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Knowing me, Knowing you

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Crossing Paths

“You are sure requesting lots of early leavings after missions, is there a reason for that?” Ronan asked by the transceiver, hoping for the other to not break it as it means funds to be invested. “Had a place to come back to” was the flat response from Eustace before cutting off, somehow, he cannot explain to his former mentor as much as he wished to, his heart was compromised by the standing figure of Gran who came after a quest to the meeting point, that smile which radiated sunshine he swore to protect.

“Did you waited for me?” asked the captain panting a little as he ran thinking the marksman could leave at any time “No… it’s ok” Eustace replied with a little smile “Let’s go” holding hands they walked toward a place to eat something and talk about their day, then the erune would request to sleep the night off on the Grandcypher as it helps him move faster to the next destination marked off his personal list of targets. Gran understood, however, he wished to have more time together as he remembers the first time they met on North Vast.

At first, he thought of Eustace as a guy who just carried on orders from Society and liked dogs but after joining the crew and knowing about each other he realized he was just a kind, lonely wolf in search of comfort as he reaches his face for soft kisses, feather-like touches and his current fixation in caressing his wolf ears.



A few nights ago, nightmares plagued his mind, the flowing memories of how far he has traveled, the enemies he had to tear down but mostly the loneliness of despite having strong allies and a friendly crew he felt somehow empty. Gran breathed the wind at the deck of his ship, finding a way to clear his mind plagued by thoughts of “what ifs..” sure he has power and learned a lot of skills and set out on a lot of adventures but inside was just a weak man with a longing for someone to share his feelings.

“What are you doing so late?” a distant voice and closing steps asked as eyes crossed “Nothing really…can’t sleep” he was tired as the night veil could not tell time but everyone but them were asleep.

Taking a little hard grip on his wrist, Eustace pulled Gran to his chest “You did well…” he whispered while slowly stroking his hair to calm the smaller one down, the erune knew something was wrong, then noticed the graduating shivering of his captain and his heart suddenly felt pained with both eyes interlocking “I’m lonely” Gran confessed “Is that all?” in a second Eustace lifted him from the wooden floor to his arms, carrying him, the air breeze felt different by the difference of height like butterfly roaming through the clouds, Gran was secure all his worries were melting away as both eyes were connected “My room?” he nodded, maybe a change of scenery would help to drive the train to the land of sheep again.


Stars served as guidance in his hometown, a faint memory of once a tradition passed by generations of erune residents, even now he thinks of it of how a mere coincidence could lead to meet the love of his life, a tiny flame that torched his once frozen spirit to start feeling once again the emotions that were locked, he was the key and nothing and nobody will stay on his path to demonstrate the captain can count of him and letting his help to achieve bigger goals as his loyal dog.


Brown eyes, beautiful zircons full of innocence and strength

Ice Blue eyes, like the frozen winter sky as the flakes fall with glints of thunder

The subtle contrast on each other’s gaze froze the time still, no words interchanged just the dancing silhouettes of two individuals in the ballroom, each step followed with grace captivating the audience as the melody elevated the tempo, both bodies intense as eyes meet again.

A loud round of applause echoed through the golden palace, Eustace peered by his visible eye through a mask his companion, he seemed tired at first but the passionate pools his face blessed him with were telling the night was young and the mission has to be carried, of finding an organization related to illegal jewel traffic, the dance was just a distraction but he never minded to do it again, it felt intimate, soul enacting, thrilling…his heart was still beating faster but probably was not by the dance. Crossing by his side, making a reverence to exit the place Eustace spoke “That dance…where did you learn it?”

“Could you believe me if it was an old lady with out of this world moves?” Gran replied, the marksman scoffed, everything was logical now, they shared a last glance before taking their weapons and raided the underground factory where the trading was taking place.



“I swear on my name to protect you and be by your side” was the words from the marksman at the altar…

Some years passed since Eustace and Gran got married and adopted a child, at first the idea was really heavy on both every time the topic was on the table, however, the erune agreed by the simple thought of if that made his husband happy then so be it. He could be used for a little piece of his dearest peace and quiet to be shared with a little life, no big deal. For Eustace, it was an experience of a lifetime being a father, not only to show some care but also to ensure safety no matter what.

When the news reached society, the reactions were assorted; Zeta and Beatrix were shocked, especially Bea as she shouted why he waited so long to make the announcement? Both girls suggested to be grandmothers so the kid would have nice gifts, Vaseraga and Cassius showed some amusement as both stated it was interesting, the moon dweller was fascinated in knowing more of how families with no relationship by blood works. Ilsa was silent for a minute until she processed everything and almost faints as she recalls the wedding, however, taking care of a child was something not expected at all as it is a big responsibility. Eustace sighed a little as he knew someday Ronan will follow him to meet them, it annoyed him however he was on his right but for now, he let go of the thought as his comrades stared at him.

“And how is he named?” asked the ex-drill sergeant

“Captain asked for his name and he said Aiden…” his lips parted in half a smile.

“When we will meet him? I can’t imagine you doing that parenting stuff if you ask me” beamed Zeta as she sits on the table drinking a cup of coffee, the erune’s ears twitch onwards at the comment, sure it was not on his agenda nevertheless he was from a big family, not to mention the second being born. He remembers how loved was by his mother and how his father taught him a thing or two about life, taking pride that he can do it, for his slow recovery of past nightmare and the happiness of his dear captain with the pledge of a new beginning to the future nobody knows yet.

“Soon” he concluded after a long pause, nobody said anything else.