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“Lix, where’s the remote?” Changbin glanced at the dark TV. The show he wanted to watch was just about to come on and the remote was nowhere to be found.


Felix trotted into the living room, a short white skirt fluttering around him. He tended to wear skirts around the apartment and it drove his roommate insane. Everytime he wore one, Changbin had to restrain himself from grabbing onto his thin waist or beautifully tan thighs on display. It didn’t help that Felix wore an oversized hoodie with a cute cartoon chick on the front, winking at Changbin as if to tease him about how much Changbin wanted to ravage his roommate. However, Felix was one of the sweetest, most pure and innocent people he had ever met and Changbin just couldn’t bring himself to corrupt him. But that didn’t stop himself from having a heart attack nearly every single day he lived with the adorable blond.


“Hmm, I’m not sure,” Felix swept his vision around the room, looking for the pesky piece of black plastic.


“I can’t remember where we last put it,” Changbin looked between the couch cushions as Felix knelt down to look under the couch.


“Oh, it’s right here!” Felix called out, reaching his hand under to get the remote. Changbin backed away from the couch to give him more room but instantly regretted it.


Felix had gotten down on his knees and bent forward to try and reach the remote that was far back under the couch. The way his legs were positioned and his front was pressed onto the ground made his ass stick into the air but that was only half of what was making Changbin’s mouth water. Felix’s skirt was short and, for reasons Changbin did not want to think about, he was wearing a pair of white lacy panties.


“Man, it’s really back there,” Felix’s muffled voice came from where he was bent down as he reached further. 


“Y-yeah, I guess it is,” Changbin weakly swallowed, eyes glued to the tan curve of Felix’s ass. The only thing running through his mind was, don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a boner .


Felix huffed in frustration before adjusting his position. He spread his knees, lowering his body down to try and get closer to the remote. Changbin watched, transfixed as Felix’s thighs slowly spread, getting an eyeful of even more of his ass.


Don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a b-






Changbin heard the door open and sluggishly turned his head towards it. Felix walked in, lugging a duffle bag on his shoulder. He stopped at the doorway, hit by the wall of heat that was their apartment.


"Holy- what happened?" Felix pulled the collar of his shirt away, sweat already forming on his skin.


“The AC went out,” Changbin groaned, “They said it’ll probably be out for a few more hours.”


“I’m going to die,” Felix closed the door and dragged his feet to his room.


Changbin had already changed into some shorts and a black muscle tee. He was almost tempted to forgo the shirt, but he refrained, the thought of going shirtless around Felix making his face heat up. All day, he just sat in the living room, window wide open in an attempt to bring in even the slightest bit of a breeze.


Changbin was sitting there, about to lose his mind from the heat, when Felix walked back into the living room. If the heat didn’t take Changbin out, Felix definitely would. His best efforts to repel the heat was a loose light blue crop top and a short, bright plaid skirt. The pretty multicolored fabric fluttered around his legs as he trotted over to Changbin.


“Going from the dance studio to this is not the most pleasant experience,” Felix grumbled, plopping down onto the opposite side of the couch from Changbin.


The older just chuckled weakly, forcing his eyes not to linger on Felix’s defined abs.


“It’s so hot,” Felix moaned, “Do we have any ice cream?”


“I think so,” Changbin got up and headed to their fridge, opening up the freezer to see what he could find. “Ugh, we only have watermelon popsicles. I’ll pass.”


“Get me one please!” 


Changbin pulled one of them out of the box and put the rest back into the freezer, walking back to the couch.


“Thank you!” Felix chirped, accepting the cold treat as Changbin plopped back down. Felix ripped open the package and pulled out the popsicle, smiling at it before giving it a lick.


“Man, this really hits the spot,” Felix sighed, licking the tip more before wrapping his lips around it.


Fuck . Changbin was not going to survive if Felix kept doing that.


Felix fluttered his eyes shut, basking in the refreshing feeling. He pushed the popsicle further into his mouth before letting out a satisfied moan. Changbin sat there, blinking at Felix as he licked around the red popsicle. Heat flushed over his face as Felix made happy little sounds, muffled with the object lodged in his mouth.


