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Love is harder than crime

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MUSEUM - [11:40 PM]

Mina presses a pair of night vision binoculars to her face, keeping her eyes on the entrance of the museum. After five minutes of radio silence, she huffs, frustrated, and lets the binoculars hang from her neck. She grabs the small notepad and pen she keeps in her pocket and flips over the pages. 

Turns out that gathering information about the world’s most dangerous criminal that has never once been caught is harder than she thought. Maybe, just maybe, she should’ve picked a less pretentious subject for her thesis. 

Mina’s walkie talkie buzzes and she grabs it while keeping her eyes on her notes, trying to find anything that might give them a clue of what could happen next.


“Quit looking at that thing, your eyes should be on the entrance.” Jihyo’s voice comes from the radio, a bit distorted, but the scolding tone is very clear to Mina.

“Why do I have to watch the entrance? She’s not going to walk in through the door.” 

“We don’t know that.” 

Mina rolls her eyes and rests her head against the rope holding her up, hanging from the ceiling. 

“When else am I gonna get a chance to be near her?”

“We have a mission, Mina, this isn’t an interview.”

“I can look over a stupid painting and still take notes…” Mina whispers, although she keeps pressing the button to make sure Jihyo hears her. When Jihyo huffs, Mina smirks. Annoying her friends can be fun sometimes, and it makes spy work more bearable. 

“Girls, the radar is showing some movements on the main hall.” Tzuyu’s voice comes through the walkie talkies and gets the girls’ attention. 

“I’m in the main hall and there’s nothing.” Mina replies, quickly putting the binoculars back on to look around the dark room. There’s not much in it besides the painting they’re watching over (some old, expensive thing), so it’d be really hard to miss it if anyone walked in. 

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m— wait.”

Mina zooms into the painting with her binoculars and her jaw drops when she realizes the painting has been replaced with a framed picture of a diamond. 

“She took the painting.”

Mina doesn’t need to say anything else, she knows her friends are already moving to their designated spots to cover all exits. 

However, they didn’t take into account the glass panel on the ceiling. Mina looks up slowly, already cringing, and she sees there’s a perfect circle cut into it, with the end of a rope hanging from the edge. Somehow, Mina completely missed their target, and managed to get the painting stolen from under her nose.

The roof is quiet, no sign of anyone being there. Still, Mina grips her gun tightly, keeping it loaded and ready to shoot if needed. She’s light on her feet, not making any sounds. 

Just as she’s about to turn a corner, she hears some hushed talking; it sounds like the person is in a hurry and scolding someone else. Mina hides behind a water tank and listens attentively. Years of training should’ve prepared her for this moment, and yet…

Mina decides to just follow her gut, knowing this is a once in a lifetime chance (a lifetime that will hopefully not end tonight because of a brazen decision).  She jumps out of her hiding spot, holding her gun up. 


The stranger stops talking and slowly turns around. The first thing Mina notices is her smirk. Then, her entertained eyes, twinkling under the moonlight. Then, the painting stuck between her body and her backpack.

Mina’s heart threatens to beat out of her chest— she never thought she would be face to face with the Minatozaki Sana. But now here she is, and she has no idea what to do. 

“Y-you have the right to remain silent—”

“Oh, sweetie.” Sana laughs, tilting her head to the side and looking at Mina up and down, which only makes Mina more nervous. “Is this your first day at the job?”

“Everything you say can and will be used against you.” Mina continues, pushing past the fear that is starting to creep in.

Sana puts her hands up in the air mockingly, as if she was really being arrested.

Any rational deb would know not to engage with Sana, at least not if they wanted to survive. But how can she not? When she’s right there, and with no escape route?

“There’s no way to go.” Mina adds, fingers tumbling on the grip of her gun nervously.

Sana is a cold blooded assassin, a criminal, a heartless person. At least that’s what she was told, and up until now she had no reason to believe otherwise; but Sana hasn’t moved nor tried to hurt Mina, even after a solid minute of Mina aiming her gun at her.

“You’re cute.” Sana giggles, making Mina blush. Mina tries really hard to maintain eye contact.

As Sana gets on the ledge, she winks at Mina. Then, when Mina avoids her eyes, flustered, Sana falls backwards. 

Mina’s first reaction is pure shock. Did Sana just throw herself from the top of a building?

Her second reaction is panic. Sana just threw herself from the top of a building!

Mina strides towards the edge and looks down, careful to not fall. Sana is swiftly descending with a parachute, and she lands right onto the passenger seat of a convertible, with another girl on the driver seat. 

Mina kind of feels better after that, knowing Sana didn’t crash against the concrete. But when the car drives away, Mina feels bad again, because Sana just escaped with the painting and she couldn’t stop her.


Jihyo’s voice startles her, almost making her fall. Mina moves away from the edge and rests against a wall, feeling the adrenaline weigh down on her body.

“What happened? Did you see Sana?”

Mina only nods as she gulps down, still trying to process it. 


DEBS DORMS - [02:00 PM]

Mina bites her lip absentmindedly as she stares at a picture of Sana. It’s a cutout from a newspaper, and one of the only pictures of Sana out there, caught on a security camera. The reason she has it (not that she needs it, or that anyone has asked) ( but she has one, just in case ), is that it’s important for her thesis. 

