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"We've been lost for days, Zim! Do you even know where we're going?"

"Silence! The almighty Zim knows exactly where we are!" He waved his tracker in the air, then looked at the screen. He pointed over Dib's shoulder. "We must go that way!"

"But we just came from that way."

Zim rolled his eyes. "The Yertog ship has obviously moved, Dib."

"After crashing?"

"You clearly know nothing of Yertog technology."

Dib grumbled, but followed along. While Zim marched ahead, face glued to the tracker screen, Dib rummaged around in his backpack and pulled out a packet of Fun Dip, his second to last one. His stomach growled in anticipation.

At the sound of crinkling paper, Zim whipped his head around. His eyes honed in on the packet in Dib's hands. "What is that? Is that an Irken Lick Stick? Where did you get that?" he demanded, snatching the packet from out of his fingers.

"Hey, that's mine! Give it back! You can't even eat it; it's Earth food!"

But he paid no heed to Dib's protests. He ripped the packet open and poured it into his mouth. The moment the sugar touched his tongue, he gagged. "This is disgusting! What is this? Are you trying to poison Zim?"

"You took it from me!"

Zim examined the packaging with squinted eyes and read the ingredients. "Dextrose! Zim cannot eat your dumb human carbohydrates."

"I told you you can't eat it."