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I'm Just A Side Character

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He was Doomed.


Kim Dokja knows this, he knows this very well, it's just that he doesn't want to admit it. Silk clothes, thick and soft mattresses, room buildings that were as beautifully decorated and as broad as possible and various kinds of objects that could only be seen in ancient Europe. He had transmigrated into the novel he was reading once, and moreover, it is a BL novel that was recommended in webnovel he himself reads it just because there is his name there.


It's so impossible for him, how can he move into a novel after just for trying to cook, ok he just forgot that he burned his own house because of that and then wake up in a strange place. Maybe he died at that time?


"But why..." Why does it have to be a BL novel ?! Of all the novels he's read why should this ?!


[The Emperor True Love] Actually it's not BL because the story protagonist likes a woman, but it's just that some of the side characters like the same sex and have a relationship, and the same for this character named Kim Dokja.


"I just wanna die already..."


"Kim Dokja!!" Someone shouted at the same time as the loud slamming sound of the door.


"Wah! You startled me!" Kim Dokja was surprised when one of his friends broke into his room.


"I thought you wouldn't wake up!" She was Han Sooyoung, the only female aristocrat who dared to enter the men's room And Kim Dokja's closest friend in novel.


"...What's happened to me?"


Han Sooyoung stared in disbelief, did yesterday's accident make this person forget his memory?


"Kim Dokja... I'm gonna call a doctor, so wait here." Han Sooyoung said before giving him a sharp gaze and disappearing behind the door.


Dokja sighed seeing that his whole body was fine and there were no injuries at all. So what happened to Kim Dokja in the novel?


At that time he looked across the bed, the glass as big as his body there made him wonder what Kim Dokja's face would look like in the novel.


In novels, Kim Dokja is always described as a very beautiful man, with a soft face, long eyelashes, small shoulders, a slender waist and milky white skin and that appearance has already attracted the attention of many noble men to get it.


And here he is, standing in front of the long mirror showing her reflection wearing only a thin white pajama. He just admitted, Kim Dokja is very beautiful just like he was before. Well he just realized it because back then he didn't have time to look at his own face in the mirror and take care of Herself.


"Oh my... Why are you standing there?" The soft voice startled him, it was a sweet voice in his ears, it was very strange when he heard it.


"You're..." Dokja was confused looking at the woman, he did not remember who else was close to Kim Dokja in the novel because he was very rare to appear in the story. He's just a side character so yeh.


"What..? Kim Dokja my son, are you really...?"


My son? Kim Dokja thought.


"You're my mom...?" Kim Dokja asked carefully in his soft little voice. he never thought about his mother since she went to prison and never got her love


The woman smiled sweetly at him,

"Yes, my son." Kim Dokja stared dumbfoundedly and the woman continued. "You must be tired, You just woke up from the poison you drank yesterday."


After she said that, Dokja's body became light and floated carefully back to his bed, Kim Dokja was struggling in shock afraid of falling but he is safe on the bed now. He never knew magic could be so extraordinary, his eyes sparkled when he imagined reading all about magic in this world, it must be fun.


In the novel, magic exists, everyone in this world has magic mana even a little, Kim Dokja also has it, but he still doesn't know how to use it properly.


Kim Dokja just prayed that he would have magic power that was no less cool than the protagonist of this novel.


"I brought a doctor!" Han Sooyoung came back together with the old man with a brown backpack in his hand.


"You came at the right time... Hurry up and check on my son."


The doctor came to check on Kim Dokja's condition but suddenly he fell silent thinking about something in his brain that made the three people there wonder what happened.


"This is strange, the condition of the body is very healthy like not drinking poison in the first place."

The doctor said with a worried face glancing at Dokja's mother's eyes.


"Are you being serious?!"


"Have you checked it properly?"


"I swear! i've checked it and nothing serious, as if he had just come back to life!" The doctor answered confidently.


The gaze was towards Dokja who was bent in sweat, he didn't know what to say because from the start he wasn't the real Kim Dokja. Wait does that mean the real Kim Dokja is dead?

Dokja just gave his sweetest smile hoping that it could divert the original topic.


"I think young master should get enough rest, I will bring medicine for him." The doctor said as he get up and get out of the room.


"Kim Dokja!! I hope tomorrow you can lift your ass off the bed!" Han Sooyoung said before she finally left Kim Dokja to give him a break.


"Mom...?" Dokja was confused when he saw his mother did not move from the edge of the bed and continued to stare at him in silence.


"To think that my son barely even knows me, how it hurts my heart." She began to cry bringing her black handkerchief to her eyes to wipe away the tears that rolled out. "Your father will be surprised to hear this."


"Wa-wait father...?!" Dokja was reflexively snoring to the end of the bed, the image of a father swinging a glass bottle in his head made him a little scared.


He knew that Kim Dokja's father in the novel was different from his father in the past, but still every time he heard the word 'father' it gave him a feeling of trauma back, What if his father was the same as his old one? He's scared.


"Honey...? Are you okay?" The mother looked at him worriedly his hands were raised to embrace Kim Dokja's trembling body. "Everything is fine dear, I will protect you this time, the person who poisoned you has been caught and taken care of by your father."


The moment Kim Dokja felt his mother's soft touch on his back, the sound of fast footsteps was heard in the hallway and the door opened to reveal a handsome man with long black hair, Blood splashed around his neat clothes.


Kim Dokja was shivering in fear in his mother's arms, a sharp gaze met her pretty round eyes.


"Are you awake Kim Dokja?" Dokja was surprised to see the sweet smile of the man he believed to be his father, his voice very soft to his ears.


"Honey, You scared him, go change your clothes!"


"....." The father frowned at his wife's words, which made the wife chuckle. "I wanna see my son, is he okay?"


"He's okay, Now we have to leave him so he can rest, sleep well Kim Dokja." The mother pushed her husband out and left Kim Dokja in his room who could only watch them leave.


Maybe, maybe his father wasn't that bad...?





Dokja had been living there for a week, and he had already remembered a little from the beginning of the novel he read, He knew his mother Persephone and father Hades, in the story his father was known as the Grand Duke of the Underworld. And the place he currently occupies is his father's territory.


If you remember, Kim Dokja in the novel had a pretty tragic ending, he was too stupid to be taken advantage of by the antagonistic character who wanted to separate the crown prince and his FL. Well he did that too because of his love for the crown prince, he loved him so much that he would even do anything to get his attention, And the plan to poison FL is also the proposition of the antagonist who happily does it like a dog who obeys his master.


"How can you be soo stupid Kim Dokja..." he muttered to himself covering his face with the book in his hand in shame how stupid he was in the novel.


"Kim Dokja! You've been reading the same book for 2 hours! Aren't you bored? I'm starting to want to pull your ass out of here!!" Han Sooyoung said with an annoyed face from boredom after 2 hours of silence in Dokja's private library.


"I didn't even know you were there." He carefully closed the book and placed it on his front desk then looked at his friend with a tired look. "What do you want?"


Han Sooyoung irritatedly gritted her teeth and threw a letter at him but was quickly caught by Dokja.

"You better thank me." She said with an arrogant face, folding his hands and grinning at Dokja.


"What the hell is this?" 


"Tch! Why don't you open it already?! You can read it!"


"But what if i don't wan to?"


"Then i'm just gonna make you read it!" She stood up from her place, grabbed the letter then opened it fiercely and slapped it in front of Dokja's face. "Now you can read it." A grin appeared on her pretty lips.


"Urk... can you do it a little gently my pretty face will disappear." Kim Dokja said in a joking manner which made Han Sooyoung's face turn disgusted. "Hmm? What is this..?" He read it carefully to understand the contents, but ended up with a shocked face afterwards.


"I don't wanna go there." Said Kim Dokja threw away the paper and didn't want to see it again.


"Eh? Why? Usually you will be very happy after getting an invitation from the royal family, don't you want to meet your prince?." Han Sooyoung said with a suspicious expression.


Kim Dokja rolled his eyes as if it had never happened before. From the other side he never did that but Kim Dokja in the novel was like that, buying the best and most stylish new clothes to get attention .... He never thought it would be troublesome because of the sudden change in his nature that was so different from that in a novel.


"You know? Yoo Jonghyuk will also be there, are you sure you won't go? I'm sure you'll regret it." Han Sooyoung said once again, trying to convince her friend who was acting strangely.


"Nah I prefer to avoid it now." Kim Dokja replied, looking away, not wanting to meet the sensitive Han Sooyoung.


"Seriously? Since you got poisoned your behavior has changed! Kim Dokja will jump right away from his place to start buying jewelry." Her babbling was disturbed by Dokja's sudden change of character.


"Just say that I am no longer interested in that prince."


The change in Han Sooyoung's face is very important to see because it is quite funny for Kim Dokja It made him chuckle.


"I won't believe your words again, You said the same thing once and in the end ... you are still after him." Said Han Sooyoung maintaining his thoughts about Kim Dokja.


"Think whatever you want." Kim Dokja just gave his best smile before he finally got up from his place, he was quite bored inside there might not hurt to go outside for a bit.


"Wa-wait! Are you serious?! Hey Kim Dokja!!" Han Sooyoung followed behind him as she spat out the passing words in his mind. "Well I'm glad you ended up not being too obsessed with him, you know? Maybe out there you will find a better one, for example like me."


"Ew! I would rather die then."


"Then I'll come to your funeral hahah!"


Kim Dokja smiled, shook his head not knowing what else to answer. Han Sooyoung followed him on the side without even asking where Kim Dokja was going after she saw Kim Dokja changing into a more worn shirt and wearing a hooded robe.


"Where are you going?" She finally asked.


Dokja smiled strangely pointing at the window where the city seemed to be bustling there. It made Han Sooyoung grin and join in wearing the robe that Dokja gave her.


"We're going on a secret trip?" Han Sooyoung asked impatiently what they would do in the future.


"Maybe." Kim Dokja returned a mischievous smile.




The city was very crowded with many noble horse-drawn carriages on the streets and ordinary people enjoying their day. Kim Dokja was a little lost because he couldn't know the direction of the road just by reading a novel, but he didn't want to lose his cool side or he would be bullied for months by Han Sooyoung.


"I thought we walked so far, isn't this the place of the slaves? You want to buy slaves?" Asked Han Sooyoung still following Dokja's long steps from behind. "Somehow I have a bad feeling." Her eyes continued to glance backwards, several people watched the two of them walk in the middle of a dirty alley.


"Then you just go home."


Han Sooyoung frowned, had she walked this far and was told to go home now? Looks like she needs to hit the guy on the head to realize that she also has to know what he wants to do.


"Look what we have here." A stranger greeted them with a rotten grin, Han Sooyoung turned around to see that the two of them had been surrounded without leaving any space to escape.


"Who are you?!" Asked Han Sooyoung giving a sharp look saying that she would kill even an inch closer.


"This is strange, we should be the ones asking why you came to our territory?"


"Yours?" Han Sooyoung wanted to laugh when she heard how stupid this one thug was not to know who was in charge here. "Pfft-"


"Why are you laughing?!" The thug asked with his face up to his hand to beat Han Sooyoung but stopped because of Han Sooyoung's own strength.


"Wh-what?! What the hell?!" 


"Don't ever touch my face with your dirty hands!" She glared at the perpetrator who wanted to hit him then pushed him away.


"How dare you—"


"Kim Dokja! why have you been silent since earlier?" Han Sooyoung looked back at her friend who didn't move a little from his place, was he scared? "Hey Kim Dokja!"


"Take me with you." Kim Dokja said suddenly.


"Wait! What?!" Han Sooyoung probably almost fainted from that remark but thank goodness she was still conscious to hit the guy's head. "Are you kidding me?! Who brought whom?!"


Kim Dokja slowly took off his hood, his face looked clearer now, revealing soft milky white skin, sweet lips, dark eyes with sparkling stars, black hair covered his smooth forehead. Very beautiful.


"Am I enough?" He smiled adding to the already beautiful beauty.


"Hah?! Kim Dokja what do you mean by those words?! What are you up to, you idiot?!" Han Sooyoung let out a voice of exasperation which Kim Dokja ignored.


Even the thugs were gawking and didn't understand the situation, but if you saw that man it was really pretty it made them want it.


"I Will ask again." He took off his shabby robe leaving him wearing only shabby clothes like a slave. "Am I enough to be a slave?" He fake smiled sweetly.


Han Sooyoung was shocked to hear that even she didn't know what to say now. One of the men whispered to their leader which made the leader of the thugs grin widely.


"Good! Very good!" He began to approach Dokja with an evil laugh.




He tilted his head as Kim Dokja started speaking again.


"Let the woman go." He said glancing at Han Sooyoung without turning around.


"Why do I have to obey you?" He asked defiantly.


Dokja gave him a weird grin, pulled a knife out of his sleeve and pointed it at his face.

"If so, what a shame."


"Dokja what ar—"


"Stop!!" The man sighed. "I Will! So don't cut your face." He relented and ordered some of his subordinates to take Han Sooyoung out of the alley.


Nah the face of a slave is very important especially if it is a pretty face.


"Wa-wait! What are you doing?! Let me go! Kim Dokja! Why are you doing this?!" Han Sooyoung screamed when she saw Kim Dokja being taken away using teleportation magic, A magic circle is visible on the ground.


"KIM DOKJA!!!" Dokja just smiled as his entire body faded away along with the few people who carried him.


"FUCK!" Han Sooyoung struggled trying to get away from the people who held her back, she ended up letting out her anger and brutally finish them off, she grabbed the collar of one she beat and asked, "where did you take him?"


The man trembled in fear under her hands then shook his head that he didn't know anything. But Han Sooyoung certainly didn't believe it and broke one of his bones to make him speak.


"I really don't know anything! I swear!" He freaked out.


"Shit!" Han Sooyoung threw it, pinched the bridge of her nose trying to think where Kim Dokja was taken.


Before she could leave she accidentally hit a hard broad chest making him whimper in pain, what kind of chest is that hard?


"What the—" Han Sooyoung immediately closed her mouth when she saw who was in front of her. That's the crown prince, damn ok.


"Who are you?" He asked, his voice sounding like a restrained growl As he glared at Han Sooyoung as if he was going to make a hole in her head.


Han Sooyoung shuddered, how would she introduce herself like this? She even dressed like a non-noblewoman. He will definitely be mistaken for their leader.


"Your Excellency! We found signs of teleportation magic!" A knight reported to prince ignoring Han Sooyoung whom he hit with his armor.


"Find the direction in which it is headed." The prince commanded, starting to ignore Han Sooyoung because he thought that woman was useless now.


Several knights and magicians surrounded the former teleportation area and found the prince's request and immediately reported to him.


"B-but your highness, we don't have enough mana to teleport to the intended place, because we've traveled too far around." One of the magicians spoke carefully, his body could even be seen that he was trembling in fear under the thick cloth he was wearing.


There was silence for a while, maybe the crown prince was thinking about killing him for being useless or not?


"How long will it take us to get there? "


"If we use a horse, at least 2-3 days."


His face darkened and his gaze even sharper than before, he let out a sigh after a while to hold back his emotions.

"Quickly prepare the horse, we go now!"


"Yes, Your Highness!"


"Wait! Take me with you!" Han Sooyoung was intercepted by the knights while trying to approach the prince carelessly. "My friend! My friend was taken by them!" Ugh actually she doesn't like begging like this, but if she comes back without Kim Dokja maybe she will be killed by his father.


Because there was no answer, Han Sooyoung took off her robe to reveal shoulder-length black hair, beautiful sharp eyes and a mark of beauty under the corners of her eyes.

"My name is Han Sooyoung from Han's noble family!"


"Why is the daughter of Marquess Han here?" He finally turned around and asked, a frown visible between his thick brows.


"I-I walked with my friends and my friends were brought by them." Han Sooyoung said it honestly, right? The two of them just walked and Kim Dokja was taken by them ... Will she be executed for daring to lie? Well think about that later. Kim Dokja first.


The prince frowned even more, maybe because her explanation was not long but it was okay because he nodded and let Han Sooyoung follow him from behind. Just watch out Kim Dokja, Han Sooyoung will make sure she hits your ass hard.




After opening his eyes, Kim Dokja met a shabby, stuffy, and dark place that matched what was written in the novel. Why is he here? He remembers that the prince will get a sword award for catching the corruption as well as the smuggler Namely Baron Lee Jinyoung. He also has one child named Lee Gilyoung, a child who is neglected because of the blood of royalty and servants, in the story Kim Dokja cried almost all day while reading the story of Lee Gilyoung's life, And maybe, just maybe he could save the child this time...?


"You go in there!" The man roughly pushed Dokja into the bars of the prison which already had several slaves tied up.


"Haish, can't he be a little gentle." Dokja grumbled rubbing his butt against the hard ground.


The man gave a strange wide grin and said, "Your new master will be here soon." He immediately left after saying that.


Dokja leaned back, his gaze wandering around watching some of the slaves who were looking down with scars, some adults and some underage with a count of fingers.




Dokja glanced outside the prison to see a girl around the age of 9 arguing with one of the slave guards who was sleeping. That girl was brave enough to do that, wasn't she afraid that she would be killed prematurely? Dokja might have to stop this.


"Hey you! Get me out of here." The girl said without the slightest fear, her eyes didn't even panic when faced with the grown man with the sharp weapon in hand. "My brother will kill you if you hurt me." She said when that man wanted to kill him with a sword.


"Wow..." Dokja couldn't help but be amazed by her courage, how could that little girl be so brave?


"Ah, she doing it again..." The murmuring beside him made Dokja turn his head to see a girl who was probably the same age as the girl in front was putting on a worried face, her hands joined together as if to pray that she would be all right.


"What do you mean?" Dokja's question surprised the girl beside him, perhaps not expecting Dokja to interfere.


"She always said that she was part of the royal family and asked to be released." He answered without daring to look at Dokja's face. "At this rate she would get killed, those people were very bad." She continued.


Kim Dokja intended to save the girl but the beam of light startled him, teleportation magic appeared at the end of the room and showed a noble with a grin, The sight made the man stop his actions to hit the guilty girl.


"Sir, you are here, I think it will take a long time." The leader greeted him slightly bowed respectfully to the noble, he smiled kindly like a fool. "Would you like to take a look? We just brought you some great stuff."


Dokja could see that the noble was Baron Lee Jinyoung who was in the novel, his hair was wavy brown, his eyes were round brown and there were curves on her cheeks, and the disgusting grin that he always puts on, he is Lee Jinyoung just like the one depicted in the novel.


"I will bring 3 slaves this time 1 adult and 2 children." He said as his eyes wandered into the prison cell and his eyes met Kim Dokja. "Who is this? He looks good."


"Oh! I just got him near the city of Underworld." The leader answered with a grin.


"Hmm..." The nobleman kept looking at him up and then down and back again at Dokja's black eyes, if he was allowed he wanted to slap his face now. 


The girl who had been beside Dokja Immediately hid behind him holding the hem of Dokja's shirt. Then the girl's eyes met with the nobleman, her hands trembling behind Dokja's body who in the end preferred to lower her head in fear.


"I'll take both of them and the girl over there." He pointed to the girl outside the prison who caught his eye, the girl snorted in displeasure.


"Sure! Sure!"


"Just that, Release them, I'll take them using teleportation magic."


Some of the underlings immediately opened Dokja and the two little girls who were bought, Wait, does that mean he will be taken somewhere else?? Looks like Dokja should apologize to Han Sooyoung because maybe he will trouble her again.






After Dokja was transferred again, Lee Jinyoung didn't tell him much about just talking about what he should do inside the mansion, but only one thing that he completely wanted to get rid of in his mind. That night Lee Jinyoung told him to be the prostitute and he must also be ready to open his legs if he asks.


Can he just kill him right now? There's no way Dokja would want to do that! Hell no! So he had to find the evidence faster so he would report his actions to his father.




Dokja was shocked to see the girl who was with him yesterday suddenly appeared behind him.

"Why do you call me ahjussi? I'm only 17 years old."


"I feel like it... Or do you want me to call you Oppa?"


"Uhh just do what you want." Dokja didn't think about it anymore and was busy messing around with the cupboard shelves in his master's room.


"What are you doing?" That girl named Shin Yoosung is now doing the same thing as Dokja. "I can help you find something. "


"No need, weren't you with your friends before? Where is she going?" Dokja paused his activities for a moment then looked at Shin Yoosung with a smile.


"You mean Yoo Mia? She just disappears when I wash the cloth in the back. " She said her face turned sullen contemplating where she thought the girl had gone.


"Want to find it together?"


"Really?" Shining in Shin Yoosung's eyes, he immediately grabbed Dokja's hand to follow him.

"I saw her in this way earlier."


Kim Dokja just followed her in silence as his eyes continued to catch the maids who didn't like him, maybe because he hasn't done anything since coming here, didn't they know that Dokja's dignity was at stake here? When they arrive at a yard Shin Yoosung finds his friend Yoo Mia the brave girl yesterday who is arguing again with some servants and ... A boy? Dokja was sure it might be Lee Gilyoung.


"He didn't do it! You were the one who did it on purpose!” Yoo Mia shouted angrily while protecting the boy behind her. "The vase was you who dropped it on purpose! I saw it with my eyes!" She continued not wanting to give him time to breathe.


"Stop..." The boy tugged at his sleeve asking to stop. "Do not do it..."


"Why don't you fight ?! You are not wrong!" Yoo Mia frowned.


"Th-it's my fault, I dropped it .. I'm sorry." The boy looked down at the servant earnestly, he even trembled like he was in front of a beast. "I'm sorry." His voice trembled.


Yoo Mia glared in disbelief, a grin from the maid was visible, what the heck? She didn't understand this place, why should the young master of this house bow to lowly servants?!




"Good! You've learned who's wrong, now go underground and clear the place! ”The servant grinned even more.


The boy gasped at the word underground, he sat on his knees begging not to go there.

"Please not there, I would do anything but not there! Please!" He cried at the servant's feet pleading with great urgency.


"Tch! Just do what I say!" The servant immediately left after kicking his young master away from his feet. Kim Dokja was annoyed to see his behavior, how could the servant do such rude things to the young master.


"Why did you accept it ?! You should throw him or scold him! Are you really the employer?!" Yoo Mia was angry and yelled at the innocent boy.


"Yoo Mia!" Shin Yoosung shouted running towards her to stop her. "Don't be rude to him." She said.


"Are you okay?" Asked Dokja, he crouched down to match his height with the boy then smiled at him wiping the tears that fell. "What if I help you? Maybe it will finish sooner." He offered to help.


"Why are you helping me?" The boy asked sadly then continued. "You won't get anything if you help me, everything will be in vain." The boy looked down and didn't dare look Dokja in the eye.


"It's okay, I don't need anything in return." Dokja said with his sweet smile that easily melted the boy's heart. "But, have you ever seen strange movements from your father?" Dokja continued, yes this is what he wants now, maybe this young master knows something.


"Strange? Something like a trial run he did?"


Bingo, Dokja thought, He grinned quietly.


"Yes tell me about it later." Said Dokja patting his head gently, the boy flinched a little when he did but he quickly got used to it. "Shall we go now?"


"Yes!!" The boy cheered, this is the first time he feels happy with someone, before he would be afraid of people but Dokja seems different from the others.


"Hey you didn't forget us, right?" Yoo Mia blocked the way with Shin Yoosung beside her. "Why don't you guys take us too?"


"Uh, are you sure you want to come with us? We'll clean up the place you might hate." Kim Dokja asked with a confused face.


"It's better than me having to run into that bastard servant again." Yoo Mia replied, rolling her eyes lazily and didn't want to accept rejection.


"I will also help, I have nothing to do." Shin Yoosung exclaimed in joy, very much hoping that Dokja would receive his help.


"Sure, why don't the four of us go there, the more the better."


"Yes!! Your the best Oppa!!"


Dokja chuckled, "So now you call me Oppa?"


"You are more suitable to be called Unnie than Oppa." Yoo Mia's words made Lee Gilyoung nod in agreement.


"You're too pretty Hyung." Gilyoung said.


Dokja just let out an awkward laugh, he's never been praised before, and it's probably not bad to get complimented either.


"Come on, quickly!" Shin Yoosung pulled one hand by Dokja to walk faster, while the other hand was held tightly by Lee Gilyoung.


"You're walking too slow, Unnie." Yoo Mia sneered, walking in front of them like a leader.


"I'm not Unnie!"


The three of them laughed at Dokja's reply, making him a little confused, why do they look excited even though we are going to do tiring work.




"Sp-spare me!! Forgive me!!"


"Kill all of them, lest someone be left alive."




After 3 days Dokja was bought by Baron Lee where the slavery was visited by the royal knights and the place was slaughtered sadistically not letting anyone come out alive.


Han Sooyoung just watched the incident in front of her with a little goosebumps, is that sadistic the crown prince? And what is he looking for here to make him mad so badly?


"Waah.. He doesn't spare anyone ..." Han Sooyoung muttered to see blood everywhere but that's not what she's looking for right now, Dokja, where is Dokja? She didn't find him anywhere, her heart would stop at this rate. Her gaze was immediately fixed on the person whom she had met before, Quickly she grabbed his collar and shouted at him. "Where's Kim Dokja?!"


"Who's that?!" 


Han Sooyoung frowned then sighed trying to calm down.

"The one you brought a few days ago! in the city of the underworld !! or do I need to hit your head first to remember ?!" 


"H-he was brought by Baron Lee." He answered in fear, his voice tightened slightly when Sooyoung's hand was ready to hit him.


"Damn it! Stupid Kim Dokja!" Han Sooyoung cursed as she pushed the person in her hand and started stealing the horse there leaving the crown prince and his knights behind to take care of everything.




Dokja has been living there for 3 days, and he has got what he is looking for, assisted by the three children who lately always stick to him. Dokja never thought who Yoo Mia was, she has a name exactly like the royal family but in the novel it doesn't tell that Yoo Jonghyuk has a younger sister, or did he miss something? Well the novel is not finished and he is dead first he only read half when the character with his name is dead and he stops reading. Ah he should have brought it to the end, damn the work that stopped him from having time to read any more.


Dokja is now at Lee Gilyoung's residence, since childhood Lee Gilyoung was separated from the main mansion so it's pretty good for Kim Dokja to find a place to hide.


"By the way, Yoo Mia, what's your brother's name?" Shin Yoosung asked Yoo Mia who was lying on the sofa.


Oh good question Yoosung! Kim Dokja was also curious about that.


"Hmm... What matters is that he is more handsome than Unnie." Yoo Mia replied, her gaze headed towards Dokja giving a mischievous grin.


"Stop calling me Unnie, I'm a man if you don't know." Dokja complained sending a sharp glare which made Yoo Mia laugh.


"He's the crown prince, and I admire him." Yoo Mia stared at the white ceiling of Lee Gilyoung's room, raised her small hand as if she wanted to grab something in the air. "He's very strong and has a lot of fans including me, I want to be like him." She continued.


"Oh, yes? What main magic does he have?" Asked Lee Gilyoung, focusing on Yoo Mia's next words.


"Fire...?" He sat up and looked up at Dokja as if he wanted to ask something. "What about Unnie?"


"Why are you suddenly asking me that?"


"I'm just curious." Yoo Mia smiled.


Since Kim Dokja came to this world, he had never tried his own strength but he had heard from his mother that he had strong control with the wind. So Kim Dokja himself was also curious about what it was like to use magic. He raised his hand then closed his eyes remembering how to use magic from the book he was reading, it didn't take long, Dokja was surrounded by gentle winds dancing around him blowing away some of his hair and the hem of his shirt.


"Waah..." Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung were dumbfounded at the sight in front of them.


"Hmm.. not bad."


Kim Dokja opened his eyes, for some reason his feelings became more refreshed, the wind calmed his mind and heart. Perhaps the words that magic is a friend are not wrong, it was as if he had just met an old friend.


"Well not bad either." Said Kim Dokja, smiling proudly to himself.


"Hey Hyung! Can I do that too?" 


"I also want to have that kind of power too!" 


Kim Dokja frowned in confusion along with a smile as he replied, "Maybe you can, you can learn about it later."


"Yes! Just look who had the magic first!" Lee Gilyoung said with excited cheers.


"Of course it's me!" Shin Yoosung answered with an arrogant face.


"What?! Why should you?!"


"Because I'm smarter than you!"




Oh look, it's only been a few days but they've become very close. Having friends is really good, huh.


"By the way, I don't know your name yet? Isn't it unfair that you know our names but you didn't give yours." Yoo Mia said with a smooth frown.


"Eh I haven't told you my name?" Wow, Kim Dokja forgot to even introduce himself.


"What? Do you want to be called Unnie?" Yoo Mia teased with her small laugh.


"Please don't..." Kim Dokja quickly shook his head, then continued. "My name is Kim—"




Okay, what the hell is that?! Kim Dokja couldn't continue because of the explosion that happened at the main mansion. The four of them immediately stood up and ran to the window.


Outside they saw a line of knights break through the gate of Baron Lee's yard and the flags of the royal family, all the children immediately hid behind Dokja. Except for Yoo Mia who immediately ran out of the room in a hurry. If what Dokja thought was true were those knights and crown princes? Damn he had to get out of here quickly.


"Hyung! What's going on here?" Lee Gilyoung asked with a trembling hand in Dokja's grasp. "Are we going to be killed?"


No different from Gilyoung, Shin Yoosung also had the same state of fear that she hugged Dokja's leg even to the point that Dokja himself couldn't walk because of it.


"Everything's gonna be all right, do you guys wanna come with me out of here?" Kim Dokja asked a little urgently because the knights had already spread to Baron Lee's territory.


"Yes! Take me with you!"


"Me too! I want to be with Hyung!"


Dokja smiled which was odd because that smile made the two of them calmer, they felt that everything would be fine with him. Dokja gave them both hands to hold and ran together looking for a place to get out, lucky the previous day Dokja went around to find a place so they could escape.


"Try looking over there!"


Dokja stopped hearing knights' voices and heavy footsteps, he pulled the two of them into a place he found to be hiding. Dokja lowered his head telling them to keep quiet until the footsteps were not heard.


"Hyung what should we do?"


Kim Dokja reflexively rubbed his head to calm himself down, he thought for a long time, if the entire area was surrounded then there was no other way but to use teleportation magic. It's just that he hasn't learned the magic before and only his friends can do it. Ah talking about her, she finally appeared.


"Kim Dokja!! Where the fuck are you?! I'm gonna kill you if you don't show up!!" She screamed in the hallway with hasty steps.


"Who is she?" Shin Yoosung asked fearfully, but Dokja quickly stroked his head saying that everything was fine.


Dokja slowly opened the door, it was right that Han Sooyoung who had screamed was in front of him, Han Sooyoung grinned and pushed Dokja back in only to choke him in her arm.


"Promise me not to do that stupid thing again, you idiot!! Don't you know how terrifying that crown prince was when I followed him?! I thought I was going to die!!" Han Sooyoung grumbled, taking her sweet time choking Dokja's neck to relieve her stress.


Dokja clapped his friend's hand many times as a signal that he couldn't breathe, luckily Han Sooyoung let go of it and continued to beat him on the back.


"You are very lucky, Dokja."


"Yes, I am very lucky to have a friend like you."


Han Sooyoung smiled arrogantly at his compliment,

"Yes, praise me again!"


"You are the best! You are the strongest! Thanks Han Sooyoung!" Dokja continued to praise him until Han Sooyoung was satisfied.


"Aw you really don't get along with complimenting people huh, I feel awkward now."


"Well I am the same, it feels strange to praise you." Kim Dokja answered with a chuckle


Han Sooyoung's gaze turned to the two children beside Kim Dokja, as close as Dokja was his father.


"What is this? I just left a few days you already have children?"


"Is not my children, And I'm still a minor!"


Han Sooyoung frowned at the two of them so instinctively, then smiled kindly when they saw their frightened faces, it's really funny to bother a little child.


"Han Sooyoung, you can use teleportation magic right? " Kim Dokja asked seriously.


"Yes, since I can only do it once and I'm going to use it now, I also don't want to go back to the city with that prince." Han Sooyoung replied, she raised her hand in a circle on the floor around the four of them and a light lit up the room.


"well should we go now?" Asked Kim Dokja holding the hands of the two children tightly.


"You want to take the kids?"


"Yes, what's the problem?"


"What will you tell your parents?"


"I'll think about it later when we get there." Kim Dokja just smiled innocently making Han Sooyoung sigh.




"Brother!!" Yoo Mia ran towards the prince from inside the mansion and ended up in his arms. "Why are you taking so long?!" She pouted.


"I'm sorry Mia, it's very difficult to track them, are you okay?" He asked softly, in stark contrast to when he spoke to other people.


"Yes! I am fine! I met friends and Unnie here!" Yoo Mia was surprised and immediately closed her mouth. "Oops, I mean—"


"Unnie? Where are they now? Do I need to find them?" He asked while stroking his sister's head affectionately.


Yoo Mia just realized that she left them in Gilyoung's room, she immediately pulled her older brother to follow her inside, but after arriving there she didn't find anyone.


"Where are they...?" Yoo Mia ran again to another place which her brother immediately followed from behind. "They're not here ?!" Yoo Mia screamed hysterically.


Seeing his sad sister made him feel pity and summoned his knights to gather everyone in the mansion, All the servants and Baron Lee gathered in the hall tied and knotted, lining up on their knees in front of Yoo Mia.


"So Mia, do you see the person you're looking for here? If there isn't I will kill them." His brother put his palm on his younger sister's shoulder telling him to go around looking for the friend her was looking for.


All the stares of the waitress looked at Yoo Mia with expectation, hoping they were the ones she was looking for but that hope vanished when ..


Yoo Mia shook her head very sadly,

"No, they are not here, They are all bullies."


The older brother smiled commanding the knight.

"Kill them all except Baron Lee."


"Yes! Your Excellency!"


Blood spurting everywhere along with hysterical screams echoing through the hall, Baron Lee trembled in his place.


"This is a crime! You guys broke into my house! I'll report you!" Baron Lee finally screamed in annoyance.


"Do it, I'm waiting for you to report now." The prince actually challenged him, he wouldn't do this if he didn't take his younger sister.


Baron Lee was silent, very stupid to report the prince, because he will be caught later, for now he must try to take a good place at the prince's side to be quickly forgiven. So he immediately fell on his knees and banged his head against the floor, ignoring how painful it was now.


"Forgive me please! I don't know if she is your sister! Your Excellency!" He begged under Mia's feet, begging for mercy because he thought he had an opening for having never committed a crime to her.


"Hmm..." He was just humming, even his younger sister stared in disgust and stepped back away.


"I-I'll do anything! Please forgive me!"


Yoo Mia is tired, she grabs her brother's arm until the owner turns to him.

"I want to go home, my friend is not here... " She said sadly.


The older brother immediately picked him up, then gave Baron Lee a sharp gaze.

"I will spare you this time, but never show me your face again." He immediately left with his knight, taking his younger sister home.


"I wish them well." Yoo Mia muttered looking up at the bright blue sky, wishing her friends well and hoping to find them soon, her brother just silently saw her muttered.


"I'll find them for you."


"Really Oppa ?! Actually Unnie is a man but his face is too pretty to be called Oppa so I used Unnie, and there was Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung!"


"Yes yes I will look for them later."


"Let me know when you find it!"


The older brother just smiled, the younger sister was very difficult to get along with so if this was a friend she was comfortable with then he would look for him anywhere.




It was already a day after he returned, his parents were in panic when they didn't find him for 3 days and sent their knights to search all over the city. Even his mother said she would join in looking for and would kill anyone who she thought was very suspicious. That's crazy.


Luckily Kim Dokja came back in time, and reported to his father to arrest Baron for his secret crimes. He also got permission from his father to bring Gilyoung and Yoosung even though he cried begging in front of his office.


The plan was quite smooth sailing, he was compensated he also got the new sword named Unbroken Faith after reporting and earned praise from several other people and nobles.


And now he's walking down the aisle to meet his father because he called him.


Slowly he knocked on the door, until a voice from inside told him to enter. Dokja entered to find his father looking for a book on the shelf attached to the wall, his father nodded telling him to sit down and he did, His father sat in front of him, his father's servant immediately prepared tea for them.


"What do you want to talk about, Father?" Kim Dokja Askes carefully.


Hades, his father took off his glasses then put them on the pile of books,

"Isn't it time for you to enter academy school?"


Oh shit... He's doomed.

Chapter Text

"So you come?"


"Han Sooyoung, I told you I wouldn't come."


"But I'll be lonely if you don't come."


"Why are you forcing me? I am tired."


Kim Dokja sighed on his bed, Han Sooyoung had always been bothering him to go to the royal family's invitation even after Dokja refused she would think of anything to make him come along. Kim Dokja didn't want to meet the prince, after talking with his father he just wanted to rest until the time for the academy entrance exam started, ugh this made him frustrated.


"Kim Dokja, I know you are always being rejected by that prince but isn't this the time for you to take a new chance ?! I'm sure this time he will accept you." Han Sooyoung spoke the bullshit again.


"What a bullshit are you saying? Going there just makes me tired."


Han Sooyoung muttered something but Dokja didn't care he just wanted to close his eyes now and wake up early the next day. But before he realized he was standing hanging on Sooyoung's hands.


"What the fuck!? What are you doing?!" He brushed Han Sooyoung's hand then ran away from her. "Leave me alone!" He shouted asking Han Sooyoung to understand his feelings.




"Oppa!" "Hyung!" Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung broke into Kim Dokja's room and hugged his legs like koalas.


"Yes! I win! Means Dokja Hyung is mine!"


"How can you be so sure?! I'm the one who hugged him first!"


"Where is the proof?!"


"Are you an idiot?! How can i have a proof?!"


"Then we ask Dokja Hyung, who hugged him first!"




"Hyung! Who hugged you first?!" Two pairs of eyes turned towards him, Dokja couldn't understand what had happened between the two and what they were fighting over.


"I think you both hugged me at the same time." Looks like Dokja's reply disappointed the kids because after that they put on an annoyed face. "What are you doing here?" Dokja asked while stroking their heads.


"We want to invite Hyung to go to a party!" Lee Gilyoung said with a puppy gaze, That made Dokja almost give up and accept it right away.


Then Kim Dokja heard a strange voice from behind him, it was Han Sooyoung, she chuckled and covered her mouth with her hand. She didn't usually hold back laughter, or maybe this was part of her plan? Kim Dokja sent a death glare, why was she so enthusiastic about asking him to go to Ballroom?


"Why do you guys wanna go there? isn't it more fun at home."


The faces of the two children became sullen, it made Kim Dokja feel guilty but he didn't want to go there at all, especially to meet the prince, he felt like he would hit him if he met.


"You're not fun Hyung!"


"And since when was I funny?" Ok it looks like Dokja's reply was a little harsh since Lee Gilyoung almost burst into tears afterwards. "I-i'm—"


"You're so mean!!" Lee Gilyoung shouted and running away from him.


"Wait!" Kim Dokja let out a deep breath as he massaged the bridge of his nose.


"You know Oppa..? We just want to meet Yoo Mia there." Shin Yoosung spoke to Dokja with her face down looking at the floor. "She said that she was a royal family, so maybe she was there..." She continued in a voice that grew smaller and smaller.


"B-but it's fine if you won't go there, I shouldn't have asked you this."


Now that Kim Dokja had become very guilty, they were indeed friends and now that separation must have been hard for them, he should have just accepted her wish. Ugh how stupid he is.


"No, I changed my mind." Kim Dokja said as he combed his hair up along with a long sigh. "Let's go there together." He continued with a smile.


"NAH THAT'S THE SPIRIT!" Han Sooyoung shouted behind his back as both hands touched Dokja's shoulders. "I WILL BE PREPARED AND YOU MUST ALSO LOOK BEAUTIFUL AFTER I GET BACK."


"You don't have to scream in my ears." Said Dokja while covering his ears.


Shin Yoosung gave the sweetest smile after hearing Kim Dokja's answer, "I will also prepare with Lee Gilyoung!" She immediately ran outside excitedly, which made Dokja chuckle.


And finally Kim Dokja was left alone in his room, ah the butler immediately came in after hearing he was going to the ballroom.


"Do I need to prepare a horse carriage?" He asked after bowing to greet his master.


"Yes, please." Kim Dokja nodded then walked to his own closet to choose what clothes to wear.


Well Kim Dokja in the novel won't wear the clothes he's already worn to the ballroom or he'll be humiliated, but who cares about that? He will wear clothes that are still good for him, He also didn't want to be the center of attention.


"Should I help you?" The maid asked, even Dokja didn't realize that she was there since earlier.


Kim Dokja immediately shook his head in embarrassment, he was not used to changing clothes with the help of his maid.

"No, i will do it myself, you can go now."


The maid bowed then left Dokja inside alone with some clothes he chose, well Dokja is not good at fashion, so he only takes what he thinks is good. He was wearing a black shirt with a soft white suit with silver trimmings on the cuffs and around his neck, Overlaid again with a cool white long coat let it lean on his slender shoulders.


"Hmm... Not bad." He talked to himself in front of the mirror while circling around checking what he looked like from behind, then smiled with satisfaction.


"I see you're ready huh, why not add some jewelery?" Han Sooyoung interrupted, Kim Dokja surprised and almost jumped from his place.


Kim Dokja turned around to scold him but instead he gaped at Han Sooyoung's appearance, it was surprising that she could look pretty too. She was wearing a black evening dress that matched her short black hair, and some of the jewelry that was visible on her neck and ears was shimmering beautifully, she also put make up on her face, well today she is prettier than before almost made Dokja not recognize her.


knowing the gaze fixed on her, Han Sooyoung grinned then winked at Dokja,

"Have you just seen a beautiful woman like me?" She teased that she didn't mean Dokja nodded in response, it made her feel awkward. "We-well you look good too." she muttered to herself no matter whether Dokja heard her or not, but she was sure because after that Kim Dokja chuckled.


"You know? you are very bad at giving compliments." Kim Dokja said as well as laughter that echoed through his room. Seeing him laughing made Han Sooyoung not angry with him, Dokja's laughter was rare, especially if he laughed out loud, and Han Sooyoung was grateful that the laughter was caused by her.


Han Sooyoung preferred to ignore him and go to Dokja's jewelry rack. Picking out what jewelery suits Dokja right now.


"I thought, I don't think I need to wear jewelry." Kim Dokja said with a smile that Han Sooyoung would stop looking for jewelry for him. "This outfit is enough for me."


Han Sooyoung turned to stare at him sharply, from head to toe then her eyes met Dokja's eyes again, she frowned with her raised hands pinching her chin. It seems like she is thinking about something.

"How could an appearance like this catch a prince's attention ?! Are you kidding?" Han Sooyoung said then continued to look for other jewelery.


"I told you I don't want to do it anymore!" Kim Dokja said a little irritated in his voice.


Kim Dokja rebelled when Han Sooyoung put something on her head, it was a white diamond leaf headband that contrasted sharply with her black hair, Dokja screamed in surprise when something stabbed his head, in contrast to Han Sooyoung who let out a smug grin. The headband perched tightly on Dokja's head like a crown, giving off a beautiful impression.


"Well this is better! You more like an angel." Said Han Sooyoung nodding proudly to herself. "You can even attract the attention of other guys this way." Han Sooyoung teased him with a smirk.


"Stop your bullshit." Kim Dokja raised his hand to remove the headband but Lee Gilyoung's voice stopped him.


"Woahh!! Hyung! You look so pretty!! Don't take it off please!" Lee Gilyoung told him to keep the headband on, Kim Dokja wanted to refuse but remembering that he almost made him cry, and ended up wearing it.


"Hu un! You look more handsome! Like an angel!" Complimented Shin Yoosung, her smile was very cute with the pink dress she was wearing. Lee Gilyoung is also looking handsome today, he is wearing modest brown clothes and his brown wavy hair is neatly combed up.


"You two are also very beautiful and handsome! Shall we go now?" Kim Dokja gave both of his hands for them to grab and walked out of the mansion towards their horse carriage, Han Sooyoung following him behind.


Their carriage had left the city of the Underworld and Grand Duke Hades' territory, the journey to the Kaizenix capital took 1-2 hours, even Dokja wondered if he needed to use teleportation magic, but he retracted his thoughts because it took a lot of mana.


"I feel like I want to go home now." Kim Dokja muttered, he stared at the view of the sunset from the window, the golden light colored the outline of his face, he sighed. "Why do they have events?" Dokja complained with a frown.


Kim Dokja himself actually knows why this event is being held, in this novel is the right time for some nobles to launch their plans, until when the royal family started the event after that there would be a big fire there which was carried out on purpose by someone. That would be the beginning of a great tragedy, if you remember back then what did the real Dokja do? He is not described in the novel how he survived.


"You complain too much! Don't you imagine how handsome the prince will be at the banquet?" Han Sooyoung said irritably at Dokja's displeased face.


"I can't wait to see Yoo Mia there! She must be wearing some pretty clothes." Shin Yoosung looked excited at the thought of meeting Yoo Mia.


"Hmm..? Do you also want me to buy you more dresses?" Kim Dokja asked, smiling kindly at Shin Yoosung.


"A-ah you don't have to do that, I already bothered you." Shin Yoosung said immediately shaking his head not wanting to lean too much on Kim Dokja.


"It's okay, now that you two are my younger siblings of course I have to take care of you properly." Dokja's words made the two children exclaim with joy, their faces looked at him hopefully, making Dokja himself chuckle and then stroking their heads gently.


"Siblings..." The two of them were silently quiet with smiles still on their lips, knowing that they were now siblings was a tremendous joy, and they are very grateful about that.


"I didn't know you could say such sweet words." Han Sooyoung grinned from across the seat. "Can I be your sister too?"


"Why do you want to be my sister?"


"So that I can be pampered like your younger siblings."


"Sooyoung-ah you've been spoiled enough." Kim Dokja let out a long sigh, "And you are rich enough to buy what you want!"


"But I also want to have one brother, Oppa." Han Sooyoung said deliberately teasing him to call him Oppa, which made Dokja shudder with horror. "Don't you think that too, Oppa?" She continued with a grin.


"Uhh.. please stop, you give me goosebumps." Dokja's reply made Han Sooyoung laugh out loud.


they chatted lightly until time passed and finally they arrived at the capital Kaizenix without realizing it, fortunately they arrived on time, the sun was out of sight, leaving the sky dark with the moon shining calmly. Even the streets were also busy with noble horse carriages lining up in front of the palace gates.


"Young master, The gatekeeper wants to check the condition of your horse carriage." The guard said as he knocked on the door.


"All right, you can check it. " Dokja said opening the door and letting the gatekeeper check inside, after being sure there was nothing they nodded to let Dokja's horse carriage into the capital.


"As usual, their guard was tight." Said Han Sooyoung staring out the window looking at the bright buildings.


From the outside it looks tight, but what about the inside of the capital? Dokja was sure there were some nobles living in the capital, it would be a long night for him.




Yoo Jonghyuk attended the banquet that his father held for his 50th birthday, he invited all the royals to come to the ballroom, and it was very troublesome for him. As the crown prince he must also attend this event, and get the opportunity to talk with every noble to become one of his allies, but since he noticed from behind the curtain that nothing caught his eye, all the nobles looked the same no one could be trusted to him.


"Oppa!" Yoo Jonghyuk lowered his head to look at his younger sister who was smiling at him. "How do I look?" She asked while turning to reveal her blue evening dress.


"You look so beautiful Mia." Jonghyuk said which made Yoo Mia let out an amused chuckle.


It's not only the program that makes him angry, but there's also someone who has upset him recently. Every time there is a banquet in the kingdom he will always come and bother him, Sometimes he will also send a lot of letters if the opportunity arises. he is very troublesome and annoying, he is also always the first to ask him to dance even though he refuses he will keep asking to dance, He hoped that person wouldn't come or bother him because it annoyed him especially the look of the other nobles when they looked at them.


"Young master, the banquet is about to start." The guard reported to him to get ready.


Yoo Jonghyuk and his younger sister stood behind the King and Queen, until the sound of knights could be heard from behind the curtain door.


"The King of Kaizenix and Queen Kaizenix has arrived!" Shouts were heard and the door opened, a bright light entered Yoo Jonghyuk's view, he could also hear cheers from outside.






Yoo Jonghyuk came out from behind not caring about the cheers that fell on him and Yoo Mia continued to stand beside him when the King gave his speech.


"... Now, let's start the banquet!" Finally the very long speech was finished, Yoo Jonghyuk sat on the chair to the left of the King and Yoo Mia sat next to him.


the banquet started as planned, the chanting of music was heard throughout the room, some nobles were already dancing in the middle of the ballroom some were just chewing the food provided, and some are just watching or going to chat.


It's weird, usually when the speech is over he will see the guy walking up to him asking to dance, but he doesn't see it anywhere. Wait why does he care about that? He glanced at his sister, who seemed interested in the gathering of nobles, her eyes shining as soon as she found something.


"Oppa I'll go meet someone first, okay?" Yoo Mia stood up excitedly, a smile forming on her lips before even hearing the answer from her brother she had already run into the crowd.


Yoo Jonghyuk just followed Yoo Mia's back from his chair not letting his gaze off his sister.


"Unnie!!" Yoo Mia screamed with pleasure when hugging the waist of a person dressed in white. "I thought I would never meet you!"


"Yoo Mia!!" A girl hugged him when Yoo Mia took off the hug from that person. "So you really are a royal family?! I thought you were lying!"


"Of course not! I never lie!"


"You almost made me pass out from shock Yoo Mia." The person called Unnie by Yoo Mia turned to him with a smile, it was Kim Dokja, he had a glass of juice in his hand.


Yoo Mia chuckled at the answer, then gave the man a smile.

"You look beautiful! I thought you were going to wear a woman's dress." Yoo Mia laughed after jumping backwards because maybe Dokja would catch her for saying nonsense.


"You looked cool standing on the stage there." Said the boy named Lee Gilyoung, he was just as interested as ever.


Yoo Mia let out an arrogant smile with her hands folded in front of her chest, it made Kim Dokja chuckle, a child is still a child.


"Since when did you know the princess?" A woman from behind Dokja asked with a confused face.


"I met him at the bondage place." Said Kim Dokja letting out an awkward laugh.


The woman took out oh then nodded in understanding, "So because of her, the mad prince is looking for her."


Yoo Mia frowned at the woman's harsh words.


"Shhh... Han Sooyoung! You can't say those words here!" Dokja chided him, nudging his elbows lightly.


"Hello princess, my name is Han Sooyoung from Marquess Han." The woman greeted him with a smile slightly bowing respectfully to the girl.


"Humph!" Yoo Mia turned her face away, she won't accept people who have badmouthed her brother in front of her.


Han Sooyoung was silent, still smiling trying to hold back her anger. Luckily Dokja was quick to stop her from hitting the girl.


Yoo Mia looked back at Kim Dokja from head to toe then let out a smooth grin.

"You look paired with my brother." Yoo Mia pointed at her brother who was also staring at them.


"Even you, Yoo Mia ..?" Kim Dokja sighed, Han Sooyoung previously said the same thing to him, it made him want to change his clothes now.


Indeed, The prince was wearing a black suit with a white tie and a hairy robe on his shoulders, at first glance they looked like a couple but they weren't.


Kim Dokja also admitted that the prince's face was exactly what he imagined when reading the novel even more than his expectations, he was very inhuman, How can there be such a handsome human? It was like being carefully sculpted by a god. Kim Dokja immediately turned his head away when his eyes met that sharp gaze, he didn't want to deal with it now, Right now something caught his eye, he had been feeling another gaze from another place, no it was more precisely directly at Yoo Mia.


And it seems that the owner of the name doesn't know if she's been stared at earlier, Kim Dokja raised his head to look for the culprit of that uncomfortable gaze.


It was a woman, yes, Kim Dokja thought that the culprit would be a perverted man who likes children.


"Yoo Mia, You can play with Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung." Kim Dokja said, he tried to keep Yoo Mia away from the woman's sight, but instead she went straight to Yoo Mia.


"Nice to meet you princess, I am Luciana daughter of Marquess Lucy." She greeted Yoo Mia and didn't even glance at Kim Dokja who was right in front of her either.


"I.. uh.." Yoo Mia frowned and hid behind Dokja's coat, and only then did the woman notice Dokja's presence.


"Long time no see Kim Dokja, I thought you were chasing your prince by now." She said kindly, giving a polite respect like a woman in general.


Kim Dokja had no recollection of ever knowing the name, so he just nodded as if he knew her. Then he grinned to find a way so that the woman couldn't get close to Yoo Mia.


"Usually you would just ask him to dance, did he turn you down before you asked him?" She let out a chuckle when she said that, but Kim Dokja didn't care about it.


He raised the white gloved hand forward, bowed slightly then smiled at the woman,

"Would you like to dance with me miss?" 


Her shocked face made Kim Dokja want to laugh at her, she didn't expect Dokja to ask her to dance, she hesitated a bit before finally taking Dokja's hand with a chuckle.


"Sure, I won't miss this opportunity." 


They walked to the center of the banquet, Dokja's hand tugging at his waist while the other was clasped tightly in the other, the woman did the same, put one hand on Dokja's neck comfortably and began to dance to the music.


"I never thought I could dance with someone like you." She spoke with a smile.


"Well, actually I don't even plan to dance with anyone today." Kim Dokja replied with an odd voice, he let his smile waver a little, to see what kind of expression she had. "But it's okay, I won't be able to go home if I don't dance a round of songs." He continued with a grin.


"I heard you almost died from poison, are you okay now?" The woman started the conversation again, didn't even think what she was talking about. "Ah! I'm sorry, I'm too harsh."


Kim Dokja smiled then twisted the woman's body to the beat, and they ended up closer together more than expected, Kim Dokja leaning close to her ear. He whispered something until the woman's face turned pale, Seeing her changing face made Dokja grin, he took a few inches back from the woman and started dancing again. During the dance she became quieter than before which made Dokja happy and proud himself.


Dokja just remembered, in the novel when the fire in the banquet occurred, at that time the real Kim Dokja was still in the offering of his poison, so he was not in the event.


Suddenly Dokja shivered in place, he became even more alert as his eyes traced who was staring at him so deadly, It turned out that it was the crown prince who kept staring at him, he didn't know anything, why was the prince looking at him like that? He chose to ignore it and continue dancing until the first music was over.


"Nice to dance with you, Miss Luciana, I hope we can become partners." Said Kim Dokja with a smile.


The woman now didn't even dare to look him in the eye, she nodded.

"It is my pleasure." After saying that, she hurriedly went to the crowd, Made Kim Dokja chuckle.


"I thought you would dance with me." Han Sooyoung appeared behind him, Kim Dokja somehow got used to the way she suddenly appeared. "Do you want it?" She asked, raising the two glasses that were carried by his hands.


"Thank you." Dokja happily took it and drank it in one gulp, then she looked for the three previous children. "Where are the kids?" 


Han Sooyoung looked out the banquet window, "I saw them out together, maybe playing." She said.


Kim Dokja nodded in understanding, he followed Han Sooyoung to the back of the banquet hall as the second music was about to start.