Her stupid thesis that’s still less than halfway done. Sigh

Mina puts the picture back on the folder and takes out her notepad, which she takes with her everywhere (much to her team’s annoyment). 

While Mina flips over the pages, Momo walks in and plops down on Mina’s bed. 

“You’re still working on that?” Momo asks as she turns on their holographic TV, putting on the news channel.

“Yeah… There’s not much to work with.” Mina laments, biting her lip again as she reads her notes on Sana after their brief encounter.

Sana doesn’t look as scary as people make her out to be.

Are assassins supposed to giggle that much?

She’s pretty

Sana is smart and sneaky, especially when it comes to escaping.

The reporter on the TV is talking about the incident at the museum, which only adds to Mina’s stress. She hates the thought of letting Sana escape, even if everyone else doesn’t see it that way. 

“Can’t you watch that in your own room?”

“But look, you’re on the news,” Momo points with the remote and smiles at the picture of Mina, her ID DEBS picture on display with the headline “ Deb survives Minatozaki .”

“Where did they even get that story from…” Mina groans, side eyeing the reporter as they give a completely false retelling of what they think happened that night. 

Minatozaki is vicious, we all know that, so it’s a mystery— and a miracle— how Myoui managed to survive her attack…”

“Maybe if you agreed to have an interview.” Momo shrugs, changing the channel, much to Mina’s relief.

“We’re spies , we really shouldn’t be on TV.”

“What, are you worried Minatozaki is gonna try to find you?” Momo chuckles.

Mina stops what she’s doing and her eyes open wide. She had never thought about that being a possibility until now. 

Mina gulps nervously. “I mean, she wouldn’t... right?”



Nayeon and Sana sit across from each other, having lunch in their dungeon-turned-kitchen. There are still a few shackles on the wall, but alas. Nayeon redecorated it, added proper lighting and a cute atlas on the wall— with Australia crossed out, of course.

Sana is distracted and unusually happy, which Nayeon notices right away. She’s been chirpy since they woke up, even though they haven’t been able to sell the painting yet, and she’s humming to some song they heard on the radio. For god’s sake, she’s smiling down at her plate even though they’re eating some sad looking salad.

Nayeon stares at her suspiciously, squinting her eyes. “Spill, what did you do?”


“You’re never this happy unless you committed a crime, so what is it?” 

“You seriously think so lowly of me?” Sana pouts and pretends to be hurt, placing her hand on her chest for extra dramatism. When Nayeon rolls her eyes, Sana sighs and leans on the table, staring at Nayeon with doe eyes. “You’re not gonna like the answer.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“I met someone…”

This certainly peaks Nayeon’s interest, because it’s been a while since Sana dated, too wounded by her last ex. Nayeon leans in as well, placing her chin on her interlocked hands. 

“Tell me more.” She smiles teasingly.

Sana purses her lips and looks away. There’s no way to say it without making Nayeon upset.

“We, um, we met at the museum, the other night.”

Nayeon’s smile falls, and Sana can see the hope leaving her eyes.

“Was she by any chance wearing a plaid skirt?”

A beat of silence.


A disappointed sigh.

“God, Sana, seriously?” Nayeon groans and falls back on her chair, softly hitting the table with her fist. “Of all the girls out there, you choose a deb ?”

“I didn’t choose her—”

“After I spent all that time setting up dates for you? You know, Chaeyoung was very hurt when you pretended to have food poisoning to get out of it.”

“I just wasn’t feeling it…”

“But you’re feeling a deb.”

“Well, hopefully I will be.” Sana giggles, which makes Nayeon groan again.

“You’re insufferable. This is a complete betrayal of my trust, you can find yourself another evil sidekick because I quit .”

Nayeon dramatically pushes her plate away and stands up. Sana grabs her wrist before she can leave, and continues to giggle as she stands up too.

“Don’t get grumpy now. I didn’t say anything when you wanted to date that kindergarten teacher.”

“Leave Dahyun out of this… a teacher isn’t the same as a deb.”

“She was a goody two shoes.”

“At least she wasn’t a cop.”

“Fair point.” Sana shrugs, still holding onto Nayeon’s wrist. “I know just what will cheer you up. Let’s go rob a bank!”

Nayeon sighs in defeat. She really does love robbing banks. 

“Fine, but if this is an excuse to see that deb I will be very upset.”



The last thing Mina needs is another distraction from working on her thesis. Whoever is robbing that bank is gonna be in serious trouble.

Jihyo leads the team towards the vaults.

“Mina, you go in first.” Jihyo whispers, signaling towards the open vault. 

“What? Why me?”

“Because you’re the expert on traps?” Tzuyu asks sarcastically.


Mina walks in carefully, looking for any signs of a trap. The empty shelves look normal, and nothing really catches Mina’s attention. Except, in the middle of the room, lies a big, shiny diamond.

She turns around to look at her friends, who are gathered at the entrance. 

”Guys, I think—”

Mina doesn’t get to finish her sentence, because the floor opens up underneath her and swallows her along with the diamond. It closes as fast as it opened, leaving an empty vault and three jaws on the floor.

