.

“ Yes. He - he sort of… well kept… um…” Pete’s voice trailed away.

“ That bastard abused Pete and after they broke up he kept coming after Pete.” Ae said and pulled Pete even more securely against his side.

“ Why didn’t you tell me, Ae? I’m his mother!”

“ Please, mae, I begged Ae not to tell. He tried to talk me into it so many times.”

“ I’m sorry, I just couldn’t force Pete to do something he didn’t want to do.” Ae whispered. “Even if Tutor seems to think that’s what I do.” He added bitterly.

“ Pete already had bruises before all this happened! He said you did them!”

“ Oh for goodness sake, Tor, they have a rough sex life, get over it.” Tin sighed and looked even more bored than before. Pete looked like he was about to spontaneously combust, Ae started coughing and Fighter burst into laughter. Even the twin's mother looked like she wanted to laugh. 

“ Yes, hm, I’m not sure if I wanted to know that. But Tutor, I’ve never seen Ae treat Pete with anything but care and respect. So could we concentrate on the real issue at hand?”

“ But he never lets Pete make any decisions.” Tutor kept pressing. That made Pete jump up from the sofa, even though it made him vince from the pain.

“ Please just stop, Tor! I have serious issues because of P’Trump, I know that. It’s not Ae’s fault. All he ever does is help me. So just stop it!” Pete screamed. 

“ Calm down, darling, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Ae gently helped Pete back to the sofa and gave Tutor one of his most dangerous stares. 

“ Trump is going to jail anyway, for all he’s been up to. But I have to admit it’s upsetting he’s not going there because of what he did to Pete.” Tin said. 

“ It’s enough for me.” Pete whispered. “ I don’t want my dirty laundry to be aired for all the world to see.”

“ But he shouldn’t just get away with what he did!” Ae insisted.

“ Well, I might have had a few words with him. He knows why both the police and the people he owed money suddenly found out where he was hiding.” Tin smirked. 

“ So he won't be bothering my son again?” 

Tin shook his head. “ When he gets out, he’ll have a completely new set of problems at hand, I’m sure.” He said confidently. 

“ That’s enough for me.” Pete repeated and turned to Ae. “ I’m tired, I think I need a nap.”

“ Let me help you up, darling.” Ae said immediately and led Pete upstairs. 



“ Ai Ae?” Pete whispered into the silence of his childhood home's bedroom.

“ Yes?”

“ I’m so sorry I said you made the bruises. I just panicked and couldn’t get a word out. Tutor totally misunderstood me. I never said you were hurting me!” Pete looked at Ae with wide, scared eyes.

“ I know, baby. I know you wouldn’t lie like that.” Ae ran his hand through Pete’s soft hair and gave him a loving smile.

“ Pete loves Ae.” Pete whispered in a voice Ae thought was the sweetest sound in the world.

“ And I love you, always, my darling Pete.” Ae pressed a soft kiss on Pete’s forehead, before he frowned and gulped uneasily. “ Pete… Ae is sorry. So sorry.”

Pete’s eyes widened even wurther. “ Why? Why are you sorry?” He asked.

“ Because I couldn’t protect you. Because I can’t ensure Trump stays behind bars. That once again Tin had to be the one protecting you. I’m sorry I’m so useless.”

“ Ae! Don’t say things like that! Ae is not useless. Ae makes Pete brave. Ae helps Pete everyday.” The tears Pete thought for sure had dried out for the day, were once again sliding down his cheeks. “ Ae needs to know how wonderful he is. Ae makes Pete feel safe. Ae is everything to Pete.”

Chapter Text

“ Ai Ae?”

“ Yes?”

“ I - I think Tutor is angry with me.” Pete looked like he rethinked his statement and started again. ” No, I mean I think he’s disappointed in me.”

“ What do you mean?” 

“ I think he’s disappointed, because I’m so weak and rely on you so much.”

“ Hey, our relationship doesn’t concern him, does it?”

“ Well no, but I’ve been thinking back and he always looks so irritated if I ask your opinion on simple stuff. And I don’t want to irritate him, he’s my twin brother and I just got him back.” Pete fell silent again, but Ae could see he was only thinking over his next words, so he kept patiently waiting. “ I don’t want to irritate him, but I need your opinions, your reassurance, I need to know I’m pleasing you. I need it even more than knowing I please Tutor.”

“ Pete, baby, you know you don’t have to try and please anyone. You please me by simply existing and being you.” 

“ I know, I know. I know it in my head, but it’s not easy to feel it in my heart.”

“ You’ll get there, baby, I promise. And I’m with you, no matter what.”

“ I just don’t believe Tutor would understand. He’s so strong and independent.”

“ I think you should talk to him. Maybe tell him a bit about your issues. Tell him you’re working on it. How would that feel?” Ae petted gently Pete’s soft hair and gazed lovingly into his eyes. 

“ I - I think it would make me feel relieved. If… if he can’t love me like this... it’s… it’s his problem, not mine.” Pete stumbled over the bold words and looked both panicky and proud.

“ That’s my baby.” Ae whispered affectionately and kissed Pete fully on the lips. 




Tutor felt his heart clenching tightly and uncomfortably. For almost half an hour he’s listened to his twin struggle with his words, like he was trying to rush them out before he lost his nerves. Very early on Pete had lost his fight against tears and was now talking through them. Pete told about Trump and how Ae had helped him get over the damage Trump had made without Pete’s knowing. Tutor had a feeling that Pete left a lot unsaid, but he was starting to get the picture. He felt both sad and angry and a little bit at a loss. How was he supposed to help his brother to recover from an abusive relationship?

“ I don’t want to make you upset or a- angry or anything, but y-you see I need Ae. I need his support. He’s helping me. I… I’ve gotten so much better, you must believe me. When I met Ae, I couldn’t even tell him what I wanted to eat for lunch. I was completely hopeless. Maybe I still look hopeless and weak to you but…”

“ Pete, shh, Pete, please take a breath. I don’t think you are weak or hopeless.” Tutor tentatively wrapped his arms around Pete, who burst into sobs.

“ I thought you hated me, because I’m still so weak.”

“ Of course not. You are my brother. I didn’t understand you and I thought Ae was just taking advantage of your kindness and gentle nature. But I think I’m starting to understand now.”

“ Please give Ae a chance. I know he’s a bit rough around the edges, but he’s the best for me. He really is.” Pete pleaded. His eyes were red and swollen but they shone brightly when Pete said Ae’s name. 

“ For you, Bumble, Bee would do almost anything.” Tutor whispered. “ And maybe giving that little guard dog of yours a chance won’t be a hard task after all, I can see you really love him.”

“ Ae is not my guard dog.” Pete laughed and clipped playfully Tutor around the ears. “ And who cares if he’s shorter than me? Ae is fierce and sexy.” Pete giggled.

“ Spare me the details.” Tutor laughed. 

“ Okay, okay. You don’t have to spare me the details of you and P’Fighter though.” Pete smirked teasingly.

“ Don’t be dirty! You should be my sweet and innocent Bumble.” 

“ Only if you promise to always be my Bee.” Pete smiled and buried his face against Tutor’s shirt.

“ Always.” Tutor whispered. And for the first time in years Pete felt like everything would be well and he echoed his brother’s whisper.