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To Swallow Your Pride

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“You got it man, hold it down,” Gojo says, hand clamped over Geto’s mouth as his friend struggles to swallow. “Force it down, you’re okay.”


Geto squeezes his eyes shut and gulps hard, his face pale and sweat breaking on his forehead. Gojo keeps his hand in place, making sure his stomach doesn’t lurch again before he lets go, passing him a water bottle to gulp from.


Geto snatches the bottle and gulps greedily, one hand clutching Gojo’s knee like a lifeline as he drinks. He downs most of the bottle before dropping it and heaving out a long breath of relief, shoulders slumping.


“You did it, it’s over,” Gojo says, rubbing his back a few times. Lately it seems Geto’s cursed technique is taking a bigger toll on him. He struggles more to keep the curses down and if he pukes, it’s all the worse because he has to try again. The bags under his eyes look heavy as he catches his breath and Gojo doesn’t quite know how to identify this twinge in his chest he feels seeing him in pain. 


“I’m good,” Geto breathes, his head lolling onto Gojo’s shoulder. “Shit’s disgusting.”


“Yeah that was pretty gross.”


“Shut up.” Geto chuckles a bit, hand still on Gojo’s knee, his breath coming in soft little puffs against his neck. 


Gojo tries to put his own discomfort aside while his friend recovers. If they stand up too quick, the nausea might return, but he needs to get a handle on himself too. His infinity has been activated for far too long this mission, but especially with Geto a little weak beside him, he won’t dare let it rest. He has a migraine so head splitting, it’s making his regular vision blur, but they’ll be safe back on campus soon enough. The driver is on his way and if he still feels like shit, Shoko can perk him up with something. 


For now, he shuts his eyes against the sun and lets one hand absentmindedly stroke through Geto’s hair a bit, knowing the simple touch will help ground him. 


The mission had been a doozy. It wasn’t particularly difficult, just long — excruciatingly so. They’re both ready to knock out for the rest of the day. 


A sleek black sedan pulls up to the curb and Gojo wills himself to stand up first, pushing his sunglasses up his nose before reaching his hand down and tugging Geto up with him. 


They climb wordlessly into the back of the car and Gojo sighs in relief. His technique is still active and he’ll keep it that way until they’re back to Jujutsu Tech, but the car is dimmer with its tinted windows and lack of a sun roof. It’s better. 


“Oi,” Geto frowns and pokes Gojo in the center of his forehead. “You look like shit, why didn’t you say something?”


“It’s just a headache,” Gojo shrugs, but he knows he’s sweating from the discomfort and his eyes are closed behind his glasses.


“You’re an idiot,” Geto says before reaching forward to tap the driver on the shoulder. “Hey man, can I borrow your tie?”


“Um… sure?” The driver answers and removes the black neck tie at the next red light, passing it back into Geto’s hand.


“Come here,” Geto huffs, plucking the glasses from Gojo’s eyes and putting them on top of his head for safekeeping while he quickly blindfolds him with the neck tie.


“This is a little kinky for being out in public, isn’t it?”


“Shut up.” Geto wraps the silk around his eyes twice then ties it snugly behind his head. “We should be fine now if you want to release the technique.”


Gojo shakes his head. 


“Well it’s gonna deactivate anyways if you faint.” Geto rolls his eyes and pats his lap. “Lie down. Keep those eyes closed until we’re home.”


Gojo doesn’t have to be told twice, releasing his seatbelt and lying down in the backseat with his head in Geto’s lap. Already, he feels a little relief. 


His heart pounds in his temples, but the car is quiet and Geto’s hand strokes his hair just like Gojo does for him when he’s nauseous. It’s an unspoken exchange between them — this comfort they provide one another. They don’t speak out loud about what it means or what they are. They just… do what they do. The only ones who really see them in these moments are Shoko and the occasional Jujutsu staff member like the driver, someone who won’t say anything because it’s none of his business. Besides, unless they’re caught at night, it shouldn’t be an issue (and even then it’s not like the school could really punish them just for fucking). 


Being sorcerers of their power level is hard. Dating isn’t really an option and being teenage boys, the easiest thing is for them to turn to each other for comfort and relief. They understand each other. There’s no explanation necessary.


The drive is long, but Gojo doesn’t mind, letting himself relax as much as his body will allow while Geto gently strokes his scalp and the white noise of light traffic occupies his ears. 


When they reach campus, he trades the neck tie for his sunglasses again and steps out of the car, walking with Geto into the courtyard where he knows the veil has their back before he releases his technique.