Jihyo, Tzuyu and Momo stare at the spot where Mina disappeared, shocked. Jihyo is the first to react, urging the others to run downstairs.


Meanwhile, Mina is falling down a slide that seems to go on forever. The bank doesn’t even have that many floors. She finally lands, and she does so in the arms of none other than Minatozaki Sana. 

“Oh, it worked!”

Ah, there it is. The giggle Mina couldn’t get out of her head.

“What the hell?” Mina breaks away from Sana’s hold and takes a few steps back until she collides with a wall. 

Mina reaches for her gun, but her hostler and her hands are empty. Sana smiles teasingly and holds Mina’s gun in front of her.

“Lost something, cutie?”

“H-how did you do that?” Mina huffs, embarrassed. Since she doesn’t want to give up so easily, she puts her fists up— as if that would do anything against Sana with a gun. “What do you want?”

“Why are you so defensive? I just wanted to talk.”

“Yeah, right.”

Sana tilts her head and smiles at Mina, looking her up and down. Mina takes the chance to stare as well. Sana looks too good, chewing gum distractedly and twirling a bit of hair while she presses the gun against Mina’s chest.

“What, are you scared?” Sana giggles again and Mina takes a deep breath.

“A little.”

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” Sana puts the gun down, although her finger stays on the trigger.

“Why did you bring me here then?” Mina questions, looking around for a possible exit. They’re in the basement, with no doors or windows in sight.

“‘Cause I wanted to talk!” Sana rests her hands on her hips. She puts on her best flirty face and adds, “Let’s go out.”

Mina’s eyes practically bulge out of her head. 

What ?”

“You heard me, let’s go out together.”

“You don’t even know my name...”

“Aren’t you Myoui Mina? Your face is all over the news.”

Mina closes her eyes and curses under her breath. 

Seeing as Mina isn’t relaxing nor listening to her, Sana tucks the gun on her belt. “Look, I promise I don’t have any weird intentions. I just want to go out for a couple of drinks.”

Mina feels very confused, but she’s a little scared of going against Sana. Her current behavior is making her think maybe she’s not exactly stable

“Um, sure?”

“Really?” Sana’s entire face lights up. She didn’t actually expect Mina to agree to it.

They’re interrupted by an explosion. Pieces of concrete and dust fly around them, which makes it a little hard to see. Mina breathes in relief, knowing that it's most likely Jihyo breaking in to save her. 

When the dust dissipates, Sana is gone. Again. And Mina feels a weird mix of relief and disappointment.

“Mina! Are you ok?”

Her friends rush towards her, and Jihyo quickly grabs her face to make sure she’s ok.

“Yes, I’m all good, don’t worry.” Mina says breathlessly through squished cheeks, coughing a bit from all the dust. 

“It was Sana, wasn’t it?” Momo frowns, feeling guilty for implying it earlier.

Mina only nods. 

“God, what sick plan does she have this time?” Jihyo muses, trying to understand Sana’s sudden interest in Mina. 

If only Jihyo knew.

“She’s already gone by now.” Tzuyu sighs, lighting up a cigarette. 

“She’s right. Let’s get you home before the reporters get here. From now on, we need to make sure she doesn’t get to you again. Who knows what she could do next.” 

Mina appreciates the concern. She lets Jihyo lead her out of the basement, lost in her thoughts.

(If Mina wanted to see Sana again, that would be insane. No one in their right mind would want to be alone with a criminal. Right?) 

Sana and Nayeon sunbathe on the roof of the bank while they wait for the cops and the reporters to clear out. 

“Did you have any luck with your girl?” Nayeon asks Sana, now more calm as she rests her back on a bag full of money.

“Hm, kind of. Her stupid friends interrupted before I could confirm she would go out with me. I mean she said yes but… I don’t think she meant it.” Sana pouts, fanning herself with a stack of cash.

“The Sana I know doesn’t give up that easily.” Nayeon chuckles, looking at her friend over her sunglasses. “If you really do like her then go for it.”

“I thought you didn’t approve of it.”

“If she makes you happy… maybe we can turn her into our bodyguard or something.”

“I have just the excuse to meet her again.” Sana grins as she holds up a tiny notepad, with “ property of Myoui Mina” and the DEBS logo on it. She flicks over the pages with a victorious smile. “She’s a fan! Who would’ve thought.”



“So what’s the plan?” 

“There’s no plan.” Sana shrugs. She fixes her makeup on the rearview mirror while Nayeon parks the car in front of the Debs’ dorm room. 

“What if she has a gun?”

“I have more guns.” It’s true, she even has a pocket knife stuffed in her bra.

“You should've worn something more comfortable.” Nayeon rolls her eyes.

“Can you stop pestering me? You’re here as moral support.”

Nayeon scoffs. “Since when do you need moral support talking to girls?”

“She’s not just any girl.” Sana says dreamily. She smacks her lips together and winks at Nayeon. “Be right back.”

Sana steps out of the car and stops at the edge of the sidewalk. She retrieves a laser pointer that was tucked in her boot, and uses it to draw a human shaped hole on the magnetic field covering the house. 