"You don't wanna dance with me?" Kim Dokja asked because he was confused.


"I'm not in the mood, and again I saw a beautiful girl." Han Sooyoung replied, she leaned against the wall folded her arms while sipping her drink. "I think someone wants to dance with you more right now."


Kim Dokja gasped when he saw the sight of several nobles looking at him with strange eyes, he took as close as possible to Han Sooyoung thinking maybe her friend could hide his body.


Han Sooyoung laughed at her behavior, "Look at you, so cute." She praised but also mocked at the same time.


Kim Dokja sighed deeply, he put the glass that was brought to a table nearby.

"I'll get some fresh air outside." He said to Han Sooyoung.


"Sure, i'll see you later.." Han Sooyoung nodded and went to meet some female aristocrats who might catch her eye.


Kim Dokja walked out hastily upon knowing some would offer to dance to him, he ended up in a beautiful garden of red roses with moonlight illuminating the place, It was very quiet there so he was very comfortable walking here, the clock still pointed at 11 o'clock and a fire would occur at 12 o'clock, There was still an hour for him to find out who the culprit of the fire was, but why should he worry about it? He recalls that crown prince, king and queen survived...


Wait, what about Mia...?


"What's happened to Mia...?" Kim Dokja sat in the chair in front of the shower while recalling the novel from the beginning.


Kim Dokja realized now, Yoo Jonghyuk did have a younger sister but at the beginning of the novel she died because of an accident at a banquet that burned inside. Means Mia now?! He stood up from his place to look for Yoo Mia and his younger siblings but someone got in his way.


"Nice to meet you crown prince." Kim Dokja bent down placing his right hand in front of his chest and the other behind his waist. "Is there anything I can help?" He asked with a smile.


The prince frowned, his gaze was still as sharp as when he was still inside, Kim Dokja didn't know what this prince wanted he just kept staring at him for so long without saying anything. He was just about to make up an excuse to go away from him but he held his arm. What now?




Kim Dokja looked up, he didn't hear the prince's words.


"I'm sorry, what did you say earlier?" Kim Dokja asked carefully, his eyes not daring to look the prince directly.


"How do you know my sister?" He asked in his usual deep, resolute voice.


"Uh.. I got to know your sister in bondage, she was very brave at that time I thought she would be a very smart kid. She is so proud of you, it's so cute." Kim Dokja said with a chuckle, and immediately fell silent when he said too much.


"Why are you there?" He asked again.


Kim Dokja let his face look confused, and subconsciously tilted his head. Why is he asking this?

"I think this matter has nothing to do with you, so can I go?" Kim Dokja said with an awkward smile.


Kim Dokja was finally able to leave the prince, he didn't want to see him at this time because he had something he had to do, he came back with a pocket watch in his hand, he saw Han Sooyoung was busy talking and returned to look for the children. There's still half a minute for him, he has to hurry.


"Hyung!" "Oppa!" A screaming sound from behind made him calm down a little, he turned around but did not find Yoo Mia with Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung.


"Where's Yoo Mia?" Kim Dokja immediately asked Yoo Mia after his younger siblings hugged him.


"hmm .. he met someone earlier?" Lee Gilyoung answered in an unsure tone.


Dokja smiled or rather grimaced, he stroked the heads of the two then said,

"Can you guys do something for me?" He asked.


"Yes! Anything!" They answered simultaneously.


"Go to the garden and wait for me there, can you?" Dokja asked with a smile still on his face.


"Of course we can!" Lee Gilyoung responded excitedly as if to tell him that they would be fine leaving them alone.


Shin Yoosung put on a sad face like she knew what Kim Dokja was going to do.

"But where are you going?" She asked with puppy eyes.


"I'm going to find Yoo Mia, you have to wait outside, okay? if possible, bring Han Sooyoung too." 


Shin Yoosung finally nodded and pulled Lee Gilyoung to meet Han Sooyoung, Kim Dokja continued his search to go deeper into the palace, he had to quickly find her, Yoo Mia could have been killed first then the perpetrator set fire to the place. Kim Dokja ran so fast around every corner that even the knights couldn't see him except for the strong wind.


"What was that about?"


"Why is the wind suddenly strong?"


Dokja didn't find her anywhere, he finally returned to the banquet which was still just as crowded, he became a little frantic walking around like a confused person. Kim Dokja looked up and just at that moment the chandelier fell to the floor with a violent impact, the flames burning in the hanging flames instantly spread out along with hysterical screams.


And just then he saw the shadow of someone and Yoo Mia passed out on his back on the second floor disappear from behind the wall. Kim Dokja used his wind magic to fly to the second floor, Kim Dokja was in a daze, that person fled so fast.


"Stop!" Kim Dokja shouted as he chased after them, strangely enough the flames quickly spread in the banquet hall to spread to the second floor.


He ignored the flames that were spreading towards him, he was sure it might be because of the wind that the flames had become more violent. He chose to turn off his magic and run as hard as he could.


Without realizing they were already on the third floor, the person in black robes stopped in the middle as well as Kim Dokja. In his hood Kim Dokja could see his grin and a moment later he threw Yoo Mia's small body into the heat of the fire in the banquet hall. Kim Dokja naturally jumped up to catch Yoo Mia and covered the girl's body with his white coat.


"Yoo Mia!" Dokja was forced to use his wind so that the two of them could land safely, he immediately checked Yoo Mia's pulse, she was still alive. He let out a sigh of relief but after that someone grabbed him by the collar firmly and startled him. "Wha—"


"What are you doing to my little sister?!" He was Yoo Jonghyuk, damn why of everyone, Dokja met him.


"Wa-wait!" Kim Dokja struggled, his eyes looking up at the robed person who was starting to leave his place. Bastard!


"W-wait you have to get Yoo Mia out of here! She won't be able to breathe here." Kim Dokja tried to calm him down but it was useless, his golden eyes meant he was angry right now.


Kim Dokja could feel Yoo Mia's breath getting heavier in his arms, he couldn't calm his brother either. Then he smiled and replied,

"Realease your hand and get lost! You son of a bitch!"


Kim Dokja could see Yoo Jonghyuk's shocked face, it worked because after that he let go of his grip, Kim Dokja immediately pushed Yoo Mia to Yoo Jonghyuk then went after the previous culprit.


Ah, maybe he will be killed if he meets him again for saying harshly to the royal family. Well he doesn't care.


"Damn it!" Dokja cursing to himself, he continues to look for the culprit and finds him running towards the palace warehouse.


Again Kim Dokja used his wind and bumped into the robed man, a scream could be heard as he collided. Well he wouldn't know if the culprit was Luciana ... Or maybe not? All the mana showing on her body ... was it change magic? Magic that can change a person's face and body?


"Let me go! Bastard!" She screamed struggling in the tight grip of his hand.


"Who are you?" Kim Dokja asked curiously.




"You used appearance change magic didn't you? Can I cancel it for you?"




Too late, Dokja had used magic-canceling forcefully, his appearance immediately changed to a man, his body slowly grew, Kim Dokja himself was surprised by the changes.


"I never thought I was dancing with a man." He said to himself, now he has to hurry out of here because the fire is starting to spread. "You come with me!" Kim Dokja grabbed his collar roughly while he used the wind again to quickly get out of there, even his clothes were starting to burn now.




Yoo Jonghyuk came out of the banquet hall with Yoo Mia in his arms, a white coat wrapped around his sister's body, he immediately gave it to the doctor for a quick check.


"KIM DOKJA!!" He turned to a woman who was screaming very loudly who was currently being held back by the royal knights. "I swear I'll kill you if you don't get out of there! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!" 


Yoo Jonghyuk also saw the children hugging the woman's legs crying.


"This is bad, Your Majesty! The princess has been poisoned!" The doctor announced, Yoo Jonghyuk's hands clenched into fists, staring concernedly at his sister who was in pain.


"Is there no cure?" He asked but sounded like an emphasis.


"KIM DOKJA!!" "Hyung!" "Oppa!"


The scream made him turn to the person who came out of the blazing fire, he had someone being dragged behind him then threw it in front of him, he grinned.


"I think he has an antidote." He said then went to find his friends.


"Hyung!" "Oppa!" Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung immediately hugged him wiping the tears on Dokja's burning clothes, even ignoring how hot the cloth was.


"Seriously, I really want to kill you right now." Han Sooyoung said, despite his evil words, his face looked relieved. "Why are you so desperate?"


"But I'm still alive, right?" Dokja replied with a smile.


Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue in annoyance, "You're just lucky this time." Han Sooyoung patted Dokja's shoulder then walked around just to check if anything was broken apart from his clothes. She nodded after making sure that there were no wounds on Dokja's body except for the ashes stuck to his face.


Han Sooyoung smiled and stroked Dokja's head like a child, and the one who was stroked was confused by the sudden action.

"Let's go home you rat!" 


"Yes..." Dokja smiled, bringing Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung closer to him.


Currently Kim Dokja is in a good mood, he managed to save Yoo Mia from his death, maybe he can change his life too and not end up like in a novel.


And after he came home, almost all day long he listened to Mother and Han Sooyoung's scolding while he just nodded in his seat, it was a bad day for him.


And it was only so time passed so quickly that the academy test examinations began.


"I felt like I was going to pass out after seeing an exam sheet." Said Han Sooyoung groaning as she stretched her body, dark circles could be seen under her eyes. "How was your study Dokja?"




"I'm jealous, you like reading books so it will be easy for you to learn them." Han Sooyoung grumbled as she pouted.


They are currently in the exam class waiting for the teacher to come with the exam papers, Kim Dokja is still reading his book no matter Han Sooyoung who keeps talking in front of him.


"Hey, looks like you've been being stared at." Han Sooyoung said a little closer in a whisper. Her eyes turned across them. "He's been glaring over here, are we going to be executed?"


Han Sooyoung's question made Kim Dokja laugh,

"Just leave it, I don't care, because I didn't do anything wrong." He answered and continued to open his book.


"Yeah, you're right." Han Sooyoung sat back in her place because the teacher who had entered the classroom as well as Dokja immediately closed the book and kept it.


"The written test is about to start!" 




"Ah! I give up, I don't care about grades anymore!" Han Sooyoung exclaimed, she and Dokja are currently in the academy field walking.


"But isn't the exam easy enough?" Dokja dared to say because when he saw his exam sheet it was just a question for middle school.


"You crazy! It's so hard! And if you say easy again! I'll make sure your leg will break!" Dokja chuckled at Han Sooyoung's answer, this was indeed cheating because he had learned that lesson in his world first.


"But I'm sure your score will be high on the magic battle test." Kim Dokja said that made Han Sooyoung let out a grin.


"That's what I've been waiting for! I will be the first place in this exam!" She exclaimed loudly ignoring the stares from the other participants taking the exam.


"I wouldn't hold back if you are my opponent." 


"Hah! Just you wait Dokja! I'll burn you to a barbeque! So pray that you don't become my opponent!"


Kim Dokja laughed.


"Hey.." Han Sooyoung called out, she got closer and Dokja turned to turn to her.


"What?" Dokja whispered because Han Sooyoung seemed to have something to say.


"He keeps staring at us." She whispered with a slightly panicked face. "I feel uncomfortable." She continued.


"Leave it alone." Kim Dokja replied with a smile, he doesn't care and will just pretend not to know. "By the way, in this exam only 100 people will be accepted, right? That's a small number." Dokja said, shifting the topic while looking at the field being used.


"Yeah, only 100 people of the highest rank and the rest need luck whether the principal is interested in him or not." Han Sooyoung answered while chewing on the candy she just opened. "You want?"


"Hmm... It will be tough competition." Kim Dokja said as he grabbed the candy Han Sooyoung gave him then opened it and put it to his mouth. "Thanks."


"That's why, you have to be lucky, it's useless if you get a strong opponent at the match." 


Well, Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung fell silent in front of their opponent's announcement board.


Yoo Jonghyuk vs Kim Dokja.


Ah damn the one who set them up to be the first opponent.


"You're not lucky man." Han Sooyoung said with a suppressed laugh. "I will pray you are not dead or dying."


Maybe, maybe Dokja will give up on the test of this competition.


He just wants to go home now.


Chapter Text

Yoo Jonghyuk vs Kim Dokja.


Han Sooyoung and Kim Dokja could not help feeling shocked when they saw the competition list, Kim Dokja even rubbed his eyes hoping that his eyes were wrong but it was still the same, even Han Sooyoung had to slap her face to realize, is this what is called karma? How unlucky this friend is.


"Han Sooyoung, I think I'll just get out of here." Kim Dokja said he smiled with his sweet smile, he didn't want to fight a monster like Yoo Jonghyuk.


He was a monster, worse than a monster. Yoo Jonghyuk the protagonist in the novel, the damn protagonist who has above average strength, no one can beat him. Regardless of where Dokja is, he is sure to lose.


"Wait a minute! Calm yourself down Dokja!" Han Sooyoung pulled Dokja who was sneaking away from the crowd of other participants. "Are you serious about giving up just like that ?!" She asked while shaking Dokja's body.


"It's useless, I won't be able to." Kim Dokja said helplessly in Han Sooyoung's hands.


"You can do it, Dokja! You have high potential! Or seduce him to give up!" Han Sooyoung shouted shamelessly when she said that.


"Your advice is useless, I'd rather die than seduce him." 


"How can you say that, idiot! Have you ever thought of hitting that guy's head before? Isn't this a good opportunity to beat up the royal family without having to be afraid of being punished by the King." She said excitedly, still shaking Dokja's body hard.


Kim Dokja blushed in embarrassment because all the other participants were staring at them now, Han Sooyoung was very brave to say that very loudly. Kim Dokja pulled her hand out of the crowd and went to a quieter place, she could scream out loud if it was here, and no one will hear them.


"Do you still want to run away, Dokja ?! Don't be a coward!" Han Sooyoung cursed in a voice that was still just as loud, but she still followed Kim Dokja.


"Ok ok! Now shut up!" Kim Dokja snapped he didn't know how long Han Sooyoung would yell at him. "I'm going to fight it so shut up, I want to make a plan."


Han Sooyoung finally stopped then patted Dokja's shoulder with a grin,

"Good to hear you won't give up." She said.


"Btw who's your opponent?" Dokja asked with a serious face.


"Your ex fiance." She answered lazily while rolling his eyes.


Kim Dokja frowned in confusion, trying to remember but could not find out who Kim Dokja's fiancé was.

"Wait, who's my fiancé?" He asked because he didn't remember anyone.


Han Sooyoung looked at him sadly, she stroked Dokja's head sympathetically. "I guess you don't need to remember that bastard, I'll beat him until he can't recognize his own face."


Kim Dokja chose to remain silent when Han Sooyoung did not explain in more detail, or did not even give the name of his ex-fiancé and what happened to him until she had a grudge.


"Shit! I didn't have my sword!" 


Han Soo Young and Kim Dokja gasped at the same time when they heard the pounding and loud sound behind them, they turned around to see the poor woman who was sad in the academy garden seat, she looked very depressed.


"What happened to you." Kim Dokja asked shamelessly sitting beside the woman. Judging from the way she dressed, it didn't seem like she was a noble. "You can tell me." he said as the woman looked at him warily.


"No need, you will definitely end up bullying me, will you? All royals are the same." She said loudly, her gaze so sharp it turned towards Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja let out a laugh, Han Sooyoung, who was still standing next to him, didn't like women with a bun.


"Well that's just a human, aren't everyone the same, but only their positions are different, but aren't there a few of them who are different?" Kim Dokja said with a smile despite being given the sharp gaze of the unknown woman.


"And do you belong to a different one?" Asked the woman.


Kim Dokja smiled then shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, only other people can judge not ourselves." He said.


The woman with the bun stared at him for a while then lowered her guard and smiled at Dokja, "You're right." She said.


"So can I hear your problem?" Kim Dokja asked again in a friendly manner.


"I forgot to bring my sword, even though I thought I was carrying it in my bag, but it turns out I brought my brother's staff." She said resignedly, visible from his sweaty face it seemed like she had just run from somewhere.


"Why don't you borrow it from the academy?" Han Sooyoung asked irritably, how could anyone be as stupid as her.


"I've tried it but they say it can only be borrowed by nobles." The woman hit the hand of the park bench beside her angrily. "Damn nobleman!" She cursed.


Kim Dokja chuckled at her cursing even in front of nobles, but it seemed that Dokja liked this woman's nature.


"What if I help you lend it?" Dokja bargained with a friendly face, he honestly helped the woman. Well it's because he's reading a novel, this woman will be the most powerful knight even though she appears very rarely, and she was also the guard when Kim Dokja was in prison after being caught poisoning FL.


The woman didn't seem to believe Dokja's words, she just gaped there without saying anything.


Han Sooyoung was surprised and pulled Kim Dokja to a discussion. "What are you thinking?!"


"I'm only helping her."


"She's not a noble! What are you helping her for?"


"Sooyoung-ah, I'm not doing this for reward." Nonsense, he just wanted to make a profit after she was successful. "She has potential, and I can confirm it."


"Are you sure? You won't regret it?" Han Sooyoung once again asked to make sure.


"Yes, I only lent her the sword I took from the academy after all." Kim Dokja said.


Han Sooyoung finally let go and Kim Dokja returned to the woman with a smile, raised his hand to invite the woman to go to the receptionist and take a sword for her.


"Who are you?" The receptionist asked with a sharp gaze, oh is this the way to serve a guest?


Kim Dokja gave a smile and it immediately made the receptionist blush, "I want to borrow a sword, is that okay?" He asked in a soft voice.


Han Sooyoung who was behind only let out a muffled laugh, while the woman beside her stared in disbelief. Kim Dokja didn't really want to do this either, but it worked. Kim Dokja is very good at flirting.


The receptionist who had been very strict immediately embarrassed because of Kim Dokja, he hurriedly took a sharp sword and put it on the table.

"Is this enough?" He asked while stealing glances at Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja took it swinging his sword to check if it was worth it, he looked back at the receptionist.

"This is a fine sword, thank you." He said with a smile and now he winks before leaving with his friends.


"I can't believe you used seduction magic." Said the woman happily when Kim Dokja gave her the sword.


"Pfft- seduction magic ..." Han Sooyoung trembled dying from holding back her laughter. "Seduction ... Pfft-!" Kim Dokja threw the book he was holding right into Han Sooyoung's face.


Seeing Han Sooyoung's reaction, the woman was shocked and looked at Kim Dokja in disbelief.

"Wait, so it's not magic?" She asked carefully.


"Well you better think that it is magic." Kim Dokja replied lazily and took back the book he threw away.


"Thanks for the sword, but what can I give in return?" The woman finally asked in a low voice knowing she had nothing to attract a noble.


Kim Dokja smiled at her, "Tell me your name."


The woman gave him a confused look but still answered, "Jung Heewon."


"I'm Kim Dokja, and the woman over there is Han Sooyoung, we can be friends." He says smiling, raising his hand to shake.


"Is it okay to be friends with me?"


"Of course, there is no prohibition against making friends with a noble, right?" Dokja asked, making the woman named Jung Heewon nod in agreement.


"Then, nice to meet Kim Dokja." Jung Heewon smiled and returned Dokja's handshake.


"Nice to meet you too Jung Heewon, I hope to see you again at this academy." Kim Dokja said before they finally parted ways in preparation for the competition.


"I didn't say I wanted to be friends with her." Han Sooyoung frowned in displeasure.


Kim Dokja just rolled his eyes and walked ahead of Han Sooyoung.




"What are you doing?" Kim Dokja had no idea what Han Sooyoung was doing to him at this time, she hugged him so tightly and didn't let go at all. The two of them were currently under the audience stage.


"I never thought my friend would leave this soon, I would always come to visit your grave, and lay flowers there." Han Sooyoung said nonsense with her still hugging Kim Dokja's head against her chest.


"Looks like I'll die first because you hugged me too tight like this." 


"I WILL MISS YOU!" Han Sooyoung still hugged him without listening to Kim Dokja's words, she didn't care anymore about the competition she had to spend the rest of her time with Kim Dokja before the prince killed him. "Take it easy, I'll tell your siblings about this."


"You're the one who should be calm here."


Kim Dokja sighed, why did it end like this? After the announcement of the opponent's competition was issued, Han Sooyoung became clingy to him as if he was going to die in that match, well he thought so too, maybe this is the ending for him.




The two of them gasped when cheers sounded from the audience seats, it looked like the competition was about to start, just hearing the cheers made Kim Dokja nervous. Han Sooyoung finally let go of a hug giving him a pat on the shoulder and an encouraging smile.


"I wish you luck, if you can't beat him, at least just give up and don't push yourself." Han Sooyoung said and gave the sword Unbroken Faith to Kim Dokja.


"Don't get hurt."


"How can I not get hurt if my opponent is just ..." Kim Dokja immediately closed his mouth when the prince appeared behind them, his eyes glowing in gold already well prepared for the competition, well this will be something interesting.


"You better be prepared." He said while glaring at the hands of Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung who were still holding hands.


Kim Dokja chuckled, "Is this some kind of joke? It's like you're going to kill me." He said in a mocking tone.


Yoo Jonghyuk glared at him but didn't say anything and walked ahead leaving the two of them. Kim Dokja had just realized his stupidity for provoking him, can he run away now? He should have made a grave and slept peacefully there.


"Woah, Kim Dokja you are so brave ... Is this your plan?" Han Sooyoung asked with an amazed face, she did not expect that this friend would be so brave against the crown prince. "You already have battle experience right? I'm a little worried if you don't prepare anything, but it looks like you have a plan. Good luck." She said more casually and left Kim Dokja standing still in front of the arena entrance. "I'll see you in the audience!"




Kim Dokja watched from the arena entrance, the exam match had already started, the first participant had also started attacking. At the top of the audience seats were the principal and some of the teachers watching, it could be seen clearly with their lazy faces as if nothing caught their attention.


Kim Dokja's match will start after this, and he hasn't found any plans to beat Yoo Jonghyuk, he might just give up, there's no chance for him at all, moreover he was not the real Kim Dokja, and had no experience wielding swords. This is a disaster.


"Long time no see Kim Dokja."


Ah who is this again? He doesn't remember anyone other than the main character, but it looks like that guy is a prince too? 


"Why don't you give me news anymore? You know? I've been waiting for your letter for a very long time." 


W-wait! Why is he walking closer ?! He's too close! Kim Dokja stepped back as his instincts grew more alert.


"I heard you were poisoned, are you okay?" He asked as his hand went up to stroke Kim Dokja's cheek.


Kim Dokja tried his best to recall who this was? Until he finally remembered, The prince had brown hair that was neatly combed, his eyes were thin and soft, his appearance not so bad as Dokja thought. His name is Cheon Inho, Kim Dokja's fiancé.


Suddenly Kim Dokja choked on his own saliva and coughed hysterically, he didn't expect this to come to him, but wasn't that just then? But it was just a one-sided proposal, Kim Dokja cancel the engagement because he had fallen in love with Prince Yoo Jonghyuk. So why did he come again?


"I've sent you lots of gifts why don't you wear them?" He asked, sounding like he was suing Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja was not afraid of him, instead he really wanted to kill him right now because of him, Kim Dokja had a bad ending. He's holding the sword now, is it okay to cut off his head? He would run away afterwards and forget about the competition.


So why is his body trembling in front of him?


"It's useless Kim Dokja, I will do anything to get you, and make you accept my proposal." He said right beside Kim Dokja's ear. For the first time, Kim Dokja hoped that Han Sooyoung would be here to protect him.


"What are you doing?" A cold voice came from behind Dokja, from his voice alone he already knew who the owner of the voice was.


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned at how close they were without giving any distance, but something that made him frown even more was Kim Dokja who was trembling in his place. He stepped closer and pushed Cheon Inho while glaring at him.


Cheon Inho frowned in displeasure, "Who are you? Why are you bothering me?"


Kim Dokja wanted to refute it but Yoo Jonghyuk stopped him by asking,

"Kim Dokja, do you want to run away?" His question made Kim Dokja confused.




Jonghyuk grinned, "You're too scared of me that you want to run away right?" He said arrogantly, ignoring Cheon Inho behind them.


Kim Dokja frowned with a smile, he thought how arrogant this crown prince would be? How could he confidently say that, this made him wonder, could he kill this arrogant man in the competition and say that he killed him accidentally. That seems like a good idea.


"Right now I really want to hit you." Said Kim Dokja glared at Jonghyuk, who thought maybe glaring would make himself look scary.


Yoo Jonghyuk grinned widely as he pulled Dokja's hand away from Cheon Inho ignoring how Cheon Inho yelled at the two of them, he brought Dokja to the middle of the competition field. Then Dokja realized that the first match was over, he didn't even know who won from the match earlier, because he's too busy with Cheon Inho.


Excited shouts could be heard everywhere, more precisely they were shouting Jonghyuk's name, and there were also murmurs from elsewhere wondering who Yoo Jonghyuk's opponent was.


"Who is she?"


"It's He not she."


"Wait what? He looks beautiful."


"Isn't he Kim Dokja the son of Grand Duke Hades."


"So there it is, it turns out that the rumors about his pretty face are not lies."


Kim Dokja could feel his ears getting hotter when the praise was just being issued, he could even see Han Sooyoung's grin from the crowd.


"You really like attracting attention huh." Yoo Jonghyuk said.


Kim Dokja frowned, he was not that different from him, with a handsome face like that must have caught the attention of many people too, so why did he even look annoyed when Kim Dokja was praised?


It's not like he's jealous right? Does he really want to be praised?


"It's not like I did it on purpose." Kim Dokja replied with a pouty lips.


Yoo Jonghyuk glared at him, and took out a sword from its sheath waiting for the referee to start the match. Kim Dokja followed up raising his Unbroken Faith sword.


"The two participants prepare!" The referee said as he raised his hand. "No killing and surrender if necessary." He said loudly so that it echoed throughout the audience. 




The voices of the referee and the audience were mixed with screams, in the hot sun, strong winds blew from all the spectators' seats. Kim Dokja activated his wind magic right after the referee had started the match, soaring forward with the wind blowing hard at his feet.




Sword and sword meet, Kim Dokja's impulse is very weak if there is no wind magic help, Yoo Jonghyuk hasn't even cast his magic yet. It shows what a monster he is, Yoo Jonghyuk only used his muscles to throw Kim Dokja back, but that wasn't the end for Kim Dokja.


"Is that really your attack?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked in a mocking tone, smiling.


"That's just the beginning." Kim Dokja replied with a confident grin as soon as he disappeared with the wind.


The disappearance of Kim Dokja from the arena made everyone shocked, including Yoo Jonghyuk who was now glancing here and there, feeling the wind everywhere, it was like Kim Dokja became one with the wind.


A few seconds passed, the entire stadium was silent waiting for Kim Dokja to reappear, but as long as they were waiting that figure did not appear.


No way, did he run away? Thought Yoo Jonghyuk.


No, it couldn't be because Yoo Jonghyuk could still feel the wind dancing around him, and after a sword appeared right before his eyes, he frantically parried it and jumped back. Kim Dokja appeared with the wind with a seductive smile, he lunged back at him in the same direction.


This guy, is so terrible. He will attack when the enemy is off guard.


Kim Dokja continued to attack Yoo Jonghyuk, or rather he was swinging his sword recklessly, he only used wind magic to balance his body. Well this is because he has never had any experience wielding a sword before, but it is balanced because Yoo Jonghyuk looks overwhelmed by it.


Not like being cornered, finally after all this time Yoo Jonghyuk used his fire magic, throwing a fireball from his other hand at the lucky Kim Dokja who immediately dodged. Yoo Jonghyuk grinned, he hasn't felt this feeling in a long time, his heart is racing, waiting for another attack by Kim Dokja.


He thought Kim Dokja was a little unique, he couldn't read Kim Dokja's attacks at all, the way he wielded his sword was very sloppy but it seemed like it was to divert his enemies, and his random swings could not be read by him even he barely had enough room to strike back, Kim Dokja was much more professional than any royal knight he had ever fought.


Kim Dokja closed his eyes as the flames burned around Yoo Jonghyuk, from any perspective he couldn't think whether it was hot or not, whether it could burn Yoo Jonghyuk or not. Well he can't hurt the protagonist so maybe he will try his best not to attack him head on.


Yoo Jonghyuk stomped the ground causing the fire to spread towards Dokja, the attack made Dokja jump up and Jonghyuk used the opportunity to strike with his fire ball. Unable to dodge in time, Dokja used his wind to turn the fireball and was thrown in any direction.


"Bastard! Do you want to burn me?!" Kim Dokja screamed in annoyance, there was no way he would burn to death again.


Yoo Jonghyuk just clicked his tongue in disappointment.


The fight began again with Yoo Jonghyuk who attacked first, his sword covered in flames that would destroy any sword when touched, but the sword he fought was Dokja's Unbroken Faith, of course it wouldn't break him.


The shards of magic wounded their limbs and stomachs, the windstorm against the flames that collided with each other made the entire audience dumbfounded in amazement, The magic they cast was so many and strong but none of them gave in, it strengthened their magic instead. Maybe if there was no barrier in the audience seats, they would be hit by the attack as well.


They are crazy.


Kim Dokja thought, is it time for him to give up? If it wasn't like this, Yoo Jonghyuk would not stop and would continue to attack him even though the bodies of each of them were covered in wounds.




They stopped. Kim Dokja stepped back right after the headmaster shouted, but it looks like Jonghyuk didn't have time because the next explosion caused several teachers to intervene.


Yoo Jonghyuk was detained by a large female teacher, while Kim Dokja was protected by a short male teacher with long, beautiful sky blue hair.


"Control yourself!" The teacher said to Yoo Jonghyuk who only looked away displeasedly.


"The match has ended!" The headmaster announced loudly making ridicule from the audience. "Nobody wins or loses!" He said again.


Kim Dokja was shocked, he should have lost because try to see his entire body which has more injuries than Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Wait a minute! Wasn't it I who lost?" Kim Dokja asked.


The principal narrowed his eyes at Dokja, indeed he was hurt the most compared to Yoo Jonghyuk but, "You hold yourself back." He said.


The entire audience was silent with whispers heard, so what was the stormy wind if Dokja was still holding back.


Yoo Jonghyuk who heard looked angry, he walked over and grabbed Dokja's collar, "Are you trying to belittle me?!" He snapped with a sharp frown on his forehead.


Kim Dokja was annoyed and banged his head against Yoo Jonghyuk's forehead loudly, "Are you stupid ?! Fire and wind! What would happen if put together?! You idiot!"


That was actually just an excuse, he just didn't want to hurt his favorite protagonist, and one more thing, he didn't know how to control the wind if it exceeded his current limit. He will study again later.


"Now the two participants can sit over there." The blue haired teacher escorted the two of them to the place that had been prepared for the winner of the competition.


The place that has been prepared is quite close to the arena so it will be easier to watch from there. Kim Dokja immediately sat anywhere near him, putting his hands on the handle of the chair, he was so tired that he even ignored how Yoo Jonghyuk sat next to him, completely forgetting about his surroundings and closing his eyes.




Kim Dokja jolted out of his sleep due to the loud cheers, he sat upright absentmindedly staring at the arena, oh the bun woman namely Jung Hee Won won the match, that's cool, she won against a nobleman, it shows how talented she is.


Kim Dokja didn't realize how long he had been sleeping because the rows of seats that had been empty behind him became full, had he been asleep that long?


He turned his head to look for water but he found Yoo Jonghyuk staring at him making him startled that he almost fell out of his chair.

"How long have you stared at me?" Kim Dokja asked as he confirmed his chair and sat down again.


"Just now." Jonghyuk answered then turned his face to the arena.


Jung Heewon looked at Kim Dokja then waved the sword at him with a bright smile, it made Kim Dokja also waved his hand in return. She ran towards him then pulled out an empty chair and sat down beside Kim Dokja. Some of the nobles who had finished competing moved away from the woman and preferred not to interfere.


"Congratulations on your victory, Jung Heewon." Kim Dokja said with a congratulatory smile.


"Thank you." Jung Hee Won replied still with a bright smile, it seemed that she was very relieved after defeating a noble. Well that would be a shame for nobles.


Kim Dokja looked back at the arena, ah, it's time for Han Sooyoung to fight Dokja's ex-fiancé.


"Do I need to cheer for him?" Kim Dokja muttered, then he stood up from his seat put his hands on the sides of his lips, "Han Sooyoung! Kick his ass till he's dead!" He shouted, not loudly and not quietly but audibly reaching the arena.


Han Sooyoung turned to him and gave a thumbs up, Kim Dokja cheered like a fanatic ignoring the gaze that was headed his way, he didn't care, right now he was focused on cheering on his friend.


Cheon Inho finally entered the arena, and immediately found Dokja's gaze cheering for Han Sooyoung.


"What do you see? Your enemy is here." Han Sooyoung blocked his view of Dokja, not letting him stare at Kim Dokja.


Cheon Inho clicked his tongue in annoyance, "I'll kill you and take Kim Dokja." He said with murderous intent.


"Nah let's see, who will fall first."


Han Sooyoung took out flames from her hands, she threw attacks at the same time lunged, she didn't use a sword like the others because her fire was enough to fight a sword.Cheon Inho dodged the first attack but was unprepared for Han Sooyoung lunging at him, he let his sword protect him, but Han Sooyoung was so hard that it made Cheon Inho's sword crack.


"What?!" Cheon Inho lifted his leg to kick but Han Sooyoung had already read his movements and stepped back first.


Cheon Inho was confused, he stared at his half-cracked sword. "Wait! I need a new sword." He says.


But the referee didn't say anything, just looked at him like he was a fool.

"In the match all weapons must be prepared and there is no borrowing during the match." He clarified the rules again.


On the other hand, Han Sooyoung chuckled along with Kim Dokja who was cheering behind her like crazy.


"Leave it, he needs a sword." Han Sooyoung said with a smirk.


The referee looked closely at Han Sooyoung, "Are you sure?" He asked to be sure.


"Yes, lend him the sword." 


Cheon Inho finally lent the sword after the opponent's approval, the referee glared as if saying that if the sword was destroyed he would pay for it.


He swung his sword to check and immediately ran towards Han Sooyoung who looked off guard. Cheon Inho cast earth magic to prevent Han Sooyoung from seeing properly. Brown dust was everywhere covering Han Sooyoung's entire vision, she waved her hand in any direction to get out of the dust.


Annoyed at not being able to get out, Han Sooyoung finally threw her purple flames in any direction making the surroundings burn, until she found Cheon Inho hiding from the dust.


She could hear Dokja's voice screaming from behind her, "Kill him! Han Sooyoung!"


She couldn't help but grin broadly and lunged at Cheon Inho, she slammed her hand into Cheon Inho's sword and split it in two again, then knocked Cheon Inho's body onto the floor with her on top of it.


Cheon Inho panicked, he wanted to push Han Sooyoung but she hit his face first with a loud bang to the floor.


The entire audience was silent, only Kim Dokja shouted cheering for Han Sooyoung to continue, and a bone-hard sound met the hard floor, it made some grimace at the pain of the beating.


Han Sooyoung stood up after she was satisfied with her work, now Cheon Inho's face could not be seen clearly except for bruises and blood flowing from his nose, sadistic.


The referee didn't even have time to announce the winner and Han Sooyoung had already walked over to Dokja.


"See? I did as I said." She said arrogantly pointing at her chest.


"Good job! You're amazing, Han Sooyoung!" Kim Dokja cheered with enthusiasm making Han Sooyoung's nose even longer at the compliment. 


The competition went smoothly, Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung finally finished doing all the exams from the academy and are now in the dormitory to await the results of tomorrow's exams.


Jung Heewon came to their room to have a party, well it only took them a day to become close friends.


"I love that face of despair when he loses! I should have painted him to capture the moment!" Jung Heewon rattled on mixed with laughter as she remembered his match earlier.


"Pfft- you are so brave! I love that!" Han Sooyoung exclaimed while toast with Jung Heewon.


"I've wanted to hit him in the face for a long time! Ah this is so amazing! Today is a beautiful day!"


"You only drink juice but look drunk." Kim Dokja said to their madness that destroyed his room. "And it's too early to celebrate!" He said hands on his hips.


"It's okay, we just have to celebrate again tomorrow." Jung Heewon said casually and took another sip of juice.


Kim Dokja let out a long sigh as he plopped down on the soft bed, ah he wants to sleep now.


"Hey Dokja, get some cake in the kitchen, please." Han Sooyoung said not to let Dokja fall asleep.


"Why should I?"


"Because you didn't do anything."


Dokja angrily stood up from his bed and came out of the room to get the cake but found Yoo Jonghyuk standing in front of his room.


Kim Dokja fell silent in confusion and didn't know what to do, Yoo Jonghyuk looked down at him silently without saying anything.


"W-what? Is there anything I can help you with?" Dokja asked unable to hide his confusion.


"Where are you going?" Instead of answering Dokja's question, Jonghyuk asked back.


"I'm going to the kitchen." Kim Dokja replied, he walked through the hallway letting Jonghyuk follow him behind. "Since when were you standing there? If you want anything just come in."


Jonghyuk just silently followed him without saying anything, Kim Dokja also chose to remain silent because he was awkward considering that usually the real Kim Dokja would stick to Jonghyuk right away, and maybe Jonghyuk is also aware of his changes.


"Who is Cheon Inho?" Yoo Jonghyuk finally asked after his silence.


"Uh .. that's my ex-fiancé." Kim Dokja replied awkwardly.


"Why is he always following even now?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked, he frowned at Kim Dokja who looked surprised.


"He's following me ?! Where?" He looked panicked and felt his waist cursing for not having the sword with him.


Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed his shoulder, "He won't come close." He said.




What is he doing? Kim Dokja gaped in confusion but didn't dare push when Jonghyuk glared at him.


Oh my God, thought Kim Dokja, praying he'll return to the room safely.



Chapter Text

Kim Dokja didn't know how long Yoo Jonghyuk would hug his shoulder, this has been happening since he left for the kitchen and now they are almost back to Dokja's room again. It's a little uncomfortable because of how awkward Dokja is there, he can't even walk properly because their distance is too close.


"Isn't it time for you to take this off?" Kim Dokja said while pointing to Jonghyuk's hand resting on his shoulder.


Jonghyuk just stared at him then took off his shoulders as Dokja asked, well he himself just realized how comfortable it was to lean on Dokja's little shoulder. Should he do that again later? Maybe if the opportunity arises.


"Do you also want to come in?" Kim Dokja asked when they arrived in front of Dokja's dorm room.


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned not thinking he would be invited, the corners of his lips moved to accept the offer but there was one thing he had to do now so he turned around.

"Next time." He said as he walked leaving Dokja.


Kim Dokja didn't say anything else, seeing him leave already made him relieved because Jonghyuk definitely won't go into something like this because it's troublesome for him. He entered with the sound of a loud door trying to make the people inside know his whereabouts.


"Gosh .. look at you, you guys are very tired." Kim Dokja said while placing a plate of cakes on the table.




Kim Dokja sighed deeply, he took another blanket to put it on Han Sooyoung and Jung Hee Won, they fell asleep so soundly after a tiring match, now Kim Dokja will also rest, and continue this tomorrow.




On the cold night the sound of shoes echoed in the hallway of the dormitory, the moon lit up from the window peering at the events that took place in the hallway.


"Who are you ?!" A terrified scream echoed through the hallway.


The man fell on his buttocks while holding one eye that was bleeding blood, he stared at the black shadow that was sheltering from the moonlight only a golden light could be seen from the eyes of the shadow.


"W-what do you want?! I will grant it!" He screamed very loudly hoping someone would hear him, but strangely he had been chased and shouted that no one had come out to check him.


When he got up again to run, he smiled when the exit was in front of his eyes. But he hit something with a sound so loud he bounced off the floor.


"Anything?" The shadow asked as he took a step closer.


Now that man knows why no one has come to hear him ... He is trapped in barrier magic. Barring magic is known as magic that can move a dimension that traps the perpetrator and the target, no matter how far you run and scream, no one will know, the only way for this magic to disappear is to deal directly with the magic user. But he was not strong against it. He's scared.


"Yes! Whatever! I will do anything for you!" He finally answered resignedly, he was a prince after all and there was nothing impossible he couldn't do. "So what do you want?"


The shadow still stepped closer until the moonlight illuminated half of his face, that shape ...? The man seemed to know the clothes and body shape of the shadow.


The image gave off a grin that quickly made the man feel regretful after saying those words earlier.




"Kim Dokja, you fell asleep too long." Han Sooyoung removed the blanket that wrapped Kim Dokja's body, making the owner flinched in surprise.


"What ?! Why are you pulling my blanket ?!" Kim Dokja shouted angrily as he pulled the blanket back from Sooyoung's hand.


"The sun has been shining for a long time!" Jung Heewon helped wake him up by dragging the window blinds until the sunlight entered the room.


Kim Dokja winced again, his hands closed his eyes naturally as the bright light entered his vision, he grumbled alone as he got off his bed.


"Get up! You have to hurry! The announcement of the results has been issued!" Han Sooyoung said as she pushed Dokja into the bathroom. "Be happy! Because I have prepared your clothes there!" She said after the bathroom door closed.


"I feel like you are more suited to be a servant than a nobleman." Kim Dokja shouted from inside the bathroom and the sound of the door pounding made him chuckle.


"And if I was your servant then you would have died in my hands."


"Well I won't allow that."


Jung Heewon stared at the two fighting in front of the bathroom door, seriously is it okay for her to be their friend, the problem is she doesn't want to go crazy like them.


After a while Kim Dokja finished getting dressed and went out straight away and did not find Han Sooyoung and Jung Hee Won anywhere. He smiles maybe they want to play hide and seek? Well this dorm room is so big maybe even bigger than Kim Dokja's old apartment, so maybe they are trying to hide somewhere.


"You don't have to hide, won't we be late?" Kim Dokja said in the middle of the room.


There was no answer, Kim Dokja frowned, there was no way he would have been left behind, right? Kim Dokja used his wind magic to spread throughout the room and he found no one but him. He forced a smile. "That damn friends."


Seriously, they really left him?


There is no time now, if Dokja is slow there will be a lot of people gathered on the noticeboard, he exits the room with a deep sigh, he steps down the hall alone.




"Why isn't there any—" Right after he turned around a dagger flew towards him leaving a small gash on his cheek. "What ..?"


He confusedly stared at the dagger stuck in the wall, trying to read the situation he was currently in. His hands wiped the blood running down his cheeks, his eyes looking for the dagger owner. Ah crap, this was a situation he hated so much.


"Who are you?" Kim Dokja asked calmly, it was confusing when he was nearly killed by a dagger but he was still calm. "Do you know who I am?" He continued again, taking his handkerchief to wipe off the trail of blood.


This shit hurts! Thought Dokja.


The owner of the dagger was wearing a cape that covered his head to his feet, Kim Dokja thought maybe this was a paid killer. But seeing that he was working when the sun was up, maybe he was an amateur killer.


Kim Dokja didn't know who was after him, because in the novel Kim Dokja always got into trouble everywhere, as if everyone wanted to kill him. And it was not further explained why he was targeted, even when he was trapped in the prison the cloaked men wanted to kill him.


Is it because his face looks pretty? Nah forget it.


"You know it's useless." Kim Dokja said confidently, he doesn't care anymore who is after him he just needs to finish him here.


Kim Dokja ran straight ahead towards the man in the robe, making the man surprised by his actions. His sword appeared in his hand with a light spatter repelling Dokja's blade of wind.


"Who sent you?" Kim Dokja asked in the middle of the attack, he jumped when the man wanted to grab his hand.


Seeing how he didn't attack Dokja's neck when he left the neck open, it means that the person here didn't want to kill him, or maybe he was aiming for his heart.


it would be difficult for him, because Kim Dokja was currently not holding his sword so he used wind to make his sword, although this would be temporary. He lunged again not wanting to leave a chance to attack, the man released electricity around his body causing Dokja to immediately retreat again.


Looks like he cast his magic to scare Dokja.


"I'm here to take you." He said in a very firm tone.


"Where?" Kim Dokja asked, "where do you want to take me?"


The man was silent for a moment, making Dokja think of attacking again, but he said in a strange voice. "I can't tell you."


Kim Dokja smiled, "Then there's no reason for me to come with you." He replied as a windstorm filled the hall as if pushing the man away.


"Please listen to me! You must come with me!" He said in a trembling voice enduring the windstorm from Dokja, His robe was slightly torn due to the sharp wind that was directed at him. "It's for your good!"


"For my good what are you talking about? Is trying to kill me a good thing?" Kim Dokja asked with an angry frown on his forehead.


"No, we didn't do that! It's because you fought!" He said with great difficulty trying to step forward to shorten his distance from Dokja.


Hmm ... Kim Dokja started to think, whether he needed to follow his words or not, he was also a little curious about why people were targeting him and wanted to know who was behind this. Now he can't, this will make his friends worry and panic looking for him. Moreover, his father and mother will go as far as he never thought.


"I'm sorry I thought you should try again later." Kim Dokja probably crushed the man in his windstorm now that the barrier magic had disappeared.


Kim Dokja's eyes grew blurry when the barrier magic began to disappear, his head became a little dizzy and almost nauseous, why did it feel so strange when the barrier magic disappeared, whereas he didn't feel anything when the barrier was turned on.


"KIM DOKJA!!" When he came back to his senses, he saw Han Sooyoung and Jung Heewon running towards him.


"Are you okay?! Why did you suddenly disappear from the bathroom?!" Jung Heewon screamed in panic, examining Dokja's entire body and ending up on his cheek.


"Who did this?!" Han Sooyoung was angry and tried to take another look at the wound on Dokja's cheek. "I have to kill him!"


Kim Dokja glanced behind them, that guy had disappeared once the barrier was off, how fast could he run away? Even after being injured by Dokja's wind?


"It's just a small wound you don't need to worry about." Kim Dokja said with a smile trying to convince them that he was fine.


Jung Heewon looked at him with pity, "The life of a noble is really hard huh." She said which Dokja nodded at once.


"Isn't this the 7th time already? Didn't you find out who they were sent from?" Han Sooyoung asked with a frown asking for an explanation.




"Wait, so this isn't the first time?" Jung Hee Won was shocked, making a look of disbelief at Kim Dokja. "What have you done?"


"I don't even know."


"I think I should try to investigate this again." Han Sooyoung said pinching her chin thoughtfully.


"I'll find out later, now we have something to do right?" Kim Dokja smiled at the two of them making Han Sooyoung sigh.


"I don't even care about that rank anymore." Han Sooyoung said, sounding uninterested in being much different from him this morning. "I'm sure I passed anyway." She said confidently.


Kim Dokja turned to Jung Heewon who looked nervous, this is understandable because she is not a real noble so the chance to graduate could be a little even though her grades are good. It's the kind of world this is, there won't be any justice if nobles take precedence.


"I'm sure you passed Heewon-ah." Kim Dokja said trying to be encouraging. After all, in the novel Jung Heewon did graduate with a fairly high ranking.


"Thanks, I'm not really hopeful anyway." She said as if it was normal, she was pretty good at hiding her nervous feelings.


They arrived at the place where the notice board was, there was already surrounded by many participants who took the exam, some were screaming with joy and crying because they passed, And there were also those who screamed and cried sadly because they did not pass. That tense atmosphere somehow made Kim Dokja nervous too.


In the novel, Kim Dokja did not pass if only not because his father was a Grand Duke and entered him into the academy. This will be a change in his novel because Kim Dokja is sure he passed.


Kim Dokja pushed the crowd until he was in front of the writing exam notice board, forgetting Han Sooyoung and Jung Heewon who don't know where they are now. Currently he is busy looking for his name, at least 20 and under or under 50, he hoped to see his name there, but he did not find his name even after passing number 50. His heart skipped a beat every time he read one name after another, he was reading so fast that he felt dizzy. It's strange, he found the names Han Sooyoung and Jung Heewon...


But why didn't he find his name?


He panics in silence, his brain working so hard when reality slaps him that there is no name after he brought the number 100.


Has the novel's path not changed? He didn't pass? Does that mean his end will still happen? Why? Then why is he here now? What is he here for?


Then is there his name on the battle competition announcement board?


Kim Dokja read all the names on the other boards from 10-100 because maybe after his match with Yoo Jonghyuk he would have passed there.


But he did not find his name at all.


Does that mean he didn't pass?


He was confused, if in the end all his hard work would end up like in a novel ... Then why did he have to be here? Should he just die?


"What am I doing here ..." He muttered to himself, looking down at his feet with a blurry look, he was crying.


"Are you okay?" The sound made him startled and immediately wiped the tears that almost threatened to fall from his cheeks.


Kim Dokja looked up with a smile on his lips, his eyes closed due to the width of the smile he gave, he peeked from his long lashes, that person was a woman with brown hair, her hands raised to comb the side hair behind her ear.


"Are you crying because you are happy?" She asked, making Kim Dokja frown in annoyance.


Crying for joy? What the hell was she saying? Why did Dokja cry happily when his name wasn't there, was she trying to piss him off.


"I'm glad you passed Kim Dokja! Oh who is this?" Han Sooyoung came hugging Dokja's shoulder making a burden for him.


"Are you trying to show off ?!" Kim Dokja said pushing Han Sooyoung's hand away because she was too heavy. "How can you say that to me." He said in a trembling voice.


"Huh? What are you saying? You passed Dokja." Han Sooyoung said again, she was confused to see Dokja almost crying. why is he crying like a baby?


"But I didn't see my name there." Kim Dokja pointed to the front board, he was acting like a child now which made Han Sooyoung chuckle.


"Your name is there Dokja, is it necessary to enlarge your name so you can see it even from afar?" Han Sooyoung pointed up and made Kim Dokja follow her hand.


1. Kim Dokja


"HUH?! WHY IS MY NAME THERE?!" He suddenly screamed in surprise, which made everyone around him flinch too.


"Huh? Why are you so shocked? Don't tell me you didn't see your name up there? Seriously?" Han Sooyoung said with her hands covering her ears, well that was an amazing scream.


Kim Dokja turned away his flushed face, "I didn't think I would get first place." He muttered softly with pouted lips.


"Pfft— I'm sorry, but your face is very cute."


Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung turned to the brown haired woman earlier, they didn't think she was still there and noticed from the start.


"Ah! I'm sorry, how rude I am, My name is Yoo Sangah It's been a long time since I've wanted to meet you Kim Dokja." She greeted with a smile and a respectful bow.


Yoo? Is this one of the royal family? Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung looked at her confused, maybe she is Yoo Jonghyuk's sister?


"You must think that I belong to the royal family." She chuckled at the faces of the two people in front of him who looked confused. "Actually it is true, I am one of the royal family from the second concubine, the first princess Yoo Sangah, nice to meet you." She greeted more fully.


Kim Dokja remembered now, geez Yoo Sangah's name reminded him of his fellow employees, especially with the same face, this is an extraordinary coincidence.


Yoo Sangah in novels doesn't appear often, she is told to be very beautiful and smart, extraordinary elegance can make other people fall in love, she did not often attend the banquets that were held and never even celebrated her birthday, she preferred to celebrate it with her mother, the often neglected second concubine.


But strangely in the story she died without knowing the cause, whether she was poisoned or due to illness, it is still a mystery why she died in her room alone. When that scene happened, Kim Dokja even repeated the story many times to find out who made Sangah die. But Kim Dokja believes this happened because of her power that can see destiny.


Maybe Kim Dokja stared at her for too long to make Yoo Sangah stand up awkwardly, Kim Dokja immediately smiled when he found out she was uncomfortable to be stared at.


"Nice to meet you princess Yoo Sangah." Kim Dokja greeted him while bending down with his right hand in front of his chest and the other behind his waist.


"No no, no need to add princess, Yoo Sangah is enough." She said frantically, she raised her hand to shake.


"Okay, you can just call me Kim Dokja." Kim Dokja replied standing up straight with a smile and replied to Yoo Sangah's handshake.


Looking at Yoo Sangah's eyes next to him, Kim Dokja realized that Han Sooyoung was daydreaming in her place with her mouth open, it made Kim Dokja nudge his elbow to force Han Sooyoung's reverie.


"Why are you daydreaming stupid." Kim Dokja whispered looking at him with a sharp gaze.


"Sorry!" Han Sooyoung whispered back then returned to Yoo Sangah who smiled at her. "I'm Han Sooyoung, nice to meet you beautiful." She said to do a one-sided handshake.


Hearing a call name from Han Sooyoung made Yoo Sangah lower her head in embarrassment, while Kim Dokja gave her a strange look, It was a little strange when he heard her say that, well this might be the beginning of their relationship. Kim Dokja will cheer from behind.


Just imagining it makes Kim Dokja smile, it's not bad. This novel he will change the ending with all the characters who end up happily, that will be his goal now.


"Can you guys step aside?" A participant complained when he saw the three people blocking the board.


Ah yes they are still in front of the board, the three of them awkwardly left after apologizing for a while and went to the park chairs letting out light laughter when they didn't realize they had been blocking the way.


Soon Jung Heewon came to them with a face that glowed as if she had found a hidden treasure. She was running with glee and the academy uniform in his hands.


"What? You took your uniform without telling us? How bad you are." Han Sooyoung said with her pathetic dramatic acting.


"I'm sorry, I was too excited when I saw my name on the board." Jung Heewon smiled innocently feeling guilty because yesterday she had promised to take the uniform together.


"It's okay, we can go there together again." Kim Dokja replied, he smiled at Jung Heewon somehow feeling proud of her.


Han Sooyoung grinned when she saw Jung Heewon realized something.


"Kim Dokja ... Are you crying?" Jung Hee Won asked when he saw Dokja's puffy eyes.


Kim Dokja gasped and then looked away feeling ashamed of himself, how could he cry so easily when in his former world he never cried? This embarrasses him.


"Ah about that—" Han Sooyoung wanted to tell her everything but Kim Dokja immediately covered her mouth with his hand.


"Shut up, Han Sooyoung! Don't ever tell her!" Dokja said with a threatening look but Han Sooyoung could only laugh at the sight.


"Eh, why? I want to know!" Jung Heewon asked beggingly. Damn if she finds out then she will also make fun of Kim Dokja they both are the same.


Not wanting to be forced anymore, Kim Dokja left them with a stomping like a child going to the uniform collection area, ignoring Han Sooyoung's laughter from behind.


Kim Dokja frowned at how crowded the place was, given that he couldn't be pushed around Kim Dokja would have preferred to tour the academy.


"Student Kim Dokja." Someone calling made Kim Dokja turn to the teacher he met yesterday.


Wait, Kim Dokja just passed the exam, he hasn't entered the academy, why did he immediately call him a student.


Ugh, Kim Dokja lives in a novel world that is filled with beauty, why does everyone look pretty even sparkling in his eyes, the writer really likes pretty.


"Yes, what can I do for you?" Kim Dokja asked softly even though the teacher was frowning at him.


"Follow me." He said as he turned to step in front of him telling Kim Dokja to follow him behind.


Kim Dokja couldn't find anything why he was called, but he felt he had a bad feeling about this. Has anyone tried to accuse him of cheating during the written exam? Well no way, Who's trying to set him up anyway?