“Whoa there,” Geto chuckles when Gojo’s knees go weak, reaching out to steady him with an arm around his waist. “Come on, sleepy. I’ll walk you home.”


“‘m fine to walk,” Gojo mumbles, but he leans his weight on him regardless as they head back to the dorms. Besides, he’s grateful for the excuse for Geto to follow him to his room. 


When they arrive, Geto’s arm is still snug around his waist as he unlocks and slides open the front door. A janitor gives them a bit of a look, to which Geto just raises his eyebrows, looking at him as if to say ‘problem?’ before the custodian returns to work. 


Gojo stumbles in and collapses on the bed with a groan, kicking his shoes off and squirming under the covers.


“Don’t be gross, take your uniform off at least.” Geto rolls his eyes, unbuttoning the collar of his own uniform shirt and tugging it off.


“Don’t wanna,” Gojo mumbles, face smushed into the pillows. “Sleep time.”


“At least roll over.”


Gojo pouts, but does so anyways, letting Geto approach and undo the buttons of his uniform. 




Gojo raises himself just enough for Geto to pull his top off and toss it to the floor, then squirms out of the uniform pants himself, kicking them off and away. It does feel better to be rid of it.


Geto follows suit, toeing off shoes and unbuttoning his pants until he’s down to the same state of undress as Gojo. He always wears this tight black underwear that clings to his skin and rides up his ass. Gojo doesn’t quite understand why, but he’s always more than grateful to see it. 


Wordlessly, Gojo slides over in the bed and lets Geto in beside him, both of them moving in towards one another almost immediately.


It comes naturally at this point. Geto lifts an arm and Gojo tucks himself under it, puts his head on Geto’s chest and hikes one leg up over his thigh, throws an arm over his waist. Geto pulls the covers up to cover Gojo’s shoulders and just like that, his heart beat feels slow and steady, his breathing deep and even. It’s the only way they both sleep properly most of the time.


“If you wake me up, I’ll kill you,” Gojo grumbles, nuzzling his cheek sleepily against soft skin. 




Rather unconsciously, Gojo rests one hand on Geto’s stomach, rubbing it in slow circles at the same time Geto’s hand slips absentmindedly back into Gojo’s hair, hands only stilling when they fall asleep.




They sleep until dark, thankfully uninterrupted. They’ll need to report in first thing tomorrow morning, but it seems the higher ups elected to let them recover for the evening. 


Gojo sleeps deeply, undisturbed until past midnight when Geto begins to twitch and squirm.


“Mm?” Gojo blinks his eyes open and feels the light tremors in Geto’s arms, grimacing. “Hey,” he whispers, giving Geto’s shoulder a shake until he startles slightly and opens his eyes. “Again?”


“Yeah,” Geto sighs, rubbing his eyes. “No big deal.”


“Sit up,” Gojo says, rising and stretching his arms out while Geto yawns and sits himself up in the dark. “Come ‘ere.” He catches Geto’s yawn then reaches over to untie his bun, letting his hair down and smoothing it back for him. “You should take your hair down to sleep, it gives you a tension headache.”


“Oh yeah? You my caretaker now?” Geto smiles, nudging him in the side and lying back down while Gojo slingshots the hair tie to the other side of the room. 


“Not my fault you need one,” Gojo says, flipping down next to him and rolling into his side. Even in the dark, he can see the weary look in Geto’s eyes. The constant nightmares are really taking a toll on him. He probably won’t be able to fall back asleep yet. 


Silent as usual, Geto turns towards him, leaning in close. Their eyes meet for one moment, a flicker of understanding passing wordlessly between them before they shuffle that much closer and find each other in the middle. 


Gojo shivers involuntarily when they kiss, blushing a little at himself. He’s been reacting to these moments more than usual lately, but he pushes that aside and licks into Geto’s mouth instead. That’s the whole point of this — they don’t have to think about it. They know what they want and they don’t have to complicate anything about it. A strong hand cups the base of his skull, holding him close as their lips move in the dark.


Geto lets out a pleased hum, nuzzling their noses together when they part from the kiss. “Are you awake enough to fuck?”


“Who are you talking to here?”


“Why do I even ask?” Geto chuckles. “Wanna coin toss?”


“Nah, I know it’s my turn,” Gojo shrugs, placing another kiss on the corner of the other’s mouth. Neither of them really have a strong preference when it comes to position, but since topping is a little easier recovery-wise, they tend to switch off. Besides, Gojo gets the sense he could use this right now. He doesn’t mind. 


“Cool,” Geto smiles, pulling him close again. 