She clicks away on her watch and a small hologram pops up, showing her the location of each occupant in the house. Mina is in a room on the second floor, facing the street. 

Maybe Nayeon was right and a mini skirt and boots weren’t the best outfit for the occasion, but Sana will die before ever admitting that.

Sana tugs her skirt down and gets to climbing. 

The room is dark, and all Sana can see is a big bump on the bed. The room is sickeningly pink, with many teddy bears and stuffed animals lying around. Sana doesn’t think the room matches Mina at all, but she shrugs it off. 

Sana tiptoes to the bed, but before she can get there, Mina sits up. She rubs her eyes and yawns, and then she sees Sana silhouetted by the moonlight.

Sana smiles and waves at her cutely, but Mina’s jaw falls slack. Sana is about to say something when someone else stirs next to Mina. There’s another girl sleeping with her!

“You have a girlfriend!?” Sana whispers-shouts, frowning and feeling cheated on.


“You could’ve said something!”

“Momo isn’t my girlfriend!” 

Mina grabs a gun from under her pillow and stands up to aim it at Sana. Sana gives her an incredulous look and points an even bigger gun at her. 

“What are you doing here?”

“You said we’d go out!” Sana checks her watch, “It’s only ten p.m… do you losers really sleep this early?”

Mina rolls her eyes. “Some of us have classes in the morning.” 

“Whatever, just come with me please.” Sana looks around the room and points the gun at Momo. “Or I shoot her.”


“Kidding! Kidding, jesus. Your not-girlfriend sleeps like a bear.” 

Sana puts her gun down and, like magic, she pulls out Mina’s notebook out of her sleeve. 

Mina’s eyes go wide in surprise. She hadn’t even noticed it was missing. 

“Where did you get that?” Mina is, honestly, very embarrassed that Sana most likely read everything written there.

“Found it.” Sana waves it teasingly, knowing she’s got Mina. “Go out with me and I’ll give it back. And you can ask me all the questions you want. You’re welcome.” 

Mina has to admit it’s a pretty good opportunity. If Sana wanted to kill her, she would’ve done it by now.

“But you have to drive me back here before it’s too late.”

“Deal.” Sana agrees easily, already heading for the window to help Mina climb down. Mina, however, forgets where she’s at, and she tosses the gun at the bed. It hits Momo, and she wakes up with a groan. 

“Mina, what the—” Momo pales when she sees Sana, sitting on the windowsill casually. 

“Great.” Sana rolls her eyes. “Now she has to come with us.”

“I’m not—”

The gun makes a clicking sound when Sana loads it, and Momo shuts up.



The place Sana takes them too is more of a dumpster than a bar. 

Nayeon (who was kindly introduced to Mina by Sana) takes Momo with her to another spot in the bar while Sana and Mina sit in a booth apart from the bigger crowds. 

Sana crosses her legs and drapes an arm over the backrest of the seat. “So. Do you wanna play twenty questions?”

Mina groans and rolls her eyes. “What are you, fourteen?”

“No, I’m twenty one. My turn, do you like girls?”

Mina gives her an incredulous look that makes Sana laugh.

“Ok, let me change it. Why were you sleeping with that girl?” 

“I was sleeping with Momo in her room because my friends don’t want to leave me alone.” Mina bites her lip and stirs her drink with her straw. Then, she adds under her breath. “She’s supposed to stop you from getting to me.”

Sana throws her head back in laughter. “She’s doing a great job, clearly.”

“Why did you bring me out here? Be honest. Do you want to kill me?”

“That’s two questions. And I would never harm a girl as pretty as you.” Sana flirts with ease, leaning closer and fluttering her eyelashes. And no matter how much Mina tries to fight it, it gets to her, making her blush. “I already told you, cutie, I wanna get to know you.”

“But why?”

Sana shrugs. She honestly doesn’t know. “Something draws me to you, I guess.”

Seeing that Mina is still quite shy (or more likely scared), Sana returns the notepad to her to earn more trust. 

“You got impressive research, but if I’m being honest, some of it is very wrong.”

There’s no teasing tone in Sana’s voice, which is a first, but Mina feels embarrassed anyway.

“It’s kind of hard to find accurate information about someone who went into hiding for a year, especially when she kills anyone who gets close enough.”

“I’ve never killed people just because,” Sana is casual about it, taking a sip of her drink like this is a normal conversation to have. “They were in my way and they usually shot first.”

“So you never kidnapped those french policemen and torture them?”

“I didn’t torture them.”

“But you did kidnap them…”

“They had it coming… But anyways, your research is for school right?”

“Yeah, for my thesis…”

“Tell me more.” Sana is so genuine, leaning on her hand and looking at Mina with big doe eyes. She looks like a normal girl, and Mina has to pinch herself to remember that she is anything but.

“It's about women in the crime field and how you changed the game for female criminals. You showed you can be even more evil than men, which is impressive.”

“You flatter me,” Sana giggles and her cheeks get covered by faint blush. “But you got my origins wrong. I didn’t turn into a life of crime because of my family. I did it because I love money.” 

Mina stares at her in disbelief for a second, then she starts laughing. She takes her notepad and a pen and flips over to a blank page. 