Let's just see what happens in the future.




"Why are you here?" Kim Dokja asked when he just entered the principal's room and saw Yoo Jonghyuk sitting on the sofa. Maybe this is what he called a bad feeling earlier.


The one being asked only turned his face unconcernedly, then Kim Dokja looked at the smiling principal at his desk, what is this? Why does he feel weird.


"Student Kim Dokja, please sit down." The principal said pointing to the sofa in front of Yoo Jonghyuk.


"Congratulations on passing your exams, it must be very difficult for you to get high ranks." He said proudly. Well, if you look at it from the Dokja side, it can be called easy. "And now I am summoning you because of the banquet for your acceptance into this academy."


Kim Dokja immediately remembered, this was when Yoo Jonghyuk got to know FL Lee Seolhwa. They were ranked high at the same time and would be ordered to lead this banquet. Ah shit, this will be troublesome since FL is in 3rd place, Dokja should have failed if he knew it would end like this.


"And I will let you take care of this banquet, enjoy your time." He said still with a smile, Wait, what's that short explanation?


Kim Dokja immediately stood up, "Wait a minute sir, shouldn't this be done with women and men? I don't want to participate in organizing the banquet." He said sternly.


"But you are the first rank, it is already the tradition of this academy to have the first and second rank lead the banquet." Principal answered no less firmly.


"No sir, I prefer that the lead is rank 2 and 3. I don't want to do it." Kim Dokja balked and didn't want to budge. This is a chance for Yoo Jonghyuk to meet FL.


This debate went on for so long, no one wanted to budge from them. It was even surprising that the headmaster didn't want to budge either, and it made Kim Dokja frustrated because the principal was very smart to silence him without a word.


"Yoo Jonghyuk! Do something! You definitely don't want to be paired with me right ?!" Kim Dokja looked at him beggingly, hoping the prince would reject the principal's offer.


"I do not care." Yoo Jonghyuk answered while looking away again, not wanting to look at Dokja's betrayal face.




"Then it's decided! Tonight you guys get ready to make speeches and lead this banquet." The principal stands clapping happily for his victory.


"You guys can go out now, see you in a week later." The principal said as Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk walked out of the room.


"Ah dam it! This is troublesome." Kim Dokja complained while scratching his head not knowing what to say at the banquet.


"Why don't you refuse? You should be with a woman who suits you!" Kim Dokja babbled about kicking off the wind and then sighed.


"Why do I have to be with a woman?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked in a low voice but Dokja could still hear him.


"Because you don't like men, you idiot!" Kim Dokja replied with a sullen step away to leave Yoo Jonghyuk, but he followed him. "Why are you following me?!"


"Why can't I follow you? Isn't this how you used to always follow me?" Yoo Jonghyuk is really weird today.


"That was then, now you can be free." Kim Dokja replied in frustration when dizziness was in his head.


When Kim Dokja was closing his eyes he immediately felt something slamming against the wall and when he opened his eyes, Jonghyuk's eyes were in front of him, he was trapped between the walls.


"What are you doing?" Kim Dokja frantically lowered his body down to escape past Jonghyuk's armpit, but his hand held his chin.


"Who released whom?" Jonghyuk's voice is deep and sexy, this damn protagonist. He grinned, "I'll make you feel how I used to feel when you kept bothering me."


Yep the goddamn protagonist, and stupid Kim Dokja. Now he will take revenge. Damn the old Kim Dokja. Just kill him now, dealing with the protagonist is very troublesome.


This is terrible, thought Kim Dokja.


Jonghyuk's grin disappeared when he saw the wound on Kim Dokja's cheek, his eyes narrowed with a frown on his forehead. It was too noticeable that Kim Dokja came to his senses and immediately covered his cheeks with his hands.


"Can you go? You're in my way." Kim Dokja said, his eyes plundering everywhere and didn't dare look Jonghyuk straight in the eye.


Jonghyuk's hand went up to remove Dokja's hand and then rubbed the wound on his cheek, making Kim Dokja gasped and shaking his hand.


"It hurts! Are you stupid or something?" Kim Dokja scowled, Feeling the stinging pain on his cheek, why did Jonghyuk press his wound?


"Who did this?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked, somehow his aura is scarier now, it's like he's going to kill Kim Dokja if he doesn't tell him.


"Why do I have to answer that?" Kim Dokja replied, well he did dare to fight even though his life was on the edge of a cliff, and knew that he didn't even know who it was that person who was after him.


Besides, he was hit by the attack. Why is it Jonghyuk who looks angry? This was no different from the ending that Dokja would have had, it might be even more terrifying than this. He also didn't know why his life was restless even though he tried.


"Just answer."


"I. do. not. want."


"Kim Dokja."


"Wh-why are you angry?" Kim Dokja's question made Yoo Jonghyuk speechless. "This is just a small wound." Kim Dokja said again, why do people panic so much with the small wound on his cheek?


Yoo Jonghyuk didn't move, it was Dokja's chance to run away from him. Passing through the gap of Jonghyuk's armature and running so fast disappeared from the hallway.


"That was close, I thought I was going to die."


But Yoo Jonghyuk's attitude towards him was really weird, why would he want to do that? Didn't he always dislike Kim Dokja or more like he hated him. This is so confusing, what does he want from him? Kim Dokja thought, maybe he should come up with a plan to keep Yoo Jonghyuk busy with FL.


Yep their ending has to stay the same.


"So you were here, here!" Han Sooyoung always found Kim Dokja anywhere. She threw the uniform at Dokja who immediately caught him. "You're welcome."


Kim Dokja saw the uniform with his name written on it, The design is very neat with a plain white shirt, along with a black bespoke suit and gray trousers. This was probably a formal dress rather than an academy uniform. But this is really cool for Dokja.


"I heard you'll be presiding over the banquet tonight." Yoo Sangah said right on target. How did she know? It was just discussed.


"Is that true? With whom?" Jung Heewon asked.


Kim Dokja didn't want to answer, "I don't know I don't want to think about that now." He said tiredly and went towards his dormitory.




Ah, how long has Kim Dokja been asleep? After he returned to the dormitory he was fast asleep, he looked at the window where the sky was already filled with golden light with the beautiful evening sun on the horizon.


"You can come out." Kim Dokja said, this is one of the reasons he woke up.


"Why are you so stubborn." The man appeared in front of Kim Dokja who was half conscious from his sleep.


Kim Dokja smiled subconsciously, "I told you, I'm very stubborn." He said. His eyes glanced at his sword which was behind the man, wondering if he had ever taken out his sword when the man suddenly attacked him.


The man was silent for a moment, "If you want to know why we are after you, come to this place at 2pm." He said he left a single note paper as he disappeared with the shadows. "You'd better think about your next move."


"Black market?" Kim Dokja read the writing on the paper, he crumpled it out of shape and threw it away. He doesn't need this.


The banquet was about to start, Dokja took his sweet time to shower and chose the clothes he would wear, thank goodness he brought a formal dress. He also never thought that he would lead the banquet, along with Jonghyuk.


This is weird, why doesn't he see Han Sooyoung now? Usually she would break down doors and grumble to pick out his clothes or how messy he was with his clothes. Is he in barrier magic now? Well it wasn't there when he opened the window.


Kim Dokja looked back at himself in the mirror, he put on his shoes and smoothed a little hair that closed his eyes. Feeling this was enough he opened the door to his dormitory.


"Kim Dokja."


"GAH! YOU SCARE ME!!" Kim Dokja jumped back, he didn't expect a bigger man in black in front of his room. "What are you doing here?"


He is Yoo Jonghyuk, for some reason Kim Dokja felt deja vu seeing him standing in front of his door. Why else is he here?


"I feel someone else's presence here." He said.


Kim Dokja frowned, ah maybe that guy was he talking about? Wait since when was he at the door? Wasn't he getting ready for so long?


"Maybe it's just your feelings." Kim Dokja replied that he shrugged his shoulders unknowingly.


Yoo Jonghyuk fell silent again, he might be said to be confused because his eyes roamed into Dokja's room. hey isn't that rude?


"Come on! The banquet is almost starting." Kim Dokja fixed his white coat and walked first, really he didn't want to be seen by other people walking with a prince.


Black market? Come to think of it, maybe Kim Dokja would check it out, and find the culprit of all this. He also didn't want to keep dealing with people he didn't know.



Chapter Text

Kim Dokja felt weird right now, no this was really weird. Why were the two of them standing in front of the ballroom entrance together? Moreover, why is he holding his hand?!


It's like the road to the wedding. Forget it.


"Why are we holding hands?" Kim Dokja asked, he couldn't even pull his own hand.


Yoo Jonghyuk turned to him, putting on a face as if that question was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. Kim Dokja doesn't know why this person is so handsome today? Well he is handsome every day.


Kim Dokja turned his face in disbelief at what he was thinking just now. He started cursing himself, he had promised not to be stunned by that face!


Dokja, he already has Lee Seolhwa! Kim Dokja thought reminded.


"Can't we?" Yoo Jonghyuk finally made a sound.


Kim Dokja heaved a sigh, regulating his strangely panting breaths. "Of course not, we're not a couple." He says.


"But you often want to hold my hand." Yoo Jonghyuk said flatly.


Kim Dokja withdrew his hand forcefully then snorted, "That was then, now I feel weird being held."


Yoo Jonghyuk didn't take his hand anymore which made Kim Dokja grateful as he didn't want to use his power just to push a prince, it's funny if he gets arrested for daring to push the crown prince.


The main door opened after confirming the presence of all guests, the banquet was very grand the entire wall was carved so beautifully lined with gold colored and beautiful glass chandeliers lined the ceiling. A long table of food cakes sits on the side near the wall leaving an empty space in the middle for dancing.


All attention immediately turned to the two of them who entered together, whisper after whisper spread across the silent banquet for an instant, Kim Dokja stood behind Yoo Jonghyuk watching him start his amazing speech, forget it, Kim Dokja glanced around the banquet looking for this world's FL.


Kim Dokja remembers her name is Lee Seolhwa, her face is so beautiful with white skin that matches her hair shining under the moonlight, Her smile was so warm and beautiful it made her eyes curve beautifully like a crescent moon. Jonghyuk then went to the garden because he was running away from the real Kim Dokja to ask him to dance until he met Seolhwa when she was standing under the moon and smiled at him, And that's what made Yoo Jonghyuk fall in love with her at first sight. Very cliché but sweet.


Kim Dokja didn't realize that Yoo Jonghyuk had finished his short speech until Jonghyuk had to grab his hand causing him to come back to his senses and instantly retract his hand again.


Kim Dokja glared at him which made Yoo Jonghyuk show a smug grin.


Luckily no one could see it because it was covered by a floor railing, Kim Dokja took a deep breath to calm himself not to hit this prince on the head. He stepped forward until all attention was on him, here he could clearly see who was at the banquet, he smiled before starting a short and clear speech.


"—I hope our days at this academy will be fun, and have a good time!" It was the end of his speech which was given a standing ovation.


Kim Dokja without saying anything to Yoo Jonghyuk immediately went down the stairs by himself and mingled with the crowd, he knew this was rude because they should have danced to the first song as an escort, but Kim Dokja was busy enough to find Lee Seolhwa and bring them together, had to go smoothly as planned if Kim Dokja was to live any longer.


"Yo Kim Dokja!" Han Sooyoung waved. By her side were Yoo Sangah and Jung Heewon in a beautiful dress. "Did you guys discuss wearing clothes in pairs?" She asked after Kim Dokja stood in front of her.


"You two looked good standing there earlier." Jung Heewon praised but somehow Kim Dokja was not happy with the compliment.


"Are you making fun of me?" Kim Dokja replied with an annoyed look.


"I don't think it's a joke, sir Dokja." Yoo Sangah said with a chuckle.


"I told you to just call me Kim Dokja, or just Dokja." Kim Dokja didn't want to be called politely because he wasn't used to hearing it. "Or do you want to use a polite word, Lady Sangah?" Kim Dokja asked with a smile that made Yoo Sangah embarrassed.


It's funny to see Princess Yoo Sangah has a shy personality.


"I think you're right." Yoo Sangah nodded in agreement. "Shouldn't you be dancing with him?" Yoo Sangah asked pointing with his eyes fixed behind Dokja.


Well, it's not that Kim Dokja doesn't know, he's been feeling the gazes coming from behind him ever since but he tried to ignore them, because he wasn't his dance partner in the first place.


It's like he wants to make a hole in Dokja's head, how can he stare like that, And how could he find him so easily in this crowd of people, he should have just worn blue clothes because white is very conspicuous.


"Hey Dokja, you know? Jung Heewon caught the attention of the Baron's son!" Han Sooyoung started the story while hiding behind Yoo Sangah when Jung Heewon wanted to catch her.


"The Baron's son? Which one?" Kim Dokja immediately joined in looking for the person in question when a large person approached them.


"Nah speaking of the Devil."


Kim Dokja even had to look up a little to see the Baron's Son, he seemed to have seen him before. Is he also a novel character? Remembering it again he just realized that posture, short black hair, big tall body and warm face with gentle eyes, He is Lee Hyunsung, the first son of Baron Lee. But Mr. Baron died during the war when Hyungsung was 9 years old, he was taught by his mother to be his father's heir and he will be promoted in the next 3 years, for being Yoo Jonghyuk's accomplice and protector.


He smiled, Dokja swears seeing the blush on his cheeks when his gaze fell on Jung Heewon. Love at first sight huh.


"May I dance with you, Lady Heewon?" He offered his hand, Kim Dokja couldn't help but gape in awe.


Kim Dokja had a bad feeling when Jung Heewon looked at him, before he could run away, Jung Heewon grabbed his arm.


"I'm sorry, but I promised to dance with him." Jung Heewon answered sadly, then pulled Dokja to the center of the ballroom.


"Why did you do that?!" Kim Dokja whispered as Jung Heewon put her hand on his shoulder to start dancing.


"I don't know! I don't like a noble!" Jung Heewon replied with a panicked face that she stepped on Dokja's feet by accident. "I'm sorry..."


Kim Dokja understands because Jung Heewon has no previous dance experience. Well him too but thanks to the real Kim Dokja he can move by instinct.


"Wait, but am I not also a noble?"


"You are different..."


"What's different?"


"Because if you do something wrong I can throw you straight away." She answered shamelessly. "Because you're smaller."


Kim Dokja was silent uninterested in her excuse, "What kind of excuse is that." Indirectly, Kim Dokja felt hurt to hear that.


Kim Dokja could see Hyungsung's face turning sad as he watched the two of them dance, Jung Heewon didn't seem to care about him, well Kim Dokja will also feel sad when he sees the sight of someone he likes dancing with other people.


"I think you match him very well." Kim Dokja spoke and Jung Heewon stepped on his feet on purpose. "Ah!"


"Don't say anything more." Jung Heewon threatened with his sharp gaze.


Kim Dokja chuckled, they danced in silence until the first music finished paying their last respects before they returned to the ballroom side. Han Sooyoung and Yoo Sangah dance in the middle of the room smile at each other and spin so beautifully.


If it was that easy for Kim Dokja, maybe he would also enjoy this banquet meeting someone he likes.


"Sir Lee Hyunsung seems to really like you, I don't think he has any bad intentions towards you, so you better think about not rejecting him, he's known to be very kind than me." Kim Dokja spoke while sipping his drink. Jung Heewon beside him looked like she felt guilty when she heard that.


"Did I do something wrong?" Jung Heewon asked, Kim Dokja didn't look at him but instead saw Lee Hyunsung across the dance floor alone.


"Why do you ask me? Take a look at him, like a dog waiting to be picked up by its master." Kim Dokja said, pointing at Hyunsung with his glass. "Try to ask him to dance, I'm sure he'll love it."


"Then what about you?"


"What about me? I'll eat here, I don't care about dancing." Kim Dokja answered, his hand that came out of nowhere was holding a plate of cake.


"Okay, I'll be back." Jung Heewon said then left Kim Dokja who could only smile at her.


"Don't come back." Kim Dokja said no matter who heard it, he felt like a goddess of love trying to unite them.


Kim Dokja leaned against the wall folding his arms while looking forward looking for Lee Seolhwa, in the novel Lee Seolhwa really doesn't like crowds. So Kim Dokja thought of going out looking for her.


"Sir Kim Dokja?"


Kim Dokja turned to the woman with wavy blonde hair, at first glance Kim Dokja thought she was an angel wearing her soft black dress. She smiled at him which made Kim Dokja feel weird seeing her, but he also returned her smile in a friendly manner.


"Yes it was me." Kim Dokja nodded at her. She screamed loudly while grabbing Kim Dokja's gloved hand.


"I'm Uriel! May I ask you something?!" She said excitedly swinging Kim Dokja's hand.


"S-sure, what do you want to ask?"


"Are you and prince Yoo Jonghyuk a couple?!" She asked with a glint in her eyes.


Kim Dokja choked on his own spit and coughed so dramatically, he didn't expect the question to come from someone like Uriel. In the novel Uriel is one of Yoo Jonghyuk's partners who is very strong, she is known as someone who can execute demons alone, she is also called an angel in a demon mask.


"Of course not." Kim Dokja answered awkwardly.


"Really? I'm sorry for being rude." Uriel looked down like she couldn't believe my words she looked at me again silently then sighed. She's really hard to understand. "Maybe I should ask the prince." She muttered to herself then left after saying her greetings to Dokja.


Forget it, Kim Dokja thought, he doesn't care what Uriel thinks about him.




Kim Dokja stared in awe at the clock tower that stood right under the moon, above which was where Yoo Jonghyuk fell in love with Lee Seolhwa. Kim Dokja could guess why Jonghyuk fell in love at first sight, if only Dokja didn't know Seolhwa was Jonghyuk's partner in the novel he would also fall in love with her.


There weren't many people passing by, and Seolhwa liked this place so much, she stood on the balcony of the clock tower right where she could see the round view of the moon.


Kim Dokja stepped open the tower door to see a high spiraling staircase, he suddenly forgot to think there would be an elevator that would take him up. He sighed and took his sweet time climbing the stairs one by one.


Looking at the end of the stairs and the open door, Kim Dokja could feel the wind blowing from there, he walked towards the half-opened door, It is beautiful. A woman in a pastel blue dress stood there facing the moon, the wind blowing her white hair gracefully. Kim Dokja remained silent in front of the door without intending to enter, he thought not to disturb her, but she seemed to have noticed his presence.


"Who are you?" She turned around elegantly, Kim Dokja could now see her face clearly, her hair completely white as snow and long and shining in the moonlight, and her lips were like red flowers on a snowy mountain. Dokja could understand Jonghyuk's taste.


Kim Dokja came out of hiding, ah he didn't hide from the start. He smiled looking at FL greeting her respectfully.


"I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone was here. I'll be leaving soon." Kim Dokja said he intended to turn around but the door was locked. Wait did he close the door?


"Ah I forgot to tell you, the door is broken and if closed it will be difficult to open from here." She said but didn't seem bothered by this.


Kim Dokja sighed, how could he be so stupid? In the novel there is also a scene like this, Jonghyuk enjoys his time staring at Seolhwa's beauty until the tower guard arrives. And what is he doing here? It should be Jonghyuk who is here.


The clock shows 12 to 10 minutes, Kim Dokja must get out of here as soon as possible because he also has to go to the black market at 2 o'clock. Huh how busy he is.


"Why don't we enjoy the breeze tonight?" She offered with a smile. Well Kim Dokja couldn't refuse her request because it would be rude if he just left.


Kim Dokja stood beside her, a short distance away from her, he was silent, emptying his mind for a moment. He could have used his strength to jump from here, but there was no way he would leave Lee Seolhwa.


"You were the one giving the speech, weren't you? May I know your name?" She spoke while brushing her hair which tickled her face.


"My name is Kim Dokja the eldest son of Grand Duke Hades." Kim Dokja bowed like a gentleman.


She also bowed, one hand pulling her dress the other against her chest, "Nice to meet you, my name is Lee Seolhwa the only child of Viscount Lee." She smiled gently as she stood up straight looking at him.


He smiled as well, making his eyes curve beautifully, "Nice to meet you Lady Seolhwa."


"I see, I seem to have heard a false rumor." Lee Seolhwa said.


"Rumors?" Well Kim Dokja has a lot of rumors so he doesn't know what rumors she heard.


She chuckled when she saw Kim Dokja's awkward confused face, she shook his head, "It's okay Sir Dokja, the rumors are not true." She said as if she wanted to calm Kim Dokja down.


"What kind of rumors did you hear?" Kim Dokja asked curiously.


"Well they say Kim Dokja is the son of the Grand Duke is very disrespectful and he is very crazy about crown prince Yoo Jonghyuk." She replied with a chuckle in contrast to the increasingly awkward Kim Dokja.


Well the rumors are true!


"But here he is, smiling so pretty and not looking after the crown prince." She continued with a gentle gaze towards Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja just gave a small laugh, then they looked back at the moon, silence enveloped their atmosphere of comfortable silence. Lee Seolhwa didn't say anything else after that, the cold night made her body shiver, Kim Dokja thoughtlessly took off his coat and put it on Seolhwa's small shoulder, even when he himself couldn't stand the cold either.


The echo of the tower clock sounded indicating that it was 12 o'clock. Kim Dokja immediately turned around feeling a strange air coming out of the door. He don't know what's in there but inside he seemed to be screaming to get out of there.


He reflexively jumped from the balcony which surprised Lee Seolhwa screaming his name. He ran away after the door opened a little and hadn't even seen who opened it.


This was also the perfect time to go to the black market, he didn't know how many hours it would take to get there. He returned to the dormitory to change into his clothes and put on a hooded robe. Walking as fast as the wind out of the academy past the gatekeepers who were in a daze with the wind rushing at them all of a sudden.


It's still 12 o'clock, he can't wait any longer to get there quickly. He also wanted to meet someone there.




"Kim Dokja! I know you're there." Yoo Jonghyuk opened the door with a slam, then was surprised to see a woman standing alone in a white coat belonging to Dokja.


Well, it is impossible for Dokja to turn into a woman.


"Where's Dokja?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked her.


"I don't know." Lee Seolhwa replied annoyed. "He just jumped."


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned at Dokja's white coat that fit perfectly on the woman's shoulders. "Give me that." He ordered.


Seolhwa frowned, "Why did I give this to you? He gave this to me because I was cold." She explained holding the coat tightly until it hugged her body tightly.


Jonghyuk was silent for a moment before he finally took off his coat and gave it to Seolhwa, she confusedly looked at the coat then returned to Jonghyuk's gaze.


"What's this for?" She asked.


"Put this on and give me the coat." He replied in a cold tone, staring blankly at Seolhwa like he wasn't interested at all.


Seolhwa really didn't understand what the crown prince was thinking to the point where he wanted to take Dokja's coat so badly. Was the rumor wrong? The truth is that it was the crown prince who was after Sir Dokja?


That could be, otherwise why is he so eager to meet Dokja and so angry to take his coat.


Not wanting to deal any further, Seolhwa took the black coat and handed Jonghyuk a white Dokja coat which immediately revealed a small smile that quickly disappeared.


"How do I return this coat?" Lee Seolhwa screamed as Jonghyuk walked away from her.


"I don't need that anymore." Jonghyuk answered then disappeared from behind the door.


"That's very rude." Seolhwa muttered frowning disapprovingly.




Kim Dokja ended up in a fairly large village, the place was also not far from the academy he walked there remembering the hidden place he read about in the novel.


In a village located not far from the academy, on his journey to escape from the killer who was after him, Yoo Jonghyuk walked to a remote and cramped place, it was so dark, he bravely stepped inside hoping the place could hide him from pursuit. He sighed as the noise reached his ears, His eyes opened with a black sight that was fading away. It was surprising to know there was a place like this in this unknown village. It's a black market.


He could see 3 places that matched the description in the novel, Kim Dokja used the wind as his guide, the wind spread over the three places. Dokja's wind is like him, he can feel what the wind feels and it makes it easier for him to find something or if he gets lost he will easily find a way out. He didn't feel anything on the 2nd street, and until he felt strange when the wind suddenly became confused on the 3rd street.


Bingo, he found it.


The wind immediately showed a small vortex like a string of threads leading to where it found it. Kim Dokja stepped steadily, the sword he held firmly to stay alert, it's the middle of the night so his steps don't make a sound at all when passing the building where the residents are sleeping.


"Wow isn't this like being in a horror movie." Kim Dokja whistled when he reached his destination.


Kim Dokja was standing in front of an alley not far away, seeing it was true that the place was so dark it even gave him goosebumps, the place also feels hot and stuffy.


He stepped forward to forget his fear and penetrated into the darkness. It was very dark and stuffy, in a moment Kim Dokja seemed to be transported to a bumpy place, he felt intoxicated as his vision was getting better and better, noises he could hear and torchlights circled the walls and illuminated every shabby stall.


Kim Dokja turned around and found a wall behind him, exactly as described in the novel. He opened his pocket watch which showed it was 1 pm he still had an hour left to meet the robed man.


Kim Dokja lowered his hood further so that only part of his face was visible, he stepped boldly while walking around the stalls that caught his attention.


"Is there anything that catches your attention sir?" A mysterious salesman asked while Kim Dokja was looking around.


"No, I'll be passing—" Kim Dokja's eyes widened at something extraordinary.


Phoenix Murky blood.


"Wait, what is this?" Kim Dokja with a serious face asked the seller.


The seller sighed harshly, not interested in the items that Dokja pointed at. "Just useless stuff." He replied with another sigh.


"How many?"


"Wait what? Are you serious about buying this? It's a useless item." The seller was confused when Kim Dokja started to issue gold coins.


"Just tell me how much it costs." Kim Dokja demanded, leaning against the table slightly looking down.


The salesman clicked his tongue, "Alright alright! 3 gold coins and take it!" He answered.


Kim Dokja silently smirked, tossed 3 gold coins and took the item happily. He stowed it straight into his robe pocket and continued on his way.


Phoenix Murky Blood was a rare item in the next 2 years after knowing what it contained. Kim Dokja felt lucky to find the item here, he was sure this item would be of use to him when fighting Yoo Jonghyuk.


This Phoenix Blood from the beginning no one understood how to use it, even though this item was called a legend. This item can revive you when you burn to death, the user will also have Phoenix blood after he is revived and will be immune to fire.


Well this is Kim Dokja's luck.


"Excuse me." Kim Dokja turned around when someone called out to him. "Are you new here?" He asked.


Kim Dokja looked him up and down, his height not reaching his neck. His hair is messy and dirty, He had a small horn sticking out of his forehead, nor did his clothes look like anything worth wearing.


Oh this is what he was looking for.


"Could you stop by my shop?" He asked.


Kim Dokja got goosebumps slightly when his eyes met his, he had a sharp gaze, black eyes and red pupils.


He is a Goblin or can be called a Dokkaebi, look how he bewitches himself to look so pathetic and pitiful. Kim Dokja smirked.


"You can't lie to me." Kim Dokja said on his hips looking down condescendingly. "You're a dokkaebi aren't you?"


His eyes widened with a sharp frown on his forehead he growled at Dokja.


Kim Dokja pinched his chin thinking, "But I don't mind coming to your shop." He smiled until his eyes formed a curved line.




"Come in." 


Kim Dokja looked all over the place, the shop is indeed small and not many people visit or even none at all, the place is a bit messy and dusty but valuable items are neatly arranged, shelves are also arranged according to price. A decent place to sell.


"So what are you looking for?" He asked while standing behind the counter snapping his fingers and his appearance changed to a cleaner one.


"Bihyung." Kim Dokja called out while looking at the shelf beside him.


Hearing his name, the Dokkaebi was so shocked that he hit his feet on the table. "HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" He asked surprised.


Kim Dokja jolted shut his mouth tightly, he slipped out.


"Forget how I got your name."


"How could I forget it? Are you a stalker?!"


"Hell no."


"Bihyung, do you have this item?" Kim Dokja placed his note on the counter to let the Dokkaebi read it.


"Hmm... Why are you looking for this strange item?" Bihyung asked curiously.


Kim Dokja smirked, "Are you curious?" He asked disdainfully.


"No I'm not at all." Bihyung turned his face away with a small snort.


"It can increase your strength by 90%"


Hearing that information Bihyung immediately turned around with wide eyes, "Are you stupid?! This stuff can't even be put together." He says.


"You just don't know how to use it tch." Kim Dokja rolled his eyes while snorting.


"What did you say?! I've tried it before and failed!" 


"That means you lack understanding." Kim Dokja scoffed.


Bihyung gritted his teeth to keep from kicking him out. He then smirked. "Well let's see what progress you'll make." He said arrogantly.


Kim Dokja grabbed the bag containing what he asked for then replied with a smile, "You just wait, because I'm good I'll give you one later." He says throw some gold coins then leaves.


"Ignorant boy." Bihyung muttered.




"So you're here." Kim Dokja stepped closer to a man who was quite familiar.


Just in time, Kim Dokja came at 2 o'clock and he was already at the end of the black market to meet the man standing waiting for him.


"You chose to come huh."


"Of course, I'm quite curious what made you so attracted to me." Kim Dokja smirked at his provocation.


"You have to come with us if you want to find out." He says. And without Dokja knowing, he was surrounded.


Ah yes, of course this is a trap. Kim Dokja is stupid.



Chapter Text

Yoo Jonghyuk always thought before, that person is so annoying, boring and disgusting. He gave him such a disgusting look, he was always patient because he was the son of the Grand Duke so he just ignored him or even gave hurtful words to him.


But don't know what possessed him, he instantly changed his character in front of him. When he first met him at His Majesty's birthday banquet he looked like a complete stranger.


And the harsh words that he mentioned during the fire incident, Jonghyuk didn't know what happened at that time, he was so shocked he didn't know when the person left his grip.


"Realease your hand and get lost! You son of a bitch!"


Jonghyuk remembers Kim Dokja very well, he understands what Kim Dokja wants he is like knowing everything about him. But suddenly he was like that, the look of admiration was no longer visible in his pupils, his smile was no longer as bright as it used to be when he was hugging his arm, it changed only in the near future.


What happened to him to turn into such a stranger?


Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't help but think of the man as he walked out of the banquet hall carrying someone in his arms, then threw it at him.


"Maybe he has the antidote." He says.




Yoo Jonghyuk stared at his own hands as he realized what he just wanted to do.


I wanted to call him earlier? Jonghyuk thought in disbelief, he then looked at the man's back. He couldn't stop thinking what had happened to him, what made him change so drastically?


So Yoo Jonghyuk just waited, waited and waited. Thinking he would return to his usual self, Always checking the letters sent to him thinking that he sent him a letter and an explanation of why he is behaving strangely, he also often goes to the gates of his palace monitor if he comes?


Unknowingly he was always thinking about him, and he couldn't shake the thought when he was so curious about what happened to Kim Dokja. He even asked someone to monitor Kim Dokja's movements and find out what happened before the banquet was held.


"A week before the banquet he was found unconscious from drinking poison, the doctor said he would not survive but after 2 days in a coma he came back very well, The doctor also said that he found no fault in his body, he is fine."


Yoo Jonghyuk was silent reading the report he asked for, his messenger also explained in full. He didn't find any strange movements from Kim Dokja or he didn't even look out of the mansion for a few days.


"You're fired." Yoo Jonghyuk said.


Yoo Jonghyuk continued to read Kim Dokja's report thinking that something was missing but he didn't find anything out of the ordinary everything seemed fine. This frustrates him, is he that obsessed with him? Since when did he become concerned about him?


"Oppa." Yoo Mia barged into his study with a happy face.


Yoo Jonghyuk smiled at her stroking her head as she hugged him. "I see, it seems that today you look very happy, is there something?" He asked.


"Well you know Oppa? My friends Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung, I found out that they live with unnie.. ah I mean Dokja Oppa." Yoo Mia shared that she looked panicked when she slipped. "And I want to visit there!" She continued while showing the letter she received with the Grand Duke's insignia stamped.


Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed the letter, read it silently then looked back at his sister, "So?"


"I ask your permission to go there! I can't go alone can I?" Yoo Mia answered with a frown on her forehead.


Yoo Jonghyuk thought for a moment, this might be a good opportunity for him he also has a reason to visit Grand Duke Hades mansion. Then he nodded and took his sister with him to Grand Duke Hades' Underworld realm.


The journey didn't take long because Yoo Jonghyuk chose to use teleportation magic and saw how happy Yoo Mia was when they arrived at the main gate of the Grand Duke's mansion. From a distance he could see two children running across the yard to pick up Yoo Mia, leaving him standing not knowing what to do.


"I will prepare a place for you, Your Majesty, this way please." One of the maids greeted him and took him inside the mansion, and prepared tea for him. "Call me if you want anything." She says.


"Where's Dokja?" Yoo Jonghyuk immediately asked making the maid flinch.


"Young master seems to be in his library again." She replied still hunched over not daring to look Yoo Jonghyuk in the eye directly as the atmosphere turned uncomfortable.


"Can you call him?" A cold voice rang out, again making the maid flinch.


"I will, Your Majesty." She bowed deeper then left him.


Yoo Jonghyuk waited so long that even the prepared tea was finished and cooled down, until the maid returned again with her gaze fixed on the floor.


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned when he didn't find Kim Dokja with him. "Where is he?" He asked coldly.


Seeing how the maid was shaking in fear, Yoo Jonghyuk sighed then stood up which made the maid step back in fear. "I-I'm sorry your highness, young master can't be bothered at this time."


Yoo Jonghyuk's left eyebrow twitched, he couldn't believe Kim Dokja would ignore him, even usually Yoo Jonghyuk avoided this place because he knew he would be stuck with him all day when he visits.


"Lead the way." Yoo Jonghyuk said.


The maid immediately took him to the library which was very far from where he had been. The maid said goodbye after they arrived at the large brown wooden door that was believed to be the library. Yoo Jonghyuk saw that the door was half open he could also hear Kim Dokja's voice inside talking to someone.


His hand stopped on the doorknob when he heard his name called.


"Dokja, are you sure? I heard Yoo Jonghyuk is here." His friend said.


"So what?" Kim Dokja replied sounding disinterested.


"Wha- you would normally run right after hearing this." 


"And why should I care about that?"


"Because you're so in love with him."


"No, I don't feel that anymore."


"Seriously Dokja? Why did you suddenly change?"


Yoo Jonghyuk gripped the doorknob he also wanted to hear that, why did he suddenly change? He could hear Dokja's sigh then he said.


"Han Sooyoung... Maybe you don't believe in this love, but I can't keep chasing it when I know there's no change at all, he doesn't like me, so I have to stop my steps to make him like me, I already know it will be useless. The fact that I'm the only one who likes him it will hurt me again. So I prefer to quit, I also can't get him to like me. And I don't like him anymore." Kim Dokja explained so completely that it even made his friend speechless.


Yoo Jonghyuk was also silent, he let go of the doorknob, his mind wandered somewhere. Everything Kim Dokja said sounded so resigned and sad, This was also because he never thought Kim Dokja would feel hurt by it.


He gritted his teeth and left the place not choosing to go inside.




And just like that a week passed, Yoo Jonghyuk tried to get rid of his thoughts about Kim Dokja but he couldn't even after he went to the academy for the entrance exam. It's strange because he should focus on his exams but the thought of Kim Dokja sitting not far from him distracted him and so kept staring at him openly thinking he would feel it.


He also cheated for ruining the opponent's draw, where he was able to fight Kim Dokja, he himself didn't understand why he did that when he saw Kim Dokja's opponent who was not suitable for him.


The corners of Yoo Jonghyuk's lips twitched when he saw the nervous Kim Dokja staring at him, their match was about to start, he thought of words to cheer him up but he wasn't good at saying that, so when he walked over.


"Prepare yourself." And just walk away.


Jonghyuk watched the first match to the end, until when it was time for him to leave he didn't see Kim Dokja behind him. He turned and saw him with someone else.


Who is he? He thought annoyed clenching his teeth, wondering if it was because of that person that Kim Dokja had turned away from him.


He didn't know what he was feeling in his chest right now, he seemed to be angry, disappointed, and annoyed especially when Dokja's hand was touched by that person making him frown even more. He stepped quickly towards the two of them, his eyes fixed on Dokja's trembling body and his face which turned pale as the person drew nearer to him, Yoo Jonghyuk patiently stood there staring intently at the person he didn't know and he didn't bother to find out.


"What are you doing?" He said coldly, his golden eyes shining in the shadow of his hair.


Yoo Jonghyuk felt a little happy when he was taller than that person, so he could stare condescendingly.


"Who are you? Why are you bothering me?"


Yoo Jonghyuk turned to Kim Dokja completely ignoring the person. "Kim Dokja, do you want to run away?" He fell silent thinking about the meaning of what he just said.


"Wh-what?" Kim Dokja became stuttered and confused, it made Yoo Jonghyuk think that he was funny.


He smirked, "You're too scared of me so you're going to run away?" Yoo Jonghyuk could see Dokja's body stopped shaking his face turned dumbfounded at his words.


He smiled stiffly, "Right now I want to hit your head." He answered while glaring.


Yoo Jonghyuk smiled widely holding back his laughter when the gaze turned out to be cute for him. He grabbed Dokja's hand pulling him away from the person he had been ignoring for a long time. He brought Dokja to the center of the arena and released his grip on his hand, glancing inside the waiting area with a slight grin as the man became speechless.


And just like that, the match started. Yoo Jonghyuk discovered new things he had never seen from Kim Dokja. He is unique, smart, cunning and strong, Yoo Jonghyuk became excited when he even flustered to attack. It's a new experience for him when the opponent can confuse him, he can't read Dokja's movements at all. Why did he hide his talent until now?


Yoo Jonghyuk often thought Kim Dokja was just a troublesome kid who couldn't do anything but tease him.


Without him knowing the entire arena was being damaged by their clashing forces, he could feel the heat of the fire and the cooling wind at the same time. He couldn't finish this if he didn't bring out his full strength, he prepared his next attack when the teacher stopped the match.


It was too slow because Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't stop his attack when it was already aiming for Kim Dokja. He almost shouted Kim Dokja's name to get out of the explosion but as if his throat was cut he couldn't make a sound.


He heaved a sigh of relief when a strange electricity came out to stop the explosion, and Kim Dokja survived. Damn he was too excited and used almost all his strength.


But when he heard the principal that Kim Dokja had not used his full power he was shocked and angry, grabbing Dokja by the collar thinking that Kim Dokja was underestimating him. But he let it go when he heard Kim Dokja's reasons for him, well that makes sense.


And with that Yoo Jonghyuk thought to keep following Kim Dokja because he wanted to know what he was doing and maybe get to see his full power.


It was night when he wanted to return to his room which happened to be on the same floor as Dokja's, he saw the person who had annoyed him standing in front of Dokja's room. It's just, who the hell is he? Why is he always after Kim Dokja?


He stepped in and glared at the person. Now he remembered when he saw his face closely, he was the prince of the winterland capital Cheon Inho.


"Why you are here?" Cheon Inho asked annoyed.


"Get lost." Yoo Jonghyuk replied without allowing any rebuttal, He grabbed his sword threatening to slash him.


Cheon Inho clicked his tongue in anger but he relented and left him.


And when Yoo Jonghyuk took off his sword, the bedroom door opened, Kim Dokja was standing there with a confused face and Yoo Jonghyuk was just silent as if he was caught stealing something.


"What are you doing here?"


Yoo Jonghyuk was silent and instead followed him to the dorm kitchen to get cake. He also got the answer of why Cheon Inho followed Dokja continuously which made him clenched his teeth.


How dare he bother Dokja, he thought.


Yoo Jonghyuk also refused the offer to enter Dokja's room, he had something to do so he left after seeing Kim Dokja enter his room.




He had just left the place for a while and he already saw Cheon Inho standing beside Dokja's bed. What does he really want? Yoo Jonghyuk violently tugged at the back of his collar, pulled him out of the room. Somehow he was now very angry.


Before Cheon Inho turned towards him, Yoo Jonghyuk slashed his right eye causing him to scream. Knowing that he was going to build people up in the dormitory, Yoo Jonghyuk cast a barrier magic, so no one will be able to hear him scream.


He ran down the hall, seeing him run so scared like a pig made Yoo Jonghyuk grin. He walked slowly because the night still had a long time, he wouldn't be able to get out of here anyway.


He scared Cheon Inho until he gave in to making him do what he wanted.


"Yes! Anything! I'll do whatever you want!" He exclaimed in a trembling voice, this kind of person being Kim Dokja's fiancé? This man is so pathetic.


Yoo Jonghyuk smirked with the moonlight shining on part of his face, he said. "Stay away from Kim Dokja or I will kill you." 


After that Yoo Jonghyuk canceled the barrier magic and let Cheon Inho escape from his grip, he was still quite useful later.




The next day Yoo Jonghyuk saw his ranking in second place, while Kim Dokja was above him, he had thought that he would be the first place, it was really surprising when a stupid kid was ranked first in an academy that was famous for being strict.


In the end he accepted it, their test scores weren't that far off after all. He went to pick up his uniform and met the great teacher he saw yesterday.


"Follow me." She said with an air of intimidation.


Yoo Jonghyuk looked at him doubtfully, did this teacher already know what he did last night? Or did Cheon Inho report to the teachers? As a result he followed his teacher without saying anything.


He sat when told to, waiting there as the headmaster waited for someone, staring intently at the innocent teacup on his front desk. And he immediately looked up when the door opened again revealing Kim Dokja standing with a confused face.


"Why are you here?" He asked, but Yoo Jonghyuk just looked away, he didn't even know why he was summoned here.


When Kim Dokja sat down, the principal briefly explained why the two of them were summoned. Yoo Jonghyuk had no problem but Kim Dokja insisted on changing his partner or he would prefer not to follow, hearing them exchange opinions made Yoo Jonghyuk frown in displeasure.


Then Kim Dokja looked at him, "Yoo Jonghyuk! Say something! You don't want to be my partner, do you?"


"I don't mind at all." Yoo Jonghyuk ignored Kim Dokja's face which changed like he saw a traitor.


After his answer Kim Dokja said nothing as the two didn't mind and the principal sent them out after another brief explanation.


Kim Dokja shouted in annoyance after they left the principal's office, Yoo Jonghyuk didn't say anything when Kim Dokja continued to scold him.


"Why don't you refuse?! You should be with the woman who suits you!" Kim Dokja shouted while kicking the air.


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned in displeasure,

"Why do I have to be with a woman?"


"Because you don't like men, you idiot!" Kim Dokja replied with a sullen step away to leave. But Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't just let it go. "Why are you following me?!"


"Why can't I follow you? Isn't this how you used to always follow me?" Yoo Jonghyuk answered with a tilted head.


"That was then, now you can be free." Kim Dokja replied.


Yoo Jonghyuk frowned again and slammed Kim Dokja against the wall, staring at his face which he just realized that Dokja has smooth white skin and cherry red lips. Yoo Jonghyuk swallowed his own saliva not knowing what prompted him to want to touch those sweet lips.


"What are you doing?!"


"Who released whom?" He grinned, "I'll make you feel how I used to feel when you kept bothering me." He was just thinking about those words, maybe it would be funny if Dokja treated him the way he used to.


Yoo Jonghyuk immediately pouted when he saw the scar on Dokja's cheek, he raised his hand to touch his cheek but Kim Dokja avoided his hand.


He frowned, "Who did this?" He asked while wondering if Cheon Inho did it, but that was impossible because he had already made sure Cheon Inho left.


But Kim Dokja diverted his attention and instead ran away from his grasp, Yoo Jonghyuk was silent staring at the little back away from him, he didn't chase after him because maybe Kim Dokja would feel uncomfortable about it.


Yoo Jonghyuk went to prepare a banquet tonight and prepared a horse carriage for him to return to the capital, because the start of learning would start in a week. Without him noticing the sky had turned orange with a layer of golden pink, he walked back to his room through the hallway of Dokja's room until he sensed the presence of someone with a terrifying aura coming from Dokja's room, he held his sword which was always at his waist. He wasn't sure if it belonged to Dokja or the person who infiltrated? He couldn't open the door right away because it was locked, nor could he use his powers or else he would burn the whole place down. He raised his sword holding hand intending to damage the door with his sword but the bedroom door opened first.


"Kim Dokja." He called.


"GAH! YOU SCARED ME!" He shouted as he jumped back, Yoo Jonghyuk kept his sword back, looked around Dokja's room and found nothing even the aura he had not felt before, was he wrong?


"I sense someone else's presence here." Yoo Jonghyuk said.


"Maybe it's just your feeling."


But Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't believe it, he looked back into the room and found nothing when Kim Dokja pushed him out again.


The two of them were standing in front of the door, Jonghyuk grabbed Kim Dokja's hand when he unconsciously gripped it tightly so he wouldn't run away again. He realized that Dokja's hands fit perfectly on his palms, and he could feel the warmth through the gloves that separated them.


"Why are we holding hands?" He asked and made Yoo Jonghyuk glare at him, why did he ask something that had a definite answer?


"Can't we?"


He retracted his hand which made Yoo Jonghyuk pout looking at his own hand feeling a chill. He entered after the door opened, lazily made the first opening and began his speech which was swift, he didn't need to say much. He turned around after he finished staring at Kim Dokja deep in his mind, he called his name twice then grabbed his hand which made Kim Dokja flinch funny. He smirked at his reaction, Kim Dokja stiffly withdrew his hand again glaring at Jonghyuk while taking a step forward and starting his speech.


Yoo Jonghyuk kept staring at Kim Dokja's back, he was wearing a white formal attire, a black shirt and a white coat with a beautiful silver trim on the collar, she also wore a white corset under her coat, a silky white scarf waving down her back. It is beautiful.


Jonghyuk broke his daydream when applause was heard he looked at Dokja thinking about asking him to dance first but Dokja immediately ran away from him again, leaving him in a state of confusion.


He descended the stairs alone which was immediately greeted by people trying to get his first dance, Yoo Jonghyuk just expressionlessly turned his head away, and turned to the man in white clothing that shone under the golden chandelier.


"Your Majesty the prince, will you dance with me?" One of the nobles greeted him, but Yoo Jonghyuk didn't listen to her.


Yoo Jonghyuk was surrounded by people seeking his attention, whether it was asking for a dance or praising his appearance, he couldn't get close to Kim Dokja when he started dancing with other women. He was staring intently at the woman dancing with Dokja, he couldn't remember ever meeting her or even seeing her with Dokja before. Or did he forget something?


Ah she's the one who approached Dokja during a competition match. Who is she?


He didn't remember how long he had been standing around these people? Until he lost Kim Dokja, he didn't find him anywhere. Immediately he panicked where did that person go? Until a woman with blonde hair made the people leave.


"Don't bother the crown prince if you still want to go to school!" She is Uriel the daughter of a school principal who is famous for being strict.


Those people immediately dispersed from Yoo Jonghyuk's sight but now Uriel was in his way.


Jonghyuk frowned, "What are you doing?" He asked.


"Crown prince Yoo Jonghyuk." Jonghyuk flinched when the call was so complete. "I have a question for you." She said with a serious face that made Yoo Jonghyuk think what question made her look serious.


"What is your relationship with sir Dokja?" She asked in a whisper.


"What?" Yoo Jonghyuk frowned in confusion, "We don't have any relationship." He answered while turning his face away again to look for Kim Dokja.


"Oh i see..." She said but his face said something else, for some reason Yoo Jonghyuk felt danger from her as she smiled widely.


When she was in her own world, Yoo Jonghyuk immediately left the banquet because maybe Kim Dokja went out to get some wind, he stepped into the flower garden but there was already filled with couples enjoying the beautiful shining moon, When he thought Kim Dokja was back in the dormitory he looked at the clock tower and saw Kim Dokja with someone else smiling. Who else is she? Why is Kim Dokja surrounded by women?


He ran to catch up to Kim Dokja but when he arrived he didn't find him there except for a beautiful woman wearing a coat, somehow he felt angry when he saw the coat wrapped around the woman's shoulders. He insisted on asking for the coat but the woman insisted on having it.


Does she like Kim Dokja? Why would she want to wear that coat?


"Take this." Yoo Jonghyuk ended up giving her his black coat, although there was a bit of an argument that she ended up swapping it out. He breathed a sigh of relief, smiling at his victory in getting the Dokja coat.


He immediately went back after getting what he wanted, returned to Kim Dokja's dormitory thinking of returning his coat, but inside his room he found no one. He searched the room, from the bed, bathroom and various places and found no one, but the window was open, he walked to the balcony of the room and felt a cool breeze. He intended to go back to his room because maybe Kim Dokja was somewhere else but his foot stepped on something, He grabbed it and opened the broken note with the words 'Black market' written on it.


He looked back at the open window, looking at him with a surprised look. Did Dokja go out? To the black market? He jumped from the balcony summoning his horse and galloped out of the academy at full speed.


"Kim Dokja.. just what the hell are you up to?" He muttered.




Now Kim Dokja was trapped in a powerful space-limiting magic so he couldn't escape from here. But strangely he didn't feel panic when those people started attacking him, he was so relaxed as if he knew he would get out of here fine.


The tip of the spear slipped behind him making him jump sideways while the other person almost caught his back, Kim Dokja swung his hand making a strong wind throw the person. He drew his sword lifting it when another attack came towards him, several people wanted to sneak up again from behind him the sword pierced his robe when he just in time dodged, No, wait.


Kim Dokja's hand stopped when the sword nearly slashed the neck of one of the attackers, he tightened his grip on the sword and preferred to kick the person. He's not used to killing yet.


It's a little unsettling when Kim Dokja refrains from killing because he's not used to it and is afraid of ending up nauseous. He used his strength again to find a way out.


"Isn't ten against one a bit of a cheat? What if I join in?."


Wait, how did he get into this magic space barrier?!




Chapter Text

Kim Dokja stopped in his tracks to see that someone who crossed the magic barrier like that was nothing, he was carrying a wand along his body with gold lining, his hair is very beautiful with a light blonde color and sky blue eyes.


The magic barrier can indeed be penetrated from the outside but it is very difficult to find the presence of this magic, in the novel only 2 people can easily feel the presence of the barrier magic, The protagonist and another one is...


"Sun Wukong?" Kim Dokja mumbled as he immediately bit his lip for calling him by his name because they don't necessarily know each other right?


Wukong's ears move, he has sharp hearing even in the commotion the assassins made he can still hear even the smallest sound including Kim Dokja when calling his name, He turned to Dokja narrowed his eyes then as if he found something extraordinary he widened his eyes and smiled which made Kim Dokja confused.


"My nephew! why are you here?!" He exclaimed while waving his hand at Dokja.


Wait, who is he to Kim Dokja? In the novel, not much is said about anyone related to Kim Dokja, nor is there a story about Dokja's past. So how did Kim Dokja react when he himself didn't know who he was except for his name and strength.


"I see, you've grown and I'm flattered you still remember my name." Sun Wukong continued to babble as he thought with his head, "How long has it been? 10 years? Haha looks like I've been in detention too long." He said.


Kim Dokja remembered, Sun Wukong was arrested for killing a prince from the kingdom of Winterland, and that too because he was framed. And thankfully Hades cleared his name so he's just being held and not executed.


"Nice to meet you again!" Sun Wukong called out to him and in an instant his face turned cold when he saw those assassins. "How dare you try to kill my beloved niece!" He said raising his stick-bearing hand while pulling Kim Dokja behind him.


The ground trembled at the power that Wukong gave off, he stood tall while the assassins including Kim Dokja himself looked for a place to balance his body. Kim Dokja had a bad feeling about this because he thought this place along with the magic barrier would be destroyed just because of his power alone.


"You have no right to live!" He said as his wand landed gently on the ground and a huge explosion occurred in the designated direction leaving a heavy mist of wind and flying sand covered the view of Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja reflexively closed his eyes due to the explosion he could hear a noise and when he opened his eyes the rising dust had subsided and the assassins lay on the ground, Kim Dokja was shocked and looked for Sun Wukong who wasn't there.


"Was he the one who ordered you to kill Kim Dokja?" Sun Wukong asked, He clutched the neck of the last man alive, he seemed to know the mastermind behind all this.


But who is the 'he' he is referring to? Kim Dokja couldn't guess at all even though he was trying hard to remember the novel again. 'he' could possibly be the antagonist of this story? But why did he want to kill Dokja?


"Answer me!" Wukong tightened his stranglehold making the person in his hand thrash about.


"N-No, this is the young master's order." Finally the person replied with a slight stutter. "Please don't kill me, I was just told to." He continued as his face turned even paler out of breath.


Instead Sun Wukong gripped his neck even more tightly as he said, "Tell your master, come to me if he dares—" He stopped when he accidentally broke the man's neck. "Ah... I killed him."


Kim Dokja never felt annoyed when he couldn't find out who was the culprit of all this, but right now he was more surprised when the bodies of the killers were shattered into pieces, fly to ashes in the air. Kim Dokja couldn't help but be surprised by the new sight, he looked at Wukong wondering if it was also a magic from him?


And as if understanding Kim Dokja's gaze, Sun Wukong replied, "This is not magic." He then stared at the tiny beads waving in the air with an unreadable face. "Poor soul." He said slowly.


What? What happened? Kim Dokja thought, he didn't understand why Sun Wukong was staring at the shards with a face that looked guilty and pitiful (?)


"Now.. let's go home Kim Dokja." Sun Wukong invited with a smile, grabbed his fallen cane and walked over first.


The barrier magic slowly disappeared and Kim Dokja became a little stronger to withstand the dizziness that occurred when the barrier disappeared. The two of them came out with the greeting of someone standing up covered in blood which made Kim Dokja shocked.


"What happened to you?!" Kim Dokja screamed in shock, he remembered Yoo Jonghyuk didn't know about this black market before when he was being chased by assassins too.


"Kim Dokja." Yoo Jonghyuk called out causing Kim Dokja to flinch behind Sun Wukong. "What are you doing?" He asked.


Kim Dokja was silent, he didn't know what Yoo Jonghyuk was asking, between why he was hiding or why he was here? He chose to smile and pretended not to know anything.


"I was just walking...? And what are you doing here? What is that blood?" Kim Dokja asked diverting the question that Yoo Jonghyuk threw at him.


Yoo Jonghyuk squinted at a diversion, but he didn't say anything just pointing at the pile of corpses (?) with his sword.


"I found them guarding the barrier magic." He said and ended the life of the person he stepped on his feet.


"You beat them alone?" Sun Wukong asked in disbelief, well Yoo Jonghyuk beat about five people alone. "Do you know who they are?" Sun Wukong asked while pointing at the corpse that was slowly breaking apart into pieces like black dust.


ah right, thought Kim Dokja. He remembered the last part of the novel where when Kim Dokja died and no more bullies, the demon race declared war on humans making Yoo Jonghyuk separate from Lee Seolhwa to lead this war. It's a shame that Yoo Jonghyuk lost his hand at that time, but that didn't stop him from winning the war. 


[He wielded his sword with the other pliers, ignoring the stinging pain in his right hand, swinging his sword with all his might destroying the demons that confronted him. Each of his attacks he aimed at the neck of the devil, because that was the only place that made them die, then he killed the last demon he saw in that great field, the whole place was filled with black dust shards that burned with an unpleasant smell of blood.