Felix leaned back a little, tilting his head back before pushing the popsicle further into his mouth, definitely reaching his throat at this point. Changbin unconsciously bit his lip, eyes glued onto the shining red around his lips. The heat of the apartment quickly melted the popsicle, making lines of red drip out of the corners of Felix’s mouth.


Before he knew it, Felix was pushing the entire popsicle into his mouth. Changbin swore he could see where it slid into his throat. Felix’s head tilted back just far enough for him to see it move with every push. Changbin felt his pants tighten just slightly but all he could focus on was the way the frozen juice slipped against Felix’s plush lips.


Felix pulled the popsicle out of his mouth with a pop, snapping Changbin out of whatever trance he was in.


“Aww, it got everywhere,” Felix pouted, swiping at the juice now staining his chin. He brought his red covered fingers to his mouth, sticking two of them in. He sucked on them before taking them out and running his tongue over them. He tried to clean himself up as best as he could but he still ended up sticky, covered in spit and juice. A few drops even ended up on Felix’s thighs, taunting Changbin from where they sat, glimmering like dots of rubies.


“Ugh, it’s melting too fast,” he grumbled, sticking the dripping popsicle into his mouth. He quickly finished off the rest of it, holding the now bare stick between his sticky fingers.


Changbin swallowed thickly, the room feeling ten times hotter. The way the juice-spit mixture glistened around his mouth and down his chin made Changbin’s stomach clench and his heart race.


“I’m gonna go clean up,” Felix smiled at Changbin, getting up to head to the bathroom. Changbin just numbly nodded, his eyes still trailing after him. 


After Felix was out of sight, Changbin let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. His face was definitely red, burning with the dirty thoughts he had from simply watching his roommate eat a popsicle. He looked down only to be faced with something very obviously sticking up inside his shorts.





A couple days later, both Changbin and Felix were sitting on the couch, a movie playing on the TV. Ever so often they had movie nights. When both of them were free, yet too tired to go out, they put on a movie and fell asleep together on the couch.


The movie playing at the moment was some cheesy romcom that Felix had requested. Not even 20 minutes into the film, Felix was already starting to yawn. Changbin glanced over at him to see sleepy eyes blinking slowly towards the glowing screen.


“Hey, if you’re tired you can go sleep,” Changbin suggested after Felix’s fifth yawn. The younger looked at him with teary eyes, clearly exhausted.


“No, I’m fine,” Felix managed to get out before another yawn cut off anything else he was going to say.


An idea popped into Changbin’s head and, before his rationality could kick in, he blurted out, “You can put your head in my lap.”


A second of silence passed. Changbin was starting to think he majorly screwed up but Felix nodded, stifling another yawn. He laid down, maneuvering his body so that he could comfortably rest his head on Changbin’s thighs.


Changbin’s heart rate picked up when he looked down to see Felix’s head in his lap. A dozen dirty thoughts whizzed through his head before he had the sense to stomp them out. He simply grit his teeth and turned his attention back to the movie.


A couple minutes later, things were going quite swimmingly. Felix laid still on the couch, presumably asleep, as the plot of the movie picked up. Changbin had to admit that the terribly cheesy romcom was pretty interesting, and he could see why Felix enjoyed it. The female lead was just about to confess her love for the other lead when suddenly Felix murmured something from where he was laying.


Changbin glanced down to see Felix shift around before completely flipping over, his nose now mere inches from his crotch. Changbin held his breath, looking down at Felix’s peaceful sleeping face. After a second he almost relaxed, but Felix suddenly shifted again, moving closer to Changbin.


This was bad. Changbin didn’t want to wake Felix up but at the same time he didn’t want Felix to get too close. One wrong move and he was done for. He nervously placed his hand on Felix’s head to maybe try and gently move him but that backfired horribly.


Instead of guiding his head away, Felix murmured something and nuzzled closer, now touching Changbin’s crotch with his nose. Changbin internally screamed, body freezing as he felt Felix brush against his dick.


