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"Baz! Your Hair!"

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Baz : Bunce. I need your help.

Penelope : Sure. What?

Baz : I need you to break a curse.

Penelope : Huh, what is it? What’s wrong? Why can’t you do it yourself?

Baz : It’s

Baz : complicated

Penelope : What is it Baz?


“Hey Penny, who are you talking to?” I asked. I was sprawled across the couch with a plate of cherry scones on the low coffee table. I watch Penelope type furiously on her mobile.

Penelope : Should I tell Simon?

Baz : No. Do not tell Snow.

Penelope : Is it bad?


No reply.


Penelope : I need you to tell me what the spell is. Did you cast it yourself?

Penelope : Baz?


“Hey Penelope. Who are you talking to?” I asked again.

She barely looked at me. “None of your business.”

“Well have you heard from Baz? He hasn’t messaged to tell me that he’s back.”

“He’s fine,” she said without looking up from her mobile.

I sit up abruptly. “What!? Has he called?”

She finally looks at me. “I’m sure he’s fine. Baz can handle himself. He only went to see his family. How harmful can that be?”

“They’re the Pitches Penny. They’re evil.” How much trouble could Baz get into. “Come on. His family has been plotting my downfall since they found out about me.” My tail is swishing now. It does that when I get agitated.

“Well they aren’t now, and Baz isn’t you, Simon.”

“What if he was kidnaped? Again!”

“Baz wasn’t kidnaped.” she sounds a little exasperated.


Penelope : You haven’t been kidnaped. Have you?

Baz : No.

Penelope : Have you talked to Simon? He seems to be freaking out a little.


My mobile beeps from where it sits on the coffee table. I lean over and grab for it. I turn it on and see that Baz has messaged me


Baz: I’m back Snow. Don’t fret about me.

Simon: Have you been kidnaped? 

Baz: No Snow. I’m fine. Don’t be such an idiot.

Simon: Are you coming over here?

Baz: I’m unpacking.

Simon: Oh.


“Baz is back, he’s fine,” I inform Penny. 

“Oh, I told you so.”


Penelope : I need to have more information if I am to help you.

Baz : Ok. Mordelia may have cast a spell on me while I was sleeping, but she doesn’t remember how it goes and doesn’t know a counter spell. So far the spell is not wearing off.

Penelope : Baz, you're leaving me hanging.

Baz : Well, she messed with my hair.

Penelope : What did she do?

Baz : She changed with the color.

Penelope : Ok, so I need you to come over here so that I can try some things on the spell.

Baz : I can’t. Simon is there.

Penelope : Don’t worry, he’s busy.


“Simon? What are you doing for dinner?” askes Penny suddenly.

I look at her and shrug. “I duno. Leftovers?”

“Well I was wondering about getting take out curry.”

“That sounds fine. Do you want me to go and pick it up?”

“Yeah. I’ll order it in. Could you go get it? I was thinking about getting it from the place that is fifteen minutes away.”

“Sure.” I stand up and stretch then I walk over to Penny and stand next to her expectantly.

“Can you renew the spell?” By spell, I mean the one that removes my wings. Penny came up with it a while ago. Before we went to America. Before I fixed my relationship with Baz. That was a dark time for me. But the spell was much stronger in America. I mean, it works here, but Penelope has to cast it much more often or my wings will pop out from my back when I am in class or walking down the sidewalk.

She turns to me, pulls a small bell out of her pocket, and holds her ring hand in the air. “ Evrytime a bell rings, an angel gets its wings! ” she says and then she rings the bell while flipping her hand and says, “ I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it! ”  

I feel the familiar sensation of icy cold between my shoulders. “Thanks,” I call as I run out the door. Then I double back and snatch my rain coat off of the hook by the door.

When I reach the streat, a fine drizzle is pouring from the sky. Hurriedly I yank on my coat and start down the sidewalk.

Eventually I get back to the flat. The line for curry was really backed up and it took much longer than I had originally anticipated. 

I walk in the door and fuck! Baz! I stand there, in the doorway gobsmacked. Finally I manage to speak and all that comes out is, “Fuck, Baz, your hair!”

Baz is beet red and working his jaw. I don’t think I have ever seen him blush so much. I didn’t think that he was capable of turning his skin that color. He looks absolutely mortified. 

Penny is standing next to him and she’s bright red as well, but I think that’s from her barely controlled laughter. 

“I thought he was busy, not here, gone,” Baz snaps at Penny, then to me he says, “Just leave, Snow.”

“He was busy, Baz, but looks like he’s back. Anyways I’m starving,” she says and she walks over to me and takes the food from hands. 

I finally bring my eyes back to Baz and his hair. His Hair ! It’s wound in tightly coiled curls and bright pastel pink. There are soft pastel blue, green, and purple highlights. I almost want to laugh, (Baz is such a perfectionist about his hair) but the longer I look at him, the more it seems to be. I don’t know. It’s just…

Suddenly I feel myself moving towards him. My feet are pulled to him, like a positive magnet to a negative magnet. When I get to him, I feel my hands placing themselves on his chest and rubbing up and down.

He narrows his eyebrows at me and I push closer. Then I slid my hands up his chest and into his hair. It’s still as soft and silky as before, maybe even more so. I tug lightly on a few of the curls and Baz leans into my hands.

I tilt my head back to get another look at his hair. It seems to be growing on me. Actually, his hair looks fucking amazing I’d say. 

I smirk at him and raise my eyebrows, (I never have mastered the art of one).

Baz looks a little confused, “What are you doing?” he asks as I scrunch my fingers in his curls and pull his head closer to mine. I lean in until our breath is practically one.

“Baz,” I whisper, “I think I love your hair.”

He jerks back, “What!?”

“Your hair, I love it.”


“Crowley, yes,” I bring his face back to mine and kiss him hungrily.

Penny comes back from the kitchen and groans. I can practically feel her eye roll. 

As Baz’s mouth moves on mine I scrunch my fingers in his hair and lightly scratch his head. And I know Baz is loving it if the noises he’s making are any indication.

I hear Penny tap her foot impatiently, “Well, I guess you won’t be needing me.”

Baz pauses kissing me and looks at her. He thinks for a moment and then says, “I think I rather, quite like it, especially with my boyfriend's current reaction,” he smirks at me, and I instantly recognise the look on his face as his attack expresion.

I distantly hear Penny’s bedroom door slamming, but I’m too caught up in Baz and the feeling of him to really care.