He looked up at the sky, "Is it over?" He muttered to himself over the pile of comrades who had sacrificed in battle. "We won...?"]


And it happened exactly as it was said in the novel, those people turned into black dust shards with a strange smell.


That realization made Kim Dokja widen, "They're demons?!" He said making Sun Wukong turn towards him and nod.


"You're right, they are demons."


Kim Dokja's shocked expression was no different from Yoo Jonghyuk's expression which was also shocked to hear that, this was the first time they had seen a demon roaming around.


Kim Dokja was more panicked when he found out the truth, there's no way the demon would appear now, why now? Then why is he being targeted?


"How do you know that the devil's weakness is in the neck?" Sun Wukong asked, because it couldn't be a coincidence.


"I just feel it." Oh hello protagonist who has sharp senses, and has everything.


Sun Wukong nodded in understanding, “Thank goodness the demon you fought was a lowly demon.” He says


Kim Dokja still couldn't believe it, why did this appear so quickly? Is it because of him that the storyline has changed? And Yoo Jonghyuk should be enjoying his time with Seolhwa now.


"Kim Dokja, let's go back." Yoo Jonghyuk sheathed his sword then raised his hand for Dokja to take.


"Where?" Kim Dokja asked.


"To your house." Yoo Jonghyuk replied with a sharp glance at Sun Wukong.


"But what about you?" Kim Dokja turned to Sun Wukong who was secretly smiling at Jonghyuk.


"Oh I'll take care of this first, you guys go." Sun Wukong replied while waving his hand as if to chase them away.




Before Kim Dokja could reply to Sun Wukong, Yoo Jonghyuk withdrew his hand.


"Wait!" Kim Dokja stopped when his eyes caught sight of something from the corpse. Something glittering, he let go of his hand and grabbed it.


"Kim Dokja!"


Absorbent crystal, from the name this crystal does absorb a person's life including strength. Kim Dokja remembers in the novel Kim Dokja used this for Lee Seolhwa, at that time Lee Seolhwa almost died from over-absorption. And Kim Dokja was punished by throwing his face in boiling water until the scar would always be visible on his face.


Kim Dokja fell to the ground when his legs went limp, he didn't realize that the crystal was absorbing him, he couldn't take off the crystal that already recognized him. He didn't know if the crystal was active.


"Kim Dokja! You can't hold it!" Sun Wukong shouted as he took over the crystal, he slammed it on the ground and something came out from inside.


It looked like a small glowing yellow ball, at first glance it looked like an ordinary pill but it was a pill resulting from the absorption of energy that the crystal did. Sun Wukong took the pill and gave it to Kim Dokja.


"Eat this, quick!" He sounded snappy, Kim Dokja didn't even think much of himself when his power was absorbed. "Why did you touch it all of a sudden." He said in a worried tone.


"Sorry—" Kim Dokja widened his eyes, his voice was very hoarse and even saying one word was very difficult for him. Now he understood how terrifying the crystal was when active.


"Hurry up and eat it Dokja, you don't want to be paralyzed forever right?" Sun Wukong said and Kim Dokja immediately shook his head and ate the pill in his hand.


"Are you stupid?" Yoo Jonghyuk frowned at Dokja, looking at him like he was the dumbest person.


Dokja just snorted and looked away, he didn't know that the crystal was active ok? So don't blame him.


"Really, you are very troublesome." Yoo Jonghyuk said as he carried Kim Dokja like a bride.


“A—” Kim Dokja screamed in surprise as his hands immediately wrapped around Jonghyuk's neck afraid that he would fall. He then glared at Jonghyuk as if to say, 'What are you doing?'


Kim Dokja scowled, struggling while beating Jonghyuk's back, he should have returned to normal after taking the pill so he shouldn't be carried.


"You'll be back to normal in at least half an hour." Sun Wukong said turning his face away when Kim Dokja sent his surprised look.


Then when Kim Dokja saw Yoo Jonghyuk, he just showed his arrogant smile which Kim Dokja wanted so badly to hit him until he was satisfied.


Fuck, Now he regretted touching the crystal. Maybe?


Yoo Jonghyuk walked out of the black market leaving Sun Wukong to take care of the rest, outside the moon was still round and the atmosphere was still quiet. Kim Dokja didn't know how long he had been in the black market because he had read in a novel that the time between worlds and the black market was very different.


He could see a black horse waiting in front of the entrance of the alley, Kim Dokja could tell that it belonged to Jonghyuk because there was no way Jonghyuk would go here on foot. Oh thinking about it, how did Yoo Jonghyuk know about the black market? He wanted to ask.


Kim Dokja looked up to see a sharp and firm jaw line looming from the moonlight, he swallowed his saliva and immediately looked away. How could there be such a perfect being?


Yoo Jonghyuk carried him on the horse slowly seated Kim Dokja making sure he didn't fall, then he got on the back pulling the horse's lead rope and running.


Kim Dokja didn't know how to react, this was the first time he'd ridden a horse in his life and it was very harsh in contrast to the cars and vehicles he'd ridden. Of course, because this is a horse. But the night air was very cool and the feeling of comfort on his back was warm.


"Kim Dokja." A deep voice brought Kim Dokja out of his daydream.


Wait, what was I thinking? Kim Dokja thought, looking down to cover his face with his hands, he could feel his cheeks heat up.


One hand holding his waist, he gasped and turned around.


"You'll fall if you don't hold on." Yoo Jonghyuk said tightly gripping Dokja's waist, while Dokja was dying not to scream because it was amused.


And the long journey that seemed like forever ended, Kim Dokja immediately jumped when he found out the mansion. Opening the gates greeting the patrolling guards, he walked quickly ignoring Jonghyuk who was following him behind him, he knew his face was still red and his steps were erratic.


"Eh!" Kim Dokja screamed as he was about to fall to the ground, he closed his eyes wondering if his body still hasn't fully recovered yet?


"I told you." Yoo Jonghyuk clearly caught him before Kim Dokja kissed the ground, he lifted Kim Dokja into his arms again. "Don't move." He said firmly.


Kim Dokja who was about to open his mouth to reply stiffly closed it again, lowering his head in shame.


"Dokja Hyung!"




Both were greeted by the screams of the two children who ran down the stairs to meet them. They ran while nudged against the race who arrived first.


"Who are you?" Gilyoung asked Jonghyuk with a sharp look as if he didn't accept Kim Dokja in his arms. "What's wrong with my brother?" He asked again, even before the question had not been answered.


"Is my brother sick?" Shin Yoosung asked after he greeted with a polite bow.


"Yes." Yoo Jonghyuk answered, making the two children immediately panic to call the maid.


"I'm fine..." Kim Dokja said weakly, he raised his hand to stroke his younger siblings head.


"What is this?"


Kim Dokja looked up, saw his father and mother standing to greet them, he pushed Jonghyuk to put him down but his arms tightened as he struggled.


"What happened to my son?" Persephone came down the stairs to check on her son, telling the servants to call the doctor. "Do you feel anything hurt dear?"


"I'm okay mom." Kim Dokja replied softly.


"He just did something stupid." Yoo Jonghyuk replied, ignoring the stares sent from Dokja's father.


Persephone looked up to see Yoo Jonghyuk who was also looking at her, she then smiled inviting him to take Kim Dokja to his room. "Can you take my son to his room?" She asked and Yoo Jonghyuk nodded.


They arrived at Dokja's room, carefully placed him on the bed while Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung sat beside Dokja while massaging his hands together.


"Can you explain in more detail Kim Dokja?" Hades asked with an angry face. "You know you can't lie." He cut in when Kim Dokja was about to open his mouth.


"That... I don't know where to start, but this morning I found someone who wants to kill me, but I can beat him, Then in the afternoon I met him again and he told me to go to the black market if I wanted to know who was behind this, so I followed him." Kim Dokja explained with an awkward smile as he himself was frightened by the look his father sent him. "And I accidentally touched the Absorbent Crystal hehe."


"So that's why you are like this?" Persephone asked again and Kim Dokja nodded stiffly.


"What does Kim Dokja have that the devil wants to kill him?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked making the atmosphere a little tense.


"We can't explain so completely, because the answer itself is in Kim Dokja, we only protect him." Persephone answered don't know, but Yoo Jonghyuk knew she was hiding something.


"It's getting late, it's better if your highness the crown prince stays here." Persephone said to send another maid to prepare Yoo Jonghyuk's room.


"I want to sleep with Hyung!" Lee Gilyoung exclaimed nodding Shin Yoosung who agreed to his words.


"Me too! We can take care of him!" Shin Yoosung said.


"Well, take care of your brother." Persephone said as she said goodbye to them with her husband and Yoo Jonghyuk who was escorted by the maid to his room.


"You should rest Oppa! So tomorrow we can play!" Shin Yoosung said as she lay down beside Kim Dokja.


"Right, we only have a week before Hyung goes to the academy, so we should spend some time together." Lee Gilyoung pulled the blanket so it completely covered their bodies.


"Yes, I will spend time with you all." Kim Dokja replied that he felt his younger siblings hug him. "Goodnight!" 


"Good night Hyung/Oppa."




It's hot, very hot, Kim Dokja can't feel anything but the heat, he can't breathe, his chest is tight and uncomfortable. What is this? What happened? His body can't move.


This hurts, his chest hurts as if he was stabbed by a hot iron, his head is very dizzy, his back hurts, his whole body aches. He didn't understand what was going on, he could only see black, completely black without life.


Is he dead? Did someone sneak in and kill him?


"Wake up, Dokja. Don't let this darkness overpower you." Who is it? Whose voice is speaking?


"This is not the time for you to be consumed by it." Who are you? What do you mean?


"Please, You are the only hope Kim Dokja."


Kim Dokja didn't know what happened when the pain and heat had slowly disappeared, he was breathing normally but his head still hurt.


"Who are you?" Kim Dokja asked, when he saw someone standing on front of him.


That creature smiled at him, "We will meet again Kim Dokja."


"Wait! Was it you who brought me to this world?" Kim Dokja asked, but the creature was getting further and further away from him. "W—!"






Kim Dokja woke up with cold sweat dripping down his body, he glanced to his right and left, Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung weren't there. He sat up on his bed, felt his moving legs and saw the sun peeking through his window blinds.


"What was that?" He thought, at a glance not remembering how it started.


"You're awake." Kim Dokja turned towards the door. "You screamed so incoherently that your siblings panicked and are now calling the doctor." Yoo Jonghyuk informed.


"And why are you here?" Ask Kim Dokja. "You have to go home." He continued.


"I'll be home this afternoon." Yoo Jonghyuk replied and Kim Dokja just nodded in understanding.


Still, Kim Dokja didn't know what dream he had just now, was it just a normal dream or a sign for him? He also couldn't see clearly the creatures he saw in his dreams, whether it was a man or a woman, he found nothing. Or was it the Kim Dokja of this world?


"What? Are you sad that I'm leaving?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked walking closer to Kim Dokja's bed with a smug grin.


"Huh?" Kim Dokja frowned in surprise, since when did this crown prince become so confident? "Sad my ass!" He whispered to himself.


"Hurry up and get ready for breakfast."


Kim Dokja got off his bed, a maid helped him up and carried him to the bathroom. He snorted when he felt the heat of the water just right for his body temperature, he had never thought like this before, being rich was indeed the best.


Soon he came out with a white shirt and black trousers, combed his hair up and sat on the sofa in his room waiting for his younger siblings to come to him.


"You seem to be in a good mood."


Kim Dokja almost choked on his own tea when he saw Yoo Jonghyuk sitting in front of him.

"Since when have you been here?" Kim Dokja asked after regaining his composure.


"Since you woke up right?"


"I thought you were gone."


Jonghyuk just gave his weird grin, and Kim Dokja threw the handkerchief he used to wipe his mouth.


"Don't hide your whereabouts again bastard!" He said annoyed. 


"I thought you felt it." Jonghyuk just shrugged his shoulders not knowing.


Kim Dokja chose to remain silent because he heard footsteps in the hallway outside his room and a doctor brought by his siblings into his room.


"Good morning young master and the crown prince." The doctor greeted with a bow and Kim Dokja gave a wave to get back up straight. "May I examine you young master?"


"Sure." Kim Dokja smiled, moved aside to let the doctor sit beside him.


"Hyung! Do you feel any pain?"


"Why did you get out of bed!?"


"Is my oppa okay?"


"If you're not feeling well, We can delay going to the park."


Question after question was asked alternately making Kim Dokja not focus on the doctor's examination, he stroked their heads alternately with a smile, trying to say that he is fine now.


After a while, the doctor finished examining him making Kim Dokja heave a sigh of relief. The doctor jotted down something in his notebook before nodding and looking at Dokja with a smile.


"Everything is fine, maybe this is because your body is too tired so the muscles of the body become stiff." He said keep all his tools in the bag.


"Thank you." Dokja said sweetly.


"I'll prepare medicine just in case." He said as he stood bowed for a while then left the room.


Kim Dokja turned to the siblings who were hugging him, he said that he was fine until they believed him. He stood inviting them to breakfast, because he believed it was time for them to go to the dining room.


"Kim Dokja, have you ever thought about why you are being targeted by demons?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked as they were heading to the dining room.


"I didn't find any answers, even though I've tried I still don't feel like I've done anything wrong." Kim Dokja answered frowning in thought. "Maybe because I'm too strong." He said jokingly.


Now that he thought about it, could it be that the demon race knew something about him reincarnating into this world? If that's the case, does that mean that someone is always watching over this world? Demon King?


"Who are you, actually?" 


Kim Dokja flinched when Yoo Jonghyuk suddenly asked that, he tried to calm himself even though his mind was racing.


"Of course I am Kim Dokja, son of Grand Duke Hades, why are you asking me that?"


"I know Kim Dokja, he doesn't act as smart as you." Jonghyuk said.


"Is that how you saw me? It really hurt me." Kim Dokja replied dramatically tightly gripping his chest cloth. And a few seconds later he came back with a straight face. "What do you know about me." He says.


Yoo Jonghyuk stopped walking, he was shocked to hear it like he just got a hard slap. Right, what does he know about Kim Dokja? He'd only seen him one eye before and sometimes never even glanced at him.


Kim Dokja and his siblings arrived at the door of the dining room, a butler opened the door showing his parents and one other person sitting there with a smile waiting for them.


"You came back safely huh." Sun Wukong said as Kim Dokja sat down on the chair beside him.


"Yes, I came back safely, thank you." Kim Dokja replied with a smile.


"I'm glad you're okay."


Kim Dokja felt a strange feeling when his father's face didn't look good, he glanced at his mother to ask but her face didn't look much different from his father's.


What's going on here? Kim Dokja thought as he ate his breakfast.


"Kim Dokja, after you finish eating meet me in my study room." His father's words made Kim Dokja immediately nodded.


"Yes, father." It didn't seem like this was the time to ask what was going on, so he chose to remain silent and focus on finishing his meal.


"Can I come too?" Kim Dokja glanced at his mother who was wearing a worried face. "Please."


"Alright, do as you please." The father answered even though his face looked like he wanted to refuse.


Kim Dokja could see his mother Persephone smiled at him, he was silent, it's just that the smile was not what he usually saw, it was more like a smile of sadness, and regret..?


Somehow Kim Dokja was feeling nervous right now, his heart was beating unusually fast. He could only hope that nothing would happen.




"I'm here, father." Kim Dokja said when he entered the study he saw his father and mother standing awkwardly. "What happened, father?" Kim Dokja asked quietly.


Persephone came to him, she held Kim Dokja's hands together and put them in front of her mouth as if she was praying. "Forgive us, Kim Dokja." She said with a quiver.


Kim Dokja was confused, he didn't know but somehow he felt scared now. "What happened mother? Why are you crying?"


"We wanted to keep this a secret forever, but it looks like you should know this already Dokja." Hades said, he stepped in front of the bookshelf against the wall.


The magic circle was visible when he touched one of the books, opening the door hidden behind the books, Kim Dokja watched in silence as the stairs leading down were seen, The flame torches flashed one by one illuminating a portion of the deep darkness.


"What's this Father?" Kim Dokja looked up, but he did not receive an answer instead his father led the way while his mother hugged Kim Dokja's hand to follow her.


He was silent, silent throughout the journey not even a sound was made except the sound of their leather boots echoing. The air of the place is cold and cramped, Kim Dokja doesn't know where these stairs take them but every time he takes a step his heart beats so fast.


The stairs ended at the end of the burning torch, Kim Dokja could only see the darkness in front of him as his father walked in the darkness. Kim Dokja hesitated a little, but his mother's tight grip calmed him down.


He stopped when he felt his mother stop, before long a bright blue light surrounded the dancing venue around somewhere. Kim Dokja could see a black door with old and worn carvings, it was so dusty and looks like it will collapse if touched.


"Until here, only you can enter." The father said turning to look at his son with an unreadable look.


"What should I do?" Kim Dokja asked his mother.


His mother just smiled, "Please don't hate yourself Kim Dokja." She said as she let go of Kim Dokja's hand "We will wait for you here."


"This place, you will know everything you need to know, I hope you don't regret it." His father said.


Kim Dokja was silent, he stepped in front of the door touching the cold wood. Something surprised him as the door shone at his touch, and removed the dust and decay within the door. It turned out like a new back.


"I go...?" Kim Dokja said unsure, opened the door and entered with a bit of courage.


It was all dark.



Chapter Text

I was silent for a moment, the door behind me had been closed leaving me in endless darkness, this made me remember the dream I had earlier which immediately made me feel worried. But a light like a firefly came from behind me as if telling me to follow it, I followed the only light without turning around and no matter how far I went, this place was like a familiar place to me a memory flashed through my head.


"It's for the sake of the world, you don't have to feel sad." A cold voice froze me in place, I stopped to catch someone's gaze. This is someone's point of view.


"How can I marry him?! This is against our rules!"


I was surprised when my voice was that of a girl's, and my vision became blurry with tears.


"This is for the sake of the balance of this world, if you don't do it the war between angels and demons will continue."


I don't know what happened but it's like I saw someone's memory, I fell silent when I took another step following the fireflies, found another recording that was immediately visible in front of me.


"I don't need a wife like you!" A man slapped the face, knocking the view out. I don't understand but I feel angry with his treatment.


I turned to see the person's face, he had black hair and big black horns. He flaps his wings to go away.


The memory tape disappeared again, I started to walk again, I don't know how far I had gone the place was still dark and there was no light except for one firefly.


I'm silent again, Watching one by one the memories that appear in front of me the more I step the more my heart beats.


"My baby, my poor baby." The woman stroked her stomach which had grown in size with endless sobs. I don't understand why she's crying.


"I didn't want to bring you into this world..." She said in a trembling voice. "I don't want you to know what kind of bad parents have given birth to you." She stood into a room with an Orb located in the center of the room.


She stood in front of the dim orb, she spread out her arms making a golden light surround her, her belly glowed with a strong light, she gasped as she transferred the light from her stomach into the orb in front of her until the orb shone into the dark room.


Her stomach slowly shrunk and she fell on the floor, her white wings shaking and she sobbed that night as she hugged the orb that protected her fetus.


"I will give you a name, my dearest dream, your name is Kim Dokja, the only child I will give all my strength to." She said softly giving a smile to the orb she was holding. Blue glowing writing is seen on the edge of the orb reading 'Kim Dokja'


I stood there shocked to hear my name being called by her, so all this time Kim Dokja wasn't Hades and Persephone's son?


I took another step to find a follow-up memory which was very blurry and indistinct, I saw several people surrounding me, they were all from the demon race. Then I heard a loud voice that I believed was the Demon King and her husband.


"You lied to me! Where did you hide the child?!" He shouted angrily, but the woman stubbornly shook her head.


"Even to death I will not hand it over to you!" She answered loudly with tears running down her cheeks.


"Catch and Lock her!" The demon lord commanded his men, sending the woman flying away carrying the orb in her hand.


I watched her being chased with a worried look, my heart skipped a beat every time I saw the woman in pain, I could tell her strength was decreasing every time she dodged. My heart hurts to see her hurt and crying without realizing it I raised my hand to wipe her tears which I know to be in vain doing that.


From the first time I saw her in this memory, I could already guess, she was my mother an angel and that man was my father who was the Demon King.


And I can guess that this room is the Orb itself, I went inside to find out the truth of my birth, and my mother.


"I'm sorry Kim Dokja, I can't take care of you, I can't watch you grow, I can't teach you anything about this world." She whispered near the orb on her run, she cried again causing her to be caught off guard and her left flank shot by an arrow. "Kim Dokja, please forgive me, your mother loves you very much... Live, Kim Dokja." Those were her last words before dropping the orb into the rushing river.


The whole place went into complete darkness, I fell down with a ragged breath squeezing my aching chest, I feel angry, sorry, disappointed, sad and I hate myself.


["Kim Dokja, my dear son, if you hear this voice recording then it means I am not with you, my son... I love you very much, I never regret receiving the seed from the devil, I have never regretted giving birth to a demon-blooded child. After all, having children is my dream all along, but instead I throw you away, wasn't I a bad mother? I don't deserve to be an angel."]


I heard her voice echoing as if I was still inside the orb listening to her voice from outside.


["O my son, you have the power of a dreamer, I can see your tragic future, I don't want that to happen, you have my blood running in your veins, I give all my strength to you, I want you to avoid that tragic fate with my strength, and you are my only hope Kim Dokja, please save the world."]


It was silent, I also couldn't understand what was going on, I just couldn't understand how raging Dokja's past was, why wasn't this told in the novel? Or did the author not think about making it because Kim Dokja would die?


The firefly that carried me flew towards me, I raised my hand to let it rest in my palm, it melted in my hand into my veins dancing all over my body, I understand now, this is the power my mother gave me, and I can feel her presence still exists in this world somewhere far away.


"Akh!" It hurts! I can't breathe! My whole body is hot and sore! What is this? What happened? Why am I in pain?


I fell to the floor looking for a grip to calm me down, I couldn't breathe, I felt my body being torn apart. My head is spinning, this is how I feel in my dreams, I felt like my back was going to break and something came out of it, I tried to catch my breath as I started to feel a little better.


I looked up as something stood in front of me, I stood with a strange heavy weight on my back, looking forward in shock, I felt that she was the one who made me feel better


I took a step further raising my hand as if someone was standing in front of me, I saw the reflection of my mother with pure white wings smiling in front of me, Her mouth opened to say something.


"My son, Kim Dokja." She hugged me I returned it, gives a very comfortable warmth and makes my head lighter, feeling my eyes heat up at the memory of her struggling to let me live.


"Thank you, thank you for letting me live and take care of me, I will come to you and wait for me, mother." I said as the white shadow slowly disappeared before me, leaving a smile and tears running down her cheeks.


["I will wait for you, my son"]


I smiled feeling the warmth rising around me as if I still felt his presence by my side. I'm confused by something growing on my forehead, sharp and pointy, I wonder if there is a mirror here.


I gasped in surprise when the mirror I was thinking of appeared in front of me right in front of me, showing a reflection of myself there, I approached to take a closer look. Horns and wings, I thought I'd get wings like my mother, but it seems I'm a descendant of my father.


The black crow's large and long wings, bigger than my body, could even hide its entire body. But the only thing that caught my attention was, my black eyes glittered beautifully just like my mother's, they were so beautiful that i felt i could be hypnotized by my own eyes.


After everything was done the darkness slowly disappeared revealing the books neatly arranged on the shelves, I was a little surprised that I didn't expect this to come. I looked at the titles of the books that were within my reach.


['Peaceful life in 189.'] 

['the first war in the underworld in 192'] 

['A dispute that took place in 195'] 

['the emergence of the demon race in 200']


All those books are history that I have never heard of before, I grabbed one of the books entitled 'Devil birth process.'


[The primary characteristic of Satan, aside from his hubris and despair, is his ability to cast evil suggestions (waswās) into men and women. 15:45 states that Satan has no influence over the righteous, but that those who fall in error are under his power.]


[His power that can incite humans to follow him gives them the status of being a demon, humans who have turned into demons can even eat other humans as their staple food, they will forget their identity after being consumed by darkness and become complete demons.]


[But it is said that there is a demon who can turn a human into a complete demon at will, a devil born perfectly from the two strongest demon parents, Usually this type of demon will immediately gain the position of Demon King.]


I stopped there, closed the book and put it back down. I remember a demon that can turn a human into a complete demon, in the novel it's not explained in detail, but i knows the strengths and weaknesses of those strengths.


The artificial devil will indeed become very strong but also very weak at the same time, they will get different strengths, but their weaknesses are all the same, they will die if exposed to the sun, that's why they will always wear long robes that cover their entire body.


I stepped back to get out of this place, because I knew my mom and dad were waiting for me out there. I opened the door to their welcome who stood stiff with worried faces.


"Kim Dokja... Your wings..." Persephone spoke first with a surprised face pointing at my wings.


"Yeah they showed up after I finished looking around." I answered while trying to move my wings.


"Are you alright?" Hades asked in a worried tone, in stark contrast to his straight face.


"It's fine, although it hurts a little to know this." I answered with an awkward laugh and Persephone immediately hugged me into her arms as her black dress dragged on the ground.


"Yes, we found you near our mansion, after we found out there is life in the Orb we created this place to make you comfortable, because you really like places that are far away and alone." Persephone says in my chest I hug her back. "We're not your real parents—"


I pushed him to look into her eyes, gripped her shoulder tightly then smiled at her, "You are still my parents, you have taken care of me very well, I am happy to have you both." Persephone was crying in her hands when I said that.


"I should be the one asking, don't you guys mind having a demon child like me?" I asked hesitantly glancing at Hades.


"No of course not! We are grateful, thanks to you our lives have become better." Persephone answered then I glanced at my father who nodded.


"Your wings are very beautiful my son." Persephone said as she gently stroked my wings, I feel pleasure when she touches them.


"I'm so happy to hear that, why don't we get out of here? I think I've been inside too long." I said holding my mother's hand gently. I changed my appearance to that of an ordinary human, somehow now I can change appearance easily now.


"Yeah because it's Lunch time now." Hades says makes me widen.


"Wait, how long have I been in there?" I ask.


"About 7 hours." Persephone answered she hugged my hand and led me up the stairs.


Wait, that means they stood there together without coming back and waiting for 7 hours?! Does that mean it's almost 3pm now? Have I been inside that long? Or is it the time difference?


We came out of the room and saw that Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung were taking a nap in their playroom, looks like they tried to wait for me and instead fell asleep here.


"Should we wake him?" I asked my mom but she gave me a shake.


"No need, they just fell asleep." I nodded and allowed myself to be pulled again by my mother into the dining room, the waiters had already prepared some food on the table. 


I glanced around, which seemed to have caught my father's attention. "What are you looking for?" He asked making me flinch on the spot and smiled awkwardly.


"I didn't see Sun Wukong?" I replied that even though he wasn't the only one I was looking for, Yoo Jonghyuk seemed to have returned to his palace.


"He went with Yoo Jonghyuk if I'm not mistaken." Mother said with a sullen face trying to remember. "Do you have any business with your uncle?" She asked.


"Oh no, I was just asking." I answered then returned to the food in front of me, wait why did Yoo Jonghyuk bring it with him? “Wait, is Yoo Jonghyuk gone?” I asked without knowing what I was saying, making my mother smile strangely at me.


"Oh my, does my son still love him?" I glared at my mother who said nothing clear. "I still remember how long ago you begged to be engaged to him, right?" She's teasing me, I know it's just bullshit, but I feel ashamed to hear it. Wait, the real Kim Dokja did beg to get engaged to him right? Now I'm really embarrassed.


"It is not that!" I denied while covering my face with my arm, "I'm only asking because I didn't see him having lunch together." Ah damn I said something weird again, I better keep quiet.


"Aww my baby is looking for the prince."


"Stop it mother!" I screamed in embarrassment trying to ignore the giggles of my mother and father who were smiling at me.


I spent the day chatting with my parents and spent the afternoon playing with Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung, and now it was getting late, I grabbed my robe and went out quietly from the balcony of my room.


Now I have to move quickly to get more information, the only person with good snooping power is him, I have to find him.


Tonight as usual the sky is still very beautiful even though it has been shrouded in darkness with white spots of stars, the big moon illuminates the city, making it easy for me to sneak in secretly.


I heard he was doing spying missions in this city, looking for information about demons because he thought the Underworld city was a place for demons. He has a huge grudge against the demon who killed his lover, and plans to defeat the demon with his own hands.


This will be a strong partner, as long as he doesn't know that I am also a demon. I will put this person under my control no matter what.


The city is still bustling even though it's late at night, I lowered my hood deeper as I passed through the crowd until I bumped into someone making him fall, I was confused even though I didn't hit him so hard that she fell, I gave my hand.


"Are you all right miss?" I ask. "I'm sorry I didn't see you there earlier." I continued as I helped her up.


"Master, are you a knight?" I winced at the sudden question. Seeing me just speechless she continued, "No I'm sorry, I just felt your palm very hard, like a knight's hand."


Wait, I never thought my hands were that hard, are they? Whereas in the novel Kim Dokja has soft hands like a woman.


She suddenly cupped my hands and squeezed them until I gasped, "Please help my family!" She called out to draw people's attention to her.


I smiled awkwardly, I wasn't here to do this, but seeing all the attention on me I couldn't resist or else they would make fun of me. I nodded, "Can you explain what happened?"


"I-I don't know, my whole house is in disarray my family has no survivors with bites everywhere." She answered with a trembling body.


My jaw clenched at the thought of what might have happened to her, her family had died, I can no longer help her, it's too late.


"Please, please!" She begged me while kneeling in front of me with her hand still holding mine, "Save my family." She whispered with tears slowly running down her cheeks.


I watched her, it's strange I don't want to be caught in a trap again after yesterday's incident, this woman doesn't have blood on her clothes or hands, considering that she should have discovered their plight and human instinct would have immediately checked their family's condition, but she didn't seem to have experienced that.


I narrowed my eyes sharply at his strangely red lips, well this is a trap. "Tell me the place." I said making her smile brightly.


“My house is on top of the mountain over there, I'm going to go find a doctor please take care of my family!” She said as she walk away after pointing at the direction.


I saw the side where someone slipped out of the concord with the blink of an eye, I believe the guy was him, and he also heard what happened with the girl until he tried to save her family. Yeah, no wrong because maybe there's a demon he's looking for.


I went to follow his footsteps with a hand clasping tight to the hilt of my sword, I turned to look for where the man was going, to the edge of my eye saw someone running fast, again I chased him up the mountain, lucky this forest wasn't too dense and I didn't slip when running haphazardly. 


I stopped in front of a house, I'm sure he's been inside it to check things out, different to me, I just stood there while thinking, is it true that this is the girl's house? It looks like a very long unlived home, I felt a bad feeling and chose to go inside the house to find him. Don't let him die before I see him.


“Hey.” I called him when I saw him standing in front of a lifeless corpse. He turned to me, his tired red eyes poking around as if opening up all the secrets inside me.


“Why are they doing this heinous thing to humans?” He muttered to himself, I stepped forward to give a slap to his face. He glared at me angrily shouting, “What are you doing?!”


Well, I'd also like to ask that to my hand that suddenly floated into your cheek. I took my breath while thinking what word should I say to this young man?


“It's because human is the weakest being, but weakness is not something bad.” I fell silent to think about what I just said. I glanced toward him who also came away gawking at me.


"You!!" He gritted his teeth in annoyance, pulling a dagger from his scabbard while glaring at me. “Did you just say that I'm weak?!” He yelled. Hey I said human's not just you.


I immediately removed my sword from the holster holding off the sudden attack he gave, parrying his sharp dagger and pushing it slightly with force. He attacks me continuously, but this isn't comparable to when I fought Yoo Joonghyuk, he's still weak and untrained, just a big temper tantrum seen on his face, and it won't be able to win any fight if you get tangled up with emotion. I immediately ended the brawl by shooting him in high winds until he was thrown hard against the wall.


Wait, I didn't mean to attack him so hard, I turned off my wind and turned all over the room, for the first time I realized this place was so rotten.


“Why...?” I turned again to him, who was down motionless from where the blood was running on his temple, I seemed to be too rude to him considering I had to ask him to become my shadow.


"Are you frustrated? To the fact that you're the weakest one?" I asked which made him flinch. "If so, hold on that feeling, that's proof that you haven't given up yet... On yourself.."


I fell silent again, to see his helpless expression. "Listen, don't give up saying you're living within you're means, don't become a boring man like that, if you have the guts to not give up, you can be anything you want to be." I saw him flinch when he heard my speech, and I continued, "We're living creature that don't have wings, but still went to the moon." Wait, what the hell am i saying right now?! Don't have wings my ass.


“Oh my, man trying to be strong? Haha don't make me laugh but the word has a little touched me.” I turned toward the sound that was heard behind me, the girl was standing there with a horrible grin smile. “I'm sorry, but it looks like you guys are going to end up being my food fufu.”


I turned to protect him rom the girl, because of my attack earlier, he wouldn't be able to move easily for a moment. I prepared my sword when the girl prepared to attack. Recalling Sun Wukong's remarks to attack her neck places the demon's weakness. She attacked me first and I avoided the first strike with a strong wind pushing her, then I ran lunging at her when she was off guard.


This demon is low because of her way of fighting which is uglier than I am, and my sword easily penetrates her skin until her head falls on the ground. I stared at my hand, I just killed with my own hand, my heart pounding so fast, I don't know if this is a sense of pleasure or fear, but I was a little relieved after killing it.


I turned around again to look for him, but he's not there, I'm disappointed if he won't follow me? Whereas I came out just to meet him.


"Hey you." I turned around to see him standing behind me which made me suprised. He was kneeling in front of me like a man who would serve.


“What are you doing?” I stepped back, not long he stood up and clasped my hand with the bindings in his eyes. "W-what?"


“You're so cool! Let me follow you!” He said with a beaming smile. I put up a confused face before understanding what he said. “Let me be your shadow!” He said again when I didn't respond.


Wait, is it that easy? Just like that and he's become my subordinate? Looks like I'm very lucky.


"My Name is Kim Namwoon! I can do anything!" He said.


Right, this is what I want.


"Nice to meet you Namwoon, my Name is Kim Dokja."


This is easy.

Chapter Text

His footsteps echoed down the hall sounding so hasty ignoring the few maids who whispered confused with his way of walking, he stopped in front of a large white door, opened it without notifying his presence.


"Well isn't that disrespectful for a crown prince?" A voice came from inside, Sun Wukong sat in his chair enjoying his cup of tea while feeling the sunlight from his bedroom balcony. "I didn't know the crown prince had that horrible look on his face." He said as he put down his cup with a chuckle.


Yoo Joonghyuk with a frown on his forehead stepped inside, he had been looking for that man since Kim Dokja had entered his father's room. If he couldn't find an answer by asking Kim Dokja, then he just needed to ask someone who knew.


"What do you mean by demon?" He immediately asked when he arrived in front of Sun Wukong. "And why are they after Kim Dokja?"


Sun Wukong smirked, "That's a sensitive thing to tell, I don't think you should know it." He answered.


The man smiled making wrinkles visible at the corners of his eyes, Yoo Joonghyuk knew he was playing with him, his smile irritated him. It's true that Yoo Joonghyuk didn't have the right to know this, but his heart felt heavy and he couldn't stop thinking about it at all. He had never felt this way before for the first time he felt burdened with a problem that was not for him at all, it bothered him and he wanted to know more about it.


Yoo Joonghyuk pursed his lips, his hands clenched into fists not to let out anger just because he was so curious, and it seemed that Sun Wukong noticed his obvious actions even though the crown prince was keeping a straight face.


"I can tell you who's behind all this." Sun Wukong said, put his hand on the arm of the chair, and cradled his chin. "It's not a secret anymore, after all."


"Is it the Demon Lord?" Yoo Joonghyuk asked with his jaw clenched, he didn't understand why he felt so angry just saying that sentence.


Sun Wukong tilted his head with his eyes closed, his forehead furrowed as he hummed. "You can conclude it like that." Yoo Joonghyuk frowned at his unconvinced answer. "Haha, I thought you'd figure it out as time went on, you just need to be patient." He continued with an annoying chuckle.


But patience is not something that Yoo Joonghyuk can endure, he had never thought that the person he knew as a troublemaker for him would experience this.


"Can you teach me how to kill the Demon King?" Yoo Joonghyuk finally gave up on finding out about Kim Dokja, he felt he might find out soon enough.


Sun Wukong widened his eyes at the request he didn't expect, he snorted when he couldn't believe that the crown prince had said such a thing. "Are you sure? Maybe this will take your time off before entering the academy." He says.


Yoo Joonghyuk didn't answer he just nodded with a serious face. Sun Wukong massaged the bridge of his nose with a chuckle in his mouth, he never thought he would become a teacher for the crown prince, this is so funny to him.


"It's okay, I won't go easy on you." Sun Wukong said his eyes lit up with pleasure.


Yoo Joonghyuk smirked, "Of course."


"Your Grace, the carriage is ready." A waiter announced making Yoo Joonghyuk nod in understanding.


"You come with me." Yoo Joonghyuk said to Sun Wukong who dazedly looked at him in confusion.


"Wait, so I have to follow you to the palace?" He asked in a high tone.


Yoo Joonghyuk frowned at the strange question, "Of course, I can't stay here forever." He answered.


"Can't we just stay here? I want to spend some time with my nephew." Sun Wukong refuted as he prepared to leave.


"I won't let you escape." Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed Sun Wukong by the collar and dragged him all the way to the horse carriage.


"No, my nephew!!" Sun Wukong whined in the carriage with them getting further and further away from the mansion. "At least let me say goodbye to him."


"You can see him later."


And with that Sun Wukong went to follow the crown prince to the palace.



Kim Dokja just woke up from his sleep, his maid woke him up first when it was almost time for breakfast together. He felt tired even though he just woke up, last night was very difficult to manage Kim Namwoon, maybe he was too soon to find him because right now he still looks like a child.


Well in the novel he also does look like a child, he does a good job while continuing to follow Yoo Joonghyuk as his shadow.


Now that Dokja is starting to think, is it okay to take over the knight that should belong to Yoo Joonghyuk? That's right, ever since he knew who he was, the quiet life he wanted seemed to be a dream.


"Do you need help bathing, young master?" The maid asked as Kim Dokja stood up from the bed in his pajama. "The bath is ready."


"No need, I can go to the bath myself." Kim Dokja said while waving for the maid to leave him.


The maid bowed once and left the room. Kim Dokja sighed, how long would he have to be helped by the maid.


"Kim Namwoon, how long are you going to be there?" Kim Dokja called to open the balcony door of his room with his hands on his hips. "I told you not to stalk me." He said frowning.


A second later a man in a black robe with white hair stood on the balcony railing like a spider, he opened his hood revealing his round red eyes. "But you haven't given me a mission." He said after removing the scarf that covered half his face.


Kim Dokja frowned, "I don't—"


"Kim Dokja!!"


A very familiar person shouted his name while the bedroom door was wide open, Kim Dokja flinched and immediately turned around while Kim Namwoon quickly disappeared from his place. Kim Dokja glared at the person who barged into his room, that woman was so shameless, what if Kim Dokja was taking off his clothes right now?


"Han Sooyoung, can't you knock first?" Kim Dokja asked forcing a smile while holding back his anger. "What brings you here now?" asked Kim Dokja, not understanding why the woman had come this morning.


"You bastard! I heard you were attacked?! Why didn't you tell me?!" She shouted so loudly that it startled the maids passing in the hall.


She stepped in making Kim Dokja take a step back, afraid that something would happen if she caught him. "How do you know that, Sooyoung? No, I mean I didn't want to worry you, so I didn't tell you."


"You know how panicked I was when I heard this early in the morning, and I came straight here on my horse!" He snapped while slapping Kim Dokja's hand many times. "You're always like this! Can't you just ask for help just once?! You know I'll be there for you!"


Kim Dokja who had wanted to deny immediately closed his mouth again, he couldn't say anything else if Han Sooyoung looked like that. It's not that he doesn't want to ask for help, it's just... Wait, just what? Instantly Kim Dokja was confused with his own thoughts.


[Yo u ar e so stu pid]


"Huh what did you say?" Kim Dokja looked confusedly at Han Sooyoung.


"What? I'll always be there for you?" Han Sooyoung asked back with a face no different from Dokja.


"After that, what did you say to me?" Kim Dokja asked again, he grabbed Han Sooyoung's hand curiously. "You said that I was very stupid." Kim Dokja said as Han Sooyoung fell silent in a daze.


Han Sooyoung frowned, "What the hell? I didn't say that, even though the words were true." She replied slapping Kim Dokja's hand then put the back of her hand to his forehead. "You're not sick are you?"


Kim Dokja frowned in confusion, he turned towards the window thinking was Kim Namwoon whispering to him using magic? But it doesn't seem like him because of his different voice, has he gone mad?


"Never mind, you get out of my room now, I have to get ready to take a bath." Kim Dokja said, pushing Han Sooyoung's back out of his room, he needed to clear his head.




Kim Dokja sat on his sofa pinching his chin in thought while looking at the table that had the items he bought from Bihyung. Due to his recent problems he had almost forgotten about this item, and now that he had free time when his younger siblings were studying with the teacher, he sighed preparing for a bad ending.


"Let's start." Kim Dokja finally stood up from his sofa, stretching his muscles.


"What are you doing?"


"Gaaah!! You scared me!" Kim Dokja jumped to the side while holding his chest which was pounding in shock, Han Sooyoung, the woman focused on the tools on Dokja's desk with interested eyes. "Why are you still here?!" Dokja screams in annoyance as he recalls how she scared him.


"What are you trying to do? Wouldn't this explode if put together?" Han Sooyoung ignored his question, she pointed from one item to another. "Oh! Or are you trying to make a bomb?! Hmm... That seems good." She then smirked after concluding it herself.


"Don't say anything and just watch." Kim Dokja nudged him away from the table, while Kim Dokja started his test run.


Kim Dokja started lighting a candle with a distillation placed on it. Putting some of the things he bought into the distillation and then closing it with a cork, he switched to a distillation adapter, stuck it in the middle of the cork and then he put a thermometer on it to measure the heat, Kim Dokja filled the condenser with cold water and installed it on the side of the distillation adapter, He finally put one distillate at the end with the cork stuck at the end of the condenser.


"What is this? I've never seen how to make something like this? How do you know something like this from?" Han Sooyoung asked, she focused on paying attention to the liquid that evaporated and produced another liquid.


"I saw it in the book." Kim Dokja replied with a smile as Han Sooyoung looked at him in disbelief. "I'll teach you if you want." he continued.


"No thanks, I'm not as smart as your brain." Han Sooyoung immediately rejected it.


Kim Dokja squinted, it would be great if Han Sooyoung learned to make potions she would be exactly like a witch in a fairy tale, especially her evil laugh.


"What should we do next?" Han Sooyoung asked with curious sparkling eyes.


"Just quietly waiting." Han Sooyoung frowned, it seemed that she didn't like the answer and chose to annoy Kim Dokja.


"So I heard you were brought home by a prince? May I know who the handsome prince is?" Han Sooyoung asked with a smirk, she sat beside Kim Dokja while watching her friend's face carefully. "Is it because of this you don't need my help?"


Kim Dokja sighed, "Stop thinking weird things, where did you hear that strange rumor?" He asked with a frown on his forehead, closing the book he had been reading and placing it beside him.


"The maid said that." Han Sooyoung answered innocently, reaching for the teacup that was located on the table beside her. "So is it true or not?" He asked again.


"That..." Kim Dokja was silent, if he told the truth he would definitely be teased until she was satisfied and that annoyed him. "That is wrong."


"Is that so? Then how did you get home?" 


Kim Dokja sighed, Han Sooyoung would definitely dig into everything until he told the truth, he had to get out of here if he didn't want to feel any more embarrassment.


"Han Sooyoung, don't you have any other work to do, besides bothering me?" Kim Dokja asked to change the topic.


"Oh that's right, I'm here for a reason too." She said as she reached into something in her pocket and took out a letter. "This is for you."


Kim Dokja just looked at her strangely, "Han Sooyoung, did you change profession to become a mailman?"


The question made Han Sooyoung throw the letter in Kim Dokja's face, she then snorted, "Just read it!"


Kim Dokja opened the letter then widened his eyes, he thought it would be a useless invitation, but it was a wedding invitation. "Wait, who's getting married?" He asked.


"Dunno, he is a Marquess, and of course all the nobles must attend right? It was a happy day." Han Sooyoung explained but Kim Dokja ignored it with his own thoughts. "And again I can't be your partner at the party." Her sudden words made Kim Dokja glared in surprise.


"Wait, why is that?" Kim Dokja asked with a panicked face, he can't come to the party if he doesn't have a partner.


"Why, you ask? Of course I went there with my princess." Han Sooyoung replied, her eyes sparkling when she said princess, it was certain that she was in love with the princess.


"Then who am I with?" 


The way Han Sooyoung's face looked at him made Kim Dokja irritated, as if he was asking the stupidest thing in this world. 


Wait don't tell me, thought Kim Dokja.


He wasn't so stupid to know from the witch's sly grin, he could understand from the way she looked at him and the smile that gave him goosebumps.




"No! I don't want to hear it! I don't want to know!" Kim Dokja denied while covering his ears tightly, not wanting to hear the name that would come out of Han Sooyoung's mouth.


"Huh? Why?"


"I changed my mind, maybe I'll go alone without a partner." Kim Dokja replied while nodding confidently to himself.


"But I've already sent a letter to him to be your partner." Kim Dokja immediately turned to glare at Han Sooyoung, grabbed her by the collar and shook her.


"Why did you do that?! You should have asked me first! You witch!"


"Don't you usually write to him to be a partner every time there's a party? So I did it for you." Han Sooyoung pushed Kim Dokja away from her until he took off her collar. "It's not like he's going to accept it right?" She answered while stroking his neck.


Kim Dokja immediately fell silent, that's right, Yoo Joonghyuk would definitely refuse his request right? He hated Kim Dokja after all.


"How long have you been sending the letter?" Kim Dokja asked to be sure.


"Yesterday at night." Han Sooyoung replied while tilting her head in remembrance. "The party will be tomorrow." She continued again.


Hearing that Kim Dokja heaved a sigh of relief, he was sure the crown prince would be so busy that he wouldn't read the letter.


"So did you go with someone?" Han Sooyoung asked as she leaned more comfortably on the sofa.


"Well—" Before Kim Dokja could continue, someone knocked on his door, it was his maid. "Come in."


"Young master, you got a letter." The maid came with a letter placed on a small tray and handed it to Kim Dokja.


"Thanks, you can go to work." Kim Dokja took the letter with a smile.


No one doesn't know with Kim Dokja's angelic smile, almost all servants and even knights fall in love with her beauty, the maid who served Kim Dokja alone couldn't stop boasting about being blessed by God to serve an angel. They did not know that Kim Dokja was indeed the son of an angel.


"So what is it?" Han Sooyoung asked curiously glancing at the black letter then jumping in surprise. "That- it's a letter from the royal family?! Look at the sign." She shouted pointing to make Kim Dokja also stare at the letter.


"Let's read it first, I don't want to think anything weird because I'm bound to get rejected—" Kim Dokja was silent and didn't continue his words when his eyes moved very quickly as he read the letter, his hands clenched into fists and soon tore the paper in half. "Let's pretend we didn't get the letter." He says throw the letter away.


Han Sooyoung scrambled to catch the letter paper, grabbed it and connected it to read with her own eyes. The letter didn't have many words, just like someone who ran out of ink and just filled in with 'Yes, sure.'


"Don't look at me like that." Kim Dokja looked cynically at the gaping Sooyoung, he went to his study table to take a paper and get ready to write something.


"That's great news isn't it?! He accepted you as a partner! What are you doing?!" Han Sooyoung sneaked behind him to peek at the contents of the paper that Kim Dokja wanted to write. "I apologize profusely, because I can't be your partner. This morning on a sunny morning I felt my body hurt and I won't be able to attend the party— what the hell is this?!" Han Sooyoung, who was reading Kim Dokja's writing, immediately grabbed the paper from Dokja and tore it up.


"Han Sooyoung! What are you doing?!" Kim Dokja shouted angrily.


"I should be the one asking, what are you doing stupid?!" Han Sooyoung hit Kim Dokja's head making the owner wince. "Don't think I let you escape from this! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!" She says.


She pulled Kim Dokja's arm out of his room, through the hall in a hurry and Kim Dokja couldn't help but surrender when he was pulled somewhere. He was too tired to argue and knew he would lose immediately if he argued with Sooyoung, she is a Witch with a very clever tongue.


"Oh where are you guys going?" Persephone who was passing by asked, she seemed to be preparing to leave.


"We're going shopping!" Han Sooyoung answered excitedly pulling Kim Dokja closer to tell him that it was Kim Dokja who needed shopping. "Auntie where are you going?" She asked with a glint in her eyes, definitely want something.


"I'm going out too, how about we go together?" She offered with a smile behind her black hand fan.


"Yes! Let's go!" Han Sooyoung excitedly pulled Kim Dokja back out of the mansion towards the horse carriage that was ready in front.


"I don't think I need to buy new clothes." Kim Dokja squeaked when Han Sooyoung gave him a sharp glare. Persephone sat beside him gracefully fanning her face smiling at Kim Dokja.


"You should buy some new clothes dear." She said with eyes that darted from head to toe. "I will help buy him jewelry, others must not embarrass my son's beauty!"


"But-" Kim Dokja's words were cut short with the horse carriage starting to run.


Kim Dokja was being dragged to and fro all day from one place to another, he didn't realize this before but shopping was tiring and made him want to go home quickly. He also didn't realize how many clothes he had bought and other useless expensive jewelry, every time he saw the price of one shirt gave him goosebumps, it would fulfill his needs for over a year.


"White fits perfectly." Persephone said with a serious look.


"No, black is better." Han Sooyoung replied seriously as well, while picking up a beautiful black outfit.


"Why don't we buy both of them?" Persephone proposed with a face like it was a very bright idea.


"Great idea!" Han Sooyoung threw the different colored clothes at the selling waitress.


"Why don't you guys listen to me...?" The neglected Kim Dokja tries to get them to stop and head straight home.


"We should buy hats too." Persephone said making Han Sooyoung nod.


"Hey, listen to me!" Ignored, he is pulled again by his mother to a jewelry and hat shop.


And so without realizing that the sky was almost dark, Kim Dokja couldn't feel his legs anymore and his brain couldn't calculate how much money they had spent in a day. They took Han Sooyoung home first then finally what Kim Dokja was waiting for, he arrived at his own house.


"Young master, where should we put these things?" Kim Dokja turned to see the maids carrying the things he bought. "Should we put it in your wardrobe?" 


Kim Dokja sighed, just seeing that much stuff made him dizzy. "Yeah tidy things up in my wardrobe." He answered then walked back to follow his mother.


"Hyung! Where have you been?" Gilyoung was the first to run out of the door to meet Kim Dokja. "Hyung, you know my teacher praised my work!" He exclaimed happily while hugging Kim Dokja's waist.


"That's good, study hard again."


"Of course!" Lee Gilyoung put on a sweet wide smile that made Kim Dokja's tiredness instantly disappear.


"Where's Shin Yoosung?" Kim Dokja asked because he didn't see the girl. Right after he looked up he saw Shin Yoosung who was standing in front of the door gracefully smiling, she descended the stairs like a princess until she arrived in front of Kim Dokja and Persephone.


She lifted the hem of her dress while her other hand was in front of her chest, she bowed elegantly while greeting, "Did you have a pleasant trip, Big brother, Mother?" 


Kim Dokja even gapes in awe at the sudden change of a 9 year old girl, she looks mature and graceful when acting like that.


"That was so much fun, next time I'll take the two of you along." Persephone answered softly with a smile.


The girl who had put on a relaxed face for a second then immediately widened her smile and hugged Persephone. "Really? Really? Can you promise?!" She said with a small jump.


Kim Dokja chuckled, she was a little girl after all. "Come on, let's go inside, it's going to be dark soon." Kim Dokja said holding Lee Gilyoung's hand and Shin Yoosung went inside.




"You're finally home, I've done my mission well didn't I?"


Kim Dokja after having dinner with his family he finally returned to his room with Kim Namwoon who was guarding the potions. He glanced at the 5 bottles that had been unkemptly tied next to the table and then returned to the still running distillation oozing liquid.


“You have worked hard." Kim Dokja stepped closer to see the results of his research, in the novel, this potion was discovered by Lee Seolhwa, thanks to that she could increase her mana energy just by drinking it, even the potion was very famous all over the world, the item became very rare, even the nobles were very difficult to get the potion. Of course prince Yoo Joonghyuk can get as much as he wants, after all Lee Seolhwa is his lover.


"What's this for?" Kim Namwoon finally asked after a few minutes of silence letting Kim Dokja check.


Kim Dokja gave a bottle to Kim Namwoon, "Drink it." He said without allowing Kim Namwoon to refute.


"It's not poison." Kim Dokja said again when he didn't see Kim Namwoon's movement after receiving the bottle. "Trust me." He said.


Kim Dokja wasn't even sure if it worked or not, but he wanted to see the results, so he asked Kim Namwoon to drink it. After all, he has immunity to poison.


Kim Namwoon drink it in one gulp and immediately flinched in fear if something happened to his body, but then he fell silent with a dazed face looking at Kim Dokja, he shook his head feeling nothing.


"Did it fail?" Kim Dokja pinched his chin thinking, but he already did exactly as in the novel but why didn't it work? Was it because he wasn't the main character of this world? "Maybe I should change it?" He thought.


"Huh?! Woaah!!"


Kim Dokja turned around in surprise when Kim Namwoon shouted incoherently, Kim Dokja's eyes widened when Kim Namwoon's body shone. Kim Dokja swears he caught a glimpse of the wings behind Namwoon's back, the light didn't last long and a few seconds later it disappeared.


In the novel it is not explained that their bodies will glow with glittering wings behind them? Did Kim Dokja misread? But he still remembers the contents of the novel.


"What is this? Why do I feel like I can beat anyone in this world?" Kim Namwoon said, excitedly he beat the wind and made Kim Dokja feel the wind from his fist. "Woah?! I can even fly? What is this?" 


Kim Dokja was speechless, he didn't expect this, could this be called success? It's a little different from the original novel, this should only increase mana energy but summing up what Kim Namwoon said, this is a bit too much.


"Hey I can fly." Kim Namwoon called out, he was already wandering in the air like a fly. "Strange how can I fly even though I don't have wings?" Kim Namwoon frowned.


"I think it works." Kim Dokja said as he nodded, smiling to himself feeling proud of what he did.


They waited until the potion stopped working inside Kim Namwoon's body, it took 30 minutes for Kim Namwoon to fall to the floor, and it was over.


"So how did you feel after that?" Kim Dokja asked to prepare a notebook to record what Kim Namwoon said.


"I don't feel anything, but at least I feel a little stronger than before." Kim Namwoon answered while clenching his fists.