Gojo goes easily, letting Geto ease him onto his back and lie over him. Their bodies are flush together under the covers this way and his hands are free to wander. Geto’s lips press pleasantly against his neck, sucking gently as their hips roll together. 


“Why do you always have this slutty underwear?” Gojo snaps the waistband against Geto’s hips for emphasis.


“‘cause you get hard when you see them.”


“No I don’t.”


“You’re telling me you don’t like them?” Geto lifts his head and cocks an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips that makes Gojo’s heart squeeze in a weird way. 


“What do you care?”


“Because I like making you hard, stupid.” Geto grinds his hips down, emphasizing where they’re pressed together, both stiff and excited. “You got stuff?”


Gojo cocks his head towards the other pillow and Geto reaches under to fetch a condom and a half-empty tube of KY. It takes a little shuffling to get their underwear off and untangle their legs from the bedsheets, but soon enough, they stop talking and fall into their usual rhythm. 


Geto’s mouth is everywhere when slicked up fingers prod between Gojo’s legs, kissing up his neck and nibbling on his ear to soothe the discomfort when the first digit presses in. He journeys down, hovering over his chest and sucking each nipple into his mouth one at a time until he gets Gojo to make a sound. He won’t move until Gojo gives in and a gasp or a groan passes his lips. Then Geto kisses down his abs, pressing his lips to sharp hipbones.


He won’t go any lower. Gojo knows this and doesn’t expect him to, pulling him back up just to make sure he doesn’t feel awkward or obligated. It’s a rule they never had to explicitly set, but a rule nonetheless. Geto will fuck him in any position and be fucked in several more, but he can’t use his mouth on Gojo that way. The one time he’d tried, likely out of courtesy since Gojo had just sucked him off for the first time, his face had gone pale, fear evident in his eyes as he prepared to take him in. Gojo had just yanked him back up, kissing him hard and grabbing his hand to guide him back to touching. 


It became a habit. When Geto goes low, Gojo pulls him right back up, never leaving room for him to have to explain himself or apologize or try and muscle through the way the act clearly triggers something in him.


This time is no different. Gojo pulls him into a kiss and cants his hips upwards, smoothing one hand down Geto’s back and pushing one into his hair. 


He likes this more than he cares to admit — the kissing. Geto has to do so much with his mouth that he detests. When they kiss deeply like this, it feels almost cleansing for them both. Gojo licks into his mouth and always chases more, showing he isn’t disgusted by him, he never could be. 


“Satoru,” Geto sighs against his lips, eyes half lidded and Gojo swears he can see him blushing in the dark. “Fuck.”


“What?” Gojo swallows, a funny feeling growing in his chest. 


“Your eyes glow in the fucking dark,” Geto practically giggles and Gojo gives him a light smack in the arm. “You’re like a furby.”


“Do not call me a furby when your fingers are in my ass.”


“Hey, you like it.” Geto curls his fingers and makes Gojo shiver for emphasis. “See?”


“Shut. Up.”




“I should’ve made you bottom this time.”


“But you look so good from up here,” Geto winks before showing him a little mercy. He works his fingers to actually pleasure him, not just get him ready for the next act, massaging that sensitive place inside until Gojo’s breath turns hot and heavy. He dips his head again, sucking hickies just low enough on Gojo’s collar that their uniform will cover them easily.


“Fuck me already,” Gojo pants against him. The fingers feel good, but honestly, he wants to be kissed again and that part always comes back when Geto enters him. 


“Needy.” Geto teases him, but sits back on his heels, the sheets falling to expose his body in the dark as he slicks himself up with one hand. The sight makes Gojo’s need a little more urgent than before. He snatches a spare pillow and waits for Gojo to lift his hips before placing it underneath and settling over him once more. 


Like always, Geto braces himself with one hand on the flimsy headboard of the bed and guides his dick with the other, his hair falling to create a small curtain around them when their lips touch again.


Gojo knows his eyes flutter shut and he’s thankful Geto can’t see the blush on his cheeks. He likes this part the most. Geto gently rocks into him, kissing him sweetly to soothe away the discomfort of initial entry. His tongue is sweet like water droplets and he runs it over Gojo’s bottom lip. When he bottoms out, he nuzzles their noses together, kissing Gojo’s cheek as he gives him a moment to adjust. “Good?”


“Good,” Gojo breathes. 


Then something changes. Geto takes his hand off the headboard and intertwines his fingers with Gojo’s pressing their hands together against the mattress as he starts to rock back and forth.


