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And Put it in Your Pocket (#201 - Smile)

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Mike swallowed the cheshire-cat smile that tugged insistently at the corner of her lips as she stood, one person amongst all the other cadets of her class and watched the traditional final address to the Midshipmen. Unlike most of them, she'd seen this particular footage - more than once, in fact - and it had been used to teach her an entirely separate set of lessons than the one it was being used to reinforce here.

(The lessons were double edged; both sets of them. One would mourn their fallen star deeply after all, and teaching the midshipmen that sometimes the spectacular final stand was what was required had resulted in the Saganami tradition, becoming, well, a tradition.)

She wondered what clever Honor would make of this footage, when she saw it next year. It was kept off the tactical databases, by dint of standalone storage media. It would come at her as more of a surprise than it did for many of the midshipmen, given her father's status as a mustang. Would she see the lessons that Mike herself had been taught under all of the legend, or would she be too entranced by trying to play through the tac-problem it represented in real-time? Either, way, Mike would be the one who won ....