"Hmm..." Kim Dokja frowned, not only wings and now that potion can permanently increase abilities? "This is amazing." He whispered to himself.


"This is amazing Hyung! Is this for sale?! It's going to be very expensive!" Kim Namwoon said surrounding Kim Dokja like a child who wants to get a toy.


"Yeah I'll think about that later."


Kim Namwoon cheered and immediately fell silent when he heard a knock on the door. “Young master, Lord Duke is calling for you.” It's the butler.


Kim Dokja adjusted his clothes and left the room, leaving Kim Namwoon to take care of the rest. "Follow me." said the butler.


"Did something happen?" Kim Dokja asked curiously.


"Please forgive me, young master, I can't say."


Kim Dokja nodded in understanding, he couldn't force it when the butler didn't want to say anything, that meant it was a secret.


He reached his father's library, knocking three times before he got permission to enter. He saw his father standing in front of the large window, his black hair shimmered in the moonlight, if only he had offspring maybe the child would be very beautiful and handsome.


"You've arrived." He closed his book and faced Kim Dokja, his son standing in front of the door stood nervously making him smile, "Relax I'm not scolding you." He says.


Kim Dokja lowered his shoulders in a relaxed manner, "Is there anything to say, father?" He asked.


"I was thinking of giving you the authority to lead my ghost knight."


Kim Dokja suddenly widened his eyes, he stepped back subconsciously thinking that his ears heard something wrong. His father wanted to give him the authority to lead his strongest knight group?


He hasn't even graduated from the academy yet.


"Don't you like it?" Hades asked while tilting his head.


"No, I mean, why me?" 


Hades frowned as if that was the strangest question, "Then who else besides you, my son?"


"You are well suited for that."


Kim Dokja thought for a moment, after a few minutes of thinking he finally nodded, "Alright, I accept your offer, father." He says.


"Good, they will see you tomorrow, You can go now."


Kim Dokja turned to leave the room, "Good night, father." He said, seeing his father nod and then closed the door.


Tomorrow will be another tiring day.


Chapter Text



What...? What happened? Kim Dokja thought in the middle of his sleep, he opened half his heavy eyes, it was so blurry and he couldn't see clearly, For some reason tonight he felt very sleepy and tired.


I'll just sleep again, he thought turning around and covering himself with the blanket.




An ordinary morning and an ordinary day, Kim Dokja woke up earlier than his maid who often woke him up, he was still lying on his soft mattress, staring blankly at the white ceiling, while enjoying the chirping of birds and the breeze that came from his bedroom window.


Lying there quietly for so long lazily yawning, sighing hoping that the day would pass without meeting Yoo Joonghyuk.


Wait... He wakes up surprised when he remembers his window wide open, he stares at the window questioningly, he remembers closing it before going to sleep, but why is it now so wide open.


His eyes widened and he immediately checked the surroundings of his room, a mess. He hurriedly stood up from his bed, staggering a little unbalanced, he sees himself as fine, that means he is still alive.


"Was last night not a dream?" He whispered to himself in disbelief. "What happened?" He thought with his brain, still in his pajamas he came out of the room to check the situation.


No one.


It's still very early so it's certain that the maid is still nowhere to be seen, he closed his room again.


Standing there to deduce what happened last night, the room was a mess and there were marks of several cuts but no bodies were seen anywhere. "There's a thief?" He thought.


"Hyung!" Kim Namwoon came with blood sticking to his black robe. "Are you okay?" He asked after putting away his dagger.


Kim Dokja nodded in response, "What happened last night?" He asked instead.


Kim Namwoon scratched the back of his neck as if he was at a loss to explain what had happened. "So last night I saw a cat come into Hyung's room, I was trying to take it out when it started climbing on your bed and it started scratching I chased after him and out of anger I damaged some of Hyung's room property, but I managed to get him out." He said proudly.


Kim Dokja immediately looked at him in horror while pointing at the robe with red spots like blood, "Then what is that? Did you kill the cat?"


"Of course not! It's because I accidentally dropped the sauce in the kitchen when I wanted to eat." He answered while looking down guiltily.


Kim Dokja had never thought about it, he forgot that Kim Namwoon had neither a house nor money for himself, he immediately felt guilty for forgetting such a common thing.


"Namwoon." Kim Dokja called out as he sat on the edge of the bed in thought. "Are you interested in joining the Ghost knights?" He asked making Kim Namwoon frown in confusion.


"What's that? Sounds really cool!" He said very excitedly. "Is this some kind of hidden knight moving in the shadows?!" He asked again, his eyes sparkling and Kim Dokja swore he looked like a dog's tail and ears.


"Indeed." Kim Dokja tilted his head, "Are you interested?"


Kim Namwoon who had opened his mouth to reply immediately closed it again with a serious face he thought, "Is it okay for me? That sounds like an elite knight, while I'm just an ordinary person."


"Of course, Never underestimate your own strength, you will grow very strong." Kim Dokja replied with a very confident smile.


Kim Namwoon was silent or rather he felt moved, no one believed him or even acknowledged him, this was the first time he felt that someone would need him. This feeling, he really liked it.


Kim Dokja smirked, "Judging from your face it looks like you want that."


Kim Namwoon nodded in response, he subconsciously sat down neatly on the floor and immediately stood up as soon as he realized. "It's not like I'm interested I just need a friend who will help me." He said afterwards with a face that couldn't lie.


It looks cute actually.


"I'll let you know when they get here." Kim Dokja said.


Kim Dokja lay back glancing at the big wall clock in his room thinking, soon he has to get ready to go to the party, and he has to remember what happened at the party. There should have been the scene where Yoo Joonghyuk convinced himself to marry Lee Seolhwa, and there he became Lee Seolhwa's friend as a first step.


But here he is, being the partner of a stupid Joonghyuk who doesn't know when to stop bothering him, Dokja has thought of many ways to avoid him but everything seems to be in vain.


"Young master it's time for you to wake up." One of the maids opened the door with a shocked face when she found Kim Dokja sitting on the edge of his bed with the morning sunlight pouring in from the window.


Kim Dokja turned to look for Kim Namwoon, but it seemed that he had already left his room. He then smiled at his maid, "Good morning, Nia." Yes, the maid's name is Nia.


Nia the maid blushed then she bowed "Good morning young master." She turned around to tidy up Dokja's slightly messy room, she didn't even ask what happened, as if this was normal. Well that's because Kim Dokja always has uninvited guests, who else if not a killer who always chases his life, Nia can only be grateful that her young master is fine.


"You have to get ready." Nia said, she clapped her hands making several other maids enter the room carrying piles of clothes and jewelry.


"W-wait!" Kim Dokja couldn't move as the maids used their strength to hold him off, this was too sudden and he wasn't ready.


"Extra preparation." The maid said as she began to forcefully undress Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja got goosebumps when the cold touched his skin, he immediately covered himself in shame even though he knew his servants didn't pay attention to him. But still it's embarrassing when naked in front of other people, he goes straight into the warm bath and gives off a floral scent.


"Please excuse me, young master." Nia pulled Kim Dokja's head slowly lying on the edge of the tub and began to gently massage his temples.


It's soothing, all the massages they give make Kim Dokja want to fall back asleep, the smell of roses makes his mind empty and comfortable, Kim Dokja closed his eyes enjoying the comfort that was provided, but a thought suddenly passed, why did they do extra preparations? It's not like he's married.


"Uh Nia... Why do we have to do extra preparation?" Kim Dokja asked without opening his eyes.


"Madam told us to make you more beautiful than usual." Nia answered while gently scratching Kim Dokja's scalp.


My mom? Kim Dokja could guess what his mother was thinking, but he couldn't help but relax as this made him so relaxed, it made him want to fall asleep again.


Or is he?


"Young master, wake up young master."


Kim Dokja woke up with a shocked face, he didn't realize he was asleep and didn't even realize he was brought to his dressing table, this somehow scared him, looks like he has trouble with sleeping, how can he not wake up when he is taken out of the bath?


"Choose the clothes you want, young master." Several maids stood with two clothes in their hands, It was so shimmering and expensive looking, Kim Dokja couldn't even hold back his gaping face. "If you can't choose we have prepared a list for you, choose clothes that catch your eye."


Kim Dokja saw a book with pictures of different clothes, from red, blue and all colors were there, even at the end of the book he could see the magnificent jewelry.


He didn't want to look glittery because of the jewels, he chose the black outfit he saw earlier and then chose a hair clip with black crow's wings.


"Don't you want to wear matching earrings?" Nia asked with a look that could be called excited.


Kim Dokja shook his head, "No, it would weigh on my head." He answered making his servants nod in understanding.


The maids got to work again, doing their hair, putting on makeup and dressing Dokja. He just silently followed his servant who treated him like a mannequin. Until 2 hours passed and he had just finished dressing, even the time was already 10 o'clock in the afternoon.


"You look so beautiful, young master!"


"This is masterpiece!"


"Thank you everyone."


He might be late to see their vows of marriage, but at least he attended their party out of respect for them. Kim Dokja looks back in the mirror, he can't stop admiring the way his maid works, it's so amazing his face became more shiny and soft, hid eyes seemed to sparkle and there were no wrinkles or blemishes at all, this was perfect.


"Young master, the royal carriage is waiting for you at the front." The butler said at the door of his room, he was a little taken aback when he saw Kim Dokja's extraordinary appearance.


"Already?!" Kim Dokja immediately panicked to hide himself away from Yoo Joonghyuk, somehow he felt embarrassed when he came out in this outfit.


Nia pulled his hand to stand up straight to put the robe on her young master's back, smoothed his hair a little more then smiled, "Should I escort you, young master?" She asks give him herhand. "Don't worry, you look really pretty today." She complimented hoping it made Kim Dokja feel better.


Kim Dokja was very nervous so it didn't hurt to take the hand of the maid to accompany him out, he walked briskly past the housemaids who were dumbfounded by his appearance, It's actually funny when you silence other people with just your appearance.


"Until here I can escort young master." Nia gently let go of Kim Dokja's hand then lined up on the side while bowing, "I wish you a pleasant journey." She said as she opened the outside door so that direct sunlight shone on Kim Dokja's presence.


Kim Dokja could see, under the stairs of his house a white horse-drawn carriage lined with gold was ready in front of him, and a dashing man in a white robe stood beside him, he was putting on a face as if he saw the sun smiling at him.


Yoo Joonghyuk was silent there, his face still couldn't help but look dumbfounded, he had never seen Kim Dokja so he only found out about this now, that the man was very beautiful. Kim Dokja dressed in black perfectly matched his black hair which was slicked back with a pin revealing his smooth half forehead, the way he descended the stairs gracefully letting his white robes wave in the wind, it was a beautiful sight.


Kim Dokja immediately chuckled when he was in front of Yoo Joonghyuk, "Why do we always wear matching clothes?" He asked with a cute chuckle.


Yoo Joonghyuk didn't reply, he wanted to ask that himself, when he wore a black shirt with a white coat and a white robe, he thought, It's like they did the deal beforehand.


Like a gentleman, Yoo Joonghyuk grabbed Kim Dokja's hand whose white gloves were in stark contrast to his black gloves, and started kissing his knuckle.


"!!!!" Kim Dokja was taken aback, not knowing it was coming and awkwardly letting go of his hand.


"You look very beautiful." Yoo Joonghyuk said subconsciously.


Kim Dokja widened his eyes in surprise, he already knew that his ears were currently red, "T-thank you...?" He answered shyly.


Kim Dokja took a deep breath trying to calm his heart, he had often heard compliments like that but when Yoo Joonghyuk said it it was really embarrassing. He took Yoo Joonghyuk's hand to get into the horse carriage and sat comfortably there while Yoo Joonghyuk sat in front of him with a strange look.


During the trip Kim Dokja tried his best not to meet Yoo Joonghyuk's gaze, he focused more on the window completely ignoring the gazes that were clearly on him, he stared at the street which somehow became very interesting.


Finally the time that had passed for so long ended, Kim Dokja saw several horse carriages in front of him, a beautiful red-painted villa mansion visible even from a distance, Kim Dokja was amazed by the roses seen along the wide fence. He got off the horse carriage staring in awe, not remembering that Joonghyuk was beside him.


"Come on." Yoo Joonghyuk said to give his arm to Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja just obediently hugged his arm awkwardly felt the unusually strong biceps muscle in stark contrast to his weak hand, then walked into the event held in the rose garden.


The announcement of his presence having been confirmed made all the guests present immediately turned to look at him, Kim Dokja with a reflex smile greeted the guests, little did he know that his smile alone had made almost all the guests at the banquet fall in love with him.

Yoo Joonghyuk stared intently at anyone who stared at his partner for too long, he didn't realize that he also did it earlier in the horse carriage, he took Kim Dokja to meet the new happy couple in their seats.


"I congratulate you on your marriage Mr. Marquess James." Yoo Joonghyuk greeted slightly bowed but his face was very flat, not according to his words.


"It is an honor for me to have the crown prince visit." Mr. James said with a big smile on his face, it could be seen that the couple was very happy.


"Oh my, don't you two look more like a newlywed couple than us?" Mrs Marquees said with a soft chuckle behind her red fan.


Kim Dokja smiled, "Don't make fun of us madam, you look really pretty today." He praised while diverting the initial conversation, then he bowed with a guilty face, "Please forgive me because my parents couldn't attend this event, but they are very happy with this wedding." He says.


"It's okay, we are very honored to be visited by the crown prince and heir to Duke Hades." Mrs Marquees answered.


"Please enjoy this banquet." Mr. James said he pulled his wife close and smiled.


"Of course." Kim Dokja replied because he knew Yoo Joonghyuk didn't want to bother replying.


The two went to choose to enjoy the food, to be more precise, Kim Dokja who was busy looking for sweets and Yoo Joonghyuk who watched him go here and there.


"Sir Dokja." Kim Dokja stopped to look back, a smiling man greeted him in a friendly manner.


Who is this person? Kim Dokja thought, trying to remember but still couldn't find a name for this person.


"Can you give me the honor to dance with you?" He asked as he raised his hand for Kim Dokja to take.


"No, dance with me Please." Other people interrupted quickly lined up in front of Kim Dokja.


"I was the one who asked for it first!"


Not only boys, even girls flock to get the first dance with Kim Dokja, who will ignore Kim Dokja's beauty especially since he still doesn't have a fiancé.


Kim Dokja smiled then shook his head, but he was surprised by the wide back suddenly in front of him, it was Yoo Joonghyuk.


"Joonghyuk?" Kim Dokja muttered in confusion, because he thought Joonghyuk was meeting Lee Seolhwa now.


"Follow me." Yoo Joonghyuk pulled his hand to the center of the ballroom, the music started playing earlier. "Do you enjoy attracting attention?" He asked with a deep frown on his forehead, his hands wrapped around Dokja's waist, while the others gripped Dokja's hand tightly.


"I am not doing anything." Kim Dokja said annoyed, he just wanted to try sweets, is that wrong?


Yoo Joonghyuk led the dance so well, Kim Dokja didn't even step on his feet considering that Dokja wasn't used to dancing in the female position, but it was quite fun.


They gracefully spun to the beat of the music, their gazes locked as if only their eyes could see, Yoo Joonghyuk suddenly lifted Kim Dokja's body, as he spun around making Kim Dokja hold on tightly to his shoulder, his eyes looked panicked because he might fall if he didn't balance, but it turned out to be a beautiful sight to behold, even the guests gaped at them. The scene where Kim Dokja seemed to descend from the sky with white wings coming to meet the prince.


"They are so beautiful together." 


"It's very pleasing to see."


"Don't they really fit together?"


Praise after praise sounded in the corner of the ballroom, but that doesn't mean it's just praise there are also disapproving comments from those who can't accept it.


"What the hell is that?! Why is he dancing with my prince?!"


"No way! Prince only likes women!"


"What did he do to the prince?!"


"Isn't Kim Dokja too beautiful for prince Yoo Joonghyuk? He doesn't deserve it."


"What else did Kim Dokja do to make Yoo Joonghyuk want to be with him?"


Those are comments from those who have seen how Kim Dokja kept chasing Yoo Joonghyuk to the point of laughing at Kim Dokja when he was flatly rejected, as if not believing their eyes, they continuously spread other strange rumors like Kim Dokja doing magic on the prince, or Kim Dokja threatening the prince, After all, no one would believe it if their behavior suddenly changed.


“Yoo Joonghyuk…” Kim Dokja called out as he was made to spin mercilessly. "The music's been done a long time ago." He continued when he got no reply.


Yoo Joonghyuk didn't reply but instead grabbed Kim Dokja's waist again to dance to the second music, Kim Dokja couldn't do anything when he was easily pulled. Now it's like he floated when Yoo Joonghyuk asked him to dance again for the third music, Kim Dokja refrained from hitting the prince on the head because he didn't want to see himself end up hanging in the middle of the city.


And he ended up sitting on the couch, cursing at Yoo Joonghyuk because he couldn't feel his legs anymore when they had done 5 dances in a row, he really doesn't understand why Yoo Joonghyuk suddenly asked him to dance and this is more than 1 music, is this a punishment? He wouldn't think twice when remembering Yoo Joonghyuk mercilessly made him spin like a windmill to the point of making him almost nauseous. That's right, this is a new model of torture.


"Are you tired?" Kim Dokja looked up to see Yoo Joonghyuk with an innocent face handing him a glass of juice.


Are you really asking me that, you bastard?!


"Yeah I guess, I'm a little tired." No I'm so tired and it's because of you, you bastard sunfish. "Maybe I'll sit here." You go! Just find your soulmate! And fall in love already!


"You're so thin and light, are you sure you're eating right?"


"Huh? Why all of a sudden? I eat pretty well...?" What's with this bastard?


"You must eat more." Yoo Joonghyuk said so and went straight to the table full of food.


Kim Dokja frowned in surprise with his gaze fixed on Joonghyuk's back which looked strange at the moment, both of them were the same age but how can he have a body like that? This is so unfair.


"Sir Kim Dokja?" He turned his head to the side at the voice that called out to him, the first thing he saw was white. "May I sit here?" She asked while tucking her bangs behind her ear.


He smiled, "Sure."


Elegant white hair, and he knew very well who the hair belonged to, it's just that he didn't know Lee Seolhwa would greet him instead of Yoo Joonghyuk, he couldn't stop thinking why the plot changed, well he did change a lot of plots but he was careful enough for their romance. Is he wrong?


"You look very beautiful, Sir Dokja." Lee Seolhwa praised which made Kim Dokja flinch to hear it. "Your skin looks so smooth."


Kim Dokja awkwardly laughed, subconsciously brushing his hair behind his ear, "You're also very pretty in your black lace dress, You are so beautiful wearing it."


Lee Seolhwa chuckled which Kim Dokja couldn't understand why she was chuckling, "Don't we look like a couple? I don't mind if we dress in pairs on purpose." She said as she covered her mouth with her hand fan. "And you seem really pretty in a dress too."


"Ah please stop saying something weird." Kim Dokja was embarrassed, imagining himself wearing that dress was a bit... It's ridiculous.


"Fufu, I'm sorry, but I'm not lying about you going so pretty in a dress." He stopped teasing as he sat closer, "Since it's been like this, do you want to dance with me Sir Dokja?" She asked a little shyly which made Kim Dokja wonder, why did he see her cheeks turning red?


Before Kim Dokja opened his mouth to answer someone interrupted their conversation.


"No, he's tired right now." It was Yoo Joonghyuk with a tray of some food and sweets.


And whose fault is it? Kim Dokja thought with a sharp gaze at Yoo Joonghyuk.


"I didn't ask you, Your Majesty." Lee Seolhwa replied with a smile.


"I can do whatever I want."


"Your Majesty, then I can also do whatever I want right?"


"Sure, can you let go of Kim Dokja's hand?"


"Eh why? You should have let go first, you were carrying a tray and it could have fallen on Sir Kim Dokja." Lee Seolhwa answered with a tight grip on Kim Dokja's arm.


Yoo Joonghyuk glanced at Kim Dokja and then back to Lee Seolhwa, his gaze was so stinging and sharp then not long after he let go of Kim Dokja's hand.


"Looks like I have to go home." Kim Dokja said amidst their strange bickering.


"Then should I take you home sir Dokja?" Lee Seolhwa asked.


"No, he came home with me, why should he be with you?" Yoo Joonghyuk replied by pulling Kim Dokja's hand until he was in his arms.


"There's nothing wrong with offering anyway, I owe him." Lee Seolhwa replied, still with a smile on her red lips.


"In that case, let's just say you don't owe anything." Yoo Joonghyuk answered as he went past him, while holding Kim Dokja out of the Ballroom.


It was an awkward journey when Kim Dokja preferred to be quiet and say nothing, he was too busy to think why Yoo Joonghyuk and Lee Seolhwa's relationship was not like in the novel, Well he admits, maybe this is also because of his mistake that crossed the line, he should have not met Lee Seolhwa in the first place or didn't attend the King's Birthday at that time. But this was already over and he couldn't return the tea that had been spilled.


"We are here, Your Majesty." The coachman announced, making Kim Dokja wake up from his daydream.


He immediately opened the door, smiling as he said, "See you at the academy, Your Majesty." And just run away into the mansion.


Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't say anything when Kim Dokja ran away from him again, he again told the coachman to hurry back to his palace.




It's almost noon and soon the sky will turn golden, Kim Dokja accompanies his younger siblings playing in the park, no he accompanies them in the knight training arena. At first Kim Dokja forbade them to play with swords because they were underage, but he lost only with puppy eyes which in the end he allowed them as long as he was there.


"Young lady, you must raise your hand even higher!" The knight trainer shouted at Shin Yoosung.




"Young master Gilyoung! Your punches are too weak!"


"Yes! I'm sorry!"


Kim Dokja sat on the chair with a smile, he thought his siblings would quit after knowing the hard training but it's been more than 3 hours and they are still holding on, That's great, they have tremendous potential and Kim Dokja can't imagine how proud he is to have his younger siblings.


"Aren't they very smart?" Kim Dokja hummed in agreement at the coach's words to him. "A knight does have to have determination when they touch their sword, keep advancing without backing down grooming—"


Ah he's starting again, thought Kim Dokja, the coach really likes to talk about knights and is proud of his position, and he will tell his past.


"Young master! They're here." Nia announced to Kim Dokja.


He stood up from his seat ignoring the coach who still hadn't finished speaking, he glanced briefly at his younger siblings who were still busy with their training.


"Take care of my brother and sister." He said to the coach, cut the man off and smiled away.


"Leave it to me, young master!"


Kim Dokja followed Nia in front of him who led their way, At first he did not believe his father's words, But apparently it wasn't a lie, his father gave him the authority to control one of the most reliable knights he had, and that was the Ghost knight, of all the knights he had, the ghost knight was the strongest. Kim Dokja couldn't stop smiling as he recalled the novel he had read, Ghost knights are indeed the strongest, it's just that they are placed without a line, they work in the shadows without anyone knowing, and that makes Kim Dokja even more curious about them.


"I'm Kim Dokja, are you guys the Ghost knight?" He said with a friendly smile to the few black-robed knights in front of him.


All the knights took off their hoods and one of them knelt down and replied, "Yes, your highness." He was quite old with wrinkles and gray hair, but Kim Dokja could feel the immense mana power within his body.


It stopped there, the old man continued again when not feeling his friends kneeling to greet their new master, "What are you guys doing? Show his highness your manners." It was silence.


"Your highness! I'm sorry!" He said immediately turned around yelling, "You guys! Seriously?!"


Kim Dokja looked at them, "Looks like you guys want to tell me something." He raised his hand in a swing motion to his ear, "Open your damned mouth then, i'll listen to what you have to say."




"Your master, i'm Nick, one of the ten captain of the Ghost knight."


"I'm Aster, one of the ten captain of the Ghost knight." 


They started to introduce themselves, Kim Dokja just nodded in response.


"We heard that young master will take command of us instead of Lord Hades, is that true?" Nick asked.


"Yes, just as you've heard."


"So what's about it?"


Kim Dokja frowned. "It was my father's decision, are you intending to disobey it?"


"Our knight has been under command of the Lord Hades for almost forty years, can young master take the Bond we have with him?"


"Nick! Are you not going to shut up?! If you're a knight! Then follow the orders like one!" The middle-aged man who had been kneeling down embarrassedly snapped at his friend.


"Young master, we're not knight that respect the way of a knight, we are just people who live in the shadow, willing to do anything for the sake of our Empire." Aster said.


"We have been under the orders of Lord Hades for 40 years, and it would be difficult for us to directly follow orders from people of unknown origin." Nick said with a serious face like he was looking down on someone else.


"Nick! He is a young master! Lord even said he would become stronger than himself!"


"Young master, It's true I respect you, however the Ghost knight is not simply a group of normal graduates, we will not be under the command of someone who can't convince us that he is worthy, since he is someone who uses sword, he must know what the mean, right?" Aster said at length, his gaze fixed on Kim Dokja's untrained posture and waiting for an answer from him.


Kim Dokja was silent for a moment then burst out laughing, making the Ghost knight confused and misunderstood the laughter.


"W-why is he laughing?!"


"Is he insulting us?!"


Kim Dokja waved his hand as he said, "No, you guys are so cute."




"my blood pressure...!"


Kim Dokja nodded after he finished laughing, he smiled, "I'm sorry, how could I forget such a simple thing, yes of course you can think like that."


His sweet smile instantly turned into a smirk, "I just force you guys using strength to submit to me."




"What's about you guys?"


"What do you mean?!"


"Whether you are qualified to be under me." He answered while pointing at the floor.




"Prove it to me, all fifty of you!"


When Kim Dokja said that the whole room was filled with the powerful mana of all the Ghost knights, they seemed ready to face war at any moment.


"... What you've said, you have to take responsibility of it!" Nick said he seemed to be very angry with Kim Dokja's earlier words.


But that didn't scare Kim Dokja, instead his smile grew wider, "Perfect, every single one of you, come at me."



Chapter Text

If you're wondering why Kim Dokja is so confident against fifty people at once, it's because he just drank a potion of his own making, he also wanted to feel what it was like after hearing Kim Namwoon's conclusion that he still couldn't believe. It can't be that good right?


It was already 20 minutes after he drank it, and he still had 10 minutes before the effect would wear off, he smiled at them all.


"Why are you silent? Come on, I don't have much time for people like you." He said to provoke them.


[This is very easy." Kim Dokja thought, he turned to look at Nia who was silent in the corner then frowned in confusion, he heard something the same as his thoughts.


[Yo u idi ot]


Deja vu, Kim Dokja seemed to have heard it before but he wasn't sure who was speaking to him and he would make sure to hit that person in the head, is the language he knows just an idiot?


"I will make you regret for being too arrogant." Aster said remove the sword from its scabbard and prepare.


Kim Dokja smiled making the corners of his eyes wrinkled, "Please be gentle to me." He says.


Some of the knights moved swiftly while wielding swords, Kim Dokja didn't bother to move from his spot when a sharp object nearly hit him, a gust of wind blew away the knights who intended to injure him. Like confused people they stared with shocked eyes, not seeing what was happening even though they were sure Kim Dokja didn't move from his spot.


"What was that?"


"I feel a strong wind."


"He didn't even do anything."


Everything was calm as if nothing had happened before, the Ghost knights immediately hesitated at what had just happened, they thought was there Lord Hades protecting the young master? But that was impossible, considering that wind was not Lord Hades' power.


Kim Dokja smiled, "What are you guys doing? Come on." He opened his arms ready to take all the attacks. "I didn't even use my sword." He said with a sly grin.


The words that sounded provocative instantly made them all forget what had happened, they weren't sure if the young master had some kind of power to protect himself. But they had heard rumors about this young master, he was cunning.


"Why don't you all come forward to me? At least it would be easier wouldn't it?" Kim Dokja said as if he had dominated the atmosphere.


It would be a lie if no one was angry at what he said, those disparaging words of course made anyone angry, The anger over their dignity being destroyed allowed the entire mansion to feel the mana energy they were emitting, they didn't care anymore if Lord Hades would come and scold them, but right now they just wanted to teach this young master to be careful with his speech.


"Forgive us young master, don't have a grudge against us after this." The eldest said, apparently he was also angry at Kim Dokja's words.


"I will not." Kim Dokja said to prepare himself by making a sword from the wind.


Kim Dokja walked calmly, dodging the attacks that were aimed at him and occasionally slashing when he didn't have time to dodge, a sword flew towards him, he didn't even bother to block it when a sudden gust of wind just like the initial incident threw several people off.


Seeing the people who were thrown caught them all off guard, Kim Dokja used his sword that was getting bigger and longer to hit the rest of the knights, made the mansion's wide hall a mess, and broke the wall leading to the practice field.


"W-what's that?


"Sudden attack?!"


"Protect young master and young lady!"


The knights who were in training immediately panicked holding their swords as the walls crumbled sending dust everywhere. It didn't take long when they all saw people dressed in black robes lying on the ground with the rubble of the wall above them.


"That was extraordinary." Kim Dokja said amidst the crumbling walls while clapping his hands.


"What power is that?" Kim Namwoon, who had been watching for a long time, finally appeared beside Kim Dokja. "I saw something surrounding your body." He said with narrowed eyes watching.


"Really? I'm amazed you can see it even though it's so thin." Kim Dokja said that it made Kim Namwoon smile arrogantly with the compliment.


Hearing his words made the Ghost Knight suddenly pause to pay attention to what was around Kim Dokja, it was like the air swirling around him, so thin that you have to be very focused to see it.


Kim Dokja smiled after seeing their shocked faces after realizing that, he had also used this power against Joonghyuk, when he disappeared and became one with the air and this was practically at a new level where the air around him would protect his entire body, This could be called an alarm, when someone pointed a sword at him the wind would blow the sword away.


"Yeah, you guys won't be able to touch me if I activate this." He walked to the wooden statue by the side of the field touching it gently and a strong wind shattered the wooden statue into pieces with a loud explosion. "I call this, Untainted Wind."


The atmosphere instantly became quiet, Kim Dokja stayed there like a teacher teaching his students, he then smiled when he realized his mistake. At the same time Hades and Persephone came with panicked faces towards him.


"What happened?" Persephone immediately cupped his face checking head to toe to make sure her son was okay.


"Hyung!" Gilyoung immediately hugged him with a look of admiration, "That was so amazing! How did you do that?!"


"Oppa! Are you okay? Who are they?" Shin Yoosung asked while pointing at Kim Namwoon and other people in black robes.


Kim Namwoon jerked on the spot, he forgot he shouldn't have appeared at this time, he wanted to run away but Hades looked at him strangely making him unable to move from his place.


"So you're the one who chased my cat away?" Hades said it made both Kim Namwoon and Kim Dokja widen.


"Your cat?!" Kim Namwoon shouted reflexively and immediately covered his mouth.


"Wait, so.. why is there a cat in my room?" Kim Dokja asked with a confused face pointing at his father who was frozen on the spot.


"To make sure you sleep comfortably." He muttered to himself so that Kim Dokja couldn't hear him when his mother interrupted.


"Anyway, what happened now, why did this wall collapse?" His mother asked with an intimidating look.


"This is my fault, Your Majesty." Aster quickly knelt before Hades before letting Kim Dokja open his mouth.


Hades looked displeased with the Ghost knight's behavior, "Tell me what happened." He ordered in a cold tone.


"No, wait, it's was my fault dad." Kim Dokja interrupted, he couldn't get them to be scolded by his father because after they were beaten up by him.


Kim Dokja's statement made Hades frown, he looked at his son then his knight alternately, not knowing who to trust.


Instantly all the Ghost Knights knelt before the Underworld family, ignoring the stares that came from ordinary knights. "This is completely our fault my lord, we have angered young master and damaged some property." Nick said in a firm tone.


Hearing that the frown on Hades' forehead deepened, he looked down to watch the knight he trained in disappointment, "And why did you make him angry?" He asked.


"We underestimated him too much and because we didn't want to accept him as our... leader." Nick answered doubtfully, he glanced at Kim Dokja who was just silently watching. "Please forgive us, Your Majesty. We will lay down our lives for you." He continued as he turned to kneel before Kim Dokja.


"On behalf of myself as 10 captain Ghost Knights will give their lives to you, Your Majesty." He continues. "If the previous incident still makes you feel uncomfortable then, take my life." Nick prostrated to give his head so that Kim Dokja could cut it off.


The action was followed by all the Ghost knights, they were so sincere in saying that and would not regret their words, Kim Dokja could feel their loyalty and it's understandable why they don't want to escape Hades' control, it's because it's one of loyalty. Kim Dokja had read where Ghost knights would not change their masters until they died, but it seemed that this situation was an exception, they move easily and instantly trust their new master.


Kim Dokja smiled, "No, I punished you guys earlier, compared to that, I have a request." He said making all the Ghost Knights raise their heads.


"Say it, Your Majesty."


Kim Dokja stepped closer to Kim Namwoon who was standing frozen behind Hades then put his arm around his shoulders like an old friend, "I want you to train this kid to be a part of the Ghost Knights." he said.


The whole silence made Kim Dokja immediately doubt, can't he do this? He had already thought that Kim Namwoon would become his accomplice when he was trained. Seeing how no one answered him made him frown, "Is that not possible?"


"No, you can do whatever you want." Hades said making the Ghost knight nod in agreement.


Weird, Kim Dokja felt weird when he got a reply like that, it's like he forgot something but couldn't find what he forgot, it was annoying that every time people were kind to him, he still wasn't used to this life at all.


No for that let's ignore those feelings, he has to continue his plan.


[Dokja should make this plan as smooth as possible]


Wait, what's that? Kim Dokja had felt it several times lately, he heard a voice but never knew where it came from.


[Yo ua re an idi ot]


He frowned, not liking the repeated calls, it wasn't like he was so stupid, it's just how can he tell if someone is talking to him without revealing his identity and form, he had never read about characters who were mysterious and liked to get into other people's minds, if there was one… Kim Dokja immediately got goosebumps. Does he have a stalker?


[You re ally a re an id iot]


Hey, I just don't know who you are, and why can't you just say idiot? Can't you speak another language? Kim Dokja thought in his mind sure that this person could hear what he was thinking.


"—m Dokja?" The owner of the name looked up at the person who called his name. It was Persephone who looked worried. "What happened?" She asked softly.


Kim Dokja shook his head, "It's fine." He smiled awkwardly, he could find out later.


"What a great time, I was going to call you." Hades said making Kim Dokja look up with a curious look.


Hades took out a letter from his shirt pocket, it's a normal letter in general but Kim Dokja doesn't know who sent the letter, he looked at his father asking if he could open it now.


"I just wanted to hear your opinion." Hades said after nodding in response for Kim Dokja to open it immediately.


Kim Dokja opened the letter slowly with a pounding heart, he didn't know what was in it but he had a bad feeling about this. Finally, he opened the letter and read it at a speed he never thought before, It was a fiancé proposal from Duke Lilifian.


Kim Dokja stared at the letter wide-eyed, he reread it because he thought he had read it wrong, then glanced at his father who was smiling warmly but there was something hidden behind it, It really was a fiancé's proposal request.


"D-father... Is this serious?" Kim Dokja asked cautiously, swallowing his own saliva nervously looking at his father.


Hades nodded, making Kim Dokja instantly speechless, Duke Lilifian is indeed famous as a man who likes to keep things beautiful and beautiful, Whoever caught his attention he would do anything to get it, no matter if his position was lower.


"And this is the 10th time he has sent a proposal."


"Who's the bastard who wants to take my Hyung!" Gilyoung intervened while hugging Kim Dokja's legs as if Hyung was his.


"I won't let Oppa be taken by someone else! He's going to marry me!" Shin Yoosung announced as he grabbed Kim Dokja's hand.


"Wait! Why did he marry you?! I will marry Hyung!"


"You can't! Oppa likes girls!"


Gilyoung smirked like it was a stupid thing to say, then he said again, "You don't know anything huh, Hyung likes men."




"Oh my..." Persephone chuckled amused seeing them.


Hades rubbed Kim Dokja's head with a smile, "Don't worry, I will kill him secretly, so he won't be able to get close to you." Instantly Kim Dokja got goosebumps hearing it along with Hades's heartless face.


Kim Dokja thought, looks like he has to choose the safe path, let's meet this man, and makes a really bad first impression so he'll stop chasing him. Actually it was very easy to eliminate him but Kim Dokja didn't want to make a mistake Lilifian was a Duke even though he was under his father's position it was still not easy. Especially with his reputation which is mostly very good in the eyes of the public compared to his bad reputation.


"I'm going on a date with him." Kim Dokja said that the entire mansion was shocked to hear that. "No, listen to me first." He immediately interrupted when he received protests from many people.


"I'm going on a date with him doesn't mean I accept his proposal, so I'll do my best to get this person to change their mind." Kim Dokja explained, sighed as everyone fell silent. "If that's not possible, then maybe it would be better to use force." He said after thinking for a while.


"Why don't we just kill him straight away? That would be easier." Lee Gilyoung suggested, his blank stare when he said that was terrifying, how could a child say that so casually. "That person doesn't deserve to live."


"Gilyoung, you can't say that." Kim Dokja said while stroking his hair. "I'm going to do it anyway, he shouldn't be killed right away."


"Why is Oppa so adamant to let it go?" Shin Yoosung asked.


Kim Dokja couldn't possibly tell the truth, Duke Lilifian was quite useful in the future, because of his fondness for beautiful things, he would meet Lee Seolhwa who made him fall in love. And try to kidnap her, he will die at the hands of the crown prince anyway.


"I'm just letting him live for a while." Kim Dokja answered with a smile so that they wouldn't ask any further questions.


"Tch." Wait, Kim Dokja didn't hear wrong right? Shin Yoosung just clicked her tongue?


Kim Dokja just realized that they were still outside, and the Ghost knight was still where he started, kneeling with they head down, Ah right he had to do that before the disaster came.


Kim Dokja stepped in front of them, "Raise your heads." He said, making all the ghost knights look up. "I'll give you the first mission." He announced.


"A mission?!" On the other hand, Kim Namwoon jumped with excitement when he heard it, his hands clenched and his gaze sparkled, Kim Dokja was right, he looks like a dog. "I will go!" He shouted.


"It's not for you." Kim Dokja replied directly, his gaze was so serious that Kim Namwoon didn't dare to protest.


"I want you to go somewhere, it's very dangerous but I'm sure you can gather information there." Kim Dokja put his hands on his hips as he recalled the name of the forest. "Abyssal Forest." He muttered with his eyes closed then nodded after confirming it was right.


"Abyssal Forest?" Hades frowned at his son's words.


Kim Dokja nodded in response, "Yep, Abyssal Forest. I want all of you to go there to find out what happened."


Hades suddenly remembered something "Ah right, lately the monsters have become a bit more ferocious, we need to quickly gather information and knights." He says.


"Is everything all right?" Persephone asked behind her black hand fan, she was worried about her husband's words which made her a little uneasy.


Kim Dokja turned to his mother with a smile, "Everything will be fine, mother." He says.


"Then I'll go first." Hades said goodbye first to leave the place to go to his office. "Dokja, let my knight take care of the Abyssal Forest, you shouldn't think about your father's territory." He said before just walking away, His words might sound cold but it was his job so Kim Dokja nodded in acceptance.


"You guys should also go in first, I'll do something first." Kim Dokja said to his younger siblings who still faithfully hugged him.


Both of them pouted and nodded, they held hands with their mother then went inside leaving Kim Dokja and his knights.


"So I told you guys, since 50 people is too much then I will give one mission for each captain." Kim Dokja said then looked at the ten ghost knight captains.


Kim Dokja gave his orders while occasionally glancing to see their facial expressions. "Are there any questions?"


The person who first saluted Dokja or as Dokja was known as Will raised his hand. "Should we spy on someone?" He asked after getting a nod from Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja smirked, "No, I'm telling you to spy on all the nobles in various countries, Kaizenix, Paridonia, Lionar, Bordis, and Veltora." He answered making all the ghost knights speechless, he immediately frowned, "Can't you guys?"


"Of course you can, this is the first mission that excites me." Will said with a smile making the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepen. "We will do our best not to disappoint you." He says.


"And there's one troop that has to come with me to the academy later." Kim Dokja said he stepped to leave because his work was done and he was feeling tired. "You are dismissed." Kim Dokja said and right after that the ghost knight disappeared into the shadows.


Kim Namwoon still followed him because he still hadn't heard the mission that Kim Dokja wanted to talk about. "So... What's my first mission?" He asked after they reached Dokja's room.


Kim Dokja turned, seriousness was on his face, he sat on the sofa looking up at the sky which was getting darker then returned to Kim Namwoon. Kim Namwoon didn't know what happened but the air around him instantly changed after he asked that, Kim Dokja didn't say anything for a few minutes.


"Kim Namwoon, I will give you a mission to find someone." He said after a long silence then he continued, "It's going to be very difficult, and hard."


That's what he said, Kim Namwoon could feel the doubt in Kim Dokja's words as if he wasn't sure himself to give this mission. Kim Dokja was silent again for a long time, then shook his head making Kim Namwoon not understand what he was thinking.


"I thought I'd send the Ghost knight with you, since you could be killed after entering there." Kim Dokja said while holding his head, confused by his own thoughts.


"Actually, what kind of person are you looking for?" Kim Namwoon asked with a curious face.


"Someone very precious.." The answer was not clear and Kim Namwoon didn't want to ask any more when Kim Dokja's face became very hard to read. "Yeah, I'll explain more later." Kim Dokja waved to tell Kim Namwoon to leave.


"Okay Hyung! See you later." With that, Kim Namwoon left, leaving Kim Dokja alone in his room.


Kim Dokja looked at his window which showed that the sky was getting darker, he could see a very shining starlight there with 2 moons side by side, somehow he had a bad feeling tonight, so he slept through the night. He could feel himself like he was going to throw up at any moment, the strength being churned in his body made him dizzy and nauseous at the same time, if he couldn't keep up with the power – which he didn't even know what it was – he would probably die of pain. 



Kim Dokja held his head not to explode the mana energy in his room, he stepped out of the room where it was already deserted, he didn't even remember when the servants left, Without him knowing he walked underground, to find the door where he found his mother's memory.


[So you re fi nally he re?] He gasped when he heard the words in his mind again, then he looked up to see the door in front of him. The door was silent and he was sure there was nothing strange there when a word appeared on the wide door.


[Kim Dokja thought: how come the door can talk?]


"Wait, don't read my mind!" Kim Dokja said.




Kim Dokja could only be silent while touching the door, he couldn't understand why this place could talk to him and even read his mind.


[You ar e su ch an idio t]


Kim Dokja sighed, he admits it, he's so stupid and idiotic, he can't realize what's going on now because he lacks knowledge and doesn't understand about magic things like this. He widened his eyes as a light surrounded his hand that touched on the door, it was like he was absorbing the door into him.


"What happened?!" He panicked, his hand couldn't get off the wall, stuck to it like someone put glue on his hand, using his strength to escape from that place, but it made the light shine so brightly that it blinded the eyes.


When he opened his eyes again the blank wall filled his view, he could see his reflection of the wall, his wings and horns popping out with one black eyeball.


[I pro tect y ou] The wall trembled as with light the writing was written on it.


"Why did you protect me?" Kim Dokja asked slightly surprised by his different voice, more like an echoing computer sound.


[It's an or der]


Kim Dokja wanted to ask again but something already answered his question, who else if not his mother? He swallowed, opened his mouth and then closed it again.


[It's ti me for yo uto geto ut of he re] The wall said making Kim Dokja speechless as white light filled his eyes.


He opened his eyes again with a light breath, lying on the ground floor with a confused face, he stood up to stare at the door it was no longer in front of him, he also felt no more pain in his head nor in his body.


His eyes were fixed on his shining chest, giving off a warmth that made his head lighter he could see the white and black light on his chest parting, what he believed in was his strength colliding within his body earlier.


[I'm sleepy] Kim Dokja can hear the words on the wall more clearly now.


Kim Dokja still didn't know what the wall was, but he could deduce that it was the orb that protected him when he was born.


Kim Dokja also just found out that his power has 2 sides, white and black, he believes that white is the power of his mother flowing in his veins and black is the power that flows from his blood. After all he is the son of a devil and an angel.


He came out from underground only to find blood on the floor, he saw a servant who was almost dying from so much blood coming out, he immediately knelt down to check on the maid's condition, she was still breathing making him relieved.


"Young master...?" The maid squealed as she felt her body being lifted lightly using wind magic. “Please save young master Gilyoung.” He said making Kim Dokja widen.


"What are you saying?!" He couldn't believe this, he thought that no one would target his younger siblings, but what was this? Why are his younger siblings being targeted?


He was confused as he quickly took his servant to his personal doctor, after giving his injured servant to his doctor he immediately disappeared with a gripping air.


Gilyoung's room is quiet and peaceful, there are 3 people in robes and sharp weapons standing in front of his bed grumbling a little because they got a mission to kill a weak child.


But when one of them moved to raise his sword a wind surrounded the three of them swiftly moving onto the field with a strong tug sending all three to the ground. They immediately stood with swords in front of them staring straight ahead at the person standing in the shadows.


"Who are you?!" The person asked, making Kim Dokja who was standing in the shadow chuckle.


Dokja's three wind blades were already standing behind their heads ready to stab their heads at any moment. "I should be the one asking, who are you?" He asked with a sharp look.


The three of them got goosebumps, they were sure that if they answered wrongly their heads would disappear from their place. Rumors about Kim Dokja being famous as a troublemaker don't look like that,bit was like an eye that had gone through many kills.


But they looked calmer than Kim Dokja thought, he wondered what made them so confident to enter his father's territory with only 3 assassins.


Soon one of the Ghost Knights appeared behind Kim Dokja, he knelt down and said, "Young master, several assassins have been caught, what should we do?"


Kim Dokja smiled, so not only 3 but many more, "Kill them all." He answered without leaving the sight of the three assassins.


"Very well, young master." Kim Dokja felt that the knight smiled before finally leaving.


Now he only needed to take care of the 3 assassins in front of him.



Chapter Text

"Tell me, who sent you here?" Kim Dokja asked, his hands ready at any moment to move the wind blade that would stab the heads of the three assassins.


No one answered, even after Kim Dokja threatened them, they closed their lips tightly as if their lives weren't worth a single word.


Kim Dokja didn't like this, he stepped closer, then violently grabbed the head of one of the assassins with a sharp glare he said, "I see, you guys don't want to tell me?"


He broke the killer's leg in his hand, muffled his scream with a wind that made the killer's jaws open so wide he couldn't make a sound at all. "I'm still patient not to kill you directly." Kim Dokja whispered.


Then he fell silent, Kim Dokja looked up to see the other two assassins, he again looked at the person in his hand, "That's right, there are still 2 people on here." He said that while grinning makes the person in front of him shiver.


Finally, the person in his hand opened his mouth with trembling he said in front of Kim Dokja, "Please don't kill me! I know more information you want!" 


Kim Dokja let go of the grip on the person's hair, he stood pinching his chin thinking, "That means I don't need both of them." He glanced at the two men in front of him who were still frozen in place, "Should I kill you guys?" He smirked as he fiddled with his index finger in the air, It's just a joke, but they took it seriously as Kim Dokja's wind blade floated at will.


The two assassins in front of him immediately panicked, with strange movements they immediately bowed down to ask for forgiveness for his life. "We can do anything for you! So please spare our lives!" They said in unison.


Kim Dokja held back his laughter, he felt happy to bully these people, in his previous life he could never try to bully other people, instead he was the one who got bullied. Now he understood, bullying people was fun. Wait, Kim Dokja immediately shook his head, he didn't want to be lumped in with such a trash bastard.


"Alright, since I'm good I'll spare your lives." Kim Dokja said making the faces of the three brighten with relief. "Now, why are you after my little brother?" He asked with a frown on his forehead.


"You know, it's useless if you lie." Kim Dokja cut in as the assassin opened his mouth.


The three assassins immediately shivered again when a strong wind hit them as if it was a bluff if they spoke the wrong way the wind would stab them. Kim Dokja stood in front of them with a view of the big moon behind him, with his hands on his hips he glared at the three of them.


"W-we got a request from the guild, to kill Lee Gilyoung, the son of Baron Lee." They finally declared.


"Son of the Grand Duke Hades!" Kim Dokja confirmed that he didn't like the call when it was clear now that Lee Gilyoung was his younger brother.


They immediately nodded after hearing the undeniable emphasis in Kim Dokja's words, they immediately continued their words.


"We don't know why to kill young master Gilyoung, we are just following orders." They said it made Kim Dokja frown.


"You say that you have a lot of information, but this alone you don't know anything." Kim Dokja sneered while rolling his eyes.


Kim Dokja moved his hand to kill them using his wind but they quickly spoke simultaneously making their words inaudible, Kim Dokja paused to hear their words.


"I can kill people for you!"


"I have information from another noble!"


"I will do anything!"


Kim Dokja was amused, he couldn't help but laugh, that was the most useless offer he'd ever heard, he didn't need it if he already had a Ghost knight. Wait, maybe they can be used. Kim Dokja thought.


Kim Dokja smirked, "I have a request for you." He said while snapping his fingers and a gentle breeze surrounded them, when the wind faded they were already in Kim Dokja's room.


"What kind of request?" They asked carefully as Kim Dokja was busy looking for something in his closet drawer.


Kim Dokja smiling happily when he found a small box, he blew off the dust flakes on the tattered box, he turned to look at the three then handed the box to them.


"I want you to deliver this to Lionar Island." Kim Dokja said with a smile.


"Ju-that's all?" One of them asked with a wary face.


"Yup!" Kim Dokja nodded, "I will send a letter so that the person who received this box waits for you." He continued.


Seeing that there was no answer Kim Dokja's smile immediately faded into a disappointed look, he raised his hand in preparation. "Can't you guys?"


"No no! we can do it! Just leave it to us!" They immediately said timidly taking Kim Dokja's box.


"Good, now go away, don't let me see your faces again." Kim Dokja said in a cold tone while pointing at the balcony of his window that opened with the wind.


Before Kim Dokja changed his mind, the three assassins came out quickly, faster than Kim Dokja could have expected, Kim Dokja sat on the edge of his bed while sighing, he glanced back at his balcony when someone stepped into his room, it was Kim Namwoon with blood on his shirt.


"Why did you let them go? They could have run away." Kim Namwoon asked with a displeased face, then he fell silent seeing that Kim Dokja was grinning.


Kim Namwoon didn't ask any further, Kim Dokja smirked strangely like he had an evil plan in hand, he finally just shrugged his shoulders, it wasn't his choice to let those people loose, he then left to let Kim Dokja get his rest.


Kim Dokja chuckled, he could be pretty sure the three idiots would do his bidding, the box inside was none other than a tracker, he also put tracking magic on the heads of the men he drew earlier, if they did run away Kim Dokja would come to them again and might get other information. And if they go to Lionar Island, they will not survive either, on the way they will definitely meet a sea monster named Ichthyosaurus sea dragons roaming around the island, they are looking for a place to stay and will meet ships passing through their territory who think they are trying to take their place. Well it had a 50% chance for them to appear but Kim Dokja remembered there was a time when the monsters were out of control and that was this moment.


[You a re so cun ning]


"Oh! I thought you were sleeping?" Kim Dokja was surprised to hear that familiar voice.


[I ju st wo ke up]


"Did I disturb your sleep?" Kim Dokja asked but the creature didn't answer and was silent, he finally broke the silence by asking again, "What should I call you?" Kim Dokja asked thoughtfully.


[Anyt hing is fi ne]


Kim Dokja frowned, he thought since this orb was a wall he thought of a name that might fit, "What about the fourth wall?"


[W hy Fo urth?]


Kim Dokja smirked, "Four is my favorite number." The wall fell silent for a moment and didn't say anything else.


"Wait, isn't there a lot of books in the orb? And now that I can't enter the room anymore, how can I read the books in it?" Kim Dokja suddenly remembered, he was sure when watching his mother's memories at the end he found a library full of books in it, he had not had time to read a single book.


In the blink of an eye the blue screen opened in front of Kim Dokja's face, it revealed a bookshelf with a variety of different books, Kim Dokja was dumbfounded unable to say anything.


[Choo se]


Kim Dokja was still dumbfounded with his hands moving as he picked up the book, and a book appeared out of thin air, and the bright blue screen disappeared.


In a few seconds later he finally came to his senses with an amazed face and wide eyes, he exclaimed like a child. "That looks like a game!" He said jumping up from his bed, "Is that what is called an inventory magic?!"


[Yo u're an id iot]


"Ukh is there no other language besides that?" Kim Dokja sighed tiredly.


[Yo u st upi d]


Kim Dokja chose to remain silent, he glanced at the book in his hand, the old book entitled "Celestial Realm." Kim Dokja is sure, maybe this is another story of his mother. In the book tells of a magnificent palace standing firmly in the sky, where it was filled with many angels, The palace was surrounded by a strong light power that became a protector for all the angels who lived there.


"I should probably sleep now." Kim Dokja spoke when he was distracted by the black cat jumping on his lap while reading a book. "Is Lee Gilyoung okay?" Kim Dokja asked making one of the knights appear from the shadows.


"Everything has been cleaned up, and the young master is still fast asleep." He answered.


"Good, you know what to do right?" Kim Dokja asked him making the knight smile.


"Yes, Young master."


After the ghost knight left, Kim Dokja lay down on his bed and closed his very heavy eyes, his body felt heavy and his head still felt hot, he frowned, as the power within his body surged.


[E very thing w ill be f ine]


The sound of the fourth wall calmed him down, Kim Dokja felt himself a little lighter now. And finally he fell asleep that night.




Kim Dokja couldn't remember how long he had been sitting here with a gloomy face, he was currently in a fancy restaurant for a date with Duke Lilifian, but he wasn't interested in the man at all, he really wanted to shut the guy's mouth with the steak in front of him if he could.


When even Kim Dokja hadn't sent a letter to Duke Lilifian, he had come to pick him up first, this made Kim Dokja feel bored. He had asked Kim Namwoon to find someone because he was supposed to go to the black market today to meet Bihyung.


Duke Lilifian had a handsome face even though under Yoo Joonghyuk, he had sharp slanted sky blue eyes and neat brown hair that extended past his ears.


"Have you thought about my proposal?" Duke Lilifian asked while propping his chin on the table fully staring at Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja looked down, fidgeted with his fingers shyly glancing at Duke, "Do you know why I didn't accept anyone's proposal?" He asked, inwardly cursing himself.


Lilifian's eyebrows rose curiously, "What is it?"


"Because I have a mysterious illness." He said dramatically. "If I touch someone, I'll get itchy and have a fever." Oh no, he misspoke.


"But I heard you can touch Prince..?" Lilifian said suspiciously.


Shit He could no longer lie.


Kim Dokja smiled, "You think I like the proposal?" He asked with a sharp gaze with a smile that disappeared. "That disgusting proposal of yours always makes me want to throw up."


"Did I not give you enough treasure?" Duke Lilifian asked with a gentle smile that maybe if Kim Dokja didn't know his true side he might choose this Duke as his partner.