“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” he whispered under his breath, eyes widening when Felix hummed. He waited to see if he had woken up but Felix just gave a little sigh and stayed asleep. Unfortunately, Changbin felt that slight puff of air and his dick automatically twitched.


Changbin took a deep breath. This was going to be fine. He just had to stay still and all would be good. There were only about 30 minutes left of the movie and as long as nothing else happened, everything would turn out okay.


Of course, nothing ever plays in Changbin’s favor.


Changbin was doing a pretty good job at pretending like Felix’s face wasn’t almost stuffed into his crotch but Felix shifted and Changbin had to suppress a groan. He moved his face forward, now actually pressing his face against Changbin’s dick. 


Changbin bit his lip, getting hard embarrassingly fast. Felix grumbled something and practically nuzzled into Changbin’s lap, rubbing against his hard on. Never in his life did Changbin think he was going to be put in this type of situation but here he was, trying not to burst from having his sleeping roommate’s face pushed into his crotch.


Changbin gripped onto the couch when Felix started to mumble something, the vibrations shooting pleasure through his body. He tried to take deep breaths and ignore him but Felix was awfully fidgety in his sleep.


His now fully and painfully hard dick was pressed square into Felix’s face. He could feel himself leaking in his underwear, the bits of stimulation driving him crazy. He desperately tried to pay attention to the last 15 or so minutes of the movie but at this point, it was impossible.


Felix was practically nuzzling into Changbin’s hard cock and all he could do was sit there and try not to moan too loudly. He didn’t even know what was going on in the movie anymore, the cheesy dialogue just white noise at this point.


A few more minutes passed before Felix’s body shifted a little bit more and he mumbled something a little louder. He slowly rolled over to bury his face in Changbin’s thighs, groaning. Changbin breathed a sigh of relief, finally not hyper aware of the pressure on his dick.


Felix turned back around, blinking up at the ceiling. “I fell asleep for the whole movie didn’t I? I’m sorry.” He rubbed his eyes.


“It’s alright,” Changbin gave him a little pat on the head, “It was a pretty good movie.”


“You liked it?” Felix beamed, scrambling up to sit. “Wasn’t the ending amazing?”


“Y-yeah!” Changbin chuckled, desperately trying to remember the ending.


“Oh my gosh, when they confessed to each other!” Felix clutched his hand over his heart.


“Yeah, super romantic,” Changbin grinned at Felix dramatically draping himself over the couch.


Felix sighed before coming back to reality. “Oh man, it’s already so late.”


Changbin hummed, looking down. He quickly tugged his shirt down, covering the very prominent bulge in his pants. If Felix noticed, he didn’t say, instead opting to get up and stretch his arms over his head.


“I’m gonna head to my room, good night!” Felix smiled at Changbin.


Changbin bid him a good night and they separated, making their ways to their respective rooms. As the door shut behind him, Changbin glanced at the box of tissues sitting on his bedside table. He again looked down at the bulge in his pants and sighed, walking over to grab some tissues.



Changbin sat on the couch, scrolling through his phone. He was humming a soft melody to himself when Felix walked in through the door, bags of groceries in his hands.


“You need help with that, Lix?” Changbin asked, looking up from his phone.


“No, I got it!” Felix chirped back, trotting over to the kitchen. He rustled around in there, putting his things away and Changbin turned his attention back to his phone. Soon Felix emerged from the kitchen, bearing a blue bottle in his hands.


“I found this new yogurt drink that looked really good!” Felix smiled as he plopped down on the couch, “It’s supposed to be good for your stomach.”


Changbin hummed, glancing up at Felix before looking back down at his phone. He looked back up in worry just a few seconds later when he heard Felix sputter and lightly cough. When his eyes came to rest on Felix’s face, he almost wished he hadn’t looked up.


Felix sat there, thick white liquid dripping down his face. Clearly he had overshot tipping the bottle back, the yogurt drink spilling over his lips and down his chin, dripping onto his shirt.


