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Martin tends to have him first, being the first who dares to bother Jon after he’s come into work, just before lunchtime. It starts with a cup of tea and a kiss to the forehead, then asking Jon what his workload is like for the day. Jon gets to grumble and gripe about emails and meetings and upcoming paperwork, and Martin gets to decide how he’d like to help Jon relieve that stress. 

Usually Martin likes to kiss him silly and not too much else — he’s still getting used to how they do things in the archives, after all. Jon might complain, except that he likes all the kissing. Especially when Martin gets handsy about it. 



Sasha’s inconsistent with the when, but not the what; she knows exactly what she likes to take from Jon. Mostly his time, considering how much set-up is required and how long she tends to draw things out. 

“I’ll get Tim to do the leftover work tomorrow,” she promises blithely, ignoring Jon’s protests about how it’s his responsibility, he shouldn't be shoving his work into the laps of his subordinates-

But then the vibrator’s back on, and Jon — tied and gagged and left to struggle — can’t do much more protesting. 

“This is your responsibility too, isn’t it?” Sasha always says, grinning as she pulls out her swiftly hardening cock. “Now, if you’ll be good, we can get that gag out of the way, alright?” 



Sometimes, Tim joins Sasha; he likes to tease just as much, and he’s a bit faster at tying Jon up — the man knows his knots. When it’s just Tim, though, he likes it quick, and puts most of the focus on Jon. 

Typically they’ll be in the breakroom, Jon bent over the counter or the table or just shoved up against one wall, squirming against the firm, warm weight of Tim’s body. Tim holds him, wraps his arms around to touch Jon, too, and is always saying some such sweet nonsense, calling Jon things like sweetheart and lovely and baby and adorable. It’s infuriating how often it gets Jon off, clenching down on Tim’s thrusting length. 

At least Tim helps with the mess afterward, taking one last kiss as payment. 



Melanie seems staunchly against the policy when she first joins them, and for this Jon’s largely grateful. But, of course, it’s only a matter of time before one of their arguments devolves into something more. Something physical, with pushing and grabbing, and then suddenly it’s like there’s a dam breaking. Suddenly she’s kissing him hard and grinding against his thigh, pulling his hair from its bun, biting his lips, his jaw. It’s over pretty quickly. 

Jon’s favorite part is how oddly bashful she is afterwards. She doesn’t linger to help him clean up, and hardly looks at him before she’s gone from the office. But the blush looks nice on her cheeks.

He wishes she would be more careful and stop snapping his hairbands, though. 



Basira doesn’t use him. 

(At first.)

But Daisy does. 

She’s oddly gentle, mostly owing to the fact that she doesn’t actually do much to him. Instead, she orders him around for a while, which counts Jon supposes, so long as it leads up to actually utilizing his services. 

Fortunately for him, it does, because following Daisy’s commands and receiving her soft praise gets him embarrassingly wet. It’s never too long before Daisy takes note of this, then has Jon sit in her lap so she can sneak a hand into his pants and get him off with her fingers. 

He’d asked, at the start, if she wanted him to do something for her — something that wasn’t fetching water or a snack or a file from the back room. She’d just zipped up his jeans and patted his ass before heading off for the day. 



So Daisy uses him, but doesn’t use him — not his hands or his holes, not even his mouth. 

But Basira does. 

She makes him sit under the table while she reads. Sometimes Jon’s just meant to warm her clit, keep his mouth on her, press his tongue against her every now and then, but mostly stay still. Sometimes she gives him a task: “Get me off before I finish this chapter and I’ll let you get back to work,” she’ll say, her voice very even, though there’s always a look in her eye. 

Once, she brings in a strap-on and fucks him in the stacks. It’s the sort of sudden, rough handling he would have expected from Daisy when she’d first joined the archives. But it’s Basira who takes him like that, one hand over his mouth to muffle his voice, fucking him right there on the floor. 



And then there are the days no one touches Jon at all. 

Sometimes it’s because they’re, honestly, quite busy. Sometimes there will be an influx of statements, written or given live, and all of that means a lot of paperwork and delegating tasks and inevitably getting something mixed up or having some such technical difficulty arise. During these times, the others seem too busy to bother Jon — either that, or they see any amount of time he spends away from his work might actually give him agita. 

He’s very thankful for their consideration. 

It does leave Jon feeling a bit… well, wanting. One gets used to all the attention, after a while; a sudden absence of hands grabbing, holding, pulling, petting… it’s noticeable. It makes Jon squirm in his seat sometimes when he’s alone in his office, unsatisfied in a subconscious, aimless sort of way. 

Of course, this means by the time things slow down, everyone’s a bit pent up. Including Jon. 

That’s when they try to schedule their ‘team-building exercises.’