Kim Dokja sighed, he put his palm to his head then said, "No I don't like anything, and I hate people like you the most."


Duke Lilifian raised his hand to touch Kim Dokja's hand but was quickly pushed aside with a hard slap on the back of Duke's hand.


Duke was silent with a surprised face, Kim Dokja continued with harsh words. "Your smile is so disgusting, your face is so ugly, your fashion sense is so bad, and you're so disgusting."


Kim Dokja glanced to see Duke Lilifian's shocked expression, it was certain he didn't expect Kim Dokja to say rude words about him, Of course, during his life Duke Lilifian had only heard praises.


But maybe Kim Dokja's estimation was wrong, because one of Duke's hidden traits was that Duke Lilifian was a masochist who probably only found out about it when Kim Dokja vilified him in public.


Kim Dokja immediately got goosebumps when he saw Duke Lilifian who was panting with wide eyes staring at Kim Dokja lovingly. "Then can you give me what type of guy you like?" The duke asked in mid breath.


Kim Dokja subconsciously backed away from his chair until he leaned back on the chair he was sitting on. "Are you deaf? I don't like you even if you've changed." Kim Dokja said trying not to show his scared face.


[Kim Dok ja is idi ot] ukh, shut up Kim Dokja thought.


Kim Dokja didn't know what really happened, he wanted to end this date quickly if he could, he should have gone with his knight earlier, now he regret it.


Duke Lilifian came back to his senses when he himself was confused as to why he was panting just because of hearing such harsh words from Kim Dokja, he felt it sounded sexy. "Sorry for the inconvenience." The duke said while clearing his throat.


"Looks like I have to go home now, I have an appointment with my siblings." Kim Dokja immediately stood up from his chair looking for an excuse so he could quickly get out of this place.


Duke Lilifian caught his hand with a sudden movement making Kim Dokja flinch on the spot, he turned to look at Duke Lilifian. "Let go, this is rude." Kim Dokja said holding back his anger not to kick.


Duke Lilifian immediately let go of his hand, "I'm sorry." He said with a confused face.


"Then I'll excuse myself." Kim Dokja bowed once then turned around again but his hands were once again tightly gripped.


Kim Dokja frowned at the firm grip, Kim Dokja could smell a strange smell coming from Duke Lilifian, he himself didn't know why his smell became sharp. "Are you playing hard to get?" Duke Lilifian asked with a small frown in the middle of his eyebrows.


"I'm sorry, but—" Kim Dokja stared, was he that weak? Why couldn't he ward off the Duke's hand?


[Yo u fo ol]


Kim Dokja glanced around, dammit since when did the restaurant become deserted?


"Why can't you just accept my proposal? And it will be over." Duke Lilifian stubbornly said, his hand moved to Kim Dokja's shoulder and squeezed tightly.


Kim Dokja pushed him with his usual strong wind, but what he got was that his wind was being absorbed by Duke Lilifian, he is shocked. No this is not possible?


"Who are you?" Kim Dokja asked with a strange feeling in his heart that seemed to say he had to leave immediately.


"I'm Duke Lilifian Veno." 


No, Duke Lilifian doesn't have this much power, what happened? Kim Dokja thought.


[You ha ve to g et out o f he re Kim Do kja] Kim Dokja shivered he knew he wouldn't be able to move, did he have to put out that strength? [No, t his i s in pu blic]


"Let me go." Kim Dokja said, frowning hard at the hand that was on his shoulder, he could feel his strength being sucked in at the point they touched. "I will report this." Dokja tries to threaten.


"No, when I brought you first."


This sounded deja vu, she seemed to have seen this scene before when Lee Seolhwa was about to be kidnapped by Duke Lilifian, but why wasn't she the one here?


Wait, Kim Dokja shouldn't be distracted when his power is partially sucked in, damn he's even tried so hard to muster up that power.


[Do n't us e th at Ki m Do kja] Then what should i do? My wind can't push it. [Ev ery one c an se e you] I know that, but nothing can help me right now. Kim Dokja wanted to take out his wings and horns but of course the fourth wall denied it because they were still in public where Kim Dokja could be caught.


"Let go of me, or I'll break your arm." Kim Dokja threatened, he wasn't kidding, maybe if he tried he could do it.


"There he is!"


Kim Dokja turned to Lee Gilyoung's familiar voice, he was standing in front of the restaurant door pointing at him, Kim Dokja could also see Shin Yoosung and Yoo Mia standing beside him, wait, Yoo Mia?








They shouted at the same time, while running towards him ignoring the other people who gave them strange looks.


"Don't you dare touch my brother!" Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung in unison kicked Duke Lilifian away, Kim Dokja was even dumbfounded by that perfect kick.


"Hyung! Are you okay?"


"Did he force you, Oppa?"


Kim Dokja's body became a little lighter, he breathed a sigh of relief then hugged his younger siblings. "Thanks." Kim Dokja said.


"Why are you dating someone like this?" Yoo Mia came with a disappointed face when she looked at Kim Dokja.


"What commotion is this?" Someone asked with firm steps he came to Kim Dokja's table.


Kim Dokja instantly felt like mush when he saw the piercing gaze directed at him, he awkwardly chuckled, "Haha... What a coincidence to meet you here...?"


"Oppa? What are you doing here?" Yoo Mia asked the man, who else if not Yoo Joonghyuk who had put on a sour face as usual.


"I'm working on some work with some investors." Yoo Joonghyuk answered while stroking Yoo Mia's head gently. "So what's this?" He turned to Kim Dokja who was still squatting hugging his younger siblings.


"It does not matter." Kim Dokja replied with a smile, but Lee Gilyoung immediately let go of his embrace and looked at the crown prince with burning eyes.


"He's bothering Hyung!" He said while pointing at Duke Lilifian who was standing still.


"He doesn't deserve to be Oppa's fiancé!" Shin Yoosung continued.


"Fiancé?" It seemed that Yoo Joonghyuk didn't like those words, he looked at Kim Dokja then Duke Lilifian alternately as if he was judging. "You may go Duke Lilifian." Yoo Joonghyuk said. "Take your hands off Kim Dokja." He continued as he glanced at Duke pulling Dokja's hand.


“But we still—” Duke Lilifian interrupted boldly but was cut short with the sound of blades swinging towards him.


"Go, before I take you to prison for being rude to the royal family." He threatened to silence Duke Lilifian's mouth.


"Sorry for my impudence, Your Grace." Duke Lilifian bowed respectfully before leaving.


Kim Dokja was dumbfounded, why did the situation turn out like this? No, moreover how could Yoo Joonghyuk take out a sword inside the restaurant?!


Oh right, he is the crown prince, thought Kim Dokja.


"Thanks, I thought I would be kidnapped by him." Kim Dokja said while chuckling jokingly.


"Next time...."


Kim Dokja looked up to look at Yoo Joonghyuk who was muttering incoherently. "Huh?"


"Next time tell me first if you're dating someone else." He said turning around which was probably hiding his face, "See you at the academy." He said before finally leaving with his sister.


“Wait—” Kim Dokja was not given the space to ask why he had to bother telling Yoo Joonghyuk first? He's a nobody... Right?


Kim Dokja lowered his head when his hand was pulled, both pairs of eyes fixed on him expectantly, Kim Dokja subconsciously smiled, "Do you guys want to go for a walk?" He asked.


He glanced at his pocket watch which was still pointing to 12 noon and they had plenty of time to spend right now in the city.


"YES!" They shouted in unison excitedly pulling Kim Dokja out of the restaurant.



Chapter Text

"Young master, you have a guest." The Butler said after Kim Dokja came home with his younger siblings. "He's waiting for you in the guest room." He continued while bowing.


"Okay, you guys go back to the room, I have some business." Kim Dokja said to his two siblings while stroking their heads.


"Okay!" They answered in unison as they ran with their luggage to their room.


The butler ushered Kim Dokja into the living room he was talking about, opening the door for Kim Dokja to come inside.


"Hey, you didn't say you were very rich." It was an unexpected welcome when Kim Dokja walked in. Bihyung, he casually sat on the soft sofa while munching on the snacks that maid gave him. "Hmph I envy this life." He said with his mouth full of food.


Kim Dokja chuckled as he sat on the sofa in front of Bihyung, "So you came."


Bihyung was silent for a moment to swallow the food in her mouth before finally shouting, "Hey! Can you imagine when you were relaxing in the shop suddenly that white haired brat caught me, tie me up and shut my mouth! I thought I was kidnapped!" Bihyung said hysterically scolding Kim Namwoon who was sitting looking down on the floor.


Wait, how long has he been there? Kim Dokja thought.


"Didn't I tell you to take him kindly?" Kim Dokja turned to ask Kim Namwoon.


"Forgive me..." Kim Namwoon said quietly with a guilty tone, he lowered his head even more until his nose was not visible.


"It's okay." Kim Dokja said with a smile he turned back to Bihyung who had a mocking face. "So I want you to see this." Without further ado, Kim Dokja placed the potion he made into the center of the table.


Bihyung's shocked face made Kim Dokja feel arrogant, "No way, don't tell me this..." Bihyung took the bottle to take a closer look.


Dokkaebi has analytical magic and can analyze good stuff, and upon seeing the bottle, Bihyung's eyes light up at Dokja.


"Do you want to sell this to me?!" Bihyung said excitedly.


Kim Dokja smirked, "Who said I sold this to you." He answered while taking back his potion.


"Wait what...?! Are you kidding me?!" Bihyung said disappointedly.


Kim Dokja ignored him, he just waited quietly with a smile that strangely made Bihyung feel pressured by it. "You're sneaky bastard, so what do you want?" Bihyung asked while sitting down after sighing.


"I just need an investor who can help me sell this." Kim Dokja said while playing with his cup. "I'm not the merchant who sold this to you, I want everyone to know that I was the one who made this." He continued.


"Why do you do that?" Bihyung asked curiously.


Why? Kim Dokja couldn't tell him that, all of this because he also needed his name to be famous among the outside, And with the power of the potion in it, he was sure to attract that person's attention.


"Because I deserve to be famous." Kim Dokja answered arrogantly.


He remembered, Lee Seolhwa got an item from him, it was amazing and Kim Dokja had to get that item, no matter what. It was because it could save his mother.


"I can be your investor." Bihyung volunteered, there was no way she could pass up such a valuable item.


Kim Dokja stared, "Seriously? Are you sure?"


Bihyung scratched the back of his neck, "I don't know why I regret my words."


Kim Dokja smirked, "You can't go back on your words."


Bihyung was silent, he felt like he was caught in a trap that Dokja had set, he was foolish to offer himself up. "What about the share? 5 - 5." Bihyung tried to offer, well he should have gotten more share since he was the one who introduced this product out.


"No, 7-3." Kim Dokja said while raising his two fingers.


"Oh! I'm 7 you 3? You're so generous."


"Huh? Who said that? I'm 7 you 3."


Bihyung glared, "How is that possible?! Don't you know that introducing a product costs a lot of money!"




"Wait, I have to prepare the ingredients for you too! 6-5!"


"9-1." Kim Dokja continued to lower the division without leaving room for Bihyung to speak.






Bihyung stuttered, he sighed harshly, "Alright alright! I lost!"


Kim Dokja smiled triumphantly, he handed over a large box with the contents of his potions neatly arranged by his maid. "Deal!" He said.


"What kind of trade is this, I've never met anyone like you." Bihyung grumbled with his hands busy counting the number of potions.


"Thank you for the compliment." Kim Dokja said with a smile.


"This isn't a compliment, idiot."


Kim Dokja leaned back on his sofa while watching Bihyung write something in his notebook, Kim Dokja didn't understand how trading worked but he was glad it was going well. Well even though he's pushing too hard.


"So, what price can be sold?" Kim Dokja asked.


"It's very good, so it will be very expensive, 50 Gold for one item." Bihyung replied


"Hmm..." Kim Dokja closed his eyes to count the amount of 50 gold, 1 gold was his salary for a month and he got 50 gold in one item. "Wait isn't that a lot?!" He wakes up surprised.


"That's not much for one item as good as this."


Kim Dokja was surprised, in novel the potion that Lee Seolhwa made was not that expensive. Kim Dokja got scared that it was too expensive and no one bought it.


Sensing Kim Dokja's concern, Bihyung looked up with a grin, "Don't worry, leave everything to me." He said arrogantly.


Kim Dokja wasn't sure about this, but Bihyung was really good at doing this, so everything would be fine, he just needed to believe.




It just happened yesterday and the potion with the name Angel's Life made by KDJ was selling well, and left no residue. The whole world was also talking about the potion with enthusiasm, the city was also shocked by the power of the potion.


"Isn't this newspaper article too much." Kim Dokja said in his comfortable morning. "What the hell are, potions made of angel blood." Kim Dokja read the article with amusement.


"Young master, you must depart in a moment." the maid reminded while carrying Kim Dokja's things out of the room.


"Yes thank you." Kim Dokja immediately closed his newspaper, he stood up to fix his uniform and smiled after looking at himself in the mirror.


Footsteps sounded hurriedly in the hallway, Kim Dokja could tell who it was without even looking at him, the door opened wide revealing his two younger siblings.


"I told you not to run down the hall." Kim Dokja said to his two younger siblings who were already showing their pitiful faces.


"Hic... I don't want Hyung to go!" Gilyoung hugged him first, making Kim Dokja try his best to hold him back because his snot could hit his uniform.


"Oppa, can we come along?" Shin Yoosung pulled the hem of Kim Dokja's shirt while putting on a puppy face that always weakened Kim Dokja.


Kim Dokja chuckled then stroked their heads gently, while giving Gilyoung a handkerchief to wipe his snot. "Sorry, but you can't come with me to the Academy, you're not old enough." Kim Dokja replied. "But I will try my best to get some free time and return home." He continued.


"You promise?" Yoosung asked while raising his little finger. "I won't forgive you if you lie."


Kim Dokja smiled gently he nodded "Of course, I will miss you both." He said while hugging his two siblings, ignoring Yoosung's forgotten pinky finger.


"Young master, young lady, it's time to study history." Their private teacher came while bow to Kim Dokja then smiled at the two small children at Kim Dokja's feet.


"I want to accompany Hyung to the gate." Gilyoung said to his teacher who came to pick him up.


The teacher glanced at Kim Dokja guiltily, he bowed and left leaving the three to get their time.


Kim Dokja is now in front of the gate with his mother and two younger siblings, several servants are preparing some things for their young master's journey to arrive safely.


"Is it right to only bring that much? Isn't that too little?" Persephone asked with a worried face, because she saw that Kim Dokja only brought a change of clothes and some other necessities. "You can bring some more." She said again.


Kim Dokja smiled as he shook his head, "This is enough." He replied, I kept other things in the fourth wall after all. he thought.


[I ha te y ou]


It's only a little, you have a large space after all.


[B ut I'm n ot a sto rag e pla ce]


But you have nothing to lose, right?




"Where's dad?" Kim Dokja asked when he didn't see Hades anywhere.


Persephone smiled until her eyes closed, "He works so hard for his son." She said without explaining further what she meant by her words.






Kim Dokja looked down to see his two younger siblings carrying the sword of his unbroken faith. He grabbed it to put it on his slender waist. "Thank you."


"Be careful on the road." Yoosung said with teary eyes.


"Hyung! When you come back! I will be stronger and can protect you!" Gilyoung swore with his hand on his chest.


Kim Dokja chuckled, "Yeah, you better wipe your tears before saying such cool things." 


"I'm not crying!" Gilyoung dodged while wiping his tears roughly.


"Be careful on the way, dear." Persephone said while kissing her son's cheek.


Kim Dokja shuddered for a moment before smiling, "Of course, mother."


Kim Dokja got on his horse carriage waving his hand from the window, his family warmly waved with a smile, Kim Dokja was sure he would miss them all.


It took him 2 days to arrive at the academy, Kim Dokja still had plenty of time to rest before the main story began. That's right, the antagonist in this story will appear there.


Kim Dokja still doesn't understand why that person is so obsessed with Yoo Joonghyuk, and after the death of Kim Dokja's character he suddenly disappears as if swallowed by the earth. What made Kim Dokja even more annoyed was that he was not caught at all and just ran away.


Kim Dokja gasped when his horse-drawn carriage stopped in the middle of the road, he opened the window to see what was going on, he wondered if some street bandits were in his way? But it turned out to be his father who had come in a hurry.


"Father?" Kim Dokja immediately got out of the horse carriage to meet his father. "What are you doing here?" He asked worriedly.


"I want to give you this." Hades gave a black stone bracelet to Kim Dokja. "Don't lose it." He said as he put the bracelet on Kim Dokja.


"What's this?" Kim Dokja asked because suddenly the bracelet became one with the skin.


"Something you will need." Hades just answered like that while stroking his son's head and disappeared using the portal.


Kim Dokja stroked his hand, he knew what bracelet his father gave him, it was a relic with a name Bracelet of misdirection, it's a valuable item but Kim Dokja doesn't know how to use it. "I think I'll keep it for now." He said as he walked back into his carriage.


Back again in the previous conversation.


It's true, the antagonist from the beginning did have a pretty good relationship with Kim Dokja though not directly, that person always gave advice to approach Yoo Joonghyuk, but Kim Dokja didn't know what his purpose was, his goal was hard to guess when he was even working in the shadows. But thankfully Kim Dokja read the novel so he can know who the antagonist in this novel is, yes, he knows something that other people don't.


This time Kim Dokja really didn't want to deal with that person, or else he would have high blood pressure if he met him.


"You're always daydreaming." Kim Dokja woke up from his daydream when he saw a white-haired boy sitting in front of him. "What else are you thinking?" Kim Namwoon asked.


"Just ordinary thoughts." Kim Dokja answered then turned to the window.


"Didn't I tell you to go to demon territory?" Kim Dokja asked after a moment of silence.


Kim Namwoon turned his face away while eating an apple that he probably got from the outside tree. "I just wanted to give you the news I got." He said slowly.


Kim Dokja looked at him while waiting for Kim Namwoon to finish his apple.


"Marquess James died last night." Kim Namwoon said.


Kim Dokja was immediately surprised, he didn't expect it to come, Marquess James who got married a few days ago...?


"What made him die?" Kim Dokja asked.


Kim Namwoon immediately became serious, "I'm sure it's the devil's doing, he has a lot of human bites on his body."


"Then what about his wife?"


"She disappeared, Marquess James's residence is currently being investigated."


So it has started, Kim Dokja thought. This incident is also included in the novel when the academy is about to start. It was certain that the Marquess' wife died at that time as well.


"I'm sorry for them." Kim Dokja said, feeling sorry for the couple who walked so short, they should now be on their honeymoon in Bordis country.


"But Hyung, what do you think the demons are up to?" Kim Namwoon asked curiously.


Kim Dokja fell silent while thinking and answered, "There are two options that are likely their goal, the first is that they want to increase their army by kidnapping humans, Second, they most likely want to have more power by eating humans." Kim Dokja said while giving his 2 fingers. "And the third option, they might want to go after me too." He continued in a whisper to himself.


Kim Dokja is very sure, this is also his problem, Somehow, he had to do something about those demons before it all ended up in a war that cost many lives.


This is all to achieve the ending he wanted.




"Oh isn't it a coincidence to meet you here, Mr Kim Dokja."


Fuck, why is this guy here?


Chapter Text

He didn't understand why at all, he still firmly believed that the heart didn't change so fast, he could also swear that the man must still have feelings for him, even though it's not shown in front of him but he definitely has feelings for him, right? But what is this?


Yoo Joonghyuk saw Kim Dokja, he knew from the beginning when Kim Dokja entered with another man, but he kept his focus on his work because he thought the other man was his business friend. In the end he did not pay attention to his work when several investors gave opinions, while he continued to stare at Kim Dokja's face.


He looks uncomfortable, he thought. He noticed the gestures made by Kim Dokja, they looked stiff and awkward. They were in the same restaurant but only limited by different walls, but Yoo Joonghyuk could see Kim Dokja's face from the window of the VIP room. "Should I go there...?"


"Excuse me, Your Grace? Did you say something?" Someone asked him when Yoo Joonghyuk mumbled something. "Are there any problems with this project?" The others asked awkwardly.


Yoo Joonghyuk's eyes widened, Did I say it out loud, he thought. He lowered his head to read the paper about the project before sighing, still discussing the previous project, he replied shaking his head, "Nothing, you guys can continue."


He refocused on this meeting, after all he had to finish this project before he returned to the academy. He winces every time he hears a different opinion, he explained again and then gave directions to make it easier for them to carry out the project.


Every now and then he glanced at Kim Dokja's desk, he didn't know why but that place always caught his attention when he wanted to focus on his work, he unconsciously squeezed the pen in his hand when he saw the man touching Kim Dokja.


This feeling is strange, he feels irritated to see it and annoying, does he hate Kim Dokja? He didn't understand his feelings at all.


Are they on a date? He thought, making himself even more irritated for no apparent reason.


"Isn't there anything else to add, Your Grace?" Someone asked disturbing Yoo Joonghyuk's mind.


"Nothing, we'll just end it here." The answer was telling the restaurant waiter to bring the food.


"Haha, Your Grace! You are so generous may God always bless you and this land!" The people attending the meeting cheered when they got the wine. Wine after work is the best.


While the others were busy having a small party, Yoo Joonghyuk never took his eyes off Kim Dokja, that person was still holding his hand. He saw Kim Dokja stand up from his seat, although at a glance Yoo Joonghyuk could see Kim Dokja's frightened face.


What's with him? He thought, he didn't know if he had the right to interfere in his affairs? They are on a date and surely no one should disturb right? But his body kept telling him to stand up and come to them.


When he had convinced himself to come there someone pulled him to toast with him. "Come on, Your Grace, don't be so serious! You should enjoy your young life! I have a beautiful daughter who may be to your taste."


Yoo Joonghyuk glared at him making the person flinch and let go of his hand from Joonghyuk's shoulder, He glanced back at Kim Dokja, his eyes immediately widened when he saw a strange black spark emanating from the strange man.








Yoo Joonghyuk was distracted from the familiar screams, he turned towards the door of the restaurant as the two small children ran at their speed towards Kim Dokja, It was a step faster than he thought and kicking the strange man instantly made him feel relieved.


It was so chaotic when they came screaming incoherently, Yoo Joonghyuk finally chose to come over to them so he could see who the man Kim Dokja brought was.


"Are you okay hyung?"


"What commotion is this?" Yoo Joonghyuk interceded with several investors who followed behind him.


Yoo Joonghyuk looked at Kim Dokja's reddened wrist, "Haha... What a coincidence to meet you here." 


Yoo Mia looked at him while asking, "What are you doing here Oppa?"


"I do work with investors." Yoo Joonghyuk answered without paying attention to how Kim Dokja was hiding his red wrist.


"He's bothering Hyung!" Gilyoung said with a burning look as if he was going to kill someone today.


"Yes! He is not suitable to be Oppa's fiancé!" Shin Yoosung said while hugging Dokja's hand tightly.


His forehead furrowed deeply, "Fiance?" He glanced at the man he could see clearly this time and looked back at Kim Dokja. Fiancé? Someone like him? He thought.


He sighed feeling dizzy and annoyed at the same time, he couldn't kill Duke Lilifian when he didn't have a problem with him. "You can go Duke Lilifian." Then he glanced again as Duke Lilifian grabbed Kim Dokja's hand silently, "Let go of Kim Dokja's hand." He said while glaring.


"But we—"


He subconsciously held the hilt of his sword as he said, "Go before I take you to prison." He said making the duke's face turn blue in fright.


"Forgive me for my impudence, Your Grace."Duke Lilifian said as he bowed and left the restaurant.


Yoo Joonghyuk called several restaurant waiters to clean up the mess then turned to look at Kim Dokja. "Thanks, I thought I would be kidnapped by him." He frowned at those words, why would Duke Lilifian want to kidnap him?


Yoo Joonghyuk didn't understand, he didn't understand at all why the beautiful man named Kim Dokja in front of him was always in danger, He always found him in strange circumstances, whether he had to fight a demon or even a duke, he was always doing trouble. "Next time..." He mumbled.




"Next time tell me if you go on a date with someone." He said subconsciously, he glared when he understood the meaning of his words. Not wanting to feel embarrassed, he turned around and pulled his sister following him out of the restaurant and ignored Kim Dokja's call behind him.


When he was far from the restaurant he stopped making Yoo Mia look at him curiously, What do I mean? He thought while covering his mouth with his hand that he doesn't believe in himself.


Look, he's always disliked the way Kim Dokja always approached him like a leech, he's also not interested in men, he was happy now that his burden was gone because Kim Dokja wasn't looking for attention from him anymore, But... Why was he so displeased at the sight where Kim Dokja was with Duke Lilifian?


"Oppa, You look angry." Yoo Mia rebuked him.


This feeling bothered him a lot.


"Let us go home." Yoo Joonghyuk took his younger brother in the royal horse carriage and returned to the palace with mixed feelings.




"Wrong!" Wukong shouted loudly making Yoo Joonghyuk stop in his tracks. Wukong's face looked displeased, "This is the fifth time you've made a mistake." He reminded, his hands folded while heaving a long sigh.


"I'll do it again." Joonghyuk was stubborn as usual to stop training. "I'm sure this time I can."


Sun Wukong let out another sigh, he shook his head disinterestedly. "You've said that before."




"This time's lesson ends here, tomorrow you will return to the academy right? The last lesson for you to know is, you must have a lot of mana energy, think for yourself how you increase the mana energy in your body." Sun Wukong turned around and left the practice field.


What's really bothering him? To be honest, Yoo Joonghyuk himself doesn't know why he can't focus at all, it all started when he just came home this afternoon and he was summoned by His Majesty the King.


"What made you call me, Your Majesty?" Yoo Joonghyuk came straight in front of his father who was talking with someone.


"Oh! You're finally back! Look, She's the princess of the Valtora kingdom." The king introduced a girl who was wearing a blood red dress with long wavy brown hair.


"I'm Min Jiwon the second princess of the kingdom of Valtora, nice to meet you the first prince of Kaizenix."


Yoo Joonghyuk frowned, remembering that Kim Dokja's former fiancé or Cheon blah blah was a prince from the Valtora kingdom. "Greetings, I'm Kaizenix's first prince, Yoo Joonghyuk." He greeted as friendly as possible ignoring how the princess's hand was raised, Does she want me to kiss her hand? Yoo Joonghyuk frowned then turned to his father.


"Is that all? I have to do other work." Yoo Joonghyuk boldly said to his King who seemed displeased with his words.


"Forget about your work, You have to escort the princess around the palace right?" The king asked with a face as if to say Yoo Joonghyuk should follow him so as not to embarrass himself.


Yoo Joonghyuk quietly sighed, "Alright, I'll escort you." He raised his hand to take the princess's hand.


"Have fun you guys." The king said with a wave as the two of them left the hall.


The two of them walked in silence, Yoo Joonghyuk didn't even bother looking for topics when things got really awkward, nor did he care whether the princess was comfortable with him or not. Min Jiwon just smiled at the maids and butlers she met in the hallway, after all she had to look elegant in other people's kingdoms.


"So I heard you don't have a fiancé yet." Min Jiwon took the conversation first.


Joonghyuk's steps stopped, in his mind he suddenly pictured Kim Dokja smiling at him—which even Kim Dokja didn't smile at him—he looked at Min Jiwon, long enough to make the princess blush with embarrassment.


"Not yet." He answered as he took another step back.


Min Jiwon who heard it looked surprised, "Why? Aren't you very famous among both men and women?" She asked.


Well Yoo Joonghyuk also wanted to ask that, so far he didn't find anything that caught his attention, he thought that having a relationship like that was really troublesome. "Joonghyuk!" He flinched and immediately turned around to find no one behind him except himself and Min Jiwon.


"What? What's wrong?" Min Jiwon immediately panicked, afraid of a sudden attack.


Yoo Joonghyuk was confused, he was sure that he heard Kim Dokja's voice calling his name, but he was sure that Kim Dokja couldn't be here. "I'm sorry princess, it seems I can only escort you here. Butler please escort the princess around the palace." He let go of Min Jiwon's hand then saw the butler coming to them. "I have to go." He said then left the two alone.


"What happened to him?" Min Jiwon asked worriedly.


"I'm sorry princess, I also don't understand what happened." 


Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't explain his feelings at all, he couldn't shake the thought of Kim Dokja who might have a fiancé soon, he's pretty sure he's not attracted to men but why? Why when he sees a woman as beautiful as Min Jiwon or other women he doesn't feel anything? Why Kim Dokja? The person he once hated...? That doesn't make sense.


"I have to practice to forget this." He said to himself as he went to his room to get his sword.


But in the end he didn't focus on his training at all to the point of making Sun Wukong nag incessantly.


"Your Majesty, you should rest, tomorrow will go to the academy." Yoo Joonghyuk just nodded in response to his nanny.


"Ask someone to find a potion that can add mana energy, wherever it is." Yoo Joonghyuk said to his nanny who just nodded in response.


Yes, he will know what he wants with time... Right?




"Kim Dokja?" Joonghyuk whispered when he just arrived in front of the academy gate to see Kim Dokja talking to a guy (?)


He subconsciously tightened his grip seeing how Kim Dokja smiled when talking to people he didn't know. He took a step to greet (?) Kim Dokja but someone got in his way, it was a few unremembered nobles swarming around him.


"Prince! You are so handsome in the academy uniform!"


"Nice to see you again Your Highness the prince!"


"Gosh you're so handsome as the rumors say!"


Yoo Joonghyuk ignored their words while glancing at Kim Dokja who had disappeared somewhere. He was frowning in annoyance and unable to get out of the crowd, he turned to see a familiar strand of white hair just past him, he quickly pulled the woman's hand making the whole crowd stare at the woman that Yoo Joonghyuk pulled.


The beautiful woman or what we know as Lee Seolhwa smiled at Yoo Joonghyuk even though Joonghyuk could see her grinding her teeth. "Nice to see you, Your Majesty." She says.


Yoo Joonghyuk looked away not wanting to say that he needed her help to get out of the crowd.


Feeling sorry, Lee Seolhwa hugged Yoo Joonghyuk's hand while smiling at Joonghyuk's fans, "Sorry, I have business with him, so we have to go." She said sweetly.


Luckily the crowd let them go, which they believed there would be a strange rumor spreading the next day.


Yoo Joonghyuk stepped in with a feeling of displeasure, he glared at Lee Seolhwa who bravely hugged his hand.


Lee Seolhwa sighed, "You think I want to do this too?" She says While rolling his eyes, she tightly gripped Yoo Joonghyuk's arm which would definitely have no effect on the owner.


As they walked past the students, no one said anything even Lee Seolhwa didn't bother to talk to him, Yoo Joonghyuk was also busy looking for someone, he should have been the one who came to see him first as usual, Is the current Kim Dokja more concerned with other people than he is now?


Somehow he missed Kim Dokja who would greet him first. Wait, he quickly shook his head, what was I just thinking? He thought covering his face with his hands ashamed of his own thoughts.


Lee Seolhwa just narrowed her eyes suspiciously, she let go of Joonghyuk's hand then bowed, "That's it, I have to go to my dorm." She says.


Yoo Joonghyuk just nodded, he also had to go to his dorm while thinking who would be his dorm mate, secretly wishing it was Kim Dokja.




"Ah, nice to meet you, Your Grace."


Joonghyuk was silent in front of his bedroom door, looking at the burly man shyly greeting him like a girl.


"My name is Lee Hyunsung, I hope we can be good roommates." He said again.


"I'm Yoo Joonghyuk." Joonghyuk only introduced his name as he stepped inside to put his things in the cupboard.


He thought, if Kim Dokja is not his roommate then who is he with? He somehow felt angry when he went out of the room without saying anything to Hyunsung.


He stepped up and walked through the entire dormitory to look for Kim Dokja but couldn't find him anywhere, was he already in his room?


In the end he prefers to take a walk for some fresh air, when he accidentally meets the prince from the Kingdom of Paridonia.


"Long time no see, Joonghyuk." He smiled as usual.


Yoo Joonghyuk frowned, "Shouldn't you be in the second-class dormitory? Why are you here?" He asked confusedly when his upperclassmen were in the first-class dormitory.


"Of course to meet my fiancé." He replied casually not noticing how Yoo Joonghyuk frowned at the word 'Fiancee'.




"Oh yeah, I just got engaged to him last year." He said with a big smile, he glanced at Joonghyuk who just glared back at him. Then he smirked, "So when are you getting engaged? I heard you're close to Min Jiwon? Or is it that white-haired woman?"


This guy, Joonghyuk really wanted to burn him if he wasn't his friend, He was the first prince of the kingdom of Paridonia, Sung Hyunjae. Yoo Joonghyuk's childhood friend, well of course they are quite close.


"Not to anyone." Joonghyuk replied that he tried to leave but Hyunjae followed him.


"Eh, or are you attracted to boys? Well that's impossible, you're very likely to be attracted to boys.... Right?"


Hyunjae was silent, Yoo Joonghyuk was also silent, no one spoke or even answered as the silence was broken when Hyunjae was shocked, "No way?! Is there someone you like!?"


Seeing how Yoo Joonghyuk didn't answer or even denied it, Hyunjae covered his open mouth in disbelief at the reality he had just exposed. "But you said you only like women..?" He's confused now.


Joonghyuk himself was also confused by his feelings, but every time he saw a beautiful woman he wasn't interested at all but Kim Dokja's face would pop into his head. "I don't know."


Hyunjae didn't ask further, he just smiled strangely which made Joonghyuk feel irritated.


He just wanted to get away from him.




"Oh, isn't it a coincidence to meet you here, Mr. Kim Dokja?" The person he least wanted to see appeared in front of him and even waited for him in front of the gate.


Kim Dokja chuckled, "Right, Why bother waiting for me at the gate? I'll come say hi to you." He said making the man in front of him smile.


"Haha, I bet you wouldn't have greeted me if I hadn't come to you first." He answered.


"What are you talking about? Of course I have to say hi to my old friend." Kim Dokja really couldn't help but smile at him all the time.


His name is Nirvana Moebius, one of the problems to destroy Kim Dokja's plan, he had to be careful in talking to him, or acting in front of him. Yes, he still doesn't know Kim Dokja has changed yet, so he will definitely take the opportunity to approach Kim Dokja to be his pawn again.


Kim Dokja also knows that the purpose of his arrival is definitely to determine whether Kim Dokja is still stupid and will obey his orders or not. Well, let's see what tactics he will use this time.


"You are my senior this time, so I will definitely trouble you." Kim Dokja said.


Nirvana smiled, "Of course, anything for my sweet little brother, come here, I will take you to your new dormitory." He said while gently holding Kim Dokja's hand.


Sweet little brother my ass.


"So is there any progress regarding you and Joonghyuk?" He asked on their way to the dormitory.


"No, as usual, he would ignore me like I was a bug bothering him." Kim Dokja replied, well he will follow the game.


"Hahaha, I'm sure he'll melt sooner or later." He answered with words of encouragement but his tone was so flat.


"Thank you."


They stopped to see what the crowd was talking about until it sounded so excited, Kim Dokja wasn't surprised when he saw Joonghyuk and Lee Seolhwa holding hands, yes it should have been like that from the start, but... Why did he feel sad to see that?


"Oh... Who is that woman?" Nirvana asked, Kim Dokja could see his fists were clenched as if he was holding back anger.


That's right, even though the novel is a little different but in the novel there is a scene where Lee Seolhwa jokes with Yoo Joonghyuk when he enters the academy which makes Joonghyuk laugh, there is also a scene where Kim Dokja comes to confront them and scolds Lee Seolhwa for not approaching Joonghyuk, but Joonghyuk of course chose Seolhwa and kicked Kim Dokja out with the academy guards.


"I don't know, So where's the dorm? I feel tired and want to rest." Kim Dokja said turning away from the crowd. That's good, they are making progress. He thought with a smile.


Nirvana frowned at Kim Dokja's words but he obediently escorted Kim Dokja to his dormitory, "I'm sorry for only being able to take you here, I have business." Nirvana said.


"It's okay, here is enough." Kim Dokja smiled as he waved his hand.


He goes to the dorm keeper to inquire about his room and get his room key, he wonders who will be his roommate, he just hopes it's not some freak, since this was a BL world, he didn't want anything to happen to him.


He arrived in front of his room and stood there with his things and opened the door.




Kim Dokja immediately closed the door again, his face immediately flushed hot he immediately closed his eyes, not believing what he saw. Just when he opened the door, he saw a couple kissing in the middle of the room, it was so fierce that it still rang in his head.


"This is my first time at school." He muttered to himself hiding his embarrassed face, then glanced at his room number which was indeed his.




The door opened again revealing a tall blonde haired man smiling at him, "Oh sorry for the inconvenience, I'm missing my fiancé." He says while emphasizing the tone of the last words.


Kim Dokja saw how he was impolitely looking him up and down as if judging him. "Seeing you I feel relieved, you can't possibly steal my fiancé."


Dokja is really annoyed with those words, hey I also have taste, why would I steal someone else's fiancé?


"Get out of here! you pervert!" Someone from inside pushed him out causing Kim Dokja to jump to the side, then a hand pulled him in with his belongings and slammed the door shut.


It was too fast that Kim Dokja blinked to understand the situation, he looked at the beautiful man in front of him with a confused look.


"Ignore that person, I'm Han Yoojin, your roommate from now on." He said kindly.


"I'm Kim Dokja, nice to meet you." Dokja replies completely forgetting what happened before.


"I'm surprised you're so pretty to be a man, I thought you were in the wrong dorm." Yoojin said with a chuckle.


"You seem to need a mirror because you are as beautiful as an angel." Kim Dokja commended that it was just the way it was.


"You praise me too much." Yoojin said but it seemed he was happy with the remark.


Kim Dokja was then busy organizing his things in the closet and then lying on his bed comfortably, well at least this dorm wasn't too bad for him.


His Academy life is about to begin.


Chapter Text

It's dark, stuffy, hot... I can smell the blood and feel it through my mouth, I can't move my body I feel I'm lying on the hard ground. My whole body was in excruciating pain, and I could feel my ankles and hands stinging as if something was binding them so tightly.


Slowly I opened my eyes, even opening my eyes was very difficult, the first time I saw in my vision was, a big bright moon that was visible in the jagged window, My breath caught as if I would find my death soon, I could feel my tears dripping with the feeling of my heart feeling deep regret.


If only I hadn't fallen in love with him, if only I had known I would have ended up like this... Would I live in a different place?


"Glad to see you're still alive." I immediately turned to the person standing in front of the jagged iron.


"What do you want to do here?" I ask while hissing, emitting a murderous aura towards him so he knows how much I hate him.


"Just wanted to let you know, tomorrow is the day of your execution, so I should have visited you one last time." He said with a deadly sweet smile. "Thanks for being so stupid all this time, this way I can declare war on this country as a demon and they will all be destroyed at the same time." His smile became the grin of someone who would soon achieve his success.


I glared at him after knowing what he was about to do, "Nirvana... Who are you actually?" I asked with a trembling mouth because of the cold.


The man just gave a smirk and left me alone with an inexplicable feeling of confusion. Afraid, of course, regret... That too yes, then angry? That was pretty much confirmed when i found out that the man was just taking advantage of me.


"Why am I so stupid...?" I cursed myself while bending down feeling my stomach growl for food.


All night I could only cry regretting what had been done so far, crying how pathetic I was, crying how stupid I was, crying how helpless I was, cry how I am so ignorant.


"Wake up!" A guard startled me.


I didn't even realize the moon had turned into the sun, I saw the sky so clear, the only light where I could know the days went by when I was locked up in prison.


"Take him quickly."


Someone grabbed my arm violently, I looked up when I saw the new King Yoo Joonghyuk standing in front of me with the despicable look I've ever seen, I snorted, why did I love him so much then? I even forgot why I love him.


I glanced at the beautiful woman standing next to him, her gentle gaze still there, giving me a look of pity even after I tried to kill her many times, Please don't look at me like that, I feel so guilty.


"Sinner Kim Dokja, today is the last day of your life." Yoo Joonghyuk said to me in his usual cold voice. "Your whole family has no one else to save you, it's funny when your father goes on a rampage and almost takes over the king's throne just to save you." He chuckled in a disdainful tone.


I smiled, this is what I was waiting for after a month in prison, I'm becoming more and more guilty to my family, they shouldn't be going through that right? All of this is his fault... No, it's all my fault.


"Are there any final words?" He asked.


Even if I am the sinner you hate the most, even if you don't believe in me, even if you don't love me... "Please, you have to kill Nirvana, he is the mastermind of all this." I just want to see the world be okay when I'm gone.


"What did you say Kim Dokja?"


I turned towards the voice, my eyes wide at him, my hands clenched on the ground through gritted teeth. "Nirvana." I called him furiously.


He just smiled innocently as if he had never committed a crime, even people would think he wouldn't dare kill an ant. "You're so mean even when you're about to die huh." He said with a fake concerned face.


"I don't care about anything anymore, or your love, but I beg you to kill him." I said pleadingly even prostrated in front of Yoo Joonghyuk.


"I can't do that request of your revenge, you have to do it yourself." Yoo Joonghyuk said he gave me a sword but my hand can't even lift the hilt at all.


I could see Nirvana smiling at me as he stepped towards me then crouched in front of me, he wore his usual grin, he raised his hand to help me carry the sword, then pointed it at his chest. "Kill me, Kim Dokja if that relieves you." He said that as if he didn't deserve such treatment.


His extraordinary acting made the people there cursed me as a despicable person who was not satisfied with just wanting to kill the queen, I can't, I can't kill him... But I have to do it, for the sake of people's safety.


I stabbed the sword right in his heart making his body slowly lean on my shoulder, he whispered in my ear, "Good job, even without me telling you, you did well."


For a moment I realized, this was also part of his plan, my eyes still on him as his body staggered to the side. No way... Was what I did wrong? What will happen in the future? Did I choose the wrong path? Is this the wrong choice? I suddenly felt a strange regret in my heart.


"Take him to the execution site." I looked up at Joonghyuk who coldly turned to leave me with his beloved lover.


I could hear, as I stepped with a tight grip on my arm from the prison guard who was dragging me, I could hear the screams outside... So loud and painful. The clattering sound of chains dragging on the ground resounded in that place, I was soon out of the dungeon greeted with a gust of wind.


It was cold... Even after torturing me he still couldn't shake off his hatred for me, otherwise why would he choose a cold winter day to kill me, it's like I would freeze to death.


I went up to the stage making the screams of hate speech getting louder, throwing stones flying towards me, well even though now I can barely feel anything.


"The sinner Kim Dokja!" The guard shouted as I was forced to sit in front of the high selling Guillotine. Reading all the sins that I have done so aloud, it doesn't stop there, he also announces the sins that my family has committed.


If only I would have known this was happening, I would never have fallen in love with him. Can I turn back time to change this world of mine? I can't believe it, but I wish I could.


The time that seemed like forever was finally over, I lowered my head under the sharp iron hanging above me, I glanced at the hateful gazes, what have I done to get such treatment?


When I closed my eyes and the sharp blade descended into my neck, I suddenly heard my name being called by a familiar voice... Really, I missed that voice.





[—Ja Yo u fo ol]


" haah..."


[Yo u fo ol, i di ot, st upid]


"Hhaa.. W-what happened?" Kim Dokja found he woke up with a ragged breath, he greedily breathed in as if he had drowned in water.


[Yo ur h eart st ops b ea ting fo r a mo me nt] the fourth wall said, he sounded like he was snarling like he was angry.


Kim Dokja didn't reply he was still busy looking for air, he remembered he fell asleep this afternoon and now the moon is visible in his window, he glanced at Yoojin who was still fast asleep on his bed.


"I had a dream..." Kim Dokja whispered while holding his chest feeling his heartbeat still there. "And that was me...?"


No, this was more precisely Kim Dokja's memory from a novel, he thought.


[I alw ays th o ught wh y do yo u al ways say Kim D okja fr om no vels?]


Kim Dokja fell silent at the words of the fourth wall, he forgot that he could hear his thoughts, it was troublesome to explain because he himself was not ready to tell him.


[No ne ed to te ll m e dir ec tly, you c an te ll lat er]


Kim Dokja was silent, holding his neck in pain, the dream seemed real, he felt that this was what happened in the novel it was supposed to be but there was one thing he just found out... He just found out that it was Kim Dokja who killed Nirvana, if he remembers, in the novel Nirvana only disappeared after Kim Dokja's execution was carried out. Did the author forget about this? Or did he miss something?


Kim Dokja stood up from his bed, grabbed a small blanket to wrap his upper body when he wanted to go for a walk outside to lighten the load of his mind, he slowly closed his bedroom door not wanting to wake his friend who was sleeping soundly, he glanced down the hall to the other hall, hoping there were no dorm guards.


Now that he was outside the dormitory, striding lightly in the moonlight and the thousands of twinkling stars in the night sky, he had been thinking too much lately, to the point that he didn't notice at all how beautiful the night sky in this world was compared to his original world.


He sat there, on the bench that was facing the moon, he was still thinking. why does this world have 2 moons? their colors were also different, one was pure yellow and the other was a slightly black red. What's the other benefit? All this time he was just thinking, maybe because this is a fantasy world.


"Kim Dokja?" He turned to the one who called his name, "You can't sleep too?" She asked as she sat beside Dokja while eating her candy.


"Han Sooyoung..." Kim Dokja shook his head, "No, I was asleep before, and I woke up early." He answered.


Kim Dokja looked at Sooyoung who was strangely quiet unlike her usual self, "What happened?" Kim Dokja asked.


She was silent for a moment, wondering if she could tell Kim Dokja about this? Then before long she opened her mouth and replied, 

"I had a dream... Something terrible that I didn't want to see at all, in that dream, I lost someone I loved, and left me alone." She said with a sad face.


"Woah that's terrible, then what are you doing?" Kim Dokja asked, but Han Sooyoung just stared at him with an unreadable expression.


"I don't know what I did after that." She answered after a long silence, she looked down at her hands while playing with her fingers and then took a deep breath. "After waking up I became worried, so I went outside to get some fresh air."


Kim Dokja nodded in response, somehow the feeling to hug her came, like Han Sooyoung deserved such treatment. But Kim Dokja is Kim Dokja, he certainly didn't dare to do that.


For a moment the comfortable silence made them both feel safe and scared at the same time, it was like the calm before a storm arose. Han Sooyoung boldly leaned on Dokja's shoulder, making the owner startled. "Please let me stay like this." She says, made Kim Dokja's mouth that had been open closed again.


Well that night was like a night for the two of them, as little friends this was like the time when they strengthened each other before the storm came.




Today is Kim Dokja's first day of school at the academy, there's not much to do for the first time at school, he just needs to gather in the hall while listening to the principal's speech, and learn one lesson first.


"Yoojin, what are you doing hiding behind me?" Kim Dokja asked when Yoojin used him as a shield when all the freshmen gathered in the large hall, they just finished listening to the principal's speech.


While Yoojin only busy glancing here and there while hiding, he whispered, "I don't want to see him right now."


Without being told who he was, Kim Dokja immediately knew who 'him' meant. He immediately looked for the person at least he could escape before he saw them.


"Kim Dokja!" The owner of the name turned to the voice that called out to him, it was the woman he had met at the entrance exam at that time. "Long time no see." She, Jung Heewon greeted while patting his shoulder.


"Jung Heewon, you look beautiful in that uniform." Kim Dokja praised but it seemed that the one who was being praised looked displeased.


"I feel you are more suitable in this uniform, the skirt is very unusual for me." Jung Heewon answered then she turned to look at Yoojin who was standing next to Kim Dokja.


"Oh this is my roommate." Kim Dokja said after knowing the direction of Jung Heewon's gaze.


Han Yoojin smiled as he put one hand in front of his chest, "Hello, my name is Han Yoojin, nice to meet you."


Jung Heewon was silent, no, to be more precise, she was astonished to see him, "You... noble."


Han Yoojin smiled then nodded cutely, "Yup!"


Kim Dokja looked at Jung Heewon, she was famous as someone who hated royalty, making him a little worried about what would happen next.


"I like you." Jung Heewon said with a smirk while nodding, Kim Dokja heaved a sigh of relief while Han Yoojin didn't understand what was happening.


"What class are you in?" Kim Dokja asked if they might be in the same class.


"I got into swordsmanship." Jung Heewon replied, she scratched the nape of her neck feeling like someone was staring at her from behind, "I'm definitely going to take magic lessons anyway." She answered again.


"Oh that's good, because I also think you're more suited to focusing on swordsmanship." Kim Dokja responded while giving a thumbs up.


"I guess I have to go because all the students who follow swordsmanship must gather." Jung Heewon said as she hurriedly ran to follow the group of students heading to the practice field.


"They're very excited." Han Yoojin said when he saw a group of students excitedly exclaiming.


"That's good for them." Kim Dokja smiled, well sooner or later that spirit will disappear, because of their swordsmanship teacher... Or better known as Namgung Minyoung, she is very cruel in teaching.


"What class are you in?" Han Yoojin turned to Kim Dokja.


"Of course, sorcery class, I prefer magic over growing muscle on my body." Kim Dokja answered with amusement making Han Yoojin chuckle with him.


"Too bad we won't be classmates for a while, since I chose the potion class." Han Yoojin said while pouting.

"It's okay, at least our classes are close together." Kim Dokja replied with a smile.

They walked down the hall to their respective classes which happened to be only a few steps away, well at least they weren't too far apart.


"See you later Dokja-yah!" 


"See you later." Kim Dokja waved to let his roommate enter the classroom first, he looked up to see the class signboard with the words 'Potions Class' written on it.


That's right, Lee Seolhwa also chose that class, and she must have chosen a seat in the corner by the window which was perfect for the practice field where the Swordsmanship class was located.


Kim Dokja took a quick peek to see if Lee Seolhwa was sitting in the place told in the novel or not? For a few seconds he searched finally he found a white haired woman, no wonder she is hard to find, she is very famous among the students and she is surrounded by people until she is not seen. But the choice of seat is right as written in the novel.


Kim Dokja heaved a sigh of relief before finally stepping back to find his class.


The teacher's name is Kyrgios Rodgraim in the novel he is a genius magician, and is famous for his handsome face, there is no doubt when his lightning power is extraordinary, even in the novel he once destroyed a city with one thunderbolt. And he is now Kim Dokja's teacher, really even Kim Dokja didn't expect this.


"I will explain a little about the term magic stage. Magic stage is a system used to measure the level of a person's magic power. There are 10 levels of magic, where the highest level of magic is at stage 0, while stage 9 is the lowest level." Kim Dokja watched Kyrgios explain about the level of magic that all students in this academy should know.


"Could you wake me up when class is over?" Someone sitting next to Dokja whispered making Kim Dokja gasp in surprise.


He turned his head to look at the Red hair man and a pretty fit body. It wouldn’t be wrong to say he had a body that would make any style look good, Kim Dokja was dumbfounded for a moment before looking back at the blackboard.


"If I'm not mistaken your name is Kim Dokja right?" The man said again, he put his head on the table with his hands as a pillow.


Kim Dokja glanced at him, he wanted to reply but was afraid that his teacher would find out, because he knew Kyrgios was a fierce teacher. He moved his mouth without making a sound, using his wind as a means of communication so he can talk easily to the man.




The man's eyes widen, perhaps because he was startled by the magic Kim Dokja used, he smiled and then got up from the table to stare at Kim Dokja up close. “I'm Cale Henituse.” He said as he smiled, he raised his hands to shake.


Cale Henituse, a fairly familiar name for Kim Dokja before he finally realized something, yes Cale Henituse was the son of the richest Count in Lionar country. That makes him remember the three assassinins he sent to Lionar country, they should have left right? Or maybe not? Kim Dokja will check it out later.


"I'm Kim Dokja, nice to meet you." Kim Dokja returned the handshake in a low voice not daring to interrupt Kyrgios' lesson.


"To raise your rank in the magic stage you must have wide and large magic mana, no matter what magic you have even the weakest magic will become strong with large mana." Kyrgios continued his studies, apparently not paying attention to the two students who were busy getting to know each other.


"You look like you're not human." Cale said with a serious face making Kim Dokja beside him flinch in a cold sweat that was barely noticeable. "I mean, it's a compliment because I thought you were an angel, at first glance I see wings on your shoulders." He continued his words, not wanting Kim Dokja to misunderstand what he said earlier.


Kim Dokja awkwardly smiled, he scratched the back of his neck that didn't itch before replying, "Thank you...?" He answered, wasn't even sure of his words.


And just as Kim Dokja's first lesson passed just like that, he walked out of the class leaving Cale who chose to stay in the class because he was too lazy to go around the academy, but before he left Kim Dokja saw a man with black haired tan skin jump through the window he believed his class was on the 3rd floor, talk to Cale.


When he went to Yoojin's class, he saw a perverted man or what he knew as Yoojin's fiancé appeared in front of the door while waiting for the students from the class to come out, he immediately got goosebumps to meet him and chose to step back into his class.


"Kim Dokja!" A woman called out to him, it was Han Sooyoung who came out of the same class as him. Wait but Kim Dokja didn't see her in class at all?


"Are we in the same class?" Kim Dokja asked innocently making Han Sooyoung look at him weirdly as if it was the dumbest question in the world.


"Idiot! I'm in front of you with Yoo Sangah! Are you blind now?" Han Sooyoung said with a displeased face.


Kim Dokja glanced behind her where Yoo Sangah walked beside Han Sooyoung with a chuckle. "Hello Mr— I mean Kim Dokja." She greeted, stuttering a little at his call.


"Yeah, you're good at calling me now, in this academy regardless of status. " Kim Dokja explained loudly, the rules of this academy do not look at status, but in contrast to it's students who some do not want to be equal to the commoners.


"Let's go find something to eat! I heard at the academy the food is really good." Han Sooyoung took her along, as she walked past Kim Dokja knowing he would be following her.


"How do you know?" Kim Dokja asked the truth he didn't care how Han Sooyoung know something like that.


"I heard from other students, they say the chefs in this academy are not inferior to the chefs working in the capital palace." She answered while sucking her lollipop.


"I heard this academy will send one maid in each dorm room." Yoo Sangah started the conversation again, she said enthusiastically as if waiting for the maid to serve her.


"Really? I didn't hear that before." Kim Dokja frowned at the new news that Yoo Sangah had brought, he didn't remember in the academy novels doing that at all. "What are those maids for? Doesn't this academy teach us to be independent? If they existed, noble disciples would be even more spoiled." He asked still with a frown on his forehead wondering if he missed something in the novel.


Yoo Sangah's face turned sad, "Sorry, I don't know why it was done either." She answered while shaking her head.


"This is strange, I heard before we entered many of our upperclassmen disappeared for no reason." Han Sooyoung said in a whisper as if if she raised her voice she would disappear too.


"Is it true?" Kim Dokja was surprised, yes he was very surprised to hear this. Dokja became worried for no reason.


The contents of his mind immediately remembered Nirvana, he still didn't know what that person was planning, even though he had read the novel and knew almost everything, but most likely Nirvana will change his plans right? This made him feel uncomfortable.


