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Sex isn't everything

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- Four months (or so) ago -

Stiles was happy, very happy. Don’t get him wrong: this relationship was everything he had ever dreamt of. Hell, he never even thought that he could have something like this, something like an actual relationship. Stiles Stilinski in a relationship with a very, very, very hot guy? No one ever thought that would be possible, not even Stiles himself. He doubted that even peter, the guy who he was in a relationship with, had thought this was possible. Which was kind of funny and cute and painful at the same time.

Funny and cute because ha, Stiles got Peter into a relationship. Painful because did Peter really think that low of himself to think he would never have love? That was sad.

The relationship they had was pretty damn awesome. Peter, for someone who had been a Left Hand and a rogue Alpha slash serial killer, was actually incredibly nice. He was sweet and loving, he listened to Stiles which was a lot because the younger man talked for hours on end and no one ever listened to him because of that. Thanks, ADHD. Once again ruining his life. But Peter actually seemed to enjoy it when Stiles went from one topic to another, talking about going camping one moment and then going on to the sinking of Atlantis and his theories on it the next. ‘It’s interesting to see how your mind works, darling’, that was Peter’s explanation for it. And to Stiles that was enough. He had someone who wanted to cuddle with him and who wanted to listen to him. What more could he want?

Well actually, he could want more. Sex, for example. Amongst other intimate moments such as that.

Stiles wasn’t really one of those ‘sex needs to be a part of a relationship’ kinds of guys. He had gone years without sex, so he didn’t mind waiting at all. But Peter and him had been together for almost a year and a half now without any of that kind of touching and Stiles was starting to worry.

Peter had touched him, just not in ways that could be described as sexual. There had been cuddling, there had been hugging, there had been these wonderful soft kisses- but that was that. No moments without clothes. They didn’t even shower together because Peter just didn’t really seem interested in seeing Stiles naked. Which bothered Stiles. Not in a way of ‘I need to have sex right now to be happy in this relationship’, but more in a ‘does my boyfriend think I’m ugly?’ kind of way. It made him feel insecure because hey, he knew he wasn’t the greatest looking guy on the planet. Spending so much time amongst werewolves kind of reminded him of his lacking physique.

The young man wouldn’t describe himself as a very confident guy. He wasn’t that insecure about himself either, it was more of a neutral feeling that he felt toward himself. He didn’t even think about his body that often. He wasn’t fat, he was healthy and there were just too many other things to worry about. Going to the gym with his schedule? No, he was too busy saving Beacon Hills from evil supernatural beings all the time. He didn’t have time for that, simply put.

But of course, he noticed it. All of the werewolves, including Scott and Peter and Derek, they all had nice bodies. And yes, Stiles had eyed Scott. Of course he had. It had been in a moment that he wanted to make sure Scott’s injuries weren’t bad enough to kill him, but he had noticed then and there that Scott had gone from asthmatic-scrawny-teen to able-to-breathe-normally-muscled-adult. And Stiles had been left out. He hadn’t gotten the werewolf genes, hadn’t started to spontaneously spawn muscles like the others. And that was a bit unfair, because he didn’t understand why puberty still hadn’t changed anything even though he was basically out of puberty.

But it never really had bothered him. It had sometimes been annoying that he couldn’t keep up with the wolves and that he was practically useless in a fight, but he was useful in other ways. Like research. And the pack still wanted him to be a part of it, they couldn’t do what they did without him and Stiles knew that so no, the lack of muscles didn’t bother him. Until Peter and their relationship and the whole sex thing- or lack thereof.

Stiles shifted uneasily on the couch, head brushing against Peter’s shoulder. This was all they did, touching-wise. There was nothing other than cuddling and some kisses here and there. Peter was probably not even attracted to him in that way. The werewolf was quite a bit older (Stiles still had no idea exactly how much older, Peter was after all very vague about that bit) and probably had a buttload of experience. Or at least a whole lot more than Stiles did. He only had sex twice, once with a female and once with a male. It barely counted as ‘experience’.

“What’s wrong?”

One annoying thing about being with a werewolf: they could smell every single emotion on you. Peter had once described Stiles as a busy restaurant’s kitchen with how many emotions he could smell off him. Which was to be blamed on Stiles’ anxiety and ADHD, of course. “Do you like me?”

Peter raised a brow; Stiles didn’t even have to look at him to know that. “I like to think that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have spent one and a half years of my life in a relationship with you.” He drawled. “We both know I value my time. And we both also know that I do not care enough of most people to humour them.”

“You really can’t ever just say it, can you?”

“Yes Stiles, I like you. Very much so indeed. Why the question?”