“Oh no,” Felix pouted, swiping at the substance all over his mouth. He looked at his covered fingers and seemed to contemplate something before he brought them to his mouth, licking at them before sliding them into his mouth.


Changbin’s eyes widened, focused intensely on the two fingers slipping into Felix’s mouth. The temperature in the room skyrocketed, Changbin’s face heating up as Felix’s eyes fluttered shut. He felt like he should look away but he was mesmerized, not able to tear his gaze from the sight in front of him.


Felix just pumped the two fingers into his mouth until they were licked clean. He then scooped up more of the yogurt off of his chin and pushed his fingers back into his mouth. A little sound came from his mouth and Changbin was officially a goner.


Internally he lamented his choice to wear grey sweatpants as he felt them tighten considerably. He didn't even look down to check how obvious it was, eyes locked onto Felix now licking at his fingers.


His eyes followed as Felix dragged his tongue up along his fingers before pushing them past his lips. Changbin wasn't sure how much time had passed. All he knew was that eventually Felix pulled his hand away with a pop and opened his eyes, looking at Changbin with a smile.


Wordlessly Felix sauntered to his room, presumably to head to his bathroom to finish cleaning up. He wasn't sure if it was his hazy, horny brain but Changbin swore Felix swayed his hips with every step.


Changbin trudged back to his own room, closing his door with a sigh. He looked down at his crotch, glaring at the clear outline of his dick. With another sigh he brought his hand down to grab it, palming himself over his sweatpants.


Another day, another jack off session in the shower as he tried and failed not to imagine his roommate on his knees.



“Changbin, I feel really stiff. Could you give me a massage?” Felix rubbed at his shoulder, peeking his head out of his room.


“Sure,” Changbin set the glass of water he was drinking down on the table and followed Felix into his room.


A few days had passed since the yogurt incident (as Changbin liked to call it) and surprisingly he had been able to breathe a little easier for the past few days. Felix didn’t do anything that made Changbin nearly burst a blood vessel and he wasn’t sure whether that was a blessing or a curse. All he knew was that his dick could finally catch a break.


“I’m not sure what I did,” Felix murmured, climbing onto the bed to lay face down, “but my back and neck are killing me.”


Changbin gulped as he watched Felix lay down. They’ve given each other massages before but giving Felix a massage while he wears a skirt is definitely a new experience. He could just see the curve of his ass right as it got hidden by the black fabric and Changbin felt his cheeks heat up. He debated what to do before sighing, climbing onto the bed to straddle the backs of Felix’s thighs. The thin hoodie that Felix had on wasn’t the most comfortable to massage over but Changbin didn’t think he would survive if he asked him to take it off so he just beared with it.


He got to work on Felix’s shoulders and neck, slowly digging his fingers into the tight flesh. Felix let out a groan, melting into the covers as Changbin worked away the knots in his neck. 


Changbin slowly made his way down the back of Felix's neck and out to his shoulders, focusing on the stiff muscles right above his shoulder blades. As he pressed into a particularly hard spot, Felix let out a deep groan, tensing his hands into the bedsheets.


"H-harder," Felix panted out, "feels good."


Changbin pretended like he didn't just feel his dick twitch in his pants and just kneaded harder. He decided to move down to Felix's back, slowly rubbing into the muscles to loosen them up. Felix let out a series of moans and groans that had Changbin's face heating up.


Surely Felix knew what kinds of sounds he was letting out. In all the other times he had given him a massage, Felix kept his sensual sounds to a minimum. Then again, this is the same man that had deep throated a popsicle in front of Changbin so maybe he really was just that oblivious.


Changbin moved onto his lower back and he almost felt like the air was knocked out of his lungs. Felix's deep moans shifted into high pitched whines, his fingers curling into the sheets


Yeah, Changbin doubted he was going to survive this massage session. Trying his best to ignore the now prominent bulge straining in his pants, he pressed harder into Felix's back. A strangled noise escaped Felix's mouth and his body tensed, the pressure on his lower back refreshing yet painful. 