"You useless trash!" 


Kim Dokja immediately flinched at that scream, he accidentally replayed the memories in his previous life, he hated those words so much.


"What the hell is that?” Han Sooyoung cursed, her brows furrowed in displeasure with what she heard.


Kim Dokja saw a group of students surrounding the other students, as usual he could think, it was bullying. He could guess why the boy was being bullied, it must be because those few students looked up to status, if Jung Heewon was here she might have kicked their asses one by one.


The three of them walked closer when Kim Dokja realized that the boy he thought was a boy seemed to be a girl knowing that she was wearing a skirt on her uniform.


"Why did a commoner like you get into this academy?! You should know your place!" The bully said loudly.


Even some of the students around him actually encouraged their activities which were not good to look at. Kim Dokja couldn't stand it, he stepped forward and ignored Han Sooyoung's call telling him to comeback.


"What are you doing here?" Kim Dokja asked gently the girl he was helping to stand up.


Seeing Kim Dokja's action suddenly appearing in their midst made the bullies shout at him. "Hey, what are you doing?! Don't get in the way or you'll feel the same way!" One of the bullies shouted while showing his earth elemental strength.


"Who's he?"


"Why did he suddenly appear there?"


"It's over, there's no way anyone can beat the heir to the Duke of Bordis country."


Whispers and whispers were heard all around when Kim Dokja wasn't even affected by the threat of the bully, he focused on the beautiful girl in front of him, she was so beautiful that it took him by surprise. She has wavy blond hair. She has large, clear, and deep double-lidded eyes, with soft eyebrows. She has a sharp nose and a small mouth, with a dimple that appears when she smiles or laughs. Her skin is pale and smooth, and her face is androgynous. She is twice as beautiful as Yoo Joonghyuk.


"Thanks, but you'll be in danger." The girl said half happy half worried, while holding Kim Dokja's hand tightly gave him a warning.


"I see, you have strong magic why don't you fight them?" Kim Dokja asked as he felt mana flowing from the girl's body.


The girl sadly replied, "I am a commoner." As if that had answered everything Kim Dokja nodded in understanding.


"Hey how dare you ignore me!" The bully furiously aimed his magic at Kim Dokja, a boulder aimed at him.


At a glance, Han Sooyoung and Yoo Sangah almost shouted Dokja's name but a small explosion occurred just as the rock shattered into dust flakes.


"What happened?!


"Why did my magic break?"


"He didn't even look away."


"Did you direct it right?!"


"Of course! Are you underestimating me?!"


Screams of confusion were heard as Kim Dokja turned around with a straight face then gave a smirk. "I think this is outside the law, the first law is, in the academy students are forbidden to attack each other." Kim Dokja reminded as he raised his index finger on his chin trying to remember.


He stepped closer with an aura of intimidation, continuing to explain, "But if one disciple attacks while the other disciple is unconscious, then this other disciple is allowed to strike back, until this one disciple can't attack anymore." He said.


Even from a distance that was still relatively far away the students could feel the strong wind around them, the bully who had attacked Kim Dokja stepped back with a pale face, he fell on his buttocks with his head up looking terrified at Kim Dokja who raised his hand towards him as the wind carried his body flying.


Kim Dokja had already checked around that there were no teachers in the area, so no one would stop him while he was giving lessons to the fool he was playing with. He let the person inside his tornado, completely drowning out his screams with the wind because he didn't want to invite any teachers or upperclassmen who might be passing by.


He squeaked when someone stopped him, it was another student who probably didn't want anyone to die, Kim Dokja ended the attack by clenching his fists making the wind beat the bullies, then let it fall to the ground.


"Since when is there such a law?" Yoo Sangah asked curiously, she only remembered the part that students shouldn't attack each other.


Kim Dokja turned to her while giving his innocent smile, "I just added it." He answered making Han Sooyoung laugh instantly.


"That's a good show! Kim Dokja you are the best!" Han Sooyoung said amidst her endless laughter.


"We have to leave quickly before the teacher will find out about this mess." Han Sooyoung said to the girl and took her running with her.


"I was thinking, I guess we'll get in trouble if we get caught." Yoo Sangah said worriedly but ran along even though she wasn't the one doing the mess.


"Why are you guys running when the problem is me?" Kim Dokja asked with a soft chuckle.


"Because your problem is mine too stupid!"


When sure there was no teacher in the area, they took a greedy breath after running, Kim Dokja instantly felt stupid, when he realized he could run using magic compared to her weak strength.


The girl who had been rescued bowed to them with a smile, "Thank you for saving me." She said sincerely.


"No problem, may I know your name?" Kim Dokja asked because he felt familiar with the girl in front of him.


The girl smiled showing the tiny dimples on her cute cheeks, "My name is Jang Ha Young."


Oh... One of Yoo Joonghyuk's Knight candidates was picked up again by Kim Dokja... Maybe?



Chapter Text

“Jang Hayoung.” Kim Dokja pronounces the name of the girl ahead of him with his lips, trying to dig up the memory he almost buried. Wait, she is one of Yoo Joonghyuk's subordinates, in the story she also likes Yoo Joonghyuk but is not as severe as Kim Dokja who wants to kill Lee Seolhwa to take Yoo Joonghyuk just for himself, she's the opposite. Jang Hayoung was the Knight who believed Joonghyuk to escort Lee Seolhwa. 


Kim Dokja did not expect to meet her now, because she included the main character in the novel with a painful past, although not much is explained in the novel, Kim Dokja remembers she is a commoner left for dead by both her parents. She believes the culprit is the devil, because when she sees her family in attack before her eyes, such a dark force flies in a flick that is indeed the power it is only the devil who possesses it, and now she is under the care of the Church.


“Oh, nice to meet you Jang Hayoung, that's a beautiful name as you are.” Yoo Sangah complimented with a soft smile that she put up a graceful of beautiful princesses. Kim Dokja glanced at Han Sooyoung who stared at Sangah with a small smile on her lips, people who are in love are very easy to read huh. 


“My name is Yoo Sangah, I hope we can be close friends.” Yoo Sangah continued while shaking Jang Hayoung's hand.


Han Sooyoung who saw their hands shaking each other instantly dark-face, she glanced at Jang Hayoung —who didn't know anything— with fierce, she drew Jang Hayoung's hand to alternate the offer, “I'm Han Sooyoung.” She said full emphasis even her hands hardened around Jang Hayoung's palm.


“And the man who stood still there, the trouble-maker is Kim Dokja.” Han Sooyoung continued while pointing to Kim Dokja who has since fallen silent, she has let go of Jang Hayoung's hand to embrace her shoulders, she whispers in her ear. "Don't get too close to him, he's very troublemaker."


Kim Dokja gritted his teeth, “I can hear it, you know?” He said, chased after Han Sooyoung before she first darted missing in the hallway with Kim Dokja chasing her leaving a dazed Jang Hayoung and a chuckling Yoo Sangah.


“Come on, we'll lose them if we don't go after them.” Yoo Sangah took Jang Hayoung gently to strode back while having a light chat.



Yoo Joonghyuk strides riled up in the hallway, the dark aura surrounding him making the disciples dare not come close in the slightest, don't know what makes his heart bad that matters is no else's business. 


Dunno what possessed him until it was so rushed through class, even ignoring the call of his friend Sung Hyunjae. He was angry, upset, and disappointed at the same time when he didn't see Kim Dokja visiting him even once not when he last saw him with another guy in front of the gate, he didn't understand why he was so disappointed when he didn't see that guy in the class It's thought Kim Dokja was there.


“Your Majesty, Yoo Joonghyuk!!” The deafening cheer instead greeted him when he entered the classroom looking for a man with black hair and pale white skin but found no one at all.


Yoo Joonghyuk frowned in displeasure, again he was surrounded by stupid students who ignored how Yoo Joonghyuk glared at them. He stepped out of the classroom when he didn't find Kim Dokja there, but a voice called him out loud until he made him turn back into the classroom. “Yoo Joonghyuk! So coincidence! Just got me going to look for you!” The blonde haired man gave a smile as he walked towards Joonghyuk.


Yoo Joonghyuk winced dislike, he saw the man approaching until whispering in his ear, saying. “Don't tell the teacher if I was missing the first class.” He whispered with a smile as if pleading for Yoo Joonghyuk to follow the word he said. Without telling him like that, Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't care at all.


He knew this man, the second most troublesome man he knew —the first was Hyunjae— a prince of the Lionar Kingdom, although he met very rarely he saw him several times at banquets and even Joonghyuk also sometimes came to him just for work problems. Alberu Crossman, one of the most hard-pressed men to guess what runs on his mind.


“Hey, do you hear me?” Alberu asked while tilting his head to see Yoo Joonghyuk's stiff face.


What's he doing here? Thought Yoo Joonghyuk with a probing stare, he glanced around in search of answers but didn't find any at all, Well he also doesn't care what he does, he finally replied with a brief. “Yes.”


Knowing that Alberu has no other says to him, Yoo Joonghyuk immediately turns around and leaves the class still loudly looking for Kim Dokja who he does not know the reason why. Right, why is he so frizzling as to look for Kim Dokja? Then what will he do when he meets Kim Dokja?


He instantaneously stops his stride with a complicated mind, what will he do when he has found Kim Dokja? He had no idea what he wanted. He turned his body again, tried to forget what he had just thought, he already didn't care anymore about Kim Dokja. Or not? 


His forehead winces when he sees a familiar person in his eyes, that person in the crowd by the disciple of his head, why is he here? He thinks with a deepening wrinkle. Is he looking for Kim Dokja? He thought again.


"Brother Nirvana!"


Yoo Joonghyuk heard some students call the man's name. So is that his name? He thinks. His gaze so sharply follows the movements of the man he knows as Nirvana, he accidentally hears their talk.


“Have you guys seen Kim Dokja?” Nirvana asks gently, his beautiful smile often deceives anyone. “I have business with him.” He continues when a question mark stare is directed at him.


"I think I saw him go to the cafeteria with his friends." One of the students said thoughtfully trying to remember.


Yoo Joonghyuk who heard him instantly turned stepped back to go to the cafeteria, somehow he desperately didn't want a guy named Nirvana or whatever it was to meet Kim Dokja and take it from him.




“I love you.” How did he end up here? Kim Dokja tries to remember again what happened before.


Earlier he pursued Han Sooyoung who fraudulently used teleportation magic that made Kim Dokja astray looking for her, then while trying to forget to chase Sooyoung someone called him from behind. At first, he thought it was his friend not, he didn't even know this girl.


“Can I have your time?” She asked shyly. 


And finally, Kim Dokja is here, in front of a girl he doesn't know, getting a statement of love on his first day of school. He fell silent without saying anything makes the girl in front of him feel awkward, well it's the first time he gets a statement of love at school that's even on his first day.


“I'm sorry—” Kim Dokja's words were cut short with the girl suddenly bowing deeply while whispering the words, “Thank you.” Then just walk away without telling her name. Does she love me? Thought Kim Dokja confusion.


"What was that..?"


“Kim Dokja! So you're here? ' Kim Dokja turned his head to see Han Sooyoung with a triumphant grin stepping his way with Yoo Sangah and Jang Hayoung who were next to her. “Did you just make a girl cry?" She begins to mock with piquancy.


"I don't do anything."


"Yes, you are."


"Why are you saying like I'm the bad one here?"


"Cause, you are."


Kim Dokja winced not happy, turned face, relented because he knew he would not be able to win from this one woman witch, he glanced at Jang Hayoung who looks weird, she always glanced over here as if she was watching.


"Come on, hurry up, we're slow going to the cafeteria because of you!" Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue in annoyance as she led the way.


The academy cafeteria was almost filled with students from different classes, Kim Dokja glanced at the empty table looking for a place when he had already got a tray filled with food, taking his friend to the empty table he found, but someone yelled at him like the most contemptible person.




Kim Dokja immediately stopped in front of the person blocking the place he was almost sitting on.


"What are you doing?" Han Sooyoung asked with a frown on her forehead.


“I should have asked, why did you bring that slave here?” The person replies to ask with a gaze that leads to Jang Hayoung hiding behind Yoo Sangah. “Don't you see that her existence makes others displeased?!” He proceeded by stretching his hand while showing the pupils other students whispering and giving fierce stares.


Jang Hayoung understood then stepped forward while bowing so deeply to the man, saying quietly, “I'm sorry sir, I'll be out soon.”


“What the hell...” Kim Dokja whispered with annoyed whizzing the tray he was carrying while glancing around looking if there were any teachers around him.


[I te ll yo u, d on't d o an y m or e st up id, yo u'll be wre tch ed] The fourth wall speaks in his mind is reminiscent.


True, Kim Dokja should not make a mistake on his first day of school, he should have a peaceful day, fuck to the status he always hates how soulful people have status.


When Jang Hayoung wanted to step away the man called out again, “Hey! You're so disrespectful! You should have kissed my feet first!” He said with a loud laugh.


“This damn brat!” Han Sooyoung wanted to step to the fore but detained Kim Dokja. “Dokja, what are you doing?!" She asked with annoyance.


Han Sooyoung instantly fell silent when she saw Kim Dokja who was seen wanting to change this place with his wind at any time, she glanced at Jang Hayoung then the shameless man. She does not know who the man is, which means he is a nobleman with the lowest position, how can he be so arrogant in front of her?


“Sorry in advance, she is our friend so—” Yoo Sangah interjected, as the first princess of the Kaizenix Kingdom she had to settle this, but the man immediately cut off her utterances.


“Oh, forgive us your majesty the Princess, we'll take this person somewhere else.” He rudely pulls Jang Hayoung's arm but is restrained by Dokja who first pulls Jang Hayoung to his side.


"She's with us, can't you hear?" Kim Dokja said while clenching his teeth tightly holding back anger.


"We'd better eat out." Han Sooyoung suggested as she took Jang Hayoung away and left the cafeteria with the others.




They ended up eating in the garden in a place that was shady enough so they wouldn't be exposed to the sun's heat, eating the food in annoyance because of the previous incident, Han Sooyoung who looks more enthusiastic with the various curses that she pours out.


"Calm down Sooyoung." Yoo Sangah tried to remember by giving a handkerchief to wipe Sooyoung's cheek.


"How can I calm down! That person is so arrogant that I would like to kill him if I could." Sooyoung said with a burning look.


"I don't think it's necessary, it will trouble you." Jang Hayoung finally said after a long silence, maybe because she was a little awkward. "My apologies for bringing you into this trouble." She continued to sit neatly while bowing.


"You don't have to!" Yoo Sangah said.


Jang Hayoung, Kim Dokja reminisced about her, a strong knight who has unique powers, she can borrow the power of others, Impossible Longing, allowing her to use the power of a person with permission to use a contract, she once borrowed the power of his uncle's Wukong while in the war against demons.


It made Kim Dokja very curious about her power, what was it like to borrow someone else's power? If possible Kim Dokja would like to borrow Yoo Joonghyuk's power if he can. Who doesn't want to have as much power as Yoo Joonghyuk? Measuring from his life as a human and it was written that he could defeat even a demon lord, it looks impossible for a human right? It's unfair for a side character like him.


Well, Kim Dokja may be the strongest right now, considering that he has 3 powers at once within him, his original strength is wind, then the demonic power that runs through his veins, then his mother's strength that was given to him, well right now Kim Dokja can beat Yoo Joonghyuk easily if he puts all his effort into it, but it won't be long before Yoo Joonghyuk catches up with him, that damn talented protagonist is too perfect.


"No need to think about it, we'd better eat and spend the day small talk." Kim Dokja said with a smile, he had finished his lunch and sat leaning against a tree.


Well, the day passed by peaceful small talk, even some students wanted to join just to get closer to Kim Dokja who at that time became very popular, for being ranked first in the entrance exam with the highest score.


Forgetting someone who was looking for him in the cafeteria with annoyance but couldn't find him there at all, Yoo Joonghyuk in the end returned empty-handed and did not meet Kim Dokja.




"From today I am the maid for this room, greetings young master, my name is Selena Kim." Yoo Sangah was right, the maids came to the rooms in the dormitory one by one. And the chambermaid Kim Dokja and Han Yoojin named Selena Kim.


Sounds familiar...


"I'll leave this here, if you need anything call me by shaking this bell, the necklace around my neck will light up when you call." Selena Kim explained politely, put the bell on the table.


"Thanks, Selena Kim, we'll shake that bell right away when we need you." Han Yoojin replied with a friendly smile, but Selena Kim just had a stone face as she bowed.


After Selena Kim left, Kim Dokja glanced at Han Yoojin who sat on the edge of the bed with a serious face. Out of curiosity, Kim Dokja also sat on the edge of his bed looking at Han Yoojin who was lost in his thoughts.


"What are you thinking about?" Kim Dokja asked when Han Yoojin didn't speak at all.


Han Yoojin stared at Kim Dokja for a moment then thought again as if he was stringing together the right words for Kim Dokja to tell. "Kim Dokja, you know?" He paused again.


Kim Dokja patiently waited, glancing at the window with the curtains open to let the moonlight enter his darkroom, somehow today is a little dark, maybe it will rain soon.


"Have you heard the rumors about the academy's students disappearing?" Han Yoojin finally asked in a low whisper.


Kim Dokja nodded, he had heard a glimpse of it from Yoo Sangah but he didn't know more specifically what happened, and why the student just disappeared. "I've heard of it quite a bit." Kim Dokja replied.


Han Yoojin let out a sigh that he had been holding in for a long time, he glanced at the window then closed the curtains dramatically, and then looked at Kim Dokja. If he was like that, Kim Dokja would misunderstand and would think Han Yoojin was the culprit because right now he looks so scary.




Han Yoojin sat next to him so close that he could whisper in Kim Dokja's ear, "I heard they were murdered." He said that made Kim Dokja instantly shiver.


"Who did you hear that from?" Kim Dokja asked while covering his ears because Yoojin's breath made him ticklish.


"My fiance."


Kim Dokja looked at him blankly when Han Yoojin mentioned his fiancée, he started to be unsure because maybe this fiancee was just scaring him.


"Maybe he's just kidding." Kim Dokja tried to ignore him.


Han Yoojin pouted in displeasure, with his hands on his hips as if he was angry he stood in front of the sitting Kim Dokja, "It's true! The student council president also came up with the idea of hiring maids to look after the dorms!"


Chairman of the Student Council? Why should maids?


"And Hyunjae also as a student council member took part in this idea." Han Yoojin explained that he didn't want to be blamed.


Kim Dokja nodded in response, he gave up and assumed that the Hyunjae that Yoojin called was the name of his fiancé.


"But why maids, why not knights who can patrol?" Kim Dokja asked.


Han Yoojin sighed in frustration, he sat back on his bed while replying, "Because the culprit is among the students."


Oh? I just heard this. Kim Dokja thought.


Kim Dokja didn't remember anything like this happening in his novel, it made him realize how the storyline had changed so much because of him. He had to be more vigilant now, whether this was the work of the devil or this was one of the plans of someone he didn't know about.


"I'm so scared to sleep." Han Yoojin said as he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling and continued, "They said they moved when we were sleeping."


"You don't have to be afraid." Kim Dokja said trying to calm Yoojin not to be afraid, because sleep is an obligation for children their age.


Han Yoojin woke up again with a face of horror, "But what if they after me?!"


Kim Dokja immediately put on a disinterested face, who would kidnap him if he had a strange fiancé like Hyunjae.


Kim Dokja sighed, "Alright, you go to sleep first, I'll take care of you." He said which seemed to make Yoojin calmer.


Han Yoojin quickly lay down with the blanket covering his entire body, muttering the word "good night" before finally falling silent. Kim Dokja glanced at the ticking clock on his bedside study table while leaning on the headboard of the bed staring seriously at the bedroom door.


[Yo u'll be fin e] The fourth wall said.


"Why would you say that?" Kim Dokja asked very quietly while glancing at whether Yoojin had fallen asleep.


[Be cau se I c an pr ote ct you]


Those words immediately touched Kim Dokja's heart, previously no one had said that to him directly and for some reason it made him feel awkward now.


"Do you know what kind of person did this?" Kim Dokja asked to make sure.


[No, b ut I kno w who i t is th at ha s an ev il pla n to har m y ou.]




[The per son yo u w ere talk ing to at t he ga te ba ck t hen, he h ad str ange e yes wh en he loo ked at yo u an d an au ra th at see med to opp ress y ou] The fourth wall explains at length.


Oh, Nirvana...


[W hat ar e y ou go ing to pl an for h im?]


"I'll just see, he's not that easy to guess when he has a lot of people by his side."


Kim Dokja suddenly remembered the three assassins he sent to Lionar, he raised his hand making the wind form a map with tracking light flashing in the ocean area and stop there, they do a good job.


Kim Dokja smirked at what he saw, right after that he glanced at Yoojin who was snoring softly. He was already fast asleep which meant it was time for him to fall asleep too.


"Young master." He jolted in place as he stared at his bedroom door in horror. "Are you asleep already?"


[D on't ans wer it, go to sl eep.] The fourth wall told him to make Kim Dokja cover his whole body with a blanket and close his eyes.


The door opened with a small squeak, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer as Selena Kim went inside to check on the two, "They're sleeping." Kim Dokja was still stiff in place with his eyes closed until Selena Kim came out of the room very slowly.


What's that? Kim Dokja thought breathlessly, not realizing that he was holding his breath. It's like he's in a horror novel rather than a fantasy.


Kim Dokja woke up again from his bed, his mind became restless when he saw Selena Kim, his maid checked them without permission and seemed to be talking to someone. He peeked out the window to see a few maids walking around, he admits this protection is a bit tighter than he thought.


"Young master." He turned to see his ghost knight in the center of the room kneeling. "I'm here to watch over your night, so you can sleep peacefully." He says.


No no, I'm not comfortable being looked at when I sleep. Kim Dokja thought but didn't want to say it out loud.


"I won't stare." As if he could read Kim Dokja's mind, his knight said. "Sleep well, young master."


Kim Dokja finally nodded and covered his body again with the blanket, well he also felt sleepy so he didn't want to think about anything else.


"Good night, young master." Kim Dokja heard the low voice of his knight ushered him into dreamland.




The next morning one student disappeared with blood splattered on the floor and the roof, a case more brutal than ever.

Chapter Text

It was at that moment, Kim Dokja woke up with the loudest scream he had ever expected, the scream came from the girls' dormitory. All the students who heard it immediately left their rooms, including Kim Dokja and Han Yoojin, a riot broke out when the maid immediately disappeared to go towards the screams.

"What's that scream?"

"It's still morning though."

"From the girls' dorm? What's in there?"

"Where did the maids go?"

"Should we go there?"

"Stupid, we can't go to the girls' dorm!"

The rest of the students made Kim Dokja even more curious, he turned to Han Yoojin who was half asleep in his pajama he rubbed his eyes cutely, seeing that he was fine made Kim Dokja heave a sigh of relief when he wanted to ask one of the students next to his room a guard shouted.

"Go back to your rooms!" The shade that echoed in the corridor instantly made the students close their doors again.

"Did it happen again?" Han Yoojin muttered with a panicked face.

Kim Dokja glanced at the clock on his study table, it was still pointing to 3 am, and the scream was heard in the girl's dorm, he was a little worried about Han Sooyoung and Yoo Sangah who were there. He didn't think this would be real, he turned his head to the window with several doctors and knights coming in the courtyard of the dormitory.

"Relax, Han Yoojin you have to go wash your face, drool is on your cheeks." Kim Dokja pointed to his own cheek telling where the drool he was talking about.

"What the hell! I never drool when I sleep!" 

Kim Dokja just snorted in approval, "Okay." He looked back at the window.

How did they come so fast? He thought. Considering that the screams had just been heard and the people had gathered quickly at the front, even the people from the church came as well.

"Uh, then I'll just go take a shower." Han Yoojin said in annoyance.

"But it's still 3 in the morning, and you're going to take a shower? Are you serious?" Kim Dokja was taken aback by that remark, taking a shower at 3 am was so unreasonable.

"Yes, nothing will stop me when I'm going to take a shower." Han Yoojin said looking away picking up some toiletries that he took from the cupboard. "Besides, I take too long to shower."

Kim Dokja watched as Han Yoojin entered the bathroom, feeling that it might be fine to take a shower at this hour...? He didn't care for it, he was very curious about what was going on in the girls' dormitory.

"Do you know what happened?" Kim Dokja asked into the air making the shadow splash from under his bed move and widen.

"One of the disciples disappeared again, Blood splatters were everywhere, but I didn't find anyone when I went there." Shadow knight said that was enough information to make Kim Dokja understand why the scream was so loud.

"When did you see that?" Kim Dokja asked again.

"It was 1 o'clock."

2 hours passed? Kim Dokja thought. He glanced at the bathroom to confirm that Han Yoojin was still inside, then turned to his knight.

"Keep your attention—" He paused, staring at the door when he heard another footstep. "Go." He said quickly as there was a knock on the door, causing his knights to disappear into the shadows.

"Young master, are you there?" Selena Kim knocked softly.

"Yeah, we're still here, is there anything you need help with?" Kim Dokja answered from inside without opening the door.

It was silent for a while, but Kim Dokja could still see the shadows of the feet looming in the gap in the door below, thinking whether Selena Kim will open the door or not?

"It's okay young master, we're just making sure." He said in a voice that was getting further away.

We're...? Just what the hell is going in here? What is meant by 'we'?

Kim Dokja, if he had known what was happening he wouldn't be as lost as he is now. This shouldn't be in the novel, this incident he never remembers reading it. He was confused, he was scared, he didn't know what to do.

[Ca lm do wn Kim Do kja, yo ur stren gth is beco ming un sta ble] The fourth wall says.

Unknowingly Kim Dokja gave off a power that he didn't know he had, it was a power that he didn't want to try. Kim Dokja immediately exhaled calmly, took a deep breath then let it out with a gentle exhale, He had to stay calm.

It was the only time he had felt excessive worry since he was transferred to this world, previously he only thought that this was normal and that he also knew everything about the future because of the novel he was reading. But, the thing he forgot was, that this storyline would change depending on how he acted, and how he behaved. It never occurred to him that this story would change because of it, something he should not take lightly and must remain vigilant on the choices he will bring. Yup, in this world, only he can change the ending of the story.

"Kim Dokja?"

"Are you daydreaming?"

Kim Dokja looked at Han Yoojin who had just finished taking a shower with wet hair. "No, I was sleeping." He answered jokingly.

"Sleep? In that state?" Han Yoojin pointed down and then up to tell that Kim Dokja was standing. "Sleepwalking?"

Kim Dokja didn't answer and instead went back to his bed and covered his head with the blanket.

Currently, he has 2 options regarding this incident, the first option is, maybe there is a demon in the middle of the group of students who study here, and the second option... He was a little suspicious of the maids hanging around here, He thought, is Selena Kim the only one acting suspicious here? Or are all maids the same?

He couldn't find the answer... For now.


"Do you know, Dokja?" Han Sooyoung started to whisper.

Right now they were in class waiting for their teacher to come, Han Sooyoung who was sitting in front of Dokja immediately turned back to say something. Of course, she would tell him what had happened this morning.

"The person who disappeared last night was the woman who confessed her feelings to you." Han Sooyoung said quietly, her eyes darting around to make sure they were safe.

Kim Dokja's eyes instantly widened, he dropped the book he was holding onto the table disturbing his friend Cale who was lazily rebuking him.

"Wait, are you serious?" Kim Dokja asked again to make sure that it was true or not. "How did you know it was her?" He asked with a frown on his forehead.

"Don't you believe me? I saw her in the room alone." She explained in frustration that she didn't seem to accept when Kim Dokja was suspicious of her.

Kim Dokja frowned again, "Why is she alone?"

"I don't know! Her roommate hasn't been to school because she's sick." Han Sooyoung said honestly, she would complain to Yoo Sangah if Kim Dokja didn't believe her.

"How did that happen?" Kim Dokja thought with his brain, trying to recall the antagonist in the novel who might be the culprit.

Is that him? He thought, raised his head then turned his head to the wide-open window, his eyes gazing deep into the beautiful sight.

Seeing how Kim Dokja thought hard about making Han Sooyoung dislike him, she rebuked him. "Hey, Kim Dokja." The owner of the name immediately looked at her with a confused face.

"This is not something you should think about, leave everything to the authorities." She said trying to remind but it seemed like it would be useless when Kim Dokja just chuckled.

"I won't do it." Kim Dokja replied while turning his attention back to the book in front of him pretending to read it so that Han Sooyoung wouldn't bother him anymore.

That's what he said, but he didn't say that he would stop thinking about it, in the middle of the lesson that had a strange atmosphere Kim Dokja continued to pay attention to his notebook full of scribbles. write the names of the people who may be behind all this.

Maybe it's time he should tell him if Kim Dokja remembers Yoo Joonghyuk being in swordsmanship class, that person was someone Nirvana liked, and Kim Dokja wanted to confirm something.



Kim Dokja dropped his pen when he remembered that Nirvana was currently the student council president at this academy. the student council president who advised the maids to come to the academy, the student council president who had many fans following him.


The behavior of the maids is indeed a little strange, or even really weird, no servant checks whether the young master is asleep or not, and comes without being called, It's like all the students here are being watched.

But who? Who are they watching over? And why?

Just for a while, Kim Dokja had a bad feeling, disaster was coming soon… That was what he thought when looking at the window with a dark cloudy sky.

He could only hope that this time the bad foreboding that came was not going to happen.


The place was darker than outside, a stuffy and dusty place, in the middle they found someone they had seen for years.

"Didn't you say you shouldn't interfere?" The voice echoed in the darkroom making the person sitting in the center of the room move.

"You know, I don't even care about your plans." The person replied with a chuckle at the end. "Just wanted to let you know, it wasn't me who did it." The person said in a whisper that sounded like a demon ready to play its part.

"Then who did it?!" They asked turning around to see the person slowly stepping out of the room.

The person turned around with a smirk, the light coming from outside covered his face with shadows. "Who knows." The person said then turned and walked away.

They were grinding their teeth, venting their emotions by hitting the wall beside them, all of this was his fault! Because of him, they had to do this, the hatred towards 'him' grew bigger, envious of him, why would such a person have so much affection. Why not them?! Why only him?

They sighed, holding back their rage that was about to explode. "...I have to go back." They whispered to themselves as they left the room.

Their preparations will soon be complete, they will not let it all go to waste, they will turn this place into hell.


"Yo! Joonghyuk!" Kim Dokja came to the swordsmanship class only to find that the man was in a bad mood, he awkwardly turned around "Well I guess next time." He said awkwardly leaving ignoring the students from the class.

"Kim Dokja." Unknowingly, Yoo Joonghyuk was already in front of Kim Dokja who was lucky to stop immediately so as not to hit him. "I will kill you." He said emphatically, sounding like he was upset about something.

Kim Dokja immediately panicked, maybe it was a bad choice to come see him, he quickly said, "Wait wait! I'm sorry!" Kim Dokja spat out words suddenly not even knowing why he was apologizing.

There was a short pause when Yoo Joonghyuk just stared at him making Kim Dokja awkward and didn't dare to look him in the eyes, "Why are you here?" Joonghyuk asked in a baritone tone.

Kim Dokja smiled as he looked up to see Yoo Joonghyuk's face, he awkwardly stepped back to put some distance between the two. Kim Dokja came here just to make sure whether Nirvana would continue to watch his movements or not.

"You want to go to the cafeteria together?" The old Kim Dokja would definitely take him first.

Kim Dokja could see the change in Yoo Joonghyuk's face even if it was only a little, but he's frowning brows slightly trembled before returning to normal. "Don't you have other friends?" He says.

"Well... You're right, but what if I just want to be with you?" Kim Dokja wants to bury himself if he can, saying that makes him very embarrassed, he just followed Kim Dokja's dialogue in the novel!

Well, Joonghyuk will refuse it anyway, right? Kim Dokja thought.

What's that? Kim Dokja thought, When he saw Yoo Joonghyuk grinning at his words, it was as if he had just hit the jackpot.

"Sure, should we go now?" Joonghyuk raised his hand to grab Kim Dokja's shoulders, he didn't seem like he would let Kim Dokja escape this time.

"Wa-wait wait! What are you doing?!" Kim Dokja shouted as he tried to release Yoo Joonghyuk's hand which was wrapped around his shoulders

Yoo Joonghyuk raised his eyebrows in confusion, "What? We're going to the cafeteria." He answered while bringing his face closer to Kim Dokja who suddenly stuttered.

"Not like this!" Kim Dokja dodged by covering his face looking embarrassed when Joonghyuk's gaze was directed at him, even he could hear the screams of the students behind him. Ah, Kim Dokja wants to bury himself right now.

"Kim Dokja!" The owner of the name immediately turned to look at the person who called out to him, it was the woman he met at the event after the academy entrance exam, Uriel.

Kim Dokja didn't know what she was doing, because Uriel was in the crowd of students holding her nose as if she was cheering him on.

"Let's just go back." Kim Dokja grabbed Joonghyuk's hand away but it moved to his waist instead.

"Why? You invite me to eat together." He said as if it wasn't a question it sounded like a warning.

Kim Dokja unknowingly swallowed his saliva, this shouldn't have happened, but either way, this wasn't a dream. He cursed inwardly blaming the protagonist who changed his attitude towards him.

"You bastard." Kim Dokja muttered very quietly so the people beside him wouldn't hear but Yoo Joonghyuk was a keen listener.

Yoo Joonghyuk grinned widely at Kim Dokja's confused face, it was really fun for him.

In the end, they went to the cafeteria together, no one could protest when the two looked so affectionate in the eyes of the students passing by, even Jung Heewon who was in the same class with Joonghyuk not daring to greet Kim Dokja earlier, this morning was quite a disaster for her when Yoo Joonghyuk the Kaizenix prince entered the class with a bad mood.

"Brother Nirvana!"

Hearing a familiar name, Kim Dokja immediately turned to the garden with several students gathered around Nirvana like ducklings. As Kim Dokja expected, Nirvana looked at him with a stiff gaze, as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

A small smirk appeared on Kim Dokja's lips, should I tease him?  He thought mischievously.

Not knowing where the thought came from, Kim Dokja bravely leaned on Yoo Joonghyuk's shoulder who immediately froze on the spot, their steps even stopped for a moment. Kim Dokja looked up to see how that handsome face stiffened making him chuckle.

"Hey, what if it turns out I'm trying to get your attention again?" Kim Dokja asked in amusement, sure that Joonghyuk would immediately push him away and say 'disgusting' to him. But that didn't happen.

Joonghyuk glanced at him, the furrows in his brows showing that he didn't agree with it. "I don't care." That's the answer.

Kim Dokja widened his eyes in disbelief, he was ready to be pushed but was shocked by the answer. "What if it turns out, I want to kiss you?" Dokja asked again quietly.

"You want that?" Yoo Joonghyuk asked.

Kim Dokja snorted, "Nah, it was just a joke." He turned his face away feeling embarassed.

"If that's what you want, I'll think about it." 

"Yup, You will definitely kil— wait what?!"

"I'll think about it." Yoo Joonghyuk repeated which made Kim Dokja instantly fall silent.

This isn't good, Kim Dokja seems to have made a mistake… That kind of attitude shouldn't have happened to him, or else he would have become the real Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja chose to remain silent until they were in the cafeteria, eating his lunch as fast as he could when he felt various gazes directed at him.

"Isn't it about time you were invited to become a student council member?" Kim Dokja said, the student council president in this academy does have a condition, on the condition that he is a crown prince. They said it included an exercise to rule the city for their future.

"Yes." That curt nonchalant answer made Kim Dokja want to hit his head if he could.


"Kim Dokja!" Han Sooyoung called his name with a look of horror on her face, she quickly sat down beside Kim Dokja then whispered. "What are you doing?! Didn't you say you weren't interested in him anymore?! Or did he threaten you?" Questions were issued so quickly that Kim Dokja was taken aback.

"No, you misunderstood, I just asked him to accompany me to lunch." Kim Dokja said pushing Han Sooyoung's face away a little.

Han Sooyoung gave Yoo Joonghyuk a sinister look while hugging Kim Dokja's arm as if to tell him that Kim Dokja was hers. Kim Dokja glanced back and saw Jang Hayoung and Yoo Sangah smiling at them.

"Good afternoon Kim Dokja." Jang Hayoung greeted shyly, raised her hand to scratch the nape of her neck.

Seeing the red mark on Jang Ha Young's hand immediately caught Kim Dokja's attention, it looked bruised, "What happened to your hand?" He asked.

Jang Ha Young immediately hid her hand as she said, "It's because of the practice earlier." She answered.

"Is anyone bullying you again?" Yoo Sangah asked, she just found out even though she had been with her for a while now.

"It's okay, this time I fought them." She answered proudly.

"Good! If possible, make them not recognize their own faces." Han Sooyoung exclaimed excitedly.

[Ki m Do kja]

The fourth wall called out to him quietly, [At fir st gl an ce I fe el som ethi ng stra nge] He complained again.

[I thi nk it's ab out ti me y ou mas te red yo ur po wer]


[Som ethi ng fe els wei rd] Kim Dokja could feel the fourth wall vibrating in his heart, making himself a little uncomfortable too.

"Okay, I'll think about it."

[....No Do kja, y ou ha ve t o do it n ow]

There was a long pause as Kim Dokja heard it, trying to understand what the fourth wall was asking.

[Someone is targeting you] The fourth wall said clearly.

Chapter Text

[Someone is targeting you]


"What does it mean...? Someone's after me?" Kim Dokja squeaked softly, he turned his attention to everyone in the cafeteria, looking for suspicious people.


"What's wrong, Kim Dokja?" Jang Hayoung who saw Kim Dokja's strangeness immediately asked. "Are you okay?"


Kim Dokja stared at her for a while then gave a workable sweet smile while replying, "Don't worry, i'm perfectly fine."


"Thank goodness you're okay, you look like you're thinking about something." Jang Ha Young said while pointing to her own forehead, "You're frowning just now." She added.


Kim Dokja was confused, did he look like that before? Subconsciously he stroked his forehead confirming whether the wrinkles were still there or not, and ignored how Jang Hayoung was looking at him with a mysterious look.


"I am done." Yoo Joonghyuk said as he stood up from his chair after wiping his lips with his handkerchief.


"Good, no one needs you here now." Said Han Sooyoung sticking out her tongue boldly, completely forgetting that the person in front of her was the crown prince who could have kicked her out of the capital. "What? Remember that here there is a rule not to kill other students." Han Sooyoung said again when she saw Yoo Joonghyuk giving a death stare.


Yoo Sangah who was beside her looked panicked because she had previously seen what would happen to someone when they dared to make fun of the crown prince Kaizenix, she ventured to confront Yoo Joonghyuk to apologize. "Please, please forgive her, she was just joking."


Yoo Joonghyuk just turned his face away and left when someone called out to him. Hyunjae who had called Yoo Joonghyuk glanced at Kim Dokja with a strange smile on his lips, which immediately made Kim Dokja get goosebumps seeing that smile.


"Is there a student named Kim Dokja?" Someone who had long golden hair called out to Kim Dokja with narrowed eyes searching for him.


"Yes?" Kim Dokja stood up with all the attention on him, he didn't know why he was called by the vice principal which meant it was an important call.


"Come with me."


Yoo Sangah covered her mouth and widened her eyes, "Was yesterday's incident reported?" He said worriedly.


"Impossible, why must the vice principal who summons not a discipline teacher?" Han Sooyoung interceded. 


Kim Dokja ignored them and instead stood up from his chair to follow the vice principal who he knew had the name Surya.


What other trouble is Kim Dokja doing...?




"He's very troubled." Han Sooyoung said lazily leaning back on the break room chair. "Why does he always have something I can't understand?" She complained while drinking a cup of tea.


"What's the matter with him?" Jung Heewon joined them when she saw Kim Dokja being called in the cafeteria.


"Ukh.. even though I've been friends with him for a long time, I still don't understand what he's thinking, he's an idiot!" Han Sooyoung cursed again and again when remembering the incident of Kim Dokja being kidnapped in front of her eyes.


Jang Hayoung looked at her curiously, "Why are you so close to him? Is he so precious?" she asked.


Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue, "I don't like to admit this but it's true that way." She answered while took a sip of the rest of the tea in her cup, letting Yoo Sangah refill it. "He's the idiot I wanted to protect." She continued into silence with a bitter face as if remembering something she didn't want to remember.


["Now we will be friends! I will always be by your side!!"]


Han Sooyoung immediately shook her head remembering the past with a smile, this friend she knew was very stupid until now. Now, I feel like he's become really hard to reach even though he's by my side, Han Sooyoung thought.


"May I join you guys?" The woman with golden wave-length hair and pure round eyes stared at the group sitting together with an angel-like gaze. "My name is Uriel." She introduced herself to them in a friendly manner.


"Long time no see, Lady Uriel." Yoo Sangah greeted with a bow, and gave a smile no less than an angel. "I heard you made a club?" She asked, making Uriel's eyes sparkle.


"Yep! There are already a lot of members in, I'm glad they like it." She said excitedly.


"If I may ask, what kind of club did you create?" Jung Heewon asked curiously.


Of course curious, Uriel who is known as the daughter of the headmaster of the academy made a club, it must be an extraordinary club. Jung Hee Won thought. at least initially.


"Club' Cupid!" Uriel said with a wink, revealing the 'club paper' that came out of nowhere. "The club to unite Kim Dokja and Yoo Joonghyuk!" She added while covering her bleeding nose.


Han Sooyoung who heard immediately spit out the tea she was about to drink, then looked at Uriel in disbelief at what she just heard. "W-what? Are you serious?!" 


"Cupid's club? That's about setting someone up?" Yoo Sangah asked quietly.


"Yup! That's right! Everyone at the club loves these two and wants to pair them together." Uriel answered with burning enthusiasm. "You guys should join too!" She says hand over the papers one by one.


Jang Ha Young skimmed it, "Wait, is this allowed just like that?" She asked, grimacing at the absurd terms.


"Of course, I did everything until this club was created!" She said with a frown as she recalled what she had been through when asking to create a club. "Well don't worry, I've negotiated with my father well, as long as it doesn't bother other students."




"Ah that's right, I have to go, see you all." Jang Ha Young said standing up leaving the paper on the table then leaving after bowing slightly.


"Where is she going?" Yoo Sangah asked herself, staring at the door of the room.


"I don't know."


"Rather than that, will you guys join?" Uriel asked with a glint in her eyes, so hopeful they would join her club.


Seeing how Uriel hoped for them, made them couldn't help but accept it, there was no harm in trying as long as it made Kim Dokja happy. Han Sooyoung signed the club letter first, then Yoo Sangah and Jung Heewon.


Uriel immediately squealed with pleasure after getting a new member, she immediately took their paper and kept it as proof that they entered her club.


"Let's work together to unite Kim Dokja and Yoo Joonghyuk!" Uriel said excitedly raising her hands in the air like a child.


"Uh... yeah..."




"Do you know why I called you?" The principal asked after Kim Dokja arrived at the great hall.


If Kim Dokja knew he wouldn't be so nervous, he sat on the sofa with the gazes of several teachers staring at him, he didn't commit a mistake so fatal that it made all the teachers gather together. He looked up to take a peek at what was happening but immediately looked down again when the principal's intense gaze made him shrink.


Just what have I done? Kim Dokja thought to himself as he cursed himself for being too stupid.


"I already called your parents, they will definitely come soon."


The gloomy atmosphere was made even more dramatic when lightning thundered behind the principal's back window along with the sound of torrential rain. Kim Dokja didn't understand what was happening but he probably understood most of why they were staring at him so warily, The fourth wall also gave no sign that they will hurt him.


[K im Do kja... Yo u ha ve to wa tch ou t fo r h im.] The fourth wall said to the principal.


"I know." Kim Dokja replied inwardly, he was still smiling trying to break the awkward tense atmosphere.


"Did I do something wrong?" Kim Dokja finally asked slowly and softly, he glanced at one of the teachers who surrounded him. "I really don't—"


When he opened his eyes again, he was faced with the table in front of him, a hand holding his neck slammed him against the table with a loud sound.


Kim Dokja gasped, swallowing his saliva with difficulty as the corners of his eyes glanced at who was holding him all of a sudden. It was one of the strongest teachers in this academy, Namgung Minyoung.


"Shouldn't we lock him up right now?" Namgung Minyoung said with a small frown on her forehead as she looked into Kim Dokja's eyes.


"Calm down Minyoung." The principal said raising his hand in warning to release Kim Dokja.


Namgung Minyoung clicked his tongue before releasing Kim Dokja's nape. Kim Dokja rubbed his face which hurt from being hit by the table.


"Kim Dokja, I want to ask you something, you better be honest." The principal said seriously, somehow his voice echoed in Kim Dokja's head and loudly made him dizzy.


Kim Dokja gasped, his sweat dripping with ragged breaths, his heart beating so fast that it hurt so much, he looked down while holding his chest, his body shivered he felt so small at that flaming gaze.


"Who are—"


Before Kim Dokja had time to hear the principal's question, the fourth wall interrupted him in a hurry.


[K im D ok ja! R un!]


The force of the wind activated by itself, Kim Dokja immediately stood up from his sofa, feeling a sign of danger as his body shivered. He's late, when he wanted to use his wind power to run away someone attacked him with blazing lightning magic, stinging his body and knocking him down so easily.


Kim Dokja was panting, he couldn't measure how loud he had shouted until his throat hurt, his neat uniform was torn apart while emitting scorching smoke.


Because Kim Dokja who was just about to run away made all the teachers stand up to hold him off, ignoring that Kim Dokja flinched when they touched his nearly charred skin. The principal stood up and walked forward and faced Kim Dokja who was sitting below while lowering his head.


"Kim Dokja, I just wanted to ask." The principal said lifting Kim Dokja's chin to look at him.


Kim Dokja smirked, "What else do you want to ask? I bet you already know."


Hearing Kim Dokja's words made the principal nod, he understood now, what he has, what kind of power he carries and his form that can't lie to his eyes.


"Why are you acting like a human?" The principal asked, as soon as the question came out the teachers immediately turned their attention to Kim Dokja.


If you ask him, Kim Dokja doesn't even know what to answer, should he answer like this 'I am the son of both demon and angel parents, and I was taken away.' Or, 'Because I like humans?' There was no good reason to answer, while he was thinking for an answer, Surya took out his sword and placed it around Kim Dokja's neck.


"Answer." He said emphatically.


Even if Kim Dokja explained what he knew, they would definitely not believe it, he could see from the way their gazes were going to kill him. He clicked his tongue, completely unable to summon his subordinates, ghost knights could not enter this hall. Something protects this hall.


"You won't be able to escape, Kim Dokja." Surya said as he pressed his sword against Dokja's neck until it bled.


[R un Ki m Do kj a!] The fourth wall said loudly so loudly in his head that Kim Dokja's consciousness stabilized again.


Kim Dokja immediately let out his wind to fly Surya's sword away from him, the wind was very strong like a disaster with a height of more than 3 meters. Kim Dokja turned to face the exit of the hall which was quite far from him, but with the strength of the wind he could at least be there for 5 seconds, he noticed that all his teacher's attention turned to the wind and then ran with all his might.


A little bit more...


Kim Dokja raised his hand to grab the big doorknob, just a little more.


But he was stopped, the lightning had stopped him and a teacher with long blue hair was standing in front of him, Kyrgios. In an instant he was in front of Kim Dokja again.


Kim Dokja reflexively swung his hand away using the wind that threw him away, if the door couldn't then he would go out through the window.


"Stop him." Kim Dokja could hear Surya's voice echoing throughout the Hall, making Kim Dokja speed up his movements.


Kim Dokja ran and dodged his teacher's attack that was aimed at him, he must not be caught, absolutely not. If he wanted to use the power that could dissipate with his wind, it would take time and neither would he be able to fool the headmaster who had the 'Eye of truth' power.


"That's enough playing, kid." Namgung Minyoung immediately grabbed Kim Dokja's hand and threw him on the floor with his back hitting the floor, the sound was so loud that it cracked the floor.


"Ah—hack!" Kim Dokja could feel his back throbbing painfully, simultaneously he could barely catch his breath for a while and ended up coughing continuously.


"Pretty stubborn huh." Surya said when he saw Kim Dokja trying to stand up. "Just give up, Demon!" He raised his sword again just in case, now that he was gripping the hilt of his sword so tightly that it wouldn't let go again like before.


[K im Dok ja...]


"Don't do anything weird." Inner Kim Dokja, warning the fourth Wall to remain silent.


Kim Dokja relented and sat there silently bowing in front of the teacher and principal obediently. Thinking he had been caught, and when the sound of explosions and electric shocks occurred in front of him shattered the windows of the large hall and created excessive smoke.




"An enemy attack?!" 


"Who is there?!"


The thunder boomed again almost shocking Kim Dokja's heart, when the smoke from the explosion subsided he saw two people towering in front of him.


"Who dares to touch my son?" The familiar baritone voice and long black hair made Kim Dokja know who it was.


"I won't forgive anyone." And that soft yet sharp voice, that beautiful slender figure too.


They are Hades and Persephone.


"If you want to fight, fight me."



Chapter Text

"If you want to fight, fight me."


At that time, Kim Dokja only remembered the figure of his father who stood proudly in front of him protecting him from the teachers who stood in his way. His eyes that were rounded in surprise immediately watered, he had never imagined the feeling of being protected by a father until now.


"Are you all right, honey?" Persephone crouched down to cup Dokja's cheek, looking at him so worried with a hint of panic in her eyes.


Kim Dokja grimaced and smiled, holding back the tears that wanted to fall, he didn't cry because of the pain, he was moved. His feeling for the first time being protected by his parents, he never imagined how nice it would be, he wants to be protected and loved.


Do I deserve this love? He thought as he leaned against his mother's hand that was on his cheek, pressing gently.


"I'm okay mom." Kim Dokja said softly, he could feel his body getting better when his mother's smooth hand touched his cheek.


"Now you are healed by healing magic." Persephone said as she gave her son a kiss on the cheek making Kim Dokja smile widely.


"Hades." The headmaster called out his name as if to reveal all the secrets that Hades had hidden.


Another explosion occurred in the main hall making the disciples who heard immediately ran over to see what was happening, but they were all stopped when some monstrous people with black and white shields covered the path to the main hall.


"Who are you?!" The academy knights shouted at the black and white knights who were standing in their way to protect their principal.


"No one will come in, no one." One of the knights with a large sword stuck in the ground said very loudly.


The two knights lined up in front of the main hall building with the students scattered while muttering curiously about what had happened. The academy knight raised his sword with a warning greeting.


"Don't you remember whose land you are on now?" The captain of the knight academy said, his eyes fiercely staring at his opponent.


Kim Dokja's friends ran over to the commotion to find out what was going on.


"What's this? Why are they gathered here?” Han Sooyoung complained as she tried to break through to the front row with Yoo Sangah, Jung Heewon, and Uriel.


"Are there any special guests?" Yoo Sangah said while squinting her eyes looking for the guest she mentioned.


"That doesn't seem to be the case." Jung Heewon said when she saw the two knights competing.


Han Sooyoung was silent with a frown on her forehead, she seemed to know the black crest on the black and white shielded knight's chest. And some faces of people he recognized though were a little blurry in his memory but he was very sure.


"Wait that's an army belonging to the underworld? Why are they here?" Han Sooyoung exclaimed making the other disciples turn to her. "That means..." She gritted her teeth as she ran past the academy knights to breakthrough.


"Hey lady! You are not allowed to enter even if you burn this place down." The captain of the underworld knights said sternly stopping Han Sooyoung's steps.




"Underworld? Where Dokja lives, right?" Yoo Sangah said thoughtfully and got a nod from Han Sooyoung.


"Wasn't Kim Dokja summoned by the vice principal?" Uriel said making them all flinch at that.


"What is Kim Dokja doing again?" Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue in annoyance as she stomped her foot around to find another way.


"Wait, we probably won't be able to get inside." Jung Heewon said as he grabbed Han Sooyoung's shoulder who was immediately pushed aside by the owner of the shoulder.


"Don't get in my way! I have a bad feeling!" Han Sooyoung shouted in anger which surprised Jung Heewon who didn't expect it. "Something whispered to me to come to Kim Dokja immediately." She said while closing her ears tightly as if the whispers she was currently hearing were intruders.


"Shut up!" She shouted.


"What nonsense are you saying? Nothing is whispering in your ear!" Jung Heewon said loudly because she thought Han Sooyoung wouldn't be able to hear her. She became panicked when she saw the strangeness of Han Sooyoung, who was emitting indistinct black writing from her ears. "What's that?" She gaped at the unfamiliar writing.


[Find... Kim Dokja]


[Hurry ...up! Kim Dok..ja! Look for... him!]


"What's that?" Yoo Sangah stared at the unfamiliar black writing floating in the air like dry leaves flying in the wind.


"Ugh!" Han Sooyoung almost let out her flames when she couldn't take it anymore by the voice echoing in her head.


The rain was getting heavier and wet all the clothes including the students who were watching from a distance. Suddenly two people came out with an explosion destroying the main building, one was the headmaster and the other was a man with dark black hair.


They fought in the dark and thundering sky, flying so fast like lightning and casting powerful magic explosions. The disciples shouted for cover from the explosion, The knights who had just lined up were now starting to attack the other knight troops as if they were defending their master.


The day became very messy, the teachers immediately took all the students away from the battlefield and also helped fight the knights that Hades brought.


"Stop it, Hades." The principal said which sounded like an order. "Do you know what you've done?" He continued as he looked at the academy building which was damaged due to their brief battle.


"I should be the one asking, do you know what you've done to my son?" Hades said repeating the principal's words, he didn't even intend to stop.


They floated in the air, standing there as you would stand on the ground, the rain didn't even wet their clothes. They stood alert if the others moved first, the principal glanced inside the main building where Kim Dokja was.


"Why do you care so much about him when he's not even your son?" The headmaster said which instantly stunned Hades.


"How dare you say that!" Hades gritted his teeth in anger.


The principal seemed to sigh, "You can't lie to me, Hades." At that moment, Hades saw the principal's eyes shining with gold. "I've already accomplished this." He says.


Sage's eyes, one of the highest attainments in this world, by obtaining that power, they can discover the secrets that other people keep.


"How did you achieve that? Didn't you give up before?" Hades asked in disbelief. Sage's eyes were so hard to get and why did he have them now?


"I got this from someone at church salvation." He answered while stroking his temples carefully. "And in return, I just have to work with them, that's not bad because they are a good church."


Hades fell silent for a moment, without saying anything, and just kept quiet there staring at his old friend who looked different this time.


“Now, Hades I want to hear an explanation of all this from you, why did you keep the child?” The principal asked.


The question was ignored, the principal didn't get an answer from Hades who just fell silent, he winced displeased when said again. “Do you know what happened to the war before with the demons?”