“Because, it’s just-“ Stiles let out a shaky breath. How was he even going to put this? He needed to be careful, he didn’t want to hurt Peter or scare him away. But in true Stiles Stilinski fashion he of course wasn’t at all subtle with the way he put it. “You never touch me. I mean, you touch me, but you never touch touch me. It’s always with clothes on. And yeah, while I’m happy you’re not weirdly indecent in public because my father would’ve arrested you in no-time, I feel like it’s weird that you don’t do it in private either. Am I not hot enough for you? Oh God, you can’t get your dick up around me, can you? Oh my- I’m too ugly. I’m too ugly for my boyfriend to get his dick up-“

“Can we stop talking about my dick?” Peter interrupted, making Stiles grimace and nod. “So that’s the problem? That’s why you’ve been distant lately? Because I haven’t been touch touching you without clothes?”

“No need for the quotation marks, dude. I regret teaching you that.” Stiles huffed and Peter gave him an unimpressed look. Right. Back to the matter at hand. Stiles shrugged, scratching the back of his head. “I guess. I mean, I know I’m not as muscled as you guys are and I know you’re probably scared you’ll break me with your werewolf strength but… I guess I just got insecure about it.”

Peter nodded slowly. “I understand. I seem to have forgotten how human and their emotions work.”

“You always act as if you don’t feel anything.” Stiles snorted, studying Peter’s face, looking into his eyes. Peter looked unsure, as though he wanted to say something but he couldn’t. It was weird to see Peter insecure or uncertain, that wasn’t his normal look. Usually it was something more like ‘I am the best at everything’. “I think that right now it’s my turn to ask you what’s wrong, huh?”

The wolf let out a sigh. “I guess I knew this day was coming.” He softly said, looking down for a moment before he looked at Stiles again. “I’m asexual.”

Stiles blinked. “Huh.” That made sense. That actually made a lot of sense. It wasn’t Stiles’ body (thank the Lord), but it was Peter’s sexual preferences. Or what he lacked there. Not that it was a bad thing, Stiles was actually glad that Peter came clean about this. Now he didn’t have to worry about his body again.

With a little hum Stiles put his head back on Peter’s chest. Maybe sex wasn’t something Peter was comfortable with, but cuddles were a necessary part of their relationship- now that Stiles was thinking about that, he did have to ask his boyfriend what he felt comfortable with and what not.

“Are you still okay with cuddling?”

“Unless the cuddling ends up in sex, then yes.” Peter gently said, rubbing Stiles’ upper arm gently. “Look. I don’t want sex. Ever. And it’s… I’m attracted to you, I really am. I just am not into sex. With anyone. I do want to cuddle and kissing is okay but… I don’t know. I just don’t enjoy sex.”

“Okay.” Stiles smiled up at Peter, kissing his jaw. “That’s cool. I’m just glad it isn’t me. I started thinking I was deformed or something.” He chuckled, gently stroking Peter’s cheek. He needed to shave, cause while stubble was sexy it was also really scratchy. “Thank you for telling me. For opening up. And for the record? I don’t mind. You’re the best boyfriend… You don’t mind me jerking off in my bedroom to the thought of you, right?”

Peter snorted. “No, no, please do whatever you want. But if you decide to have an intimate relationship with anyone else, I’d like to be informed first.” Stiles chuckled at that, thinking that his boyfriend was joking. He put his head back on Peter’s chest once again, relaxing. See? Everything was turning out just fine. Stiles had his boyfriend. His asexual boyfriend who was still very attracted to him. Once again: what more could he want?


- Two weeks ago, give or take –



“I don’t know what you’re suggesting or implying or whatever the right word is right now, but no.” Stiles snapped, wagging his finger at his boyfriend who was leaning against the counter. “You’re suggesting very stupid things and I don’t want to hear them because they’re not true. Besides, I’m cooking. And unless you want me to burn literally everything, I suggest that you leave this subject alone and never bring it up again.”

Peter hummed and, like the asshole he was, just started smirking. “That you don’t want me to bring it up again sure is saying something, dear.”

Stiles’ cheeks burned red. In fact, he was flushing all the way down his chest. It was a wonderful look on him. Or at least Peter thought so. The werewolf enjoyed making his boyfriend uncomfortable from time to time like this, in a teasing manner of course. He wasn’t that sadistic. “You’re an asshole.”

“An asshole who loves you so much that he wants you to be happy and is even suggesting you hook up with his nephew for that.” That statement nearly made Stiles cut off his own fingers. He cursed, shooting Peter a glare over his back. The wolf just blinked innocently. “Hey, I’m just saying what I see, love. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to two people. I do have to admit that the Hale family, the remainder of it at least, is a hell of a bunch of hot people.”