Changbin froze. Felix's tensed body shifted his ass up, pressing himself into Changbin’s little problem. He was almost definitely sure that Felix could feel his hard cock pressed between his cheeks. A moment of silence passed through and Changbin was afraid that he had messed up. He was about to jump up and profusely apologize when suddenly Felix pressed himself harder into Changbin’s crotch.


“Keep going,” Felix nearly purred, slightly wiggling his hips back.


Changbin gulped and returned his hands to Felix’s back.


Felix giggled, “Not that.” He reached behind and slowly pulled the hem of his skirt up, revealing a sliver of black lace.


Heat rushed to Changbin’s face as he stared at the newly exposed skin. He gave his hips an experimental roll and bit back a groan. Felix hummed underneath him, trying to match his slow rhythm. Changbin ghosted his fingers along the hem of his skirt, thumbing at the fabric still covering the majority of Felix’s ass.


“Can I?” He asked, almost coming out as a whisper.


“You can do whatever you want,” Felix grinned.


Slowly Changbin flipped the rest of the skirt up, exposing his lace underwear. His breath caught in his throat when he saw that he was wearing the kind that had the butt cut out, framing his ass perfectly. The negative space made a sort of heart shape, the lace dancing around the soft curves of his ass.


“Fuck,” Changbin breathed out, hands gripping onto the soft flesh in front of him.


Felix giggled, clearly enjoying the crisis that Changbin was going through, “Open my top drawer.”


Changbin quickly clambered off of Felix and went to his bedside table as Felix sat up. In the drawer was a bottle of lube, some condoms, and some sex toys. Changbin didn't dare entertain the idea of Felix using those toys with him right down the hall. He grabbed the lube and a condom but was stopped by Felix’s outstretched hand.


“Are you clean?”


Changbin nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment.


“Good, so am I,” he promptly plucked the condom from Changbin’s hand and tossed it aside. He stood up, leaning into Changbin’s ear, “I want to feel all of you.”


Changbin never felt his dick throb like it did at that single sentence.


“Oh, and grab the plug too, the blue one,” Felix booped Changbin on the nose before returning to lay down on the bed.


Changbin rummaged around the drawer and pulled out a light blue plug. He quickly climbed back onto the bed, setting between Felix’s legs.


He gazed down at his wide, sparkly eyes. "Can I kiss you?" Changbin breathed out. 


Felix looked up, beautiful blonde hair fanning out onto the pillow and cheeks flushed. He nodded, barely able to finish before Changbin swooped down, pressing his mouth against his.


Felix whimpered into the kiss, curling his fingers into Changbin’s hair. The kiss started off chaste but quickly dissolved into needy, desperate licks and bites. Felix’s fingers curled into Changbin’s hair, tugging lightly.


Eventually Changbin broke the kiss, trailing some more down his jaw before reaching over to grab the lube. He coated his fingers, warming the slippery substance as he pushed a pillow under Felix's hips. He guided Felix's legs to bend towards his chest, exposing his tight hole.


Slowly Changbin pushed a finger in, massaging his thigh with his other hand. Felix gasped at the intrusion and bit his lip. Changbin eased the finger in and out before slipping a second one in. He worked his way to three fingers before pulling his hand away. He quickly pulled his clothes off, tossing them haphazardly onto the floor.


Felix gazed at his newly exposed skin, lingering over his chest and arms before landing on the large appendage between his legs. Changbin smirked as he saw Felix stare at his crotch.


Felix was panting hard, neglected dick straining against its cage of lace. "Please, hurry," he breathed out, growing more and more impatient.


Changbin pressed Felix's legs back once again, dragging a finger along his fluttering hole. Felix whined, begging Changbin to hurry up.


Changbin relented, coating himself before pressing the head of his cock against Felix's entrance. He guided himself forward and gasped as his head finally popped in. Felix let out a high pitched whine, egging him on.


"Fuck, you're so tight," Changbin gasped out, slowly pushing in.


"You're just so big," Felix murmured, spreading his legs more.