“Tell me more.”


“And this one is named Boo. Mina gave me a similar one for my birthday, and I named it Dobby.” 

“Ah, so cute.” Nayeon coos, zooming in on the pictures of stuffed dogs Momo is showing her on her phone. “I wish I had pics of my teddy bears. Sana makes fun of me, but they’re cute.”

“Are you sure Sana isn’t gonna hurt Mina?” 

They both look towards the booth. Sana and Mina scooted closer at some point, and now Sana has her arm around Mina’s shoulders. They’re smiling and laughing together, lost in their own world. 

“Wow… did she put something in her drink?”

“Hey, Sana doesn’t pull any weird stuff when it comes to girls.” Nayeon squints at Momo and then looks back at her friend. “I actually haven’t seen her this happy since she stole that rocket ship from that american man.” 

“The girls aren’t gonna like this…” Momo nervously fiddles with her fingers, thinking about how she’s supposed to explain what happened if they get caught. 


Maybe it’s the alcohol, or the thrill of doing something she knows she shouldn’t be doing, but Mina is having a great time. Sana is a great listener and she has many interesting stories to tell (mindful to leave the more gruesome ones out so as to not creep Mina out). 

Sana seems to genuinely care about Mina and what she has to say, which for Mina, feels like a first.

“Do you really like being a deb?” Sana makes a face towards the end. They’ve moved closer together, and now Sana can spot all the moles scattered across Mina’s face. 

That’s a question Mina asks herself a lot, but one she hadn’t heard from other people.

“I guess. I’m good at it.”

Sana frowns. She plays with Mina’s hair, tucking it behind her ear. “That’s not a good answer. Being good at something doesn’t mean you like it. I’m really good at playing the violin but I hate it.”

“I’ve just never done anything else, you know? After middle school I joined the debs and after high school I continued on the program. It’s… comfortable.”

“It’s boring.” 

Mina takes a sip while she contemplates Sana’s words. She had never thought about it that way.

Momo approaches them shyly, barely looking at Sana. Mina then realizes it probably looks weird that she’s letting a girl she just met play with her hair.

“Um, we should go home…” Momo rubs her arms and nervously shifts her feet. Nayeon walks up behind her with her hands in her pockets. Sana glares at her, asking why didn’t you keep her away , but Nayeon just shrugs. 

“God, you’re right.” Mina seems to remember who she is, where she is, and with whom. She’s torn between staying and leaving, but Sana gets up first. 

“Come on, don’t want you getting into any more trouble.”


Once they reach the dorms, Momo steps out of the passenger seat while Mina stays behind with Sana. 

Sana grabs her hand softly and looks into her eyes intently. 

“Mina… would it be too crazy if I asked you to come with me?”

“What? She can’t do that!” Momo tries to object, but Nayeon rolls up the window to muffle her voice.

For Sana, meeting someone like Mina was refreshing. She had had her fair share of dates with all kinds of girls,but none of them compared. Not only was Mina different from the rest. 

For Mina, being with Sana is more thrilling than anything else she has ever done before, and she’s been on many dangerous missions. Sana makes her feel shy and daring at the same time, somehow, and it excites Mina.

So maybe it’s that adrenaline talking when Mina replies.

“It would be crazy, yes. But I’m gonna say yes.”

Momo is absolutely baffled. She knocks on the window and Mina pulls it down slightly. 

“Sorry Mo! Please don’t tell Jihyo…”

“You can’t bail on us like this!”

“It’ll only be for a couple of days…” Mina says unsurely, feeling Sana’s grip tighten on her hand.

“Mina!” Nayeon restarts the car before Momo can complain any further.

“Sorry! Text me!” Nayeon shouts as she steps on the gas, driving away into the night. 

Momo huffs and flops her arms, standing alone in the middle of the street.

She gets back to her room as quietly as possible, but before she can get back in bed, the door opens.

“Momo?” Jihyo stares at Momo in the dark. Momo is like a deer caught in the headlights. 

Momo freezes for a second. She promised Mina she wouldn’t tell. Besides, if Jihyo knows Momo let Sana take Mina, she’s gonna murder her, or worse, kick her from the debs.

“Minatozaki Sana kidnapped Mina!”



Mina closes her eyes and enjoys the wind hitting her face. Sana is taking her to the beach, because Mina always wanted to go but never got the chance. They’re going on Sana’s convertible, which she admitted to have stolen, but Mina didn’t mind. 

They hold hands over the console, and Mina admires the shiny ring that Sana gifted her recently. Sana takes her eyes off the road briefly to glance at Mina lovingly. Sana brings their interlocked hands up to her lips and kisses Mina’s knuckles.


An explosion blows a door open and Jihyo dramatically rolls inside, landing in a cool position and aiming her gun at absolutely nothing. This is the fifth warehouse they raid only to find it empty. Jihyo huffs and stands up with a groan, kicking a piece of trash that’s lying around.


Mina and Sana find themselves in quite the position, with Mina sitting on Sana’s lap as she does her makeup. Sana suggested going out to a dance club, and Mina agreed right away since she’s never gone to one. Sana shyly places her hands on Mina’s waist, softly stroking the skin exposed by her glittery top. 

