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Phantom sat on Mausoleum, his tale blowing in the wind.. He was waiting. They had promised him that they knew what they were getting into when they accepted.
Sometimes he sang. Sometimes he was so still amity mistook him for a statue. Rain or sun phantom sat.
He heard when they started looking for Danny Fenton.
He waited.
Jazz came to try and talk him down. He didn't move.
Word spread and the citizens of Amity Park came to talk to him. Sometimes he spoke back, sometimes they wondered if he could even hear them.
He waited.
They asked;
“Is this where you’re buried “
“What are you doing”
“For what”
“Where are all the other ghosts”
“Not here”
Months later and Amity park still had no answers, but they did know one thing: something was coming. No one had seen so much as a blob ghost since the accident. they prepared.
Maddie and Jack were convinced that Ghosts had taken their son; they yelled about it to anyone who would listen and sometimes to those that wouldn't. They gave ecto-guns to any that asked with the condition that they ask any ghost that they saw where Daniel Fenton was. And so the town was armed. Whatever came wouldn’t take them by surprise not again.
They waited.
Then it happened the night clear, the moon full… and green. The ghost moon They called it. No one sleep. If it was going to happen It was happening tonight. They watch the sky.
And for the first time in months Phantom flew through the night. Laughing and joking. But unlike any other time, not an eco-blast was shot. Insults were thrown but they were obviously not meant to start a fight.
“You're a ghost, flying is supposed to be natural to you.” Phantom laughed
“Shut up dude, like you were any better on your first night.”
Encouragement was given as Phantom walked them through their new powers.
“You got this, just think of yourself solid, feel the wind on your fingers.”
“I swear to the Ancients Danny If you don't shut the Zone up I will re-kill you.”
Shots were fired
“Ok ok I'll shut up. How come you guys can shoot already? It took me months to learn that.”
“Spite, pure unfiltered spite and the will to murder.”
“Don't let her fool you she couldn't take off her boot so she shot you.”
They went to the Foleys’ residents.
“Hi mom, Hi dad, I wanted to say goodbye before we left.”
Tears were shed and hot coco was shared
Then they went to the Manson mansion.
“I love you mom, dad, but I have to go now.”
A river cried and Sam immediately wished she hadn't come as she hugged her two balling parents.
Finally they went to Fenton works.
“I love you Jazz take your time we’ll be waiting for you, I know you’ll do amazing things. Tell me about them when we meet again.”
“Love you Too Danny, I'll see you soon.”
“But not too soon I hope.”
“Sorry Mom, Dad I gave you all the time I could, Even stretched the rules some to give you more but we got to go now.”
The portal closed after them, sealing the living world from the dead.
Leaving the body of one Daniel James Fenton in the empty metal tunnel burnt to a crisp.