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Stupid Cupid

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Deku walked outside the homeroom. Heading toward the billboard near the library. Today was the last day to sign up for tutoring help. He was hoping to be paired with Yaoyorozu. Not only was she the smartest girl in school, but she also seemed very calm. Which is exactly what Izuku needed. He grabbed the pen attached to the tutoring clipboard and flipped to her name. Shocked to find that all the time slots had been taken. 

It's okay, he thought. He would just sign up with Tenya. Even if it was awkward working with a friend. He loved his friend. But he had an intense personality that made it hard to study with him.

But even Tenya’s sheet was filled up! That’s what I get for waiting till the absolute last minute. His Mom had been telling him to get the help he needed for a month. Why hadn’t he listened? There was only one more volunteer tutor. 

He flipped to the last sheet. It only had three names on it! The anxious boy scribbled his name on it without looking at who the tutor actually would be. Thursday at 3:45 in the library. That was the only information that he had considered important. 

That night, the school had sent Izuku an email concerning tutoring. The boy scanned through it absently. Seeing the words sign language. What? Why would he need to know sign language in order to study? 

He decided to scroll back up to the top of the email. Reading through it carefully this time. It stated that his tutor was Hard of Hearing. (HoH)  The other boy could read lips well and had more ability to hear in his left ear than his right. He also understood sign language. So the ability to use it was encouraged. And with his hearing aids he had about 80% of his hearing overall. Izuku decided he would take the next week to learn as much sign language as he could.    

By the time Izuku entered the library that Thursday afternoon, he was decently versed in sign. He could introduce himself, had a decent understanding of the alphabet, and could  carry simple conversation. He sat at one of the large wood tables. Setting his yellow backpack beside him. It was 3:35. He was still ten minutes early. The green haired boy decided to look through social media while he waited. Resting his head in the crook of his arm. 

Ten minutes later a large blond boy was standing over him. He sat up straight. The other boy raised an eyebrow at him. Izuku introduced himself by sign. Having assumed this was his tutor. 

“Hello!” Izuku smiled brightly, trying to be as friendly as possible, “my name is Izuku,” he furrowed his brow in concentration. Trying to be careful about the way his fingers moved, “what is yours?” 

The blond sat across from him. Sitting in a cocky, improper manner. He signed back. “What?” A look of playful disappointment was painted across the handsome boy's face. “You really don't recognize me?” his fingers moved with the grace and precision of fluency. 

“No.” The young man was confused. “I'm sorry.” his face displayed regret and sadness.  “Have we met before?”

“Dumbass.” Bakugou's face was one of amusement. By the sweet boy's lack of response, Bakugou assumed he didn't know any curse words. Or at least not that one. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. Putting his hands behind his head. "I can talk too, Deku" 

"Kacchan?!" Deku's eyes were as big as saucers. He just about fell out of his chair. 

"Don't be so loud," he hissed, leaning across the table, "we're in the library"

"Sorry," Deku blushed and got himself settled, "I just, haven't seen you in a long time" 

"Eight years just about," Bakugou murmured. His voice was loud because of his hearing loss, "I would of thought I'd be more memorable" 

"You are," Deku promised, "you're just different now" 

Bakugou smirked and pulled out his own book bag. "So, what am I beating into your head today?" 

"Well, I'm having a lot of trouble in English," he admitted, pulling out his vocabulary book, "and algebra is a nightmare" 

Bakugou scoffed playfully. "Sucks to be you"

"Hey!" Deku laughed, pulling out his homework, "be nice"

"Who are you?" He was absently tapping a pencil on the table, "my Mom?"

Deku rolled his eyes. Showing his tutor the English homework he was struggling with. Which was on the unit about annotated bibliography. Bakugou worked through it with him. Showing him how to put one together. Given the sources had already gathered. Which was surprisingly extensive. Given that the assignment itself wasn’t due for another month.  

"All right" Bakugou was mildly impressed. If only for the fact that Deku had done so well. He was worried he might have a second Kaminari. The disabled boy shuddered at the thought. 

Deku looked concerned. Pulling out an extra school hoodie from his bag. "Are you cold?" He presented the light gray cotton to the other boy. 

"I guess so" he took the gift and pulled it over his head. Feeling one of his hearing aids get yanked from his ear. He sat still. Feeling around the collar of the hoodie. Finding it inside the hood. Bakugou put the hearing aid back in his ear. He made a quick note on Deku's homework about asking his parents for new clips. The boy had a habit of writing reminders on paper closest to him. 

"Sorry if it's a little small," he was blushing. Why was he blushing? "You have always been taller than me"

"It's not a big deal," he brushed it off, "thanks"

"No problem!" Deku suddenly remembered something, "I told my Mom 4:30," he said, "I hope that's okay"

"Why would I care?"    

Deku shrugged and they continued working. After he finished his English, he moved on to Algebra. Having trouble with polynomials. The two boys were halfway through the worksheet by the time Izuku's Mom showed up. He gathered his stuff, slinging his bag over his shoulder. 

"Hey," he handed Bakugou his phone, "can I have your number?" He felt the boy take his phone. 

"Gonna take me on a date or something?" He teased, putting his number in Deku's phone. 

Izuku was quickly flustered. Why? He barely knew if he liked girls. "Um, only if you want to" 

Bakugou laughed and pulled the hoodie over his head. Handing it to his old friend. "See you next week," he made his way to the door, "don't screw up that test" 

"I won't" 

The two boys ended up walking the same direction. Bakugou followed Izuku to the school parking lot. His Dad wouldn't be there to get him till 5. Inko honked her horn. Seeing Bakugou standing with Deku. 

"Is your Mom coming to get you, honey?" She vaguely recognized Bakugou. Because he looked so much like Mitsuki. 

"At 5!" He called back. 

"Get in the car," she had Izuku open the door, "I'll drop you off"

Bakugou thought about it for a second. "Fuck it" he murmured to himself. Throwing his backpack into the backseat of Ms. Midoriya's car. Sitting beside Deku in the car. The two boys sat together, listening to Inko's Mariya Takeuchi CD. Bakugou turned off his hearing aids. He now had only about 65% of his hearing all together. But because of the music, it was even more impaired. 

"How was your day, Izuku?" Inko wondered softly. 

"It was okay," he grinned, "Kacchan is my tutor!" 

"That's great, baby," she turned her attention to Bakugou. Speaking as clearly as she could. She knew about his hearing loss. "And how are you doing, Bakugou?"

"I'm fine, Ms. Midoriya," he managed a smile, "thanks for taking me home"

"It's no trouble, honey," she pulled up to his house, "tell your Mom I said hi!" 

"I will," he slid out of the car and started walking up to his door, "bye Deku" 

"Bye Kacchan!" He waved frantically, beaming from ear to ear.