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m with you.”

“Because I’m Peter Hale,” The wolf said as if that explained anything. It probably did because there was no one like Peter. “Didn’t I tell you before that I am more than okay with you being intimate with someone else? Besides, I know Derek and I trust him. I’d be happy to see you having fun with you.”

Stiles spluttered. “No! No, hell no! Peter, you can’t- we’re a thing! And he’s your nephew!”

“I’m very well aware of that, yes.”

“There’s just no way I can be with Derek.” Stiles shook his head, trying to put his attention back on the dinner he was making. Or trying to make, at least. Peter was making it a little difficult for him.

“Mmh, but do you want to be with Derek?” Peter asked. “I’m not suggesting a break up happening between us, dear. I’m merely saying that you have needs, and don’t even try to deny that because I can in fact smell it on you, and those needs seem to amplify whenever you’re near me or near Derek. And while you know that we can’t do anything together because my penis won’t respond-“

“You’re making this even weirder than it already is.”

“You do know that my nephew would be a very willing participant.”

That seemed to freeze Stiles’ brain. Peter got hit with a whole bunch of different kinds of emotions coming from his boyfriend (mostly confusion and shock), so he gave Stiles a moment to recollect himself. The younger man eventually turned off the stove and turned to look at the wolf. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that both you and Derek are idiots who have been dancing around one another for months now. I mean, sure, I expected this from you but Derek? The man has werewolf abilities. He should be able to smell it on you.” Peter sighed, shaking his head. “Sometimes I do wonder if he’s a lost cause.”

Stiles squinted at him. “Are you serious right now?”

“Yes, Stiles.” Peter took a step closer, taking Stiles’ hand to place it on his chest to let Stiles feel his heartbeat. It was more of a nice gesture, really. Because over the years Peter had gotten so good at lying that his heartbeat wouldn’t jump anymore. Not that it would anyways, because he wasn’t lying. He would be more than okay with this. “I’m one hundred percent serious about this. I know about your feelings for Derek, and I know you feel the same way for him as you do for me.”

“And you’re not mad about that?” The young human asked, keeping his hand on Peter’s chest. “Because I’ve been trying to get rid of those feelings, believe me. You’re… You’re supposed to be it for me, you know? And it isn’t because you don’t want to have sex with me-“

“I know. Stiles, you worry way too much about things, do you know that?” Now Peter took both of Stiles’ hands, holding them in his own and smiling softly. “I know it isn’t because of my sexuality. The way you smell around Derek is the exact same as you smell around me. You, dear, you like us both. And Derek likes you the same way I do. And, as an added bonus, I know for a fact that my nephew is not asexual.”

Stiles hummed a little. “Okay… So… What are you proposing?”

“I’m proposing you and Derek have a little talk. Preferably with me around so I can gloat with how wonderfully uncomfortable my nephew is going to look.” He grinned darkly at his boyfriend, leaning in to kiss Stiles’ lips softly. “And before you ask: yes, I do think Derek has a mighty fine face.”

“But you’re-“

“His uncle. Yes, I know that. But for wolves it’s… Different. We’re a pack, we’re close. Incest isn’t as strange and illegal as it is in your world.” Peter explained, making Stiles let out another little ‘huh’ sound. “So yes. Him and I would be okay with being together even though we’re related. In fact, I’m sure he would very much enjoy being that close to me once again.”

“This is the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had.” Stiles breathed out, shaking his head a little. He pulled away, turning back to the dinner he was cooking. For a moment Peter was convinced that his boyfriend would ignore the suggestion that Peter proposed, but then Stiles spoke up again. “So, what’s Derek’s favourite dessert? I’m thinking that if we do plan on scarring him for life with this conversation, we’re going to at least need a nice dessert to make it up to him.”

Peter grinned. “Pie. Cherry pie.”


- Now -

Derek shifted uncomfortably on his chair. Peter and Stiles were seated on the couch and for some reason Peter was staring at him all smug. Which wasn’t exactly something that Derek liked. There was always a reason for a look like that and the fact that Stiles had baked him a pie was even more concerning. A cherry pie, at that. His favourite dessert, something he was sure Stiles hadn’t known. Not unless Peter told him.

“How’s it taste?”

“Good,” Derek answered Stiles’ question. When he’d been invited over to watch the Mets game, Derek thought that the rest of the pack would be there as well. Peter had invited him, saying that Stiles would be there as well, so it wasn’t that weird that Derek had just assumed they’d be joined by the rest, right? Apparently, he was wrong and it was just the three of them, which was making things a bit awkward. “Like homemade cherry pie.”

