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Cara's Recording

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Hi, Im Cara Schiazza and im apart of gay club

Today I will be talking about blt- i mean lgbtq+ stereotypes

First off, one sterotype is that lgbtq people shower

That is not true, as a part of the community, I tend to take showers BI- yearly

*cara then looks off of the camera and whispers*

"See its funny because Bi is a term for bisexual and bi yearly means every other year"

Cara then laughs at her own joke



A paper flys into caras hands and she reads off of it

"Gay gay gay, i am gay, am a fag, gay gay gay"

Cara suddenly jumps up from her chair throws her fist in the air and yells



the camera then pans over to the left where Daylan is standing with his arms open wide. Cara jumps into them and kisses him roughly


The End