Mina bites her lip in a smile as she finishes applying lipstick to Sana’s puckered lips.

“Are we about to kiss right now?” Sana asks teasingly. Mina does lean in to peck her lips, making Sana squeak in surprise and red wash over her entire face. 


“I won’t ask you again! Have you seen Minatozaki Sana or not!?” Tzuyu shouts into a cop’s face, gripping his shirt and corning him against an alleyway wall. Next to her, Momo kicks a trashcan in an attempt to look tough.

“Speak up!”


“What color do you like more?”

“I don’t know baby, you choose.”

“But it’s your evil lair.”

“But I want you to be comfortable, so you can pick the color.”

Sana and Mina are at a paint shop, searching for the perfect tone to paint the living room since Sana got tired of the blood splatters on the wall. 

Sana is back hugging Mina, resting her chin on her shoulder and giving her small kisses every now and then. 

“Oh, this color is nice.” Sana points at a deep shade of red, named Bloody Red.

Mina chuckles and takes a can. “Let’s take this one, then.” 


NY: she's ok, don’t worry

MM: are you sure? I’m very worried

NY: [sent a photo] 

NY: that’s them cuddling on the couch. They fell asleep lol

MM: that’s… cute i guess

MM: oh I got a new teddy bear, do you wanna see?

NY: yes!!


Sana and Mina sing their lungs out, using the paint brushes as microphones. They’ve been painting the living room since the morning, still on their pjs and stopping every now and then to fight over who gets to choose the music. 

They start to dance, Sana takes Mina’s hand and makes her spin in circles, then pulls her close. Sana paints Mina’s cheek Bloody Red and they break down in a fit of laughter. 

Setting their brushes aside, they lay on the cool floor together, with Mina resting her head on Sana’s bicep while Sana plays with the ends of Mina’s hair.

“I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.” Mina confesses shyly, resting a hand on Sana’s chest and looking up at her with glossy eyes from the tears of laughing so much. “I don’t think I ever did, actually.”

Sana caresses Mina’s cheek, running her thumb over her soft skin. “I love you.” She whispers, very quietly, worried of moving too fast. 

Mina’s eyes light up and she leans in to kiss Sana. They both smile into the kiss. In the same whispering tone, Mina replies “I love you, too.”


A slam on the table makes Momo flinch and spill her cereal. 

“What the—”

Jihyo is seething, red faced and with a deep deep frown. She’s holding Momo’s phone with a death grip.

Can you sneak out? No, I will get caught. ” Jihyo reads out loud, making Momo wince. “ Sana wanted a double date. Sorry I’d like to but we’re doing extensive searches every day, sad face . Seriously Momo?”

“Jihyo, I…”

Tzuyu, who was sitting next to Momo, is speechless, looking between her two partners trying to understand. 

“You’re texting with Sana’s sidekick like you’re the best of friends. Flirting . You know where Mina is!”

“I don’t!”

“You know where they are! You lied to me, to us… I thought we were friends. What happened to loyalty?”

Momo’s breath gets heavier due to the nerves rising up in her throat. “Don’t do that! That’s the same thing Mina did when she left. Oh Momo we’re friends, please don’t tell on me . You can’t be making me choose sides like this!”

“Get the IP of Nayeon’s contact.” Jihyo tells Tzuyu and passes her the phone. “We’re going there as soon as we have it.”

Jihyo sends Momo one last glare. “We’ll see what we do with you when we get Mina back.”



Sana has never been so happy. Not even when she stole her first bank, or when she and Nayeon bought that island in the Caribbean. She never thought she’d be so happy, in her own room, lying in bed. Of course it’s all thanks to Mina. 

They’ve been together for two weeks now, and every single minute has been the best of Sana’s life. 

Mina is asleep on Sana’s chest, snoring cutely. Sana can’t take her eyes off her. 

Sana strokes her hair and kisses her forehead lovingly. Nayeon has been scowling at her, saying that they haven’t even done anything evil since Mina came around. But Sana can’t find it in her to go out when she has Mina right there. 

Unfortunately, the night will end there. 

There’s a muffled explosion sound, and Sana carefully moves Mina from her chest to sit up and listen attentively. Mina wakes up groggily, confused. 

They don’t have much more time to react before there’s footsteps coming down the hallway and Sana’s door is being kicked open. 

Jihyo’s hurt expression is something Mina will never forget. She’s not just hurt, she’s angry, and Mina knows she’s sad too. 


Mina is so overwhelmed starts tearing up. Jihyo scoffs and lowers her head, she can’t stand to look at Mina right now. Momo and Tzuyu are behind her. Momo looks sorry, and Tzuyu just looks annoyed. 

“Jihyo, I can explain.”

“Save it. Do you have any idea how much we’ve looked for you? I ran out of gas grenades blowing shit up trying to find you. And you’re here sleeping with the enemy.”

“She’s not— not the enemy…”

“Did you brainwash her?” Jihyo laughs humorlessly, addressing Sana as if she wasn’t scared of her weeks ago. 

Sana stands up from the bed and stands in between Mina and the debs defensively. 