Stiles beamed at him before he settled back, eyes on the TV again. It was silent for a while, but eventually Peter spoke up.

“Why don’t you ask him now, darling? I don’t think Derek could smell more anxious.”

“Now? But he hasn’t even finished his pie yet.” Stiles pouted. Okay, so they were buttering him up for something. Derek glared at his uncle. No doubt that guy had everything to do with it. Peter just smiled innocently and nudged Stiles’ side. “Fine, fine. Don’t nudge me. I’m sensitive. I bruise like a peach, you know?”


“Alright, get off my back dude.” Stiles sighed before he looked at the very uncomfortable werewolf seated on the chair, holding onto his little plate of pie. He looked adorable, like a lost puppy. “We wanted to ask you if you want to be a part of this relationship.”

“Way to be subtle about it.” Peter sighed, shaking his head. “Though, Derek does like it when we come straight forward, hmm?” Derek just blinked, probably reeking of confusion. Because that was what he was feeling: confused. And terrible, because they were probably making fun of him. Peter had somehow smelled it on him- or maybe Stiles was the one who had figured it out. Derek couldn’t exactly be sure, but one of them had found out and that was the worst thing ever. Why? Because Peter and Stiles had this wonderful relationship going on and Derek didn’t want to ruin it. He really didn’t want to ruin their happiness, what they had together. “Derek, darling, breathe.”

“I am. Breathing. I mean.” Derek stumbled over his words, twitching in his seat.

Peter snorted. “Barely.” He shifted slightly in his seat. “Perhaps I should explain. As you know Stiles and I have been in a relationship for quite some time now, almost two years now actually. And while our relationship has been perfect, recently we have been in a bit of a predicament. You see, I’m asexual and Stiles here is still very much in his teenage years hormone wise.”

“Peter!” Stiles punched Peter’s arm- not hard of course, but Stiles doubted Peter would feel it anyways. He was kind of immune to human punches. “I hate you, you’re the worst. You can’t ever take anything seriously.” He pouted a little, looking at poor Derek who was looking even more confused by now. “I know this ass over here is trying to make it sound as if I’m planning to use you as my sex slave, but that is definitely not happening. We- yes, Peter. You too. You’re the one who brought this up in the first place- We want you to be included in our relationship.”

“I can smell it on you when you’re around us, Derek. You hide it well, but I’m much older. And I’m the Left Hand, you know it’s my job to figure things out.” Peter smiled at his nephew whose cheeks turned a dark red. Oh. See? He was caught. And they were definitely making fun of him because there was no way this was real. His fantasies would not just pop into real life like this. “And Stiles is right, we don’t want it to just be sexual things. Especially not me. I for one want this to be cuddling and loving touches, just as Stiles and I are doing. And bonus, you and Stiles can have sex.”


“I think we broke him.” Stiles breathed out, staring at Derek before he looked at Peter again. “I really think we broke him, Petey.”

“Just give him a moment, he’ll be fine. I’m sure.” He smiled softly at his boyfriend, pressing a kiss to his lips before he got up, walking over to his nephew and leaning in, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Derek shivered at that, melting into the kiss. When Peter pulled away that dumb self-satisfied smirk was on his lips. “See? He wants it. Told you so.”

Derek blinked. “You guys aren’t making fun of me?”

“No, we’re not. We’re serious about this. We’d like to try this with you, to figure out how this can work with the three of us.” Stiles softly said, getting up and walking over to the two wolves. “And seriously, it’s not a sex thing. I uh, I’ve kind of had a crush on you since… Well, forever. I guess. I just… I thought that it wasn’t normal since I am in a relationship with Peter. But he-“

“Is amazing and he told you that you could be in love with two people at the same time.” Peter grinned happily, winking at Derek who just swallowed. He was still a little shaken up. It was a lot of information to take in, don’t blame him. “So? What do you say?”

“I-“ Derek paused, staring at the two in front of him. Did he want to be in a relationship with his uncle and his uncle’s boyfriend? Once again: in werewolf pack dynamics it wasn’t that strange to have incest going on, it just worked differently for them. But that didn’t mean that Derek wasn’t still shy about it. He eyed his uncle, then Stiles, and then nodded. “Yes. I’d like that.”

Peter grinned, moving to hug Stiles before he held out his hand for Derek to join them. “Well, what are you waiting for? Join us, dear. You know you want to.” Derek smiled nervously, getting up and letting himself be enveloped in their hug.

Stiles moved, pressing a kiss to Peter’s cheek and then to Derek’s lips. Yeah, he had Derek and Peter both. That felt right. Seriously, he couldn’t want anything else.