Changbin smirked and quickly bottomed out, Felix’s statement definitely stroking his ego. He captured Felix's lips in another kiss, slowly grinding his hips into him as he palmed his cock over his underwear. Changbin trailed his finger along the edges of lace, following the curve of his ass as he waited for Felix to adjust.


Eventually Felix gave the go ahead and Changbin pulled his hips back and slowly pushed in, eliciting a groan from both of them.


"Harder," Felix whined after Changbin set a steady pace, "I'm not gonna break. I'm not fragile."


"You sure?" Changbin asked, thrusting a little harder.


"Yes, please," Felix gripped onto the bed sheets as Changbin picked up the pace, now slamming into him.


Changbin kissed him hard before trailing bites down his throat. He pushed his legs further up and apart, marveling at Felix's flexibility.


A string of low curses and high pitched whines came from Felix as he gripped onto the bed sheets. He had his eyes screwed shut, focused entirely on the waves of pleasure crashing over his body.


The bed creaked and shook and Changbin hoped that the downstairs neighbor wasn't doing anything important. 


Changbin let Felix's legs drop to the sides, giving him access to kiss him, nipping at his lips and licking into his mouth. Felix grabbed onto Changbin’s hair, tugging at it lightly with every harsh thrust that jerked him forward.


"Fuck, you're so hot," Changbin groaned as he grabbed one of Felix's legs and hooked it onto his shoulder.


Felix threw his head back, crying out at the new angle. "R-right there! You're- ah! So deep!"


Changbin grabbed onto Felix’s hips and pulled him back to meet his thrusts. Felix basked in the feeling of being jerked around, loving every second of it.


"I-I'm close!" Felix warned, feeling the warmth of arousal tighten in his stomach.


Changbin quickened his thrusts as he palmed Felix's leaking cock. Felix's body jerked at the new friction, crying out even louder as he spilled all over his skirt.


"Aw, sensitive baby," Changbin cooed. He looked down at Felix's disheveled state, Skirt flipped up and hoodie pushed up to his chest. His panties were soaked in precum, cum, and lube, probably ruining them. 


Changbin was looking at the white cum that stood out against his black skirt when he suddenly felt Felix clench down on him. He bit back a groan before looking up at Felix curiously.


"Cum inside me," Felix looked at him with sparkling eyes, "Please."


Changbin nearly blew his load right then and there. Felix looking up at him with big eyes affected him more than he'd like to admit. He started his pace back up and soon he was slamming into Felix relentlessly.


Felix gasped at the overstimulation, the pain mixing with pleasure making his head fuzzy. Changbin drove himself closer and closer to the edge, slamming into Felix repeatedly to reach his high. Soon he gave a loud gasp, thrusting in deep one last time before spilling into him.


They both panted hard, Changbin pressing soft kisses onto Felix's neck.


Eventually Changbin sat back, carefully as to not pull out, and looked down at Felix’s wrecked form. His hair was a mess, his clothes were crumpled, and there was a shine of sweat, as well as other fluids, all over him.


Felix reached over and grabbed the blue plug that Changbin had gotten earlier as well as the bottle of lube. He poured a bit of the slick substance onto the plug before handing it to Changbin. 


"Put it in, I wanna keep your cum inside."


Changbin blushed hard. The nonchalance of such a lewd act coming from Felix nearly gave him whiplash. He grabbed the plug and pulled out, quickly replacing his dick with the toy before anything could leak out.


Changbin then went to the bathroom to clean himself up before walking out with a warm, wet towel. He walked over to Felix and pulled his soiled clothes off, wiping away any extra sticky fluid. 


"You want anything to wear?" Changbin tossed the wet towel onto their heap of clothes. Felix shook his head, reaching out for Changbin. He didn't even bother putting any clothes on either and just climbed into bed, snuggling up to Felix.


"You could have fooled me," Changbin said softly, "I really thought you were just doing all that without knowing how much it affected me."


Felix giggled, "I liked seeing you try and hide your obvious boners. Although I really do appreciate you trying to restrain yourself, I really was running out of ideas."


Changbin chuckled, wrapping his arms around Felix. They both closed their eyes, breaths evening out as exhaustion hit them.