“Are you trying to ignore this! HADES?!” The headmaster said loudly with annoyance, he couldn't believe his friend who used to work together in the World's war against the devil would turn away from him. Knowing that he wouldn't get an answer from Hades, his breath a little quivering, a little hesitant to ask when his voice quivered a little, “Do you want to spark another war?”


Hades finally moves on, he stares at the principal with an unwavering stare, “I'm not afraid that war will happen between you and me.” He said. “Even if it's for the sake of protecting my son.”


Hades fell silent for a moment when he headed down looking for someone, he again stared at the principal, “You must know why, because you also have an adopted daughter.” The words made the principal look for his daughter who is now staring at him with hands fused as if praying.


Hades looks at him for a while, “You know my son is a demon and then what do you want to do to him?” He asked as prepared if the principal's answer would threaten him.


“I'm going to imprison him.” The principal replied with a smile making Hades pull out his spare sword. “Those were my thoughts before.”


“Hades, you know you're not the guy I want to fight if I can.” The principal said, “But do you know that almost all human beings have a sense of hate for the race of demon, including the teachers at this Academy, of course, they will be very angry when they find out there is a demon in this Academy because the devil has destroyed their village.”


Hades fell silent while sheathing back his sword, “Yes I know that, but I can guarantee that Kim Dokja is innocent.”


"You've got to prove it well, because not everyone's going to believe your word." The principal said reminding.


“Shut up, Metatron, before that I must avenge what you have done to my son.” Hades said while issuing a huge explosion led to the principal. 


The explosion caught the headmaster, Metatron off guard, Hades used this opportunity to rush towards him and hit him in the neck with his scabbard, it was a simple but powerful blow, if Metatron didn't have protective magic all over his body he would probably die.


But Hades' attack was blocked, Metatron first protected his neck then he raised his hand to fight but instead was thrown to the ground. Metatron blinked not knowing what had just happened in such a short time.


Then he saw a purple light aiming at him, he wanted to quickly dodge but a shadow held his legs and arms in place and took a direct hit from Hades. It was so strong that it could flatten the surroundings if it weren't for Persephone setting up the barrier, the academy would probably just be ground.


"Honey you have to be careful because there are a lot of children here." Persephone said in a sweet tone.


Hades just looked away pretending not to do anything. He then again saw Metatron silent in his place, Hades knew he wouldn't die that easily so he now turned to the teachers.


Activating arrow magic to attack the academy teacher who had hit his son earlier, Hades had already made sure that no one would die from his arrows and only injure one of their limbs.


“Ahk!” The whole teacher who gathered to trap Kim Dokja was immediately lying unconscious with a pale face with open eyes vibrating as if seeing something terrible.


"You didn't kill them did you?" Persephone asked as she came to her husband landing on the ground.


Hades looked at him "No, I just gave them a little trauma." He answered then his eyes narrowed when he saw someone he knew.


Hades should have greeted the crown prince Kaizenix, but this time he was going to ignore it because his son was more important.


"Where's Dokja?" Hades asks when he doesn't see his son coming towards him, or maybe running towards him giving him a hug?


Persephone frowned, she turned around in surprise, "I saw him following behind me earlier." She turned to look for her son but found him nowhere. "Kim Dokja...?" She called out desperately.


Hades immediately looked for his son with his wife who followed behind him. "Stop your fighting! Find my son!" Hades said to all his knights who immediately stopped fighting.


All of Hades' knights immediately dispersed all over the place, the rain that had been heavy was now starting to stop slowly with small drizzles. But Hades still feels his heart rage when he remembers his son.


"Aunt!" Persephone who recognized the voice immediately turned to see Han Sooyoung and friends running towards her. "Where's Kim Dokja?" Han Sooyoung immediately asked.


Persephone frowned worriedly as she shook her head, "It's my fault for not taking care of him properly."


Hades took her hand, gripped it tightly, and carried his wife into the air to find her child more easily.

"It's not your fault, we should hurry to find our son."


"Kim Dokja?" Yoo Joonghyuk, who had been watching the interesting fight, immediately joined in looking for Kim Dokja.




That was the moment when Kim Dokja really got behind his mother, walking behind her like a duck following her mother. Kim Dokja had been there for a while when suddenly his time stopped.


He fell silent as the commotion that had occurred suddenly became quiet, and the people around him did not move at all. He already knew someone had done this so he tried to hide behind his mother's figure —which was perfect for his small body— While looking for the culprit who stopped time.


[Ki m Do kja! Be hin d y ou—]


"You know you can't hide." Someone spoke to him, right behind Kim Dokja, then his vision went black when something caught him.


Time returned to normal when Kim Dokja was swallowed up into the darkness, kidnapped by someone.


That was all that Kim Dokja remembered, and he woke up again in a strange but slightly familiar place, dusty, stuffy, and dark. Kim Dokja could feel his hands being chained and stuck on the wall, seeing the chain cuffs emitting magical energy, made him realize that he wouldn't be able to do anything with his power.


"You're also smart not to try to escape using your power." Someone from behind the bars said making they voice echo throughout the place.


Kim Dokja looked out at the dark figure because the shadows and the distance were far enough that he didn't know who the culprit was. At first, he thought it was Nirvana but the voice sounded different, this voice sounded smaller and a little hesitant.


Kim Dokja didn't know who kidnapped him at all and why did he have to be kidnapped?


"Who are you?" Kim Dokja asked as he looked up.


"It makes me sad that you don't recognize my voice even though I do." The figure walked closer until the light from the window shone on the half of they body that was wearing the academy uniform.


The female uniform she was wearing made Kim Dokja realize something, but he shook his head not wanting this to be real, because he knows very well, in the novel that person does not commit a crime and instead hates that's a crime.


"Why are you here?"


There was amused piety when Kim Dokja asked like that, and the person replied with laughter, “It's funny you asked me that.”


"I had to get rid of the whole person just to get you, it was a bit of a hassle because your mum was so sensitive in surrounding it was lucky she was a little off guard earlier." She smiles while crouching in front of Kim Dokja makes her face clearly visible as light from the window spills into her face.


"Now Dokja... Are you surprised seeing me?" She chuckles as she cupped Dokja's cheeks. "Your face is so funny yet disgusting."


Kim Dokja gasped, like a frightened man. No, he doesn't know who this person before him, novels can't help him anymore, why this person changing from the original novel? Why? 


"Jang Hayoung...?"


That's girl smiled, "Yes Dokja? So you know my Name huh."


"Why...?" Kim Dokja whispering. 


She was standing while walking there, “hmm... Why yes? I don't remember why I did this, but my hatred for you is great, why do you have such a wonderful life whereas I don't? Why do people love you so much? Why are you the only one who accepts that? And when I think of that my envy becomes larger.”


Kim Dokja falls silent, somehow he has felt that feeling before, not in this world but in his homeworld, the feeling of envy because someone gets more attention whereas you don't, Kim Dokja understands that feeling but he doesn't dare say it. In this world, he has almost everything and he feels he has no right to fight it.


“Ugh the longer I look at you the more irritated I am, but I'm so waiting for your face when I see people who love you disappear.” Jang Hayoung grinned when she got out of jail while whispering, “stay there, and I'll set up a good spectacle.”


And then Kim Dokja has left there alone in the dark, only a small window of the only light he has, his heartbeats when thinking what does Jang Hayoung want to do to the person Kim Dokja cares about?


Kim Dokja is confused, why has this changed? Why did Jang Hayoung who was written down as a shy beautiful woman turn otherwise? Why should she? One of the characters that Kim Dokja likes.


At that time Kim Dokja couldn't think and could only say, 'What have I done?'




In the endless darkness, the place of the demons in seals by angels, only one is sealed with the entire sacred chain all over his body, one demon possessing monstrous powers. He's on the seal so deep in the ground somewhere.


Here has no light, and no true death. 


"His magic stage recovers again...? Damned power... "


"I am... Starving..."


"He can't go anywhere, can he?"


The starving little demons of the prison saw flesh from his severed body due to the chains that bonding him. Then eat it greedily.


"Is he sleeping?"


"He's awake we don't need to care, just look how pathetic he is now."


"He tried to get his father's attention but his father threw him away kekekek."


"But being kicked into the lair of darkness ended up being prisoned like us, he is never a demon, he is a failed demon."


"He's just stepping-stone for Dokja that disappear hahaha."


The 'he' who had been talking about opened his eyes immediately, making the demons around him flinch.


"H-he's awake... Run!"


"You." His voice echoed all over the place as he raised his hand and pointed at the demon who had called out Dokja's name earlier.


The demon instantly couldn't move, his breath hitched and his body became heavy, he felt his heart was in danger.


"Yeah, I'm talking to you... Don't ever say that name in front of me again."


"Ah—" The demon's heart stopped beating the moment 'he' used his power to kill him.


He stood up from the rock he was stepping on making the chains around him even tighter, "It's funny when they think it's capable of confining me." He said while chuckling.


"It's time for me to get out of here." He said to himself while steeling his body from the holy chains.


"That chain can't be broken that easily." One of the demons there whispered a little smirk at his stupidity.


He glanced at the demon then smiled revealing his sharp teeth, "Not at all, it is protecting ants like you, from me."


"You're indeed powerful, but you can't get out of here!"


He chuckled then laughed loudly until it echoed. "Let's see if what you say is right or wrong."


His missing body instantly recovered to its original state in a matter of seconds, making a huge commotion and a loud explosion his magic stage exploded as soon as he unleashed his power, shattering the chains that bound him into dust and surroundings.




".... What.. the.. Isn't your magic stage sealed...?" The demon coughed up blood looking at him in horror.


"The strong survive, and the weak fall to hell, without power, freedom cannot last long." He said as he stepped on the demon's head. "I am the power itself." he continued and stomped on the demon's head until it broke.


He looked up where the sun was shining and smiled, "Dokja, save your life to see the flame of the Abyss." 



Chapter Text

Something that Hades and Persephone were afraid of was, when the child they were taking care of suddenly disappeared from their sight. Hades' veins were visible at the length of his neck, gritting his teeth too hard to relieve his worry which ended in vain. Persephone had done what she could to use her magic to track down Kim Dokja but to no avail she couldn't find anything.


"Where are you, Dokja?" She whispered, feel hopeless not to find her son.


All of Hades' knights were now tightly surrounding the academy, all mana energy could be felt all over the place just to notice the strangeness within the academy.


"It's impossible for him to leave the academy any time soon." Yoo Sangah said worriedly, "This academy is huge, so it's possible that he's still around here."


Han Sooyoung frowned, "How did it turn out that they used teleportation?" She said making Yoo Sangah speechless in a state of shock. "Yeah, you know, they might not be around here."


Yoo Sangah's face became more and more worried, she put her hands together subconsciously pleading with God to hope that Kim Dokja would be fine. "What should we do?" She asked.


"Damn, this is giving me a headache, where did they take Dokja?" Jung Heewon clicked her tongue when she just returned from the back gate. "I've been checking the whole place for almost an hour!" She said holding her head.


"I thought he was taken far from here, I didn't see anyone suspicious here at all." Hyunsung spoke making Yoo Sangah and Han Sooyoung gasp in surprise at his sudden appearance.


"I met him on the street, and helped me find Kim Dokja." Jung Heewon explained when she felt a question mark stare from her friend. "Rather than that, where did Uriel go?" She asked.


"She went to help the principal, we still don't know why they were fighting with Duke Underworld." Han Sooyoung replied while pointing at Uriel who was busy helping clean up the damage.


"Students are asked to return to your dormitories, no one should come out." A loud voice from someone made all the students look up. 


There stood a person whom all students admired, the student council president of the academy, Nirvana Moebius. Standing there like a savior, along with other student council members, giving directions to students who are lost in confusion.


Nirvana did have a good reputation in the academy, all students wanted to be him, after all who wouldn't want to follow him after finding out that he had a relationship with an angel.


"Then what about Kim Dokja?" Han Sooyoung asked him, shouting a little so that Nirvana could hear her. "We must find him immediately!" 


Nirvana looked at her with a smile, "Calm down first, we will do our best to find him so for now you guys go back to the dorms." He said softly making all the students follow his words.


Those words made the entire army of Hades knights patrol more slowly, the Underworld couple fell silent as Nirvana walked towards them.

"For now, you must go inside, you are an esteemed guest whom we must serve." He said giving a bow of respect. "I will be responsible for finding your missing son." Nirvana said so softly with his sweet words.


"That's right, Hades, this is completely the fault of the academy, let us help you." The headmaster had woken up from his momentary stupor, and went straight to Hades to apologize. "I'll prepare a place if you want to stay until your son is found."


"This way, I'll escort you to the living room." Nirvana said as he made way for both of them.


Hades frowned, he remembered this man before because Dokja had gone out with him, he finally nodded. "Okay, if you find any signs, please report to me immediately." Hades stepped past Nirvana and into the school building with his wife waiting for the report.


Persephone is in pretty bad shape, dizzy just because Dokja is out of sight, her heart swells every time she thinks of the worst thing that happened to Dokja. In the novel, Persephone is the mother figure that Dokja wants because of her great love and how she cherishes her child, Persephone is known as a woman who will not be able to bear children, only because a hereditary curse that befell her made her unable to get pregnant even though she tried many times. And at that moment, Kim Dokja appeared in her life, even though she knew the origin of the child she still took care of him and gave him love like her own child. Kim Dokja is her son, Kim Dokja is her life, and Kim Dokja will always be her precious child.


Dokja's her everything.


"It's okay honey, everything will be okay." Hades said to try to calm his wife's heart.


it's a lie if Hades is calm right now, he's not much different from his wife but doesn't want to tell anyone that he's really worried, if he panics too then it will make things worse. Kim Dokja is a child he really wants to protect with all his life, he never thought of this before when Kim Dokja started appearing in his life.


At first he only thought that Kim Dokja would bring danger to his family remembering that Kim Dokja had demon blood in his veins made him unable to like him, so he hated it so much to be around him, he always ignored him, never even wanted to hear his name when his wife kept telling him about Kim Dokja. Worse, he almost killed the kid with his hands first.


"I knew you would do this!" Persephone said with a disappointed face she protected little Kim Dokja with her protective magic as she stepped up to Hades who was carrying a sword in his hand. "What did you do to my son?!"


"Persephone, how many times have I told you, he is not our child." Hades said trying to resuscitate his wife who was blinded by a small child.


Hearing that word Persephone's face hardened, "Yes, he is not your son but mine!" She still insisted on saying it.


Hades let out a disappointed sigh, he couldn't argue with his wife and finally sheathed his sword back then glanced at little Kim Dokja who was fast asleep on his bed.


"I don't care if he has demon blood, now he is my son." Persephone said as she approached Kim Dokja to stroke his chubby cheeks. "He is everything to me, and you! don't dare to kill him or I will never forgive you!"


Those words made Hades take a step back, click his tongue and then turn to leave the two of them. His hatred grew with each time Kim Dokja grew, but he did nothing but ignore it like it didn't exist from the start, even though Kim Dokja had tried so many times to greet him. Until that time happened.


At that time Hades had just returned from the war of the waves of monsters that attacked, returning in a very bad state due to getting a curse from one of the dragons that lived in the Abyss Forest. The curse devoured his soul slowly and left black marks all over his body, no one dared to approach him, knowing that the curse would spread every time he touched someone he ended up choosing to isolate himself in his room and rely only on himself to treat the curse. And there Kim Dokja suddenly appeared beside his bed carrying a white fur doll.


"Are you hurt?" His soft voice echoed in the ears of Hades who was trying to stay focused on his recovery. 


"Why are you here?" Hades asked, he was lying on his bed in a sea of sweat, his breath racing with his heart throbbing in pain. "Guard—" His voice choked as he wanted to call the guard to get Kim Dokja out of his room.


"It's okay, everything will be fine." Kim Dokja said, his little legs trying hard to jump onto the bed which ended in vain. His face contorted in displeasure when his attempts were unsuccessful.


"Do not come close!" Hades warns of giving a remnant wave of his power which sends Kim Dokja far away.


But Kim Dokja got back up by hugging his doll tightly and took another step closer which ended up being thrown away again. It repeats over and over again until Hades's breath catches, he could no longer use the strength to keep Kim Dokja away from him. It's dangerous.


"Stay away!" Hades said loudly but didn't make Kim Dokja's steps tremble, he kept walking forward until he was in front of Hades who was sitting to move away from him. "Don't come any closer, Kim Dokja." Hades said as if pleading, he didn't want the child to be cursed at least the child was still alive to accompany his wife when he was gone.


But Kim Dokja gave a big sweet smile, "You finally called my name!" He sounded happy as he jumped up and down.


"Kim Dokja!!" The loud call came from Persephone who was at the door of the room, she immediately ran towards Kim Dokja to pull her away from Hades. "Why are you here? I told you not to come here." Persephone looked so panicked when she picked up Kim Dokja and turned him around to make sure he was okay.


"But dad looks in pain." Kim Dokja's face showed sadness like a sulking child.


Persephone then turned to her husband who looked so dying, tears could be seen in her eyes when their eyes met before Hades looked away. Persephone rubbed her eyes then smiled at her son "Your father is fine, he will be back healthy tomorrow so let's go out." She invited but Kim Dokja immediately struggled in her arms.


Kim Dokja shook his head, "NO!" He shouted making Persephone startled. "You liar! Father will die if left alone! I want to accompany him!" He said loudly and put on an angry face at his mother.


Persephone was confused, "Kim Dokja, Honey, you are a good boy right? So don't be angry, we will call the doctor so your father will be fine." Persephone tried to calm him down.


Kim Dokja was silent for a while, he then shook his head weakly and turned to his father, "I can cure father! I will become a doctor!" He said with overflowing ambition. "Mama, please! I know how to heal father."


Persephone frowned, "How did you do it? You don't know how to use magic."


Kim Dokja pouted, "I know! I did it to my maid!"


"But this is a different case dear."


Kim Dokja frowned in displeasure, he jumped from his mother's arms and immediately landed on his father's bed, Hades immediately moved away but Kim Dokja pulled his shirt and climbed on top of him.


"Dokja!" Persephone screamed, immediately she wanted to take Kim Dokja back but a dark light shielded Dokja from her. "Dokja! Kim Dokja!"


Hades also couldn't move when Kim Dokja's cold hands touched his cheeks, it was so comfortable for a while until he saw the black spots inside his body being sucked out, The curse was sucked by Kim Dokja's hands and instantly adorned his face and entire body. Hades widened his eyes in disbelief, his body wanted to push Kim Dokja away from him but he couldn't move at all.




Dokja's tiny lips started to spit out thick black blood, his eyes kept closed with a focus on sucking the curse from Hades' body onto his. Persephone didn't know what had happened because of the black mist that covered the entire mattress, even when she tried to damage it with her power, the black barrier it didn't go away.


Hades felt his body getting better and better and he could feel Kim Dokja's small hands shaking around his cheeks, he touched those hands when Kim Dokja slowly opened his eyes, Dokja then gave a smile to Hades who was still speechless.


"Finally, you held my hand..." His consciousness immediately disappeared and Kim Dokja fell on Hades' lap with horns sticking out of his forehead.


"Kim Dokja!" Persephone immediately came to the two of them with a panicked face she saw Kim Dokja fast asleep on Hades' lap who was still holding his son's hand. ".... What happened?" He whispered softly.


Hades looked at him then turned to see Kim Dokja's tiny face, "He saved me." Hades said as he stroked Dokja's bloodstained lips.


And from then on Hades gave all his attention to Kim Dokja, giving him whatever he wanted would even start a war if he asked for it.




Night falls, Kim Dokja can't do anything but sit there helplessly, he's sure his family will look for him but that doesn't mean he can just sit here. The night wind was so cold in that place, he could feel his body shivering, trying to warm himself by curling up but to no avail.


[Ki m Do kja] The only one who knows the situation is the fourth wall.


"Can you feel someone around here?" Kim Dokja asked.


[No, it see ms lik e th is pla ce is h ea vily gu ar ded, ma na flo ws are ever ywh ere] The fourth wall said.


"What about outside?"


[No thing]


"Do you think I can remove these handcuffs?" Kim Dokja asked.


[Ye s]


Kim Dokja thought for a moment, he tried to recall the strength he had, not much because his wind power wasn't that strong.


[Yo ur m ain pow er is n ot a w ind]


Kim Dokja frowned, he remembered very well that Kim Dokja's strength in the novel was the wind.



[K im Dok ja's m ain po wer is dar kne ss]


The words of the fourth wall made Kim Dokja realize, something why he is here, why he moved to this world, and why he is in this body.

"My power..."


Yes, maybe he was the side character he read about in the novel, but the side character also had their own way of life and their way of surviving. He has it, the power to change the story of his life. He can do this.


"Fourth wall, teach me how to master this power."


[Th at's wh at i wa iting fo r]

Chapter Text

Yoo Joonghyuk stepped down the hall with wide strides, he couldn't just stand still when chaos broke out in the academy, he wanted to go to the student council room.

Joonghyuk opened the door to the room, only to find Hyungjae and Alberu busy with their own business. Seeing his arrival made both of them stop.

"What are you looking for, Joonghyuk?" Hyungjae asked with a smile.

Joonghyuk frowned, still not used to that friendly smile. "Where's Nirvana?" He asked coldly.

Hyungjae shrugged his shoulders, he hadn't seen Nirvana since he entered the student council room. "We don't know where he went."

"But I heard he's trying to find Kim Dokja." Alberu answered while busy arranging the books on the shelves.

Kim Dokja?

Joonghyuk turned to look elsewhere but Hyungjae called him back. "Wait a minute Joonghyuk." He walked towards her with a letter in his hand. "This letter is for you from the palace." He said as he gave it to Joonghyuk.

Joonghyuk immediately left after receiving the letter closing the room door and walking away, he saw the white letter in his hand, thinking why the palace contacted him? He looked at the window with a strange feeling, his heart beating fast and strong for no reason.

After trying to calm his heart and mind, he opened the letter, reading it silently. He closed and reopened his eyes as if he couldn't believe the contents of the letter, his hand gripped the poor thin paper tightly. One hand reflexively rested on the hilt of his sword as lightning thundered outside the window.

'The king is dead'

Yoo Joonghyuk kneaded the paper until it was out of shape, threw it everywhere, and then walked away from the academy.


Kim Dokja had made up his mind, he nodded confidently as he said in thin air. "Teach me about that power." There was no doubt in his voice that he wasn't even afraid of what might happen to him in the future.

[Ri ght]

Wait, he winced as he remembered something. remembering that the fourth wall when speaking is very difficult to understand because of the stammering language.

[I ca n re ad y our m ind, id iot]

The fourth wall acted, to help Kim Dokja he made neat writing in the air so that Kim Dokja could read it like reading a book. Letter by letter formed to make a clear sentence, the writing light a little to explain the dark prison.

"So you can do this too?" Kim Dokja was amazed by his neat and pure writing.

The writing continued to move until it formed a long paragraph, Kim Dokja with incredible speed read it over and over again while understanding its contents.

The method is quite easy to read, Kim Dokja also doesn't need to do anything except sit in a place with high concentration, controlling his mana energy and turning it into dark energy. Kim Dokja smiled, he found no difficulty in doing that, he had seen this method before in his world, it was called meditation. Meditation tightly tied to the Egyptian and Chinese religions, Kim Dokja had tried it occasionally in his previous life, so it wouldn't be a problem for him.

"I'll start now." Kim Dokja gave the signal, even though his hands were tied up but he was still able to sit cross-legged.

The bright writing disappeared like ashes and flew like dust, Kim Dokja started to close his eyes, emptying his mind by controlling his breath and voice. It was very calm and comfortable, his breathing was well regulated and his mana energy erupted from his body like it was playing around him.

Sweat started to trickle down his cheeks, Kim Dokja gritted his teeth trying his best to stay focused when the mana he expended was out of control.

Every time Kim Dokja wanted to turn his mana energy into darkness his heart skipped a beat as if he had been waiting for this to come. The flow of his nearly transformed mana ran through his veins and was pumped by his heart, wrapped around his heart shut, and Kim Dokja could feel his back and forehead throbbing like when he turned into a demon before.


That night the academy was tightening the guard, the students were already in their respective dormitories, with the maids guarding. The kidnapping of students is still not clear who the perpetrator is, making all students stay awake even though they are asleep.

Han Sooyoung under the blanket grumbled that she was having trouble sleeping and could only lie down and stare at the ceiling. Yoo Sangah as her roommate also couldn't sleep because of the sound of footsteps outside the room which made her a little scared.

"How can I fall asleep in this state." Han Sooyoung shook off the blanket, sat on the bed while ruffling her short hair. "I want to leave!" She said to make Yoo Sangah stand up too.

"Wait, aren't we not allowed to go out at this hour?" Yoo Sangah reminded, it was already past 10 pm and the students should have fallen asleep by this time.

Han Sooyoung rolled her eyes, "I don't care, it's not like they would do anything to me."

"It's true, but—"

The sound of a knock on the door made Yoo Sangah speechless, the two immediately looked at the bedroom door in silence. Han Sooyoung stepped closer with her eyes peeking under the door, the shadow of a person standing in front of the door was visible.

"Can I come in now?" The low voice that sounded whispering made Han Sooyoung flinch. "It's Heewon!" When the name came out Han Sooyoung immediately moved to open the door.

Just as the door was opened, Jung Heewon pushed Han Sooyoung inside and closed the door again. Han Sooyoung remained alert and saw the sword on Heewon's waist, she was also thinking why Heewon was here.

"What happened?" Yoo Sangah asked.

Jung Heewon turned around with a frightened face she locked the door then sighed with her body slumped on the floor, she looked very tired with her irregular breathing. "I—I..."

Seeing how Jung Heewon was out of breath Yoo Sangah immediately brought her a glass of water, when she took a closer look Jung Heewon had blood on her face. "Heewon-ssi, are you hurt?" She asked.

Han Sooyoung frowned, hearing the blood she squatted while pulling Yoo Sangah behind her. Blood was indeed visible on Heewon's face and also her pajama shirt, Han Sooyoung looked at Heewon's trembling eyes as well as her hands that couldn't hold the glass properly. It was strange, considering that their room was far from Heewon's on the left and their room was on the right.

"Heewon tell me, what happened." Han Sooyoung asked, quietly trying not to scare the woman.

"I-I don't know what creature it is." Jung Heewon silently gulped down the water in one gulp and sighed, she looked calmer than before. "You won't believe what I see."

Just as Han Sooyoung wanted to inquire further, a scream rang out in the hallway, startling the three of them.

"W-what is that? What happened?" Sangah stepped back from the door.

"Shit, they're here." Heewon grumbled, she stood up from her spot. "I still don't know for sure what those creatures are, but they don't die at all even when we stab their chests, they're neither demons nor humans." Heewon briefly explained.

"They are like the Undead, And I'd rather run if I meet them."

"Why is such a creature here?" Han Sooyoung asked, Jung Heewon could only shake her head not knowing.

"When I came out, the maids were nowhere to be seen, I thought we should get out of here." Heewon said as she drew her sword. "Are you guys coming?" She turned to ask a little worried if the two of them would freak out at the sight of the strange creature.

Han Sooyoung took her sword, and Yoo Sangah followed her taking a dagger from her desk drawer. "Of course." Han Sooyoung replied with a smirk.

This was her chance to find Kim Dokja outside the Academy.

"I'll come too." Yoo Sangah said, she tightly gripped the dagger in her hand giving a nod that she was ready to come out.

Jung Heewon smiled, "Now that I have friends, I won't be afraid anymore."

At the third second, Jung Heewon opened the door and the three came out leading to the screams of the students to save them.


It was a long process, the fourth wall could only monitor while guarding Kim Dokja's body, because if someone nudged him, Kim Dokja would die, that was why the fourth wall wanted Kim Dokja to do it when no one was around.

When he was sure that the mana he changed was under control Kim Dokja slowly opened his eyes, heaved a sigh of relief as he tightened his hands.

Kim Dokja smiled, "I made it."

A sigh of relief sounded, Kim Dokja could tell it was the fourth wall, he had worked hard to maintain his body as long as he focused on changing his mana energy.

[Tr y to rem ove th e han dcuf fs]

Kim Dokja released his dark energy which made the handcuffs melt at that. The magic light that adorned the handcuffs slowly dimmed and fell to the floor helplessly.

"Fourth wall, was Jang Hayoung really after me?" Kim Dokja asked after he was free from the handcuffs massaging his bruised wrist and healing it in an instant.

[I do n't kn ow] the fourth wall weakly replied.

"There's something ahead." Kim Dokja spoke warily, he stepped forward right in front of the iron bars.

A growl and rumble sounded in the dark place where Kim Dokja looked, it sounded familiar to him, a voice that you usually hear in movies, Kim Dokja sure has heard it in his world.

"This can't be right." He monologued, with an incredulous chuckle. "I don't remember this novel being of this genre, why are they here?"

Kim Dokja melted the iron bars in his hands and walked out of the prison with light steps, his gaze still looking forward to see what was in front of him.

[I do n't fe el the pre sen ce of a cre atu re up ah ead] The fourth wall told him, so sure of what he said.

Kim Dokja smiled, "The one you detected wasn't a living thing." He said to silence the fourth wall.

[D oes th at me an—]

Kim Dokja stepped forward without fear, he had power in this world so he had nothing to fear here. Something he already knew in his former world, made it easier for him to find the weakness of a creature like this.

Kim Dokja was standing in front of the iron gate that blocked him from the scary creature, Kim Dokja couldn't stop thinking how could zombies be here?

[zo mbie s?]

"Yes, it's zombies, humans who actually died but revived mindlessly, they eat humans." Kim Dokja explained as he raised his hand.

Drops of black like water floated around Kim Dokja, forming sharp needles awaiting Kim Dokja's command. Kim Dokja's forefinger moved toward the zombies' heads, making the needles move as fast as lightning into their brains.

[Th ey di dn't di e?]

Kim Dokja smiled, looking down at his palms. "I'm holding their brains right now." He says. "I see, I understand now why so many people disappeared." Kim Dokja walked up to one of the zombies, it was a person he recognized, it was Marques James' wife.

The zombies that had been growling after being hit by their needles were frozen on the spot not even moving except for their eyes which followed Kim Dokja's footsteps. "This is tragic."

Kim Dokja put on a sad face when he saw the marquess lady who had just celebrated her wedding with James and the couple ended up very painfully. "I hope you meet your husband in heaven."

Kim Dokja's closed palms made the zombies explode their heads like time bombs. Kim Dokja shifted the gate and walked out of the place while stepping over the corpses beneath him.

"Ah, I lost my sword." He said after getting out of prison.

The fourth wall in all its might takes a sword out of thin air, it's not Dokja's sword but it wouldn't hurt to have this in his hands. "I'll borrow this." Kim Dokja grabbed the sword and placed it on his waist.


Kim Dokja gasped with that loud sound, he looked up to notice a strange monster in front of him, its body was twice as big as his body was brown with light hair. It looks like a boar with a human face.

Kim Dokja was sweating, not because he was scared but something strange was happening inside his body.

It's hot, I feel hot all over...

[Ki m Do kja...]

The monster moved to raise its big hand in the air, the roar of its scream didn't even bother Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja smiled, he didn't know his black eyes turned fiery red.

But I also...

The monster launched its hand towards Dokja's head intending to hit him from above with full force. But his hand disappeared in a split second leaving blood flowing out.

"Hwaah?" The monster was shocked, not understanding what had just happened, its hands disappeared as if it had been devoured and its blood gushed over Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja smirked at him, his narrowed eyes and strands of black hair wet with blood he raised his hand right in front of the monster's face. The black waves that shot out of thin air engulfed the top of the monster until it half fell on the ground helplessly.

.. Feel so good.

[K im Do kja...]


"Your Grace, I advise you to quickly get out of here." A knight belonging to Hades opened the door of the room where Hades and Persephone were.

Hades was standing in front of the window, he had known from the start that there was something strange in this academy. He turned to his wife who was sitting in her chair.

Hades turned to face his knight who looked very tired, "Tell me what's going on out there, what creatures are currently roaming around?" He asked making the knight kneel while explaining.

"Your Grace, they appear in every corner of this academy, they can't be killed no matter how many times you try to slash or stab them, creatures like that are surrounding us, and we are doing everything we can to try to find a way for you to get out— ugh." The knight's explanation came to a halt as he coughed and spit out mucus from his mouth. "Y-your Grace..."

Persephone stood up and went straight to Hades when she sensed something was wrong with her knight. Hades stretched out his arms to protect Persephone.

The knight's behavior was very strange and strange, his eyes turned white with time, his mouth gaped as if he was starving and his hands were scratching the floor, causes an unpleasant sound.

"GGGRRRRAH." The knight immediately lunged at Hades right his eyes on Hades.

Hades waved his hand creating a surge of energy that sent the knight flying out of the room and crashing into the hallway wall. Hades grabbed his sword and threw it at the knight until it hit the wall, so he couldn't go anywhere.

"What's that?" Persephone asked with a confused face.

Hades turned to hug his wife, he stroked her head to calm her down as he said. "I think it's some kind of virus, now we have to get out of here." He grabbed the back of his wife's knee and carried her.


"Don't move, I'll take you away from here." Hades said while breaking the window of the room with his foot then flew out.

Persephone could hear noises below her, she peered down to see chaos, screams, and swords sounding throughout the academy. It was the horrific sight she had ever seen.


Chapter Text

Jung Heewon looked at all the lifeless corpses with a concerned face, all the corpses could not be recognized by her. She turned to look at Yoo Sangah and Han Sooyoung who were blocking the way, the monsters are still moving even their bodies are torn apart, they have done various ways.

The three of them were trapped at the end of the dormitory, deadlocked after trying to save one of the students but it was too late and they were trapped with dozens of monsters ahead.

"Is there a way to kill them?" Yoo Sangah asked worriedly, it's true that tying up the monsters wouldn't last long.

"Wait, let me think first." Han Sooyoung pinched her chin thoughtfully as she paced back and forth. 

Her eyes remained fixed on the bodies of the monsters lying on the ground, their bodies were torn apart but still able to move. There are two parts where we can move, one is the heart which pumps blood and the other is the brain or something like a crystal that might be inside the monster's body.

"Sooyoung, they're getting closer." Jung Heewon called out as if to remind her of reality.

Han Sooyoung turned to Jung Heewon, "Heewon, have you hit their head yet?" She asked with a serious face slightly curious.

Jung Heewon's eyes widened, she didn't think about it before so she shook her head in response. "This time try to hit their heads." Han Sooyoung said.

"Okay!" Jung Heewon got the strength that Han Sooyoung's words must be true, she bravely ran forward carrying her sword focusing all her mana energy into her sword. Her eyes filled with confidence aimed at the head of the monster she saw.

She skillfully moved quickly, passing one monster after another with a strong and sharp slash towards the monster's head, roars sounded as the monsters looked frightened, Heewon didn't have time to catch up with them when Han Sooyoung tapped him on the shoulder. "It's enough." She said while looking at the monsters lying on the floor.

"They're not moving." Yoo Sangah said in a relieved tone she let out a soft sigh. "We have to go out now and look for the knights."

Han Sooyoung nodded and immediately ran to show the direction while Heewon and Sangah followed behind.


The academy was indeed in the center of the city of Speeis close to the capital Kaizenix. And Yoo Joonghyuk could see the chaos from a distant cliff, his eyes narrowed with a frown on his forehead, that huge spreading fire and black smoke was in the midst of the chaos of the city of Speeis.

His hands tightened on the horse's leash, in confusion whether he should return or go to the palace now.

"Kim Dokja." He didn't know why the name came out of his mouth before he closed his lips tightly then turned his face away. Even though it was a little, Joonghyuk could feel his heart shaking a little but preferred to ignore it.

But considering that there were protectors and many knights, Yoo Joonghyuk preferred to turn to the palace and go home to see how things were going.

Just at that moment, the drizzling rain again drenched the plains, making the horse's run unbalanced because of the slippery ground. Yoo Joonghyuk didn't stop even though the rain had to wet his whole clothes and body.

"Mia." Now that he just remembered his sister, he hoped nothing bad happened to him while he was at the academy.

It took a few minutes before he finally arrived at the capital Kaizenix, stared at the gates that opened without any guards, and then entered the city at high speed towards the palace.

Yoo Joonghyuk arrived at the palace, all the Kaizenix knights gathered in the field with sad looks on their faces, seeing the presence of a prince made them stand up straight quickly.

"Where is His Majesty the King?" Yoo Joonghyuk immediately asked before Yoo Mia ran towards him with her face red from crying.

"Big brother!" Joonghyuk immediately lifted her into his arms, letting Mia's tears hit his robe.

"Her Majesty the Queen would like to see you, your Grace."

Joonghyuk didn't know what was going on but he didn't like what was going to happen in the future. He nodded letting the knight lead the way to meet the queen aka his mother.

Footsteps were heard in the quiet hallway, Joonghyuk was still holding Mia who was sobbing while patting her shoulder to calm her down. The atmosphere in the palace was so strange when Yoo Joonghyuk saw several church people walking past him, then he finally arrived at the throne room.

Yoo Joonghyuk stood there in front of the door that towered several meters above his head, lowering Yoo Mia who was immediately brought by the maid.

"Your Majesty, the crown prince of Kaizenix has arrived." The knight announced Yoo Joonghyuk's presence loudly, there was a slight pause before hearing the queen's voice "Come in."

The knight opened the door slowly letting Yoo Joonghyuk inside. "How are you, my son?" The queen asked, she sat on the throne with a bright crown on her head.

“Mother…” Yoo Joonghyuk looked around without moving his head, the atmosphere was heavy especially the higher-ups from the church were there too. "Is the letter you sent true?" He asked with a serious face.

The Queen took a soft breath and replied, "Yes."

Seeing how the Queen did not explain further Joonghyuk preferred to remain silent and asked another question again. "Then-"

"And I will take over his throne and rule this palace." The Queen said cutting Joonghyuk's words.

Wrinkles can be seen on Joonghyuk's forehead, there is no way that Joonghyuk should have taken the throne because he is the crown prince.


"My apologies for interrupting your highness, but a throne cannot be given to the crown prince now." Joonghyuk turned to a stranger in a pure white robe who smiled at him.

"Who are you?" Joonghyuk's deep voice echoed in the room making everyone present there silent.

But the voice that sounded threatening did not make the person flinch at all, instead, he smiled while giving a small bow, "I'm sorry for not introducing myself, My name is Cho Youngran head of civil service, It's an honor to have met you, Your Majesty."

Yoo Joonghyuk frowned, never felt like he had seen this person before, he felt that this person was hiding his identity. "Then why can't I take the power that should be mine?" He asked.

"To give an explanation, since we got this in the King's study, I hope you understand what the former King meant." Cho Youngran stepped closer while carrying a neat piece of paper in his hand and handed it to Joonghyuk.

Joonghyuk opened the paper and saw the previous King's writing, which contained about where the King wanted to give his power to the Queen, still can't fully trust Joonghyuk as king because he still has to continue his education at Speeis Academy.

"Nonsense." Yoo Joonghyuk said, he may indeed be 18 at this time, but he has been trained since childhood to become a king then why is he not qualified?

"This is a will from the former king." Cho Youngran said as if she wanted to make Yoo Joonghyuk do what she said.

"Mother..." Joonghyuk turned to his mother who just watched silently. "You told me you don't want the power to rule the city." He said again trying to recall what his mother said when he was little.

"Dad's always busy." Little Yoo Joonghyuk pursed his lips when he wanted to play with the king but the king was always busy.

"Fufu Isn't there me playing with you now?" The Queen knelt to smooth Joonghyuk's messy hair using her hands.

"Mom's no fun! I can't play swords with you." Joonghyuk turned his face away while folding his arms in front of his chest. "Why is dad always busy?" He grumbled softly.

"Because your father is a King who not only takes care of the family but also keeps the country safe and under control." The queen replied while lifting Joonghyuk into her arms.

"Then mother?"


Joonghyuk nodded curiously, "I've never seen mom as busy as dad."

The Queen smiled, "It's because I don't like troublesome things, let your father take over my work."

"So dad is very busy because mom gave him a double job?"

The queen chuckled at her son's words, then rubbed his head, "Don't tell anyone about this, or I can't play with you anymore." She whispered playfully.

"I will take over the throne and you shouldn't have to think about country matters at your young age." The Queen said, on the throne with a sharp face while tapping the scepter that the king used to carry.

"Mother I'm old enough to do that."

"It's for your own good too, you still can't fully protect this kingdom with such a small force." The queen cut Joonghyuk's words again making the child froze.

Joonghyuk lowered his head to make a shadow cover his entire face he tightened his grip not accepting this, he didn't know what happened but he knew something must have happened while he was at the Academy.

He couldn't, he didn't have any support if he wanted to fight especially since his mother's strength was still above him, he gritted his teeth then knelt before the queen. "Long live the Queen of Kaizenix."

Joonghyuk bit the inside of his lower lip, couldn't believe what had just happened to him today, his heart ached like it was tight to accept the fact that he had just been betrayed. "May God bless this land and your majesty."

There was no longer any reason for him to stay there, he turned around after bowing to leave the throne room hoping the queen would call him for changing her mind, but it didn't come until the door was tightly closed. 

"It's a waste." Joonghyuk muttered to himself covering his face with one of his hands.

"Big Brother...!" Yoo Mia came back to him with a cleaner face and neat clothes. "Is everything all right?" She asked so worriedly after seeing her brother's face which looked different.

"Mia, may I ask a question?" Joonghyuk bent down and lifted his sister into a hug. Hearing Joonghyuk's request, Mia just nodded in response. "While I was at the academy did something happen in the palace?" Joonghyuk asked softly near his sister's ear.

Mia was silent for a moment, her brow furrowed as she thought about remembering. "Just as you were gone, several people in white robes came, they came from the Church of salvation and said they wanted to give God's blessing on our land," Mia explained at length until she ran out of breath.

Mia was silent for a moment as they passed people from the church, then continued after no one was around them. "I also saw a woman yesterday, she is so amazing, they all call her a Saintess, she can see the future."

"I heard that the Saintess said this world would be destroyed in a moment." Yoo Mia continued in a low voice as if frightened.

"Who?" Joonghyuk asked curiously.

"By the Demon, that's what I heard from the Saintess."

Joonghyuk was silent, he had never heard of a Saintess in any church, and hearing that from his sister was definitely true because he trusted Mia. His steps came to a halt when he saw a woman with several people gracefully walking over.

The woman in the lead had a beautiful face with long straight hair, she stopped right in front of Yoo Joonghyuk, her eyes were covered by cloth and the veil covered most of her hair.

She smiled, "This is our first meeting, nice to meet you Your Highness the Crown Prince." She greeted gently while the people behind her bowed slightly in respect.

The wrinkles on Joonghyuk's forehead showed, somehow he didn't like the presence of people in front of him, he finally opened his mouth, "Who are you?"

The woman smiled as she replied, "I am a Saintess."


Jang Ha Young returned with her troops, so excited to see people scared and screaming for help, it was a pleasant sight.

"You all can go crazy, eat whoever you see." Jang Hayoung said to the army of monsters she called zombies or whatever her master gave them. "Eat until you are full."

All of the monsters were moving so wildly as if they were about to explode, their half-rotten legs moving so fast after the townspeople, and attacking indiscriminately.

"Now I have to do that." Jang Hayoung walked calmly amidst the commotion, walking towards the academy at a slow pace. 

But something made her stop in her tracks, cold sweat instantly appeared on her temples, her back had a strange chill.

"Damn, he's out already?" She subconsciously smiled as she turned around, her laugh was so awkward. "He's crazy." She muttered as black smoke that was so dark exploded in the sky.

Jang Hayoung came back to her senses before she came she had to do that, shut down this city. She ran towards the academy where it was the perfect center for activating spells.

"A..haha.. hahahah." Jang Ha Young didn't know her heart was currently so happy to make her laugh while running in a hurry.

Feelings of dread and goosebumps all over her body, her legs shaking every time she moved forward as if she was not allowed to take a step, Jang Hayoung kept running towards the academy then turned around again.

She didn't feel the feeling before, she no longer got goosebumps and her smile slowly disappeared, her eyes moving to search for her whereabouts.

"Where's he?"

It wasn't until she muttered that she noticed someone's presence behind her, that she couldn't notice their presence. No, it's more like he was completely undetectable, even though Jang Hayoung had sharp senses and the aid of detection magic.

He's fast.

"Looking for me?" 

Jang Hayoung didn't turn her head, she froze in place as he spoke right beside her, Jang Hayoung could only see a shadow on the ground standing behind her feet.

Her breath hitched as she tried to make a sound, all the words she wanted to get out got stuck in her throat, she only let out a small. "...Kim Dokja."

He smiled.

Chapter Text

"Looking for me?" 


At that time, no one knew what had happened, Jang Ha Young swore she had felt that time seemed to have stopped when the voice came from behind her.


Jang Hayoung turned around with swinging arms to attack Dokja with magic, but the one she was looking for disappeared from her sight. Jang Hayoung became restless, her breath rushing her heart pounding with familiar fear.


That exact fear of the moment.


It hurts... everything is covered in blood, fire is everywhere... it's tight, it's so tight... she was shaking, wrapping arms around oneself, she's scared.


She didn't like this feeling, a past feeling she didn't want to remember, with anger she covered her fear. Jang Hayoung came back to her senses, looked at Kim Dokja with determination, the aura she gave off was no less terrifying than Dokja's, she would not lose.


Han Sooyoung just came out of the dorm and saw a lot of other chaos outside the dorm, no one knew who did this and what creature attacked them.


[Save him]


Han Sooyoung frowned, her head throbbed painfully, her bowed head made both Jung Heewon and Yoo Sangah shocked.


"Sooyoung?! Are you okay?" Jung Heewon frantically peeked into Sooyoung's face, sweat dripping down her face.


Yoo Sangah took the initiative to find someone, whoever it was to help them but with the chaos that was happening in their midst, no one could help.


[Save him!]


The words that Sooyoung couldn't understand appeared again in her head, the foreign language kept echoing in her head over and over again.


"You guys! Come here!" It was Lee Seolhwa, she and several other students tried to call the three people to a safer place.


Remembering that Lee Seolhwa was one of the students who had strong healing powers, Yoo Sangah immediately pulled Han Sooyoung towards her. “Seolhwa, can you check on her?”


"We have to get to a safe place first." Lee Seolhwa helped Heewon carry Han Sooyoung's limp body to the place where everyone gathered.


All the students who survived were in the great hall, they looked disheveled and the teachers tried to calm their panic.


"What creature is that?"


"Mom, I'm scared."


"I want to go home."


"Is this something like a test?"


"That's monster is a disaster!"


None of them knew what was going on, not even the teacher looked very confused. Right now it was the safety of all the students as well as everyone else.


Han Sooyoung was immediately laid down by Heewon but instead, Sooyoung chose to stand up from his place, still holding her aching head she still didn't understand what was going on but the darkroom was brightened by strange writing coming out of her head, The writing shot out like an explosion and emitted a yellowish glow that made all pupils freeze.


"Han Sooyoung!"


No one knows who called that name, all Sooyoung is thinking now is to save him, but... Who?


[Save him]


Not only Han Sooyoung but the entire hall could see the writing flowing through the air like a river. The strange writing they had never seen before, shaped like a symbol. [그를 구해줘]


Just then, a huge explosion occurred not far from the hall, shaking the ground and shattering the glass into smithereens.


"Yoojin! Are you okay?" Hyunjae who saw Yoojin close in the window immediately hugged his fiancé.


"I'm fine, more importantly, what was that? What's going on outside?" Yoojin held his head to check for any wounds on his body and found none.


"That's Kim Dokja." Cale replied, his shoulders shaking with wide eyes, “No, it wasn't him.”


Yoojin frowned uncomprehendingly, "Kim Dokja?" He immediately turned to stare at the door of the hall, it was out of his reach, and he could feel a terrifying aura.


"What happened to him?" Youngjae asked Cale, not letting go of Yoojin from his embrace.


Before long a black-robed man came jumping over the window then whispered to Cale, he looked like a knight working in the shadows. "Young master, we should get out of here as soon as possible, this place becomes more dangerous."


"Choi Han, Can you evacuate the rest of the citizens so that all of us survivors can get out of this area?" Cale asked the black-robed man.


The man named Choi Han nodded his head, he stood up from his spot and exited through the broken window.


Alberu a student council member immediately stood up from his place, he walked towards one of the teachers and found Surya who was trying to protect the students from the explosion earlier.


"We have to get all the disciples out of here, sir."


Surya had thought about it from the start, he had to immediately save the other students from an unknown monster, but he didn't have the time to do it. "We'll wait a bit, I still don't get the timing right."


Kyrgios clicked his tongue, he stood towards the center, drawing attention towards him, he announced in a loud voice. "You have 2 choices, choose to help attack or escape from here." He continued in a small voice, "That is if you can escape safely." He smirked at his whisper.


“You are students of this academy, you took the difficult test to get here, then what are you doing here? Waiting for the storm to stop? This disaster will not stop if you don't act, there are still people out there who need your protection." Kyrgios made quite a long speech, which strangely left everyone speechless at that, "Don't make this academy's reputation bad."


"Do you understand what I'm saying?" Kyrgios raised his chin giving a glare to the rest of the students. "Get your ass out of here and protect the citizens of Speeis town!" He said so loudly that it echoed throughout the hall.


Namgung Minyoung raised her hand, "You have to make a team, and it must be led by one of the teachers or other student council members." She said making Kyrgios nod at her sentence.


It took a long time for all of them to make a team, and even then only some of the academy students chose to join, some did not dare and chose to stay in the academy. They all get ready with their teams, give directions as to where they need to go, and stay up to date if something goes wrong.


And so all the teams including the teachers went to their destination to help the survivors. As soon as they came out, the whole city was in such disarray as the sound of shouts and roars sounded everywhere making the students' nerves almost disappear.


"Don't be afraid, we already know how to kill them, attack their heads," Kyrgios said making the students nod at his words.


All the disciples had already departed with their leader scattered throughout the city of Speeis, and Kyrgios looked at his team carefully before saying, "we're leaving."


"Wait a minute teacher." Yoo Sangah called out, her face was so confused and made all the students curious. "I can't see Han Sooyoung." She said carefully


Kyrgios narrowed his eyes, he didn't see Han Sooyoung in his team from the start, "Maybe she's following another team." He answered.


Yoo Sangah lowered her hands nervously, she could only pray that Han Sooyoung was with Jung Heewon or that she would be fine.




Jang Hayoung gave off an energy aura no less powerful than Dokja's, she wouldn't hold back if it had to go against Dokja. The ground she was standing on cracked as the energy aura surrounded her surroundings, Jang Hayoung raised her hand as well as the large rocks that were raised by it.


The boulder shot towards Kim Dokja when Jang Hayoung pointed at him, a huge explosion occurred when the boulder hit the object. But that of course will not work in front of Kim Dokja at this time.


The big explosion caused part of Kim Dokja's surroundings to be covered by smoldering fire, The black mist from the explosion was so thick it blocked Dokja's view.


Jang Hayoung lowered her shoulders intending to attack at close range while the black fog was still thick, she moved swiftly towards Kim Dokja like a bullet with two daggers in her hands.


Just before Jang Hayoung reached out, Kim Dokja used his wind power to dispel the fog with just a flick of a hand, the strong wind instantly throwing Jang Hayoung back. Kim Dokja used the opportunity to dash towards Jang Hayoung sending a powerful punch to the stomach which sent Hayoung's small body flying into the air.


This is wrong...


Jang Hayoung clenched her teeth with a feeling of anger that overcame her, she let Kim Dokja fly towards her and hit back at Dokja's face until he fell back to the ground. Not only that, Jang Hayoung immediately slid towards Kim Dokja to add an attack to his stomach but when she almost touched him, Dokja instantly disappeared from her sight, making Jang Hayoung hit the bare ground with a powerful explosion.


"Where..?!" Jang Hayoung turned to look for Kim Dokja but couldn't find him around.


Where's he?! Hayoung thought, not being able to find her enemy made her feel even more panicked.


"Above you." A hand lightly touched Hayoung's head and within seconds Kim Dokja slammed the head onto the ground.


"Uurk..!" The hand was still holding Jang Hayoung's head making her unable to move away.


A smile appeared on Kim Dokja's face, he brought his face closer to Hayoung's, "I see, do you hate me that much?" The question made Hayoung choke, Kim Dokja's locked eyes staring at her made her shoulders shake.


Those are not human eyes... It looks more like a predator...


The fear that Jang Ha Young felt made her helpless, she subconsciously let out her tears mixed with her blood. This wasn't the Kim Dokja she knew.


When she felt defeated, her heartbeat so hard that her eyes widened, her mouth opened to let out a scream of pain and that scream was enough to throw Kim Dokja off Hayoung. The scream was so loud that Kim Dokja had to cover his ears, the most painful scream Dokja had ever heard, something surrounded Jang Hayoung, it gave off an unpleasant aura.


"What happened? You are an ordinary human, why have demonic powers?" Kim Dokja's sharp eyes narrowed, His irises lit up while trying to confirm the aura that Jang Ha Young gave off.


Jung Hayoung gave off an aura of energy that was different from before, that immense power made Kim Dokja flinch, that should be something that humans shouldn't have.


Hayoung's irises turned white, her tears dried up and turned into flowing blood, her mouth opened without making a sound. Kim Dokja raised his hand to quickly kill her before anything dangerous happened, he had already cast a spell.




The shout made Kim Dokja divert his attention, and turned to the direction where the voice came from but quickly a hand slapped his face. After a sudden slap, a light like lightning stabbed into Kim Dokja's head making his body freeze.


Han Sooyoung was surprised, she didn't mean to knock Kim Dokja unconscious after the slap, and surprisingly her head no longer hurt like before.


"Kim Dokja...?" Han Sooyoung shook Kim Dokja's hand but the owner didn't move a bit until Sooyoung saw Hayoung who was standing not far from her.


She didn't know what happened but she had to try to take Kim Dokja away from that place, with a small body she pulled Dokja's waist as well as his hands, the attempt made her forget that she could use magic to take Kim Dokja away.


"You owe me." Han Sooyoung whispered.


While Han Sooyoung was using her magic, a hand touched her shoulder which immediately sent chills down her spine. She slowly turned her head, Jang Ha Young was behind her giving a wide gaze with a close face.


"Do not disturb." After Hayoung said that in a deep voice Han Sooyoung couldn't remember anymore unless she was suddenly thrown against the fence wall.


"Kim Dokja..." Something strange made her eyes heavy and sleepy as if telling her to fall asleep.


[Do no t co me clos e] A voice that sounded broken shattered sounded out from Kim Dokja's direction.


"Do not bother me." Jang Ha Young said answering the voice with one hand touching Kim Dokja's shoulder and the other clenched into a fist preparing to launch an attack.


Just as Jang Hayoung was about to swing her hand, magic hit her made her turn her head immediately, the attack didn't even leave a scar on Hayoung's body.


Han Sooyoung with all her might tried to keep herself awake by giving a punch to her cheek. She was the one who attacked with her fire magic, her legs weren't even strong enough to stand on.


"Don't you dare hit him, because only I can do it."