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Neighbour Next Door

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This might actually be your new record for fucking up. Big time. You felt your breath leave you as you stare through your glass door to see your new neighbour watching you. Did you forget to mention you were practically naked? Yeah, oops.

You could feel the cold air brush against your bare legs which sent shivers down your spine. You just got out of the shower and was too caught up with dancing to your music to realize Joel was standing there.

That was his name, right? Eleanor said that was his name anyway, and that he was a single father to his sweet daughter, Sarah.

Double fuck. Joel already thinks you are a bad influence and will never allow you to meet her and introduce yourself. Who would though?

There you stand, clad in nothing other than your panties and a crop top flashing your neighbour. The only logical response to that is to avoid you ever existing. You probably would too, if your roles were reversed anyway, but no. You are the only person idiotic enough to actually get into a situation like this.

Is it too late to get into a car accident? Maybe you can get into a coma and never have to see him again. Well, that’s what you wish anyway.

While still recovering from your shock and humiliation, Joel leaned against his kitchen counter drinking coffee in his pj's. His eyes trailed down your figure, you blushed as you felt his stare on you. A heat travelled low in your gut, leaving you hot and slightly bothered by this.

Finally, he snapped his eyes up back to yours, hazel matching your green eyes as a smirk was evident on his face. His brown locks mused from sleep shined underneath the sun, casting a halo around his hair and eyes, giving off an unearthly and godlike appearance to you.

He probably got up earlier to help his daughter get ready for school. You weren’t awake by that point since you woke up around ten because your university classes started at 1 pm. After getting accepted into your new University, you decided to stay and live in your sister Eleanor and her new husband, Will’s place since they lived in the area.

Luckily, they were currently out on their two-week honeymoon, enjoying life and not witnessing this whole shit-show go down in flames.

After what felt like an eternity Joel resided and turned around, with that your body relaxed, knees weak you stumbled onto the couch and lay there. Mind racing after your first encounter with Joel Miller, your next-door neighbour.

Making your way upstairs to your room, you threw on your soft cotton shorts and face planted onto your bed. You laid there until reluctantly, you changed and got dressed for class. Leaving this morning's memories behind and forgetting them.