“Who are you to monitor what she does and doesn’t do?”

“Her fucking captain, that’s who I am. And her goddamn best friend. I was, at least.” 


“Seriously Mina, shut up.” 

“Sana, what—” Nayeon walks into the room and sees what's going on. She tries to make eye contact with Momo, but the deb is basically hiding in a corner. “The fuck?”

Nayeon lifts up the light switch next to the door frame and reveals a big red button. 

“I’m gonna blow the place up.”

“Nayeon, don’t.” Sana sighs, defeated. 

Mina gets up too and tries to get close to Jihyo, but her friend pushes her away. 

“What am I supposed to tell the superiors, huh? That we blew the budget and you were here playing house with Minatozaki? What do you think is gonna happen to us now, Mina? I can’t believe you are this selfish.”

“Stop talking to her like that.” Sana growls, taking some steps forward. “She doesn't owe you shit, she can decide for herself.”

“You’re right, she can.” Jihyo looks at Sana with a scowl full of poison. “So, Mina, what is it gonna be? You come back home with us so we can look for a solution and go on like nothing happened, or do you want to stay with her?”

Mina lowers her head and covers her mouth as the tears begin to flow. She now realizes how reckless she’s been. She had made a promise to her friends that she would be by their side no matter what. They had a duty, and Mina couldn’t just forget about it, no matter how much she wanted to.

“Mina…” Sana tries to reach for her hand, but Mina moves it away.

“I’m sorry, Sana.”


DEBS DORMS - [08:00 PM]

“...And that’s how Park Jihyo fought Minatozaki Sana in a brutal battle, only to save her dearest friend Myoui Mina, who had been a victim to Minatozaki’s evil, twisted mind games. Park will be awarded with the DEB of the year award during graduation in two weeks. And remember, we can always count on the debs to save the day.”

Mina turns off the TV and buries her face in her pillow. It’s been a week since she was “rescued” and she hasn’t stopped feeling like shit. How can she, when she left Sana in the blink of an eye? First she betrayed her friends, and then she betrayed the girl she loved. What a coward.  

Sana hasn’t tried to contact her since that night, which makes Mina feel disappointed and sad. Of course she understands, Sana is gonna be better off with someone who doesn’t turn on her so fast. But Mina misses Sana, and she thought she’d at least try to see her one more time so they could talk. 

Mina rolls around in bed, trying to keep the tears at bay. 



Nayeon sighs and puts her hands on her hips. She’s on the door of Sana’s room, where her friend is bundled up in a million blankets with used tissues lying around her.

“Can you please stop crying? It looks terrible on you.” Nayeon sits on the edge of the bed and pulls the covers down to take a look at Sana. “Ugh, you’re all puffy and red,” She reaches for a box of tissues on the bedside table. “Here, clean your damn nose.”

“I miss her.” Sana whines and seconds later, she’s crying again. 

Nayeon curses the day she agreed to help Sana with Mina.

“There, there. Evil criminals don’t cry.”

“I’m not evil. She didn’t think I was…” Sana cries, sobbing pathetically.

Nayeon pushes Sana to make space in the bed. She lies down on top of the covers, awkwardly throwing an arm over Sana to try to comfort her.

“So show her.”

Between sniffles, Sana asks “What do you mean?”

“If she doesn’t think you’re evil, then show her you’re not. Show her and her stupid friends. Be good instead. Kind.”

Sana scrunches her face a little at the thought.

“Do you think I can do that?”

“Well… you can start by being not evil. I think that should be enough.”

Sana roughly wipes her red nose with a tissue and dries her tears with the same one, making Nayeon look at her with disgust. 

“Will you help me?” 

Sana sounds little, almost innocent. It reminds Nayeon of when they first met when they were young teens. 

Sigh. “What kind of sidekick would I be if I didn’t?”



Jihyo frowns when she opens the morning paper.

Famous painting returned to the museum! It appeared back overnight along with a precious diamond that went missing years ago.


Momo checks her phone under the desk during one of her classes, bored out of her mind. An article catches her attention.

Minatozaki leaving crime behind? Millions of dollars returned to the bank with a sorry note and a tray of cookies.


Tzuyu is buying cigarettes in a corner store. The news is displaying a picture of Sana and Nayeon smiling awkwardly next to a kangaroo, trying to hug it with a poorly edited heart surrounding them.

Australia <3 MinatozakIm! Previous evil duo has donated a million to local australian wildlife! 


Mina sits in her room, staring out her window which now has metal bars to prevent her from escaping. She’s just looking at the moon, but a weird shape flying through the sky gets her attention. Mina grabs a pair of binoculars and zooms in on it. 

Mina chuckles a little and feels her heart warm up. Projected against the clouds is a red heart shaped sign.




Mina sighs longingly. Sana still cares for her despite it all. She bites her lip, wondering what she is supposed to do. 



“I’m nervous…” Sana confesses while Nayeon fixes her tie for her. Nayeon gives an extra hard tug, making Sana glare at her.

“I’m gonna choke you with this tie if you don’t stop. You’ve got this.”

This is Sana’s last attempt at winning Mina back. If things don’t go well, she might just go underground and stay there forever.


