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Ruu is sick

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Da!Da!Da! Ufo baby

The sound of crying woke Miyu up in the middle of the night.

"Ruu?" Miyu asked as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.The crying sounded too loud and too close. She say up and shook her drowsiness away to remember that they had offered Wanya to take the whole day off at the mitarashi tango resort a few towns over. She turned to look at Ruu who was thrashing on his futon next to hers. She quickly picked him up.

"What's wrong Ruu? Are you hungry?" Miyu asked as she gently cradled him.

"Miyu?" Kanata asked as he entered the room, "what's wrong with Ruu?"

Miyu shook her head, "I think Ruu might be hungry."

Kanata nodded as the two of them headed towards the kitchen and he began to prepare Ruu's milk.

“nah, Kanata,” Miyu frowned as she placed her hand on Ruu’s forehead, “I think Ruu feels a little warm.”

Kanata put down the milk he was preparing and quickly felt Ruu’s forehead, “I think he has a fever.”

The two shared a worried look.

“I don’t think he’s temperature is coming down.” Miyu said with furrowed brows as she replaced the towel on Ruu’s forehead with a cooler one, “should we take him to the hospital?”

Kanata frowned as he wiped the sweat off Ruu’s face, “I can’t get ahold of Wanya and I don’t know if alien’s physic is the same as human’s.”

“Mama, papa” Ruu muttered as he continued to fuss reaching for Miyu’s hand.

Miyu griped Ruu’s hands, trying to hold back her tears, “We have to try. I can’t stand it anymore. Seeing him suffer but not being able to do anything.”

Kanata studied Miyu and Ruu for a while before nodding, “let’s head down to Dr. Yumenoji’s clinic.”

“Is anyone there?” Kanata asked as he pounded on the door to the clinic, “anyone! Please!”

The door opened to reveal Dr. Yumenoji who still had sleep in her eyes, “ah? Saioji kun? What’s so urgent?”

“Please, Ruu’s been burning up for a while and his temperature is not coming down. We don’t know what to do-” Kanata explained as he stepped aside to reveal Miyu who had just arrived behind him, Ru bundled in her arms, his face red with fever.

“Take him inside the clinic!” Dr. Yumenoji immediately stepped aside and ushered the trio in.

Kanata rubbed his eyes as he adjusted to the light in the room. He frowned as he studied his surroundings, trying to remember how he got there. He had fallen asleep on a chair in a clinic. Opposite of him was Miyu who was fast asleep on a chair while grabbing onto Ruu’s hand who was asleep in the bed. Behind Miyu was Dr. Yumenoji holding a blanket.

“Saioji kun, you’re awake.” Dr. Yumenoji smiled as she placed a blanket over Miyu, “It must have been quite the scare for you two.”

“Is Ruu alright?” Kanata asked worriedly as he watched the blonde baby who sleeping soundly.

She leaned over to check Ruu’s temperature before nodding, “his temperature has finally dropped, but you two might have to pay attention to him for a few days before allowing him to play in the cold.”

Kanata let out a sigh of relief making the doctor chuckle.

“I’m sorry,” Dr. Yumenoji smiled, “it’s astounding how much the two of you are just like his parents. Ruu must be lucky to have the both of you take care of him when his parents are so far away.”

Kanata smiled as his eyes trailed over to Miyu, “I’m sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night doctor.”

“That was quite a scare.” Miyu sighed as she studied the sleeping figure of Ruu in Kanata’s arms, “I’m glad everything’s alright with Ruu.”

“Yeah,” Kanata nodded, “I was afraid that the medicine wouldn’t have worked.”

Miyu nodded, “we should prepare some hearty food to help with Ruu’s recovery.”

The two of them discussed what dish they should preparl as they made their way up the steps.

“Miyu sama! Kanata sama!” Wanya looked frantic as he greeted him from the top of the steps, “I was worried about Ruu so I came back early, but I didn’t find you both this morning, where have you been?”

“Ruu’s sick” Miyu explained as Kanata set Ru down on his futon, “his fever wasn’t coming down, so we brought him to the clinic.”

“But he’s alright now.”Kanata continued, “we stayed overnight at the clinic just in case.”

Wanya nodded as he took a step back he smiled at how family like the trio was. Ruu samma, we’re lucky to have met Miyu san and Kanata san!