Gojo’s heart does a little skip. Since when do they hold hands during sex? Since when do they hold hands ever ? Something is… different about Geto lately. He doesn’t know what it is, doesn’t know where it’s coming from, but… he likes this. He likes holding his hand and likes the low rumble of his best friend’s voice softly groaning his name. 


“Suguru,” Gojo pants, wrapping one arm around his shoulders and pushing his free hand up into his hair. “Harder?”




Yeah .”




Gojo crushes their mouths together again to keep himself quiet if anything as the rhythm between them intensifies. Geto fucks him harder, deeper, their bodies moving together far more desperately than they usually do during quick midnight fucks. He finds himself moaning into kisses, feels Geto squeezing his hand. 


“I love you,” Geto huffs against Gojo’s lips, eyes screwed shut like he’s caught between pain and pleasure. 


Gojo’s heart catches in his throat. They aren’t stopping or slowing down, even with those words hanging in the air. He opens his mouth to say something, but he doesn’t quite know what. “Suguru-“


“Don’t,” Geto grunts and rests his forehead against Gojo’s. “Don’t say it back. Don’t say anything.”


Gojo just blinks at him, his heart hammering as his hips continue to roll to meet Geto’s thrusts, his hand continuing to clasp the other’s, 


“Don’t bring it up ever again, just…” Geto makes a quiet strangled sound and kisses him again, harder. “Just if anything ever happens, remember that I said it. You got that? I said it and I meant it.”


What could happen? Like a mission going wrong? Gojo would never let that happen, not while his technique can protect them. Still, he can’t guess what can be going on in Geto’s mind. He knows today was harder on him than usual, so he does what he always does. 


“Okay,” he whispers, running a soothing hand through Geto’s hair. “You said it. I heard you.”


Geto nods and hides his face in the crook of Gojo’s neck, kissing it a few times, but Gojo feels his lips tremble. 


They stop speaking then, exchanging only quiet gasps and stifled moans when Geto’s hand snakes between them to wrap around Gojo’s cock in a tight slick grip.


“I’m…” Gojo trembles, holding Geto tight as his muscles start to tense.


“Come for me,” Geto murmurs, kissing the corner of his mouth. His voice is soft again, sweet even as he coaxes Gojo up to the edge. His hand speeds up, the sound itself obscene as Gojo’s breath hitches and he finds himself rushing towards his peak.


“Suguru!” Gojo comes with a gasp, his back arching up off the bed as he’s fucked and stroked through orgasm. He can feel wetness spread between them, his moans breathy and high pitched as he tries to keep himself quiet. 


“Fuck, Satoru,” Geto croaks, touching their foreheads together. “Can I-“


“Inside,” Gojo demands before kissing him hard and deep, ignoring his own oversensitivity in order to tense his muscles, ease Geto over the edge along with him. He wraps his legs around his waist, digs his heels in to make him come deep inside. Like this, he’s able to swallow every moan Geto makes, drawing circles on the back of his hand with his thumb as they rock together and ride out the climax. Geto’s face flushes and his eyes scrunch shut, his groans much louder than usual against Gojo’s lips until his pleasure simmers down too.


“Come here,” Gojo whispers when Geto goes limp on top of him, letting go of his hand, so he can hold him with both arms. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Hearing Geto say he loves him, it fills him with a warm fuzzy feeling, but at the same time, something is wrong and he doesn’t know what. 


Either way, Geto will talk to him about when he wants to, or when he’s ready. For now, he should probably just act normal like they always do, maybe give in to his more affectionate instincts. 


“You good?” Gojo asks, running one hand up and down his friend’s back and the other through his hair. 


“Nngh,” Geto mumbles. “Sorry I came in you.”


“I wanted it.” Gojo shrugs his shoulders. “But get your dick out of me, I have stuff to do tomorrow.”


Geto nods and carefully pulls himself out, rolling off of Gojo to reach for the tissues on the nightstand. He kisses him sweetly as he wipes him down, taking care of the most immediate part of the mess before rolling sleepily back into Gojo’s side. 


“You want to tell me what’s going on?” Gojo snuggles right back into him, careful to show he’s not going to push Geto away if he doesn’t talk. 


Geto stays quiet for a moment then sighs, shaking his head. “Just… sleep with me. I’m fine, the curse consumption messes with my head, you know.”


Gojo raises an eyebrow. The curse consumption gives him nightmares and panic attacks. They’ve never made him spontaneously confess his love, but he supposes Geto might have just gotten caught up in the moment. The best he can do is be by his side and whenever Geto wants to tell him the whole truth, he will. 




Geto lets out a sigh of relief and relaxes into his touch, eyes slipping shut for the night. “Thank you, Satoru.”