“I’m nervous.” Mina tells Momo in a whisper. They’re in the backseat of their car, on the way to their graduation ceremony where Jihyo will receive her award. Mina is supposed to give a speech about how brave Jihyo was and how terrible Sana is, but she doesn’t think she can do it. 


“Are you sure this is gonna work?”

“No,” Nayeon chuckles. She parks the car around the building, outside of the backdoor. Nayeon fixes her own tie on the rearview mirror and then grabs a gun. She loads it and smiles at Sana. “Just act natural. There’s always plan B.” 


“God, she sounds so cold hearted…” 

“I’m so glad Jihyo was there to save me.” Mina says for the nth time that night. She gulps down her spiked punch while this girl she doesn't even know goes on about how bad Sana is. She doesn’t know Sana at all .


“I can’t believe these people are the country's best spies.” Nayeon makes a face, looking at the crowd of students in front of them. 

Getting inside the venue was almost too easy, they just walked straight in and now there’s standing with the general crowd, facing the stage. Not a single person stopped to look at them.

When Mina gets on stage, Sana dramatically gasps and holds onto Nayeon’s forearm tightly. Nayeon clicks her tongue and yanks her arm away, frowning at Sana. But Sana doesn’t pay her any mind, she’s too busy looking at Mina like she put the stars in the sky. 

Mina awkwardly taps the microphone, getting people’s attention. 

She fidgets in place with the cards she’s holding. She clears her throat and begins.

“As you all know, I was kidnapped by a dangerous criminal not long ago. Not just any criminal, but Minatozaki Sana herself.”

Everyone gasps as if they didn’t know that already. Sana frowns a little hearing Mina’s words.

“The days I spent in the… evil clutches of Minatozaki…” Mina looks at the cards confused. She glances to the side of the stage, probably looking for an explanation, and then looks back to the front. “Uh, those days were full of pain and suffering. I thought I was never gonna make it out of there, and had it not been for Jihyo, who knows what would’ve happened.”

“Sana…” Nayeon tries to get her to leave, but Sana doesn’t budge.


Mina looks like she’s having a hard time up on the stage. She lowers her head and shuffles through the cards.

“Sorry, I can’t. This is all bullshit.”

The crowd gasps again. Sana slowly starts walking forward. Mina still hasn’t seen her, and Sana feels like her heart is gonna beat out of her chest.

“None of you know the first thing about Sana. She’s not what you make her out to be. She’s made some mistakes, sure, but who hasn’t… And she’s changed for good, I really believe that. I loved my time with Sana and I would do it all over again if I had the chance.”

Mina and Sana cross stares. Mina gasps a little, blinking away the surprise of seeing Sana. She looks dazzling, brown hair cascading down her shoulders and wearing an expensive looking suit. 

“You do have it,” Sana raises her voice so Mina will hear her. It gets everyone’s attention, all the heads turning to look at Sana. “I’d give you a million chances.”

“For fucks sake.” Nayeon takes out her gun and starts shooting at the ceiling. Everyone starts screaming and running away. Nayeon hit all the fire sprinkles, so now it’s raining in the venue. 

Mina wants to run towards Sana, but someone stops her, grabbing her wrist. It’s Jihyo, looking at her angrily. 

“Mina, are you seriously gonna leave with her again?” 

Mina stares at her once best friend and then glances behind her shoulder, where Momo and Tzuyu are covering themselves from the water. Tzuyu only shrugs, while Momo gives her an encouraging look. 

“Thanks for everything, Ji. I hope we’ll meet again some day.”

Mina frees herself from Jihyo’s grasp and begins walking away. As she goes, her smile begins to grow and her steps get quicker. 

Sana looks at her with a big smile and shiny eyes. Mina starts running towards Sana and they meet halfway. Sana picks Mina up and spins her around in a hug. Neither cares about getting soaked, all they want is to be together again.

“Please forgive me.” Sana mumbles, eyes shut and arms wrapped tightly around Mina’s waist.  

“There’s nothing to forgive. I should be the one being sorry. I shouldn’t have left you so easily.”

“What matters is that we’re here now.” Sana shakes her head and cups Mina’s face. “You look beautiful. And I missed you.”

Mina blushes and bites her lip in a smile.

“I missed you too.” 

Sana can’t resist anymore. She kisses Mina with all her love, making Mina go weak at the knees. She missed the feeling of being in Sana’s arms and thought she’d never have it back.

Nayeon breaks their moment by clearing her throat. She’s using her suit jacket to protect herself from the water. “Sorry to interrupt, but in case you haven’t heard, the cops are outside. Like, the real cops.”

Sana and Mina look at each other for a second and then smile at the same time. They each take out their guns and laugh in unison.


They let Nayeon drive away to make the cops think they’re with her, and instead they leave in a very Sana way, jumping off the roof. 

“Hold on tight, love.” Sana picks Mina up and together they jump. 

The landing is a bit rough, Sana surely scraped her knees, but they don’t really care at that moment. 

They run down the street hand in hand, soaked to the bone but happier than ever. 

They’ll probably have to hide for a while, maybe change their names or dye their hair, but as long as they’re together, they know they’ll be ok.